POS Post – Code Name: Snake Juice

Ahrite you lazy bitches/bitchettes –

get up!

When you hear “Snake Juice” what comes (heh) to mind … ?

No – N0 – NOO!

The answer is not in your Mom this time.

The correct answer should be beer – cuz i said so; that’s why.


This kinda looks like a normal meat-up: Cameos by Tushar, Mare, Dave, Theresa, Xb…

As long as we’re on the snake juice topic – Where the hell is Jewstin!? (insert snake juice joke of your choice) I checked obits and police blotters – no hits, so i can only assume he’s learning how to be more charming; probably some place exotic  .

Anybody canning / preserving provisions for the coming winter?

Ok – enough of talking about your cans – time for you to guzzle the new day like






  1. OY!!!!

  2. Came home from class with a nasty headache, so after dinner I lay down for a quick nap. I woke seven hours later and now my sleep schedule is fucked.

  3. Only one thing to do brother……
    Drink a couple three beers and go back to sleep.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. I went to bed at 830 last night hoping to wake up over whatever illness I’ve got. Instead I slept maybe 6 hours and I’m still coughing.

  6. me beautiful bride has some horrible sounding head cold thing going on.

    she coughed all night –

    i gave up at around 430 and went down stairs

  7. Paula worked till 11, got home around 11:45 and crawled into bed around midnight. We were both up at 0600 to deal with a red cow dog who wanted to play frisbee

  8. I picked up a nasty cough last week. Either from work or on the flight to NY. I still haven’t gotten over it.

  9. I feel great.

    Had to pick up youngest from Homecoming at 11, but went right to bed when I got home.

  10. Did Erin finish her evening around adoring male fans? Nope. Back home to watch Frozen with her best friend Emily.

    Let it go.

  11. I feel wonderful.

    Suck it, sickies.

  12. I’m hungover if that’s any consolation.

  13. Scott was right on about how today’s NFL games are gonna suck. I’ve heard umpteen news stories about the controversy on just the local news before trying to watch NFL Network for some pregame coverage. The announcers are all using their “This Is A Serious Subject” tone of voice when discussing it.

    And listening to the players trying to act like they’re indignant about Trump saying anything on the matter begs the question of their own bad behavior on and off the field. Do they really believe they are the paradigm for good character? In a lot of instances they are men of good character who are intelligent and do charity work out of kindness. Those are the guys who keep their mouths shut. They’re smart enough to know they need to earn a living after football and some dumbass comment could sink their opportunities.

    If it were not for Belicheck and Brady leading the Patriots I would’ve tuned out a while ago. Today is a nice day so I’ll listen to the game on the radio to be spared the national commentators who will feel compelled to go on and on and on about Trump and any player’s reaction to it. Just before writing this $20 comment they were talking about some player doing something to oppose Trump in London “on foreign soil”.

  14. What police brutality?

    There hasn’t been any.

    It’s all fake news.

  15. If the networks are dumb enough to show us the protests, it’s over.

  16. ^what scott said.

  17. Morning Fuckers.

    So apparently most of the Jags and Ravens knelt for the Anthem, then stood for God Save the Queen.


    Politics is truly impossible to get away from, isn’t it? I swear, when I get in the new house, I’m just going to load up the mini fridge with dt mtn dew and booze, lock the door to my office/den, and play video games.

  18. Assholes. Idiotic assholes.

  19. It’s particularly galling that those who seem to be “protesting’ the most, have most benefited from the American system and conversely been crapped on by lefty policy.

    Don’t take advantage of a free education so you don’t go to class and don’t do your work…get a pass, end up at a beautiful university with a full ride, get drafted, make millions. Still can’t read and when you speak you sound ignorant. But hey, America sucks.

    Think your black neighborhood schools suck? Talk to a lefty (be sure to talk with a strident union member teacher).

    Your family has been on welfare for 3 generations? Talk to your lefty politician who won’t vote for reform.

    Folks you know who don’t make millions playing a sport can’t get a job? Talk to Barack about his regulation and taxation policies. And be sure to ask about his immigration policies and the money going into “dreamer” policy.

    FU you stupid, ignorant, fools who wouldn’t be making jack shit (because you’re stupid) if it wasn’t for straight up American, capitalist enterprise, You work for the man, stupid, act like it.

  20. I hope there are enough football fans who will reject this utter bullshit and turn off the TV, stop buying tickets (although corporate buying makes up most sales and will save these assholes) and stop buying NFL crappola like jerseys.

  21. The last NFL licensed product I used was a video game for my Intellivision. No más.

  22. How’s the house project coming along Brent?

  23. My mini fridge got repurposed for a beverage holder at camp. I bought it for my old office to keep my lunch and a few cans of seltzer in and when I started working for Big Hospital it got stuck in the garage. It’s brilliant since the kids are not in and out of the big fridge fucking things up looking for cold cans of seltzer and water all day long.

  24. Haven’t watched the NFL in 17 years. HotBride and I met at a stuporbowl party in 2000. Last time. And there won’t be a next. Fuck the NFL, fuck the players, fuck the owners, fuck the sponsors, and fuck the sheep who go to the games.

  25. Slowly, Jimbro. We’re supposed to have some sort of walk through with the builder coming up soon. They tried to schedule for mid this week at noon. Hi, we both work. We’ve had this convo about a half dozen times. Literally every time you want to meet about whatever.

    Anyway, place looks good.They haven’t tried to push back the closing date or anything, but it’s still like 4 months to go.

  26. “Fuck the NFL, fuck the players, fuck the owners, fuck the sponsors, and fuck the sheep who go to the games.”

    hotntot is my spirit alter-ego

  27. Tell us how you really feel, Hotspur.

  28. weather blog – holy moly it’s warm and muggy today.
    feels more like an august day.

    i’m liking it

  29. Four months… you can do it!

  30. been working on the front porch project.

    had to fire hotspur’s cousins.
    holy shit did they fuck that project up.

    hoping to have the railing back up today

  31. Four months… you can do it!

    Lol. No choice. But the children may not survive.

  32. good luck bee-rent

    ” I swear, when I get in the new house, I’m just going to load up the mini fridge with dt mtn dew and booze, lock the door to my office/den, and play video games.”

    you should do that now – the 4 months’ll go by fast

  33. you should do that now – the 4 months’ll go by fast

    Two bedroom apt. They claim it’s 1100 sq ft. I call bullshit. It feels incredibly tiny. Most of our stuff is in storage, our previous house was 1900 sq ft, and yet there’s just shit stacked up all over. I’m stunned at the lack of storage. Two closets. One in each bedroom. That’s it. Anyway, first world problems.

  34. I refuse to acknowledge the basic premise for these “protests”. The police do not shoot or brutalize a disporpotionate number of blacks. Period. End of story. There are zero stats that support this premise. The US gov does not in anyway, shape, or form “oppress” blacks.
    The only thing in the US that oppresses blacks is “Black Culture”. It is a culture that largely glorifys the criminal culture , promiscuity & violence. Wanna see the black “culture” in all its glory? Go to world star hip hop site. Search for “fight”, you can watch them brutalize each other and others all day long. ALL. DAY. LONG.

    So, this is just more emperor has no clothes bullshit that people see right through. They are pissed cause Trump just blasted their asses. The base will listen, and the normies will catch up momentarily. The NFL is about to get a lesson. Looking forward to attendance and viewing stats play out.

  35. We need new sports. Baseketball’s time has come.

  36. Rush has been preaching the demise of the NFL for years. It’s finally coming to pass. Between this bullshit, the concussion/CTE stuff and interminable delays for official reviews of plays it’s all adding up to declining viewership. Won’t be long now that it will be the rump league behind hockey in popularity for America. Pretty sure the NHL has 2 or 3 black players right? I know the Subban brothers because one of them (P.K. Subban) plays for the Canadiens and faces the Bruins often.

    I just looked and he was traded to the Predators last year which tells you how much I follow hockey

  37. 6 black NHL active players per Wikipedia

  38. I figure Archer has to have raised the profile on Lacrosse at least a little.

    And I would actually watch women play soccer. For reasons.

  39. Gladiatorial combat.

    America can watch one man kill another with a trident.

  40. I’m willing to watch women’s Beach volleyball as a protest. I’m a giver like that.

  41. This is a prime opportunity for all the fringe sports to go mainstream. I like watching the one where several snowboarders race down the hill at the same time. Snocross or something?

  42. DODGEBALL!!!!

  43. The problem is that the fringe sports are fringe sports for a reason. To be successful as a sport you need:

    1) Enough of a cultural connection to broader society. Most people have played pickup basketball, football, or baseball that they understand the rules and the dynamics of a match.

    2) Drama. You need to get the audience emotionally involved before and during the match. Sports aren’t really about the score, but about the competition. Head-to-head sports have an advantage over others, since two opponents facing one another creates more drama than,say, a succession of racers skiing downhill for time.

    3) Length of time. Matches should fill up an hour to two hours. Again,the audience is looking for theater, not just points and technical skill. This is why Olympic sports aren’t generally mainstream: most people aren’t going to organize their weekend around watching a guy swim for two minutes to win a race, or two fencers face off for ten minutes. The exception seems to be boxing/mma, although in both cases you see multiple fights together, and it has the advantage of (1) above: most people have been in a fight at least once in their lives.

    TL;DR: People turn to sports as theater, and so the successful sports give them a theater experience.

  44. Brent, you’re building too?

    We’re talking to a builder in Coldwater on Friday for a house on the 19 acre lot we just bought.

    I still need to go over there and plant a bunch of pine saplings around the neighbor’s house.

  45. I absolutely LOVE watching football. Which is why I hate to see what is going on right now.

    If the NFL is trying to get more black people to watch their games, they need to be aware of the huge can of worms that they are about to open.

    By glorifying these America-hating thugs, they are going to end up with the ghetto and the barrio coming to their games – with all of the lovely culture and manners which come along with them. Decent people of all races – blacks included – will be staying home. And the decent people are the ones with civilized manners and enough money to spend attending your games.

    Hey, NFL – have fun spending even more of your own money cleaning up after the thugs. They don’t have any respect for property, so don’t expect them to clean up after themselves. Better also count on them taking a lot of your property with them as they leave your multi-million-dollar state-of-the-art stadiums.

    You owe them, after all.

  46. Won’t this be the most watched NFL Sunday in a long time just cuz of the drama?

    I think football is pretty boring but I don’t watch much sports so my opinion isn’t really valid.

  47. By glorifying these America-hating thugs, they are going to end up with the ghetto and the barrio coming to their games – with all of the lovely culture and manners which come along with them.

    Nah, Raiders fans don’t like to travel.

  48. Doesn’t the NFL have some sort of tax exempt status?

    Be a shame to lose that.

  49. Others have pointed out that the league is a non-profit, the teams are for-profit, but the real weak point is the tax-exempt muni bonds used to fund stadiums. End those and watch the NFL screech.

  50. The fucking publicly-funded stadiums have to end. And the NFL is non-profit the same way the Clinton Foundation is. End both.

  51. Listening to Pats-Texans on the radio. So far just game coverage by the announcers. Good. I’m in my garage, both doors open and having a cigar.

    Every few minutes a chipmunk runs by with its mouth full of acorns and deposits them under the front stairs which are granite blocks, presumably with a space underneath them full of acorns for the winter. When the rapture comes the front of my house will be overgrown with oak trees in just 5 or 10 years.

  52. Using up the last of the tomatoes on the vines. Bacon & tomato sammiches. If I only had some of Leon’s fresh eggs, I’d be in protein heaven!

  53. You know what’s humorous? Having liberal snowflake douchbags who normal hate football, football culture, football players and everything having to do with football are now bending over backwards to point out how thoughtful and intelligent the football players are.

  54. My mom just linked this: https://twitter.com/Patriots/status/911926759590957056

  55. Kraft is a secret nazi even though he’s Jewish. Have no fear, he’ll be writing a check for Trump’s re-election campaign.

  56. Spent the evening at a friends poker tournament, Boy2 won it last year as a total rookie, did not repeat. I won a few respectable hands but I don’t have the patience or attention span for poker, and there were a few serious players there.

  57. Sometimes I think Trump is just trying to turn the left into pretzels.

    At one point they were defending MS 13 and North Korea.

  58. I am unaware of any controversy, and I think I’m going to try and stay that way.

    Low Information Sports Peruser (L.I.S.P.)

    The next big “spectator” sport is video games. There are tournaments. They are televised. They are online. Todays youts watch and follow and become fans of video game players. I am not kidding.

  59. And sometimes I think he should just stahp already.

  60. MJ, it’s like the scene from A Few Good Men,

    “For us to win, Jessep has to say he gave the order.”

    “And you can get him to say that?”

    “I think he wants to say it! He made a decision, and that’s it! He eats breakfast yards from Cubans trained to kill him.No one tells him how to run his unit. Least of all me. I’ll lead him right where he’s dying to go.”

    The left has always despised America and American culture. But they’ve always had to pretend otherwise. They’d love to openly support MS 13 (Oppressed brown people!), and North Korea (Standing against capitalism and colonialism!). They love it because they’ve build an intellectual structure around the notion that they’re smarter than everyone else, and so if the masses believe X, then they’ll believe Y just to demonstrate their supposed superior intellect. Trump gets this. He understands how to manipulate the egos of these assholes, and get them to trip up.

  61. It was just this last week that they were not only defending Rocketboy, but wishing to trade him for Trump as leaders. These are the people we almost lost an election to.

  62. My boy follows video game tournaments. He watches his parents watching sports. Who knows if he’ll actually watch them in the future. Really, who gives a shit. He’ll be fine either way.

  63. Looks like some Catholics are getting tired of the socialist playing Pope.


  64. “Some” is basically all the non-South American Liberation Theology heretics. Africa, North America, Europe, and Asia are getting sick of his “make a mess” strategy in pastoral guidance and literal pontificating on matters non-faith-related.

  65. My Catholic college had a core curriculum and during my freshman year I had to take a year of Religious Studies. Because of my schedule as a science major with a shit ton of labs I was forced to choose a course in Liberation Theology. As an 18 year old kid I had no idea what was coming. The professor was a rabid liberal who ranted and raved about injustice in South America. Holy crap…it was awful. My memories of that course is a guy pacing the room with spittle flying out of his mouth trying to force his opinions on kids forced to take his course.

  66. Liberation Theology is the Arian Heresy all over again. Not in the sense that they deny the divinity of Christ, but in the fact of its pervasive power among the ecclesiarchy, while the lay faithful push back as hard as they can.

  67. We went apple picking today and I got a few pounds of Macouns for fresh eating and cobbler. Surprised to see that they still had a respectable crop of yellow peaches out there on the trees. The place was an absolute zoo. Ridiculous.

    Need to look up a paleo cobbler recipe. Something I can freeze in small servings.

    Just butchered a blade roast into two big flatiron steaks, about a pound of stir fry beef slices for the freezer, and scrap for making beef stock.

    Ready for the week.

  68. I see by the Left loves ‘The Handmaids Tale.’

    It’s the dumbest mash up of lefty tropes written at a 4th grade level.

    I actually can’t believe how bad it is.

  69. Listening to post game on the radio. Reporters are peppering Brady with protest questions. Brady evaded them better than he did the Texans defense. Good job. He’s set for life between his earnings and Gisele’s purse but he doesn’t need the controversy dogging him down the line.

  70. I watched a few videos more of that band Phat linked yesterday, The Regrettes. One of the videos had the lead singer wearing a Handmaid’s Tale costume which was Regrettable…

  71. It’s actually a fantasy. These lefty women long for the firm hand of patriarchy.

    They’ll deny it, of course, but that’s just shame.

    Isn’t that what they tell us about homonausea?

  72. Suspect identified in church shooting


    Said to be wearing a clown mask.

    Why does Steven King hate church people?

  73. I blame the anti-Trump season of American Horror Story.

  74. The new Magnificent Seven is not magnificent.

  75. My bi (your whore mouths, close them please) weekly post at the mother ship is all due to Bcock.

    Blame him.

  76. It’s actually a fantasy. These lefty women long for the firm hand of patriarchy.
    They’ll deny it, of course, but that’s just shame.
    Isn’t that what they tell us about homonausea?

    Yup. Handmaid’s Tale, Fifty Shades of Grey, etc. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a Gor series on Amazon or Netflix yet.

    Remember, The Story of O was written by a woman.

  77. did you get bumped mj?

  78. Blah blah, people who blah blah blah.

  79. Got the jet skis out of the water today. Soccer game . Workout. Cleaning. chickens.

    tomorrow just became one task less hectic – erin has a soccer recruiter after her and I was supposed to take her for a meet up – but the dude has some meeting, so we have to reschedule.

    So – I have a Vet appointment for Oschis head draining, and then ethan is having a contrast MRI at the hospital way way across town.

  80. I hated Handmaid’s Tale. Didn’t read 50 shades.

  81. I have a funny NB story. Of COURSE I do, right?

    So, Homecoming yesterday. Party. Erin and her BEST friend leave, because she said she was getting a bad vibe/crazy kids (they come home to watch Frozen – this has been previously reported).

    NB stays there – it was a friend of his’ house (he has a vacancy in the friend department, since he ousted Squeakhole – again, this is review).

    So … there is a noise complain and the cops show up. Soooooo … what do country kids do when the cops show up? They hide in the cornfields. YOU KNOW THAT, right?

    NB hid in the cornfield for 4 hours. I guess he was texted Erin like crazy, who was safely snuggled in her bed by then.

    Two of her friends got MIPs. The owner of the house got a $400 ticket.

    “Let it go … let it GO …!”

  82. I didn’t go to those parties. My kind of part got crazy when the DM drank his plum wine too fast.

  83. Soooooo … what do country kids do when the cops show up? They hide in the cornfields. YOU KNOW THAT, right?

    I was gonna go with “Jump into the General Lee and book it for the county line,” but I guess not.

  84. What’s an MIP?

  85. Minor in Possession.

  86. Minor in Possession.

  87. Minors Insanely Partying.

    Monkeys Indefinitely Paragliding

    Mothers Insisting on Punishment…

  88. Mom’s Infamous Poon

  89. did you get bumped mj?
    I guess so. I’ll post it later.

  90. If it gets squashed just post it at The H3.

    We’re here for you.

  91. What I made this weekend.

  92. Link isn’t working for me, Colex.

  93. Hmm, try it now.

  94. Slacker.

  95. NB was in a cornfield for 4 hours?

    SH dropped the ball.

  96. Raiders sitting for the anthem. Color me shocked.

    /Chefs fan

  97. Fuck the NF L in the squeakhole.

  98. The NFL introduced you to Hotbride.

  99. Dunno, Colex, it keeps giving me a thing that says “please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting.”

  100. That’s his mom.

  101. You’re right . SH missed his opportunity.

  102. Lapeer doesn’t have enough clowns hanging out in cornfields.

    Easy fix

  103. Teenagers of the corn

  104. Squeakhole could have changed his name to Cornhole.

  105. New Link for Sean

  106. pretty cool!

    Cooler than a national anthem protest!

  107. Nice, Colex. Worth waiting for.

  108. I want to get back into metalworking as a hobby. I had an oxyacetylene setup that I used for brazing work at my old old job 20+ years ago. So fun. My ex took off with that kit, tanks and carts, along with my grandfather’s wine press, my compressor, and other equipment and all the air tools.He tried to take my grandmother’s furniture too but I managed to get that back. I’M NOT BITTER.

    Anyway, in the internet and craigslist age, I think I could buy a new setup pretty inexpensively. I would also like to take some courses and learn basic welding, which would rock if I could get the knack for it.

  109. In other news, my kids will be 10 year old tomorrow. I remember they day they were born like it was yesterday.

  110. Laura, my goal is to set up a gas forge here on the farm and get better at metelworking, and then add in some glassblowing classes as well.

  111. Ok I’m bitter.

    I want Nonno’s grape crusher and wine press back. It’s fucking bullshit that he kept that.
    What a doormat I was.

  112. http://ace.mu.nu/archives/241817.php#241817

  113. Laura, show up on his doorstep and demand it back.

  114. >>Laura, show up on his doorstep and demand it back.

    Let us know if you need a mean looking posse lurking behind you.


  116. I remember it too, Tushar. I feel like you sent me their newborn pictures just yesterday! Crazy.

    Colex, I appreciate the value of knowing the original old-style skills, but modern welding is a more awesome home skill to have, in my terrible opinion. You could learn about TIG and MIG and get yourself a little shop space with the appropriate electrical service for your machine. With your computer skills you could also explore machining.

  117. Let us know if you need a mean looking posse lurking behind you.

    We’ll let another group handle that. This rag tag bunch wouldn’t have the desired effect.

  118. I’m sorry your anchor babies had to grow up with all this racism, Tushar.

    I hope they have a happy birthday in spite of it.

    /takes a knee

  119. >>We’ll let another group handle that. This rag tag bunch wouldn’t have the desired effect.

    You forget that I am brown. I have built in menace.

  120. That’s what pepe is doing. And doing well, from the looks of his products on facedouche.

  121. I have to think up a good label for my brews. I’ve decided to name my home brewery Sarcastic Pixel Bryggeri. I have some pixel art picked out, and I’m going to put a sarcastic comment on every bottle.

  122. I’m on Untappd, if you want to rate the brews, MJ, laura, and Car in.

  123. Which was the cream ale that I enjoyed, J’Ames?

  124. Cream of 3 Crops

  125. Ever think of brewing again, laura? Or Hotspur?

  126. ’ll let another group handle that. This rag tag bunch wouldn’t have the desired effect.

    I’ll have you know we are plenty effective at protecting ‘ettes in distress. Just ask Roamy. We successfully kept the lustful drunken cads in their place and she was always safe with us around.

  127. Laura, I’ve considered picking up a modern welding set up as well. It’s not like the two skills aren’t compatible.

    My dream is to own land somewhere, build a house, and furnish it entirely with stuff I make myself.

  128. You forget that I am brown. I have built in menace.

    Wrong kind of brown. He’d just hold up his computer and you’d be distracted fixing it.

  129. Shit, well, sorry, Jay, apparently I have to sign in with facebook on that site. I’m not on faceborg.

    I would be interested in making wine and beer again. Just….I have so many freakin’ hobbies, and everything is in kind of an upset right now that I’ve started a new career.

    Once things settle back into a routine I need to do a priorities list.

    After my fulled wool project is all sewn up…

  130. I thought you could rate without signing in, no biggie.

    At least you can see a bunch of beers, if you’re looking for something to try.

  131. Happy Birthday little Indians (dots not feathers)! Wow – 10 years. I bet that went by fast, huh?

  132. I am brown. I have built in menace.

    *claps hands over mouth and just giggles*

    Yes yes. You are a monster, certainly terrifying. Most terrible and scary.
    Especially the smell of Laphroaig wafting off of your fearsome tusks.

    OK. Jerb tomorry. Goodnight, shmoopsies.

  133. I’ll have you know we are plenty effective at protecting ‘ettes in distress. Just ask Roamy. We successfully kept the lustful drunken cads in their place and she was always safe with us around.

    This is true.

  134. Wow, Tushar, your twins were both over 6.5 lbs? Your wife must be tough.

  135. Ok, they are saying the anthem situation is a “distraction”.

    Well, duh.

    I’m sure it’s Trump’s fault the Raiders lost.

  136. Your wife must be tough.

    Well, she IS married to Tushar.

  137. Rocketboy was 9 lbs. 14 oz. I’m 5′ 8″ and I couldn’t take a deep breath, carrying him. I can’t imagine carrying another 3 lbs. of baby.

  138. I’m sure it’s Trump’s fault the Raiders lost.

    Hmmmmm. If he can keep making them lose, I might just have to get a MAGA hat.

  139. There ain’t no use in your hurrying me
    Ain’t nothing gonna change things now
    Now I ain’t trying to prove your derp is wrong
    And your jury, oh your jury

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