2021 BBF Championship Semi-Final Round 3

Hello, and welcome to BBF 2021 Championship Semi-Final Round 3. 




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Your model for today was born May 29, 1997 in the Russian Federation.  I don’t believe she would fit in a carry-on bag at 34DD – 24 – 34.  Please say hello to Miss Cristy Ren AKA Kristina Alexandrovna Gotfrid / Kristina Gotfrid / Кристина Готфрид.



Pupster has outdone himself today.

Damn excellent work.


10/10 would smash and eat pizza


Comment by Jimbro on July 2, 2021 5:38 am
humanah humanah


Not kidding, that is exactly what came to mind when I clicked opened this page.


“clicked opened” ???? Who says that?





Your model for today was born November 17, 1996 in New South Wales, Australia.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 34 – 26 – 35 and 121 lbs.  Please lather, rinse, and repeat with Miss Chanelle Punton.




Chanelle looks like she’s got a little Aborigine in her



6/10 would smash

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but they’re too big. Her proportions are all wonky.


Someone has high jacked mj’s account.
If you get extended warranty offers from him beware.





Your model for today was born September 10th, 1996 in Miami, Florida.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 35 – 24 – 35 and 134 lbs.  Please be on time and don’t argue with Miss Sabrina Calvo.



This puta checks a lot of boxes.


I’d like to check her box.


Comment by mare on May 14, 2021 6:31 am

She looks men would do crazy things for her! Well done, Puos {sic}!





Youmodel for today was born February 3rd, 1976 to Scottish parents in Muscat, Oman.  She stand5′ 3″ and measures 34 – 24 – 35 and 115 lbs.   Please go shoppinwith Mrs. Isla Fisher.



8/10 would smash


Isla Fisher is awesome.


Well, I think she’s really pretty with a really nice body.






  1. Another tough round

  2. This was very difficult. I thought there would be no math on this blog?

  3. Tough call here.

    Huh. How to smashy smash?

  4. I ordered a weighted blanket last week on Kickstarter so it’ll be a while before delivery. No rush, it’s more of a surprise for Paula. I get claustrophobic with too many blankets.

    My ideal for winter is flannel sheets, a thin blanket and a down comforter. Because our dogs are assholes (which I mean in the nicest way), we have a synthetic fill comforter because dirty dogs and expensive down comforters don’t mix.

  5. I just looked at the early returns for this round and it’s obvious that the voters are prioritizing quantity over quality. My choice is in a close second and I have faith that when all the mail in votes are counted she’ll be in the finals

  6. Whoops! Looks like wordpress ate the comments for Christy and Chanelle, I’ve edited them to add them back, if you feel this new information requires a re-vote please email dominion software for instructions.

    For the record:

    Christy Ren: 10/10 MJ would Smash
    Chanelle Punton: 6/10 MJ would Smash
    Sabrina Calvo: 9/10 MJ would Smash
    Isla Fisher: 8/10 MJ would Smash

  7. I stand by my original rating.

  8. “John Lewis” is a UK company selling insurance it would appear

  9. Dad woulda stopped that shit, but Karen divorce-raped him years ago (unhaaaaaaapy, you see) and kept the house.

  10. Ollie went with Paula yesterday to play with her cow orker’s ACD pup at their farm. He had a great time running around but he must have drank some shit water because he’s had a few major blowouts (all outdoors thankfully) and is farting up a storm under my desk.

  11. Yeah, it was a really weird ad. Makes me miss Mayhem as a spokesconcept for buying insurance.

  12. Jimbro, what was the billboard that you linked yesterday? When I click it says “does not exist.”

  13. That ad makes it clear to me little trannies have mental illness and are hard to control because of it.

  14. I should see if I can buy an “old, dangerous” truck from one of the CA companies getting out of the business. I could take a bus out to Nevada to retrieve it.

  15. If you made an insurance claim for everything in that ad, they’d jack your rates or just deny your claim.

  16. Paula ordered an extra sling off of Amazon that arrived after her RTC surgery. She figured 6 weeks in the same sling might and it might become stinky. Women are fastidious like that … Thank You Jesus!) Anyway, it was a major disappointment compared with the deluxe model she woke up in after surgery, much less supportive and less comfortable to wear.

    One of the things my patients have taught me is that you can buy medical goods online for far less money than what the hospital charges. So a seller on eBay is sending me the same sling she has now, brand new, for $60 with shipping included.

  17. Mare, it was the Biden campaign logo with the “e” taking the form of an empty shelf.

  18. Here’s hoping John Lewis goes broke. Idiots.

    Carin, that was incredible yesterday. I can hardly believe that skinny dog was pregnant. So glad you rescued her and the puppies.

  19. I had my belt off about 20 seconds into that commercial looking for some little ass to beat. That shit is fixable.

  20. College friend and I have taken different paths. She was fired from her last job and just flunked the drug test for her new job. I should share with her that article about how pot use increases the chance of breakthrough infection.

  21. I had my belt off about 20 seconds into that commercial looking for some little ass to beat.

    Which is why they would have never started that shit in the first place in your house.

  22. Commercials like that are so silly.

    Showing a boy destroying a house? That’s cute. Everyone with a boy knows how destructive they can be – girls too.

    The only reason to make him obviously gay or tranny or whatever is to make waves.

    Gays and trannies should be telling companies to stop abusing gay and tranny bodies. It’s literally violence to see stuff like this. They’re normal people and should be treated totally normally, which means no more highlighting them for profit because it’s trendy. Commercials like this are why gays and trans people have high drug addition and suicide rates.

  23. She was fired from her last job and just flunked the drug test for her new job.
    Drug tests are IQ tests. You know it’s coming. All you have to do is not do drugs for a few weeks or bring synthetic pee with you. Jeez.

  24. All you have to do is not do drugs for a few weeks or bring synthetic pee with you. Jeez.


    *Cough* MJ is the voice of experience *cough*

  25. “Drug tests are IQ tests”
    I don’t know if that’s your original thought but I associate that with you because of you saying it in this context.

    Do we need a separate category or can we just put all the MJ-isms in the Mare’s Musings Tab?

  26. Curious what Donatello would pop positive for.

  27. That ad makes it clear to me little trannies have mental illness and are hard to control because of it.

    Ad demonstrates that trannys never heard the word “no”. Anything the little dear wants … destroy the house, destroy your life … as one of the commenters wrote “you do you”.

    wakey wakey.

    One pup didn’t make it through the night. I think momma smooshed it against the side of the cage by mistake.

  28. Sorry to hear that, Carin.

  29. I listened to a podcast featuring an Australian politician this morning and while he was totally rational and seemed like a good chap something really crazy dawned on me.

    Australians are totally screwed. It’s not because of the covid situation, rather it’s that they’re so close to China.

    They’re culturally Western but geographically Eastern. We won’t lift a finger to help them when China decides to get rid of them.

  30. *Cough* MJ is the voice of experience *cough*
    I wasn’t always the best role model. True. In fact, I’m fairly sure I’ve taken a drug test under the influence just to amuse myself.

    But that’s all behind me now.

  31. One pup didn’t make it through the night. I think momma smooshed it against the side of the cage by mistake.
    That’s sad. What a great story, though. Totally made my shitty day better yesterday.

  32. I have an offer coming. It’s a raise. I’ll ask the exemption question after I receive it.

  33. I was worried about it TBH. She’s a nervous mom – new home, other dogs. Crazy events yesterday. I don’t know what I could have done t prevent it though … the kennel is the best option right now and she feels safe in there.

    I tried to move them to a kiddie pool and she went back to the kennel. It’s a good size. Plenty of room. But, as I said, I think she’s a bit nervous.

  34. Got into an argument yesterday with a co-worker over America, the vax, and an email “mistakenly” sent out to all employees but was supposed to be for supervisors only. (My supervisor will have no say in the disciplinary action to come. Some GS-9 HR puke will be deciding if my exemption is good enough.) Made him help me carry boxes out to my car.

    Once more into the breach. Gonna take some time off when this series of tests is done.

  35. So, she had four puppies and one was probably stillborn. When we rescued them, the stillborn one basically fell into the deep water. I was waiting for it to dry out today to go get it and dispose of it.

    Well, When I let Nova out she went and got it (mind you it’s under this step, in a pile of water) and tried to bring it into the kennel.

    So that’s how my day started. Plus the other dead pup. Hopefully things just go up from here.

  36. That’s so sad Car in. I hope the other two make it.

  37. It is so stressful . I want to keep checking on them, but when I do Nova wants me to pet her … so it’s not as if I’m checking to see if she’s nursing ok.

  38. A blanket prayer over all the Hostages.

  39. But, as I said, I think she’s a bit nervous.

    She’s had a hard week, lots of change. I’d be nervous too.

  40. Okay, would someone explain to me why Pompeo would even think of “challenging” Trump in the primary?

    I’m stumpted.

  41. to convince him to step aside and let DeSantis take it?

  42. No, I would beg on my knees to ask DeSantis to stay in Florida another 4 years. We are literally holding the line with Texas for the whole fricken country.

    His wife was just diagnosed with cancer and he has 3 little kids.

    I’m praying he doesn’t run this time around.

    It’s clear now, governors are as important as Presidents.

  43. I didn’t mean you’re wrong Jay, I was just emphasizing my hope that he doesn’t run and why.

  44. The only thing I dislike, no, I’m going to be honest, I HATE about Pompeo is his past as head of the CIA.

    Those effers are the devil.

  45. Comment by Orbmij on October 14, 2021 8:38 pm
    Have you named the puppies yet?

    Comment by Senor Pendejo on October 14, 2021 8:52 pm
    Dude, they were born 61 years ago. I don’t recall if any of them survived long enough to get a name but if so, they’ve all been dead 45 years at least. Let it be.

    That was fucking Gold, right there.

  46. Chicken Coop Man had me going with that one

  47. Would that be a weighted blanket prayer?

    Hoping the other two pups make it. I’m pretty much convinced Nova’s “breeder” was basically a puppy mill at this point. Have mama and pups checked for health issues, for their own good.

    Honestly felt kinda meh about this week’s crop. But I feel meh about a lot of things, so that’s probably not a great barometer.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of baroque music at work this week, thanks to Sobek. Amazing the things you remember you like that you don’t recall why you stopped partaking.

  48. Heh, the bare shelves Biden is on Insty now. Guess it’s an thing now.

  49. I have an offer coming. It’s a raise. I’ll ask the exemption question after I receive it.

  50. It’s not a done deal until they tell me I can work from home without the mandatory unlawful poisoning. Fingers crossed, though, and I’m not skipping my other interview this afternoon.

  51. I found the happiest way to sleep on a trip to Germany back in the mid 90s.

    Germans typically have a queen bed with two single duvets rolled up at the foot. Each person gets their own duvet. They overlap in the middle of the bed enough to make it seem like a single covering, but if one person gets too hot (*cough* HotBride) they can throw it over on the floor side instead of on me so I don’t end up under a double cover sweating my ass off.

    It is awesome.

    And top sheets? Fuck them. What the hell is their purpose other than to feel wrinkled and bunch up at your feet?

    In the old days I think their purpose was to keep the blanket clean, and also to keep the prickly wool blanket from touching your skin.

    Evolve, people!

  52. Test them out, Leon.

    Tell them you’ll forego the raise if you can forego the vax.

    Let them put their money where their mouth is.

  53. I want Leon to get all the money and no vaccine.

    Compromise? nope.

  54. Mare, please read for comprehension.

    I said “Test them out.”

    Then he can tell them “nope”.

  55. Read your own comment. You forgot the “then.”

  56. Heh heh. Joe six pack is just now getting the gist of the supply situation. This weekend outta be interesting.

  57. Transgender employees are now expected to walk off the job at Netflix on October 20th to protest the network’s decision to air the special, according to The Hill.

    Both of them are going to walk out.

  58. 2 trannies vs millions of viewers of Chappelle?

    Hmm, how to choose…

  59. since they are both, do they count as 2? then we have 4

  60. Bro Tim, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the Baroque music. Here’s some George Telemann, who I’ve been listening to a lot of lately:

  61. When asked who is is the one politician you would remove from office if you could only remove one, Michael Knowles answered, Dr. Fauci.

    I kinda agree.

  62. MIlley is another.

  63. Bro Tim, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the Baroque music. Here’s some George Telemann, who I’ve been listening to a lot of lately:

    mmmm love bassoon music

  64. Telemann’s a nearly bottomless well to draw from. Hard to go wrong!

  65. that’s really pleasant background noise

  66. Interview went pretty well, and another called me back during to ask for a follow-up interview. No formal offer letter yet, and I have a coding test to try and take over the weekend for the one I interviewed for today. Unfortunately it’s drill weekend and I’m solo dad.

  67. Read your own comment. You forgot the “then.”

    Don’t sass me.

  68. Evolve, people!

    …then you’ll end up at IB!

  69. That’d be devolution. Or corruption.

  70. LOL

    Jesus Christ, dude, you watched too much Disney as a kid. Wild animals are not pets, you fucking moron.

  71. HS, I really thought split bedding was a concept we came up with. Didn’t realize that the Germans did it first. It worked for 20+ years. My RLS and night terrors blew it. We are planning on going Lucy+Desi, but with Full not Twin beds.

  72. Dumbass forgot to say hakuna matata, that’s all.

  73. 🎶when I was a young warthog🎶

  74. Orb, 10 years ago I invested the JNJ year end bonus in new Windows & doors, new siding, a second vapor wrap, & a second layer of celotex, foam sealed the rough openings around the doors & windows. Best 8 grand I ever invested. Heating/cooling dropped 70%. Need blankets to sleep in the summer with th a/c running, thin blankets to sleep comfortably in the winter.
    Unfortunately now we have Brandon & he thinks I should pay off the grifters that put him in the Whitehouse, instead of his paying his own bills.

  75. Seriously. At what point do we get to say fuck it & start exterminating the parasites?

  76. HS, WTF did I just watch? Last episode of Season 4 Goliath. It was amazing, but WTF?

  77. The Romans never did against the Byzantines. I think the crash is going to be unlike anything in history, but I think it’s going to look a lot more like “troubles” and a lot less like CW 1.0.

  78. This is mainly for when TSHTF but still a lot of good advice for inflationary times in here, I don’t remember who posted it but I kept a snippet in my email.

    Rule #1. Observe, but don’t absorb the madness.

    Rule #2. Prepare for the inevitable shortages of a progressive Marxist economy.

    Rule #3. Don’t believe anything the MSM media tells you. They are not your friend. Investigate alternative sources of information. Stay off social media.

    Rule #4. Prepare your families digital ark for safe keeping the past.

    Rule #5. Identify one other person you can trust with your life besides a family member. Discuss your plans, fears and hope for the future with this person. There may come a time when you will need a true friend.

    Rule #6. Have a plan B, and a plan C for moving and storing your supplies away from the prying eyes of government and from nosy friends and neighbors.

    Rule # 7. Stay well under the radar of federal, state and local governmental entities, social media, and educational institutions. Pay your taxes, put on an impassive face to the world, and trust no one who is not well known to you.

    Rule #8. See Rule #1.

    Oh….where was I? So here is a basic non-Second Amendment related, list of what you and your family should consider socking away for the inevitable progressive Marxist shortages ahead. All of these items should be purchased in multiple stores, just a few items at time over the next year. Please don’t clear any shelves, let others have an opportunity to also purchase these items.

    How much to buy? A 12–18-month supply of most of these items should suffice for the first round of national shortages. Twelve to fifteen months from now, toss some grass into the air and see what direction the political and financial winds are blowing. You will know what to do next.

    Over the counter medications – aspirin, Acetaminophen, peroxide, antacids, multi-vitamins, vitamin C and D, bandages, cold, allergy and cough medicine, foot care, and microwavable heating pads
    Soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, tampons and condoms, toilet paper and paper towels.
    If you are life dependent on prescription medications, talk to your doctor about building a 12-month cushion of those important medications.
    Matches, Bic lighters, fire starters of all types, chain saw supplies, axes, and seasoned firewood if you have a working fireplace or wood stove.
    Batteries, flashlights, windup emergency portable radios –AM/FM and shortwave, kerosene lanterns and supplies, plus three solar chargers for your cell phones and tablets.
    Trade and barter items – booze, canned or freeze-dried food, coffee and tea, spices, chocolate, pocketknives, matches, flashlights and headlamps, reams of paper and printer ink, chain saws, wood splinters and solar powered cookers.
    An electrical generator with some on-site fuel. Plus, plenty of extension cords.
    General hardware – tarps, rope and twine, canvas straps, work gloves, chains, wire, glue, light bulbs, lock and keys, lubricants, lumber and knives with replaceable blades.
    Garden supplies – seeds, fertilizer, hoses, and hand tools.
    Food for 8-12 months, plus water filtration devices for 12-18 months of water consumption. Plan on filtering a minimum of 2 gallons per person per day.
    Pet food, pet medications and litter box/poop bags for your pet.
    Sanitation supplies — portable toilets with disposable liner bags.
    Extra climate appropriate clothing, especially socks, shoes and undergarments.
    Computer supplies — paper and ink for you printers, back up keyboards and mice, ethernet cables, power strips and charging cords.
    Buy American if and when you can.
    Supplies for your hobbies, crafts and outside interests, especially if you’re a hobby/home seller of your goods and services.
    Have a bike with a basket, and spare parts.
    Please consider getting in better physical shape, no matter your age or ability. Walk more, eat better. Get your COVID vaccination. Cut down on your computer time and stay the heck off all social media. Pray. Meditate. Read. Love you family and tell them so often.

  79. My house used to be the summer house for a guy who runs a funeral parlor in Bangor. His ex wife got it in the divorce and sold it to me and my then wife. Being a summer home there was only electric heat in the ceilings until she had baseboard heat installed on the first floor. I paid for baseboard heat on the second floor about a week after I moved in. Then, as part of a project my contractor was doing in 2007, he added a thick layer of attic insulation. That made a huge difference.

    So, I have an oil burner that runs baseboard heat, radiant heat in the addition, electric heat (currently disconnected) in the ceilings, a wood stove and someday we’ll get a heat pump or two. No plans for geothermal or nuclear. Hydro might work given how close the river is to my house.

  80. I watched Tin Star. Tin Star makes Goliath look lucid.

  81. We have oil burner and a pellet stove in the fireplace. I’d like to swap out our pellet stove for a wood stove but Scott disagrees. He says our livingroom is too small for it. I just feel like there may be a time when we need to have heat without running the generator.

  82. Good list. I’d add mouse traps and ant bait and/or boric acid

  83. Local competitor is going out of business. We managed to pick up about $1200 of packing material for $300.

    It was a good day.

  84. Comment by scott on October 15, 2021 7:22 pm
    Local competitor is going out of business.


    Flying monkey attacks?

  85. I was with you up to the vax. I should get a trailer for my bike, though.

  86. i giggled like a baby monkey at the vax part

  87. nice tits pup

  88. This made me think of Carin’s puppies that didn’t make it


  89. I was with you up to the vax.

    Yeah, this list came out at the start of the year, before the mass experiment started having mass casualties.

  90. If it’s any consolation, assuming the Electric Universe guys are right, there’s a non-zero chance that we’ll eventually be hit by a giant thunderbolt from Jupiter just like the one that supposedly put the scar on Mars.


  91. yeah that makes me feel better

  92. It might only hit DC.

  93. Heh heh, Siema and Munchin best get some security quick lest our whackadoodles are taking notes from the UK. A Somali got all stabby on a Brit MP.

    I’m thinking if yer not stocked by now, you deserve whatever you get. I will work with others that have at least tried, but the grasshoppers, they’re going to suffer the consequences.

  94. I hope carin stopped having puppues

  95. If all our moms got together think of the power.

  96. I’m thinking if yer not stocked by now, you deserve whatever you get.

    Yep. I sure deserve getting fucked over, being too poor to prep and all that.

  97. Some good news.
    So a friend’s daughter works for a company that does work for the military. They were told no exceptions, everyone must get jabbed. Friend’s daughter and her husband both have natural immunity, but that doesn’t matter to the cunts.

    The gal/her husband took the initiative, copied off the religious exemption letter I had emailed her mom. They both signed it and turned it in to the company lawyer who works in HR. They both were approved this morning and were told to just wear masks.

    As a little aside…the company was probably spooked because one of the employees got his 1st jab, the beginning of the week. He felt fine enough to go to work the next day, and while at work, his lips/tongue started to swell, he couldn’t breathe, palpitations, etc. They had to call an ambulance. His doctor told him, under no circumstances should he get the 2nd jab and wrote a note to the company.

  98. Repeat after me, class: Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.

  99. Just finished writing a post for Sunday. Anyone who wants to can hit publish.

  100. It would serve the company right if that guy sued fuck out of them. He did not want to get the shot but couldn’t afford to risk challenging it.

  101. No more puppies. Just checked ’em when I got home. All are doing well. Well mom has a bald spot where the puppies are trying to nurse where there isn’t a nipple.

  102. Dale encountered raccoons periodically.

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