2018 Big Boob Friday Champion’s Victory Lap

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



That’s a lot of noise from just two dudes.  Quick, who does the drummer remind you of?  


Your model for today is the 2018 BBF Champion, born August 14, 1968 in London, England, she stands 5’9” , 34D-24-35 and 145 lbs.  Please tighten your neck bolts and say congratulations to Miss Catherine Bell !





  1. Victory Fap indeed

  2. Winning!!

  3. Her body is fricken outstanding! Small waist, big boobs, long legs, gorgeous shoulders. What more could you want??


  4. I probably wouldn’t throw her out of bed for eating crackers.

  5. . She’s fit, but I’ve seen cleaner performances of this sort of stuff
    Comment by lauraw on December 13, 2018 10:19 pm

    Maybe it was her first run-through, Miss Critical.

    Well, if you’re going to try to compete in the narcisstic world of fitness thot videos, you need to take it up a notch.

    wakey wakey

  6. Hooray for milfy goodness!

  7. Youtube is one big narcisstic hole of suck. blech.

  8. Is everyone super excited to see “Vice”? It’s coming out christmas and the “buzz” is that it’s going to win every award.

    I personally can’t WAIT to see a comedy-serious-mockumentary about Dick Cheney.

    Do you think I should pre-order my tickets?

  9. They describe it as a biographical “comedy-drama”.

  10. awesome joob this year pup!!!!

  11. you get 8 teats up for your efforts

  12. Black Panther has to win everything. It’s a rule.

  13. It’s going to be a fight there- Black Panther v We hate Cheney movie.

  14. black Panther was borderline a bad movie. nothing happened. My son (who is hilarious, btw) said it should have been renamed “The Black Panther Has a Very Bad Day”.

  15. There was so much plot filling/back story development – they almost should have just employed a narrator for that cheap trick of filling the viewer into everything w/o having to portray it all on the screen.

  16. I’ve been up since 5:30. Can you tell?

    It’s almost time for frontsquats.

  17. Slacker

  18. I don’t see many movies. I’ll see nothing that is supposed to win something.

    But Black Panther is HISTORIC. There’s never been a black person in a movie. It’s a big deal.

    Before Black Panther, black folks were the gaffers, or key grips, or caterers.

  19. Blade was superior in every way.

    I’ve never seen BP. I don’t need to. I’m right.

  20. black Panther was borderline a bad movie. nothing happened. My son (who is hilarious, btw) said it should have been renamed “The Black Panther Has a Very Bad Day”.


  21. I’ve been up since 5:30. Can you tell?

    It’s almost time for frontsquats.


  22. Barbell rows and presses at the gym this morning. Tonight I’ll try to run sprints or hit the heavy bag for a bit.

  23. Wakanda is a White Nationalist utopia wearing blackface. It’s literally a closed racial and ethnic enclave forbidden to others.

    BP is the most racist movie made since Triumph of the Will.

  24. Let’s not be silly. Black Panther was historic because it was the first time a black person played the lead role.

  25. Actually, Black Panther did make one magnificent point. It was anti-immigration. They logically pointed out why.

  26. That comment at 8:03 took forever, btw.

  27. Wakanda is a White Nationalist utopia wearing blackface. It’s literally a closed racial and ethnic enclave forbidden to others.

    BP is the most racist movie made since Triumph of the Will.

    Not to mention a theocratic monarchy where the leader is the one who demonstrates that he is strongest.

  28. Mornin’ Folks. The Academy sucks, they never get it right anyway.

  29. Pre-Pitch meeting:

    “So I’ve got this script about the son of Hitler. He’s a super hero in America, but he’s the hereditary king of Neu Schwebenland and the descendants of the Nazis who hid in their hidden Antarctic enclave. It’s quite possibly the most evil movie script I’ve ever read, but man, superheros are tight! Any ideas how we make this work?”

    “Super-easy, barely an inconvenience, we just scrub off some serial numbers and change a few light details and we’ve got a hit here…”

  30. In America, we’d have called the original character White Lightning or Ubermensch. I can’t decide which is more offensive.

  31. Holy crap, from the “where not to retire” article:

    But relocating to Oregon is a different deal. A major issue you’d encounter are the prohibitive housing costs. In popular cities like Portland, Bend and along the coast, housing costs have risen 7.5% in the past year.

    The current median house price statewide is $350,000, and renting a one bedroom in Portland will set you back $1,366 a month.

    Do they just not build any houses there at all or what?

  32. Michigan is also supposedly bad, because of Winter.

    Heh. Good.

  33. Friend of mine just found out she had super high cholesterol. 299 . I’m trying to talk her down from taking statins.

    Her diet includes a lot of red meat, butter, and cream – and she figured since she is slender it was fine.

    (there – that should instigate some discussion)

  34. What was her HDL? Trigs?

  35. Building houses in Portland? Not so much.
    They were one of the original cities with an Urban Growth Boundary. It fucked things up. Even worse was the left-wing government that took over and stymied new construction of single-family homes in favor of multi-family units.

    Portland is a beautiful city that is a complete basket case.

  36. Hitting the road, going to meet BroCavil, then check on Dad and stepmom. Mwah!

  37. The entire West Cost is frakked. So many regulations and such for building, when you even CAN…all the tech wealthy twits got theirs and don’t want “their” areas ruined by the peasants.

    So of course housing skyrockets and a shitty one-room in LA is a million bucks. It’s like what happened in Tokyo back in the day, but self-inflicted.

  38. Rural development in MI seems to get held back a lot by our water regs. So much of Michigan is defined as either hydric soil or wateshed that you can’t do a standard septic system that would have been perfectly legal 20 years ago, but you also can’t get connected to any municipal systems because you’re too far out of town.

    So you’re so far away from everyone that you almost can’t poison their water, but you can’t have a septic tank because you might pollute their water.

  39. Good chol. is 98 – bad is 198.

  40. Her ratio is perfect. Statins would be a poison and a money-grab.

  41. Do you have something you can link to support that? Not that I don’t believe you – but she’s gonna want a little bit more than “My friend said you’re fine”. lol

  42. “My friend’s cousin’s husband’s next door neighbor works at a hospital. He says you’re going to be fine.”

  43. Don’t just say “my friend said you’re fine”. Say, “leoncaruthers said you’re fine”.

  44. Long but good:

    I’ve read it in dozens of places, not just there, that the ratio is key. Her HDL is fantastic. Before taking statins, she should at a bare minimum get one of the better LDL assays that distinguishes “small, dense” LDL from “big, fluffy” LDL. If it’s mostly the latter, it really shouldn’t concern her.

  45. IIRC, statins have been only shown to reduce the chances of a second heart attack in men, but I’m sure there have been more studies since then. Big Pharma has too much money riding on them and on reducing “healthy” cholesterol levels until everyone has to take them.

  46. Stolen….

    While enjoying their evening cocktails, the wife asks her husband, in very seductive voice, “Have you ever seen Twenty Dollars all crumpled up?”

    “No,” said her husband.

    She gave him a sexy little smile, unbuttoned the top 3 or 4 buttons of her blouse, and slowly reached down into the cleavage created by a soft, silky push-up bra, and pulled out a crumpled Twenty Dollar bill.

    He took the crumpled Twenty Dollar bill from her and smiled approvingly.

    She then asked him, “Have you ever seen Fifty Dollars all crumpled up?”

    “Uh… no, I haven’t,” he said, with an anxious tone in his voice.

    She gave him another sexy little smile, pulled up her skirt, and seductively reached into her panties…… and pulled out a crumpled Fifty Dollar bill.

    He took the crumpled Fifty Dollar bill and started breathing a little quicker with anticipation.

    “Now,” she said, “have you ever seen Fifty Thousand Dollars all crumpled up?”

    He said, “No!”, trying to contain his excitement.

    She said, “Check the garage.”

  47. Well that killed it.

  48. My gym is closed today, unexpectedly. I’ll have to do basement workout instead.

  49. A deserving champion. The very definition of “smokeshow.” A true dimepiece.
    I now denounce myself so the ladies won’t have to.

  50. I’d hit it but I’d never give her my home address.

  51. She’s got teh crazy-eyes a little.

  52. For Leon

  53. Fuck that, I’d take her home and introduce her to mom and dad. And then dad would take me around the bars to brag.

    Yeah, her eyes have a little crazy, but hopefully just enough that the makeup sex is really good after a fight.

  54. For Leon

    *insert Travis Bickle quote about imminent meteorological events*



  57. My gym got bought. I hope nothing changes.

  58. Is this a keep-what-you-kill thing?

  59. *Kicks blog in the poon*

  60. Car in, tell your friend to request a CAT scan of her coronary arteries before going on statins. My guess is that with such a high HDL number, they will be clean as a whistle.

    The highest risk for heart attack (unless there is a family history) is age. The cholesterol number by itself doesn’t appear to mean squat.

    The most important number is the Chol/HDL ratio – anything below 4 indicates a low risk of heart disease.

  61. Comment by leoncaruthers on December 14, 2018 2:45 pm
    My gym got bought. I hope nothing changes.

    Hope you own knee-socks and lots of chalk.

  62. “Fuck that, I’d take her home and introduce her to mom and dad. And then dad would take me around the bars to brag.”

    I remember when I was 17, turning 18, I was “dating” the 28 yr old divorcee on Mom & Dad”s bowling team. Very Catherine Bell-ish actually – tall, short brunette hair, big doe eyes and huve mammaries. A beautiful woman.
    Dad was so jealous, but proud at the same time. Always tried to get me to the bowling alley on Thursday night’s to show that I was hittin’ Margaret.
    Those were the days…

  63. I’ve decided I’ve been good this year and ordered my Christmas present. Santa is bringing me a 10.5 complete upper receiver for my AR build. Soon, I’ll have a machine gun too! Ho Ho Ho!

  64. I splurged for my birthday and finally bought the dagger that’s been on my Amazon wishlist since 0 was president.

  65. I also finished getting the items for my sons “whatever the fuck ya wanna call it” bag. Got the bag itself, a mutli tool, a Marine K-bar, a good poncho, a life straw, a magnesium fire starter, emergency blankets and a 6x monocular. He’ll have to fill in the rest.

  66. Troy, here’s a list for him to start out.

    one forty-five caliber automatic
    two boxes of ammunition
    four days’ concentrated emergency rations
    one drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
    one miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
    one hundred dollars in rubles
    one hundred dollars in gold
    nine packs of chewing gum
    one issue of prophylactics
    three lipsticks
    three pair of nylon stockings.

  67. I’m a big fan of pemmican as the concentrated ration. 0.5 lb will feed you for a day. Not hard to make in big batches.

  68. What are the stockings and lipstick for? In case you turn gay? (Or in MJ’s case – gayer.)

  69. Copied everything here and sent it to my friend. Including this one :”“My friend’s cousin’s husband’s next door neighbor works at a hospital. He says you’re going to be fine.”

  70. Stockings are a pre-filter to get the solids out of brackish water. Lipstick is for messages to fellow survivors.

  71. Message example: “Hot Stockinged Male Ass Ahead”

  72. Heh

    “pep pills”

  73. Cult Zumba Christmas part tonight.

  74. worked all day. Sorta slow.

  75. And in stranger details, just dug through my dad’s ashes to bring some to the party. One of my fellow cult members knows someone who is going to make some pendants (glass, they’re cool) with the ashes for gifts for Christmas. Three gifts DONE.

    It was one of the weirder things I’ve done though. The bone pieces are kinda big.

  76. BUT, at least I know the bone is my dad. The smaller ash could be who knows what.

    Why do I think like this?

  77. Comment by Car in on December 14, 2018 5:39 pm
    Cult Zumba Christmas part tonight.

    Lemme guess, the WoD is going to be some parody of “The 12 days of Christmas”?

  78. Message example: watch out for Jimbro. He gets grabby.

  79. And why isn’t there any chardonnay on that list?

  80. If I ran a crematorium I’d run the bone chunks through a grinder for pulverization purposes.

  81. No chardonnay in The Apocalypse. You’ll learn to love pruno made by burly men in nylons.

  82. https://pen.org/recipe-for-prison-pruno/

  83. I don’t get it.

  84. I guess everyone has hot dates this evening.

  85. I went to the gym last night and there was a chick on the glute press in front of me who had haunches that would have given leon some very impure thoughts. She was cute as hell, too.

  86. Packing clocks.


  87. No hot date for me. I’m chatting with a friend who’s husband is going through a breakdown.

  88. In a well arranged gym, there really ought not be a station behind the glute press. Seems like it would attract creepy spectators.

    Like Shawn.

  89. In a well arranged gym, there really ought not be a station behind the glute press.

    Agreed. The best option is to put it in the corner of two mirrored walls.

  90. Either I have a very selective memory, or Scott has an odd penchant for clock packing.

  91. New England is full of old people, and when grandma dies there’s always a question about what to do with her big old wooden clock.

  92. We were the clock capital of the world not too long ago.

    The last auction had about 300 of them.

  93. Mare would love it here.

  94. She does like some big clocks.

  95. My grandfather love his old clock. He took it everywhere he went. He’d work it into every conversation, and used any excuse to whip it out for people to see. He especially loved to show kids his clock. He’d call them over to his van and show them it, and demonstrate how he polished it each day.

  96. I had to put all the clock polishing on my wife’s chore board. I really shouldn’t be doing it.

  97. The perfect beer for Oso.

  98. Comment by leoncaruthers on December 14, 2018 10:02 pm
    I had to put all the clock polishing on my wife’s chore board. I really shouldn’t be doing it.

    Possum, a few years from now: “‘Missionary work’, ‘polish the clock’… Mommy, we don’t have a clock!”

  99. My sister’s breast cancer is encapsulated. She’s in a medical trial. No chemo. No radiation. The medical trial is to see if the malignant lump can be taken care of without surgery. She is still on the calendar for January surgery, unless there is a cancellation. God is good.

  100. Thanks for the 🎶My Grandfather’s Clock🎶 Earworm. See also trigger the sexual abuse survivor of creepy grandpa. 🤣🤣🤣👋🏻

  101. Great news, Oso!

  102. Meetup with BroCav didn’t happen. Combo of not enough time off from work for lunch, rain and traffic that added over an hour to my drivetime, and me with a dumb phone and no GPS unable to change plans at the last minute.

  103. And so it goes. Serves me right for trying something fancy on a work day…

  104. Dad and stepmom were happy to see me, and I got here in one piece, so I’m good.

    I am spoiled by a job where I can usually take a long lunch whenever and just make up the time later.

  105. Then again, I’ve had days where I didn’t get lunch.

  106. Lunch is overrated. Thanks, Bro.

  107. Roamy, work friend has me reading about Our Lady of Revelation. I need a tin foil hat and a safe space. Our Archdiocese is being targeted with abuse cases that we already paid off 30 years ago.

  108. The abuse issues will plague the church for a generation.

  109. Remember the TV series “Malcom in the Middle”? This could be his mothers little sister! Both of them are Stunners!

  110. I ❤️ Malcom in the Middle. Walter White, yo.

  111. CoAl, reading the revelations from our Lady to Bruno, her visitation is about the purge of bad clergy. First time she appeared to a non-believer that actually denigrated her and vociferously denounced her.

  112. Malcolm in the Middle was awesome. The scene in the final episode where his parents reveal what they expect of him is particularly good.

  113. There’s something about Jane Kaczmarek…

  114. Dudley enjoys raspberry preserves.

  115. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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