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Since we are in need of a fresh post, I’ve decided to put up a pet post. I’ll start with Elliot, aka Pretty Pretty Princess (since he doesn’t like to get wet):
gimme a chili dog!
20190529_191723 (Medium)

Add your own pics, or you can send them to me, and I’ll add them.

What do you mean, no walk?
20190624_063259 (Medium)

Stella! (added from Car in’s post)

Lets do this!

for those of you sad sad people that have plants as pets, here’s an example of what can be included in this post:

20190617_194636 (Medium)

More Stella, Moose, and Oscii



Jimbro’s Rowan


A voice from the abyss. Jam has reached out, and forwarded pics of his:

Pet chicken, Leviathan:


Oscar. Description includes: Dumbest dog to ever trod the planet.




  1. Such a handsome boi!

  2. LOVE that Stella Side-eye.

  3. Elliot has a flooferdoof on his head and I need to play with it.

  4. Some Rowan pics should be inbound to your email Jay

  5. Added Jimbro.

    laura, it’s the Billy Idol look. We’ve had them keep it since we got him, that little blond floof.

  6. a voice from my spam filter on my phone, jam, has added some content for your perusal.

  7. Oscar! What a little sweetie pie. I bet he likes liver snaps and scritches. I don’t know him but something tells me he does.

    Also, chickadees are not chickens but I’m willing to try. Probably takes quite a few to make a meal.

  8. Where is xbrad? Jam? We’re missing quite a few people lately.

  9. Rowan often sleeps on his back, wiener up.


    Fully automatic assault tanks have crossed M street and are headed for the mall.

  11. only see xbrad on fb

  12. Every newscaster is going to become an instant expert on the effects of an M-1 Abrams tank on asphalt streets overnight.

  13. I’d send a picture of my “pet” but I’m told there’s no porn allowed on wordpress. Plus all the women would laugh.

  14. America’s highways under siege!

  15. use the wide angle lens. makes it look bigger

  16. Baby HHD up

  17. Man, I’m trying to find some treepots 5″ or 6″ wide across and 12″ deep and these are frickin’ hard to find. I have one source on amazon that is just a total ripoff.

    I need these for repotting my artichoke seedlings in Fall, which are right now in smaller treepots that aren’t going to be big enough to house them over Winter.

    Almost have a mind to just make a box with plastic dividers in it of the right size. Would be much cheaper.

  18. Our town transfer center has a spot for people to leave plastic pots. There’s a lot of them there but I’m not sure what sizes

  19. This is an awesome poat

  20. JAM!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!!?

  21. This poat is delightful with a hint of excellence and a finish that is sweet yet satisfying. Unlike your mom.

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