2019 BBF Championship Consolation Round

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday 2019 Championship Consolation Round.




Today’s contestants are the highest voted models who did not win their semi-final rounds.  The winner of the consolation round will advance to the finals.


There was a second place tie in Round One, both contestants received 22 votes.


Contestant #2 – GIA GENEVIEVE

Born September 28th, 1988 in Pasadena, CA, she stands 5’8″, 36F-27-36.




Contestant #3 – JENNA JENOVICH

Your model for today was born on April 10th, 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia.  She stands 5′ 10″, 36DD-24-38.








Round 2’s runner up received 24 votes and is a Hotspur favorite.


Contestant # 6  ALYSSA ARCE


Born in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina February 27th, 1992, 5′ 8″ and 34 – 25 – 34.






Round 3’s runner up received 22 votes.


Contestant #11 – KENDRA ROLL


Born January 1st, 1997 in Colombia, South America, she stands 5′ 5” and measures 41DD-25-36.







Round 4’s runner up received 27 votes.


Contestant # 20  ASHLYN CORAY 

Born April 10th, 1993 in Antioch, California, she stands 5’9″ and measures 32 – 23 – 36.






Round 5’s runner-up received 16 votes.


Contestant #24 – SABRINA NICHOLE


Born in Dallas, Texas on January, 30th 1995, she stands 5′ 8″ and measures 32F – 25 – 35.







  1. Good morning Boob Aficionados

  2. Had to laugh at Reggie Love endorsing Bootyedge. Mmhmm.

  3. Currently 6 votes and 2 comments. I haven’t voted yet.

    Damn Russian Bots

  4. Mayor Pete is positioning himself to be the least worst candidate that the Dems will believe is unattackable because he’s gay in the same manner as JEF’s race card let him skate by valid criticism.

  5. I just scrolled through a WSJ article detailing the many adjacent/neighboring properties owned by Elon Musk. While I understand the desire for a rich sunovabitch to do this and the rationale behind it I can’t get over the millions of dollars spent for what are undoubtedly well built homes but placed on postage stamp lots. He ought to buy a ranch … I hear there’s one that just came open in New Mexico

  6. Fans of good music ought to click play on The Record Company song above. If that bass line doesn’t speak to you check in with your doctor because you might be dying or already dead.

  7. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/progressives-trans-olympia-washington-impossible-to-please-or-to-parody/


    When will these panderers learn this is a serious mental illness?

  8. From a WSJ article on the current strikes in France

    “Mr. Macron also wants to consolidate France’s 42 different retirement plans—and their special benefits—into one universal system that he says would be more fair. Civil servants, in particular, fear they may lose advantages they have compared with private sector employees.”

    Heh, good luck asshole.

    plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  9. Holy crap Mare! I watched that video as I read the article but it took a while because I had to keep scrolling back up to see the weirdos as each new one came up to the mic.

  10. Scott, yep. Still a mystery.

    wakey wakey

  11. It’s weird, because I thought Lawrence was the name of the “dude” in the wheelchair (in the evergreen stuff), but here there is another black trans dude called Lawrence.

  12. Extinction Rebellion is trying to shut down the World Bank in DC. With that pathetic crowd of less than 50 protesters, I’d say their odds are not good.

  13. I was wondering about Pay’s arm when you first mentioned it and could only come up with a couple of things that don’t quite fit the picture. Was he worked up by a Neurologist or Ortho? Any EMG/NCV tests done?



  14. Courtesy of Car in, too funny not to share with you idiots:

    This impeachment is like…

  15. HOW DARE YOU! /greta voice

  16. Jimbro, Carin posted that insane video last night. I just reposted and commented. It’s insanity (literally) at its finest.

  17. Good morning. Whose turn is it to push Hotspur’s face in some dough and make gorilla cookies?

  18. LOL

  19. Gorilla cookies is my new fav phrase.

  20. Finally got around to eating some beet greens that I harvested a few weeks ago that were sitting on the porch in storage. OMG so good. Just had a craving for some cooked greens. I’ve been a bad girl nutrition-wise lately. Body’s trying to tell me something.

  21. Redd Foxx was a comic genius, MJ. Today he would be denounced and thrown from the highest parapet.

  22. Reference:

    I remember laughing so hard at that when I was a kid, I almost puked.

  23. Looking up seafood gumbo recipes. Gonna make Scott some gumbo and hoppin’ john tomorrow. Need to purchase important supplies. Not sure if I’ll include okra but it is traditional for the original, right?

  24. Sanford and Sons was regular watching back in my youth but gorilla cookies was introduced to me here by one of you guys.

  25. I’ve seen every episode of Sanford and Son about 10 times. It was on at 10 and 10:30 on the UHF channel when I was growing up.

    It was so confusing. Why did they live in a junk yard? People just walked into the house and bought stuff? What the hell is ripple, and for that matter, what is champipple? Why does he walk like that? Why is it so weird to have a PORT O REEKAN living next to a black guy?

    Ah a child’s mind.

  26. I’m in New Orleans. Ima buy me a Laura voodoo doll.

  27. Followed of course by All in the Family.

    Probably why I’m such a conservative racist. My role models were Fred and Archie.

  28. Julio the damn foolio.

  29. My fav characgter is Rollo.

  30. Enjoy New Orleans, Hotspur! That’s great. We want to go there someday too.

    Feed your Laura voodoo doll some gumbo. And bring home a jar of file powder, that stuff is probably impossible to find in stores where you live.

  31. “I fed my gumbo to your Mom”

  32. The ‘southern belle’ kittycat in the sidebar at Mothership is adorable and funny. Don’t miss the caption at the bottom.

  33. This shit right here is why Carin hates you people.

  34. The peloton ad drama is hilarious. It’s a Rorschach test that reveals a lot about the person’s views on marriage.

  35. Pat Morita as a stand up comic?

  36. He digresses a lot, but his Redd Foxx impressions are worth it.

  37. The peloton ad drama is hilarious. It’s a Rorschach test that reveals a lot about the person’s views on marriage.

    It’s at best a bad ad, and and worst says really bad things about our society.

  38. It’s an ad that shows an aspect of society that is culturally foreign to most Americans.

  39. Hah, I got Scott a bicycle stand for Christmas. He can put his road bike on it and keep his knees good over Winter. He said he wanted one, though.

  40. I’m sort of a passive agressive person about some things. I don’t really want to call people out for doing stupid or narcissistic things. So … in comes my PA-ness, to help me out.

    The idea that every bit of your life must be broadcast to the commoners – your diet, your workout, you every-to-the-moment thing … is damaging. I have actual friends who must think they are IG “influencers” with their stupid ass daily gym-mirror selfie. I think the funniest meme out there right now is the chick that says she’s a model (on instagram) so the guy responds that he’s a solder (in call of duty).

    My PA comes out in cow running selfies. Foot selfies. I’m not better than you. I probably look like shit running. Don’t make people feel bad by projecting (with filters) images of you working out looking like a rockstar. Ugh. Want to be accountable? that’s not what they’re doing.

    The Pelaton ad just drives the idea that its perfectly normal to send out pictures of you working out every day. Look how pretty I am (while I pretend that I think I look horrible – please compliment me on 1) my appearance 2) my dedication, 3) whatever).

    It’s weird.

  41. https://www.kentucky.com/news/state/kentucky/article236049218.html

    The guy who organized this obviously hates Trump. His mock up is nothing like the wall illegals face at the border.

    Made of wood, not metal. Traction must be better with wood. A couple of climbers grabbed the edges of the panel which is not an option on the real wall. I’m not sure how wide the flat panel on the top of the real wall is, it wasn’t shown in the video. It looks wider on the images I saw. So if all the illegals that show up to the wall are athletic climbers with climbing shoes and a rappelling system with harnesses we’re screwed I guess. It’s not like it’s just there unattended too.

  42. EVERY climber I saw grabbed the edge. Dude said that was allowed because apparently there are gaps in the planned wall. I don’t know.

  43. if they slip, it will cut their hands open. I hope we’re ready for the medical lawsuits!

  44. Heh, i see, Car in. They are grabbing the edge of the top cover, which they wouldn’t be able to do.

  45. Heh, played trivia at dart league last night, and our team name was Toxic Masculinity (after the poetry fiasco).

    Hilarity ensued.

  46. I image searched the wall and the shorter version has a wider panel at top. Some of the models had staggered top panels. I don’t know, the average illegal trekking through the desert to climb a wall is not going to be able to do it without the border patrol catching the majority of them. Any wall, left unattended, can be breached.

  47. That’s not true, jimbro, it’s quite effective.

    Anyone who can run, jump, or swim is already in the US.

  48. I know a guy who just started a construction job working on the wall. Great pay, working 10 days on 10 days off, I think. I’ll have to see how he likes it in a few months.

  49. The selfie thing is weird, but that’s not what I see lefties freaking out over. They’re upset that the husband dare to buy his thin wife a piece of exercise equipment, thus somehow saying that she’s too fat. Or, they’re upset that she’s using a stationary bike rather than going outside to ride a real bike. They can’t seem to comprehend the idea that maybe she wanted a stationary bike. Maybe she’s thin but out of shape, or maybe she doesn’t have the time for a long outdoor bike ride, etc., etc.

  50. It’s an awesome gift. It’s the creepy other factors. I mean, I get the joke – teasing a man who buys his wife exercise equipment. But there are plenty of women who would love to get such a gift (men, check to see if your wife WANTS one before you buy her this).

    It’s the creepy selfie stuff that jumped out at me.

    It’s as if you don’t do it unless someone else knows.

  51. I really want Rogue to do a parody of the ad where she gets a squat rack.

  52. It would be cool if by the end of the year, she could squat twice his weight and dumped him.

  53. “dark yet playful half-hour following a group of high school students whose exploration of modern sexuality (devices and all) tests deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love, and the nature of family in their conservative community.”

    The series finale will be a gang bang orgy with a bonus scene of an order of nuns pegging a group of Furries

  54. who’s rogue? the chick in the vid?

  55. like Lena Dunham has any idea what a conservative community is like. So it will be those ladies wearing the red caps, with scarlet letters.

  56. The 18 y/o writer is being assisted in the project by her two daddies. How does such a thing happen? Oh right … they’re all “connected”. Nepotism in Hollywood. It’s what’s for dinner.

    The series is created by 18-year-old writer Zelda Barnz and her father Daniel, who also directs. It’s executive-produced by Dunham and Ben Barnz, Daniel’s husband and Zelda’s other father.

  57. I just found out that one of my business competitor’s name is Wylie Fox.

    True story.


  58. pupster works for Acme?

  59. One day we’re going to find out that Lena Dunham is actually conservative and is in fact a very long-con by Roger Stone or someone else to embarrass Hollywood.

  60. pupster works for Acme?

    He’s a sooper genius.

  61. It’s telling that a sex tale told by Dunham has to include toys. I imagine that’s most if not all of her sex life at this point.

  62. Most likely she has to use them on her boyfriend.

  63. Ironically, any man dating her is likely deeply closeted, so that makes sense.

  64. Quite the horse race in the booboff this week.

  65. That reminds me, I gotta vote now

  66. I give this poat 14 of these thingies &&&&&&&&&&&&&&

  67. Thanks Unclefacts.

    Now I feel bad I started all those rumors about you and Jam2 running away to get gay married.

  68. https://tinyurl.com/vbc8c2a

  69. I got the worst paper cut of my life last night.

    It took me three hours to stop the bleeding.

  70. https://tinyurl.com/u8rd6nb

  71. Tackles Unclefacts and gives him a suitcase wedgie and noogies.

  72. I am too young to know what a suitcase wedgie is.

  73. A wedgie where you walk the victim around like they are flying. You guys should watch Shazam! Super serial. Great movie for our generation.

  74. Hotspur is probably peeing in an alley right now, with pockets full of gumbo.

  75. That could be us someday, babe!

  76. #relationshipgoals

  77. I hated the Peloton ad for that stupid look on her face, the “am I doing this to your satisfaction” look.

  78. Mr. RFH and I watched “Educating Rita” tonight. Cute film. Molly Weasley was hot back then

  79. Oso and Pepe, your state obviously doesn’t have enough laws addressing sitting on your sister’s face. Call your legislator please.


  80. 1. In this day and age of islamic terrorism, why are there not metal detectors on our bases?
    2. Why aren’t those Saudi f*cks being trained in their own sandpit?

    Also –

    like Lena Dunham has any idea what a conservative community is like.
    Pedo-lard comes to my community, she’ll wish she didn’t.

  81. Re: Pepe’s Guiliani linky

    I thought obama didn’t give Ukraine aid. What am I missing?

  82. Beasn, I think we gave them money but not weapons.

  83. Wow. The Hostages must have had hot friday plans. Hardly any comments all while I was at work.

  84. And loan agreements. That was the billion dollars that Biden threatened. Maybe in theory it was a loan, but the money’s gone, and we won’t get it back.

  85. Beasn,

    Metal detectors only work when you have controlled access to an area. A military base is the size of a small town. Metal detectors would be next to useless.

    We have a long tradition of training foreign military personnel. Often, it’s more about building relationships between our junior officers and theirs. The ones sent here are the ones who will be future generals.

  86. Dougal enjoyed Rowena’s posts.

  87. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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