Hello movers and shakers, welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born May 7th, 1987 in Lyon, France. 37E-25-35, 5’4″ and 114lbs, please get down in front and say bonjour to Miss Anissa Kate!


  1. She seems nice boobs

  2. She reminds me of someone, but the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. Nice job, Pupster.

  3. Her “not smiling face, I’m going to look sultry face” is WOOF.

    But nice body.

  4. I loved the Rocket Man live deal.

    Oh, and I may be Gavin McInnes biggest fan. He’s completely won me over.

    He’s got a new gig on CRTV but you can watch an intro (2 parts) and another video on O’Donnell losing his temper on TV. Kind of a funny, different take on it.

  5. Wakey wakey.

    COncert was disappointing. Band was incredible until they just left the stage at around 45 min and didn’t come back.

    They claimed the singer was having throat issues,but I’m calling bs on that. THe crowd was a DUD. for being sold out, I don’t know what their deal was … most of them just stood there, and barely gave any love . That’s no excuse for them not finishing … but who goes to a concert and just stands there?

    I was a sweaty mess. I can’t stand still at a concert. Even the opener had me moving.

  6. She’s got a vibe going that scares me.

  7. Thank you for the model link.

  8. She doesn’t look very French.

  9. I must be at the terminal stage of the bacterial infection my daughter shared with me, because all the mucus is coming out now.

  10. Why it’s insane to let these people in:

    <a href="

  11. Oh, and they are 12th century holdovers who take but don’t add (and that’s probably literally).

  12. Looks too Kardashian. Huge turn-off.

  13. She should have waxed earlier in the week. Just sayin.

  14. I think the ringing finally stopped in my ear. I was a tad close to the stage.

  15. Her “not smiling face, I’m going to look sultry face” is WOOF

    I think the cameraman said to her “look really constipated.”

  16. Do we have any veterinarians here?
    (I miss being able to bug grammie winger)

    Is correct ice cream dangerous for dogs?

  17. Coffee, dammit!

  18. She’s revolting. I love it.

  19. Too much fat can give them the runs, Chi, but if you dropped some and the dog got a taste before you could stop him, he should be okay.

    We had a veterinarian, but Catman doesn’t visit much anymore.

  20. Dog turns 5 tomorrow, Leon. He deserves a treat.
    I don’t want to waste my once-every-six-months ice cream purcahse on vanilla.

  21. You’re a madman, Chi. Only coffee should taste like coffee.

    Vanilla is best ice cream. Fight me.

  22. Well this is awesome!

  23. Do yourself a favor and get some coffee ice cream. Drizzle plenty of chocolate syrup on it. Top it off with a ton of crumbled bacon.
    You can thank me later, vanilla heathen.

  24. “Vanilla is best ice cream.”

    Das Raciss! You got a problem with brown ice cream? Bet you pretend to not like chocolate round your boys. but you eat chocolate when no ones lookin! Is there a statue of you somewhere we can tear down?

  25. The best ice cream ever is Moose Tracks.

    Vanilla base
    mini peanut butter cups
    fudge ribbons

  26. Vanilla Haaaaaaaaagen Daaaaaaahhhhhhhhzzz is the only ice cream I buy. Not just white, Northern European with a muthafuckin’ umlaut white.

  27. mare on September 22, 2017 at 9:25 am
    Well this is awesome!

    If that’s a true synopsis of his speech, then I’ll have to set aside some time to listen to the whole thing today.

  28. Bacon in ice cream? Madness.

    Chocolate syrup? In my pure white Aryan ice cream? I think not!

    Seriously, though, I’d rather just eat plain vanilla with no crap in it or on it.

  29. Said the man that makes his own toothpaste from phragmites…

  30. It’s pretty close.

  31. I do not. I make it from coconut oil, baking soda, xylitol, calcium carbonate, and cinnamon essential oil.

    I haven’t found a need to weave baskets or thatched roofs from phragmites, so the only thing I make out of them is ashes and sadness.

  32. Vanilla ice cream is great
    Moose Tracks ice cream is great
    Coffee ice cream is great

    Anyone sensing a trend here?

    Basically any quality ice cream is great. Some of the weird flavors are not worth the calories involved.

  33. I agree with Jimbro.

    Although, sadly, I don’t eat ice cream for keto reasons. Every now and then when I get ice cream for my husband I have a spoonful. Delightful.

  34. My favorite: Dulce de leche.

  35. Hotspur likes the latina ice cream.

  36. She doesn’t look very French.


  37. “My favorite: Dulce de leche”

    Two guys at the same time? Gross.

  38. I don’t think our model today actually plays tennis.

  39. I like ice cream, but I find it easily avoidable.

  40. How do people feel about the ChocoTaco?

  41. As Pups would say, “The heart wants what the heart wants!”

    Heading to Costco, need anything?

  42. People with service dogs can blow me.

  43. I want to big cans of clams, please, Mare. They make great chowder.

  44. Heading to Costco, need anything?

    A gross of bacon&cheddar bratwurst.

  45. The new Milo book.

    I already have it, but I want to pump up his sales.

  46. I can’t believe Hotspur is shamelessly trolling for blow jobs.

  47. I’m giving the new Foo album a second listen. The first time I was meh, but the second listen is more generous. I should take it for a workout. That’s the real test.

  48. Yeah, he should be shamefully trolling for blow jobs, like the rest of us.

  49. “I can’t believe Hotspur is shamelessly trolling for blow jobs.”

    from service dogs no less

  50. from service dogs no less

    Perhaps he got the idea from that dog bathing thing yesterday?

  51. The whole service dog thing infuriates me. Leader dogs for the blind? No problem. Bring your fucking smelly filthy animal into a restaurant or on a plane? Go fuck yourself.

  52. So you don’t *really* want blowjobs from the dogs? We were wondering about that.

    I’m glad you cleared up the confusion.

  53. No, I said “people” with service dogs can blow me. But I really don’t want them to blow me. I want them to die in a fire. At Christmas dinner.

  54. Hotspur is part of big-service-pony

  55. Again. Glad you cleared that up.

  56. I mean, I think folks with service dogs probably have issues, and you don’t want them giving you a blow job. I should have picked that up.

  57. How would you feel about a Service flying monkey?

  58. “flying monkey”

    not suitable in attitude, amenability, temperament, personal hygiene / odor….

  59. and they drink too much

  60. “I want them to die in a fire. At Christmas dinner.”

    especially those named Yule

  61. Hotspur is part of big-service-pony


    Even the pony is looking at the photographer like “Dude…this was not my idea”.

  62. BTW –

    nice joob on the boobs Pup!

  63. That reminds me. Ricardo Grande’s owner asked if we would like to board him for the winter. We had to decline, as he’d be pretty certain to impregnate our mare in the meanwhile, and we don’t actually want a mini-horse/quarterhose foal to deal with next summer.

  64. Hotspur hates dogs and is a fan of ‘service’ donkeys?
    I didn’t realize that he was a mooslim.

  65. Is he a fan of service donkeys, or servicing donkeys?

  66. Apparently donkeys are kind of ornery badasses. They rush coyotes and kick them to death. I want one for the new farm if we do any free-ranging.

  67. I would prefer a service tranny.

    Put a little vest on them and everything.

  68. I want them to die in a fire. At Christmas dinner.


    HAHAHAAAAHH The highest praise I can give? That sounded like Rosetta on rant.

  69. I do not wish to be serviced by a donkey or a tranny, for the record.

  70. Put a little vest on them and everything.



    You shit stains are funny today.

  71. Oh my turds, that service pony’s face is priceless.

  72. Apparently donkeys are kind of ornery badasses. They rush coyotes and kick them to death. I want one for the new farm if we do any free-ranging.

    Where does one even find an antifa tranny donkey? Asking for a friend.

  73. Hotspur, we are simpatico. Yesterday I saw 3 different jackass woman with dogs with a service vest. It’s such bullshit. An “emotional service” dog? Why can’t I bring my “emotional service” box of wine on the plane?

  74. Or into a grocery store? Hmmmm?

  75. Meh. I’m ambivalent about the whole service dog argument.
    I only take my boy into PetSmart, Lowe’s or Homo Depot (they don’t mind).
    I have considered getting one of those easy peasy online ‘certifications’ but why bother.

    He might be the awesomest dog in the world, but I don’t need to take him EVERYWHERE.

  76. It would be awesome if the service pony’s name was Trigger.

  77. I couldn’t get a certification for Elliot, cuz he’s an asshole.

  78. Heh, J’ames. I know the deal.
    Last time I was in Homo Depot, Tucker peed on a Martha Stewart magazine. I gave hime a high five & bought him a bag of beef jerky.

  79. Know what I hate?

    Diving in the middle lane when the right lane is ending,

    Big orange signs with arrows





    Where is the jackass in the right lane when it ends?

    Every freaking time.

  80. I took my emotional service dog into Home Depot a few days ago.

    We bought new guts for the terlit.

    She was unimpressed but did enjoy shopping around.

  81. Did Scott just admit to being a jackass?
    I think acceptance is the first step, man. Congrats.

  82. In Southern Canada we have the opposite problem, right lane drivers dive over to the middle lane at the first sign, so traffic stops a mile before the smerge.

    I don’t get over until I have to, fuck “Minnesota Nice”.

  83. I think its probably time to ask if Trump smashed John McCain’s wife at some point in the early 2000s.

    Cuz McCain sure acts like he’s been cuckolded and wants revenge for his tiny ‘lil weenus.

  84. McCain and other establishment Republicans don’t like that Trump is now the head of the party. They’re fucking him because they can.

  85. He’s still alive and fucking us over MJ. Didn’t we have a bet on this? You said he’d be dead last week.

  86. Yeah, you’re right.

    What do I owe you?

  87. I honestly don’t remember. Crap.

    Doesn’t matter. I really wanted to lose.

  88. Who are we kidding.

    That cockroach motherfucker will be around forever.

  89. His tumor will run for his seat in 2020 and win.

  90. Widow McCain

  91. cockroach motherfucker


    Could not have said it better. He really is the worst. Go the eff away you POS.

  92. His tumor will run for his seat in 2020 and win.
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. OMG, that’s hilarious.

    Tumor McCain 2020

  93. I think Trump nailed Cyndi McCain in the squeakhole.

  94. Megan watched, jealously. She’s a perv.

  95. I bet Megan is quite fun in the bedroom.

    Sexy fat isn’t a bad thing.

  96. MJ on September 22, 2017 at 2:59 pm
    His tumor will run for his seat in 2020 and win.
    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. OMG, that’s hilarious.

    I think we’re all going to Hell for laughing at that one.

  97. I bet Megan is quite fun in the bedroom.

    Slap her thigh, ride the wave in.

  98. Any bets that Meggy Mac has a fetlife account compete with pictures of her tied up?

  99. Megan will run for the tumor’s seat when it retires in 2050. She will refer to it as “the tumor’s seat” in a televised debate and be applauded by the same nitwit Arizonan electorate that kept electing her dad and his cancer.

  100. Any bets that Meggy Mac has a fetlife account compete with pictures of her tied up?

    Sucker bet right there.

  101. dammit, ordered some shoes this week, getting delivered today.

    Price dropped today.


  102. They should have added more acid.

  103. I have some Death Wish k cups for my work machine. I never got on the cold brew train.

  104. Works worky

  105. Make mine a double.

  106. It would be awesome if the service pony’s name was Trigger.


    LOL, J’Ames

  107. I never understood the Megan McCain hate over at the other place.
    Such vitriol & awful comments about her appearance.
    She might be stoopid, but I’ve always found her quite attractive. To each his own I guess?

  108. Honestly, her appearance is fine. It’s her empty head and hanging out with democrats that made her mockworthy.

  109. When McCain dies, I don’t want to hear any of the candy assed bullshit that he was a great public servant and did so many great things for the country.

    Living in the real world tells me the country would have been better off had he retired after having his children.

  110. I know guys around here like them but ufffffff she’s just fat boobed. She’s stupid like her father.

  111. Megan McCain

  112. hahahhahahaaaaaa

    hotntot doggin’ her

  113. Evening Hostages.

    What fuckery today?

    Hootspur…..she looks fun.

  114. mccain is a vile, vindictive, petty, scumbag –

    any suffering that he went thru has been repaid a million or more fold on the citizens of the US that he has gone out of the way to torture with regulations and laws and collusion with our domestic enemies in both the republican and democrat parties – policies that will live and bring misery to us for unknowable years to come.

    as hotspur said in the past – Fuck him

  115. Fuck John McCain. Not nearly as much as cancer, obv. But still, fuck him.

  116. Cancer: I have John McCain

  117. Don’t you have posting privileges at the Mothership, MJ? You need to go put that up. Hell just add it to the end of Ace’s post.

  118. I do have le privilege but I’m not editing that dudes posts.

  119. I laughed and then felt terrible, which means its actually funny.

  120. Special Guest Poster, John McCain’s Cancerous Forehead Tumor.

    I dare you.

    I Fucking Double-Battered Fish Stick Dare You!

  121. EXACTLY. It’s hilarious. Just email and ask him. My bet is he’ll ok it.

  122. Well, if he responds to the email at all. Which is, you know, powerball like odds.

  123. Hold my beer while I jump on this trash can

  124. Meh, I emailed.

  125. Comment by MJ on September 22, 2017 6:03 pm
    Meh, I emailed.

    12 37 8 29 4 and PB 33

  126. Ah boo. He’s already moved on to movies and Gal Gadot’s breasts. I mean, the part about Gadot’s breasts is great, but still.

  127. That dude hasn’t responded to an email in a good three years.

    Side note – I found this awesome frozen pizza brand. Wild Mike’s. Add on some pickled artichokes & sliced smoked sausage, that shit would put Dominoes out of business.

  128. Brewpub pizza is our favorite frozen. And Dominos isn’t pizza.

  129. I either got instantaneous responses or no responses from him

  130. Oh, and queso fresco. This shit may kill me, but I’ll die happy.

  131. Interesting. Search “red fox”. Scroll just a bit. Apparently someone gamed the system. Adult content warning.

  132. Greetings, oafs and lummoxes.

  133. Date tonight. She’s apparently a Filipina here as a guest worker. I’ll let all y’all know if I’m missing a kidney in the morning.

  134. Good luck, OrAlex. Crossing my fingers that by this time tomorrow you’ll be having homemade pinoy & pancit

  135. If she suggests a place where they have really good balut, you might want to politely decline.

  136. Vanilla Haaaaaaaaagen Daaaaaaahhhhhhhhzzz is the only ice cream I buy. Not just white, Northern European with a muthafuckin’ umlaut white.

    Haagen dazs was just a fake name that they thought sounded northern euro. It was actually invented in the Bronx. Still damn good ice cream though.

  137. Heh. leon just got ice cream cucked.

  138. Well, he’s still right to prefer it. It’s rich and doesn’t have fake crap in it.

  139. Lumpia or GTFO.

  140. Should I ever wind up on death row, this shall be included in my last meal:

  141. Filipino’s are great short term. Long term, eh, iffy proposition. They don’t always hold that young hotness factor. But damn if you won’t be well fed your whole life. Good luck, Alex.

  142. Well that tears it, I’ll just make my own damned ice cream from now on.

  143. Aw, sorry man. I need to keep my mouf buttoned sometimes.

  144. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, laura. The man built a fucking flamethrower. I’ll be interested to see how he approaches making ice cream.

  145. The keto frozen custard I’ve been making is good enough that my wife will eat it and likes it. If I made that with, like, actual sugar, I’m not sure what she might do.


  146. there is no better movie than Independence Day to accompany the Friday night whiskey session.

  147. Whiskey probably makes the whole “upload a virus to this advanced alien spaceship with a late ’90s laptop” thing a little easier to swallow.

  148. Sean, I like to think that the modern fighter planes and computer technology was inspired by what they learned from the alien craft that crash landed back in the day. Thus, our technology is compatible with theirs.

  149. Aliens are bullshit.

    And my Friday night whiskey viewing is fucking Veggie Tales.

  150. I’m drinking awful cheap beautiful cinnamon whiskey. Not whisky. And it’s fucking delicious and I don’t care.

  151. Roswell gave us cell phones.

  152. Lumpia or GTFO.

    Hear, hear. I have the recipe from my college roommate’s in-laws, I gotta make them again soon.

    I am still on cold medicine, so whiskey or other adult beverages are probably a bad idea.

  153. No. It makes them work better.

  154. You need fluids.

  155. So, I have not had cable for long time, but Verizon FiOS fiber optic cable came with bundled Cable TV, so I said, why not.
    Apparently, they show porn on cable now a days. Not covered in basic cable of course.
    One of the channels is showing something called ‘Granny’s wet cooter drilled out.’ I am sure it is something totally innocuous.

  156. Roamy, when Trump called Kim Jong iL RocketMan, I remembered you. If he had called that little fat bastard Rocket Boy, you would have been so pissed.

  157. Sean, I like to think that the modern fighter planes and computer technology was inspired by what they learned from the alien craft that crash landed back in the day. Thus, our technology is compatible with theirs.

    There is supposedly a scene that they cut from the movie that explains something like this. Why they cut out the thing that explains the otherwise laughable plot point that everyone rags on to this day is a mystery to me.

  158. There is supposedly a scene that they cut from the movie that explains something like this. Why they cut out the thing that explains the otherwise laughable plot point that everyone rags on to this day is a mystery to me.

    Not a mystery to me. They are fucktards. They don’t know any better.

  159. Is it just me, or do CGI movies look very real when viewed on old TVs, but look very phony on 70 inch HDTVs? Or does the whiskey make a difference?

  160. Apparently, they show porn on cable now a days. Not covered in basic cable of course.
    One of the channels is showing something called ‘Granny’s wet cooter drilled out.’ I am sure it is something totally innocuous.

    When Mr. RFH’s dad was staying with us, he kept turning the TV to the adult channels. We have the PPV blocked so you can’t get it without the code, or we probably would have been billed for Sexy Stewardesses 12 umpteen times. He said he was having problems with the remote and/or couldn’t remember the new channel numbers. I teased him about parental controls going the other way.

  161. Tushar, I would be surprised if RocketBoy pays any attention to politics. Apparently the BLM protest in STL registered, but nothing else has.

  162. Couldn’t tell you, Tush.

  163. When Mr. RFH’s dad was staying with us, he kept turning the TV to the adult channels.

    I laughed like a whiskey fuelled, drunk hyena at that.
    I am sorry about that.

  164. Now I am watching Die Hard 2. None of the sequels measured up to to the original.

  165. Ironclad rule of Hollywood: no sequel is as good as the original.

    Exception to the rule: Terminator II

  166. Godfather II

  167. The Empire Strikes Back

  168. Sequels are a scam.

  169. Live free or Die Hard wasn’t bad compared to 2 or 3,but that’s a very low bar.

  170. Veggie Tales over, time to read or watch somethunf edifying while the baby goes to sleep.

  171. Okay, apparently the phone only corrects my spelling when it’s actually incorrect, and leaves outright travesties like that unmolested.

  172. Toy Story sequels were good. Arguably as good or better than the original. Exception to the rule, though.

  173. Star Trek 2.

  174. Shrek 2 is better than Shrek 1.

  175. Live free or die hard was awesome. But nowhere near the original.

  176. Leon, I still have Veggie Tale VHS tapes. Madame Blueberry was a favorite, and I can still sing most of “Oh no, what we gonna do, the king likes Daniel more than me and you…”

  177. ok, my memory might be getting hazy, but Godfather II was better than the original only because Al Pacino was devastatingly more effective as Michael than Brando was as Don.

    Don Corleone had all the bluster and scenery chewing, but Michael had that understated menace that Don couldn’t match.

    Again, my analysis is probably less Tushar and more Balvenie Single Malt.

  178. Leon, you are lucky to be at a stage where you are watching Veggie Tales with innocent little Possum.

    My kids are 10 years old now (b’day coming up on 25th Sept) and turning into world class PITA.

  179. I first read “travesties” as transvestities. Which I would leave unmolested as well. Fuck you leftists for making me always see that word.

    I think I’ll go bake off a pound of bacon and have a big bowl of ice cream.

  180. of course, Al Pacino the actor went on to chew more scenery than anyone in the history of Hollywood, but his portrayal of Michael was very very good.

  181. Chi, I know I have encountered you before, but you are a relatively newcomer to H2. Has anyone yet inquired about the exact numerical count of the bullwhips currently shoved up the other end of your alimentary canal?

  182. Wow, Tushar, 10?

    There’s a nice stage where you don’t need a babysitter but they haven’t developed the smartass teenager attitude yet.

  183. On day one, Tushar. When I first introduced myself.
    I pretty much knew I was ‘home’ when I was asked that question. I can fit three, plus one pestle.
    At least it’s not an ice cream scoop!

  184. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 22, 2017 11:05 pm
    Shrek 2 is better than Shrek 1.

    This is an awful and heretical lie.

  185. Chi, little known secret: you can shove more, if you choose small size, instead of grande, extra large, economy sized.

  186. Roamy, yes, 10. Some of you have known me longer than 10 years. Man, I am getting old.

    The people who have definitely known me longer than 10 years: Dave, Wiser, Laura, Michael and Rosetta.

    Speaking of which, I hate that bastard, Rosetta.

  187. Date survived. She didn’t want my kidneys, just a green card.

  188. But, how was the pancit?
    I guess not green card worthy.

  189. No pancit.

    We ate ice cream.

  190. ColAlex, never trust anyone who wants a green card. They want the easy way out, instead of earning it the hard way.

    Don’t give to them easily something that they must earn with a decade worth of perseverance.

    It took me 11 years to get the green card, and another 5 to get citizenship. Don’t let anyone acquire it on the cheap.

  191. Bottom line – don’t trust anyone from anywhere just for a blowjob.
    Except maybe Padma Lakshmi… her, I would marry for twlen minutes.

  192. I was joking about the green card. We had a nice time. I will ask her out again.

  193. Green cards are for amateurs. Anchor babies are where it’s at.

  194. “Comment by Sean M. on September 22, 2017 10:49 pm

    The Empire Strikes Back”

    *wonders if scene should be scratched from the list ……*

  195. Mmmm…Lumpia. Duterte threatened to kill his own kid if he was a druggy. Dave Chappell married a Filipina and he made funny jokes on both of his Netflix specials about his wife, their kids, and Pacquiao

  196. Maria came to the US as a 3 yr old. Married a Buckeye. Has her green card, but never became a citizen. Mom and grandmother are both illegal. Both on ACA. When Maria moved to the East Mountains, she recommended her sister, Lizette, for her job. Lizette is an anchor baby. Lizette and Maria’s mom is a dialysis dependent diabetic. Grandma is blind from diabetes and has dementia. Their mom is in the ER tonight. I really get tired of people trying to tell me what DACA means and who does or does not get benefits.

  197. On a highway unpaved going my way
    You’re so alone today
    Like a ghost town I’ve found
    There’s no relief, no derp in the sea

  198. Lots of Filipino nurses when I rotated through hospitals in Boston. Nurses seem to be one of their exports.

  199. I saw an ad for Buckeye candy for sale yesterday somewhere online. Peanut butter + chocolate … what’s not to like? I’m not sure if they’re made around here. Maybe they are but I can’t imagine they call them Buckeyes. Maybe Moose Eyes.

  200. On McStain

  201. Heat wave this weekend. 80’s and possibly up to 90 which is unheard of around here in late September

  202. Must be global warming caused by white people, the patriarchy, and western civilization. And Trump.

  203. That ass McCain ruined my sleep last night. I work up twice thinking about what a rotten piece of crap he is voting with the dems.

  204. Holy shit, Ace found a health guru dude on youtube that I’d never heard of. I’m dumbfounded. He’s usually like 3 months behind me.

  205. *goes on Snake Diet*

  206. tube snake

  207. wakey wakey muthofockers. It’s Metal Saturday. Oschi vet in 45. Crossfit. Clean the houses. Mow the lawn. Homecoming pictures are here.

  208. I have actually had trouble doing full day fasts since the chickens started laying eggs. If I miss a day, eggs pile up. I’m the only one really making a dent in the eggs, thus my interest in selling them.

  209. ANd shit just got real. I’m meeting NB’s mom tonight.

    Speaking of which, NB has seemed to stop the flood of visiting boys to the house. So that’s one for him.

  210. “*goes on Snake Diet*”

    euphemism ?

  211. I need to do chicken stuff today too. Add that to the list.

  212. I think a fast until tonight may be a good thing. Too busy to eat and deal with the afterwards.

  213. We go through 5 eggs/day on average around here. 2 for Paula, 2 for me and one split and tossed in with the dogs’ kibble. I frequently give the empty boxes to my nurse who has a bunch of chickens. Every once in a while when she’s overwhelmed with eggs she’ll bring me in a dozen.

  214. To be read in a dramatic movie announcer voice:

    “Is This The End Of Squeakhole?”

  215. Squeakhole and NB were really good friends. Erin had her friends make a “friend wall” of handprints in her bedroom this summer – one whole wall, and NB and Squeakhole had jokingly made their hand prints holding hands. NB was here the other day and painted over it.

  216. If I had a pig, it would be getting a lot of eggs right now.

  217. Not a euphemism.

  218. Pig eggs

  219. nice motivational speaker eh

  220. I like that he calls his followers “fatties.” I think it’s good to start with reality and go from there.

    I f*rt in the direction of the fat acceptance trend. For example that commercial with the really fat gal who is a yoga instructor. Do you really think she can do all the instructor level moves? No.

    And if yoga is so “centering” and “calming” and all the other shit people without religion call it, why isn’t that huge fatass one with herself and her eating?

  221. Why are his fingernails painted pink?

  222. I do PIYO which is a cross between yoga and pilates. It has helped develop my upper body strength (the pilates I do has a crap ton of push ups) and yoga has always been good for flexibility. NOT A RELIGION.

  223. Because he’s nuts.

  224. Well, whatever:

  225. I bet her fatness helps with balance.

  226. I like her. She is better at it by far than me. That’s inspirational. When some tiny chick is good, you think- well, look at her!?!?

  227. Fat asses have zero excuses. Plus they take up too much space. And they clog up aisles, seats, etc. Plus they sweat a lot. Many of them are loud and obnoxious. Other than that, they’re fine.


    Sex cult. It’s only ever really been a sex cult in the West. Hinduism was never going to catch on here.

  229. Clint and I are simpatico. hahahahahaha

    Carin, is anyone who can do something better than you inspirational?Serious question.

    When she starts doing poses that require her to lift her weight off the mat several times, now that would be inspirational.

  230. Not fair, she has inspired refrain from eating too many of the delicious keto donuts I made the other day.

  231. I was reading the Eye for an Eye, Ben Coes book and the leverage that China has on us via what we owe them also did not help my sleep last night.

  232. Carin, is anyone who can do something better than you inspirational?Serious question.

    Yes. And if that woman can do poses that I cannot – I have ZERO excuses. WHen some flippy little gal does something hard – I think “well, i’m older, not as strong, etc … I could NEVER do that”. But when some fatty does something – I KNOW I have zero excuses. SO – yes. It’s inspirational. If she can do that … I can too.

    When she starts doing poses that require her to lift her weight off the mat several times, now that would be inspirational.

    Obviously I could beat her at a lot of other stuff. BUt I’m assuming she’s not about to take me on a tabata run or something like that.

  233. I was on a tear with the Ben Coes books this summer and read all of them between July 4th and Labor Day. Being at camp helped that since the internet access sucks there. Porch + kindle + cigar = optimal reading conditions.

    Right now I’m stuck on Guadalcanal Diary and haven’t made much progress

  234. My question to Carin got me thinking about what inspires me. I’ll be thinking about that all day probably.

    My standard for inspiration seems rather high I guess. I’ll think about it on my bike ride.

  235. Flexibility is mostly genetics.

    Strength can be gained through hard work.

  236. Fat can be gained through pie.

  237. I need to get up and drive into la for a blacksmith class, but I’m really lazy right now…

  238. Yoga (as practiced in the West) is not a religion.
    There are other aspects of Yoga that go into spirituality, but very few Westerners have ventured there.

  239. Sex cult. It’s all about linghams and yonis and no reference to the Vedas.

  240. Which I have not read, I don’t want to give that impression, but I’m reading about the massive land loss in the Indian subcontinent that came with the end of the last major glaciation, and there appear to be some references in them to a Deluge-type event, similar to the stories from Norse, Sumerian, and Biblical legend.

  241. Leon, do you agree with the Snake diet guy’s general approach?
    That 7 day dry fast is obviously extreme, but his general approach seems alright.

  242. Leon, there was actually an ancient city called Dwarka, on India’s west coast. It got submerged thousands of years ago.

  243. Flexibility is important and something I suck at. Maybe my weight is genetic and thus I deserve no credit? Or my love of working out?

    no, I’m all about giving people their due when they’re good at something, even if it is gift.

    There is a gal who teaches yoga and she is in such great shape, and does such hard moves … it just makes me give up. There is simply no way I can hold some of the poses she does – ever in my life.

    I’m not saying everyone should feel this way. I just kinda like seeing more “ordinary” people doing extraordinary things. Micheal Phelps is a bit of a freak of nature – thus doesn’t inspire me.

  244. Santa Barbara is full of gorgeous women.

    Too bad they’re all college-aged and thus completely uninterested in me.

    I was sitting at the bar after my date, and the waitress was a slender red-haired girl who was gorgeous.

  245. Dwarka is mentioned in the book, actually, along with the legend that suggests that the known, submerged Dwarka might be the second city named that, not the first, and the first Dwarka might be even further out on the coastal shelf. There were 3 major losses of land several thousand years apart in that region, so it’s at least plausible.

    Regarding snake diet guy: His general approach is sound, though I’m extremely wary of anyone doing a dry fast.

  246. snake

  247. juice

  248. colex – ask that red headed chick if she wants some snake juice

  249. went to a poker game last night –

    i actually managed to win a couple of hands

  250. the guy that takes it way to seriously wasn’t there –

    it was a lot more relaxed / humorous

  251. had a couple of these –

    and some of this –

  252. Lot of card games/poker nights in med school. I mainly went for the social aspect and after losing a few hands would migrate to the TV with sports ball on and have a beer. Other than the occasional power ball ticket and birthday/Christmas scratch tickets I’ve never been into gambling.

  253. And these guys were serious card players and as the night wore on and the pots grew I’d be wondering where ta fuk the money was coming from since we were all poor students

  254. My fields got a haircut yesterday by the bush hog man. He left a lot of Japanese knotweed near my weird neighbor’s house since they have a drainage pipe that flows on to my yard. He asked permission and the pipe is just above the surface marked with an orange stick. The rest of the fields look great

  255. i can’t stand card games –

    i go for the beer, booze, and ny commies to harass

  256. I was watching Independence Day, and googled ‘best speeches from movies’.

    Bill Pullman’s speech was listed in all lists as expected, but none of the lists had George C Scott’s speech as Patton. No idea why.

  257. I like this story. The Michigan State guy mentioned what HARD work it was.

  258. Still with this poat?
    I had to sleep in – too much bourbon last night. And that impossibly rude neighbor was out with his blower again at 8AM this morning. For an hour. I wanted to beat him about the head shoulders with it.

  259. yard done. House pretty clean (shut your WHORE moufs). Just touch-up here and there. Need to fill in a hole Moose just dug in my garden. Run to the store for hairspray. I need coffee – but I’ve got my ninja doing a cleaning cycle.

  260. Burning things now after cleaning up a lot of the crap that had piled up and grown next to the barn. Meeting with a builder next Friday.

  261. Class is fun so far. The instructor is a crusty old dude.


  263. And … flat tire on the road during the run for hair shit.

    Luckily, I was wearing a tight shirt. A young man stopped and plugged it* for me (I picked up a bolt somewhere on the way … I heard it/saw it and was trying to drive STRAIGHT to the tire place … didn’t make it).

    *for Xbrad

  264. Ho-Lee-shit..

    I haven’t watched a baseball game all season. Thought I’d put on the Cubs/Milwaukee game. Not kidding these are the first words I hear…”Souter was an environmental studies major if he didn’t get drafted he was going to spend 2 years at America works then either going to go into the green sector or become a doctor but he’s very serious about saving the environment doesn’t use paper plates or plastic cutlery brings his own tupperware and only takes a minute and a half showers.”

  265. “A young man stopped and plugged me”

    was it squeakhole?


  267. Hello from London!

    Been out hitting the pubs, had an early dinner, getting ready to hit the rack.

  268. Had fun watching this on Conan:

  269. Their version of ‘Fox on the Run’ is also very fun.


    You can catch them over there soon. Pretty good stuff


  272. Hey, all. Mr. TiFW and I went to see the new Kingsman movie last night – it was lots of fun!

    Highly recommend 😊

  273. ***holds mirror up to blog, inspects***

    Hello…..anybody there???

  274. Just fell off the Snake Diet so I could eat some eggs.

  275. Millions of teens were at my house. They’re gone now.

  276. Got some good pictures of erin and her not boyfriend. Met his mom.

  277. Wow. That Alabama-Vanderbilt game was a curbstomping.

  278. What was the occasion, Carin?

  279. Man, it would be nice to root for a team that understood that there are four quarters in a game and you have to play hard in all of them.

  280. Mare- homecoming

  281. Car in, how many professed their love for Erin? Round to the nearest dozen.

  282. They’ve been eliminated.

  283. Several Loud Splashes Heard at Local Lake

  284. I think it was Leon who said Squeakhole’s come on, although controversial, would help define things. Looks like it did. I feel bad for the Squeaker. He got NB to declare himself as The Boyfriend and in the process got himself ostracized from the group. Painting over the friendship wall of hand prints? That’s just stone cold man.

  285. Holy crap, this is too long for me to read given my lack of interest in the topic. Carin may find it to be indispensable knowledge

  286. Football is probably going to be ruined tomorrow.

  287. Just looked at Drudge. Yeah, it’s every football player’s duty now to tell Trump off.

  288. Goodell is being an idiot.

    Pissing off 1/2 of America isn’t a good idea.

  289. Yeah, Jimbro. I was kinda pulling for the Squeakhole.* Who doesn’t root for the underdog? Dude had the balls to step up to the late, too.
    But, happy for Erin as long as she’s happy.

    *That did NOT sound right…

  290. Poor little idiot.

    He’s probably going to end up sailing a boat on the lake by Car in’s house for eternity, doomed to tell his tale to everyone he meets.

    The Rime of the Teenage Squeakanator.

  291. You guys think NB realizes that I’m tracking where he takes my daughter? I love find-a-phone.

  292. I dunno, C arin. Kids are pretty savvy these days. They probably figured out how to spoof the location. That, or they had some nerd hold onto it.

  293. They haven’t reached their destination, but I’m tracking it. Perhaps I should have let NB’s mom in on this? Apparently the step dad is a cop.

  294. My daughter leave her phone???? Ha haaaa haaa ha ..

    That’s a good one. You’re funny tonight.

  295. Ah, perhaps you’re right.

    Or perhaps you’ve helped to raise a generation who knows they have serviceable alibis for their ritualistic murder sprees.

    Just throwing that out there.

  296. Started watching The Expanse. I’ve enjoyed the first four episodes.

  297. That’s why I know this feelin’ good and strong
    Tryin’ I was, was here to get along
    I want to testify you mean so much to me
    Let me derp the fact, I mean it honestly

  298. Goodell is being an idiot.
    Pissing off 1/2 of America isn’t a good idea.

    The left has spend decades infiltrating institutions, either directly or through their influence on the larger culture. It’s fun to watch all that cumulate in pulling a Thich Quang Duc.

  299. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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