Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.






Your model for today was born April 10th, 1993 in Antioch, California.  She stands 5’9″ and measures 322336 and 125 lbs.  Please step lively and fetch a water for Miss Ashlyn Coray.



  1. The song of the day is really good, bonus eye candy for the ladies.

  2. 32-23-36?

    Surely you entered her digits wrong or maybe it’s an optical illusion because those tigg ole biddies look much larger than “32”. That being said, in spite of those paltry boob numbers, I heartily approve!

  3. “Even when one is dead and gone
    It still takes two to make a house a home
    Well I’m as lonesome as the catacombs
    I hear you call my name but no one is there
    Except a feeling in the air”

    Good thing you had the lyrics link, hard to get the words otherwise. It was tough to even hear 2 different singers during the few back and forth segments.

    YouTube comment from a woman:

    “mandy johnson
    2 years ago
    I love this song but let’s face it this man could sing the phone book to me and I would post up and listen “

  4. Headline from the WSJ today

    ” Is Sous Vide the New Slow Cooker?

    In ‘Sous Vide: Better Home Cooking,’ chef Hugh Acheson makes an airtight case for the convenience and consistency of a method once limited to restaurant kitchens. ”

    I felt like Bruce Willis in Die Hard when I read that

  5. I am only talking about kids WITH DEVELOPING MINDS, who shouldn’t touch either.

    Oh, I totally agree. I’m pretty sure that’s how the dishwashers ended up there. By smoking way too much pot in high school and perhaps younger.

    wakey wakey

  6. Nice up-do beasn.

  7. And the dishwashers – a few of them- have tried. They have chance.

    One guy was a dishwasher and moved up to busser, salads, exp (he’s only here during the summers/college kid. Was here last year and back again.

    He’s trying HARD. Still, from college. He’s trying to get her to come visit. He’s not a bad kid. He even worked me to try to get to her. I give his success a 30% chance.

  8. I’ve got two independant boob sources that place Miss Coray at

    Measurements: 32DDD-23-36

    I don’t make up the facts, I just report them.

  9. DDD tells me all there is to know.

    Sorry to question your data mining/entry skills!

  10. 125 pounds and 5 9.

    See, this is why I have trust issues.

  11. dishwashers taking a run at Erin? With mom there? Yeah, that’ll work.

  12. Jay, fortune favors the bold.

  13. There are no bold ones anymore. They don’t even look up from their phones.

  14. If you say anything to them, it’s an HR incident report waiting to happen.

  15. Pretty much.

  16. The number in the bra measurement is really the ribcage measure (the appropriate band length of the bra). Then the letters signify the cup size, which is based on each additional inch difference between ribcage and boobehs.

  17. Totally opposite than school, then. A = Bad, F = Good.

    Unless we’re talking about back pain.

  18. Ladies and gents, this one’s a contender.

  19. I have to relearn that every so often lauraw. So, our BBF model has large fun bags and a smaller rib cage

  20. Don’t bother me today. I’m on climate strike.

  21. Yeah, she needs to be in the end-of-year Boob Spectacular.

    Pretty eyes, great figure, nice hair, boobs. Her math skills are terrible, but average for this competition so it won’t hurt her.

  22. It’s actually a bell curve, the “good” occupies the middle.

  23. Id guess at 130 – 135. She is very pretty and would get smashed to smithereens. back in the day.

    Whats on the agenda for today? I see some hubbub about Trump the Ukraine and Biden…….no fucks to give. Apparently there is a gathering occurring at Area 51, some folks could possibly get a serious wake up call regarding .mils area denial capabilities. UFO’s seem to be a hot item. NewsFlash. Inhaling glycol oil and nicotine is bad for you…..filed under “No fucking shit sherlock”. It amazes me that people would even consider inhaling ANYTHING other than O2 to be something your lungs and body would be OK. Reportedly there have been 7 whole deaths (OMG Eleventy) and therefore it should be banned. My tinfoil is vibrating in morse code….Big Tobacco….Big Tobacco…

  24. rillons (ree-yons) is the pork belly

  25. I porked your mom’s belly

  26. OooOOOooo, fanks J’Ames!

    Cold nights, cooking weather. I’m getting happy for Autumn.

    So, I made the chili yesterday before work. I made a TON. On the dry side, so I’m going to use a bunch in a burrito and quesadilla filling and put those up in the freezer so Scott can have some pre-made lunches in Winter time.

    Need to write down some ideas for cooking projects. The stuff in the video is probably a good place to start. Gonna watch the whole thing later today.

  27. Trump is suing San Francisco because the waste on the streets constitutes an environmental hazard.

  28. He’s not wrong.

  29. So, last night at work was really something else. I was charge. One of our CNA’s was working her last day.

    Anyway, she left on her dinner break and between a few employees, we signed her card and somebody got her a cake and we were going to wish her well on her send off.

    Welp, she never came back from her break. Left her badge and keys at the front desk in the lobby and fucked us over for the remainder of our shift. We were already at the bare minimum of staff, with other patients acting up, so we were going to need even more, and the other units had no one to spare either.

    This individual apparently had been having run ins with others for YEARS. She is hostile to correction, which is a huge character defect anyplace, but especially egregious in health care where your ego has to be dead last in priorities.

    I never really knew before last night how much she was disliked, or all the stories about the shit she has pulled on people. Toxic. Unprofessional. Everybody ate her cake, vented, and laughed with joy that she was gone, even though we were fucked over in the process. I could see that it was like a cloud lifted off her closest peers, the other CNAs, that they didn’t have to see her moody puss anymore.

    Holy shit.

  30. Sometimes a break like that is just what you need. Get rid of the toxic person, and celebrate with others, all the while venting the stories.

  31. It’s nice when the toxic people cut themselves out of your life.

  32. mmm, egg cake.

  33. Wow, everyone must be on climate strike.

  34. What deviltry is this?!?

  35. Had to take sudafed yesterday to function for work. Managed to sleep 3 hours last night, maybe. It’s left me nearly bereft of pithy comments.

  36. If I could figure out how to see where the egg yolks are separated, I’d do that ring, just to cut the top off and make deviled eggs for a family dinner. Make everyone wonder how the hell I did it.

  37. That egg ring looks interesting.

    And what the heck is this climate strike all about? Sounds like another dumb, so I’m not going to burn my carbon looking it up.

  38. In this case, I can believe the boob model may be 125#. Remember that the camera adds ten pounds (or in my case, 30…and don’t you forget it).
    My daughter is 5’7″ and weighs 110 with no boobs.

  39. It’s a bunch of young people stepping on their dicks in order to try to seem relevant instead of going out and actually accomplishing something useful.

  40. I weigh 200 with no boobs. Well, that actually may not be true.

  41. The kids in Ames are taking part (college and high school). They are striking from school to protest inaction on climate change.

  42. My trip to Denver paid off, I have a job offer in writing that pays more than my highest estimated guess (and that was almost a dream). I will be moving in a north in about a month.


  44. Woooo!

  45. yay vmax!

  46. Sweet! Way to go, vmax!

  47. Thanks!

  48. Kick ass, Vmax!! Colorado is awesome.

  49. My erin is shapely and short. She’s still 115-120. With muscles. These ladies just must have zero muscle.

  50. Congrats v-man.

    I was at crossfit and stayed afterwards to do some extra lifting and socializing.

  51. My erin is shapely and short. She’s still 115-120. With muscles. These ladies just must have zero muscle.

    Basically. They starve themselves until they’re stick figures.

  52. Thats good stuff Vmax. Congrats and thanks for sharing.I needed to hear something positive as Im struggling today with job related (or lack thereof) frustration. Good luck and best wishes to you and yours as you proceed.

  53. My trip to Denver paid off, I have a job offer in writing that pays more than my highest estimated guess (and that was almost a dream). I will be moving in a north in about a month.

    Wave HI to MJ. You’re bound to pass him somewhere along the way.

  54. Congrats, VMax!!

  55. My trip to Denver paid off

    Welcome to Colorado!

  56. I forgot you were from that part of the country Geoff.

    Did Will make it home yesterday? Driving during the storm yesterday was sporty to say the least, and I live on the dry part of town.

  57. Way to go, Vmax!!!!!

  58. Sadly the political scene in Colorado is becoming Californiaesque. But otherwise it’s a great state.

  59. “Sadly the political scene in Colorado is becoming Californiaesque. But otherwise it’s a great state.”

    You forgot about the spelling hippies in Colorado Springs.

  60. Didn’t hear from will, except for the one message.

    My cousin is also surrounded with water.

  61. Yes Geoff,
    While I was there, I noticed that Denver is weird, almost Austin or even Key West weird.

  62. My bil is moving back to Denver. because … who the fuck knows?

  63. Everyone is moving to Denver.

    State is full. Elk out front should have told you.

  64. I consider it a opportunity for Vmax to balance the ledger re: leftists in Co.

    I like strong confident women which shouldn’t be confused with “muscular”. I have never been attracted to muscular women, toned women yes, abundant muscles no. It detracts from their femininity from my perspective. But what do I know? And please GTFO my lawn.

  65. The guy that donated his venmo beer money to the hospital story has some updates:

    1) including matching, the donations are way over $500,000 now
    2) he is getting a special run of cans with his picture on them (Carson King). I think it’s just for him.

  66. How many cases can we put you down for Jay?

  67. I posted that he should double his estimate of yearly consumption, which is what I think Busch Light is giving him.

  68. I did in fact survive. The first mile was the worst, then it was relatively smooth sailing.

    On the other hand, I got to see the smeared remains of a car-on-pedestrian accident in the opposing lanes of the interstate as I drove in to work this morning. So I’ve got that going for me… which isn’t really nice at all.

  69. yuck.

    Glad you made it home and back though.

  70. Uh, smelly hippies in Colorado Springs.

  71. Stop mixing memes!

  72. The Antonio Brown Era is over in New England

  73. whoa, really? I heard he packed up his locker after last game, didn’t know if it was true.

  74. In listening to the young people at the “climate strike” it occurs to me that there has been widespread child abuse over the past ten years or so. These kids are actually afraid of the future. I mean actually afraid. And they are desperate.

    The left did this to them.

  75. That cajun chef in your video reminds me a bit of Rosetta, Jay. That Giant Happy Baby appearance but even his voice, a little. Some of the understated dry humor attitude. IRL he was not a big booming loud man, but subtle and slightly off-kilter like that.

  76. eh, maybe a little. Rosetta was a lot happier attitude wise, and laughed more.

  77. Hmm, yes.

  78. “These kids are actually afraid of the future. I mean actually afraid. And they are desperate.
    The left did this to them.”

    And this is why my position remains….we should terminally remove all the leftists in the educational system. They are a absolute threat to the well being of innocent, naive, immature minds. This has been their MO since Cambodia. Wanna see some real horror…read up on the child “guards” at the Cambodian re-education camps. They produced a generation of psychopaths that had to be put down. And guess what the leftists are doing now?


  79. Congratulations VMax

  80. Mesa is posting Sous vide pics on Facechimp.

  81. For Oso and J’Ames….

    Seen on Facechimp:

    Bad Puns…

    That’s how eye roll.

    “The Punitentiary” is a page on FaceBook.

  82. Pepe, homepage shows I have 2 friends that are Members…

  83. Jo Koy was hilarious. Crowd was very “Brown”. Met Dan’s boss’s sister and brother-in-Law. Sister didn’t believe I was Hispanic. She thinks I’m the whitest Hispanic EVER! (MaryAnn was telling her sister about Dan and 🐻, after she introduced us.)

  84. Well done, VMaxx!!!! Congrats!

  85. Congratulations on the job, Vmax!

    Beans, I love the up-do.

  86. Glad my kids aren’t afraid of the future.

  87. Me Dos, on the updo

  88. So… been keeping tabs with some of the other parents. Some are now empty nesters like me. One of the moms is having a pretty difficult time and admitted that she either watches “Eraserhead” until she falls asleep or cries herself to sleep. I’m afraid this was my face. Granted it’s been 30+ years since I’ve seen “Eraserhead”, but nooooope. I had contemplated inviting her over for dinner or something but I changed my mind.

    She’s kind of a weird mom anyway (and, yes, that’s the pot calling the kettle black). She bought a nice dress for her daughter to wear at graduation, and her daughter cut off a good chunk of the skirt and made a cape/shawl thingy out of it. Left the skirt unhemmed. Gosh, wasn’t that great how creative her daughter was.

    (repeat look)

  89. LOL, roamy!!

  90. These ladies just must have zero muscle……

    Basically. They starve themselves until they’re stick figures.

    In my kid’s case, she’s genetically willowy. You should have seen my husband and his brother when they were younger….boney maroneys. She was a distance runner in highschool/college. She has a nice set of pins and still runs – albeit irregularly due to work – and does a lot of hiking. Healthy appetite, healthy choices.

    Some of these booby models, other than a runway or maybe on a street corner, I doubt they ever break a sweat.


  92. Beasn, someone posted a pic of Carly Simon in a bikini from the early 70s. Skinny ✔️Shapely ✔️ Muscle tone…

  93. I can’t poast the sweaty pictures, this is a family blog.

  94. The Punitentiary. Sounds like H2 on Tuesdays.

  95. Baldilocks with an epic series of tweets.

    It’s still worth reading once in a while.

  96. If she were white and said all the same things, she’d be banned, doxxed, and unemployed already.

  97. Twitter isn’t real life.

  98. Scroll down Juliette’s timeline to find some wonderful testimony from Candace Owens.

  99. Watching AF vs Boise State now. We’re holding our own, but I like BSU’s freshman QB.

  100. Kill the Pepe. Kill it dead

  101. That’s a good one, laura.

  102. Havent seen the “Snapper” nom de guerre before, anyone have any historical knowledge or is the the bullwhip question appropriate at this time?

  103. Long story. Dan asked me if I wanted a Chiefs jersey. I said Bobby Bell. Dan ends up at traditional jersey site. Bell jersey is $175. Lynn Swann is $150. Dan buys Swann Jersey. I don’t get my Bobby Bell. Dan “No one knows who Bobby Bell was”. Oso, I’d settle for a Willie Lanier. Dan buys a Mahomes jersey. Oso… WTF? Dan: you have a Derrick Thomas and Priest Holmes

  104. Filed under “Things I hate about getting old”…..

    I have to pee, I know I have to pee, I present at the proper facility and assume the pee position……then I stand there for five minutes waiting to start peeing….finally I evacuate my bladder. I return to my point of origin only to find…. I have to pee again….. not cool, gods of urination…not cool..

  105. Have you checked your prostate?

  106. WTF is going on with the comments?

  107. @ Oso. Of course, its MANdatory once you reach a certain age you must be violated by your physician or else you can not pass go and collect $200 dollars. There must be a rule out there somewhere like the one that says colonoscopy is mandatory upon reaching age 55.

  108. TeeRoy,

    I’ve been here fore a long time. Most of these folks have even met me (I have a job in the transportation industry).

  109. Phat Snapper – things that sound dirty

  110. I recognize the call sign “Phat” and understand that your a ATP international ticket. Its the Snapper call sign I was wondering about. Seems the original comment by Snapper is gone and I sent the comment labeled 10:58 prior to the comment labeled 10:51. Hence my WTF? No matter…its the net so real GAFs dont apply. Have a good night all.

  111. Both snapper comments are in the trash for some reason.

  112. Just to show how many ways trump is raping the environment:

  113. Dillinger’s enemies received pardons.

  114. Seems I missed some Phat Snapper last night!

  115. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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