Still Not Seeing the Light re: Neep Sipping

Not sure why JM is fixated on it.

I did an exhaustive intertube search and found that neep sipping is a british thing, and by british thing – I mean fruit cordials.

This picture of your mom from back in the day is about all that search brings up:
That little vimto excursion led to this series of truly riveting books of unknown entertainment value.,630_.jpg



Anyway – still touring the amazing (and by amazing i mean commie shithole) greater metro NY area.
No jab for me – no mask unless requested.
I don’t see the draw of either of those.

I have to have a rapid test every 3 days in order to enter the facility.

Papers please!


Lots of dope smoking going on in the streets tho.

It’s as bad as Geoff‘s town.

I saw this vid on the you-boob channel – I’m oddly intrigued by how comprehensive and yet neatly packed the rundown is.

Interesting point of order: I have no idea why vimto showed up in a search for the word neep.



  1. Thanks for the post Jam2.

  2. Comment by Hotspur on October 13, 2021 7:36 pm

    Season three was a total dickaround and I would just skip it.

    Comment by Mitchell on October 13, 2021 7:56 pm

    Your mom would never skip a dickaround.
    Comments such as those and posts like this one are the reason none of us will ever run for office successfully.


    I heard about CMMC closing some admissions yesterday and had forgotten about it. As I listened to that news clip Paula chimed in at the end to say “all the other facilities they’re referring these patients to are short staffed too!” It is not a good time to need medical services.

  4. Hahahaha, so many of the healthcare workers not wanting the vax and who still need to work will be moving to red states?

    Unintended consequences.

  5. You would think I’d been on this blog long enough, I would know better than to click the links. Gonna be some innnnnnteresting ads popping up now.

  6. Quote of the day: “Saying Christmas is ‘at risk’ due to supply chain problems leads me to believe you don’t know the reason for Christmas.”

  7. Though Carin is right that there’s more to the supply chain problem than Christmas. Microchips, car parts, batteries, etc. – Trump tried to get more of the manufacturing moved back here, and the deep state fought him every step of the way.

  8. I’m just wondering what the shipping situation is going to be like in December, because it’s not going to be any better than last year was. Maybe we ought to do Secret Santa stupid early.

  9. Americans making products to sell to Americans is too resilient. We need efficiency and fragility to compete globally. Oh, and higher taxes.

  10. That little quote has been everywhere. Conservatives repeating it. It’s a trick. If you bitch about not being able to get your darling a present, you can be attacked, so SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE ABOUT NOT BEING ABLE TO BUY A BATTERY FOR YOUR CAR.

    We fall for this shit too often. the message is shut up about supply chain issues. New Normal.

  11. I’d be fine with doing Secret Santa next month and opening presents the day after Thanksgiving.

  12. And I don’t give a F about buying Christmas gifts. I really don’t. But people need to smarten up. The proggies are playing three dimensional chess and we’re playing checkers.

  13. Adding in the crazy delivery potential makes it EVEN MORE SECRET.

  14. Physical therapy this morning, followed by another long day in the lab and clean room. Pray for Oso.

  15. I think Car is on point. But I also think there may be positive consequences from a Xmas less focused on materialism and more attuned to the birth of the baby Jesus.

    Working a good kidney stone today. Thank God for vicoden. Better living through chemistry.

  16. In Britain neep is short for turnip – a common staple in their diet.

  17. Turnips were the original jack-o-lanterns, too. That had to suck ballz.

  18. Lol, really? Man, EVERYTHING was difficult back then. Can you imagine scraping away at a hardass turnip to hollow it out? They must have used an auger or something.

  19. Catholic Answers just announced an early Christmas sale to get a jump on the supply chain crisis caused by Gavin Newsom and Joe Biden.

  20. Forreal:

    I’d think you’d almost have to have a chisel or a really stout screwdriver and a mallet. I guess it’s good practice for carving wood, though, so that’s something. I should try it, get in touch with my ancestors.

    On a related note, I moved the pumpkin harvest from warm storage to cold storage yesterday. I’m worried that the cold storage is probably too damp just because cold areas with good airflow act as condensers, but short of canning them all, that’s the best I can do. It was a lot of work, arms are sore today.

  21. My squashes do well in the bay window in full afternoon sun. I turn them periodically. It’s cool there in Winter with the cold dropping off the glass. Butternuts last until April. Jarrahdales not very long-lived, IME.

  22. I don’t have enough windows for that. I’ve still got 55 pumpkins. I just need to keep eating them as fast as I can. A pair of pigs would be handy about now, I should try that next year.

  23. Hang tuff Roamy.


    Remind Ethan that the mind fuck, is part of the process. 40 guys quit? DGAF! Good, less motherfuckers in my way. There is no quit, cheat if you have to, whatever it takes.

    Come home carrying your Shield or on it. (Spartan Mothers saying)

    The instructors are probably already sizing up the next evolution. They are not his friends and he is always “on stage”. They are gatekeepers, and they are required to be picky. In the past I know of evolutions that started with 120 and graduated 8. This is a marathon like no other. His mental resilience is going to be the determining factor. Again, MENTAL RESILIENCE is going to be his determining factor. Based on what you’ve written in the past, the physical portion is well within capabilities and if he can avoid injury, he should be good to go.

    He wants to be the guy in the picture thats always third row back, slightly off center kinda blending in kinda guy, especially in the beginning. Shiny things draw fire.

    I’m really hoping that he is successful and you have every right to be very proud.

    My 22 yr old son has been employed at Rivian (the Bezos electric truck company) for 6 months and has been promoted to Team Lead. Then was sent to Long Beach on his first business trip. Which isn’t too bad for small farm town HS grad. He’s talking about mechanical engineering for further studies.

    Now if we can just keep the world from falling apart so these kids stand a chance at a decent life.

  24. People like DeSantis and Trump look for actual solutions to problems. They are doers They are not politicians who are paycheck cashers and attention whores. I don’t mind attention whores as long as you’re a doer too.

    Anyhoo, I was pleased to see JJ link how Florida is trying to solve a problem by having container ships come to Florida and the kicker is this, Florida actually invested in real infrastructure and improved their port systems.


  25. Hand make any Christmas gifts or find local. Get yer secret Santa a “Let’s Go Brandon” tee. Order early.

  26. I liked what TeeRoy said.

    And good on your son, TeeRoy. HUZZAH!!

  27. I moved my sweet pepper plant into my walk-out basement and bought it a grow light. It’s probably low to mid 70s down there.
    I’m wondering if I should move it upstairs where it’s much brighter and some degrees warmer. Or just leave it down there and maybe turn on the heater?

    What think you?

  28. Are any of you watching Squid Game?

    I saw Right Angle’s take on it. Also Matt Walsh’s. Except for Stephen Green they are all very opposed to people watching it.

    I started watching it after I saw their takes. It starts out slow and because of the dubbing, it can appear a bit corny. however, I’m enjoying the human nature aspect of it. I don’t enjoy the “kill” scenes but I’m not morally opposed to the show. They are all there of their own choosing. They are there from previous bad choices and giving into vice, like excessive gambling or greed. They are trying to win incredible amounts of money to get themselves out of jams they got themselves into.

    What do you guys think? Change my mind.

  29. buy local for christmas, like we should have been doing all along.

  30. all those nurses (read: mostly female) moving to red states, and voting for democrats. You know they are, and this is how they will turn TX and FL blue.

  31. ME huh? that’s demanding, but will be rewarding. Brush up on that calculus!

  32. I see that Prince William is downplaying The Shat™ going to space, saying this takes the focus off climate change.

    Silly brit, brush your teeth and shut up. Western countries lead the way in being carbon neutral, and capitalism is the engine behind it. Stupid commies ruin everything.

  33. my aunt’s house sold. glad we didn’t wait for the upcoming housing crash. Wish I could have moved there, but can’t work from home!

    Time for another online meeting, though. Irony, it’s what for dinner.

  34. Crowder got another hard strike, so he’s on everything but youtube. Blaze having trouble with the traffic, evidently, stream keeps dropping.

  35. Now if we can just keep the world from falling apart so these kids stand a chance at a decent life.

    “The world” as it is is shit. I would almost rather its pitfalls and constraints collapsed now while those kids have a shot at rebuilding something worth living in, for their own kids and grandkids if nothing else.

    Remember, there’s the world God made and the dumpster fire the “enlightened class” have made of it. Sometimes you just gotta tear things down and try again.

  36. Prince William

    No such person exists. You abdicated, Billy, now you’re just another loud, obnoxious foreigner with a bitchy wife.

  37. That’s Harry, leon

  38. Sorry, I have trouble keeping my failed royals straight.

  39. William and Harry are both dumbass, inbred, tools.

    Take a look at their dad…uffffff. They never had a chance.

    Charles is unattractive, not bright, and has severe mommy issues.

  40. I get to stare at spreadsheets for another 9 hours today. Pray for oso.
    But they put new anti-splash mats in the urinals so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

  41. Just had a very good interview that is unfortunately another .gov contractor. I’ll bring up the exemption if they offer me money.

  42. stream keeps dropping.

    You’re telling me.

  43. Charles, William, and Harry – the Royal faggots.

    If when Elizabeth croaks, those three three cumguzzlers don’t become the poster for why England needs to end its monarchy, then the whole fucking country can complete its slide into the shitter, and we can be done with them.

    We saved their asses twice last century. It’s dead, Jim.

  44. stream keeps dropping.

    You’re telling me.

    Prostate trouble?

  45. No, but as one ages things ummm…change.

    When I was a kid I could stand on the end of the dock, whip it out, and pee halfway across the lake. Now I have to keep my feet apart to save my shoes.

  46. So, yea, I’ve got a lot going on right now.

  47. I loved watching that fraud Gupta squirm in front of Joe.

    He’s a useless jackass.

    Actually he’s worse than useless. He’s harmful because he causes people who listen to him to lose brain cells.

  48. I read Alex Berenson’s substack and he uses it like twitface from which he’s banned. This is part of one from today about the pilot walkout:

    I leave you with this email from yesterday:

    I‘m a paid subscriber and thankful to be so. I’m also a pilot and fly international routes. On our trip back today from Europe to one of the airports in Texas we heard quite a bit of chatter on the 121.5 emergency frequency we always monitor. We figured out that it was people saying “Let’s go Brandon” and in some cases something worse
    And we heard this most of the way after crossing the Canadian border. In my 20+ year the frequency has always remained silent. Not today.

    121.5 is in use. The emergency is real. And not just in the air.

  49. Nova had puppies.

  50. Leon, a canner would help with your pumpkin glut.

    Jay, there are no Dem nurses that refused the clot shot. Nope. They are all in, even the ones who had reservations at first. I knew some that got pissed when they were told it doesn’t make you immune, but they still went and got it to save their jobs. And the few conservative-leaning folks I knew there got the shot too, because they have kids to feed or if not, because they are surrounded by the same groupthink as everybody else and didn’t really question it.

    No, I expect if any anti-jab quitters relocate to other states, they will be voting a lot like me.

  51. How the heck…?

  52. It would, Laura, but cutting and canning that much pumpkin is a daunting prospect. I should get a propane tank for the outdoor stove though, just the same.

  53. Congratulations to your birthing-dog Car in!

  54. CNN will frame the Gupta event as anti-Asian racism. Bank on it.

  55. When you say “Nova had puppies” do you mean the new dog you just adopted had puppies, like, just now?

  56. The chronically underfed dog?

  57. Yes. I got back from crossfit and she had wedged herself under our deck and delivered puppies. The appointment to have her fixed next week will have to be rescheduled.

  58. Yes, I don’t know where the babies were.

  59. There are at least two, but I can’t be sure there aren’t more.

  60. A great pyraneese rescue has offered to just come get mom and babies. Pat is going to say no to that.

  61. puppies from that skinny thing?

  62. … there are no Dem nurses that refused the clot shot. Nope. They are all in, even the ones who had reservations at first.
    One of the Twitter things I like is is the juxtaposed comments from Trump times panning the jab with the new one telling you you’re a piece of crap if you haven’t submitted to it now in the Biden era

  63. so you own another dog?

    and puppies?

  64. Probably was using all her calories to nourish the pups

  65. The rescue will home the puppies for me. And pay the vet bills.

  66. Any idea who daddy is?

  67. Any idea who daddy is?

    Shifty eyes

  68. Haven’t seen much of Pupster today, have we?

  69. My squashes do well in the bay window in full afternoon sun

    (small voice)

    it’s decorative gourd season motherfuckers

  70. Wait, is this the dog you got recently? And nobody knew the dog was pregnant? Just how assfucktarded was that bargain basement Cruella DeVil you got that dog from?

  71. I mean, shit, the dude I knew in college who thought he had homo gerbils because the person he got them from couldn’t tell a male from a female I could excuse, but damn!

  72. I like to read that Decorative Gourd Season essay every year around this time and saw it on McSweeney’s recently. There was another essay about getting the vax done in a similar style with every third or fourth word being some variation of “fuck”. Left a bad taste in my mouth.

  73. tl;dr

  74. Left a bad taste in my mouth

    *Eyes super-low-hanging fruit*
    *Looks away*

  75. Leon, I know that some people do these monster whole-day canning expeditions but for the same ‘daunting task’ reasons, I am glad my canner is on the smaller side so I only can do smallish batches at a time. It maxes out at 7 quart jars, a greater number in pints and half-pints. That’s enough chopping for me at one go. I just plug along making a few here one day, a few there next week, and whoah, my basement shelves are already filling up with food quite respectably.

  76. If I get fired and have an unplanned vacay, I’ll be canning like a fiend.

    Also hunting deer.

    And rabbits.

    And woodchucks.

  77. Left a bad taste in my mouth

    Your mom used to complain but I added pineapple juice to my diet and took care of that.

  78. Three puppies.

  79. I dropped a package off at FedEx Monday mid-day. As of 3:05PM today it has made it all the way to New Haven, Indiana. At this rate it will make it to Texas around Thanksgiving.

  80. Y’all been following this? Loudon County schools pushing tranny crap. Where parents are protesting the fucks running the school board.. Boy in a skirt rapes a girl in the bathroom. Father of girl gets arrested. Same kid molests another girl. School covers it all up. (Criwder gets a hard strike on youtube for mentioning it.)

  81. That link is public so you should be able to see it. Dailywire broke it and continues to cover it.

  82. Living In The Country Problem of the Day: Delayed getting out of the driveway this morning while an egret stood in the way looking like it owned the joint.

  83. Boy dresses as girl so he can get into girls bathroom. Begins a raping spree. School decides to handle internally instead of calling law enforcement. Dad goes to school board meeting to protest the cover up.

    Law enforcement goads dad into a fight. Law enforcement arrests dad. DOJ uses video of arrest to portray concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”. Media ignores or covers up rape.

    Another boy shoots up his school. Parents immediately excuse his actions by saying he was bullied and claiming he acted in self defense. Video shows kid started firing after fight was broken up by teacher. Teacher is one of the victims.

    Judge lets kid go on bond the next day.

    BTW, I am wrong. This dude isn’t a boy. He’s 18.

    First school shooting ever where the man who brought a gun to school then shot the place up is released on bond.

  84. And as bad as all this is it’s only going to get worse from here. Much, much worse.

  85. The “boy in a skirt” has an ethnic “get out of jail free” card, as I’ve heard it.

    Ditto for the school shooter.

  86. Right. Thank you for mentioning.

    I thought people would just naturally assume.

  87. That Rogan/Gupta interview was brutal. Rogan had no mercy

  88. I have a question. Can any of you think of any jurisdiction – city, town, county, whatever – that experienced a long term (say seven or more years) drop in crime? Preferably something recent, like the past decade or two? I’ve been wondering about this for several weeks and the only thing I can think of is NYC under Giuliani. Any other examples you guys know of?

  89. I just started reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin. I think I’m in for a literary gut punch.


  91. Sobek, San Francisco. DAs are going there for training. No one is talking about cops and DAs not enforcing/prosecuting the Law.

  92. When this country falls apart it’s going to happen so fast the entire world will be shredded by the shrapnel.

  93. Detroit’s crime went way down under James Craig. Not entirely to his credit, largely because the city is practically empty, but he adamantly told law-abiding citizens to arm themselves and was the first high-ranking LEO of that city to honor the “shall issue” concealed carry permit requests of everyone who qualified.

  94. Leon, I did a Google search for James Craig, and it looked like the crime rate (at least for 19-20) was going up. Then again, the article I read was very, very hostile to the idea of Police stopping BLM from burning down Detroit…

  95. Crime did go up but Craig wasn’t having any of the BLM bullshit. the crime is more a factor of other things.

  96. So, nova had the puppies under the bottom step of our deck stairs. It’s tight in there. It’s also at the bottom of a hill. She was being a bit defensive, but I wasn’t sure if she was done delivering babies, so the advice was to let her be.

    My friend Meagan agreed to come over at 4:30 to help me try to move her inside/to a kennel. She was growling whenever we got near the spot, but she’d come out a few times to eat and was friendly.

    Meagan arrived, and we were plotting a plan of action when the skies opened up and it starting POURING RAIN. Our hope was to lure her out and use the loop/pole thing to grab her, move her to the kennel and grab the puppies. Well, with the rain, she wasn’t coming out.

    And then… the spot started collected water, and puppies were drowning.

    I’m digging a trench to divert water … Pat was unscrewing the boards so we could just grab them from on top …. one of the puppies basically washed out where I was draining, so that was the first one we got. When we got a few boards off, she was still being super protective, so we couldn’t get grab them … but we eventually got them all then convinced her to leave the spot – she was sure the puppies were still there.

    They’re warming up in the house, in the kennel right now. It was WAY more dramatic than I was expecting.

  97. Car in, Yay!

  98. Raining cats and dogs.

  99. amazing carin. did your cape protect everyone, you superhero?

    not being snarky

  100. is Craig a republican or just not a dem?

  101. Brava, Carin.

    Puppies saved.

    At this point, I couldn’t take a dead puppy story.

  102. Jay, according to the (biased, slanted) Daily Beast article I read, he said he’s been a republican for a number of years, but didn’t get political because of the nature of his job with the police. Now that he’s retired, he spends his time on Tucker and Ingraham, and the author of the article was not the least bit happy about that.

  103. Before I was born our dog had a litter of puppies up under our chicken house. My dad went out with a shovel and moved enough dirt around that they could get them out and into a cardboard box in the house. My older brother evidently watched all of this with intense interest. When mom was about 8 months pregnant with me she decided it was a good time to educate my brother about where babies came from. She asked him if he knew where his new baby sister or brother was gonna come from and my brother said, “yep, dad’ll have to grab a shovel and dig it out from under the chicken house.” So in family lore, that’s how I got here.

  104. Great lore, senor.

  105. My mom is out of rehab. Went home yesterday. Today, she started calling everyone to say goodbye. I’m feeling a Fred Sanford vibe. Talked to my bro. We are on the same page.

  106. Crazy indeed

  107. Have you named the puppies yet?

  108. Dude, they were born 61 years ago. I don’t recall if any of them survived long enough to get a name but if so, they’ve all been dead 45 years at least. Let it be.

  109. I’m seeing a lot of “empty shelves” posts on twitter

    Around here I’m mostly seeing parts of shelves that are not filled with a particular product. We haven’t reached the whole shelf cleared out stage yet.

  110. I meant Carin’s pups

  111. I know. Just fuckin w ya H2 style.

  112. Joe told them fuckin truckers to start workin nights when the roads be empty and shit. Problem fucking solved man. Nobody ever in the history of OTR transportation ever thought of that shit before.

  113. Sobek, when Hartford CT decided to start arresting gang members based on the old racketeering laws still on the books, IIRC most of those guys went away for about 7 years. It was pretty nice living there during that period, I left right about when all those guys started getting out.
    I think it was about 1991.

  114. I guess the Gig economy BS eliminated Owner/Operator truck dudes. In Cali. Mesa just bought 5 trucks. He’s living the MT life.

  115. A few weeks ago the Meijer in Mishawaka had not a single can of cat food. The entire shelf was empty.

  116. My cousin is running for State AG. He has done 💩as DA. Victim center. Hugs and feels. Victim doggies.

  117. Might have been later. The chief of police was Croughwell. At one point when I was there, the crime was so stupid that they declared a curfew and had state police helping patrol the streets after dark.

  118. Pendejo, whoever Biden’s idiot speech writer is must be fired for that helpful suggestion. I bet every person even marginally connected to the transportation industry was rolling their eyes painfully at that stupid shit. The DC set really knows nothing, but believe they are Masters of Smart.

  119. I’m over it with customers that want to bitch at me about shortages. FU. True Story. Doorbell. Package. We ordered weighted throws, yesterday. I love my weighted blanket. Fewer night terrors. Dan forgot he ordered Dachshund sheets. We were tripping that WalMart was that fast. Throws have a Wednesday delivery. I’m the weirdo, but weighted blankets are AMAZING.

  120. Lumps, almost as stupid as Obama telling folks to keep their tires aired up properly in order to avoid the insane gas prices that his administration caused.

    PS Nobody gets fired from this shit show.

  121. Oso, my wife is all in on weighted blanket. It’s effectively the Berlin Wall in our bed now. I can’t fight my way through that shit to get a morning cuddle. That may be why she’s all in. Don’t know.

  122. No names yet. She’s finally getting them clean. They were like mud balls after the storm

  123. How many of them have fallen asleep with their heads on your feet? Round to nearest dozen.

  124. I just paid more than $60 to fill my gas tank.

    I’m still looking for PT, but fuck delivery driving, I’ll be lucky to break even at this point.

  125. Not only no owner/operator truckers, no trucks over 3 years old can service the port (CARB Regulation), for ‘air quality’, you see. Also CA will stop registering any heavy trucks over 10 years old…

  126. Senor, I don’t know her story. I do know, that for me, the weighted blanket means comfort. Dan hates it. He doesn’t miss my punching and kicking. I no longer beat him up in my sleep. I still scream and make awkward moments.

  127. I just ordered one.
    Will report back.

  128. All the drama with my mom and my sister isn’t welcome, because she refuses the jab.

  129. So somebody at the office complained to my boss about my knitted masks. There is no controlling regulation anywhere in the company policy nor at any government level about type or quality of masks that have to be worn in NV. Boss doesn’t want it to “escalate” to HR. I’m sofa king pissed. I want out of this godforsaken desert so bad.

  130. Thanks for the answers to my questions, y’all. The two themes I heard were a) leave career criminals in jail longer so they can’t terrorize people anymore, and b) a well armed society is a lot crime society.

    Any thoughts on Giuliani’s broken windows theory?

    Any thoughts on the negative effects of long term incarceration?

  131. 🙏🏻 Mitchell. We went to Rudy’s. Sheriff/Deputies were there. I approached Shift Manager. Her eyes when I told her that I wasn’t comfortable, with guns. I told her I was fucking with her…no response.

  132. Sobek, G Man was right. Catch the losers, you catch the rest. Scofflaws. At one point, baby steps mattered. Until it didn’t.

  133. True Story. Family member married a connected guy. He beat the shit out of her. She showed up at her parents in a blanket. He still has his job as a newspaper guy. Rino. Her brother ran against him. Trump. RINOS are still running against Trump. We saw what we saw.

  134. Any thoughts on Giuliani’s broken windows theory?

    Wish they had done that in Hartford. I mean, yeah, they took out a lot of obvious gang members by pressing the racketeering angle, but that still leaves a lot of random thugs, thieves, and disruptors out there.

    Giuliani’s idea of diligently arresting a turnstile-jumper or vandal or someone getting high in public was a stroke of fucking genius because yes, that IS the same antisocial douchebag who is later going to be beating an old lady up for her wedding ring, or breaking into houses. Ordinary law-abiding citizens…are overwhelmingly law-abiding in all the little ways. Hardcore shithead criminals can’t hardly do a non-crooked thing in any bitty part of daily life. It would be against their character to put a quarter in the turnstile.

    I lived cheek-by-jowl with some real criminal douchebags and they are just socially inconsiderate if not downright ugly and hostile, corner-cutting, crooked, greasy-handed bastards from the smallest interactions to the biggest.

    I would separate them from professional criminals like ordinary drug dealers who are not nasty but just in it for the money, and who actually have family, social skills, and a more stable situation in life, illegally financed as it may be.

  135. The grey box addendum at the bottom of this article is pretty interesting, too.

  136. I’m on team weighted blanket. Penelope wants the blankets to hover over her gently, never actually touching her. She can’t understand the weighted blanket.

    Went to a movie tonight, when we left, I saw a car going down the road, towing a washing machine on a dolly. They had it tied to the bumper with a bungee cord, so it was all good.

    ” lived cheek-by-jowl with some real criminal douchebags and they are just socially inconsiderate if not downright ugly and hostile…..”

    You shouldn’t talk about family like that….. 😉

  137. “Go ahead. Keep being stupid…

  138. Looking at rude masks now: “OBEY”, “The quicker I give my rights away the quicker I’ll get them back, right?”, etc. A good one to get would be “HAPPY NOW??” I’m sure I’ll get complaints about those too. Don’t care.

  139. Demons escaped Randall’s pentagram.

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