Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born November 17, 1996 in New South Wales, AustraliaShe stands 5′ 5″ and measures 34 – 26 – 35 and 121 lbs.  Please lather, rinse, and repeat with Miss Chanelle Punton.




  1. Chanelle looks like she’s got a little Aborigine in her


  2. Music was cool, that chick is talented. She does a great cover of one of my favorite songs, “The Girl From Ipanema”

  3. You fuckers were funny last night.

  4. ^^^

  5. TinyURL has a new version of their url shortener which, apparently I need to learn more about

  6. TINYURL pissed me off with a banner type ad that has a delayed movement where the page jumps after a few seconds, causing you to click on the ad when you are trying to copy the new url. I hate that shit.

  7. Wakey wakey

    That pearl necklace thing is a joke, right?

    Hope pupster keeps on the positive side of the mend.

    Insomnia – I suffer from it a lot. No trouble falling asleep, it’s the 2 or 3 am wake ups and i’m up for hours.

    Amid all my sister’s stuff – I found 4 bottles of brand new (one still in the package she ordered) CBD oil. One is a sleep spray. Night three and it’s fantastic.

  8. ^^Mrs Pupster I mean to say.

  9. 6/10 would smash

    I can’t believe I’m typing this, but they’re too big. Her proportions are all wonky.


  11. Diego is a racist.

  12. If you knew Roberto as well as Diego does, you’d exclude him too.

  13. so car in is a pothead now?

  14. Had one good night of sleep this week. It was one of the few in weeks where I remember dreaming. Been having trouble getting comfortable. I miss my own bed. Fortunate as I am it’s reminding me this can only be temporary.

    Though I will miss the puppers.

    May have a replacement vehicle by/for my birthday. Just a question of numbers and what’s out there…

  15. Look, we get it, it snowed. It happens every year. If you are that worried about it, stay off the roads and DON’T DRIVE ON THE INTERSTATE AT 20MPH, CLOGGING EVERYTHING UP CUZ YOU’RE DRIVING ON THE MIDDLE LINE!

  16. I listened to a couple of health-type podcasts give their take on CBD, and there’s a compelling case to be made that there is a valid place for it in correcting imbalances in endocannabinoid regulation. All those burnouts who smoke weed for “anxiety” may be chasing after a real effect only to have it masked or confounded by all the psychoactive substances.

    Now, if you’re just vaping CBD, you’re doin’ it wrong. A few drops at bedtime? Probably beneficial or at least harmless.

  17. I think CBD works, and works well. Minor back aches and strains, that’s what that is made for.

  18. Hmm. I wonder…

  19. CBD has never done a thing for me, I’m glad it is working for you though CARin.

    Her proportions are all wonky.

    *unclear on the concept*

  20. Pearls in the news

    I knew it!

  21. I’ve got a pain relief cream with CBD in it along with a bunch of other unproven but potentially effective ingredients including menthol which is the main thing I smell after applying it. Gotta remember to wash your hands after applying it or you get an unpleasant tingle when you clean the gunk out of the corners of your eyes

  22. Got mine on a BOGO deal

    “ageless” … never noticed that before.


  23. I’d keep it away from your junk, too. Your nose isn’t your only mucus membrane.

  24. Someone has high jacked mj’s account.
    If you get extended warranty offers from him beware.

  25. I got an extended warranty offer from MJ’s mom. She guaranteed satisfaction or my money back for up to two years.

  26. That’s not what MJ’s mom meant by deposit

  27. Look, you FPOSs, lay off my mom!

  28. I think it would be FPsOS.

  29. Yeah, I think you’re right. I accept that correction.

  30. hmm, plural oso-isms. This will not end well.

  31. Sixth, going into the future, American Thinker remains what it’s always been: a forum for conservative thinkers who want to contribute to the national conversation by offering information and ideas consistent with American principles: the Constitution, individual liberty, the free market, and the rule of law.

    I’m calling BS on this. Cunts gotta cunt.

  32. IIRC there’s an effort by hosting services to make conservative blogs responsible for their comment sections.

    They can either moderate them or shut them off. For many, the moderation option is too expensive.

    More backdoor censorship.

    They’re actually pretty clever in how they’re doing it. They’re just finding willing partners as far upstream as possible.

  33. Speaking of FPsOS, where has Pajama Momma been lately? She comes around for a few months before Christmas and then *poof* she vanishes without so much as a “kiss my ass”.

  34. IIRC there’s an effort by hosting services to make conservative blogs responsible for their comment sections.

    Why, exactly, does section 230 only work one way?

    Rhetorical question.

  35. I appreciate the insight, MJ. But why not just be upfront about it and say, “If we don’t shut the comments down, our host shuts us down.” Then immediately find another host.

    They’re spineless along with all of the other backstabbing scum we’ve had inflicted on us for the past year.

  36. The Right: I’m going to turn off my google email address!

    The Left: If you don’t think like we do, we’ll shut off the fucking power, water, internet, banking, payment processing, credit, and force you to publicly renounce god and family.

  37. I think a lotta folks have just bowed out of the usual online spaces rather than swim in everything that’s been going on. I can’t blame ’em.

  38. I haven’t seen WP clamping down anywhere yet.

  39. BroTim nailed it. Lots of people just tune out, instead of fighting.

  40. Maybe the best plan is to get sued, today, then draw out the process until after the hyperinflationary crash happens and a billion dollar lawsuit is the same as lunch at Q’doba.

  41. Honestly, I still remark on it time to time, but at this point I’m just done with it. Nothing I say will matter and I don’t really have the capacity for more than words at this stage in my life. Better to focus on my own circumstances and the things I can still have an effect on. Might even help me gain a little of that “peace of mind” I’ve heard so much about but never seem to get much of.

  42. It’s gonna burn whether I let it or not. At this point my only concerns are about keeping my family safe through what’s coming and keeping them from ruination or worse in the meanwhile.

  43. I think we should tell our families to take care of themselves. I mean, when I was five I was in the fucking Navy.

  44. My daughter isn’t ready for the Space Force quite yet.

  45. I got nobody I’m responsible for other than myself, and nobody left to look after me than me. So there’s no point in that worry, either.

  46. Just dumped linkedin.

  47. Oh Treacher:

    Jim Treacher
    They killed a cop. They almost killed Pence. And now Trump wants a going-away party? How is anybody still defending him?

  48. Oh FFS, Jim.

  49. Sometimes i do wonder what has happened to people.

  50. I think Allah started going off the rails when he got so into the beta males thing. He just seemed so bitter.

  51. barely recognize Allah anymore. Remember when HotAir was right wing?

  52. Nice heavy deadlifts in today’s workout. Felt good.

  53. Remember when Allah’s in the house was the funniest shit ever?

  54. Allah and Treacher – I’d like to ask them whether or not they think their anti-Trump rhetoric has in any way supported this stuff. HEY NRO!! hello.

  55. For all these people practicing and advocating social Darwinism, I have to just laugh at the thought that they are so naive to think it won’t be done to them in the future.

  56. Remember when HotAir was right wing?

    Yeah, it happened to Little Green Footballs, Drudge, Fox…

    Probably happen to this shithole dump someday.

  57. You have to be pretty fearless to sign a petition to revoke a degree from someone you don’t agree with politically.

    You’re basically saying, ‘don’t ever hire me’

  58. I’ll let them delete it first.


  59. At casinos twitter linky, someone posted a video of a room full of antifa punks, at the capital planning their shit.

  60. GAHHH…FOKKIN PHONE! At carin’s link…..

  61. y u at casino?

  62. Prolly has a good buffet.

  63. Scroll down in the comments where someone posted videos of the lead dude….looks like same guy at other antifa riots.

  64. burned on some of those before, like Jeremiah Viking being QAnon.

  65. That’s some orwellian bullshit you’re shoveling there, Blumenthal.

    Brownshirt apologetics from a Jew is a bad look.

  66. It’s all the same. Lie, double down on the lie, when the lie is exposed pretend it’s a right wing lie.

  67. The Mandolorian is basically John Wick Star Wars.

  68. I’m planning to watch The Expanse at Drinker’s recommendation. It’s clever that they take the time to consider humans born and raised in microgravity, but I’m curious what their justification is for them not being in spin “gravity” other than just tiny ships. Big ones aren’t much more expensive after a certain point, and it doesn’t take much to keep them spinning once started.

  69. The Expanse > The Mandalorian

    By a lot

  70. The low gravity humans weren’t raised on ships, but in the asteroid belt. They are called Belters. There are also Martian humans, and Earth humans.

  71. I’ve pretty much lost my taste for Space Opera. I either want to go all-in on Fantasy or I want my Sci-Fi pretty “hard”. Altered Carbon was pretty solid here, at least in the first book. The TV series said the cortical stack was alien tech, but if that’s in the source material, it’s not even alluded to in book 1.

  72. Why didn’t the Belters have spin gravity, then? The best way to do it is to hollow out an asteroid and set up the O’Neill cylinder(s) within it.

    I figure Martians are all going to be tall and spindly, or should be, but it’s an open question whether humans can conceive or mature at all in microgravity/free-fall.

  73. We should enslave the martians. They’ve been asking for it for a long time.

  74. I don’t even know what anyone is talking about.

    Jay, WordPress kicked The Conservative Treehouse off their servers before Christmas.

    They had to scramble and back everything up and Find a new host and non-wordpress software.

  75. Does Expanse have a Venus colony?

    Venus girls are hawt.

  76. I forgot about conservative treehouse getting booted, thanks.

  77. Expanse is relatively hard sci fi until you start into the mumbledyalienmumbledy shit. Then it starts getting more “semi-rigid” at best.

  78. In Altered Carbon (book 1), there are mentions of alien artifacts that have been found, but not much about where they came from. They appear to serve mainly as status markers for the Immortal class, valuable only because they can’t be replicated by known means yet.

  79. only tried the first Altered Carbon, but didn’t get into it. Should give it another try.

    I’m waiting for season 4 to complete before starting Expanse again. First 3 seasons are pretty good.

    Better than Mandalorian.

  80. The setting was more compelling than the story in AC. I came away from it not liking the protagonist much at all, or even being all that impressed with him. That’s part of why I haven’t started on the sequels. There are much more interesting stories to tell in this universe than the one that was told, but if they are all going to be about Takeshi Kovacs… eh, okay.

  81. Also, the hotel AI was a better character on screen than in the book, by a WIDE margin.

  82. I give this poat 11 of these thingies ]]]]]]]]]]]

  83. why not 12?

    hello facts!

  84. Coalex posted this on my faceborg:

  85. the gubment taxed the 12th thingie from me.

  86. coalex still boycotting us?

  87. We’ve become too liberal for him.

  88. I see him in the HQ comments a lot, I think the last scuffle here was a breaking point.

    It’s like when we ran off Wiserbud by getting him that radio show.

  89. This probably says something about my rotted brain that I don’t even remember what it was about.

  90. Whether the traitor CJ Roberts was utilizing a worthwhile and consistent legal theory or was in fact merely a treasonous fucktard.

    Events would seem to have proven the latter case.

  91. 🐻❤️☄️ 👋🏻 Unclefacts

  92. Dan’s Dr said we are drinking too much Bourbon. Hello Margaritas

  93. /waves at beargurl ❤

  94. Dan’s Dr said we are drinking too much Bourbon. Hello Margaritas


  95. What’d he say about rye and gin?

  96. Doctors don’t know wtf they’re talking about.
    Mine tells me I’m a FPOS….
    And that motherfucker is bigger than me.

  97. Mare means that in a nice way
    Of course.

  98. I’m allergic to gin. I guess Scotch and Rye are ok. 👋🏻☄️❤️😘

  99. Another friend waiting for cancer results. Really getting tired of cancer. Continued Prayers for C3P0.

  100. Colex flounced off because he didn’t want to catch your mom’s eCovid.

  101. Has there been a mare sighting anywhere?
    She headed to the calving grounds right ?
    She’s gotta show her blow hole soon I’d think.

  102. I’m a FPOS. My BMI is higher than Trumps. When he recovered so quickly, it gave me hope.

  103. Mrs j2 lined up a bunch of house look-sees for tomorrow.

  104. Oi

  105. Uhm…wut?

  106. Btw – another great jerb by the resident Commander in Teats.

  107. She’s too busy being active on Maui. Primo whale watching. Time differential. She probably just had lunch.

  108. Went to a burger place for dinner. TVs we’re on.

    In a matter of a few mins I saw a story about the Capitol Hill rioters pre planning the event, using military style hand signals to communicate and that it was Donald Trumps fault for inciting it. It was spontaneous.

    Also a story of Capitol Hill police recounting their terrifying brush with death.


    Preplanned spontaneity.

    Cops and their heroic tales of crowd management.

  109. MJ, yep. CNN was embedded with the Antifa guy. They knew. It is all Orange Man Bad political theatre.

  110. We all need to watch Letterkenny, so we can up our “Your Mom” game.

  111. you know what else was spontaneous? Benghazi. Because of a video.

  112. I have to turn closed captions on for Letterkenny. They talk funny and really fast.

  113. Coalex posted this on my faceborg

    It’s an hour and 20 minutes long.


  114. I read some ad copy for a Chinese made product today and noticed the poor Chingrish translation effort. Thanks to MJ for pointing out how little effort they put into getting it right. Garbage product from garbage people I think is an approximate paraphrase. In the past I’ve just given them a pass for getting most of the description right but now I’m seeing it in a new light.

  115. “I have to turn closed captions on for Letterkenny.”

    yer ten ply pal

  116. I have to close caption due to laughing so hard I miss stuff.

  117. Jimbro, Taiwan needs your support. AKA Free China. Not the Commies.

  118. Unc, I didn’t know the actor that plays Wayne, was Shoresy

  119. For Oso and her doctor.

  120. I think it’s more like they think of us as garbage people.

  121. i see tom reed of ny 23 whet full blown d-bag.
    welp, he made the list

  122. Rich Chinese people aren’t like that from what I see.

    Their English is perfect.

  123. hey Tucker Carlson, it wasn’t an insurrection.

  124. Insurrection is what’s been going on in the dem controlled cities since last May, culminating in the blatant theft of a Federal election and at least 3 senate seats in November.

  125. I’m Diego. Full circle to Sean’s derp

  126. Scott, my Middle School on Taiwan is currently one of the top schools in the world. Chinese families sent their kids to HK and Taiwan schools. CCP is clamping Down. Calling in their chits

  127. Squirrelly Dan is Impolite

  128. Seriously, Tucker discussing a guy sneezing into his hand?

  129. We loved that episode. Ignoring Squirrely Dan was hilarious.

  130. My social media moment. I had a friend in Elementary School. She was adopted. One of Dan’s frat bro’s, married a gal. She was adopted. Moron lost her hubby in a freak accident. She started pairing up people on FB. I followed her lead. I paired up people that normally have paths that don’t cross. I paired up my adoption friends. Nurse friend told adoption friend to get tests run NOW. Nurse friend thinks mutual friend has cancer. I think nurse friend is right. Dan thinks nurse friend is right. Mutual friend is married to Dan’s most chill frat bo

  131. Insty pointed out Curt Shillings insurance cancelled him for a pro trump editorial.
    Banks are dumping gun businesses and conservatives. When does it get down to;
    We don’t do business with you because you’re black, because you’re trans, because you’re gay.
    Those are all forbidden, but if you’re pro Trump, you’re fair game?
    This is gonna cost somebody a lot of money, depending on the court and the judge…

  132. Leon,

    The expanse is pretty good. Gravity is made by ship acceleration and deceleration. However there is one ship on the show that has a spinning ring as do space stations. They handle gravity in a real way, until it gets to the alien tech.

    Season 5 has just started and they will probably end this story line in season 6. The guy who plays the Martian pilot is getting kicked off the show after this season. Apparently he was perving on woman fans.

  133. Yea Chris it’s pretty hypocritical. If it’s lefty cause you have to serve everyone (bake that cake). However if you are on the right you can be denied everything, because we don’t deserve to live in polite society according to them. Its all about dehumanizing anyone on the right. No good will come of this and they are actively courting a war. They are arrogant and I’m failing to see how this ends any other way but bad. I used to think TeeRoy was a little out there, but he was just ahead of the curve.

  134. Derek entered Ramona’s parlor.

  135. did he bring flowers?

  136. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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