Baby HHD

I got nothin’ to say other than parenting is a young man’s game. Why did none of you assholes tell me this?

This baby loves America. Beware commie jerk-off scum!


  1. Oh God, he looks extremely smart. I’m sorry. I know you were hoping for a stupid baby. Good luck with “because I said so.” That’s not gonna work for long.

  2. Already after the chicks. nice work!

  3. heh, my new favorite tag: Your Welcome Hotspur

  4. Cute kid MJ.

  5. Parenting is a young man’s game if only because it ages the fuck out of you.

  6. Don’t be a pussy. Show ’em who’s boss.

  7. MJ: master of the stomp

  8. So … went to the lasik eye place today for a consultation. Appointment took over 2 hours of tests and explaining. The doctor spent at least 45 minuets with me (pretty amazing).

    Anyway, I guess what they want to do is correct one eye to 20/20 and then the other less (-150 power) so I can use that eye for reading. Mono something or other they call it.

    To test it, I’m wearing contacts to simulate what it will be like. It’s pretty interesting.

    Reading will take some getting used to … but driving, etc, no problem. I usually have to take my glasses off to use the computer, but I’m fine right now.

  9. How much, Car in? I’ve noodled about doing lasik too.

  10. About $2000 an eye. that includes absolutely everything, including follow-ups for 2 years. it’s no knife/all laser etc.

    He says a lot of those places that advertise for much less are 1) lying 2) don’t include all the costs or 3) aren’t using the fancy machines.

    I can’t believe how thorough he was today. It was in Troy – which … is really close to $$$$ neighborhoods. But it seemed fair to me. I dont’ know that I want to pinch pennies with this.

    The doc and his wife have the exact same deal (one eye for distance one for reading) and says they’ve adjusted just fine.

    To seal the deal (he was S American of some sort – he mentioned but I forget) he strongly hinted that he was a good conservative. Now i just have to dig up the $4000.

  11. he has three of the most advanced laser deals for the various surgery types they do. Getting the tour, I was afraid how much it was going to be. But I don’t think it’s that out of line. I think the least I thought it could be was $1500 an eye.

  12. What the fuck is with Sinema? When did we enter bizarro-world where she makes some good sense?

  13. Careful Alex, we shift timelines again and you might find yourself going to a concert with her.

  14. My eyes are taking this really well so far. Honestly not having to take my glasses on and off to do things … is pretty awesome.

  15. Careful Alex, we shift timelines again and you might find yourself going to a concert with her.

    The concert is a go, but it’s just a cover. In the parking lot we’ll make the tradeoff: six silkies and a newfie pup for a somewhat melodramatic 19 year old girl.

  16. Crap, I thought you were referring to Car in.

    I’d go to a concert with Sinema. She seems like the type to wear a leather skirt and a torn Motley Cru t-shirt and want to hit the strip club afterwards.

  17. $4000 is 5 years of contacts or less (including the yearly doc appointment needed). So … just saying.

    I’ve been wearing cheapy glasses for the last few years, but it’s a major pain in the ass. The problem with contacts – is that I can’t read with them on (unless, of course, I got contacts as I’m wearing them now). But as I said- wearing contacts long term it’s just cheaper to get the surgery.

  18. The concert is a go, but it’s just a cover. In the parking lot we’ll make the tradeoff: six silkies and a newfie pup for a somewhat melodramatic 19 year old girl.

    Six PULLET silkies. And a Newfie that’s potty trained.

    Done and done.

  19. Honestly, if by chance you talk to the somewhat melodramatic 19yo girl I think she’ll swoon when you don’t brospeak to her or in front of her.

  20. I have a laser pointer. We could do all the lasic surgery at Lapeerpalooza 3: The one no one saw coming

  21. Coalex?

  22. L to R

    Pup, MJ

  23. If you rub enough gravel in your eye it’s just like lasik.

    You should try it.

  24. Waaaiiiittt a minute … is that a bar of soap he’s licking in the third picture?

  25. Pretty sure that’s a popsicle.

  26. Soap looks weird in Maine.

  27. I thought they just rubbed themselves with old moose antlers.

  28. Either moose antlers or gravel from Deer Isle for the rich folks

  29. Sometimes a tank is just a tank.

  30. As someone on Twatter said, “tell me this doesn’t look like the opening to a Brazzers clip.”

  31. Cute kid.

  32. the other poat was better


  33. Sorry about the lack of grownup HHD, but this and the pet poat are fine.


  35. Someone did a nice Photoshop of AOC drinking from a bidet, and now I can’t find it. I blame Zuckerberg.

  36. Look at that hoverhanding beta.

  37. Throwing peas yet?

  38. This is the best poat in YEARS!!!!

    This is my favorite part:

    This baby loves America. Beware commie jerk-off scum!

  39. This is an excellent child and way too good for MJ.

    This child is cute (really cute), he looks smart and like he’d do something naughty and then hug you so you can’t be mad, I appreciate that in a kid.


  41. Pepe, true Story. I can’t use stainless steel cleaner on our stove due to MA. Her reflection scares her. We still have Ginger nose prints on the stainless steel. Soon

  42. like he’d do something naughty

    and make you laugh while he’s doing it.

  43. There is a Twitter video going around of a young woman complaining about men catcalling and chasing her and why can’t she just walk here without being harassed. While this is true, I am old-fashioned enough to think that maybe the best outfit for walking through a sketchy neighborhood isn’t a low-cut tank top and no bra. I’m not saying wear a burkah, but bouncing the girls while showing plenty of cleavage draws attention. If you don’t want that attention, wear something a little more modest.

  44. Might as well share it here.

  45. 24 hour fast so far. Trying to go for 36-40 hours total. I did break down and have two breath savers mints while at tango class.

  46. It’s LA, so probably some of the 56K mentally ill and homeless harassing her.

  47. Bernie Sanders will be in Slater then Ames for July 4th parades.

  48. Seems like he ought to be in a May Day parade.

  49. Oy. Whose turn is it roll the blog over and burp it?

  50. Haha, I was thinking the same thing roamy.

  51. Seems like he ought to be in a May Day parade.


    Golf clap…..

  52. laura, happy 4th of July!

  53. Have a wonderful Independence Day, Jay!

  54. What a handsome little guy!

  55. Destroy English Redcoats, Patriots!

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