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Your model for today was born in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA on February 27th, 1992.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 342534 and 120 lbs.  Please check your face, check your hair,  check your wardrobe, check your decor, and fall in love with Miss Alyssa Arce!






  1. Big?

    Check, check and check

    Lovely lass with excellent ball technique!

  2. Black Pistol Fire: “Oh Well / Where You Been Before”


  3. No music exists today other than Tool.


  4. this is my pre-listening listening. I mean, it’s the first listening, but before I really dig into it, I need to give it a once over.

    I may take it for a run.

  5. Star has an upset tummy. She ate the fingers off one of my work gloves and I think that’s the cause. It might also be the rolls of toilet paper she gets out of the closet to gnaw on. Either way, she barked to go out 3 times in the night and has been out 4 times so far this morning. I’ll be closing off all the doors upstairs and as many as possible downstairs while I’m gone this morning.

  6. And by “work gloves” I mean leather gloves for yard work, not latex gloves used at work work which would be an unusual thing for me to have around the house if you know what I mean.

    Always nice to have an album that rewards repeated listens.

  7. This lovely is 2 months younger than my youngest. Which makes me feel dirty.

  8. well, not all the boobs are here. I just showed up, for instance.

  9. I have a hell of a time finding work gloves. Either the fingers are too long or the palms are too narrow. The “one size” gloves I found at Lowe’s aren’t too bad, but I had some decent, well-worn leather ones from Wilson’s that I really liked. Sadly, they went the way of all flesh.

  10. So … what are the chances that a liberal, college professor, living in Austin Tx … would have a transgender child?

    This is the kid of a childhood friend. Changed name from Lilly to Danny, activism has already started (the kids is 13?) – getting businesses to have non-gendered bathrooms, etc.

    Are liberals really such sheep? Is it in the water they drink? Do you think there is pressure (even among the children) to “be different” in some way?

  11. Are liberals really such sheep? Is it in the water they drink? Do you think there is pressure (even among the children) to “be different” in some way?

  12. Someone should really look into it. Honestly. I mean, I’m sure the view would be that liberals are simply more “open” to their child’s sexuality … bla bla bla bullshit.

    There was a girl my daughter played soccer with. VERY boyish. We were sure she was going to be a lesbian, and if ever there was a child that would be labeled trans, it was her.

    Then puberty hit. Everything solved itself.

    Why can’t these fucking parents WAIT. Why are they identifying their children sexually when they are still very immature. I didn’t let my 9 year old make any major decision for them-self, let along something like this.

  13. Wow. Now that’s a wake-up call.
    Nice job, pupster.

  14. Why can’t these fucking parents WAIT. Why are they identifying their children sexually when they are still very immature.

    I assume you’re familiar with Munchausen by proxy? These people are desperate to be special in some way. Rather than achievement or service, they’ve chosen infirmity.

  15. I imagine it also makes them feel special among their tribe.

    “Oh, yes one of my children is transgender …”

    “Really??!!! How interesting …”

    bla bla bla…

    The parents get a special badge for being so brave and supportive, etc. And the kid gets a LOT of attention. It is interesting because they have two kids, a little over a year apart. The trans kid is younger, and you basically NEVER hear about the other one.

    Normies. I mean, boring, right?

  16. I was trying to remember the name of the other kid – and I had to scroll and scroll for ANYTHING about the other one. Past posts about the trans kid cooking things. ANd performing. Over and over. I wonder how long until the older kid finds a way to get her parent’s attention?

  17. Plus, if you have liberal friends, a tranny kid is a status symbol.

    Kennedy wouldn’t recognize this party. Hell, Mondale wouldn’t.

  18. Pornhub needs to be sued in the states where “gay conversion therapy” is criminal. I suspect the statutes are written broadly enough that all the “making you gay” genre vids qualify.

  19. Our book keeper has a childhood friend that has decided that she’s a he. Apparently they still see this person. Anyway, over the weekend “he” was bitching that he’ll meet women, and things will be going fine until they find out “he” doesn’t actually have a penis. That is apparently bullshit.

    Biology and fact are bullshit.

    This is a hard lesson for people.

  20. Even the most liberal folks (on my time line) talks the acceptance line, but then when you ask them if they’d date a transgender, or that they should consider it, they say hell no.

    Why are people (activists) pretending that this is a thing? There is certainly a clash coming.

  21. Was it here, or facedouche that I read about No Gay Genes (actually, 1% of genes, and 8-25% of genetics, however they figured that equation out).

  22. Well, Car in, you certainly can’t talk about it, since that would be insensitive, huh?

  23. So, they weren’t born that way? Weird. I really bought that one.

  24. Adam Jones did a podcast with that Chris Jericho dude and it was super interesting. He’s always really quiet and reserved on stage (he says he’s always counting time, etc – lol), but he gave a great interview and apparently isn’t the introvert people expect.

  25. Yes on the sheep and the attention. Co-worker’s daughter decided she was a lesbian, and I’m pretty sure that was a cry for attention when her parents were getting divorced. That wasn’t enough, so now she is transgender and still crying for attention. I hope she doesn’t end up in the 40% that commit suicide, she’s already attempted at least once that I know of.

    Someone made the point about if you absolutely must be open to dating a transgender or you’re a hater, then it’s okay to tell a gay man he should try dating women.

  26. you can’t tell a gay man anything, now. It’s a hate crime.

  27. omeone made the point about if you absolutely must be open to dating a transgender or you’re a hater, then it’s okay to tell a gay man he should try dating women.

    Or tell a gay man he should date a female to male trans. A few years ago, when my gay friends were still honest about this (before they realized the big tent rule) – they expressed complete mystification regarding trans folk and probably would have agreed it’s mental illness.

    There simply has to be a bit of self hate in trans identity. Find the source of the hate, and perhaps they could be mentally healthy and happy with the ONLY gender they will ever truly be.

  28. A Faceplant friend I thought was conservative has gone off the deep end on climate change. Long rant about how we’re going to be apologizing to our kids about leaving the Paris Accord and all our other sins. IPCC is holy writ. I should respond, but I don’t feel like stirring up shit today.

  29. A facedouche friend of mine things that we should sue our politicians over climate change. That the UN should take over.

  30. No shit stirring today. It’s Tool day.

  31. I think I found a bouncy house for Lapeerpalooza 3: The revenge of Moose on the Beer Tree Seeds:

  32. Is it a bad time to remind you to limit your use of plastics? We aren’t going to shrink the US contribution to global plastic waste from 1% to, umm, .5% if we don’t make an extreme effort.

  33. The next major glaciation will likely destroy my house. It can’t come soon enough.

  34. Is it a bad time to remind you to limit your use of plastics? We aren’t going to shrink the US contribution to global plastic waste from 1% to, umm, .5% if we don’t make an extreme effort.

    Cities use most of the disposable plastic. Abolish cities. For the Childrentm.

  35. Jay, Ace linked to that article.

    It sounds a lot like what I’ve figured for a while: there are a whole bunch of genes that play a role in sexuality, so any hope of finding a “gay gene” is BS.

  36. I feel like I ought to remind him of this the next time he flies on vacation, to ask him if he made up for his Gaia-abuse by buying carbon credits or some shit. Screw my kids’ future, we have to go to Disney!

  37. The trans activism, especially the whole trans dating thing, is about power. They want to humiliate straights, especially straight men. Or they’re predators who want access to women and get off on the idea that their victims cannot fight back.

  38. Ask these climate-change cultists where 95% of the garbage in the oceans comes from. Ask them who the largest contributors to air pollution are.

  39. This morning I get the distinct pleasure of visiting a drs office where the dr (i presume) will insert a straw sized medical device into my urethra pushing past my prostate into my bladder and then navigating to my left ureter where he will grab a plastic tube that has been placed in my ureter and remove it. All sans anesthesia. Cant really express how much im looking forward to this… hoping for a light dose of versed. I did this once years ago in a office environment, it did not go well. That which does not kill you makes you stronger…..right?

    *Puts on mission face

  40. buying carbon credits

    Buying indulgences, anyone? And no one thought the Catholic Church knew what it was doing in the Middle Ages.

  41. We should also abolish China and large parts of India.

    For the Childrentm.

  42. Split China and India into multiple parts.

    Abolish the EU and restore national sovereignty.

    The world would be a better place.

    You could probably make the same argument for the US. It would be better off divided into three our four countries.

  43. Buying indulgences, anyone? And no one thought the Catholic Church knew what it was doing in the Middle Ages.

    A few parishes in the late middle ages when they needed money for construction, and when Rome found out they sent a warning of excommunication if the practice continued. I’ve got a Manual of Indulgences on my shelf, and they do not get you out of Hell, they get you less “time” in Purgatory. Reading them, you get a sense of why: most of them are practices designed to help you achieve holiness. Things like reading scripture (what, Catholics don’t read the bible!?), attending daily masses, praying the Rosary, giving alms. No indulgence gets you out of Hell, none, not even plenary, since the acquisition of any indulgence requires that you be in a state of grace in the first place. Even a plenary indulgence is only available to you if you’re in a state of grace and free from all attachment to sin. Nuances like this are often lost on the sub-literate and illiterate, but they are the constant teaching of the Church.

    The modern climate change scam is just a scam. Don’t soil indulgences with that brush.

  44. So they’re making a sequel to The Young Pope, called “The New Pope”. The trailer does not give me hope.

  45. I saw the Young Pope open for the Invaders at The Border in 18!

  46. It’s like they never want me to watch television ever again.

  47. labyrinthian 10-minute think pieces
    Is he making music or taking a crap?

  48. The Young Pope was actually sort of interesting, because the main character was an unapologetic hard-line conservative Catholic and was portrayed as intelligent and pious. It was the liberals who were corrupt hypocrites.

  49. 80% of the Left’s shit is based on lies. The remaining 20% is simply based on misinterpreted facts. Top it off with an upper echelon that knows it’s all BS but finds it useful and you have all you need to know about how the Leftists, well I’d say “think” but there ain’t much “thinking” going on.

  50. Something for Car in next year.

  51. 100 miles is not gonna happen.

    I need to go lay down. Tool announced their tour and tickets go on sale next friday.

    I need a paper bag to breath into, and then I need to go lay down.

  52. 100 miles is nothing. That’s like… half a Tool song in length.

  53. Now I could get behind this chick.

  54. We need an intervention with Carin – before it”s too late. She’s running out of time here.

  55. Teeroy, I’m guessing you’ll get the Urojet or some equivalent thing. Before the turn of the century when I was actually tasked with placing Foley catheters I’d the nurse couldn’t do it we’d squirt this combo of lubricant mixed with 2% xylocaine right down the pee hole, penile urethra in the words of my people. After that it was smooth sailing. A little Versed would help as well. Good luck 🍀

  56. I’d the nurse = if the nurse

  57. The other magic trick was the Coudé catheter. Little angle at the tip to get past a hypertrophic prostate.

    After all this pee pee talk you’re going to be begging Carin for more Tool-talk

  58. Did someone ask for more Tool talk?

  59. It’s not just the little schools now, it’s gone to Division 1 level.

    Male transgender enters women’s competition this year.

    Eastwood’s personal best in the 800 meters is 1:55.23. That’s almost four seconds faster than the collegiate record of 1:59.10 set by Raevyn Rogers in 2017.

    Her personal best in the 1500 is 3:50.19. Jenny Simpson’s collegiate record, unchallenged for a decade, is almost 10 seconds slower (3:59.90).

    Eastwood has run 14:38.80 in the 5,000, far ahead of Simpson’s collegiate record of 15:01.70.

  60. LOL, good timing on my part, since the article I linked can probably be tied directly to Jay’s. As sports have become less about personal development of students athletes and more about scholarships and access to good schools, parents and athletes are doing whatever they can to game the system. Transgender athletes are merely an extreme example of this.

  61. I have been SAYING THIS FOR YEARS. Do you guys even listen to me?

    Before kids enter high school, they tend to participate in youth sports leagues, which have become one big pay-to-play machine. It’s now common for high-income parents to pull their kids out of the local soccer or baseball leagues and write thousand-dollar checks to join super-teams that travel to play similar kids several counties away. As I wrote last year, it’s not a crime for parents to spend money on their children. But as travel teams hoard talented (and, typically, high-income) kids, they leave behind desiccated local leagues with fewer resources and fewer players. As a result, many low-income children lose the sports habit (or never gain it to begin with), and simply stop playing altogether by the time they get to high school.

  62. I have been SAYING THIS FOR YEARS. Do you guys even listen to me?

    We never listen to you.

    BTW, did everyone know that Tool released their latest album today? You should all listen to it, because it’s awesome!

  63. You guys really should listen to me. Occasionally I have some fuckin knowledge.

  64. But seriously, I’ve heard the same complaints as Car in about kids’ sports for years as well. My aunt had three boys in baseball and they were constantly on travel teams, going to clinics, etc.

  65. I used to be on a travel team for baseball. I had to travel to the next town for practice. We won sectionals for 20 years.

  66. Twenty years on a travel team? Man, how long did it take for you to graduamacate high school?

  67. Most of it was travel time, duh.

  68. They played matches against teams on Alpha Centauri.

  69. That or they kept going through ATL and CHI.

  70. Then were rerouted through Globe.

  71. When I get a kid with pushy parents who tell me all about their various travel teams and how the kid simply must not miss any significant time due to injury I steer them right to the sports medicine practices.

    “Hmm, you’re right. We obviously need to get Chad (or Becky) to the specialist asap”

  72. Procedure went pretty smooth. They did what Jimbro described (tube full of lidocaine) little bit of discomfort post procedure but nothing hairy.

  73. Excellent. Now we can focus exclusively on Tool, the music group that released an album today.

  74. For Ben’s first day of school today his buddies wanted him to bring Chick-Fil-A lemonade in to drink in the cafeteria before classes began. He bought a gallon jug at the restaurant yesterday and brought it with him. His friends consider him some kind of a hero for working there.

  75. So, which is everyone’s favorite song so far?

  76. The Division Bell

  77. Roll with the Changes (Keep on Rollin’).

  78. “Merry Christmas from the Family”

  79. Epic

  80. Three Catz F&kNG II: Electric Boogaloo

  81. Freebird

  82. Resolved: if The Star Spangled Banner is ever removed as the US National Anthem, we should replace it with Freebird.

  83. Not “America: Fuck Yeah!”?

  84. Our troops should go into battle blaring this version.

  85. Freebird is more redneckish and will piss off the left.

  86. Pork and clams tonight. My little brother texted me out of the blue last week and said he wanted some Portuguese food.

    *rubs hands together*

  87. So, you bury a pig in the sand, let it sit for a long time, then dig it up with clams?

  88. “Pork and clams” is a euphemism.

  89. I porked your mom’s clam.

  90. I know. Afterwards she had to go to the doctor and get a shot and prescription for a topical ointment.

  91. Do y’all use hoverzoom or some other gif previewer plug-in?

    I’m asking because I put these posts together with all the gif links to work best with hoverzoom, and I wondered if you guys were previewing or clicking through or just scrolling through to the comments.

    I can make all the links open in new tabs.

  92. I used to use it, pups, but it hasn’t worked on links for a while, so I’ve been skipping it, until I had time. Which is never.

  93. and now that you mention it, I go in, and see chrome has shut it off for violating policy. Switch it on, and it works again.

  94. dead dead DEAD!

  95. Hey guys, was there a release of a musical nature today?

  96. I use Hover Zoom+ on Firefox.

  97. I am melting out here. Pepe has a refrigerated room in Las Vegas. I’m sitting here in front of a fan. Swamp Cooler on. 95 outside. 17% humidity. 82 inside. Dropping to 65 around 4AM. Guess who works at 4AM? Can’t even open windows for the Diva. We get home too late for her to benefit from dry and low temps.

  98. I have received the betty burger green light from the prospective consumers. Grocery list updated.

  99. Thanks for the feedback Jim and Jay.

    Today’s model didn’t make the impact I thought she would, I was afraid that I oversaturated the blog with her gifs.

  100. Holy crap, she’s got a killer bod.

  101. The Betty is awesome. Let us know, Pups.

  102. I work with a twit who schedules meetings for 3:30 on a Friday before a 3-day weekend.

  103. I wondered if you guys were previewing or clicking through

    I preview first, click through if the gif doesn’t move.

    That first gif of her in the pool is pretty hawt. (the “today” link, ICYMI)
    I need to perfect that look, Mr. RFH would follow me anywhere.

  104. I work with a twit who schedules meetings for 3:30 on a Friday before a 3-day weekend.

    This is actually a good time to schedule an off-site strategic planning session. With tequila, chips and queso.

  105. I need to perfect that look, Mr. RFH would follow me anywhere.

    A nice sandwich on a plate with cheetos works too.

  106. The only thing that saved the meeting was that it was about an experiment for the moon. Don’t know that it will ever fly, but it’s an interesting concept.

  107. I bought 450 thread counts on sale. Replacing the 1000 thread counts on clearance from Tuesday Morning. Pray for Oso

  108. The only sheets I ever cared about were a soft thin flannel, so nice on those southern Canada nights. I think they were retired to the back of the linen closet when we moved.

  109. I am in total terror about Minneapolis trip. Freaking out. We haz tickets. I am terrified of Little Mogadishu. Last trip for baseball had multiple baseball cops on the metro.

  110. #RIP45 is trending on twitter. It’s about this #45:

    As you might imagine the anti Trumpsters are having a field day with it.

  111. puffy or crunchy?

  112. wha? twin cities?

  113. Four-Point Elk(8-Point, if’n you’re East of the Mississippi.) just came across the road to check for apples. Boy, did that stop traffic. He was quite the handsome young man…

  114. Take an Uber, stay off the tracks. MN is actually full of very nice, good hearted people, and a small percentage of idiot inbred imported savages. Lyft might be better.

  115. Ah, burlesque. Excessively tattooed women doing weird skits while topless. The last one was a hula hooper.

  116. Fire dancing. No musicality, no tits.

  117. ey guys, was there a release of a musical nature today?

    You people are hopeless.

  118. Talked to liberal gay guy at work. Trans people do NOT have him, and he’s as liberal as they come. Everyone at work is mystified by the trans agenda.

  119. Dammit. Can’t sleep.

    I’ve been on borrowed time for two years. Time’s about to run out if I don’t come up with something soon and it’s my own damn fault. 2018 was a total loss, and I needed to have gotten my future in order. Now I’m not sure if I have one.

    Well, at least I may have value as a cautionary tale, so there’s that.

    This isn’t me begging or complaining. This is my fault. I just need to get this off my chest, just in case.

  120. If you are using hoover zoom you may want to look at this. That extension has been know to be doing a lot of spying.

  121. Just spent time on doing what I should have been doing for the past two years. This, this is why I hate myself. That and garbage brain chemistry. But right now mostly because I’m a fuckup.

  122. Drake exposed regicidal plotters.

  123. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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