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Your model for today was born May 29, 1997 in the Russian Federation.  I don’t believe she would fit in a carry-on bag at 34DD2434.  Please say hello to Miss Cristy Ren AKA Kristina Alexandrovna Gotfrid / Kristina Gotfrid / Кристина Готфрид.






  1. humanah humanah

  2. Houston to Denver to Tampa to Palmetto in 20 months. Florida has far better seafood than Texas or Colorado.
    I was always nervous when ordering sushi in Denver or St Louis. Not that it was more than a couple of times a year. Fish that is air freight adds on to the check.

  3. Great story ChrisP. Thanks for sharing!

    Our humidity finally broke yesterday and I had the best night’s sleep in days. It’s overcast with light rain which is supposed to continue all day.

  4. 10/10 would smash and eat pizza

  5. Time after time. Night after night.
    She looked up at me and said she was lonely.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. Scenes from Carin’s childhood


    *prepares facebook warning message

  9. Awkward …

    I’m convinced that modern IFL types dig up stories like this about early Christians (there was another one recently about priests and monks suiciding to get to Heaven early in such numbers that the Pope had to “change the rules” on suicide to keep numbers up) to encourage young men struggling with porn addiction or SSA to mutilate or even kill themselves. Did this happen historically? Sure, but so did a hundred other bizarre heresies that were rebuked or at least quashed in their time. But this one has Christians cutting their balls off, just like trannies! See, you’ve got no room to complain, god-botherers.

    It’s a psyop meant to damage young people and kill their fertility, same as veganism.

  10. The IBM email story’s biggest surprise is that IBM somehow still operates. How has it not been raided and finally killed by some Romney or Blackrock yet?

  11. Comment by Jimbro on July 2, 2021 7:21 am
    Scenes from Carin’s childhood

    More likely what she raised her own kids on.

  12. anyone have issues with pets being picky eaters? Elliot left his breakfast again. Mrs Jay decided to try frozen dog food, so I had to resurrect another freezer to give us room to store said expensive food. Now he’s being picky about that too.

    How long do I let him starve?

  13. Sure, but so did a hundred other bizarre heresies that were rebuked or at least quashed in their time.
    Interesting observations and parallels to the current transevangelisming going on.

    Tits Out For Jesus >>> Balls Off For Jesus

  14. I’ve said for a while that as Christianity has retreated from the west, it’s being replaced by a resurgent paganism and Gnosticism.

  15. Comment by Jimbro on July 2, 2021 5:38 am
    humanah humanah


    Not kidding, that is exactly what came to mind when I clicked opened this page.

  16. “clicked opened” ???? Who says that?

  17. None of my many dogs over the years have been picky eaters Jay. Exact opposite problem here. Ollie hasn’t learned to temper his desire for food yet and will occasionally leap up to grab food that you’re eating or, more often,when you’re giving them a snack.

    My ex-wife used to buy the frozen dog food as well as let them eat uncooked chicken, bones and all. BARF Diet I think. They seemed to do okay.

    We use Nutrisource kibble for the big dogs and Ollie gets the puppy version for another few months. They also get a regular supply of treats from Best Bully Sticks which should have a motto of “We waste no part of the animal”.

  18. Who says that?

    ur mom

  19. Pupster has outdone himself today.

    Damn excellent work.

  20. Elliot never used to be picky. Now he’s hit or miss on cheese, and the monthly “treats” for ticks and fleas that used to be gobbled down have to be mixed in with ham, and even then he’ll pick out the parts if you don’t cut them up enough. Pill pockets can be chewed, and he’ll spit out the allergy pill if you aren’t careful.

    He’s already getting his choice of cavalier king charles food in the bag, which is mixed up with the Ollie dog food. Somebody didn’t cancel the dog food subscription so I’m 5 bags deep right now, trying to get rid of it, while only using half as much because we have to order fresh stuff to try and get him to eat.

  21. your mom doesn’t say much, her mouth is full.

  22. My wife’s father (a man I’ve never met and could not identify under duress) is supposedly a “priest of Odin”. I guess that’s a step up from some of his prior occupations.

    What’s really funny about modern pagans larping as inheritors of some ancient tradition were — as recently as 30 years ago — exclusive of full participation by anyone not interested in heterosexual sex, because they could not model the “God and Goddess” roles within the coven, which was based on a fertility cult ffs.

  23. how can you not know your father in law, says me, who never met my father in law either. He was out of the picture before I met mrs jay. weird situation.

  24. He was MiL’s husband #1 of 2, and the were divorced before wife was in kindergarten. I’ve met husband #2 once at an event for one of her half-brothers, but that’s it.

  25. knock yourself out on July 4th, BBQ is WAY cheaper than last year!

  26. Beef doubled in price, but a ubiquitous cheap condiment went down 3% in price.

    And you wont believe what happened to chocolate rations!

  27. Everything is fake.

    I do agree with Peppermint Patty that republicans are trying to defund the police. Let’s do it.

    I can think of no better way to reestablish law and order than to put it in the hands of normal people.

    When do we set up our own courts?

  28. Support your local vigilance committee.

  29. Viva La Monte-à-regret!

  30. So I need to figure out what I’m going to make for Independence Day.

    Which one: ribs, pulled pork, or chili?

  31. Baby’s first oil change today.

  32. Chili if its raining

  33. The rest of the meal will be hushpuppies, chicken and pasta salad, and maybe baked beans. Dessert is going to be brown butter ice cream with toasted coconut.

  34. I made meathead’s smoked meatloaf recipe, it was okay. Maybe a little overspiced. I did some omissions and substitutions, as usual. I hate sundried tomatoes so much, so that was a no. And because I didn’t have pork and veal for it I left out the nutmeg and cinnamon, which is just plain weird. And I didn’t have an orange for making orange zest, but I did have preserved oranges in the fridge so I used that instead. Still, that was a weird thing to put in meatloaf. And I didn’t have chopped peppers so I used duxelles instead for flavor and moisture…

    Anyway, maybe it wasnt really meatheads recipe anymore…

  35. Wth is a hushpuppy, anyway

  36. Fried cornmeal balls served with seafood, at least that’s my experience.

  37. wait, orange zest in meatloaf? Orange zest goes in BBQ sauce

  38. Fritters

  39. hushpuppies from red lobster are the best.

  40. J’ames, if you look at the recipe, it appears meathead is using whole ingredients to recreate the flavor profile from when you add bbq sauce and ketchup to meatloaf mix.

    Its kind if cool, but when you’re actually making the recipe it feels like you’re about to ruin 2 pounds of ground meat.

  41. Pup, good selection for today.

  42. Hushpuppies are basically fried cornbread balls. Easier IMHO than making a whole thing of cormbreab.

  43. Tired. Didn’t get to sleep after work until almost 2:30 and then I had to get up early to get to the dealership. Hope I have a chance for a nap before worky worky. I’m charge tonight and Fridays are always a shitshow.

  44. Goodness me. She even has a (barely perceptible) thigh gap.

  45. They just showed me my cabin air filter, which looked pristine but just had some dried crabapple petals/ leaf bits in the accordion folds and asked if I wanted to pay $60 to replace it or just tap it out.

    Is this a trick question for dipshits?

  46. hehehe, memories of calls from the wife while getting her oil changed.

    No, honey, have them put it back in and don’t let them charge you.

  47. After he walked back,into the garage I heard THWACK THWACK THWACK, wonder if he got pissed and kicked the shit out of it

  48. “but its dirty!”

  49. just leave out the cinnamon, you aren’t in Cincinnati. Nutmeg is actually pretty good in that, i thought it was required in all dishes when you’re in CT.

    There is nothing wrong with using ketchup in meatloaf.

  50. brown butter ice cream sounds good


  52. If I make french toast I just make bread pudding instead.

  53. Anti lockdown or Extinction Rebellion bullshit?

  54. Leftwing protesters.

  55. yet they will arrest churchgoers and pastors in the street. Yeah, canada is SOOOO free!

  56. oh, had my blood pressure meds cut in half. weight loss is a good thing.

  57. Leftwing protesters.

    Of course. Otherwise they’d have been gunned down. This is “sue and settle” translated to national monuments.

  58. They gave your mom a breathalyser when she got pulled over, it looks like.

  59. Yikes, force of habit!

  60. boarder is still clamped shut

  61. I’m supposed to run a cross boarder marathon in October. They have a plan to make it all US, but the route sucks/is boring. As if running by “Hitsville USA” is a thrill. It’s literally a former small house.

  62. Sorry you’re not crossing the bride and the tunnel, but you get to see this:

  63. I doubt it’s going to be any more exciting in person.

  64. I’m going to finish watching this later. Looks very interesting. Too long right now. Hoping it sheds light on what to do if you get bad effects from the vax.

  65. Chuck just posted this.

  66. Do you think they make foreigners living there to make x -number of propaganda videos per year?

  67. The thing that is so transparent – is this dude isn’t even American. He’s English or who knows what. So why is he comparing China to the US? That’s why you know it’s (government encouraged) propaganda.

  68. Freedom is messy, slavery is tidy.

    That man is a slave.

  69. Ask him to draw a picture of Chairman Pooh.

    We’ll see how fucking free he is.

  70. TIL that drinking on a public street is a shooting offense in all 50 states.

    Yup, sounds legit.

  71. poor chuckie, so misunderstood

  72. haha, why does he think there are no beggars on the street?

  73. no prejudice in china? they are horrible racists!

  74. They are all having fun at camp.

  75. Han hate all non-Han equally, so it’s not racist.

    Plus they aren’t white, so they can’t be racist.


  76. From Bongino’s show notes:

  77. meanwhile, I had to be fully masked at all times at the Dr office.

  78. NEA wants masks or vaccines for every public school kid for the Fall.

    They know they won’t get that, what they really want is more zoomschool.

  79. Chinese McDonald’s recently was in the news for posting a sign saying blacks cannot enter the restaurant. They were getting refused at hotels, too. I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding.

  80. And those Uighurs who are forced to accommodate Han “guests” in their homes to watch them and make sure the Uighurs aren’t practicing their own religious or cultural customs, they are just some big whiners.

    And the ones in camps getting raped, and young healthy people getting dissected alive to provide organs to the medical tourism business, meh, wahh wah waaaahhh.

  81. Slavery, schmavery, am I right?

  82. What they are going to get is substantial reduction in student population. Anyone with a working intellect will opt their children out of public school. This means less teachers which means less revenue in dues which means less campaign contributions. Plus we will see a generation divided, one side will be taught to how to think, and one will have been taught what to think. I dont think dumbing down their army is going to play put well for them. The actual thinkers will destroy them.


  83. I remember the time I saw a guy get shot by the police because he was drinking a beer on the street.

    It was horrible.

    It’s SEARED into my memory.

  84. David French doesn’t get it because he entertains “guests” like that all the time and gets to watch them bring delight to his wife.

    Blessings of liberty and all.

  85. Considering the exodus from blue areas, I have to wonder if there is already a panic among teachers and administrators over student numbers and property values.

  86. The local school won’t even tell us what their policy is going to be in September, they want us to enroll and find out later. That’s the only number that matters.

  87. It depends on the state. A lot of places go by student counts the first week/month of the school year. Even then, they want you to enroll because they’re gambling that parents won’t want to pull their kids out and try to find a slot at a private school at the last minute.

  88. Son told me girlfriends college (she’s a Jr or Sr this year) is saying proof of vaccination for in person classes required this fall semester. My advice, distance learning until the lawsuit settles.

  89. Michigan goes on enrollment numbers. It used to go on attendees on the first full day of classes, but then we had a teacher’s strike in ’86 that went into September and after the strike ended they changed the rule because having kids show up during the strike just to be counted after having crossed a picket line kinda killed the numbers that year.

  90. Work is supposed to be back in the office one day a week in September. It wouldn’t surprise me if they make vaccines mandatory, in which case I’m gone.

    Either that, or they’ll go back to telework because of the eeeeeeevil delta variant.

  91. I say again: make them fire you.

  92. Gotcha. I dealt with Ohio’s education funding and IIRC they went off of first month.

  93. There are zero benefits to enrolling your children into indoctrination centers. ZERO.

  94. Wife is finding homeschooling very stressful, and we have had almost no luck finding friends for her to hang out with.

  95. That said, I at least got her to commit to keep going if they’re doing masks or mandating vaccines.

  96. Homeschooling can be stressful because parents over-estmate what it is kids NEED to learn. Elementary school can be done in 3 hours easily. Some days less, and maybe a few days it takes a bit longer. The majority of the shit they make kids do has zero educational value.

  97. We spend about an hour, max, on formal reading practice. It’s not the time, it’s the resistance.

  98. The Orange tee shirts are people protesting all the dead kids at the Indigenous Schools. Orange Tee shirts are also burning Catholic Churches.

  99. The diocese have long apologized and worked with the tribes to find closure for what was done largely by the Canuck gov’t, and Trudeau walks out of meetings with same tribes.

    But sure, burn down the churches. It’s not like there’s anyone in them.

  100. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on July 2, 2021 2:37 pm
    Work is supposed to be back in the office one day a week in September. It wouldn’t surprise me if they make vaccines mandatory, in which case I’m gone.


    Tell them it will interfere with your gender reassignment surgery. Then dare them to fire you.

  101. I’m relocating my genitals into your moms.

  102. She’s really pretty.
    BTW, my comments randomly disappear over at Chez Ewok. Anybody know why that happens?

  103. Your IP is probably in a block that’s blacklisted due to troll and spammer activity. Doesn’t mean YOU got ID’d as a bad actor, just “this group of addresses originates a lot of bullshit we don’t need to be dealing with, so fuck ’em all”. It sucks, but what can you do.

  104. Actual Insurrection and cops are nowhere. Preacher holding services…arrested. Prices increased for all tires today. Trash bags. Dog food. But hey, $.16 cent cheaper hot dogs. Earlier this week, Ramen and cup o noodles increased. Ramen is now $.19 each. In case you see the meme what $.16 buys you.

  105. WTF are all the Chinese in the “China can do anything video?”

    Excuse me sir, the crime rate is low in china because you end up in a landfill if you commit any crime.

    Also, Eff off you pathetic turd.

  106. The claim was made on WarRoom on the CCP Centennial special that China is already in steep demographic decline and is – get this – lying with their official pop numbers to the tune of 200+ million, which would make them smaller than India.


    (Imgur video)


    (Imgur video)

  109. I’ve seen a few articles recently about how things in China are not all rainbows and bunny rabbits.

    They’re showing a lot of chinks in the armor, as it were.

  110. If a wannabe serial killer wanted to get away with it for a while and wasn’t stupid about calling cards, how many victims could he rack up in Shitcago before the FIB noticed?

  111. Sounds like an excellent idea for a novel.

  112. Surprised they haven’t claimed that.

    Racist serial killers.

  113. If they claimed that, people would insist something be done. Can’t have that.

  114. Found out a buddy of mine from work had a stroke last week. Traded e-mails with him since he has a hard time talking. He can’t prove it, but he suspects it was caused by the moderna vaccine. I don’t know when he got the last shot, but it wasn’t that long ago. Hopefully he will recover ok.

  115. I met a guy at an auction gallery a few weeks ago that lost his sister-in-law to Covid. She was young, like in her 30’s.

    “She just got her first shot.”

  116. I didn’t say a word.

  117. She died while taking a nap.

  118. It would be nice if there were real/better stats out there so you could make an informed decision. What I have seen does not convince me to take it. My buddy was a little over 60 and overweight. He figured his odds were better to risk the shot, but I’m sure he’s regretting that now. I’m waiting for work to start pressing us to take it.

  119. If you are 95% dead, get the vaccine.

    94% and less? It’s treatable.

  120. Hope Laura figures out a way to avoid having to take it for work. I still think it’s illegal to force someone to take an experimental drug. However, we are no longer a nation of laws and the last year has made that abundantly clear.

  121. I got a guy at Walgreens who’ll miss your arm and sign the card, but it’s not a short drive.

  122. Derek experienced Ramon’s pettiness.

  123. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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