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  1. Toilet seat meme made me laugh to the point where Paula was concerned about my sanity.

  2. I hope Jam made it safely to Gobbler’s Knob and got to see Coin-Flip Phil make his prediction. They broadcast it live on Fox News this morning but I was neither drunk or hypothermic so I managed to tune it out.

  3. $100 tip last night on a $120 tab. It was NICE.

    wakey wakey

  4. Someone texted me after I went to bed, so my phone was beeping every 10 minutes last night until the battery died. That was weird, hearing it beep first thing this morning, checking it, and having the screen go blank.

  5. **round of applause for Larry Correia**

    I especially liked the line about “go give me another one-star rating on Goodreads, I’ll still sell books.”

  6. After what they did to Kavanaugh, Dems are still trying to say “oh that was years ago” with Northam. No can do, buckeroo.

  7. https://tinyurl.com/yahdhen3

  8. #1 Son is getting married today. Hopefully it will go as planned.

  9. Congrats Pepe!!!

  10. Married life has been great for me (6 weeks of it but who’s counting)!

    Congrats Señor Pepé

  11. https://is.gd/qFxxra

  12. Congratulations Pepe and Pepe Jr!

    Best wishes for the happy couple.

  13. Congrats, Pepe. I hope the bride came with a nice dowry or good birthing hips or both.

  14. Congratulations, Pepe! I wish the younger Mr. LePew many years of wedded bliss.

  15. What happens if the bride sees her shadow?

  16. youtu.be/Vw5S7dz4PRU

  17. “Lift with your legs” cracked me up pretty good. I’m not so sure about those ‘lessons you teach your kids’ things sometimes. My dad had me help him take parts off a car he said was abandoned (wink, wink) and was always stealing shit from work, but I grew up to be an annoying honest-girl-scout type. I feel shitty taking a free pen from the bank.

    Anyway, this Pepe LePew video has some hilarious quotes.

    “Come back…zee corned beef do not run away from zee cabbage!”

  18. Truly, one of the finest Warner Brothers ethnic stereotypes. While discussing business, I have had Frenchmen flirt with me aggressively on the phone. From France. Sight unseen. It’s just how they talk. But since I was thousands of miles away, I have no idea if they really do smell bad.

  19. Congratulations, Pepe, best wishes to the happy couple.

  20. Very happy for you and yours, Pepe!!!

  21. Whose turn is it to cut the bubblegum out of Roamy’s hair? I did it last week.

  22. Pupster deserves something special for his weekend memes posts.
    And by something special I mean…well let’s just say I think it was mentioned in one of this week’s memes.

    Don’t be gross I was referring to alcohol.

  23. Stupid autocorrect wanted to change Pupster to Punster.


  24. Mare, are you still on the beach in Hawaii? Did you ever get the lifeguards to stop trying to roll you back into the ocean?

    I hope they didn’t get sand on your doughnut again.

  25. Old married fart story: Mr. RFH and I had a delicious dinner in the French Quarter of NOLA and decided to walk some of it off by wandering down to Bourbon St. Might as well see what the hoopla is about. I had my purse in front of me, left hand holding the zipper closure and strap, right arm linked with Mr. RFH, walking in step. The street was blocked off to car traffic, and the sidewalks were crowded with partiers. (It must be wall-to-wall people at Mardi Gras, this was a weeknight.) So we’re walking in the street, various hucksters shouting at us to come look at the girls, come hear the jazz in their places. Ahead, we saw one woman with two large placards advertising some club, getting in people’s faces. A couple in front of us had been walking hand-in-hand, and the huckster somehow peeled the husband away from the wife, waving the placards in his face. He finally escaped, so the huckster turned towards us. Without a word, we held tighter arm-in-arm and basically bulldozed our way down the street. The startled look on her face as she kept backing up then finally gave way – that was priceless. I don’t know how we communicated that move, but I’m still laughing about that look.

  26. Hah, bubblegum in my hair reminds me of the last sleepover I had as a kid. Slime that came in a little green plastic garbage can was a big deal back then, and I got slime in my hair and in my sleeping bag.

  27. Scott and I never walk arm-in-arm. I would have been peeled off and robbed while he went to check out the club.

  28. I’m splitting up seed packs to share. I’ll have a list up soon, be happy to mail out a few packs to any of you, or do a swap.

  29. I’ve seen Bourbon Street on Halloween. Don’t want to imagine it at Mardi Gras.

  30. Or smell it.

  31. Mardi Gras 97 or 98 with a couple of retired NOLA homicide guys mucho funno. Immediate aftermath of Katrina…..not so much. Haven’t been back since.

  32. I was on a contract for LaRoche Industries…..remember Lyndon LaRoche?

  33. Wow. Groundhog is correct 40% of the time.

    Punxsutawney Pitiful.

  34. BroCav, yeah, I hadn’t really planned on stopping in NOLA until I was told the first Mardi Gras parade this year isn’t until Feb. 9. I figured this might be the only time it might not be overcrowded or hotter than hell, and I got a great deal on the hotel.

    TTroy, wow, Lyndon LaRouche is still alive. 96.

  35. I finally found my pumpkin seed jar, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice. I might try to start some seeds out in the big window in the workshop, but I’ll probably just buy starts for the rest of the plants, if I get a chance to put in a proper garden this year. I think building the chicken coop and fence quadrants has to come first, that will save me a lot of time and labor on ground preparation.

  36. I thought Mardi Gras was on Fat Tuesday (March 5 this year). Am I way off?

  37. Okay, I checked. Roamy has been hitting my shroom stash.

  38. It is March 5, but the partying starts a lot earlier.

  39. Dude, Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday.

  40. Bourbon Street doesn’t need much excuse to party, to be honest.

  41. No habla frances.

  42. You considered getting a pre built shed and retro fitting it for a coop? Thats somethig I was considering at one time.

  43. Martes grasa.

  44. And the hotel rates rise accordingly. The place we stayed is $400 a night end of February, “call for rates” on Mardi Gras itself. I used points and basically paid for parking, which was quite enough, it was $38 a day. NOLA knows how to gouge the tourist.

  45. Definitely an option, Troy, but I am still deciding if mobile or stationary are the way to go. If it’s stationary, I run the risk of needing a permit, and I need to make sure the birds can come and go to each quadrant one at a time. Mobile and I can move it elsewhere or between quadrants as needed, but the fence will need bigger gates.

  46. I’m bummed. After 30 years of living here, ive had every flavor of renter living next door.
    My favorites just moved out. His wife & kids moved back to Oregon a few months ago, but Josh just left on the 31st.
    I’m waiting to see what I’ll have next – with trepidation. Will it be another houseful of meth addicts?

  47. I think if I went to a costume party in high school I’d remember if I was the black dude or the KKK guy.

  48. And since his nickname was Coonman, I’d put my money on him being the black dude.

  49. Maybe Christine Blasey Ford was there and can help jog his memory.

  50. I went down to Nawlins a couple years after Katrina to do some work. Depressing as shit.
    Great people there. I never felt threatened or in danger (even in the fifth ward).
    Bourbon Street was all the crazy that youve ever heard about. If you’ve never been, i suggest you go just for the experience. You can say “i’ve been there.”
    Plus, tbe food is BANGIN’!

  51. Start a rumor the other guy was the Lt. Gov.

  52. Put it on skids, drag that booger where ya please. You considering doing your plot prep like those golks in the vid? With chickens and pigs?

  53. I’m on a tab and the typing interface and spell checks sucks….cause everybody knows “golks” is werd.

  54. The whole Northam thing seems like a setup to move the Overton window on sacrifices to Moloch then install a black Democrat governor in Virginia.

  55. Chi is correct, I don’t think there’s any such thing as bad food in Nola. I think I had the best oysters of my life.

  56. Probably just chickens to start, this may or may not be the right year to start on feeder pigs, and I don’t know that I want to put in a hefty enough fence for hogs. I’m fairly certain a half-dozen chickens can defoliate and shallow till a couple thousand square feet in a month or so, and I can loosen it with the broadfork after that.

  57. Was it the ninth sard, maybe? Wherever the supposedly “dangerous” part of the city is. That’s where we stayed.
    I never felt anything but welcome. I would visit again, but would avoid Bourbon Street. It’s a hot mess.

  58. Leon,
    Virginia already had the first black governor in the US.
    Doug Wilder. Late 80’s or early 90’s I think?

  59. I don’t like the Northam thing cause 30 fucking yrs ago. Same as Kavanaugh. Even though there is more “evidence” its just bullshit to hold someone to a social standard that didn’t apply at the time of the “offense”.

  60. I dont like the whole Northam thing because, well, Northam. He is just a continuation of the last administration. I’m happy (but surprised) that he’s in a world of shit.
    Virginia used be sane. Now we are replete with idiots. The suburbs of D.C. voted in that carpetbagging pice of crap Terry MacCauliff last time!

  61. TT, it was as racist in 1984 to do blackface or dress up in KKK robes as it is today. And since he’s a dem, I want to see him hounded out of office. I’m not vindictive, but I can wait.

  62. And, yeah, the yearbook editors totally took a photo that wasn’t Northam, and said, “Hey, let’s take this racist photo of a couple of totally random dudes and put it on Coonman’s page, so in 35 years we can get him booted out of the governor’s office.”

  63. This whole thing could be cleared up by asking Northam for his own copy of the yearbook. (You know he has it.) Then turn to that page and see what is written on it by his classmates. If he hasn’t destroyed his copy already, he’s a fucking idiot. It will burn him.

  64. Regarding Northam…first off, medical school? And he’s f*cking promoting infanticide? Second off, this picture has been out there for decades and NOW people are losing their shit over it AFTER he’s been voted in to public office to promote lynching black babies in the womb?
    You can’t tell me noone knew about this prior to this past week.

  65. https://tinyurl.com/yahc2okc

  66. Yeah, that was a med school yearbook. You’d think by then you would have wised up to the world and seeing your HS and college yearbooks become dated. HS 17 or 18. College 21 or 22. Med school 25 or 26 years old. I was in the same bubble world but sure as fuck knew how the world worked. Granted I was in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts and not down in Dixie but he should have known even more than I did about race relations.

  67. Beasn, in this article by John Nolte he alleges that the media knew about the photo, but because he’s a dem they just buried it under a rock.

    I believe that he is correct.

    Just like in the eight years Obama was in office, and until this very day, his college records have never seen the light of day.

  68. I’m pretty sure Ace has discussed the idea that the Dems, free from scrutiny by the media, allow things to go unexamined and are surprised when things go sideways.

  69. Charles Dowding says not to loosen the soil. You should listen to him, because he has an English accent.

  70. Oddly enough, i still haven’t seen the photos. And I live right here in Virginia. I just know the story.
    I simply love the fact that a Dem is finally catching some shit. And that he’s digging his heels in – he will be going down soon I’m sure.

  71. Honestly, with all the clay I can’t likely loosen it much, I’ll probably just rake mounds for my rows and be done with it. I do want to loosen under the starts a little bit so they don’t end up root bound.

  72. he alleges that the media knew about the photo, but because he’s a dem they just buried it under a rock.

    So only democrats do background checks?

  73. Clay is awesome. Your plan is good. Just let your chickies kill the tough weeds, pile on your compost and watch it grow food. Just never leave clay uncovered.

  74. It won’t stay uncovered and un-chickened for more than a day. I think the timeline is to build the coop and fence in March, buy birds in April, let them destroy the first quadrant in May after it’s warm and they have their real feathers, move the birds to quadrant 2 and then plant the garden on Memorial Day weekend.

  75. Horse manure heaps figure in any of this? Supposed to be great for micorrhizae.

  76. Wow. Maroon 5 is doubling down on the social justice bs during the half time show.

    I’m working, so doubtful I’ll be watching. But I think it’s important that as many of as possible – who are watching – turn THE ACTUAL channel during the half time show.

  77. Isn’t the puppy bowl on then?

    Did I tell you guys I’m babysitting a puppy in two weeks? I’M SO EXCITED.

  78. Horse manure heaps will form the basis of the pumpkin patch.

  79. Last night, not only did I get a $100 tip, but I also made an easy $50 for picking up a shift sunday night. Pat’s a little put out, but honestly, it’s not as if we have plans. I’ll be home around half time, most likely. The restaurant is usually DEAD DEAD DEAD.

  80. Crossfit this morning, and I dragged a friend there. We had a nutritionist speak after the workout, and I stayed although really I knew most everything. She had a few nice pointers, but I most just stayed to support the cult.

  81. What kind of puppy, Car in? Moose is gonna eat the puppy.

  82. I had errands to run. As far as black face being racist, I give you C Thomas Howell in the 1986 film titled “Soul Man”. Apparently Hollywood didn’t consider blackface racist in the 80s.

    I’m not holding this guy to a social standard that didn’t exist. I’d gladly shoot him in the face for his position on abortion. But not the blackface. It also occurs to me I know nothing of the context of the photo, was this in costume in character for some stupid college play?

  83. Golden! Moose is going to eat the puppy… WITH LOVE.

  84. This is how puppy visitor dynamic goes at our house. Puppy sees Oschi – who appears to be a much more appropriately sized friend. Puppy will spend the first 5 or 6 hours trying to Oschi to play … and Oschi will be polite but increasingly intolerant. Puppy, being a puppy, will completely miss the “leave me alone” cues.

    Meanwhile … Moose is looking and begging the puppy to play with HIM. Puppy balks. Because … he’s … huge.

    When Pupper finally realizes that Oschi is NOT going to play, out of desperation he’ll turn to Moose, and he will then learn that actually Moose KNOWS how to play with little dogs. He’s NEVER played with anything even close to his own size. He’ll lie on his back, or side etc.

    Happiness reigns.

  85. I’m pretty sure Oschi scared the last pupper into hiding in the basement finally, and I had to carry him up and basically GIVE him to Moose.

    Oschi is pretty patient, but she does eventually kind of loses her shit.

  86. Fun!! You’re going to have a golden retriever puppy! Covered in spit!

    Ha ha ha, I kid. But it is going to be covered in spit.

  87. Just to prove how old I am:

  88. Sausage, egg & cheese sammich for lunch. (Two yolks)
    Fried chicken livers are on the menu for dinner.
    Suck it, arteries!

  89. Beef enchiladas here. Scott’s working his ass off in the cold.

  90. …for our worst customer. Probably for free, knowing that jackass.

  91. Ben picked up a turntable and has been scoping out my record pile. I’ve got a good foot wide pile of records from my youth, college and med school days, a few from my older brother, younger brother and a few random ones I have no idea where they came from.

  92. We just threw away a shittonne of vinyl a coupletree years ago.

  93. After the cold, pay has been super busy. Every day they try to acquire more product for the shit tone if people coming through the door.

  94. Made these again today.


    F yeah.

  95. Car In should teach her daughter and all her suitors an appreciation for old vinyl.
    Whomever picks out the Steely Dan album first gets to date her.

  96. Wedding in a couple of hours.

    Penelope: Wear nice jeans and a black shirt.
    Me: Black shirt? Other than a T shirt, I’ve never owned a black shirt in my life.
    Penelope: Maybe you can borrow one.
    Me: WTF?

    This from a woman who has been with me for 35+ years. SMH.

  97. I’ll be making Instapot baby back ribs in about an hour.

    Tomorrow I’m making sous vide rack of lamb for four. I’ve never made lamb.

  98. Black, to a wedding? Does she not like the bride?

  99. It occurs to me that maybe with other people/ the current day, color is not as symbolic at certain events as it used to be.

  100. Sous vide rack of lamb might be TOO tender!! Wow. Scott did a boneless leg on the grill the same way that he slow-smokes roast beef and it was outstanding.

    I can only imagine how a rack turns out sous vide. The jus will be amazing, with the bones releasing their marrow in there.

    Are you free-wheeling it, or did you find a recipe?

  101. I’m using a recipe from the Anova app.

  102. Anova has a great recipe website.

  103. I’ll probably make meatballs tomorrow for lunches next week. That and maybe a roast.

  104. I am so full after a couple egg & sausage sammiches that I can’t even take a nap.
    Somebody please come over here and fry up these chicken livers while I recline on the couch!

  105. I have the Anova app on my phone because it’s how I control and monitor the unit. So the recipes are right on my phone. Very handy.

  106. Amazon had my Instapot on sale for one day last Thursday for $40 off $79.95 instead of $119.95.

  107. Lot of extra enchilada filling left over. Gonna do those Pupster fathead dough empanadas with it. BOOYAH.

    Think I should tart up the dough with garlic powder, cumin, etc.

  108. Just finished a pork roast with mushroom gravy, taters, and salad.
    Cooked the pork last night cause I knew we’d be at the house today.

    Laid the cement board down…with thinset. Hated it. And will hate it even more when I have to lay our beautiful tiles. I’ve got small hands and have a hard time maneuvering the trowel same as I did with the large icing spreader at the bakery.

    Imma make sure those are all cut and ready to go before mixing the mud. Mr. B. is not bendy.

  109. Cooked that pork as in old school low and slow, pot on the stove.

  110. I’m making jambalaya tomorrow In honer of the Saints who got schlonged by the 3 Blind Refs.

  111. I love these Winter food threads

  112. I want gumbo, but I have no smoked sausage, and I’m not going anywhere near a grocery store tomorrow.

    I have been to two weddings where the bridesmaids wore black. One of those, the bride was sobbing as she walked down the aisle. Groom kissed her on the nose when she got to the front of the church and made her laugh through the tears. I think they are still married. At a nephew’s wedding, his new mother-in-law wore black. She was batshit crazy, interrupting their first dance and other weirdness.

  113. Beasn, next time you are at Home Depot grab a pair of Gorilla Gloves.

    They are cheap and they help a lot.

  114. From the mothership movie thread. I larfed and thought of Rosetta.

    54 I’m the original Been Her
    Posted by: Chaz Bono

  115. Hahaha, I liked the Hillary as Tonya Harding one. Thanks, ChrisP

  116. Just got back from #1 son’s wedding. Went well. Way too many people for me. His bride is very sweet. They are very well matched, hopefully it will work for them.

  117. https://www.thekitchn.com/most-popular-super-bowl-snacks-266524

    This is bullshit. Ain’t no way the most popular dish or trend or whatever for the Super Bowl in Mississippi is granola bars.

    I would say wings for Alabama, but they do make white chicken chili here. I never even heard of buffalo chicken dip until “The Kitchen” on the Food Network made it this morning.

  118. Glad it went well, Pepe.

  119. “Derrieres everywhere!” Raoul panted.

  120. https://tinyurl.com/y7f5fp3r

  121. I’m glad things went well at the ceremony, Pepe. I wish the happy couple many blissful years.

    I’m taking Boy1 to work in a bit, then I’m going cook some fathead dough into pizzas, empanadas, and crackers. Mrs. Pupster is going to make her world famous bread and dip, and then I will become a fan of The Los Angeles Rams for a few hours.

    Life, she is good.

  122. Oooh, now that the non-homeless are getting sick, maybe they’ll do something? Nah, they’ll just raise taxes and wring their hands.


  123. Just saw that a mining tailings dam collapsed last week in Brazil, over 100 people dead. Glad my niece is out of that country.


  124. I’m working a double today. Pat’s already left for work.


    (new boy over last night … I don’t know what the deal with that was – Not new, as in a friend for a while, but he was over solo. Will update as needed)

    wakey wakey

  125. I think I need to bring some cards against humanity for the later part of today’s shift. it’s usually pretty ded.

  126. Gonna be 40 degrees today, 50 tomorrow.
    Fuck you, ice

  127. Since I haven’t watched an NFL game in two years (don’t miss it at all which is kind of surprising but shows what useless garbage we can fill our time with*) how is Maroon 5 jacking up the SJW bullshit?

    * I live in a climate with lots of outdoor options for things to do and others may be trapped inside more.

    And I still watch the useless garbage called college football…a lot.

  128. The band was urged to cancel – you know, because of Kapernick. They didn’t but said that the ‘voices would be heard’ in their performance.

    NFL cancelled their interview with the press yesterday, so I imagine they’re doing damage control.

  129. “He added he consulted many people before making the decision to perform amid the controversy over the NFL’s handling of players like Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem. “I silenced all the noise and listened to myself and made my decision based upon how I felt.”

    He says the band is doing the show to make sure people of color and others who don’t feel like their voices are being heard understand, “We got you.”

    He added, “They will be heard – that’s all I want to say because I don’t want to spoil anything.”

  130. Yes, those voices who think police target sweet, innocent, black men are NEVER heard.

    FFS these people are nuts.

  131. If that Moron 5 guy wears a number 7 jersey everyone should shut off their tv’s FOREVER.

  132. Leon, I know you’re doing important things like Church and family today, however, this is REALLY important -I’m taking a TBS of cod liver oil daily to help with omega 3 and 6 ratios, am I doing any good?

  133. Mare, I’m not watching it either. I used to be interested in the ads, but Gillette has killed that.

  134. Laughing my ass off at liberal cousin who frets about climate change but flew to Mexico for a spa vacation. Buy some carbon credits!

  135. Sumo oranges are out!

    Sumo oranges are out!

  136. That’s funny Scott. I actually bought two last year and enjoyed them. Last week I was looking through the citrus area for them. Like everything else in the NE it’ll come to Maine a day late and a dollar higher

  137. Roamy’s Kitchn link said paella was Maine’s most popular food item for the game. Yeah, bullshit

  138. 7 sumo oranges for $20 at Whole Paycheck. Scott: “We need more of these. I’m coming back tomorrow.”

    Holy shit. I think he likes these things.

    We wandered around and gawped at all the various food bars and offerings. I kind of can’t even believe that place. So much really nice stuff, it’s bewildering.

  139. Gawked. We gawked. What’s gawp? Is that a word?

  140. Too much gawping kilt it.

    Carin hates you all so much.

  141. I’m making some fathead hot pockets with last night’s extra beef enchilada filling. This is the dough with the egg in it, kind of harder to handle than the eggless version. See what happens. I’ll let you know how they freeze, Pupster. I’ll make an eggless batch to compare, too.

  142. (she still hates you)

  143. According to the internet, gawp is the British word for gawk, maybe with a little more rudeness.

  144. I got an ocular migraine going, and I hate this.

  145. Ugh, sorry Roamy. Is it a painful one or just visual symptoms?

  146. Just visual, but it’s a big portion. Glad I’m not driving.

  147. I still use the egg when I make mine, Lauraw, but keep me posted. I promised Boy2 hawaiian pizza when he gets off work. I’ll make my own sausage mushroom and then we’ll all pig out on fathead pizza for kickoff. 40 degrees outside, feels like spring. Thanks Phil!

    I hope you start feeling better by kickoff, Roamy. Migraines suck.

    Last year the commercials were terrible and the tone was all SJW preachy. If they double down on the bullshit this year I’m out for good. Probably.

  148. Getting ready to put the rack of lamb in the water bath.

  149. Whew, finally went away.

  150. Putting some garlic powder and herbs in the fathead dough is a winner, along with adding a small amount of some other flavorful cheese like shredded cheddar or parmesan.

  151. Gawping is gawking with your mouth hanging open to your chest.

  152. Mare AI

  153. Likely at least a little bit of good, Mare, but you need to store it carefully to keep it from going rancid. Fridge is best.

  154. Thanks, Leon I definitely keep it in the fridge.

    When I go to Whole Foods I’m always overwhelmed. I can’t spend the money on all the good things so I end up leaving with a stupid bar of soap or something just as weird and that’s all. The only way for me to successfully shop at Whoke Foods is:

    1. Win the lottery
    2. Still be overwhelmed
    3. Dumbass

  155. Whoke Foods……HAHAHHHHAAA

    dumbass indeed.

    But I’m not as overwhelmed at Whoke Foods it’s similar to Shop and Save.

  156. But it’s more Social Justicy.

  157. Whole Paycheck.

    Though I still want to go there because I’m told they sell Nom Nom Paleo’s Magic Mushroom Powder.

  158. Hey, I wouldn’t mind trying that, Roamy!

  159. She has a really simple roast chicken thigh recipe that uses it. You can make your own powder if you can find dried porcini mushrooms.

  160. Trader Joe’s now has a mushroom powder for seasoning.

  161. Congratulations to the #1 Son Pepe.

  162. We ate at Jerry’s Cafe in Gallup. Only white people in the place. (Dan says I cannot play the Messican Card) I had the carnitas stuffed sopaipilla. Smothered Red. The sopa was stuffed with guacamole, tomatoes, carmelized onions, and roasted and chopped jalapeños. Sour Cream on top. It was amazing.

  163. My mom is excited that we will be in Vegas. I know that my TMI late night bourbon infused posts have entertained y’all with my night terrors. I had a severe one last night. Passed it off. As we’re leaving NM, Dan asked me “Who was ‘The Killer’ and where was ‘here’?” I started to explain and Dan didn’t want a window into my dreamscape. We were the only people on the 4th floor. He is always happy when he doesn’t have to Dansplain my screams.

  164. I thought sopaipilla was a dessert. Is it just fried dough, and the drizzled honey makes it a dessert?

  165. And the big pile of ice cream on top.

  166. Oooh, I forgot about the ice cream. Been a long time since Chi-Chi’s was open here.

  167. Sopaipilla is the lady on the dollar coin.

  168. The building I took dates to here that housed Chi Chis apparently became a Japanese restaurant in the interim decades since my departure for college, then subsequently went bust again. I’ve seen signs that someone is doing rehab on the building again, so we’ll see what it next incarnate as in the spring, I suspect.

  169. place in OK (El Palacio) had the best sopapillas

  170. I’d rather have a fresh apple fritter.

  171. Fried dough. If it doesn’t rise it is Indian Fry Bread. Staple in NM Pueblo and Mexican cooking.

  172. Check out Indian Tacos.

  173. Scott is close.

  174. Showroom full of people. Gladys steps up after schooling SJWs and every AA in Showroom gives Ms Knight respect. Only Asians and Polynesians sit out the anthem. Just like the Aloha Stadium experience Dan and I had.

  175. I don’t know what happened, but my parents were touring the West and got food poisoning from “Navajo tacos” in NM or AZ. 30 years later, and you can still get my dad angry about it.

  176. So far I’ve made nothing off my SB squares.

  177. First time I ever heard of fry bread was in this movie


    It was pretty good, if you have a chance to see it watch it. Probably not worth buying.

  178. So, does Romo breaking down all the plays mean we’re gonna hear Aikman do it next year too?

  179. The 3-0 square can win it all.

  180. 3-0 had a good run.

  181. Bud Light uses no corn syrup, but it uses rice. Same thing, chemically.

  182. If you’re drinking Bud Light do you really care what the ingredients are?

  183. Speaking of rice, my jambalaya was pretty darn good.

  184. Roamy, I’m betting on bad lettuce. I never salad my Mexican food.

  185. $15 Bud Bucket. Fix is in for Cheatriots. Lots of yelling.

  186. Jimbro, my Grammo made crappy Sopas. They didn’t rise. She sold them as fry bread for 70 years. She’s the original Liawatha. Didn’t get Harvard money.

  187. Jambalaya sounds really good. Wonder if there’s any andouille in the freezer…

  188. Rams D line is gassed.

  189. Still watching pro Pat calls that have no back up.

  190. Paula (not superstitious at all, nope, not at all) has a sheet where she does different exercises for TD’s, FG’s, safeties, interceptions and fumble recoveries. She’s working in the morning so watching it upstairs. After the interception I could hear “Shit!” and she ran down to check her sheet and then knocked out 10 push ups. As for myself, I took a sip of whiskey.

  191. Burpees


  192. Saints fans are happy

  193. *renews membership in Tom Brady Fan Club*

  194. I honestly didn’t see this coming for most of the season. Post season had me believing.

    Fire up the duck boats

  195. Don’t ever reject Belichick.

  196. DERB

  197. They score 13 and hold the opponent to 3 and an offensive player gets mvp?

  198. Snowing harder, now. Taking a lot longer for the flakes to melt when they they hit the pavement.
    Anita may not hit the gym tomorrow morning…

  199. Wow, NBC focusing on Trump’s golf outings during the negotiations coming up during the week. Not a word about Puerto Rico.

  200. Didn’t care about the game, but it was an excuse to chill with friends and their family who I love like my own family, so a good game for me :)

  201. For Leon

  202. Danielle effortlessly reciprocated pleasantries.

  203. MMM in about 16 minutes.

  204. We did a total score contest at the gym, but I didn’t see it until after the game started – I was at work. My guess? 16.

    but I put it in too late.

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