Dumha na nGiall

Say what? That’s Irish for Mound Of The Hostages. I know, right? Who ever thought of making a mound for us? Now, as far as mounds go it’s not all that impressive. Still, to think the ancient Celts were so prescient to name something after us all those years ago hits me right in the feels.


Other famous mounds


[True story: In the 2004 World Series with the bloody sock one of the hand surgeons I trained with made the decision to suture Curt Schilling’s peroneal tendons directly through the skin with just local anesthetic. His tendons were subluxating around the fibula and the usual operation to repair them would have taken him out of commission for the series.]

[[Dr. Morgan was brilliant surgeon but human and fallible as a result. This is a long story about the above incident for anyone who cares to read about it.]]

I like the one with nutz


Wagon Mound, NM


Why wait till Friday?


Anti Thor

That’s all the mounds I have for now. Today Paula and I are going to “Total Joint School” this morning at the hospital for her procedure next month (she has a Crowe IV). I completely agreed with my colleague who said he wanted us to go through everything the same as everyone else. He has a routine that works and I don’t want to be that guy who messes things up. What are the rest of you Hosers up to today?



  1. Back to work after 10 days off, We shall see what fresh heck awaits.

  2. Amazing how many fires smolder while you’re gone and then simultaneously explode when you get back from vacation.

  3. When you’ve lost HuffPo…

  4. wakey wakey

  5. You’re welcome Teresa. Still thinking of you and your family.

  6. I finally cracked and tried to have a sort of intervention with work people yesterday over the “integration” task I’d been beating my head against for weeks. The vendors have told me twice – and others asking the same thing in forums – that even if I could make the thing work like that, it isn’t supposed and it was guaranteed to break with any update to the software. Told my people that I’ll ice skate up that hill if I have to, but the battle plan is stupid and really ought to change.

  7. When is her surgery?

  8. hat are the rest of you Hosers up to today?

    In any order
    1) continue to yell at Erin for pissing me off yesterday
    2) crossfit/run – not sure yet
    3) Take Ethan and Pay’s $$ to the oral surgeon for a root canal
    4) Highly suspect concert tonight

  9. What are the rest of you Hosers up to today?

    1) continue ice skating uphill
    2) research alternatives

  10. What are the rest of you Hosers up to today?

    1) Dose up on Dayquil or equivalent
    2) Worky worky (I would stay home except JSC people are visiting.)
    3) Update anti-virus and ad-blocker software on Mini-me’s computer

  11. They really want to bite the hand that feeds them don’t they?

    I hope they do this, it’s only going to help wean me off TV even more and I highly suspect others too:


  12. And would one of you smart people explain “racial equality” to me?

    Not “equality of outcomes” which is what the dummies really mean.

  13. I have to shower and hit the road for a 7am teleconference.
    Gym around 3pm, Bench and rows today.
    Violin practice tonight
    West Coast Swing Dancing class later tonight.

  14. i was helping a friend modify and tune his still till 0130…. i’m dragging ass this morning –

    first time he’s gotten more than a few ounces of hootch. a couple of the cuts seemed to be promising – we ran more than a gallon; stopped the distillation at 20%

  15. Wait, Alex you play the violin?

  16. Imma gonna do that sometime, jam. Gonna make some family corn likker, with the brother’s corn.

  17. I used to play violin, in junior high.

    Back when dinosaurs roamed freely.

  18. 5) take oschi in to get her head drained again.

  19. Racial equality in football would mean more white boys get to play.

  20. The problem is that modern education/culture has made “equality” into “sameness”. Humans are not and will never ever be equal in that sense, and so long as distinct races exist in the human population (likely, unless we get some serious genocides or another extremely narrow genetic bottleneck), the races of Man will also never be equal, because distinct things being not the same is a literal tautology.

    Civic equality was never meant to be understood in this fashion at all. It meant the law applied equally, opportunities were equally available, and that rewards were present for merit, for finding opportunities to which one was especially suited.

    I could do Kaepernik’s job – badly – but I have no interest in doing so. He could not do mine at all, and likely has a similar amount of disinterest if not outright incomprehension. This is true because – shock face – we are not equal, in the sense that we are not the same. The dull look he’d get as I explained this (or the atavistic rage) would be ratings gold. Someone should pay me to tell him.

  21. How many Asians are in the NFL?

    Fuck you, Colin. Fuck you in the head with a bat wrapped in barbed wire.

  22. there is a probability approaching 1 that this is NSFW
    normal disclaimers apply:
    you hate your job – click on it
    you hate your cow orkers – click on it
    you’re self employed – click on it
    you just donated your last fuck – click on it


  23. If Vanity Fair has Michelle Obama on its best dressed list and not Melania, it’s asking for all of us to suspend our disbelief past the point of possibility.

    Even when she goes to a place trashed by a storm she looks appropriate and somehow elegant.

    You know what I like best about Melania? She’s not pretending she was voted into office and therefore has a right to make policy.

  24. How many Asians are in the NFL?


    HAHAHAHAHA Brilliant.

  25. “Fuck you, Colin. Fuck you in the head with a bat wrapped in barbed wire”

    you forget your meds this morning?

  26. That looks absolutely awful, Jam. I need to find some way to steal all the Netflix content Possum likes and cancel my subscription.

  27. the thing about melania i like the most is that she’s not bill clinton

  28. you forget your meds this morning?

    I caught the cold my wife and daughter had last week and I’ve had a headache for 3 days while trying to do this impossible shit for work. If I were a better mad scientist I’d be on CNN right now.

  29. long term headaches are their own special little hell –

    i’ll drop off some moonshine for you on my next pass thru town

  30. “Fuck you, Colin. Fuck you in the head with a bat wrapped in barbed wire”


    I of feel that way about Jonathan Gruber, Susan Powers, Lynch, Rice and several others who’ve lied to us, broken the law and tried to “fundamentally transform” this nation. You know who you are.

  31. I have not considered alcohol up to this point. Me getting buzzed is an imposition on my wife and a risk with a small and curious child, so I’ve just been suffering. What really sucks is that alcohol is the only painkiller that consistently works for me.

  32. Comment by jam2 on September 21, 2017 9:06 am
    the thing about melania i like the most is that she’s not bill clinton


    That’s pretty good.

  33. jay – you’re 90 +% of the way to good shine.

    the distillation part is straight forward (imo)

    my friend has the patience of a gnat – so he was screwing up the fermentation AND the distillation

  34. Distilling small batches looks really easy. It’s scaling it up that looks tricky.

  35. Milo and those folks going to Berkley are our (intellectual) freedom fighters right now. They stand on the shoulders of giants before them.

  36. They’ve got some art work for Milo that is fantastic.

  37. 10/26/17 @ 0720. Probably need to be here at 0600 that day.

  38. What’s happening then, Jimbro?
    Shoot, news I missed?

  39. Ighblargle.

    This “morning” thing should be outlawed.

  40. Paula gets a new hip to replace her dislocated hip.

  41. At Honda dealership, getting scheduled maintenance. We are going down to Bryan/College Station tomorrow to get Michelle’s stuff moved out of her house.

    We paid up the utilities through the end of the month, as the roommates had given her money to do that. We’re also going to give them a check to cover Michelle’s October portion of the rent/utilities so that they have time to find a new roommate.

  42. Will her hip be square?

  43. Continued prayers, Teresa.

  44. *stands outside Alex’s house with a boombox*

    That’s you meant, right?

  45. Mare, I dabble. I took two years of lessons back in ’08-’09, and I’ll fool around once in a while. My goal this year is to get back into regular practice and learn a few pieces, mostly folk tunes.

  46. Alex, sex or violins?

  47. I’m hoping to get Possum interested in violin and take lessons when she does.

  48. That or take up coronet. I played french horn up until I got braces and couldn’t.

  49. Cornet, rather, someone told me the wrong word 30 years ago and it stuck.

  50. Learn Orange Blossom Special, Coalex, and report back.

  51. CoAlex, if’n yore gonna be playin’ folk tunes, ya gotta call it a fiddle….

  52. Some of the biggest fantatics right now are the Keto people. I have TWO on my facedouche. It’s not that I disagree with it, but they sorta make blanket statements – based on their own experience.

    Oh – you got fat, and got healthy on Keto? So … exactly why do “I” need to do Keto?

    I’m listening.

  53. You “were” fat.

    Stupid non-editable comments.

  54. There are possible health benefits over and above the metabolic repair and weight regulation. Cancer growth is largely inhibited in the absence of sugars, for instance, and there are some studies that show cognitive enhancements from a ketotic state, but if you’ve got good insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility (i.e. you can run on fat or sugar as needed) it’s not really “necessary” per se.

    If I were about to run an endurance event, I’d make very sure I was comfortably in ketosis prior. Way easier than carrying a bunch of bananas and sugary snacks and trying to make fuel while using it.

  55. I’m a Keto person but definitely NOT an evangelist. I’m in the camp, “do what works for you and screw your rules.” Same way I feel about fitness. And, possibly, several other things.

  56. As I said – I think it’s fine. But the Keto people … they can be crazy. One is starting a class to teach it and today she’s had several posts about the ‘journey she started all alone called Keto’.


  57. they other basically says – rather frequently – that we’re all doing to die, but don’t blame her because she tried to save us.

    As I said – The very fact that there are healthy /fit people who DON’T do Keto kinda nullifies the idea that everyone HAS to do it.


  59. People without a religion often invent one, especially if there’s money or social advantage to be had.


    That’s what we hear a lot more than the bread deal.

  61. I’m going off keto for like a month when the pumpkins are ready. I’m going to each a bunch of them, and the seeds, and I might go crazy and have some beans and rice too, but I’ll be fasting for longer periods and I’ll probably be off dairy for the duration.

  62. I try to go keto but it’s hard with work and school. Mostly I try to limit carbs even if not in full keto. I eat peanut butter, celery, salami and cheese, and chicken, steak, and veggies. Lots of tea with cream.

  63. No crackers

    No peace

  64. And potatoes. I’m going to eat a bunch of taters.

  65. I just try to not eat like a fucking maniac.

  66. Me getting buzzed is an imposition on my wife and a risk with a small and curious child, so I’ve just been suffering

    You’re doing it wrong. 1 or 2 drink dad is the best dad. 3 to 4 drink dad is an asshole.

  67. With the new reorganization at werk (3rd time in 2 years) everybody in my immediate area but me is switching / relocating to different cubicles. I think they took me seriously when I said I like this cube…it’s big, faces a door and window, hardly any foot traffic but convenient to the coffee. Either they care about me being happy or my next move will be to the parking lot with a box in my hand.

  68. I miss the office sometimes, re-orgs never.

  69. Mare, yes.

  70. Leon, have her learn the harp.

  71. The only harpist I know moved to Virginia.

  72. There’s a new Mitch Rapp book out.


  73. The only harpist I knew was my bartender in Colorado Springs.

  74. i’ve known a couple of harpies

  75. Genital harpies

  76. Autoharp

  77. Harp poon

  78. Ive known a couple of hair pies…..but that was in the 80’s

  79. This guy deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

    How to distract dog at bath time …..peanut butter!

    Probably works on kids too.


  80. Am I the only one who learned Snoopy’s instrument from Peanuts as a “Jew’s Harp”? Is that racist?

  81. If not the harp, then how about the accordion?

  82. All the talk of violins, fiddles, harps & folk music made me think of Underhill Rose.
    It’s not folk, but folksy, bluegrass country inspired.
    No violin, either. Just an acoustic guitar, banjo and upright bass. And 3 beautiful young ladies that can harmonize.
    If you’re a fan of that one of thing, check them out.


    There was s at least one video on their weird site, and you can find them on the youtoobs.

  83. The American Assassin movie was, as Jay said, a disappointment. Not completely bad but for a book so good they should have had better script writers, better editors and a better director.

    The guy who plays Rapp is good. I liked him. He’s likable. When he says he wants to kill people who need killing I believed him. And his fight scenes were good.

    The woman they chose to play Irene was fine EXCEPT they gave her incredibly bad dialog. Irene does not swear. She’s cool as a cucumber, rational, professional, a perfect go between Mitch and Stan. The swearing dialog didn’t work. It seemed dumb and forced and not Irene-like in any way.

    Oddly, Michael Keaton could be a good Stan Hurley. His eyes are just crazy enough to pull that off. Remember in the later books Stan has to do some crazy crap while a hostage. In the books he acts crazy, literally.

    There was some pretty sloppy editing. The bathtub scene for example, how does the bath get full?

    The antagonist is an actor I love but he didn’t have a lot to work with.

    The end scenes which bugged Jay didn’t bother me as much because the books are full of crazy plots that require Mitch to save the country without anyone knowing about it. It’s part of the genre.

    I don’t get out much (jk), so I enjoyed the experience of bringing Mitch to life, however, they could have done it soooooo much better.

    Oh, look, $20!

  84. http://tinyurl.com/y8s3gqak

  85. Ha! Shut up, Scott!

  86. I always knew it as a Jew’s harp – to this day don’t think of it as racist. Nor do I think it is racist to refer to that purple plant as “Wandering Jew”.

    If somebody else is offended by it, they are the one with the problem. They are just looking for something to be indignant about – probably because their life is so boring and they want to inject some drama into it.

    Or because they can’t fix (or don’t want to face) the problems in their personal life, so they find other things to “fix”.

    Hey, if I can overlook the word “retarded” when it is being used in a non-derogatory way, then everyone else should be able to overlook words / phrases which are also used in that manner.

    Call somebody a “dirty Jew” or a “ree-tard” though, they better hope that they are nowhere near me when they say it.

    I may be short, but that just means I can hit them lower with great ease…..

  87. Oh, look, $20!

    Ooh, me too!

  88. This is me in a few hours – same venue:

  89. I can’t decide if the Obama people weaponized government or if everyone did it previously.

    It could be that Obama just got caught.

  90. “got caught” would be my guess. He was a raging incompetent after all.

  91. https://is.gd/bgY3Ky

  92. I suspect that he was the first, but that there has been a cultural shift in the government that allowed the conditions for it to happen that took place over the past twenty years.

  93. Pups, I’m laughing so hard I’m crying.

  94. Hey, do you tools watch the Goldbergs? It’s a pretty cute show that makes me laugh and is full of 80’s nostalgia.

  95. I think the weaponization of the government has been a slow creep for a long time that accelerated under Obama.

  96. Clinton did it with the IRS, if your were critical in a public way you would get audited. Ask Rush. It may not have been structural, it may have been a wink and an audit by fellow travelers, but it is not a new phenomenon.

  97. While first lady, Hillary obtained the FBI background files on members of congress and R-appointed bureaucratic officials. And Bill and Hill used the IRS to harass conservative pundits and Bill’s female victims with repeated audits.

    And then when her tour of terror was over, she stole the fucking furniture.

  98. And the W keys.

  99. It’s been weaponized for quite a while. Obama just made full use of it.

  100. https://is.gd/G367gb

  101. If Republicans did what the Clintons and Obama did it would have been the new Watergate…period.

  102. Holy crap, Valerie Plame is a serious anti-semite. As in, “I hate Israel and I support the Iran deal” anti-semite.

    She’s a POS.

  103. I’ll do you one better, mare. Gonna make one of my few annual exceptions and say that Valerie Plame is a stupid fucking cunt.

  104. I just generally assume all leftists are antisemites. It fits the profile.

  105. I accidentally went to an edm show.

  106. I’m kind of shocked how the hating of Jews was the go to stance in the Obama admnistration.

  107. I accidentally went to an edm show.

    I’ll bet it was your girlfriends idea.

  108. I meant to add how open the hating was.

  109. What is edm?

  110. Was there oil? Soft music?

  111. erectile dismemberment

    all lesbaru drivers engage in it as a rite of passage

  112. It’s what happens after softball.

  113. When do they pass out the drugs at this thing?

  114. Sniff all the rags!

  115. X that was pretty funny

  116. Thank you, xbrad. Best laugh I’ve had all day (and I make it a habit to laugh at people).

  117. Comment by Car in on September 21, 2017 8:05 pm
    I accidentally went to an edm show.

    Dress appropriately

  118. https://imgur.com/gallery/CN3RqJ4

  119. Comment by scott on September 21, 2017 8:57 pm
    It’s what happens after softball.


  120. She’s going to be on a softball team by midnight.

  121. Better than coaching soccer.

  122. She’s going to be on a softball team a field hockey coach by midnight.


  123. I use a silicone brush to make croutons, lots of butter and garlic. I also use this brush to put labels on bottles, with milk.

    Make sure you get that brush really clean, or just dump the milk, because garlic butter milk really isn’t very good.

  124. Car in is going to hate all of us so much.

  125. Milk is label paste?


  126. works great!

  127. Whoa. They just put Bill Clinton’s picture up (college one) while talking about Vietnam exemptions.

  128. Home now. I got mistaken for a member of the opening band in the parking lot after the show. I had to tell her repeatedly NO. I was NOT in the band. It was sorta weird. I think it’s my hair.


  129. They certainly are beating the “we can’t win the Vietnam war” drum pretty hard.

  130. You should’ve just signed an autograph car in and called it a night.

  131. You had a groupie, and didn’t take advantage?

  132. LOL. I’m not fast on my feet.

  133. My engine was pumpin’ steam
    And I was grindin’ at you hard and fast
    Burnin’ down the rails, tryin’ to heat the way
    Haulin’ ass and ridin’ up the track
    And I laughed at the conductor who was tellin’ me my derp
    It would never last

  134. The truth is Dr. Morgan did not fuck up. He got a DWI to be sure but he should not have lost his license over it. After he got the DUI he was forced into a 5-year monitoring contract with the state physician health program (PHP) which requires 1-3x per week drug and alcohol testing and the state PHP ( which is composed of primarily ex drunks and drug addicts in “recovery” fabricated a positive alcohol test on him and an attorney with the Mass Medical Board, Deb Stoller, was complicit in the crime. There are two witnesses who are doctors who worked for the PHP who witnessed the whole thing ( they have been threatened that if they talk they will pay dearly ) and these jealous losers who can not hold a candle to Dr. Morgan were high-fiving each other when they took him down. Morgan’s a hero and his status as a hero must be redeemed and these gutter bottom-feeders must be exposed and held to account.

  135. $20?

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