1. Licky licky

  2. Comment by Jimbro on September 21, 2019 6:06 am

    Seems I missed some Phat Snapper last night!

  3. Memerolabia

  4. I like the picture of the German floor sander rental store. Why use four words when one will do?

  5. This post is tremendous. Fantastic. Whore school, both the Star Wars themed ones, Chick dog-cop, ‘only’ dog. Nice selections. I think that last gardening one was for me. It was, wasn’t it?

    Yeah, it was for me.

  6. wakey wakey.

  7. I’m working Saturday through Tuesday. That’s four days in a ROW, people. Pray for Oso.

    This autumn weather is gorgeous but as soon as it’s over I’m going back to finishing my kitchen project.

    Need to do some filling and sanding, light carpentry/ repairs, paint the walls, pour the epoxy counter, install the new sink and faucet, get new blinds and a new light fixture above the sink. Then I will relax and assume no new projects until well into the next year.

  8. It’s been hot here. Not super happy about that.

  9. Wow, Pups, great poat.

  10. Outstanding tweet

  11. Good day for working outside, slightly overcast occasional sprinkle changing to partly cloudy and dry for the rest of the day. Got about a cord of wood to move from kids old place to the Fort, then some light shooting and PM BBQ and then sitting round the fire for the evening. Gonna do my best to not think about job search crappola for the day. I hate the entire process. I’ve only had to “look for a job” three times in the last 20 yrs. Im not a natural self promoter and was raised to be humble and discreet in the workplace. Happy Trails everyone.

  12. “I like my coffee the same way I like my women” was my all star meme. Because I’ve often used that expression. Just not with the next sentence that follows it.

  13. I like my coffee like my women:

    Black, bitter, full of bourbon.

  14. Interesting article

    Here’s a (long) key paragraph out of it:

    “Do you see why trying to evade Darwinian selection might be a bad idea? The idea that Science (with a capital S, to denote its quasi-religious status in the secular mind) can solve every social problem has a rather spotty record in real-life application. Traditional institutions like marriage and religion, we are told by the progressive intellectual elite, are oppressive remnants of a barbaric past. Why should our lifestyle choices be limited by obsolete prejudices and superstitions? And so we cannot expect that Danielle Rizzo, who was still only a teenager when she became the lesbian lover of her college softball coach, would heed anyone’s warning about the potential downside of her experiments on the frontier of social “progress.” No, you’re just a bigot and a hater if you think perhaps lesbian motherhood might produce negative outcomes.”


  16. I usually try not to repost memes, but whoreschool and disabledporn are known repeats because they still make me giggle.

  17. I watched the magic trick a few times and the only thing I noticed was him grabbing the mixer from under the bar a couple of times as well as dipping one of his hands down once or twice. Really didn’t “catch him in the act” though. He’d get a tip for making my trip to the bar fun.

  18. Is that Mare on that bus?

  19. The growing older and multi-tasking….so very true. *sigh*

  20. Love that tweet Car in. Bunch of idiot kids.
    My daughter tried to lecture me on recycling. Once.
    She forgets who taught her how to take care of her little corner of the universe.

    My mom jumps on board the whole sky is falling, Goreball warming, b.s.. But when asked what she does to combat it, it’s something other people should do. She doesn’t recycle anything – “I’m not going to do that shit”, drives everywhere, eats out frequently, loves her some plastic straws, and votes for the preachy shitbirds who fly around in their private jets telling us to just die already.

  21. Jimbro, the paragraph is rather amusing. You can’t fool/cheat Mother Nature. You want kids, how about shopping for the DNA the natural kind of way.

  22. Doing anything other that that which is convenient and easy (talking and refusing a plastic straw) is the burden environmentalists want to put on OTHER people. Those people over there. The rich folks. And trump.

  23. Btw, it took over a year, but I’m down fifteen pounds. It’s something but I’ll still be the potato in the wedding photos. (husband, kids, groom’s parents, groom, are all tall and thin. Pretty sure groom’s mom is a six footer.)

  24. Thanks Pupster. I got 7.125 belly laughs, 4.67 giggles, and an involuntary fart from this poat. Without other people’s dick in it won the competition. There’s some funny fuckers out there who haven’t committed suicide yet.

  25. The craziest thing to me about the whole climate change protest thing is that they act as if the US hasn’t done anything to protect the environment EVER, while actively ignoring the fact that China and India are the worlds true “polluters.” Since the 70’s we’ve taken steps to clean up our act whether it be emissions, to recycling, to waste water management to on and on and on. Yet the kids here dont know that because the fucking communists that inhabit our educational system wont teach the TRUTH.


  26. Pretty sure groom’s mom is a six footer.

    Does she fool around on her husband? Asking for a friend.

  27. Oh hey, I just had a thought. Daughter used to bring us all of her recyclables, when she lived out-of-town. Now that she’s in the rental….she’s too cheap to pay for recycling services (unless the city discontinued the contract)…where does she take her glass/plastics/paper? Hmm.

  28. Does she fool around on her husband? Asking for a friend.

    They’re both democrats, who believe everything CNN says. Frustrates the heck out of their son.

  29. Regarding the environment and the craziness – this is a good article. Ace probably posted it (saving Leon the trouble of telling me).

  30. The basic idea that genetics usually had to pass the simple test of “do I want to have children with this person?” eliminates at least SOME of the issues. And certainly at least then someone knew what they were signing up for. The back up to having a challenging child was that at least you had two parents and this was the offspring, so there was a surplus of love.

    The article doesn’t mention whether or not the lesbian ex non-bio mom has anything to do with her “children”.

  31. It’s almost like the Catholic Church wasn’t so crazy to say, “hey, this stuff has a lot of negative implications” regarding modern fertility science.

  32. Ahh, yes, George Soros, again. What is his true purpose, to be Emperor of the World? Why is he still breathing? Mr. Open Borders, legalize all the drugs, brain on drugs. How much weed do you think he smokes?

  33. I have to go buy Ethan a bow tie.


  34. The article doesn’t mention whether or not the lesbian ex non-bio mom has anything to do with her “children”.
    I noticed that too

  35. “Being tall, claiming to have a master’s degree and a professional career — H898 seemed like a “winner,” and it never occurred to Danielle Rizzo to wonder about H898’s motives for becoming a sperm donor.
    Did she imagine he a selfless humanitarian? If so, she was a fool, and now she’s stuck with two kids with this lying creep’s defective DNA.”

    Good question.
    If it were me, I’d be like, “Is there any way I could interview this guy?”
    Or I’d pick a friend I liked and ask for a donation.

  36. I wish my husband would tell his brother to visit his mother more than once a month. He showed up at the shower last weekend, to drop something off and sat with her for 10 minutes. I guess that’s all we get this month.
    (she gets depressed, likes to take rides on weekends, and us daughter-in-laws are still considered ‘outsiders’.)

  37. Comment by Car in on September 21, 2019 12:22 pm
    I have to go buy Ethan a bow tie.

    A real bow tie or a clip on?

  38. All my years as a busboy I wore a clip on. It was only 2 years but I hated the ties I had to wear at school so I never learned how to tie one on so to speak.

  39. In the world of medicine wearing a bow tie is code for “I’m an Ivy Leaguer”. Unspoken is “and an insufferable prick too”

  40. Learning to tie a real bow tie isn’t difficult, and then the girls all get to adjust it.

  41. It’s gots got a hook thing. I used to have wear a bow tie at one place I worked.,most of my work life I’ve had to wear a tie. Which is ridiculous. Let’s dress waitstaff as if they’re shuffling papers all day.

  42. Girl is thinking: Aw, this guy needs help with his bow tie. Huh, is this silk? Feels like maybe polyester, but it’s still a nice color/pattern.

    Guy is thinking: She’s touching me. She’s touching me.

  43. When the boys need to wear a tie I’m recruited to tie it. It’s something that is impossible for me to do on someone else so I end up doing it on myself and carefully loosening it to pass over.

  44. During basic training, three of us spent about an hour showing soldiers how to tie a tie for their uniform photos.

  45. I worked as a movie usher at a couple of different single screen theatres, black pants, white shirt, single-button blue tuxedo jacket and a black clip-on bow tie. Jackets and ties were all shared and never cleaned.

  46. As residents we used lead gowns and thyroid shields (small lead shield that velcros around the neck). The nurses would often shield the patients gonads with the thyroid shields and after I saw that a few times I decided I’d go without one. They’re supposed to be cleaned after each case but that’s trusting the HS dropout orderlies with something that means potentially having dick cheese on your neck.

  47. We all have our own lead gowns with attached thyroid shields and I lock mine to a holder. Much more sanitary!

  48. Drove two hours through the most rural bits of SW MI and had the bad fortune to hear a few minutes of NPR giving in-kind donations to the DNC. Defund that shit already.

    It was also pretty much wall-to-wall “validate my bad choices and disordered desires!”, but that could just have been the Saturday show.

  49. dick cheese.

  50. Pat likes to listen to NPR, but I can only handle some of it’s programing.


    I blame the prevalence of Spanish in our criminal underclass. There are a lot of language constructs where the actor and the object are all messed up, even with something as simple as “me gusta”, which doesn’t mean “I like that”, it means “that pleases me”. You can’t say “I dropped it” only “it fell down”. So much of the language casts the moral agent at the center of the action as a bystander.

  52. The Spirit of the Liturgy, or Fundamentals of Catholic Theology?

    I using the Amazon gift card I got for my birfday.

  53. Soros purpose is to be what he is which is a minion of Evil.

    Filed under things I hate about getting old….

    Gray Nostril hair. WTF? Looks like you’ve got boogers showing all up in there 24/7

  54. Correction, “Principles of Catholic Theology”. Both books are by Benedict XVI.

  55. I’m really enjoying Peace of Soul so far, Alex.

  56. I’ve been reading Brant Pitre.

  57. I admit, I giggle-snorted at the lesbian starting out as a softball player. Stereotypes are around for a reason.

  58. Se Cayo…Leon.

  59. I’ve got On Becoming A God In Central Florida on in the background. It’s… interesting. Kirsten Dunst as a slightly trashy widow is all sorts of MILFY.

  60. OSU 0 – MU 2

  61. OSU 0 – MU 5

  62. I’m working my way through the Orphan X books per Mare’s suggestion. They are addicting.

  63. OSU 7– MU 5

  64. OSU 14 – MU 5

  65. OSU 21 – MU 5

  66. OSU 28 – MU 5

  67. OSU 35 – MU 5

  68. OSU 42 – MU 5

  69. OSU 49 – MU 5

  70. Doesn’t “se cayo” literally translate to “it fell” rather than “I dropped it”?

    Regardless, it was reckless of me to blame Spanish. I mean it with tongue somewhat in cheek, but didn’t convey it. Criminals of every culture have this same lack of a sense themselves as agents of the events in which they take part.

  71. OSU 56 – MU 5

  72. Ethan’s girlfriend looks a lot like matts girlfriend. And matt and ethan are basically twins.

  73. OSU 63 – MU 5

  74. ISU already scored 72 today.

  75. Leon, yes. As my Uncle Gale said “Lack of responsibility is built into the language”.

  76. I love how people are shocked that Donald Trump keeps cash on hand to tip servers and such.

    I’m pretty sure that the Obamas undertip, if they tip at all.

  77. OSU 70 – MU 5

  78. OSU 76 – MU 5

  79. CoAl, Jackie O would write checks knowing they would never be cashed.

  80. Lol

  81. My mom insists on being at home. Tripped over her oxygen cord. Called 911 to get off the floor. I’m the bad guy for wanting her in a home and refusing to move in and take care of her.


  83. Yeah, don’t do stuff like this

  84. Ready for the Olympics

  85. This one’s neat

  86. Corn pop needed Joey Choo Choo in his lifeguard corner. Thanks for the image, Pepe. (How’s the Bebe Le Pew?)

  87. He’s fine as far as I know.

  88. My dipshit brother called while I was Dad-sitting. Siblings are full of advice, no action.

  89. I’m glad my siblings aren’t dipshits.

  90. Fun day in Football and Baseball.

  91. Football maybe.

  92. Jay, try this SV recipe out and report back, okay, thanks.

  93. There ain’t no way I’m wasting a ribeye on that. Interesting thought.

  94. Sorry scott, it’s still baseball season.

  95. I’m glad my siblings aren’t dipshits

    According to dad, my sister isn’t coming home for Christmas because my BIL is afraid of flying.

  96. Penelope is peeling green chile and playing “scratch your eye roulette” .

  97. You should be standing next to her ready to scratch whatever itch she has.

  98. Tony Heller beats back the climate change lies

    Good video.

  99. Heh, I’ve played Pepper Roulette too.

  100. Don’t you just roast the peppers over flame, then cover and steam them? The skin comes right off in water then.

  101. They found Corn Pop!

  102. Dependably, Edgar remained patriotic.

  103. Happy Sunday Hostages.

  104. Slept in till 6. Just sipping coffee while waiting until a decent time before starting the lawnmower. Football game (NE v. NY Jets) at 1:00. I made pork and beans yesterday, leftovers today.


  106. wakey wakey

  107. 40 degrees here this morning.

  108. Good ,morning.

  109. Lol, I love the header caption.

  110. Lawn is mowed, Rowan got a frisbee session and I’m enjoying an early morning cigar in shorts and a t-shirt. Fall weather came a while back but we have this weird warm up over the last several days. Not complaining!

  111. Heh, just read it. Between the header caption and the comment question there’s some good funny here

  112. Just read a NY Post article: Antonio Brown says he’s done with the NFL. Anyone believe that bullshit?

  113. Maybe he’s finally going to do something with that Communications degree.

  114. I’m sure this is racist somehow

  115. Communications seems like it was his problem. As in, too much texting, not enough football. Frigging idiot. Unable to STFU and play football for literally millions of dollars.

  116. That demo went well……

  117. So, personality disorders can destroy your life because your character makes it impossible to maintain relationships with others. No matter how brilliant or talented, or how valuable your skills are.

    One of my former patients is a remarkable studio musician who has played with some great and famous artists. He is homeless.

    While inpatient, he took a swing at a staff member (a small female) and had to be held in a restraint chair while he raged and screamed and threatened to do terrible things to all of us. The reason for this outburst is that he was late to come to snack and missed it. He was notified when the dining room opened, he ignored this notification, then decided to saunter up when everyone had eaten and left, and the door was being locked. He was expecting the staff to open back up just for him so he could have a private meal.

    When the answer is ‘no,’ this individual just can’t handle it and lashes out. He has burned bridges that other people can only dream of crossing. So for all his prodigious talent, he is a homeless guy who hates the world. Because personality disorder. It’s really hard to muster sympathy (or even clinical detachment) for these folks. They are assholes quite literally by nature.

  118. Although, honestly? A lot of drug addicts seem to display this behavior. I don’t know if it’s that they had the personality disorder beforehand and that led to addiction, or if the drug lifestyle/ brain effects cause them to become very like someone with an antisocial personality disorder.

    It seems to me that if you train your brain for years to anticipate a reward every time an urge hits, you are going to develop an inability to deal with delay.

    Substance abusers have a strong compulsion for immediate gratification and their fuse is so short they go from 0 to freak out in seconds.

  119. I’m still slowly reading this book that talks a lot about how we wire our own brains with patterns and well-worn paths.

  120. What am I watching with jimbro’s video?

  121. Just finished book 4 of orphan x.

    Do I read book 5, or switch to other things I’ve been meaning to get to?

    I know how this will go. I’ll download the sample of book 5 … then just buy and read it.

  122. The personality disorders are a major challenge to deal with. Applying normal thought processes to deal with them just doesn’t seem to help. Very frustrating. Mental health workers are liable to burn out after dealing with them or become hardened to them.

  123. Small white cheerleader gets intimidated by large black girl and doesn’t back down

  124. I just looked at the Orphan X series on kindle. They’re all full price. This makes me want to renew my library card.

  125. Large Black Girl thinks she’s going to intimidate and then attack small white girl and gets a reality check in the form of effective self defense.

    I love vids of bullies getting what they deserve.

  126. Exactly

  127. Well, if you watch the whole video, the bully then gets on top of the little white girl too. They got about an equal ass whooping apiece and then parted. Though the bully got worse than she figured at first, obviously.

    People in the comments to that tweet were trying to justify the initial interaction because the cheerleader chicks were talking trash. Like that justifies a physical attack.

    My mom came from a culture like that, in Argentina. When she moved to the US as a 10 year old kid, she got into fights with boys at school! Because they said rude things to her, and in Argentina you don’t let people get away with talking shit; you have to physically stand up for yourself. It’s one hallmark of a backward culture, if you ask me. Although it seems that the US was like that at some times. “Fighting words,” etc.

  128. Any of you guys ever get into a scrap over being verbally picked on?

  129. They weren’t all “full” price, but they’re not 3.99 etc.

    There are only 4 out right now, so I have a sad. They were really great reads. I don’t regret paying for ’em.

  130. I almost did. This one girl was just merciless to me, for weeks on end in Junior High. I felt completely mashed every time she opened her mouth about my clothes, my hair, my big nose, any little weakness, any dumb thing I did, etc. Her little idiot friends would laugh every time. I was also having major problems at home with my mother’s POS boyfriend, abusing us.

    One day I got to a class late, and was walking by her to get to my seat and I saw her grin at me and start to open her flytrap. Let me tell you; I was at the absolute end. I looked at her ( I’m sure with an ugly face of rage) and called her a bitch. I felt like every cell in my body was ready to jump her, right there. She shut her mouth and never opened it at me again, ever. It was an instructive moment to me.

  131. /shuts flytrap

  132. It was so dumb. Never had to lift a finger. All I ever had to do was dish it back out.

  133. After about 3rd grade, actual physical fighting was reserved for family. My sister and my cousins and I used to whale on each other.

  134. Is Personality Disorder a specific diagnosis, or just an overarching classification of multiple mental illnesses?

    Why does it have a borderline?


    Feels like i’m going to lose my mind

    You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline

  135. Some shoulders for Leon:

  136. There’s a spectrum of personality disorders, and yeah they are kind of classified as mental illnesses, but not really the same. Mental illnesses have a ‘physical’ pathology in the brain and often can be very treatable by medications. They can come on suddenly, like a physical ailment, and be treated and go away pretty quickly too. Or they can be chronic, the same as a physical ailment (really there’s no difference between mental and physical illness, the brain is still part of the body).

    Personality disorders are more like a pattern of behavior and are very durable and consistent and hard to treat, especially if the person has no insight into themselves.

    It’s not uncommon to have a patient present with one diagnosis, like depression/ suicidal, and within a short period of time we start to say among ourselves “X really smells like a personality disorder…” because of the individual’s manipulative behaviors that we are attuned to spot. And lo and behold, we don’t have a depressive, we have a, let’s say, borderline personality disorder who felt like being on vacation at the nuthouse for a while, so they pulled out the “I’m going to kill myself” card. We sort them from actually mentally ill people and feel like they are taking beds away from legitimately sick people, but there’s no escaping them; they flutter around psych hospitals and psychiatrists like they belong there. Always trying to get in. It’s weird.

    Sometimes borderlines do kill themselves or seriously harm themselves with attempted suicide. They really do live in torment, but sometimes they are just trying to get attention and accidentally go too far.

  137. Jets coach better get his resume up to date.

  138. Anybody else getting their house swarmed by stinkbugs? I was just upstairs and the screen window had 5 of them on there. They seem to be going where the sun is shining near a window.

  139. I guess it would be hard to be sympathetic to someone who may not have any disease other than just being an asshole.


  140. especially if the person has no insight into themselves

    Can you explain this to me in the form of a your mom or dick joke?

  141. Falcons / Colts is the only game I can watch this afternoon, Then Cardinals/Panthers or Saints/Seahawks. Ugh.

    The owner of my company and my boss are both going to be at Browns/Rams tonight in Cleveland, I should watch it to create some banter.

  142. Oso, have you already been to the great white north?

  143. Ah, finally switched me to Chiefs/Ravens. Just in time to see Andy Reid’s prevent defense lose another game in the last few minutes.

  144. I may have mentioned this before. I grew up in NYC and attended school in Harlem. I was literally attacked, bullied, chased, and terrorized every. single. day. I would fight back when cornered but it was always a losing battle and I’ve had my ass kicked more times than I can count. So when I say I dislike bullies and people that try to use force on weaker opponents it is the understatement of the century. It also explains alot about my chosen profession. you wanna see a personality disorder? Fuck with me where I believe your motivations are less than pure or just joking. Doesn’t matter the degree, doesn’t matter if its passive or aggressive you will receive immediate negative feedback. Laura spoke of pathways etc. Probably some truth there because this is the way I’ve been wired since I realized I might take a whipping but its gonna cost you, no freebies. Hence why I enjoy seeing others fight back and prevail.

    Laura also mentioned “fighting words.” Back in the 80’s there was still the legal precept of “the reasonable man” and it was based on the idea of what or how would a normally reasonable man or women potentially react under any circumstances. Within this was the “fighting words” or words if spoken to a reasonable man could easily be considered a provocation to fight and was a defense in battery cases. In short the courts understood that if you were in public and loudly proclaiming that someones mom sucked every dick in town that it was understandable when that someone punched you in the head. LE when encountering such situations often would not make arrests and label the incident mutual combat.

  145. Only once did I come close to a fight over something someone said. He was insulting me and I called his mother a whore. He tried the “you want to take this outside” routine, and I told him sure. He backed down.

  146. Lotta empty seats in KC for a game that went down to the wire.


  148. Any of you guys ever get into a scrap over being verbally picked on?

    It was a one-hit fight, but yes. I was in 8th grade and was only 4′ 4″ so literally the shortest person in the class. One of the guys was picking on me at recess and said I might as well have sex with him because he was going to tell everyone that we had had sex, and they would believe him, not me. (some conjecture on that, but anyway) I picked up a rock off the playground and threw it at his face. If I threw a million rocks, I would not get another perfect hit like that one. I hit him right between the eyes. He had blood all over his face, and the vice principal saw it, came over, and demanded to know who he’d been fighting with. He was too embarrassed to say it was me, so he got detention, and I got away with it. He never did spread any rumors, and we ended up becoming friends. He still has the scar.

  149. In October. We have our football and hockey tickets. Doesn’t look like we’ll be able to get MN-MN Duluth hockey tickets.

  150. Pack your galoshes.

  151. The Giants stink but their new QB is going to be great,

  152. If he lives that long. Holy crap, what a hit

  153. All the sports pundits wonder why Brady stays in games during garbage time. So today in the 4th quarter his back up QB Stidham comes in and gets sacked, completes a couple of passes and then throws a pick 6. Brady played the rest of the game after that snafu

  154. If they don’t kill the clock, Tampa will kick a game winning field goal.

    That’s what bad teams do.

  155. He missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Wow

  157. Browns fans are assholes, almost as bad as Bruins fans.

  158. “They have high expectations because the beat the Jets on MNF.”

    Delusional assholes.

    The Browns are going to suck, regardless of how many batteries their fans throw at people.

  159. I punched a bully in the face in the lunchroom, in front of the whole school. I got away with it, because I had the principal’s permission to do it.

  160. That would make you a hitman today.

  161. The Eagles fans are the battery throwers.

  162. Good evening citizens!

    Been trying to figure out why WordPress hates me and won’t let log in.

    I blame DaveinTexas, he’s been spending too much time on Twitter.

  163. did you try plugging it in?

  164. I’m going to unplug it, wait 2 minutes then plug it back in.


  166. well it appears the plugging in theory works!

  167. hey phat, HOW ABOUT THEM CARDS?

    Do you have those awesome seats for the Cubs games this week? Should be fun watching them try to spoil the party.

  168. Hehe, the Laundry Night in America ad is funny.

  169. Yes, this has been an awesome week to be alive if you hate the Cubs as much as I do. I wanted to go to Wrigley, but I wasn’t sure what would taste sweeter, Cubs fan tears or Old Style.

    Probably need to grab some duct tape and a sharpie to rename my beer can.

  170. Yes, I will be buying Cards playoff tickets.

    Obviously we don’t know the dates yet, but I will be there!

    All hostages can come on down. The new house is smaller, but we do have 2 spare bedrooms.

  171. I think Russ in Winterset was the only Hostage that ever stayed at the old place.

  172. One of the things I don’t like about flying international is that I don’t get to roof stomp you guys anymore.

    Andy, Sean, The great GabeMalor, xBrad, Cyn, etc.

    I miss flying into your towns and making you let me buy you lunch!

    Probably need to include Paul and TiFW on that list.

  173. One of the funny things is that most of the ‘fake internet friends’ i’ve met in real life are total introverts.

    Yeah, I guess it comes with the territory, but the only (obvious) extroverts were me, Rosetta and wiserbud. I can’t tell you the number of times I wanted to call into wiser’s show,..

    Yet… once all of you are around friends, the true self comes out and it is awesome.

  174. We all need to call into wiser’s show, tell the screener we want to talk about Elizabeth Warren, then immediately say, ‘How many bull whips do you have up your ass right NOW!’

  175. Heh, good eats is on sourdough, and I’ve been doing this stuff for years. Even the sourdough waffles (amazing).

  176. Hey Phat, every time I fly, I wonder if you are at the controls. Are you just international?

  177. Heh, it should almost be me calling wiserbud, he’d have no idea who it is since only roamy even knows what I sound like…

  178. Holy shit, J’Ames, I want to have Candace Owens over for dinner and try to study her poise and spine. DAMN.

  179. Roamie,

    I mainly fly to Amsterdam and Rome. Occasionally i’ll Do a Dublin trip if I need some whiskey.

    I’m starting to cut back on my flight hours and start the slow glide into retirement.

    I’ve been spending a lot more time in the gym and am getting back down to my fighting weight.

  180. As I start easing into retirement, there are some big questions.

    The biggest is, What the hell are you going to do with yourself?

    Don’t know yet. Whenever I figure it out I’ll let you know.

  181. >>>No matter how brilliant or talented, or how valuable your skills are.

    ….One of my former patients is a remarkable studio musician who has played with some great and famous artists. He is homeless.

    The reason for this outburst is that he was late to come to snack and missed it. He was notified when the dining room opened, he ignored this notification, then decided to saunter up when everyone had eaten and left, and the door was being locked. He was expecting the staff to open back up just for him so he could have a private meal…….

    Sounds like my brother. He was number 2 in his high school class, got a job with an energy company right after graduation. The company paid 75% of his college tuition at a very expensive uni. He dated lovely girls……..and then the bottom dropped out. He refused an acceptance at a military academy. He quit uni with one year to go because ‘they’re too snooty’. He stopped dating a very nice girl… dad happened to walk out the back door and caught her leaving a box of things he gave her. She was very sad and said my brother was very immature. He may have gotten fired from his job because of a sexual harassment complaint….told a coworker she had nice tits while they were moving equipment. Anyway, no job…and he lived off whatever money he had saved for quite a few years until it was gone…in a flat with no fridge or A/C.
    We offered him our fridge for free but he refused it with a sneer because we couldn’t bring it to him. (my other brother took it to him because he was milking all of us for money…..they eventually became roommates for a short time until fisticuffs over him lashing out at my youngest brother, who was still a little boy). He lashed out at my son, who was still a baby. When invited to various dinners/birthdays, he said he required a written invitation. So I quit inviting him.

    Lots more to the story, but he is living with a gal – they have an arrangement – and he walks the streets looking for junk he can rehab to sell on craigslist.
    He tells my sister he’s been depressed his whole life. As a kid he was quiet, studious, and sensitive but not the sneering asshole he became.

  182. Cavil, Steve has interviewed me on his show, but that has been many years ago.

    I think I could pull off a ‘random’ call. Start with the socialism, end with the bullwhips.

  183. Do it, Phat! You sent Rosetta off with ass pennies, you can ask Steve about his bullwhips.

  184. Daniel’s enemies retaliated pitilessly.

  185. As I start easing into retirement, there are some big questions.

    The biggest is, What the hell are you going to do with yourself
    Before retiring you could fly for a US based carrier and do a cross country Hostage Meet And Greet Tour. I’m sure your career has taken you to many interesting places and you’ve met many wonderful people but ain’t nobody as weirdly wonderful as the sub-gaggle of morons called Hostages.

  186. He tells my sister he’s been depressed his whole life. As a kid he was quiet, studious, and sensitive but not the sneering asshole he became.
    Sometimes the people who need mental health help the most and who could benefit from a “shrink” are the least able to accept it. Beasn, he sounds like a guy who, if he sought help, would greatly benefit from it. It also sounds like there’s no way he’d ever step foot in a clinic for that purpose.

  187. First comment posted fine. Go to post second comment and it needed my password/log in again. Good thing I have a password manager for that stuff.

  188. Proud to have Candace Owens on the conservative side

  189. Yeah, I guess it comes with the territory, but the only (obvious) extroverts were me, Rosetta and wiserbud.

    Yea … I can be sorta extroverted if I’m in the right element. Ask Coalex.

  190. Drunken fights with metalheads who think Tool is overrated doesn’t count as “extroverted”.

  191. I think I was supposed to cover for MMM today, but I’m running out the door and work is going to be busy this morning, so I need someone else to throw up a poat instead.

  192. Drunken fights with metalheads who think Tool is overrated doesn’t count as “extroverted”.


  193. 0 for 1

    Nice job dbag.

  194. Soooooo, who was doing monday?

  195. Before retiring you could…do a cross country Hostage Meet And Greet Tour.

    I like this idea.

    There has been a wave of retirements at my work, and the best advice I have heard is that you should retire to something, not just away from the current job. Have a hobby, a volunteer position, plans for travel, something lined up.

  196. Fcuking Mondays …

    I walk in my office and it smelled awful. Some asshole ate a salad with onions, skipped eating the onions and threw it in my trash barrel. It’s been stinking up my office for a few days. Thankfully I am able to open the windows still.

  197. While we wait for someone to put up a post…I put a few new pictures of lil man in the media folder.

  198. MJr is adorable.

  199. MJ, I say this with love, that kid is too good for you.

    Like Alex said, he’s adorable

  200. If you don’t think the left is mentally ill, you, yourself are probably mentally ill.

  201. Thanks!

  202. This is related to a link I think Alex used last week.

  203. I had to fish my comment above out of the spam folder.

    A quote from the linked article.

    “I wanted to show him how great and fun I could be,” Moore wrote in “Inside Out,” according to Radar Online.

    “Moore wrote that in 2010, she saw media reports claiming Kutcher, 41, met a 21-year-old woman while bowling with her daughter Rumer Willis, and cheated on her in his marital home while Moore was out of town filming a movie,” Page Six reported. “When she confronted him, he brought up their threesomes as a defense.”

    Moore, 56, noted that Kutcher used the sexual experiences to “deflect blame” for his cheating. “Because we had brought a third party into our relationship, Ashton said, that blurred the lines and, to some extent, justified what he’d done,” she said.

    These are the people who lecture us about morality. These are the people who peddle this crap as somehow being more enlightened than those regressive, patriarchal bigots who believe in antiquated ideas like sexual modesty, and monogamy. Also, there was a comment going around on Twitter along the lines of, “the Sexual Revolution was a chauvinist plot to convince women to spread their legs for free” and the twit twats were all in an insulted huff over it even though it’s true. The goal of the sexual revolution was to convince women to go against their instincts in order to seem “great and fun”.

  204. Haha! mare, look up a couple of comments.

  205. I wonder how things originally ended with Bruce.

  206. Is an MBA still worth it?

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