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bucolic adjective
bu·​col·​ic | \byü-ˈkä-lik \

1 : of or relating to shepherds or herdsmen : PASTORAL
2a : relating to or typical of rural life







Your model for today has been featured before,  She is also featured in today’s musical selection video.  Born September 28th, 1988 in Pasadena, CA, she stands 5’8″, 36F-27-36 and 130 lbs.  Please welcome back  Miss Gia Genevieve!




  1. She seems nice

  2. TIL Jeff Flake is a Mormon.

  3. nip slip

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Nicer set of photos this time.

  6. Jane Mansfield vibe.

  7. The livestock truck story at the end of the last thread is one if the examples I give for why automated trucks still need a human capable of taking over. An automated truck would just stop and be robbed.

  8. That’s an old-time hourglass figure, like grandpa and Hotspur used to like. This was fashionable before men who don’t actually like women took over the fashion industry. Or so I’ve heard. I don’t actually know that’s a fact.

  9. Too bad about the hair. She’s be better looking as a brunette.

  10. One more day of work and then I get a weekend off for a change! YAY!

  11. Blonde hair that light is a turnoff to me. Makes me think of children. It’s got to be a darker blonde, brown, or have some red in it before my brain says “woman”.

  12. Nicer set of photos this time.

    I like her better as a redhead, but there is more big blonde pics to choose from.

    Too bad about the hair. She’s be better looking as a brunette.

    *takes off glove*
    *inserts frozen mackerel*

  13. This chick has dusted her fair share of beds.


  15. When you use chalk things get dusty,

  16. Or so I’ve heard. I don’t actually know that’s a fact.

  17. Slept like shit. Feel the chest congestion again. Would rather be at home in bed. But, even though all other work for this period is done, one guy is dribbling in a couple of last items that just have to count for this period’s business and couldn’t possibly have been turned in until the last damn day of an extended period. If it was its usual time, it would have been in Wednesday, I guarandamntee it.

    Some days, life is better. Some days, fuckit.

  18. 7/10 WS

  19. We were just talking about HS last night at dinner. Everyone go to the H3 for the details of the conversation.

    Don’t tell HS, though.

  20. That’s an old-time hourglass figure, like grandpa and Hotspur used to like. This was fashionable before men who don’t actually like women took over the fashion industry. Or so I’ve heard. I don’t actually know that’s a fact.

    Indeed. That’s the kind of figure that tells you that you’re not going to break her accidentally. Plus, I can happily imagine dat ass when she bends over to pull the casserole out of the oven.

  21. That’s a build that says “can bear multiple strong, healthy children”. A definitive plus.

  22. Casserole >>> sammich.

    Any bitch can make a sammich.

  23. Korean bbq brussel sprouts >>>> casserole

  24. WTF MJ? You know scott is allergic to vegetables!

  25. Brussels sprouts are just breed-deformed mustard greens.

  26. Oh happy Day! I had one more set of parts to order for my “project” but had to wait till after the holidays. I’ve been eyeballing a “deal” for a kit online and when I went to purchase a couple of days ago they were all out of stock. But this morning the parts and the deal were back up and I was able to place the order. Im a bit ansy with the gun bunny stuff cause I think the progcoms are going to seriously attack the 2nd anyway they can here in the immediate future. And by immediate future I mean it would not surprise me in the least to see the opening salvos in the media early next week.

  27. I remember thinking a while back that it would be a very good idea to design a … well, a “tool” let’s say. Like a nail gun, but with range. That you could build with a single trip to Lowe’s and maybe a bench vice, drill, etc. Common tools. Powered by propane, maybe, or possibly compressed air.

    Just as a project. Maybe an e-book.

  28. Pretty good take on the Fake Indian’s recent video

  29. We’ve had a mucous report from BrotherC but not Jay.

    How’s your snot?

  30. Speaking of bottle blondes, I just watched the video of Kyrsten Sinema being sworn in. She looks like an aging B-list starlet. She’s definitely been on a crash diet.

    7/10, would smash.

  31. I’m back to work, sans decongestent to cloud the mind. Slept for the first time this week last night, and I think that did more good than anything else.

    Still have that nasty cough, though.

  32. She appears to be sucking on a lemon in most of the pictures.

  33. From Jimbro’s link:

    “Kyrsten Sinema is sworn in today as the nation’s first openly bisexual senator and the first-ever Mamie Van Doren cosplayer in congress”

    That’s dead on and funny.

  34. Ok, in some of the other pictures she looks old. Seriously, the really pale hair combined with the wrinkles on her face from losing that weight… she looks about twenty years older, and ridden hard in between.

  35. Looks like the ISU-WSU Alamo Bowl was the #4 watched bowl game. Doesn’t surprise me, it was one of the best matchups.

  36. “Pretty good take on the Fake Indian’s recent video”


    Paul Joseph Watson is a cutie.

  37. Whose turn is it to give MJ a swirly?

  38. “Pretty good take on the Fake Indian’s recent video”

    So relateable!

    Looks like scott endorsing lauraw’s new veggie of the week.

  39. I did not know McSally was appointed to McCain’s seat. Hunh. (I avoided the internets for weeks after the election.)

    Story I read said she lost to the wacko bird because she failed to appeal to the ‘moderates’. Was that the reason or was it because voter fraud?

  40. Who the hell puts their top lip over the neck of the bottle?

    Fucking stupid cunt.

  41. Chinese celery. Chinese celery is my new veggie of the week. Apparently it’s good, early, and all-around easy to grow. Way easier than regular celery. I will be purchasing seeds anon.

    I’ve only tried regular celery once and it was a mighty pain in the ass and didn’t do well. Never bothered with it again.

    I use a lot of celery. It would be nice to always have some sitting in the garden.

    This is the lauraw veggie of the week™! Buy your seeds today!

  42. Plumber is setting the tub today and the electrician will be finishing up. Which means I better shop for bathroom flooring and tile this weekend. Also lights.

    1950s house. I’m liking the school house pendants (kitchen) and similar style for bathroom.

    Piss floor is looking better but in some spots, Mr. B. put down too much peroxide leaving fresh ‘wet’ marks. Told him to pat it down ‘damp’, not ‘wet’. But does anyone listen to me? Noooooo. Oh well, distressed flooring is a thing.

  43. I’m currently considering how best to prep the future garden space. If I wanted to be super lazy and really prep the area, I’d run chickens on it this year and then garden next year.

  44. Or I could get really lazy and map out a 100’x100′ space, then fence it into quadrants with a coop in the center, then run chickens on one quadrant at a time, gardening each quadrant after a year of bird scratching and droppings, so I have 2500 sq ft of bird space and 7500 sq ft of garden space at any given time.

  45. If I did that, I’d have different gardens in the 3 quadrants. I don’t want more than 2500 that needs active weeding and so on, so I’d likely do low-labor crops in the other 2, like pumpkins or three sisters.

  46. Charles Dowding. No-dig grows better crops. The best advice I can give you. Check out his website and youtube channel.

    Main difference between what I’m doing and what he does is that I sheet-compost hay, crop residues and my winter rye stubble right on top of my raised beds and I don’t step on the beds. Also, I started my beds by turning the soil first then composting and mulching. After this I will never till them again unless I need to reconfigure the layout.

    He turns nothing ever, he applies plastic tarps or cardboard to kill tough perennial weeds + mostly-finished weed-free compost, and he steps on his beds because he left them firm and untilled to begin with, so they won’t compact. He produces a huge pile of compost to mulch with in Fall and doesn’t apply uncomposted whole residues because it is habitat for slugs, which are a bigger problem in the UK than it is for me here. YMMV.

  47. Chickens would certainly hasten the destruction of perennial weeds in each of your quadrants in turn! That’s a pretty great idea. I bet you could do a hybrid no-dig garden and just let the chooks do it for you.

  48. If you’re still declaring that you’re “bisexual” at that age … good god. You’re probably not very good at relationships, or you would have made up your mind by then. But I’m sure it gives her street cred with the progs.

  49. I don’t intend to dig, I want healthy mycorrhizae. I tilled my old garden once to loosen the soil, then just added mulch thereafter. I used a broadfork to keep the looseness in the soil when needed, which wasn’t much because it was so sandy.

    Here, there’s a lot more clay, so the soil is very hard. Running birds on in for a season would do a lot to clean it up and add organic matter.

  50. There’s a ton of videos online about feeding good size flocks of chickens on compost only. Compost breeds plants, bugs and worms, etc.

  51. It’s all identity politics, Carin. It’s what the left does.

  52. I got my McMurrey Catalogue yesterday. SO MANY CHICKENS I WANT

  53. I never saw slugs in Belleville, my problems there were beetle grubs and mice.

  54. The progs are going nuts with “the most diverse congress evah!” tags. You can’t just be a person anymore, you have to have a group.

  55. beasn, did the peroxide get rid of the stains in the flooring for the most part? Interesting.

  56. Read in yoda voice:

    Dicks or dicks not. There is no bi.

  57. Gotta take lights down this weekend, rake yard (all the leaves and spiky ball have finally fallen) Burn leaves, my garage is a freaking nightmare of Christmas debris that needs to be repacked and stowed. Then there is the old water softening system that has to be removed from the basement. And very soon, I get to run new electric and antenna line(s) to upgrade outlets by crawling under the floor joists in the “crawl space.”

  58. Synema looks like a two of a kind representing a full house.

  59. still declaring that you’re “bisexual” at that age … good god. You’re probably not very good at relationships


  60. Jay, it lightens some of them considerably. The big water stain under one of the windows is tolerable now. The pee stains are stubborn. We may go over everything again with the sander, and then use a medium stain.

    I’m all for just replacing the wood in the living room and small hallway but Mr. B. is afraid he’ll find 10,000 screws, like he did in the kitchen and bath subfloors. You can see from the basement side, that that is not the case. (He really doesn’t want to spend the $$.)

  61. If I mow down (or permit birds to destroy) some bushes, I have room in the front yard. There’s a semi-busy road nearby, which isn’t ideal, but it should actually deter predators. I’m zoned for ag, so I suspect a front-yard garden/chicken area isn’t an issue, but it’s also very visible to passersby.

  62. still declaring that you’re “bisexual” at that age … good god. You’re probably not very good at relationships

    I have friends who are bi, and yeah, pretty much. Even the people I like I can look and see that they have personal issues and it screws with their relationships.

  63. The other downside is that whatever structure I build as a coop will be squarely in front of the house, and may or may not require a building permit and all that crap.

  64. As N increases, the ability to pair-bond is slowly destroyed. It’s science.

  65. My cousin came out as “gay” first year out of high school. Which I’m sure had NOTHING TO DO with the fact that her best friend, for years, was a lesbian and now they’re dating. Her friend? Yes. Totally gay. They dated through college and broke up when they were in grad school. Cousin started dating men. Dated one for a long time then they broke up. I think cousin started dating women again. Then went back to the guy. Right now, she’s approaching 40, and still single.

    She smart, and pretty, and accomplished. I just think she must kinda suck at relationships.

    make up your mind.

  66. what if you build underground? Make a hugulkulture.

  67. my friend was married, had 4 kids, then his wife served him with papers out of the blue. He is now gay, and married to a guy.

    I wonder if that had anything to do with it?

  68. It’s the coop/nest-box arrangement that I’m looking at, Jay. I might be able to build something semi-portable and get away with it, both from a legal and physical standpoint. Makes the fencing simpler, too, just need gates that can accommodate.

  69. She may have served him because he was gay. Just saying. “Not tonight, dear, I have a headache” .

  70. Porn-induced homosexuality is a thing.

  71. I won’t move to Denmark, but I’d happily encourage her to relocate to the US.

  72. Fran Drescher and her husband were the creators of The Nanny. One night, in the 80s, someone kicked in their door, tied them up, and proceeded to rape Fran. Her husband had to go to counseling to deal with it and during the process, decided he was gay.

  73. They didn’t say if the males were raped, too, that night.

  74. I’d also blame feminism for some of the bi crap.

    Women have been told for decades that to be a good feminist you have to be a lesbian. Being “bi” is the upper-middle-class white girl compromise. They date a girl to get their feminist cred, and then settle down with a guy to start a family.

  75. Chinese celery is my new veggie of the week.

  76. . Her husband had to go to counseling to deal with it and during the process, decided he was gay.

    Nothing like seeing the worst or the worst expression of male sexuality to make you decide you’d like a piece of that action.

  77. I’m thinking that the “counselor” wasn’t very good at his/her job.

  78. I guess deciding that you’re gay after something like that is better than deciding you liked watching and want to see it again like Bill Kristol did.

  79. Jay is a genius.
    Teh crazy wimmins are the reason why men switch teams.

  80. If you were married to hillary, would you switch teams or just find a hit man as insurance for a quick, uneventful, divorce?

  81. If I was married to Hillary I would do exactly what Bill did.

    She has no self respect.

  82. Ahh, but Jay, ask a gay man and he will tell you how much they love the crazy wimmens. Cher…Madonna….etc.

  83. Bill could have done a lot more had he dumped her after she lost a second time. Pretty sure he’d be able to turn opinion against her if she tried to air where they hid the bodies.

  84. You know, I had forgotten how off-putting Nancy Pelosi but was reminded when I saw her shattered visage last night on the news.

    She simply can’t stop moving her dentures around in her mouth which is hard not to notice. It’s just kind of gross.

  85. Regarding Pelosi: over the past few years she’s had all these “brain freezes” during press conferences and no one but evil right wing news sites mention it. With her as the official “face of the resistance” as speaker I can’t imagine they’ll be less frequent. Will the media continue to give it a good leaving alone?

  86. She has Alzheimers or something.

  87. The question is whether the communists or the mafia will pick her replacement for the seat, and how soon.

  88. Intellectual stammer.

  89. And who becomes Speaker when she’s gone, assuming it’s soon.

  90. I think that she’ll hang on through this term, and then retire.

  91. She’s third in line.

    I bet they start investigating Pence if they aren’t already.

  92. My guess is that they already have a file ready to go. If they impeach Trump, then they immediately start an investigation of Pence so that they can claim he cannot name a VP if Trump is impeached.

  93. But will the next Dem congresswyman from San Fran (because CA has effectively outlawed any other party) be ProFa or from the same La Cosa Nostra that gave us Nancy? I suspect the former, but I’m curious if organized crime still has enough pull to keep the seat or if it’ll go straight into Occasional Cortex-type hands.

  94. I suspect that San Fran Nan’s replacement will be from the far left true believer wing of the party.

  95. I think you’re right. On the plus side, maybe they’ll accidentally kill the older dem machines to eliminate the competition.

  96. Did you know…

  97. this impeachment dance is fun.

  98. Trump may have saved the Dems by ending the Clinton hold over the party. Without the Clinton minion in control of money, there is room for far left true believers to rise up. But it’s going to be fun watching the fight between the old guard and the young turks over the next few years.

  99. quite the reading list for the kiddies here:

    if you have a real sense of adventure check out their shopping section.

  100. mental disorder, pure and simple

  101. Okay, I bought one of them vacuum sealed whole chickens on Tuesday and put it in the fridge. Sell by date is the 8th. It didn’t smell, look, or feel funny, raw. *waggles eyebrows* I meant to cook it up yesterday but too tired from no sleep…so today it is.

    Was just reading recipes and came across food safety stuff and got paranoid. I usually cook the day of purchase or freeze until a later week/month.

    If we eat it, are we gonna die?

  102. WoOT! The electrician installed our microwave up because he could. (It wasn’t on the list.) That’s kind of a relief. Mr. B. cussed up a storm the last time he had to do it himself.

  103. *erases the word ‘up’*

  104. It will be fine.

  105. Without the Clinton minion in control of money,

    Are the Clintons still paying the DNC’s bills? Or did they toss them when she lost?

  106. Aaaarrgh. Putting in a manufactured house for #1 son. Taking freaking forever.

    Call the inspector a month ago. “We only schedule an inspection when everything is ready.”

    Call today: Penelope: “Everything is ready.”
    Inspector: “We’re booked, it will be at least a month and a half….”

    The electric company won’t put in a line until it is inspected. Unreal….

  107. Damn


  109. This doesn’t even look real

  110. why is she using leon’s pull up bar?

  111. How big a bribe needed to move up in the booking schedule?

  112. Wirdpiss is not behaving on my phone. Keeps crashing.

  113. I could actually do that move for a while. I didn’t have to fold my legs, though, that might have made it harder.

  114. The HQ gainzzz thread says that CrackFat is a swingers club with barbells. I did not know that about Carin.

  115. I thought it was well known about the depravities of the crackfat cult.

  116. Well I knew that about yoga, but only suspected about crosstits.

  117. Honestly, I don’t think it’s confined to crackfat. I seem to recall stories of debauchery among bodybuilders as well. I would guess that any group where the focus is on developing the body would run that risk.

  118. Whores.

  119. Whores get paid.


  120. It’s a scam perpetuated by Big Slut.

  121. If they got paid, they’d lose their amateur status and be ineligible to compete in the slutlympics.

  122. FDIL is back for a little over a week. Might have a little 2nd amendment celebration if the weather is decent tomorrow.

  123. Watching The Founder on Netflix. I might not be getting laid off due to age after all. Kind of disappointing. My Bro is the ambulance chasing law dawg that would get shit done.

  124. Just finished watching “Cyrano de Bergerac”. Made back when the Academy Award meant something.

  125. I’m glad they restored that one, Roamy. Most copies I have seen of that one the audio was atrocious! The TCM version (yes, I just watched it too) sounded very good.

  126. Jose Ferrar deserved that Oscar. What a performance!

  127. Diabolically excited, Robbie plotted.

  128. Ferrer won against Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Stewart, and William Holden for that Oscar. Indeed, tomswifty, what a performance!

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