Hello  my hygienic friends, welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born in Waco, Texas February 21st, 1979.  She stands 5’2″ and clocks in with a respectable 32C fun-bag hit.  Please forgo the pasta and say hello to Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt!


  1. Nice one

  2. Whoa, did she really wear that see through deal?

    She seems capable.

  3. That see through shirt reveals a little exotropia

  4. I think I’m in love…

  5. wakey wakey- I’m still alive version

  6. Erin was sick monday night/tuesday morning. Threw up 23 times – yes she counted. Pat was sick tuesday, but the other business end.

    Wednesday, I pretended all day I wasn’t feeling queasy. By 8, I gave up the ghost – just in time for all the kids to get home 😦

    by 10, the throwing up started. It wasn’t pretty. I blacked out, coming to with my head on the bathroom floor in vomit.

    It gets uglier, but I think I’ve given enough details.

    Yesterday i was mostly just wiped out but I couldn’t eat a thing.

  7. Holy crap, what the heck hit Lapeer?

  8. Pun, not intended.

  9. Horrible way to lose weight.

  10. That sounds miserable

  11. Yea, it really sucked. Just be thankful (get it?) that I left out other details. It was a quick, but devastating virus.

    I had people here too, I was weak, but over it. Had to take a nap while turkey was cooking. And of course I couldn’t eat anything.

    Meet Hannah’s boyfriend finally. He’s nice. I don’t know if he’s exactly what I expected, but I’m pleasantly surprised. She went for douchebags in high school, and never was happy – of course. Duh. This guy is really nice, cute but not in a first impressions way (if that makes sense?) Obviously smitten with her. They were pretty cute together. He goes along with her w/o kissing her ass, which is nice. I know she’s in deep in love.

  12. What’s Hannah’s boyfriend’s major?

  13. LOL’d at Pupster’s model link. Ya got me.

    I think I would have cancelled/delayed Thanksgiving rather than share that virus. Sounds brutal.

  14. Marketing. He’s hoping for a career in music, but he’s got a very solid degree if that doesn’t work out. He performs at the clubs and what not. He’s actually really smart, but also artsy.

  15. I warned everyone and kept distance. And was pretty paranoid about washing everything. The bleach was on the counter. Ethan didn’t get it at all and he lives here. Pat had a milder form of it, and I think I got it from him because I ate his lunch leftovers. Stupid.

  16. I just remember the Christmas where my SIL insisted that my niece was fine, completely over the virus. There are not enough bathrooms when 12 people are puking.

  17. Dumpster fire reminds me of Rosetta.

  18. It’s weird Jennifer Love Hewitt had a show whose sole purpose was to show off her boobs. But they do seem nice.

  19. Gross. well, I really did take a lot of care. And besides being wiped out I wasn’t sick anymore. Just dehydrated. Honestly, the entire thing more closely resembles food poisoning. No fever. No headache. No body aches.

  20. It was food poisoning.

  21. Gettysburg Museum of History posted pics on FB of Jack Ruby’s personal effects that they bought at auction, including the fingerprint card from his arrest. Never knew Ruby’s left index finger was amputated.

  22. Costco chocolate cake update!

    If you like chocolate you will like this cake. However, it is very rich, richer than your Mom after fleet week. Slice it very thin using unwaxed floss (unused). Serve with vanilla ice cream. It was delicious but a little went a long way.

  23. My daughter had custom corn hole boards (SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTHS) made with the American Flag as the design. So nice and we had a blast playing.

    In Hawaii you call that game “Pu in si” for “put inside.” That sounds really dirty.

  24. Oh, I meant to comment about the cake. We’ve had it several times here, and while it’s a favorite of many I find it a bit too rich for me.

  25. “Pu in si” for “put inside.”

  26. We did a puzzle here. not done yet, but it’s to the point where I can happily finish it today or tomorrow.

  27. Correct, Jimbro.

  28. /licks blog

  29. Just give up. Cornhole will never not sound wrong.

  30. Wrong, or oh so right?

  31. Cornholing is fun for the whole family.



  34. I actually hate the term “beta male”, because it’s too often used for a bunch of psuedoscientific crap. That said, the article isn’t bad.

    This was the inevitable outcome of the Sexual Revolution. The whole point of that movement was to push the idea that one’s body was community property. If you were hung up about sex it meant that you were repressed, brainwashed by patriarchal bourgeois morality. So guys like Franken or Weinstein, lefties in good standing, couldn’t understand why a woman wouldn’t want to give up her body to them.

  35. Ugh, I went to sleep at 9pm, woke up at 1am with a pounding headache. I finally, once I could think straight, figured out that it was my allergies. A sudafed and two aspirin later I feel somewhat better, but now I can’t go to sleep because I need to get back on a regular sleep schedule.

  36. I made the mistake of having a cocktail on an empty stomach before dinner yesterday. It basically knocked me on my ass for a few hours.

  37. I tried a little wine before dinner to see if it would help my appetite. Nope. I just tried a huge breakfast, but ended up giving half of it to Oschi.

  38. I woke up hungry and decided to just eat. Made bacon and egg yolks* and coffee and feel pretty good.

    *Yeah, just yolks. I think my egg burnout is actually mild allergy to albumin. If I just eat yolks I feel fine.

  39. I agree with Alex that “beta male” is over-used right now. It’s clear that there’s a hierarchy among men as pertains to female attention, but it’s not binary.

  40. Beta males killed it.

  41. I am surprised vomit didn’t kill it.

  42. Beta males couldn’t kill a slug with a shaker of salt.

  43. From Alex’s link…”For this act of blatantly dishonest and contradictory atonement, he is receiving praise for his “honesty” and now — in a reminder that feminism will always put politics ahead of the protection of women — a concerted effort is underway to save his career. ”

    Just like I’m sure what will happen with the Clintons who are being gently smacked around…a warning for them to step back/quiet down. (If they really wanted them gone, they’d clear the path to put them in jail).

    Regarding all of this mob ‘me toos’….I smell a rat and some battlefield prep. I’m deeply suspicious of all of it. As I saw mentioned elsewhere,

    “Once, happenstance. Twice, coincidence. Three times, enemy action”

  44. Oh and today’s music selection is appropo with the entire Hollywood faux wailing. Noone is that naive in going to some fat slob director’s hotel room.

  45. The problem with “sexual harassment” is that it’s trying to overrule human nature. Guys will do what they think they have to to get da chicks. When those signals are crossed, or when hostility is communicated, look out!

    I prescribe a daily dose of Getoveryourself with a Damnitol just before bed.

  46. #2 Miami is going down.

  47. Thor was good. Took the kids here and Hannah’s boyfriend. We liked him.

  48. More importantly, moose liked him.

  49. I made the mistake of having a cocktail on an empty stomach before dinner yesterday.

    Should have filled your stomach up with cocktails.

  50. I once got a real estate listing because the dog liked me.

  51. It’s all about the Moose love here.

    Oschi is more reserved, so her not loving something isn’t the kiss of death. But if Moose doesn’t like you … dude … you’ve got some problems.

  52. Donatello gets and gives excellent hugs.

  53. The dog test is always the make-or-break. Never known it to be otherwise.

  54. Friend has three dogs. The pit bull is a sweetie, loves me. The other two are boxers, and they hate me. One usually has to be put outside because he will bark at me the entire time I’m there.

  55. /edges away from roamy

  56. I got one apartment and one teaching job because kids liked me.

  57. “shaker of salt.”

  58. Greetings, people who remembered to turn your phones horizontally when recording Black Friday fights.

  59. I didn’t go anywhere today.

    I avoided all the vomit germs.

  60. I didn’t go anywhere today.

    That’s not what I heard.

  61. That’s a good way to get your ass shot.

  62. Heh. EA’s defense of Battlefront 2 is the most downvoted comment ever on Reddit (-674,000 and counting). The previously most downvoted comment was someone asking for downvotes, at 24,000.

  63. “That’s a good way to get your ass shot.”

    That’s why Leon went with the miniature one.

  64. Rowan is being treated for an ear infection. He wouldn’t let the vet who was assisted by 2 techs to look in his ear, which was really red and inflamed, so she put him on antibiotics and a short course of prednisone. The prednisone is making him drink like a camel and pee like an old man with an enlarged prostate. I took him out today to play frisbee and over the course of 20 minutes he peed 4 times. The first time was a full 2 minutes at least. His ear is looking remarkably better though. He returns to the vet’s on Monday for (hopefully) another look.

  65. The vet wanting to look at Riley’s ear infection was the same thing that led to me being covered with dogshit, Jimbor. Sounds like your vet backs off a little quicker than mine does.

    On a completely unrelated note, there was just a tall, leggy Chinese chick in a skort here. She actually made it work. Good for her.

  66. You should hire a third-shift dogsitter overnight to take care of Rowan, Jimbro. Because there’s a good chance he is going to want to go out every ten minutes and drive you insane.

  67. Donatello gets and gives excellent hugs.

    Video? Can we please see your cute mini-equine? Hugging somebody or being patted? It makes me happy in my scrubs to think such a thing is even possible.

  68. Is Jay here?

    Let’s talk shit about Iowa.

  69. Iowa makes Indiana look exotic and interesting,

  70. Iowa is a garbled translation of the Chippewa phrase EI-Woye which is roughly translated to “what the fuck is that smell?”

  71. Iowa’s Official State Motto is “Quae semper,” which translates to “Whatever.”

  72. Idiots Out Walking Around

  73. Regular ear infection, or yeast infection? We’re experts on 💰Dog ear issues?

  74. Logan Noir is way more sad than Logan.

  75. Iowa has the highest per capita yeast infections in North America.

  76. How are you doing, ChrisP? I’ve been out of the loop for a while.

  77. Pepe,
    I still think it’s pancreas, and I should clue the doctor about it. I would guess it’s the booze. We’ll see, after the holiday break…

  78. From everything I’ve ever heard, pancreatitis is a bitch. And, yeah, you can drink yourself into it. Be careful, Crispy.

  79. Iowa is there to spare Minnesota the indignity of a border with Missouri. It remains to be seen if anyone was done any favors as a result.

  80. Minnesota roughly translates to “Not Wisconsin” in Ojibwe.

  81. Keith Richards has been legally dead in every state except for Iowa. On a recent stop in Des Moines, the aging rocker was asked why he hadn’t been dead there and he shrugged, looked around, and said “I dunno. Same thing, innit?”

  82. oh come on, you can do better than that!

    Not even one Iowa Caucus joke!

  83. Fun for an hour when the he’s gone-
    Can one trick nights feed 40 days?
    In my bed at the break of dawn she
    Shivered like a derp slashed bright and new

  84. Who wants breakfast? I’m buying.

  85. I’ll take eggs.

  86. New poat

  87. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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