Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born in Dallas, Texas on January, 30th 1995.  She stands 5′ 8″ and measures 32F – 25 – 35 and 128 lbs. Please make yourself comfortable and say howdy to Miss Sabrina Nichole!




  1. I’m getting a “share this” link to Twitter and Facecock in the post on my iPad just above the like button, anybody else see that? How do I turn that off?

  2. I’m seeing it too. Not sure if a setting button was changed accidentally or wordpuss decided its users “wanted it”. Who owns WordPress? Maybe dollars were exchanged to add the buttons in order to drive traffic to those dying sites.

  3. Wow, my tinfoil hat is a little tight this morning

  4. Nice model BTW. Pretty face, fine mammaries with a dizzying palette of hair colors.

  5. Workie workie

  6. Mornin’. I see the buttons too, but to hell with ’em.

  7. Got on the chromebook…post options, sharing, unclick. Bastards.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. This is some old school H2 sluttiness right here. Well done, Pupster. The bald one would be proud.

  10. No buttons here.

    Left my AC cord for the laptop in VA, so I get to go to Office Max in about 20 minutes.

  11. Spellcheck doesn’t recognize sluttiness as a word. That needs to be corrected.

  12. Fake news. It’s brewed for 2 hours or something. Jay probably knows.

    True story. It’s boiled for 2 hours. And you probably should wait a bit after drinking it, it’s 18% alcohol. 36 proof, 12 oz. That’s Schnapps strength. Really smooth, HS would like this IPA, although it’s rare and expensive.

  13. I could get behind this chick.

  14. It’s true I always had an affinity for IPAs going back to my twenties when Ballantine’s IPA was the only one on the market. Sadly it’s long gone. It came in green bottles and my brother said it tasted like boiled grass. 🙂

    If all goes well, my drinking days are done.

  15. If all goes well, my drinking days are done.

    Sounds like a line from a country song.

  16. Tinfoil hat survey question…….Shiny Side…..Inside our Outside?

  17. Why not both?

  18. Out.

  19. I’m with Jimbro. Two layers, shiny side out on both sides.


  21. If all goes well, my drinking days are done.

    Water is a drink.

  22. How long is it going to take Hotspur to dehydrate?

  23. Probably quite awhile, he’s full of piss and vinegar right?

  24. Which reminds me….Hey Spur… You a Shellback or a Polliwog?

  25. Raining and cold here. We are supposed to brand on Sunday, but we’ll have to reschedule unless it really dries out tomorrow.

  26. Pollywog – the only time I’ve crossed the line has been at 35,000 feet.

  27. That doesn’t count? You have to be on the water?

  28. I wonder if its as big a deal nowadays as it was in the past? Im certain the hazing has been pussified along with everything else.

    You see where the just forcibly retired a Command Master Chief with 30 yrs for saying “Clap like you’re in a strip club.” A fucking COMMAND MASTER CHIEF…..I hope the Sub Fleet has been able to avoid the nonsense that’s emanating through the Surface Fleet…if not, were prolly fooked

  29. Cold and crappy here. One more night at work and then I’m off for a few days.
    House is chilly, I made some homemade hot chocolate with unsweetened chocolate, heavy cream, light cream, and truvia. Some vanilla, a pinch of salt…ahhh. It’s nice and thick and not too sweet, like your mom.

  30. *dances through blog doing Chuck Berry duckwalk with his AR

    I said go……go johnny go go go ……go johnny go go go…..Johnny B Goode…..

    Fug it …its friday……

  31. Kill me now….

  32. Oh look, knife missiles. Leon may get his jihad against thinking machines after all.

  33. You have to be on the water. I mean, King Neptune at 35,000 feet? Nope.

  34. They’ll wipe out half of humanity before we’re even permitted to start fighting back.

  35. Copperhead Road…….Steve Earle

  36. Saw those knife missiles yesterday and all I could think of was the last book of Bracken’s Enemies Trilogy where the powers that be were using drones against US citizens in the South.

  37. Badass

  38. Love the Badass picture!

    In that second picture, Elliot is thinking, “Jay, how could you do this to me, bro? All of the other dogs are gonna laugh at me! “

  39. Nah, he loves his scarf. He’ll walk up and show it to grandma, it’s hilarious.

  40. That’s great 😊


  42. I get knocked down but I get up again yer never gonna keep me down

    I get knocked down but I get up again yer never gonna keep me down

    Pissin the night away…..

  43. Lol thats terrific. Its lazy eyed super hero…sad thing is it could end up a “collectible

  44. More damning info coming out about the Hillary crime cover up.

    I want to believe.

  45. OOo, lumme some Barbarios. They made me what I am today!!

  46. Kill me now….

    WTH? Do all the things need to be corrupted?

  47. I worked in bakery today. Cake pickups were already at 6PM for tomorrow. 6 decorators working today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Over 300 cakes. Woman: I called yesterday and was told 2:30. Oso: That was yesterday. We’ve had multiple orders since then. Woman: Party is at 4. Oso: Woman: Can you do anything for me? Oso: Sorry. Woman: I need to talk to a manager. Ricoh: You should’ve submitted your order yesterday. I can’t do anything for you. (YAY! Beasn, can you believe it? A manager had my back!)

  48. Mini-me and I are visiting my dad. I waved at BroCavil when we drove past. It was raining, boooo.

  49. And visiting stepmom, too, for Mother’s Day, but more for Dad. Brother’s ears are probably burning from all the badmouthing tonight.

  50. We’re getting a nice, soaking rain, thank goodness. It’s been a worrying several hours since the last one. If it doesn’t rain half a day, at least five times a week, I start to worry.

  51. Discuss Episcopalian religious practices.

  52. We had a major soaker yesterday and it’s going to be clear and pleasant for the weekend (60’s). Paula is bummed because the rain returns next week to correspond with her time off from work.

    I haven’t seen the stats yet but we have seemingly had endless rain this spring. At least we haven’t had the usual fires in the woods. TBH, forest fires in Maine are a small problem, primarily affecting local areas and not spreading for miles.

  53. Morning everyone.

  54. The new Chickenhead album must be out.

  55. Just livin in the world.

  56. Jay put up a new awesome poat full of memey goodness.

  57. “Discuss Episcopalian religious practices.”
    You better damn well have study knees if you regularly attend their services.

  58. Also, their potlucks cannot hold a candle to Baptist’s.

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