Hello cat puppets, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.




Your model for today was born in Vancouver, Canada on November 11th, 1969. She stands 5’1″, 34E-24-34 and 110 lbs. Please step up to the bar and say hello to Miss Kianna Dior!


  1. Aging stripper killed the poat before it could begin…

  2. I didn’t know there were any Meskins in BC.

  3. She’s half Chinese, half white, I believe.

  4. I always thought it would be fun to write a SF story about a group of academics who travel 100k years into the past only to discover that Neanderthals had a thriving bronze age civilization.

    I’d read that.

    And this chick needs to show up for Leg Day. Man, that first image is scary.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Toothpick with tits

  7. Well, she is asian-ish, so asslessness was almost guaranteed.


  9. ” this chick needs to show up for Leg Day”

    on BBF……

  10. another great joob!!! pup!

  11. Some plastic surgeon somewhere must be so proud…

  12. I included the last video link for you Leon, but it is all upper body all the time.

  13. So what happening today? I’m in Friday mode. My morning will be typical admin and this afternoon will be spent mostly driving to pickup a troop, and deliver supplies. Its a nice day for driving so I have that to look forward to.

    I haven’t mentioned it before ,(or maybe I have and just forgot) I “subscribe” to a youtube channel by a guy named John Lovell, he runs a blog called the Warrior Poet Society. John is a former Special Forces guy and he produces great videos on weapons handling and deployment, weapons and gear, mindset and mental prepardness, etc. etc. He also considers himself a Christian and discusses moral issues associated with self defense and dealing with bad people. Highly Highly recommend taking a look.

  14. i hadn’t noticed the legs – but now….

    holy moly that’s funny

  15. i’ve got a neighbor that has the chicken legs with big boob thing going on.
    and she has big giant manly hands

  16. and a mouth that would make a trucker blush

  17. Last full day in Salt Lake City. I have always wanted to go to Wyoming. I Loved it just as I thought I would. I want to move now.

    Today’s model would be great if I could get rid of the face, legs, and belly (and likely fupa),

  18. Somebody sold you a shitty knockoff Chinese map, Dr. B.

  19. Comment by jam2 on August 3, 2018 10:17 am
    i’ve got a neighbor that has the chicken legs with big boob thing going on.
    and she has big giant manly hands.
    and a mouth that would make a trucker blush

    You gotta number on her??

  20. Dead on a Friday. Sad, really.

  21. DiFi’s driver was a Chinese agent, because of course…

  22. I’d guess that’s true for at least 5% of congressional staffers, and a nonzero percentage of agency personnel at TLA.

    Even with the TS background investigations and polygraphs, it wouldn’t be hard to get a substantial number inserted, especially 2nd and third-gen children of immigrants raised in ethnic enclaves.

  23. That story Roamy posted earlier is scary stuff.
    Lynchburg (home to Liberty Univ) could be under 17 feet of water in a matter of minutes if/when the dam breaks.

    A large swath of the Appalachian foothills were pounded past night with a super storm, dumping more than half a foot of rain in mere minutes. If eeks, lakes, rivers overflowing everywhere. I know people in NC still assessing the damage.

  24. *creeks

  25. Ummmmmmm

  26. Thanks for that link, Troy.

  27. Muuuuuuuu

  28. Speaking of getting pounded last night, how is your mom?


  30. Every minute that passes, Hotspur’s mast grows closer to Beaver Island

  31. At his age I’m pretty sure it doesn’t grow that much…….

  32. Dis de la muerte at H2.

  33. Dis dammit!!

  34. Dia. Mufkin autocorrects

  35. It’s quiet.

    Too quiet.

  36. H8 is such a blast!!

    Ha! Losers!

  37. Fridays are like this a lot lately.

    Getting wife to take her realtor exam next week so she can transition into being my sugar momma.

  38. Deader than a squirrel on an apple tree.

  39. Waaaasssssssuuuuuup! Made my road trip without hitting anything, getting pulled over, or breaking down. (Hold yer applause).

    Spurs mast maybe “tuned” but Beaver Island isn’t for the novice, in fact it can be treacherous. Fuck around and you end up in the Bay of Crabs. The current around the Herpes Reef can be very tricky, not to mention the pregnancy shoals will take the life out of you if you don’t time your crossing just right.

  40. He may want to pull out of that voyage early.
    Even WITH a rubber dinghy.

  41. Hey, hoes. We set sail in the morning. My crew are making the 4 hour drive to Arcadia. Should be here about 10.

  42. I did a shakedown for a couple of hours around noon, with a friend in the marina. All went well.

  43. Have a great trip, hope the weather cooperates.

    Or as the French say, bon voyage fils de putes

  44. It’s supposed to be nice. Rain maybe Monday, but we’ll be in a slip by then.

  45. @ Mare

    The pleasure is mine. John is definitely one of the good guys.

  46. Hey Troy,
    Has anyone offered you the keys to this shithole dump? Me, Jimbro, Leon, Roamy and Jam2 do most of the posting but you could try your hand if you’d like. You too Chi Chi, we have more non-posting admins than commentators these days. Start a wordpress account to get the feel of the shit software and let us know if you have the stomach for it.

  47. I like doing BBF.

  48. We used to get 300 comments multiple times a day on stupid shit posts, today we get 47 comments in 14 hours on a high quality BBF. What is going on around here?

  49. Shut the fuck up Hot Beaver.

  50. Well, look at all we’ve lost: PattyAnn, Rosetta, Michael, Dave, Cuffy, Sohos, Cyn, Composmentis, Uniball, Cathy, Mesa, etc. Tushar, Wiserdud, MJ, and several others hardly post anymore.

  51. “high quality”

  52. Lipstick, MCPO, Chumpo, Vmax…………


    Is that for real and if so, does anyone have the number of dead?

  54. Did Lipstick pass away? She was a blast at TITS 1.

  55. Watching a CFL game, pretty entertaining. Very similar to the NFL but the average salary is $80,000 per year.

    That looks like a lot of hurt for $80,000.

  56. Holy shit the FBI is worthless. A complete whitewash on the Las Vegas shooting. Could they look any more incompetent? I think not.

  57. So, the owner of the home we were looking at verbally accepted our offer. I’m kinda excited. A good friend of ours is in real estate so we can get a contract from her to make things official..and then to line up an inspector asap. The house has been in the same family since the 50s and the owner is not in good health.

    Beasnette told us this morning not to do this for her. I think she likes living here too much where mama cooks for her. (If she decides not to rent the house, she will still have to pay us to live here and keep cooking for her.)

    We’ll get her and her boyfriend to help rehab the place and learn them some skills. He’s got 4 days off a week, so I’ll put him to work.

  58. She did.

  59. Once he accepted our offer, I’m like, “Shit, maybe we should have gone lower.” There will be a lot of work to do.

  60. Mare, not only is the FBI incompetent but probably in on a lot of dirty shit. I don’t accept much of what they have to say. #getridoftheFBI

  61. What? I didn’t know Lipstick died! How very sad. I think I did know she had an autoimmune disease or something similar (?).
    She was a good one.

  62. Comey was an absolute idiot and I think there is some mental issue there also. How in THE F*CK did he become the head of the FBI? I have yet to hear him speak in a manner that is impressive or show leadership qualities. The number of asses he licked must be legendary.

  63. How is it possible the FBI knows nothing with regards to the Las Vegas shooting/shooter? And if they do and don’t want to release information to the public, why?


  65. I think the official cause of death was “complications associated with MS”.

  66. Well, she was a sweet chick. So was PattyAnn. Rosetta and Michael were very sad losses as well. I wasn’t around for Cranky.

  67. Mare

  68. I apologize for nothing.

  69. Thanks, Scott.
    A great loss for sure.
    We’ve had so many here.
    But we keep on laughing and making “your mom” jokes. I like our no-quit, can-do attitude.
    Last jackass standing, please turn out the lights.

  70. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year and a half since she passed away.

  71. That was excellent, Roamy. People are funny!

  72. I’m pretty sure that was in Augusta. The riverwalk looked familiar, as did the bridge in the background of the playground shot.


  74. I don’t know when Lipstick moved back to PA, but she wasn’t far from my brother-in-law.

  75. Rocketboy has been playing a game called Hearthstone on his phone. He swears he has the data turned off so it only uses wifi for updates, but somehow we went over on our phone data again. Looking at the phone records, something is doing an update every day at noon and sometimes at 9 AM, and it’s over 100 Mb every time.

    It got kind of shouty in here, and I turned off his data. He’s got a job, he can give up the game or pay for his own data plan.

  76. I’ve tried shutting down notifications and updates on everything. phone is tolerable quiet now. might get some more years out of it

  77. This is why I have a dumb phone.


  78. I especially like the MAGA on the hammer.

  79. Roamy,
    Anita has a ‘smart phone’ and it is bitching at her all the time. People are texting all the time. I have a dumb phone that lives in the drawer in the kitchen, unless I am away. Then it is in my pocket.
    Hers is a hassle, mine is an appliance.
    She has made me carry a phone since I ran the helicopter outa gas over a tree farm, behind locked gates.
    Hers is a burden, a ‘leash’ as it were. Mine is a convenience…

  80. I signed for an apartment and then went to move a load from my storagr unit to it. As I was driving up 270, it started pouring. Unloading cardboard boxes which are soaked isn’t fun…

  81. heh, once I got a moving van stuck In a yard cuz it pours so hard

  82. Lipstick’s farewell post at IB:

    Lovely Lady, We Will Miss You Always

  83. Keep all your dreams, keep standing tall
    If you are derp you cannot fall
    There is a voice inside us all
    So smile when you can
    When you can

  84. Oy!!!!

  85. Good morning sunshines. I’m about to put up a weekend meme poat, then shower, make Boy1’s breakfast, then drive Boy1 to work.

    On the way home I may violently accelerate and turn the wheel sharply to the left or right while crossing one of the many bridges over Lake Minnetonka. But probably not.

  86. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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