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  1. Sup fuckers?

  2. Morning Jimbro.

  3. El arma = armor or weapon
    El dillo = squirrel

    Armored squirrel, people. It’s very simple.

  4. Wakey wakey

  5. Pups gets us.

  6. Who knew tying your wife’s ponytail back “the right way” would be such a contentious issue? Certainly not this guy. Let me be clear, this is for modified Crossfit and not the casual “Let me hold your hair back while you do some undercover work” IYKWIM.

    Her PT starts Monday. Hopefully they’ll be working on Ponytail 101 and my nightmare will quickly diminish.

  7. Ponytails are tough. She should have trained you up in advance.

  8. Can you do pigtails? Do her hair like that. She’ll love it.

  9. Laura’s list of items included solar battery chargers. I’ve long considered buying one but when you start looking through the offerings it gets confusing. I know that a search of “best solar chargers 2021” will yield results that may be affected by profit motive.

    So, this is my long way of asking, does anyone of you have one of these devices that you’d recommend? Any caveats?

  10. You’re welcome.

  11. I’d love to see her in pigtails (that’s all I’m saying about that for now) but she is a woman of routine and, dammit, it’s got to be a ponytail!

    Her hair is just below her shoulders/at her shoulders and is fine so there’s not a lot of pony back there to grab. When the hair tie gets wrapped once it all looks good. When you do the double wrap to lock it in is when things go sideways.

  12. Carin, does Nova have enough milk for the pups?

  13. She went to the hair lady yesterday and as near as I can tell she just had the ends trimmed. That’s a standing joke between us from a comment I made to her years ago. Back when I was a resident there as no shortage of young nurses in the various hospitals. We had a running joke among the guys that you could always tell when the hot nurses got married because they’d chop their hair, have a baby and come back to work a lot thicker than you remembered.

    Her threat is “I’m gonna chop my hair off and become a BMW*”

    *Big Maine Woman

  14. Here you go, Jimbro

  15. I have that gif in my mind every time I’m tasked with the duty. If I gave her the push at the end like dad does I’d almost certainly be decked with her good arm.

  16. One of my former coworkers gifted me this terrific plastic headband. Well, actually I don’t know what it’s made out of. Plastic-coated soft metal, maybe? It’s flexible and can be reshaped and stays in that shape. It conforms perfectly as you put it on and press around on it. It does not squeeze and give you a headache. It keeps the hair out of your face and does not fall off or slip. I love it.

    Although, I haven’t tried to do vigorous exercise in it.

  17. *Big Maine Woman

    About thirty years ago (I can’t believe I can say that), I went with my ex up to visit some guys in Bath that we used to know. It seemed every man in town worked at the shipyard. I recall walking into a bar with my ex and these guys and every dude in the place had flannel and beard and it felt like they were all suddenly looking at me.

    From what I observed, at that time there were apparently only two single women living in Bath, one of which was too wide for a saddle and the other one could be mistaken for a rod. I clung to my boyfriend and declined to make eye contact with anything.

  18. Good question, Pepe. If Nova wasn’t noticably lactating before giving birth, and she was that skinny, I’d be very concerned if she can adequately nurse the puppies.

  19. Many laughs in this memefest this morning! OMG. Love it.

    Kitty toe beans in the helmet made me want to mess with them. The sheep lies! Frozen hispanic, ha ha ha, that guy is probably fun as Hell to hang with.

  20. Persimmons are all yellow, I’m going to wait until they are orange before I start throwing them at passing cars. The tree went crazy this year, all the branches are bending to the ground with fruit.

    I did a road trip Thursday-Friday, and I noticed what seems to be a lot of new truck drivers on the highways. Saw one guy trying to pull a U-Turn across the median on a four lane highway with a 53′ trailer, looks like he took a wrong turn and panicked, popped over a 6″ cement median and stopped traffic in both directions while he worked it back and forth to try and change directions.

  21. Air horn deodorant added to dad joke list.

    Manamana now stuck in my head.

    I fell asleep at 8:30 last night, slept until 6:40 with one awakening to take care of bidness. Not sure why I’m working so hard for an employer who is threatening to fire me, but I guess the time for burning bridges isn’t here yet.


    Now I should dig to see what Bama is doing with it.

  23. This topic has been beaten like a dead clown over the past week or so but this is a good summary of points raised elsewhere. I’m sure there’s other reasons but this is a good one for the basics

  24. I am level 11 opposed to families running for offices their fathers held.

    Trump Jr may be my one exception.

  25. I think they’re nursing. They latch on and suck away. They fall asleep. I have formula ready to go, but we’ve been feeding her a lot and she only has two now.

  26. After the Republic falls, Baron Barron will make an excellent warlord.

  27. You people…

  28. Heh, Alabama is using covid money for prison construction to alleviate overcrowding.

  29. “”Illinois Democrats Reward Never Trump Adam Kinzinger by Redrawing District to End His Career””

  30. Ha ha!!
    Redistrict all the rhinos.

  31. Let it burn.

  32. NY will be a nice place to live after the apocalypse

  33. Its not like yer gonna stop it from burning anyway. Jus smoldering now, flash over soon.

  34. Hey Adam, how did that work out for your rino ass?

    Miss Crabtree: Hotspur, use ‘dictate’ in a sentence.
    Hotspur: Adam Kinzinger, how do my dictate?

  35. Mrs Caruthers is at drill. This is the forced-vax drill. She’s not had her SGLI properly (life insurance) turned on since she changed from Guard to Reserves and has pushed for it every month since she started. She’s refusing the jab until they fix that. Wonder if that’ll get it fixed. They claim they’ll be outprocessing all the Wreckers tomorrow. I’m skeptical, but who knows. It won’t be Dishonorables if so, that requires a Court Martial.

    Fuck Joe Biden, and every motherfucker who put that turtle on the post.

  36. Amen to that, Leon.

    I asked Rocketboy to please not get the booster. It’s not required, and I keep hoping the data will catch up to stop this madness.

    Today I wrote the same check for my church. Part of me wants to lock everything down RIGHT NOW and spend only the minimum amount to get by, part of me says wait until the shoe actually drops and trust in God’s providence. Class action lawsuits are in the works.


  38. I’m a lefty now, a loud mouthed one.

    helped a young lady put gas in her car at sams. she wasn’t used to the process and I just got her going. after I pulled ahead of her and got the truck filled up I heard some asshole behind her honking his horn. not sure why, maybe she was slow putting the cap back on. I told her ignore it.

    then I hear the magic words “go back to your own country!” yeah asshole boy went there. yelling at a young Latino girl driving a new Tahoe like she’s fresh across the border, here in the cold of middle iowa. I yelled at the guy to shut up, you don’t know anything about her. he sputtered something else, which earned him another yelled shut up.

    mercifully he did. it just popped out of me, I couldn’t have stopped it if I tried. I never even thought about it, and the fact that asshole might turn his anger on me. I just saw a flustered young lady (and another lady in the car) just trying to do something she never has done.

    so, I guess I’m an activist now.

  39. mmm I’ll take a side piece pupster

  40. You don’t have to be a democrat to call out assholism.

    In fact, change the girl to be white, have pony tails, a plaid shirt and jeans, and change the slur to “go back to Alabama!” And you’d have what an actual democrat would do.

  41. So, do you have to start wearing patchoulie now? how does this work

  42. How bout them okie light cowboys?!!?

  43. horns down pounds, horns down

  44. J’ames will be smoking dope and voting for kamela in no time.
    Soon he’ll be getting all judgey about driving suvs and trade his truck in on one of those eco-hell boxes.

  45. Dateline H2:
    Today we lost J’ames.
    On the bright side, the world has gained J’amesmal X

  46. Look, if Messico and Venezuela and Haiti were sending an army of nothing but weathergirl types over the southern border who were perpetually flustered at gas pumps in the USSA… I’m not saying I’d be entirely on board with the open border, but it would change the calculus a lot.

  47. heh Mrs Jay is squeaking her foot in the tub, and elliot is losing his mind barking at the noise. he watched her do it but is still barking

  48. So the cum dumpster Transportation Secretary has been off the job for two months while airline flights get canceled, ports fill up with container ships, and trains derail..

    And to do what? Help his nursing exhausted fudge packing husband?

    These people are just laughing their asses off at taxpayers.

  49. When ho took the job in March do you think he said, “BTW Mr. President, after I’ve been on the job about five months I’ll be taking two months paternity leave for the upcoming adoption of two little babies who we want to scar for life by raising them in our fag household.”

  50. He has another month of it to go, too.

  51. Saturday’s suck at work. I H8 everyone. Especially Dan. He asked me if I wanted the Tuxedo Cake or the Pumpkin Roll? I decided on pumpkin roll. Dan “I asked which one you wanted. You aren’t getting either one, Ms Diabetes.” Total Dick move. Everyone thinks he’s an asshoe, but they laughed.

  52. how is Dan not a hostage, part 256

  53. Andrew McCabe called, reminded us that he just got back his pension and attorneys fees (500k) for wrongful termination by trump.

  54. Good for you, Jay. Whoever yelled at that girl was not a conservative. Period.

    He was garbage.


  56. Tuned into “Iron Chef”, first take away is the “judges” they choose are the dregs of society. Second take away is I’m a better cook that the Iron Chefs. Good God, McDonald’s dumpster looks more appetizing than the garbage those professional chefs prepare

  57. Ha ha ha … Dan is a hoot.

  58. Only someone who loved you would call you Ms Diabetes.

  59. “BTW Mr. President, after I’ve been on the job about five months I’ll be taking two months paternity leave for the upcoming adoption of two little babies who we want to scar for life by raising them in our fag household.”
    This is a set up for a “Republicans Pounce” story

  60. Chappelle’s special is overrated. didn’t even say much about Trans people. but he’s still an anti white racist

  61. Re: Hotspur @ 5:07 pm.
    It takes time to raise children to be proper peen sippers, I.E. raise your pinky while sipping. Undeniably it’s a constitutional right awarded specifically to cock suckers.

  62. ^ All men are created equal.
    That’s great. But if you’re not a man we need to craft new legislation specifically for you 250 years later.

  63. ^ what if you’re an adult that after 20, 30, 80 years you’re still confused about that appendage, or lack there of, dangling from your crotch? Seems to me to be telling evidence, but WTF do I know?

  64. Gotta crash early tonight. Hospital really “F’d” up my sleep schedule Monday. Now that I’m pretty much pain free there’s a shit load of things to do on my list
    First on the list is getting rid of the cat the better half adopted that’s destroying our house. Decisions. 300 grain hollow point or harpoon with a broad head. I’m on the edge of town limits, leaning toward the harpoon.

  65. Oso, did he at least pronounce it DIE-uh-BEET-us, like Wilford Brimley?

  66. Jay. I already made the decision that if life becomes unbearable as a normal human in this obnoxious country my trans name will be “Tess Tosterone”. It’s Italian, which makes it Euro, which makes it acceptable world wide, especially in the coastal regions of the U.S.

  67. So the cum dumpster Transportation Secretary has been off the job for two months while airline flights get canceled, ports fill up with container ships, and trains derail..

    While i think his paternity leave is ridiculous, I’ve been wondering why the Deputy Secretary hasn’t been catching more flak. I assume she’s supposed to be handling things while Buttigieg is playing house. From the little I’ve been able to find on her, she’s running around the country pitching aspects of Biden’s “free” bills.

  68. Sobek, yes. He is Team Wilford Brimley. He is evil.

  69. Sobek ❤️ Oso, but also haha haha haha!

  70. Nerd moment:

    I had a changeling rogue character in my last D&D game. One of my favorite forms was Wilford Brimley. I giggled endlessly at the idea of Diabeetus Man doing flawless Parkour and assassinating bad guys with a dagger.

  71. Oh how I laughed at that, Leon.

  72. Funny stuff, Leon. Diabeetus Man looks like Red Guardian in Black Widow.

  73. My DM knew that I desperately wanted a Bag of Holding (because they are amazing), so he trolled me by giving me a Bag of Devouring (infinite capacity, but nothing ever comes out).

    Joke was on him, I started shoving bodies in there to hide evidence.

  74. Okay. Get ready for this. I just grabbed my winter jacket off the hook to go out to my screen porch to smoke a cigar. Haven’t worn it since probably April.

    There are 10 hundred dollar bills in the pocket.

    HotBride didn’t put them there, and I certainly have no recollection of doing so.

  75. The rest of us are happy to find $20.

  76. That’s probably what you were supposed to give to MJ to give to his mom.

  77. Right. Just to put it in proper perspective, I’m 20 times happier than y’all.

  78. Pendejo, she’s nice, but not THAT nice.

  79. Hotspur,
    Thank GOD, you found them!
    I could not remember where they were!
    Just drop them in an envelope and send them back, oh, and keep one for yourself!
    Thanks, again…

  80. ChisP, how generous- a 10% commission.

  81. Dodger caught in a rundown. Mr. RFH had to investigate what I was yelling about. (Go Braves!)

  82. yay braves! Bottom of the 9th win!

  83. Early this morning Jimbro asked about solar chargers. I thought it was a good idea so started looking. After checking the recommended $20 products would recharge themselves in 3 days. There were other products in the $30-40 range that would do so in a day.

    I ended up purchasing this,

    It will charge my bricks in a few hours and the bricks will charge my phone and laptop. I may but a few more bricks

  84. I’m rooting for the fans And Fuck You Manfred.

  85. My DM knew that I desperately wanted a Bag of Holding (because they are amazing), so he trolled me by giving me a Bag of Devouring (infinite capacity, but nothing ever comes out).

    Reminds me of the Head of Vecna joke.

    For the non-D&D people, the Hand and Eye of Vecna are mummified parts from a powerful mage, so if you find the hand, your character is supposed to cut off their hand and put the mummy hand in its place in order to get all kinds of spells. Same for the eye, you have to take out your eye and put the magic one in. So someone came up with the Head of Vecna and got two players to kill their characters while the rest of the party argued over who would be the third to try.

  86. buy not but

  87. **awaits shouty “Nerd!” gif from Osita**

  88. LOL

    When my kids were young teenagers their uncle gave them a D&D game for Christmas. There were a bunch of lead figures inside and we went to the hobby store to gets paints so we could paint them up.

    I really got into it and it started me on the hobby of painting figures. I was mostly interested in the Napoleonic era because of the colorful uniforms.

    It became a passion over many years and I have a display case full of award winning historical miniatures.

    Never did get around to actually playing the game.

  89. Danielle enjoyed Russell’s pantomimes.

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