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  1. Wat’s the boob tally from yesterday? Final round next week?

  2. Canadian Hair Dryer

    I woke up at my usual time but was able to go back to sleep for a few hours, which felt luxurious.

    We now have 6 finalists, I’m debating on going 6 and done or 3 3 2 done.

  3. wakey wa,ey

  4. I vote for 3 3 2.

  5. A great response to the “food is a human right and you are a bad Catholic if you support cutting SNAP benefits to able-bodied, single adults.”

  6. Latvian Spatula

  7. Cyprian Shovel

  8. Bolivian Teapot

  9. Mr. RFH made a good point. The Bill of Rights contains either things you can’t be stopped from doing (religion, speech, self-defense) or you can’t be compelled to do (quartering, testifying against yourself). The “rights” for food, healthcare, free college, etc. don’t fall in either category but require someone else to provide you with that thing. I thought that was a nice synopsis.

  10. Cyprian anything sounds dirty.

  11. And I’m sorry that there’s a saint named Cyprian, seems unfair for a bishop to share a name for a loose woman.

  12. Austrian Armchair

  13. Yeah, we got three Americans and a Pole, Aussie and Brit, I’m gonna do a USA vs. The World theme.

    Thanks Romie.

  14. Polish Padlock

  15. A day without Mare is like a day without Mare.

  16. Lithuanian Mare

  17. Russian Rotisserie

  18. Haitian Hotspur

  19. Mongolian Blender

  20. Malaysian Mulligan

  21. Brazilian Wax

  22. Did I do that right?

  23. I ordered some stuff online about a week ago. Was informed it shipped on the 4th, so I’ve been watching the progress. Normally it’s here by now because the U.S. warehouse is about 1/2 hour away from me. Tracking shows me that it was accepted that first day, at the shipping partner in my county. Today, my shit is sitting 300 miles away in Glendale Heights, IL.
    WTF? How does that happen?

  24. Hong Kong Teargas

  25. Hong Kong Teargas sounds like an STD that you got from doing the Vietnamese Paperclip

    “Doctor, it burns!”

  26. Slovakian Slutpuppy.

  27. I put on some Christmas music to try and help with my feelings of murderous rage. Last week when I went to the dump as I unloaded I noticed the bed of my truck was soaked with milkshake liquid. Boy #2, Chick-Fil-A Employee Of The Month, has been tossing his unfinished CFA milkshakes in the trash. After losing my shit he half-assed washed out my truck bed (it’s below the freezing point) and life went on. This morning after I got home from the post office I let the dogs out front and took the mail in. When I went outside I expected to be greeted by my psycho frisbee dog. He was nowhere to be found until I peeked around the side of the garage and found him frantically eating chocolate milkshake-stained snow. For fuck’s sake … it’s like his IQ has dropped 30 points. Anytime I try to play frisbee for the next few days until the rain we’re supposed to get he’s going to attack the snow bank.

    $20 milkshake

  28. *finishes looking at the memes*

    SQUEES at possum in a sweater. So friggin cute.

    And the hotdog one. Apt description of what I suspect pig anus tastes like. Blech.

  29. First one – ‘current situation’ = me

  30. at least it’s not yellow snow.

  31. Hungarian fork.

  32. There was some purple snow beside the brown snow which I’m guessing is passion fruit iced tea.

    And to think I laughed at your missing charger troubles …

  33. Kids are stoopid. How hard is it to bring in your milkshake cup and dump the remains down a drain?

  34. Pups, future BBF contestant

    No idea who she is beyond an Instathot

  35. Apparently too hard for him. The kitchen is literally 40 feet away from where he parks. I ranted via text to Paula who is working today. I’m sure there’s going to be some shit coming down on him after I told her I can’t play frisbee with Rowan because he’ll be on it like a fly on shit the whole time. That dog needs to run or he gets stir crazy

  36. Since tomorrow is supposed to get up to 50 degrees, we planned on barbecuing some pork loin.
    Nope. I pulled the pork out for today because the farmer, who rents our land, texted husband and told him he’s pretty sure he’ll be harvesting our place tomorrow if he wants to ride with him. He’s got some serious equipment SYWM.
    LOL. Husband is all giddy.

  37. Make the kid play frisbee with Rowan and then have him on call for if the dog gets the shits for lapping up chocolate shake.

  38. Just checked on another item I ordered online. They told me 4 days ago that it had shipped. Nope, they only created a shipping label. It’s still sitting there waiting to be ‘picked up’.

  39. One of these was coming at me on the road – So wide it was about a lane and a half. I went waaaay over, because those pokey things look dangerous.

  40. Yeah, that is what the husband is all giddy about. The one time the farmer left one in our field, I had to take pictures of Mr. B. with it.

  41. He’s back at work otherwise I’d have him chipping away at it with the pick ax.

    … Rockin’ round the Christmas tree …

    What crop is being harvested in December?

  42. I passed one of those near Decatur last night on my way to pick up pork and lamb. I was guessing winter wheat because I saw a lot of bug farm equipment lighting up the fields.

    Had the misfortune to accidentally hear NPR while scanning radio stations in the boonies. They were addressing Trump’s “false theory” that Ukrainian oligarchs intervened on behalf of Clinton and were responsible for the DNC server hack that “every intelligence agency” ascribed to the Russians.

    And they all had the voice equivalent of a punchable face.

  43. Big farm, not big farm. On tablet today.

    Could also have been putting in winter garlic, I suppose, but the region really isn’t known for that.

  44. Helicopter keeps going over my house. If I disappear, or whatever – just know I didn’t not suicide myself.

  45. Gumbo supplies have been acquired. We’ll be going on a nice walk in the snow today, shortly, then it’ll be ON, like a ‘Portuguese Peppermill,’ IYKWIMAITYD.

  46. Metal detectors only work when you have controlled access to an area. A military base is the size of a small town. Metal detectors would be next to useless.

    Did we learn nothing from Ft. Hood (not even going to go into another FBI fail)? Couldn’t a processing center have detectors? Surely where there are classrooms, they can be installed.

    We have a long tradition of training foreign military personnel. Often, it’s more about building relationships between our junior officers and theirs.

    Saudi nationals did 9/11. Surely we can cut the PC crap if we are to force our men/women to be in enclosed spaces with them. Again…we learned nothing from Ft. Hood. Or 9/11.

  47. And if bases are so big, then allow those who live on them to be armed like the rest of us.
    Husband got all bent about ‘Trump caters too much to the Saudis’ and I’m like, did you forget about Bush’s response re:Saudis after 9/11 – ‘a religion of peace’ and obama’s bowing to their king and then describing Ft Hood as ‘workplace violence’? Wtf, 48 hour rule, man.

  48. I think it works with state names, too.

    Nebraska Nunchucks

  49. What crop is being harvested in December?

    You know, I don’t really know. Didn’t pay attention when he told me. Maybe soybeans. He was late to planting – another cool/wet spring – thus late harvesting.

  50. Missouri combine.

  51. Some bases have carry permitted, but it’s up the HMIC at each base. SANGB permits concealed carry for those with permits.

  52. Yeah, even regional ethnicities.

    “Last time we did the Cajun Centrifuge I seriously burned my dick,”

    I like the ones that imply some kind of destructive motion, lol.

  53. Da Yooper Snowrake

  54. Penobscot Pedal

  55. The Ohio Buck Eye.

  56. Side gripe — since MIL has been living with us, BIL maybe visits her once a month. It irritates.

  57. Couldn’t a processing center have detectors? Surely where there are classrooms, they can be installed.

    No, you can’t. Most unit buildings have at least one classroom, not to mention classrooms in other facilities, plus multipurpose rooms used for teaching. You’re looking at a huge number of buildings that would need to be remodeled to provide the level of controlled access to make metal detectors viable. Plus, you’d have to provide security at each of those detectors, which is another massive expense.

    Saudi nationals did 9/11. Surely we can cut the PC crap if we are to force our men/women to be in enclosed spaces with them. Again…we learned nothing from Ft. Hood. Or 9/11.

    It’s not about political correctness, it’s a question of who is the biggest risk. The 9/11 hijackers were Saudi and Egyptian civilians. Foreign officers who get assigned to training in the US are generally either the cream of the crop in their military, or are politically well connected to the government who is friendly with the US.

  58. Well, for NPR listeners, they don’t want us training them and they want the rest of them kicked out.

  59. Emergency diabeetus sweetness. Little boy upset momma forgot to kiss him goodbye.

  60. NPR is bullshit and you’re dumb for listening to it and that includes Gorilla Face Hotspur and Beasnsnsnsn husband.

  61. IKR?

    Though, after 9/11, I wanted Mecca turned into a sheet of glass. Have you noticed how the black stone looks like the ingredient of a hotdog? Srsly, how can they not see the resemblance?
    Back in the day, we would have never tolerated that bullshit and bombed them to smithereens.

  62. Agree.

  63. Haaahahaha this is fucking great.

  64. Took our crampons for a test drive on an icy trail.

    Loads of fun.

    Columbus crampon.

  65. Ryan Reynolds has apparently reach “fuck you” levels of money. Good for him.

  66. Wasabi Bitches? Well after narrowly avoiding being crushed by falling plaster Wednesday I now have a bedroom that in empty of furniture and plaster ceiling. Sleeping on the couch is mucho funno…not really. On the other side of the coin, I was blessed thursday nite with another lotto win to the tune of 1900 dollars so it is now “on” for XMAS. I told the better half she was buying me some really cool stuff online this year but didn’t know it yet and she said I was doing the same for her.


  67. It’s truly amazing that they could get that Aviation Gin commercial produced so quickly. They had to see the Peloton ad, see the reaction, come up with the idea, get the actress, set up, film,edit, and publish. That’s crazy quick.

  68. TEEROY!!!! So happy for you!! What a great time to get some cash flow!

    Love it!

    Any way you can get away with not replastering and keeping the “high ceiling” and just paint? Although I do understand the complexities of hiding what could be the wiring, air-conditioning ducts, etc.?

  69. Jimbro, I think that would be a lovely set for myself and Jay! But I want to wear the cat.

  70. I saw that earlier and lol. Ryan Reynolds is the MAN.

    Peleton is stupid anyway. Bike is $2200. Subscription is $40 a MONTH, and if you don’t subscribe you just wasted a shit tonne of money because it’s just a regular old spin bike with a few fancy gagets.

    I just took my less than $400 spin bike for a ride with the $10 a month cycle cast app, and I guarantee my workout was just as good.

  71. I just took my less than $400 spin bike for a ride with the $10 a month cycle cast app, and I guarantee my workout was just as good.


    I just took my 40 year old Schwinn banana seat Stingray for a spin around the block listening to my walkman and my workout was just as good peddling away from the street thugs who wanted to beat me up.

  72. Company Christmas Party at 7, Big Ten Championship at 8.

    *fires social secretary*

  73. They should make another comercial with the dude out with his buddies, where he looks miserable at the bar and they all look like they are trying not to laugh.

    “This gin is smooth”

    “Just like you Romeo”

    “An Exercise Bike?”

    “Why not buy her diet book?”


  74. We’re going to leave the high ceiling, put up sheet rock over the exposed lathes and then repaint it all. I dont suspect room will be done till next weekend. Im averaging 55 hrs per week now and dont have as much energy as I used to. Bringing in the pro’s to hang and finish the sheetrock.

    Now I must be off to purchase swag. Im looking for a hoodie from a right wing death beast company such as Nine Line, Ranger Up, Grunt Style, and then Im researching solar powered battery blocks for my now unauthorized hand held radio’s. After that Im thinking some tacticool pants may be on the agenda.

    PS. Has anyone seen Ryan Reynolds twitter feed? Cause the replies look like they are all from fucking communists who NEED TO DIE.

  75. I miss Rosetta. He killed word games. Lauraw was funny at Iowahawk movie casting Twitter game.

  76. Funny you should mention Rosie’s skillz, Oso. I was just reading an old thread at IB where he went monkeyshit on a meme.

    I also saw a reference to some of that stupid paranoid shit Obama used to do. Remember OMG. There were several sites he set up like that. ‘Fight the smears,’ etc. all about snitching on your neighbors for talking shit about Zero. And before the election he said he wanted to set up a “national civilian security force.”

    Jeez, can you IMAGINE if Trump did that shit?? The press would be having aneurisms on live fuckin’ TV every night.



  79. Lauraw, I reported Obama to that site. I reported him for birtherism for claiming on his book jacket to be “Kenyan Born”. The National Civilian Security Force is Antifa and they are doing well.

  80. Nah, Antifa is a bunch of random twats that are just in it for the group violence. The security force I imagine Obama was talking about would be more like your friends and neighbors that will turn you in for an extra ration of rice, like in Cuba or China. Destruction of family privacy and intimacy of friendship and all that.

  81. Company Christmas Party at 7, Big Ten Championship at 8.

    Obviously the solution is to set up a big screen TV at the party.

  82. Antifa is the re-branded “Black Bloc” that were very active in the late 90’s and first decade of 2000. They were at every west coast WTO meeting, etc. etc. Tore the shit out of Portland more than once. They figured prominently in the anti-terrorism training being delivered in the same time period.

  83. Like the thought police on social media getting people reported and blocked for speech? China is genociding Uighers and Cuba is still punishing women in white and others. Hong Kong protesters are being killed in the streets. Women in Iran are disappearing for refusing to wear hijabs. Anti-Iranian protestors in Iraq are being murdered. See Venezuela. We have a W in Bolivia.

  84. Pupster should be kept far away from tv and internet.

  85. This is what happens when the Pupsters aren’t on their lucky couch.

  86. Is Pups on suicide watch? If not, why not??

  87. It’s unfortunate

  88. This is what happens when you give up on your team and go to a Christmas party.

  89. Hoo boy.

  90. Comment by PepeLp on December 7, 2019 7:39 pm

    Thanks for the laugh, Pepe!

    I am in the process of making a personalized Christmas song playlist for Paul for his drive to visit his family this year. I’m going to visit my mom and dad starting next Saturday, then on the 20th I am going to fly into the San Antonio airport and meet up with our daughter & SIL.

    The three of us will drive 2 1/2 more hours to meet up with Paul and Rebecca, who will be driving in from Ft. Worth (about a 7 hour drive).

  91. Finally

  92. Dan forgot to bring a Terrible Towel to AZ for the Steeler game.

  93. Teresa, it’s nice to see you around here.

  94. We have a college volleyball team on our floor. They are very loud.

  95. What team, Oso?

  96. Yikes

  97. Speaking of Rosetta…this is on the back of the Post Golden Crisp, box. Uncanny resemblance.


  98. Anyone else looking forward to seeing Richard Jewell?

  99. I listed six soft sculptures in my collector group. Five of them are now pending. If noone backs out and forfeits their deposit, I’ll be a few hundred short of TeeRoy’s winnings. WoOT!

  100. Haha, Corey Booker is running ads on Dailywire.

  101. Jay, I rarely go see movies but I think that one may be worth going to.

  102. Mare, I don’t know. They’ve been running up and down the halls. Wearing their shorts. They have big vans and not school vehicles.

  103. TeeRoy, I bought this t-shirt. Just realized the company is in St. Louis.

  104. Heh, nice beasn. Can’t imagine you wearing that though.

  105. Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, I may have to get Netflix for a month just to watch the 6 Underground movie, based on the trailers.

  106. well that game turned around.

    And they say the Big 12 doesn’t play defense.

  107. The Saints are playing the 49ers tomorrow. Bourbon Street is full of red and white attire. I think there will probably be fighting later tonight. And probably puking too. Public intoxication seems to be a bit of a thing here. We’re back in our room where it’s pretty safe at the north end of the French Tickler Quarter.

  108. Definitely, Alex

  109. North End of the French Quarter = Cafe Dumond = beignets and good coffee

  110. Plus the Mississippi goes through there pretty close, really large river by that point!

  111. Comment by mare on December 7, 2019 9:41 pm
    Teresa, it’s nice to see you around here.

    Thanks! I’ve been reading you guys every day, but this travelling between TX & NC every couple of weeks kind of puts a crimp in commenting.

    Mom has been fine, but she did mention being in a little more pain this last time, so the clock is starting to tick.

    I did finish stitching her stocking, and she was able to see it in person (she was watching its progression, too), so that is a blessing.

  112. We’re at the corner of Burgundy and Dumaine. Been on the river, in the swamp, beignets at Cafe Du Monde, muffuletta at Central Grocery, Jingle parade today, and all manner of other touristy shit. This place is pretty wild.

  113. Happy Birthday Hotbride. Laissez les bon temps rouler

  114. Dürer’s etchings remain priceless.

  115. I got some of your mom’s muffuletta

  116. I’m happy for Pups!!

  117. I’m sure he never doubted. Ohio State is a second-half team.


  119. @Beasn……Cool Shirt. Im going with this one.

  120. President Ass-Filled-With-Cock never had a nice ring to it.

  121. Oh how I hate …

  122. I wonder if Pups is hungover?

  123. Comment by Hotspur on December 8, 2019 10:02 am
    President Ass-Filled-With-Cock never had a nice ring to it.



  124. I thought that was Obama’s indian name.

  125. SCOTT!! As I was reading Hotspur’s comment the first person I thought of was Obama. HA!

  126. Love the hoodie, T-Roy.
    I’m tempted to snag one of those too but these days, it doesn’t take much to set off my furnace. I only put on pants when I have to take MIL shopping or go to church.

  127. Heh. My mom posted this story w/o mentioning the political affiliation of the dad. Predictable. I mean, if it had been a Republican, it would have been in the headline.

  128. Heh, nice beasn. Can’t imagine you wearing that though.

    HA! It is kind of like putting a spiked collar on a small terrier but I like it. I have a couple other tees of theirs, one being St. Michael. I found the company through Blue Lives Matter. It was started by vets and law enforcement.
    You should see my FFDP tees.

  129. The FBI is LITERALLY worthless:

  130. HTF do these assholes get into this country? Get trained by the US, Get on a military base? Are not monitored at all?

    F*ck the FBI.

    They are the worst.

    And the military higher-ups making these decisions are no better.

  131. Any organization that would have Comey as its leader is shit. Total shit.

  132. President Ass-Filled-With-Cock

    Reggie Love endorsed Bootyedge.

  133. HTF do these assholes get into this country? Get trained by the US, Get on a military base? Are not monitored at all?

    They’re Saudi military personnel here for training so they would have access to NAS Pensacola, possibly living on base. The US has longstanding training programs with other governments. I went through my intel officer basic course with a Mongolian, a Jordanian, and a Latvian. The officers picked are usually very good (it’s a big deal to get to train with the US) or are well connected to the people in power who are friendly with the US. Hence, they’re considered a low threat.

  134. The influence of the Wahhabi’s (think saudi version of the taliban, ultra literal interpretation of the koran) goes back to Abdul Aziz Al Saud who (when creating the country by consolidating the tribes) used the Wahhabi tribe as his shock troops. These guys were known Old Testament style fighters. They took no prisoners and killed EVERYTHING in the villages they were told to attack.

    Abdul Aziz used them as a “negotiation” technique. He would arrive outside the Ville and send emissaries in to deliver the message of “join or die”. Then he would “wed” a tribal chieftains daughter because according to the Koran family cannot war against family. This is the reason there are a bazillion Saudi Prince & Princess’s but most are of a lower rank than those of Abdul Aziz’s 5 formal wives. Keep in mind this occurred a mere three generations ago (early 1900’s) The radical Wahhabi’s still have influence from their contribution and also comprise a healthy portion of the clergy. It is no surprise that some of these types comprise the Officer ranks in the Saudi Military. I would imagine that most of the Saudi 911 attackers were of the wahhabi flavor but have never bothered to confirm that supposition. Someone here (CoAlex) may have a better grasp on that than I.

    This is my understanding of the situation……but I could be wrong

  135. The Wahhabis have always been rabid dogs. The Saudi’s have funded Wahhabi missionaries because it focused attention outward rather than allowing them to stir up trouble at home.

  136. If Kamala Harris married the Saints running back she would be Kamala Kamara.

    She would have to drive a Camaro.

  137. Local news anchor has been on my TV every night since 1986.
    I watched her on Friday.

    She dropped dead on Saturday at the ripe old age of 61.

  138. The FBI is LITERALLY worthless:

    Ya think? They knew all about Ft. Hood guy’s association with a well known jihadi and did squat. Lots of guys complained about him and they did squat.
    See also the Vegas shooter. POOF! And then there was nothing.

  139. The Saudi’s have funded Wahhabi missionaries

    And a good reason to tell them to pound sand as it regards coming here, until they get their own house in civilized order.

  140. Pupster should be kept far away from tv and internet.

    Couple of partygoers tried to update me during the first half, I was able to cover my ears and say LALALALALALALALA until they gave up.

    Watched the whole game this morning/afternoon having no idea the final outcome, which was great.

    Wisconsin is a good team, they deserve a Rose Bowl.

  141. Time to stack the spaghetti sauce is going to be my new “I’m going to work” line.


  143. I don’t think I’ve ever successfully watched a game replay without discovering whether my team won or lost in advance.

  144. 49ers game is the craziest game I have ever seen.

  145. It is a first for me as well, Jimbro. Usually I catch a headline or banner here or there.

  146. Alex, I know all of that, what I can’t understand is that these particular assholes were absolutely waving red flags, an idiot watching them for even a short while would have known these guys were not right.


    It’s easy to mock this stuff, but there really does seem to be a lack of physical connection among a lot of young people these days, and that lack of touch does have a serious effect on people.


  149. He needs some crampons.

  150. Are we about to see the famous Andy Reid prevent D?

  151. I was never much for the touchy feely stuff. I have never liked long embraces, holding hands, or “cuddling” and thats with people I love. Friends maybe a touch on the shoulder…but in general I dont like being touched. Im pretty sure many of my peers fall into the same general category. I think alot of this shit comes down to validation. I think the desire for validation drives alot of our behavior especially sexually speaking. Love? Not so much. I think this desire to be cuddled is more in tune with the infantilization of our youth. You hug and cuddle your small children as a way of promoting their security but around the age of 10 or so that begins to decline (especially in male children). Ultimately what I see is a generation of people who’s mommy and daddy didn’t give them enough affirmation at critical periods or maybe even too much at a time when they should have been being pushed to self comfort as a matter of preparing them for adulthood. I view them as weak.

  152. whose

  153. Crampon sounds like something a tranny needs for their faux hole.

  154. Teeroy, the touching thing is highly subjective. Some toddler babies love to be held and cuddled as much as possible, and others have a limit. This is a personality tendency, into adulthood.

  155. End of an era. The Patriots reign of terror is over.

  156. The 49ers won. Evidently there is a big rivalry here in NO with them. The city was jammed, and so were the bars.

  157. Ordinarily I would be up for cuddling, but Mr. RFH has been getting on my last nerve all weekend, to the point I stopped myself from saying “get the fuck out of my airspace” (there’s the Christmas spirit!) and just left the house for three hours instead.

  158. Patriots aren’t quite on life support yet but they’re getting close. It’s hard to imagine them beating the Ravens or 49ers much less Seahawks or Saints. Toughest game left on their schedule is the Bills. It feels like this is the Ravens year.

    There has been a lot of talk the last few weeks about Brady heading somewhere else next season. I don’t know what to believe as far as that. He sure as hell doesn’t need a big payday and leaving the system he’s spent 20 years in will be tough. If he leaves he’s going to look his age and probably get injured.

    I think Belichick is in the driver’s seat as far as where Brady ends up next year. If he can sign him to a new contract for cheap he’ll keep him otherwise he’ll be gone or retire.

  159. I thought he had another year on his contract.

  160. They should have traded Brady a couple of years ago and kept Garoppolo.

  161. Dr Who’s doing Hotspurs mom.

  162. This is it as far as the contract. He has a provision in it where he can’t get the franchise tag. His house is on the market. Belichick really wanted Garoppolo as his future QB. Brady threw a shit-fit about it and Kraft backed Brady up. Belichick got the word to trade his future star away so he traded to a coaching friend and only got a 2nd round pick for an awesome QB.


    2 year contract but for some reason everyone says it’s up after this year …

  164. He needs some crampons.

    OMFG. Did Scott tell you that I took three flying headers on our hike yesterday because of those things. Thank God I was on flat terrain and landed on my elbows in granular snow each time, but still my shoulders are JACKED.

    I need to get some plastic tubing to cover the chainlinks on the insteps, because they keep grabbing my opposite boot hooks right when I’m walking along at a full stride. I was literally sweeping myself off my feet.

  165. Crampon still sounds like something you pick up from the pharmacy aisle when your wife’s aunt Flo is visiting.

  166. Caroll Spinney (Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch), Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Deep Space 9, Fr. Mulcahy in the M*A*S*H film) and Robert Walker Jr. (Charlie X in original Star Trek) all died today or in the past couple of days.

    Also a cop here in HSV, Billy Clardy III. Drug dealer shot him, and the bulletproof vest either wasn’t in the right place or it failed. His dad was also a cop and also killed in the line of duty, in 1978.

    Still waiting for the arrangements for the X-ray scientist on my project who died over the Thanksgiving holiday.

  167. Odo’s gone to the Great Link? Noooo….

  168. Which hostages are Cardinals fans? I can never remember who bears the Secret Shame…

  169. This is my 3rd NFL game where the Black & Gold overwhelmed the home crowd and took over the stadium. It was crazy.

  170. Lots of groups from Mexico wearing Black & Gold. Group of 20 at our hotel are here from Sonora. Mexican flags and Terrible Towels.

  171. How many Bible’s are left?

  172. Bibles. Damn autocucumber…

  173. Not sure who’s ashamed of it, but beasn, phat, and J’ames are Cards fans.

    Oso too, but she won’t admit it.


    every day in programming

  175. that I took three flying headers on our hike yesterday because of those things

    New Hampshire Header

  176. Connecticut Crampon

  177. Depressed emus require petting.

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