Hello, and welcome to Big Breviloquence Friday.


breviloquence – short-windedness; tendency towards brevity in speech






Your model for today was born on April 10th, 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia.  She stands 5′ 10″, 36DD-24-38.  Please strut around and say “Ви сте игралиште и ја сам осам година на одмору” to Miss Jenna Jenovich!




  1. What’s not to like?

  2. I’ll take the black lacy bra in the 4th pic, thanks. Admiring the guy in the model link, too.

  3. wakey wakey

  4. It’s rare to see a model that can do classy and trashy well.

  5. Here’s a song:

  6. A little poppy, but I kinda like it. It has a nice beat and I can dance to it.

  7. she looks to have a robust rumpus room in that last pic

  8. “You are a playground and I am eight years old on vacation”

    pupster with the funny!

  9. i assume that kid falling down the pole is mj

  10. probably drunk

  11. So – gym funny. A friend who has gotten stronger than me in the last year (although I can kick her butt cardio wise) -but I’ve notice that on the occasions where I beat her weight, she doesn’t put the score in (we have an app that tracks all that).

    Other night, I miscalculated adding weight to the bar, so only ended up with 175 for my two rep back squat (when I wanted 185 – which was 90% of my 1 rep max). Whatever. Fine. Moving on.

    Then we had to do 3 sets of 10 at 75% – which was 155 (did the math right this time) . Which was … freakin hard. There was grunting and crying involved.

    So – look at the app – she’s put in the 185 (because it’s more than my 175). But for the 10 rep? No score. She often does it with the workouts as well.

    SO competitive, but a tidge of sore loser. She wasn’t like this until her husband joined CF too.

  12. I think she has decided that since she can’t beat me cardio wise,she’ll just focus on strength, so it kills her when I beat her there.

  13. I bet Jenna up there can’t even clean and jerk the bar.

  14. There’s a word for the 20-rep squat set that’s escaping me. I might start squatting again with only those.

  15. Jenna performs admirably in other areas of functional fitness

  16. She has a top notch snatch

  17. My backsquat has dramatically improved in the last year. Now it’s time to see my dead lift move up.

  18. Chimney liner guys are here. Rowan is locked in the mudroom which has a glass paneled door with a view of the front door. Every time a member of the crew transits the front door on the way to/fro the cellar he loses his shit. Hopefully his estimate of an hour job will come true.

  19. I’ll be honest here……if I ever met Jenna in real life I’d be intimidated as fuck.

  20. Me too, she’s freaky tall.

  21. Tall for a woman, yeah. Funny, I never thought of 5’10” as being that tall otherwise.

  22. I bet Jenna up there can’t even clean and jerk the bar.

    I’ll take that bet.

    she looks to have a robust rumpus room in that last pic

    I included that last pic for Leon, I suspect photoshop with a Kardashian filter, she doesn’t look that thic in any other portfolios.

  23. Yeah, 5’10” and biggens has almost a negative correlation with good glutes.

  24. She’s probably self conscious about her big feet

  25. Butt filter? PTL snapchat doesn’t have that, or I’m sure it would be the end of mankind or something.

  26. i’m lock-step with jimes on jenna’s f’n fitness

  27. My lifting has been off this week. I struggled in my bench and press with weights that I’ve hit in the past. I’m gonna try again tomorrow with the press.

  28. No gym this week for me. I did about 8 hours of shoveling from Sunday to Wednesday, and haven’t had time since then.

  29. I have that kind of small back pain where everything is fine until I look down. As in, when I bend my chin toward my chest just an inch or two, I feel a painful tug in my left lower back. Effing stupid. Hope I don’t have to look down much at work tonight!

    I’ll take a magnesium supp and a hot shower and see if that helps a bit.

  30. The treadmill is calling me. I tentatively offered to work all day on sunday. whatever. The superbowl is boring anyway.

    I’m only doing it if they pay me cash to pick up their shift. Going rate is $45. It’s a loser shift, so I’m not going in for nothing.

  31. Another good seed catalog recommendation: High Mowing. They are in Vermont and have good varieties for northern climes.

    Diverse selection, and most of the ‘highly-recommended’ cultivars I have been looking for are in there. Prices are pretty good. Not as good as The Sample Seed Shop, but much better than Johnny’s.

    I probably won’t be ordering from them this year, because I got all my seeds already, but next Spring I’ll probably hit them up.

  32. probably

  33. Kilt it? Really? How? It’s a Friday bimbo thread! These never die!

  34. Houseguest just explained that she stayed home sick today with a head cold that won’t leave her. She didn’t want to be the coworker that shows up sniffling and coughing and sneezing and gets everybody else sick.

    I can practically HEAR Scott having the heebie-jeebie-germ-freakout in the next room.

    Lysol wipes are coming out in force.

  35. My vacation starts tomorrow. She better not get me sick on my time off.


  36. doesn’t scott have a hermetically sealed safe room when you or houseguest get sick? Why not?

  37. Hmmm. I wonder how much a negative pressure room costs. I have had ideas about getting one of those UV lights that sanitize surfaces.

  38. Just duct tape her into a couple of large plastic trash bags. Problem solved! ;)

  39. I would not look the same if I were to put on an orange mesh produce bag.
    Something is amiss below the navel level.

  40. I’ve got a little bit of a scratchy throat. Just a little … hoping it’s not a harbinger of something more.

  41. 5’10” and no pics of her legs? WTF?!

  42. Haha, good catch Beasn! Snatch filter as well as butt filter apparently


  44. Took the daughter to the house so that we could seal the drywall in the bathroom and throw down some stain over the stains in one of the rooms.

    I thought some sweat equity would help her attitude. While there, we laid out the tile we bought for the bathroom and she got excited with how it looked. It is so pretty!

    While she sealed the drywall, I put down some stain. Meh. Husband showed up and about gagged with the smell…strike 1. Looked at the floor and noted what a pity it was that the parts not peed on, looked great…the very large parts that were, darkened even more. Then add on the fact that we most definitely would have to resand everything because all along the edges you could see the change between where the drum sander ended and the edger began (it wasn’t me) AND it really needs another pass because stains. He doesn’t want to sand it again. Strike 2. He also doesn’t want to tear up and replace the worst of the stained wood which is the entire livingroom. Strike 3.

    We’ll be picking out a floating floor this weekend. Think we’ll take it all the way into the kitchen.

  45. *looks at Jimbro’s link*

    Her legs are not her best asset.

  46. Beasn, if you’re tearing up the floor, you might check if there’s room enough underneath for two bodies…

  47. My aunt and uncle put in that ceramic stuff that looks like wood. It is amazing.

  48. Tear out the floor. Be prepared to do the same for the subfloor.

  49. After tearing out three floor layers in the kitchen and bathroom, including the subfloors and the overkill of fifty million screws, we’re not tearing up anymore floors. Husband was too traumatized. We’re just going to cover the damaged wood floor. If we were going to move in, I’d insist on it, but we’re not.

    Car in, I bet that ceramic stuff is pricey. We have to cover 3 bedrooms, small hallway, and livingroom.

    CoAlex, I checked..there isn’t enough room.

  50. Can you chemically clean it first to kill any urine bacteria that might remain?

  51. Know what hasn’t been posted in a while?

  52. Beasn is right. Her legs, while not bad, are a bit of a letdown.

  53. Wowza!! I think a lot of “smashing” would be going on with this lass.

  54. Beasn is right. Her legs, while not bad, are a bit of a letdown.

    No, I’d keep those legs firmly up over my shoulders.

  55. Hey Leon, are you in Sumpter now or is that the empty lot?

    I’ve got a line on a jerb based in Detroit, but my territory would be the whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan, the whole state of Michigan.


    Don’t tell anyone.

  57. one of them, one of them…

  58. Sumpter was the old farm you can see in the flamethrower videos. Wife still has family near there in Wyandotte, but we’re in Niles now, just north of Granger, IN. The empty (giant) lot is in Comstock Twp, near Kalamazoo.

  59. If you can get to the north side of Detroit, you’d be in spitting distance of Carin.

    Or you could visit Hotspur in Dicksburrow.

  60. Just talk at this point.

  61. Pupster?

  62. Our frost-free hydrant froze. I’m praying it’s not damaged when it thaws out here tomorrow.

  63. Pupster writes for The Onion too?

  64. Happy Black History Month crackers

  65. I had a lazy day sneak up on me and had plans for vegging out which did not come to pass. I had to listen to Rowan bark at the work crew for two hours while shivering from all the door opening/closing for that entire time, write a big fat check to pay for the experience, lose power and cable/internet, pick up Ben who had to stay late which put me behind two buses dropping kids off every 100 yards and to cap it all off, I don’t have leftovers to eat with Paula working.

  66. At least the Polar Vortex is lifting

  67. Cool!


  68. someday mare is gonna ride that thing for the full 8

  69. First few days off next week are gonna be awesome! Monday supposed to maybe hit 50 degrees. Will be 3 degrees overnight tonight, then temps start to climb tomorrow. Yay!

  70. Gradual increase for the first few days next week. Our chance for 50 is Wednesday. Even high 30’s will seem tropical after this bullshit

  71. Only 4 weeks until March. Our average high by then will be 42 and the sun will be setting at 5:45.

  72. We’ll have to see what Phil says about his shadow on the morrow.

  73. He’s right 50% of the time.

    Coin Flip Phil.

  74. Holy carp, they’re turning on Northampton.

  75. Northam.

  76. I was standing outside today in the sun, 15 degrees, and it felt great.

    Also, I would like to rescind my left handed recommendation of AAA’s battery replacement service. The first guy showed up late, didn’t have a battery, and after offering a jump start, couldn’t figure out how to open the hood. Mrs. Pupster called AAA and after finally getting rescheduled, another guy came out, didn’t have a new battery either, but managed to open the hood, jump start the Lincoln, and after it ran for an hour I was able to start it a few times last night and drove it to work today.

  77. Did anybody have embarrassing yearbook photos surface today?

  78. What’s up, knuckledraggers? It’s been a while since I’ve hung around you discontents.
    Very nice pick for today. I prefer the quite classy first pic to the sluttier ones, but maybe I’m just turning into an old curmudgeon?

    How is everyone?
    Have I missed anything major? Has Car In killed a Bieber wannabe yet?
    I hope you are all well.


  80. “Holy carp, they’re turning on Northam”
    It’s about time this shit happened to a Dem. Those hypocritical bastard have ignored everything for decades. Ralphie shouldn’t be governor to begin with – but watch him dig in to protect himself…


  82. Your new coach looks like a total psychopath, Scott.

  83. Also, I think I might be gay for Larry Correia.

  84. Where have i been, Pupp?
    I tried to go balls deep in your mom and ended up getting lost for two weeks. Never again, brother. Never again.

  85. Well that is just hurtful.

  86. It’s only hurtful when he pees.

  87. NM is joining RI and NY as part of the Moloch Brigade. 10-4 committee vote along party lines.

  88. Going from promoting infanticide to getting caught in blackface next to a dude in a Klan outfit does not a good week make.

  89. The Partridge Family, this ain’t.

  90. someone help me out – what the year book stuff about?

  91. I don’t know, just got off work.

  92. Car in, the VA gov, when he was in med school, had a picture in his yearbook page of himself and someone else. One person was wearing blackface and the other was dressed up as a klansman.

  93. Dylan encouraged Ryan’s participation.

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