New Year in Review – a myopic

So the year is well under way.

The electric / control board repairs went surprisingly well over new year’s day so disaster was averted.

Thanks again to J’Brony for saving an ape in distress.

Not sure if Wiser did an all day New Year’s Eve music marathon, but if he did I’m sure it included his favorite from snoop d.

Here’s to wishing you’se’ll’s a Happy Thorsday


An awesome New Year!



  1. Crap but i hate insomnia. But she is my life – i should embrace her.
    What was it yall called these creeps? Prosperity preachers? I think there is a special place in hell for guys like like Michael Murdoch. “Plant a seed”

  2. Did you know that for a promise of only $58 a month, God will make me a millionaire and solve all my problems? How do I resist?

  3. I was so wrong. He’s asking for $1000 this week.
    Don’t bother calling them, because they won’t play with you – ask me how I know.

  4. ‘Sup Chi? Snowing here but not enough to cancel school much to Ben’s dismay

  5. Noon time case, I’ve got some paperwork to get done for a couple of hours beforehand. I’ll shuffle off to work after the school traffic (such as it is in suburban Maine) dies down.

  6. Thanks for posting Jammaster.

    My 2019 is off to an inauspicious start, yesterday morning I locked my keys in the car while it was warming up, had to get Boy2 out of bed to let me back in the house to get the spare remote which had a dead battery. The valet key didn’t turn, and a new battery taken out of my new headlamp didn’t work so I suspected the spare remote may have gotten mixed up at the dealership, I had never used it. I called triple A and got a truck rolling my way for a lockout, and was putting the headlamp back together while I waited, but realized I had the battery in backwards when the lamp didn’t work. That’s when another light went on over my head…I tried the remote again with the battery installed right side down and viola, doors unlocked.

    $20 for the tow truck guy that showed up exactly at that instant.

  7. school cancelled here. Ice, not snow. wakey wakey

  8. it’s nice and warm here;
    raining with a hint of spring.
    it’s almost groundhog day, which btw is one of the best holidays of the year.

  9. Dennis enjoyed raisin pancakes.

    Dennis is a communist.

  10. “Prosperity Gospel”, Chi. It’s grifting with a thin veneer of out-of-context verses from the KJV or NIV.

  11. Watching the news. Nothing says, “Let me in, I’ll be a model citizen” like throwing rocks at border guards.

  12. The ROE on that really should be to return fire at much higher velocity. On Camera. For immediate release to TeleMundo.

  13. Day 4, 2 hours of sleep before coughing fit. I wonder if 6 netti pot rinses in a row will work, or if it’s bad for you.

  14. WTFITS?

  15. Jay, you’re going to die. Please take a lot of drugs and sleep.

  16. It rains a lot here.

    But I love Atlanta.

  17. Dry humor is wasted on the intellectually unarmed. (Just wait a bit, and you will see what I mean.)

  18. 2018 was an especially rainy year everywhere on the continent, near as I can tell.

  19. Prosperity gospel is false teaching. Don’t trust anyone who trucks in it.

  20. Comment by leoncaruthers on January 3, 2019 8:24 am
    “Prosperity Gospel”, Chi. It’s grifting with a thin veneer of out-of-context verses from the KJV or NIV.

    The Lord wants me to gold-plate my perfect hair.

  21. Remember the PTL club? A friends mom would watch that all day long. She sent them everything she had.

  22. Scott says I’d make a good lumper – but I’d need to wear my weight belt and my knee wraps.

    Do I get to chalk up before I move stuff?

  23. Grippy gloves.

  24. Grippy gloves don’t usually work for me. Not on the bar. Small hands. We’re going to have to see about that.

    I really don’t think people will mind chalk hand prints all over their stuff. It will be fine.

  25. I love those gloves. You basically stick to stuff.

  26. My brain’s a wonder to behold. Foggy on stuff from the previous six months, but remembering 35-year-old music videos.

  27. I remember your mom back when she was 35. She’s still not bad today.

  28. Considering she’s 14 years in the ground, I have to question your standards.

  29. Ryan is now a girl’s name???

  30. this is the kind of shit that pushes mobs into lynching politicians.
    what an incredibly bold threat to abuse executive power.
    this scumbag already shut down an investigation into his own corruption.

    another scion of the clinton dynasty.

    he really should be put in prison.

  31. i’m not sure what bothers me more about the cuomo crew:
    political hegemony
    or the fact that andy is truly the dumbest piece of shit to occupy the gov’s mansion.
    he is truly a low IQ human.

    sometimes i think there should be a baseline IQ requirement for leadership.

    whatdaya think? minimum of a 90? 100?

  32. 98 is the national IQ average

  33. There are almost no normal names now. Lots of made up weird stuff.

    Most of it kind of stupid.

  34. A piece of me died when I read that someone named their kid Daenerys.

  35. LOL

    A very smart guy told me he didn’t really want to name his boy Griffin or Grayson so they named his Grifsyn.


  36. A friend of mine (who I really like) named her daughter Khalessi.

    And snowflakes real name is Griffin.

  37. It’d be cool if scientific style portmanteaus or mods would become a thing.

  38. Norovira

  39. Of course it is. Of course.

    The sheer number of Hayden, Grayson, Hudson, Griffon, Grayden, is overwhelming.

    I just slowly move them into the category of, ‘husband is whipped, wife is alpha, kid is doomed.’

  40. A guy I know with the last name “Dick” named his son “Dragan”.

  41. Comment by jam2 on January 3, 2019 11:36 am
    It’d be cool if scientific style portmanteaus or mods would become a thing.

    “Dammit, Herpessimplex, stop bugging your sister Gonorrhea!”

  42. Taenia-rex

  43. France passed a law in ’93 disallowing names not in a child’s best interest. This is one time we could do with adopting French practice.

    (Actually such laws tend to be common elsewhere…)

  44. When I began practice the joke was always about stripper names for girls and trouble names for boys. Now I’m seeing too many of these cutesy clever but functionally illiterate names.

  45. Hemorrhagic diarrhea = Hemorrhea

  46. Young Tyffani showed an affection for glitter and Motley Cru records at an early age…

  47. There is a pretty funny skit out there where the black substitute teacher is mangling the names of all the kids in the white suburban classroom by trying to pronounce them as if they were inner city black kids names….Kee & peele or something like that….not a fan but that skit was funny

  48. Oy!!!!!
    Public service announcement :
    Geoff just posted some disturbing news over at IBS.
    This needs to be handled toot-sweet

  49. I like the name Griffin.

  50. I could see Ryanne for a girl. At least Ryan is easy to spell.

    That woman who named her child Abcde. Honestly.

  51. I just hired a young man named Brandynn…..

  52. Brandynn should legally change his name to the proper spelling.

  53. The Key and Peel

  54. Comment by jam2 on January 3, 2019 12:15 pm

    2019 is going to be fun. The left can’t help themselves.

  55. Penelope’s friend interviewed a job candidate. Her name was listed as L-A. When the interviewer addressed her as “LA” she became offended and informed her it was pronounced “El Dash UH”

  56. El dasha – must be a Russian muzzie.

  57. That’s a pretty famous urban myth.

  58. Was her sister Shitheadra?

  59. The dash don’t be silent.

  60. If I have a son, I will name him “dash”, spelled -, and teach him to become furiously indignant if anyone calls him “hyphen”.

    His middle name will be “dot”, spelled “.”…

    Wait, no I won’t, because I DON’T HATE MY HYPOTHETICAL CHILD as much as many parents appear to hate theirs.

  61. “A lot of Americans are drowning in stuff, and yet drug addiction and suicide are depopulating large parts of the country. Anyone who thinks that the health of a nation can be summed up in GDP is an idiot…”

  62. i pulled this off of XB’s feed:

    meet your new overlords –

  63. combined IQ lower than 98

  64. Hostage Theatre (2050 edition)

    Ho 1: Girl whatchu gon name that weight you haulin when after it launches?

    Ho 2: If it got a dick it gon be name Jacob. If it ain’t got no dick then it gon be Lisa.

    Ho 1: Damn girl, where you get some shit like that? They ain’t no apostrophes or axtrixes or nuthin? Jest letters and shit? Where you come up with sumpn dat wack?

    Ho 2: I saw it on some old rocks and shit down at that ol cemetery. I don’t want my kid to have the same name as all dem other fools.


    I now denounce myself.

  65. I’ll say one thing for Ocasio-Fiasco…..she’s got a nice rack. M

    I’ll now denounce myself.

  66. I’d impregnate her.

  67. The Japanese lady who wrote a book on tidying now has a series on Netflix. That’s where I saw the girl named Ryan.

    After seeing the woman that had hundreds, maybe thousands of Christmas decorations, I am now inspired to gather all of the Christmas decorations, organize them, then put them away.

    Now it’s a gay couple. Check that box.

  68. Listening to Tucker’s rant. He’s probably two years from full red-pill. He’ll be on Twitter talking about his current PRs, low-carb eating, and embracing your inner barbarian.

  69. These are the moving gloves we use. Come in a variety of sizes. We each tried them on at Lowe’s, grabbed a shelf/ beam and tried to slide our grip around. We both laughed; it’s impossible. Makes carrying heavy boxes and odd-shaped items easier, when hand strength is not as big a part of it.

  70. That Key & Peels skit was probably only the second one ive ever seen. The zombie one was funny as shit. They ran down the street screaming in fear an finally realized that white zombies wouldn’t eat black people, so they were safe. They ended up at a bbq with a bunch of zombies.

  71. Wasn’t thare a gal at the HQ that called herself Lasdaha for awhile?
    It waz right after one of these conversations.

    In other news, my dog is an idiot. A slice of pickle just dropped off my sammich, and he jumped on it like it was prime rib – looked at me like he wanted more. Dumb fuckwit…

  72. Tucker will write the forward to Jack Donovan’s next book at this rate.

  73. Now it’s a gay couple. Check that box.

    I believe this required on every “Home” show as part of the Affordable Care Act.

  74. Car in is correct. This time.
    Chalk is better than gloves every day of the week.

  75. I will have hope for this country when the courts are clogged with folks ditching crazy names for normal ones.

  76. New House rules include: “chang[ing] the process to ‘vacate the chair,’ a process to force out the speaker. Instead of only one member being able to trigger the process, the new rule would require motion to vacate to only be offered on the House floor if a majority of either party conference agrees to do so.”

    Something tells me Pelosi will be more amenable to ending the shutdown once she’s renamed Speaker and that new rule is passed.

  77. One of the people on my FB wall is complaining that he’s been stuck in a motel as part of PCS (permanent change of station) for a month. With no money coming in, he’s going to be homeless. WTF? Shutdown’s less than two weeks old.

  78. The first no-paycheck day isn’t until the middle of the month, even.

  79. If he’s paying out of pocket for a hotel and storage, he may have submitted a reimbursement form and not gotten paid for his expenses so far, so depending on how much he makes and how much it costs for the hotel, it’s possible.

  80. Gotta be careful when you go to work for an outfit that’s $20T in debt.

  81. Yes, first no-paycheck day is a week from tomorrow. I have Mini-me’s tuition payment already taken care of, and everything else is squared away for now. My big worry is my next flight experiment. I didn’t get as much done as I should have before the shutdown, and it’s going to be a challenge to get it ready in time. I’d assume that the resupply mission is going to launch on time. Astronauts gotta eat. It might get bumped to a later flight, but I can’t count on that.

  82. CoAlex, that makes sense.

  83. OK. Since I basically killed it anyway:

  84. My favorite part is when the zombie locks his door. Classic!

  85. Gotta be careful when you go to work for an outfit that’s $20T in debt.

    Heh. One of our major retail client’s stock prices went below a dollar a share. We still pick up the phone, but not as fast.

  86. I’m sympathetic to the government employees who are furloughed. I dislike the way some on the right have latched onto the “non-essential” moniker. That said, one thing that anyone, government or private sector, needs to realize is that it’s on them to make sure that they are prepared for rough times in life. I’ve been told all my life that I should have 3-6 months worth of income set aside for these kinds of events.

  87. Government has far too many personnel, but the issue here is that we haven’t had a real budget in 10+ years. That’s squarely the fault of congress as a whole.

  88. Too many government workers have assumed (with some justification) they were completely immune to economic changes. With all due respect to the good ones (my father was one), it’s about damn time they joined the rest of us.

  89. I think it’s been closer to 20 years, Leon. Under the serial rapist President.

  90. Leon?

    I work in high tech. Here’s a dirty secret: nothing actually works properly.

    I made the observation to a co-worker today that the US needs 1 million software engineers but we only have 1 thousand people with the intelligence and mindset to do it properly so the whole system is rigged so that the other 999 thousand idiots can sort-of produce the desired effect with the minimum of catastrophic consequences.

    And everyone’s semi-functional shit is built on top of everyone else’s semi functional shit.
    Posted by: Laughing in Texas at January 03, 2019 04:32 PM (xQfPr)

  91. Living in a Navy town, I know too many fed employees. Most spend their days on Facebook or sending stupid emails. As much as I love them, fuck ’em all. Burn the entire swamp down. Start over.

  92. I’ve been told all my life that I should have 3-6 months worth of income set aside for these kinds of events.

    This. I also call it “go to hell money”. If your job bugs you enough that you need to walk away for your sanity, you can get by until you find the next job. And also to have some folding money in case of emergency. Tornado hits, power goes out, your debit card is just plastic. So many of my co-workers don’t even have a quarter for the Aldi’s cart or a dollar for the vending machine or $5 for the janitor’s Christmas gift.

  93. I don’t have nearly enough saved up, due in part to quitting my old job and taking a new one half-way across the country. But I’m slowly saving up…

  94. I didn’t write that.

    But I could have.

    The entire team at the Prime is utterly worthless, and that’s 9 people out of 11 on the project. 2 of us are working and adding value.


  96. What an ass.

  97. Another episode of the tidying show – black lesbian couple. They are tearing each other down over what the other thinks is important enough to keep.

  98. “What an ass”

    Pupster can be a dick sometimes. Don’t hold it against him – he was never trained any better.

  99. You buy the janitor a. Christmas gift?
    I need to move into Roamy’s building!

  100. I was hungry.

  101. Boy2’s car blew a head-gasket on the way home. He’s had a lot of problems with a teenaged Audi A4, all his extra money has gone into repairs. Clutch, throw-out bearing, head gasket, ignition coil, thermostat in the last year and a half.

  102. At what point does it become a rebuild?

  103. Chi, we take up a collection for a Christmas bonus. It’s usually $200 – $300 in cash. It was more than that for the janitor who did a better job and spoke kindly to everyone. Randy had some kind of surgery, and we and the people in his other two buildings took up a collection to help cover expenses until his disability kicked in, and I know that was over $700. He was a super nice guy.

  104. Has anyone made a fart noise lately? Besides Hotspur’s comments?

  105. I farted on Monday. I didn’t say anything at the time.

  106. Pupster gets interviewed. He’s the second one.

  107. P.S. the janitors are all contractors, not gov’t employees.

  108. OMG, why have I not seen this before?

    “Pets Read Twas The Night Before Christmas”

    Lots of piggies in it, too. And the budgie…

  109. Am I the only one who was a little miffed that the content linked to “what an ass” was a dog?

  110. “i’m not sure what bothers me more about the cuomo crew:”

    Don’t get me started on the Madigan (IL speaker of the house) crew. That motherf*cker runs the state of Illinois. The vote fraud/cheating is bold and in your face. Not a damn thing anyone is going to do about it either. His daughter is the AG.
    Nothing good comes out of Chicago machine. Nothing.

  111. political hegemony
    or the fact that andy is truly the dumbest piece of shit

    Like above…the worst part is that there is noone who will do a damn thing about it….until it all burns to the ground and people take up their pitchforks and rope. As long as parasites are bought with other people’s money that ain’t gonna happen.

  112. “Ben-Hur” is on. Rocketboy saw the scene with the star over Bethlehem and said, “Oh. That’s not CGI.”

  113. Boy2 needs to look for a new car.

  114. Not until this one gets stolen or catches fire.

  115. That’s what first cars are for.

  116. first car stories –
    i bought a rolling pile o’crap for 200 bucks.
    ended up doing a head gasket job on it in a friends driveway during a snowstorm…
    i drove the piss out of that thing

  117. it was kinda like this thing only red and rustier :

  118. LOL. I can’t find it anywhere other than Faceplant, but some animal rights protesters tried to stop a tractor-trailer hauling animals to be processed. He laid on the horn and kept goin’. Idiots did have enough sense to jump out of the way.

    I don’t blame the driver one bit, you never know when you might get a gun in your face or pulled out of the cab.

  119. Language warning on that.^^^

  120. Holyshit. I’m grateful those misguided idiots weren’t hurt, but yeah, everything went as it should. Don’t stop. If someone deliberately jumps in front of your moving vehicle but they don’t have a plan for you not stopping, that’s a suicide attempt. Period.

  121. That facebook video is kinda old. Those truckers are used to modern beta hippies like that these days.
    PeTA is based here in my hometown – you should see some of the stunts they pull on a regular basis!

  122. Depressed emus require petting.

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