Big Boob Friday

Hello (insert your indian name here) and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born April 20th, 1995 in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. She measures 168cm, 48kg. Please stop picking your daughters boyfriends and welcome, Miss Siva Aprilla!

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  1. Pretty girl. Big-chested. Friday.

    The universe is in order.

  2. Fuck entropy.

  3. Minus 7 degrees. Even my red dog who loves to play outside did his business and ran back to the door this morning.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Leon.

  5. Her hair is really pretty.

    Happy belated birthday, Leon.

    Mr. Science, I am so very sorry to hear about your son’s troubles.

  6. Morning.

  7. Hi Jewstin! Don’t usually see the pork hammer around this time of day. How you doing?

  8. wakey wakey.

  9. Eight degrees here. A light layer of snow. I’m curious to know how the plants in the cold frame are doing, but it won’t be safe to check until it gets back up around freezing temperature.

  10. I smell curry.

  11. 4 here. And the weather looks to be miserable this weekend.

  12. I’m working tonight…if they want me to cut Christmas trees outside in this cold, I’m gonna poop my knickers.

  13. They’ve been having me cut a lot of the trees this year because so many of the other employees are under 25. You have to be 25 to use the chainsaw. It’s silly. They let these kids run the forklifts, and they could kill way more people with one of those.

  14. Ugh. The Starlings found the suet. Fucking hate those birds.

  15. Crossfit thinks I’m running outside. BA haaa haaaa haaaaa …

    Yea, that’s not happening today.

  16. Wow. Gorgeous.

    Excellent work, Pupster!

    It’s snowing, but at least it warmed up a bit.

  17. Cutting trees? As in trimming them?

    or do you work in a Christmas tree farm now?

  18. It’s a balmy 15 here. 10 degrees more than yesterday!

    *puts on sunscreen

  19. We just trim up the bottom branches and put a fresh cut on the bottom of the trunk so it takes up water better.

  20. Hardly seems worth firing up a chainsaw. The delicate flowers probably couldn’t run a bow saw either, though.

  21. I’d be using a bow saw for anything that small.

  22. The more I know, the less I understand,
    All the things I thought I knew, I’m learning again

    One of the great lyrics of all times in my humble and yet 100% corrrect opinion.

  23. I’d be using a bow saw for anything that small.

    I heard Hotspur’s mom say the same thing about you. Except I think she said butter knife.

  24. It’s just a small electric chainsaw. They are bigtime serious on over-safety. We have to unplug it every time after a cut, and plug it back in every time. They put the cutting table and net bagger in this little enclosure outside, and they gate it and put a sign to keep customers out.

    They always come in anyway, because the men want to carry the heavy trees in for me. I can get in trouble for letting them in, but what am I supposed to do, yell at them for being sweet?

    I just make sure to ask them to leave before I plug in the saw.

    I put a post up at IB and it’s full of gloatliness from sweasel. I love her.

  25. An electric is at least quieter than a gas, but it still feels like overkill.

  26. When there’s a line of customers holding trees, the handsaw takes too long.

    Oh, dear.

    Attention-grabbers gotta grab attention. Looks like he overreached!

  27. Yeah, electric makes sense. If you really mean business, take the Fisher Price sticker off the bar, though.

  28. Hahahahaaa, it’s funny because it’s true. It’s just a leetle saw. Overgrown hedge trimmer. But you have to be 25 to drive it.

    Meanwhile, these 19-y/o kids are putting up pallets of concrete bags with the forklift (a guy dropped a bunk of concrete off the forks from on high a year or so ago, what a mess, nobody was hurt thank God).

  29. Think you said something about that. Scary indeed!

  30. Maybe if they mount a chainsaw on the forklift, that might be a workaround?

    Or at least the videos of the mass disembowelings would be more interesting.

  31. Waiting for new tires for Mrs. Pupster’s sled. Discount tire opens at 8, got here at 730 and there were 5 people standing outside the locked door. 15 more lined up behind me before they let us in, I’m still going to have to wait 2 hours and I’m the lucky one.

    Don’t wait for winter weather to get tires folks.

  32. I usually buy mine in the springtime, for exactly that reason.

  33. Seems silly to put tires on a sled.

  34. They add weight and make a better workout.

  35. If it ever snows here I will be in trouble, my car came with summer tires. I didn’t know they were a thing. I can slide it like it is on ice at will. Have I mentioned how much I love my new car?

  36. It gets interesting hereabouts on those rare occasions when snow and ice accumulate on roads. And by interesting I mean “for the love of God stay home or you will likely have a closed casket funeral”, on account of drivers with kinda sketchy skills.

  37. What state are you in BC?

  38. Lots of deadlifts at crossfit today. No sleds were involved.

  39. If it snows in Texas, just stay home. The driving in the south is horrible when it’s slick. It’s bad enough in the North, and we’re semi-used to it.

  40. In a college town, when it first snows, and you follow a car with a license plate south of Iowa/Missouri, give them a LOT of extra room.

  41. I’m in AL. I’ve become well familiar with the weather patterns required for significant snow and ice here over the years.

  42. We got more snow in the first snowfall this year than we did all of last winter. Last year was weird, but that happens here about one year in 10.

  43. Worst part of a December birthday is putting the new sticker on my license plate.

  44. The world is full of selfish, inattentive drivers who barely passed drivers ed no matter where they live.
    That said, living in Florida and Houston, my winter driving skills are rusty at best.

  45. Everyone needs a lesbarue and then we wouldn’t have these driving issues.

  46. One winter about 5 years back Paula kept sliding off the driveway when it wasn’t perfectly plowed. We finally figured out it was the new tires she bought the previous summer for her Camry. The ones before had worked fine. She got snow tires and it was fine. Then she bought a Jeep Cherokee and it was even better.

  47. Hankook 727, if you’re shopping. Best tires I’ve had.

  48. The big, heavy 4wd feels like cheating after years of driving standard sedans and a RWD light pickup through some bad bad winters.

  49. It was so cold this morning my garage door wouldn’t close. I didn’t have major plans in town so I stayed home. It will probably close now that it’s a bit warmer. Such a pain in the ass to disengage the door from the motor and do it manually when you’re freezing your nads off.

  50. Garage door opener at my old place stopped working after I’d lived there about a year and a half. I didn’t fix it until we’d moved out, just opened and closed it by hand. Only kept the motorcycle in there, though. Putting the car in and out was more effort than I needed, and it meant the car could get trapped if my wife parked in the driveway.

  51. Ain’t this a fine kettle of fish?

  52. Well……shit…….I see where LauraW beat me to the punch on the TX elector story.

  53. I’ve got 2 garages here. The new one is attached and is side by side. It’s really nice to be able to go from your vehicle to the house through the mud room. I seriously considered having my old garage torn down when the new one was built which, upon further reflection would have been, as the West Javan people say, really fucking crazy. We store my mini Kubota tractor, lawn mower and wave runner in there along with a few random pieces of furniture and various and sundry other items of crap.

  54. It is said that Trump will deport all illegal alien tuckers. This is surely tragic news to Leon. This, however, may just be a rumor.

  55. The truck started!

    It took six tries but it’s running.

  56. You can see my response to the Coop pajama boy here:

  57. But you have to be 25 to drive it.

    But at 18 you can join the service and fire automatic weapons.

    Fucking society is phucked in the head.

  58. Sounds like an insurance thing, Hotspur, same as car rental crap. Still stupid, but it’s one company fucking over another company because some quant said the chance of accidentally sawing a limb off goes way down after 25, without accounting for the years of sawing experience that went into the original data point.

  59. You can see my response to the Coop pajama boy here:

    I can’t find a comment with the word “cunt” in it. Did they delete your response?

  60. Hotspur, what’s your handle in the comments? I can’t tell for sure.

  61. Wow. They deleted it.

  62. Fucking cunts.

    Mr. Bianco, you’ve done more to negatively impact your cause with this one post than any of the other outsider comments to this article possibly could. You state that you want a role in operation of the coop, the right thing to do would have been to observe in this instance that silence is golden. The vote went in your favor. It seems time for you to carry on with business, not take commenters to task.

    But I am using this forum to take you, and the author of this poorly researched article to task. An article by the way, that painted your group in the most positive light. You should have left it at that.

    You said, “We really put the emphasis on having a voice and say in the operations of the Co-op, of our jobs and really just having in that sense a truly democratic workplace,”

    Why in the seven months since you started secretly meeting in March, or the year that you’ve worked at the coop, did you never attend a monthly board of directors meeting? (meetings that are open to all members, staff, and the public – in other words everyone) Why not even once?

    Why did you never once attend one of Lesley’s twice monthly staff forums so as to include yourself in management’s efforts to help the coop and staff? Notices were placed on the staff refrigerator before every meeting. Why not even once?

    Why did you never once meet with Lesley or Susan (Human Resources manager) to discuss your ideas for improvement of the coop. Lesley and Susan both operated with an open-door policy. Why not even once?

    In the run up to your ambush of the board and management in November, it took you seven months to organize your petition and the necessary filings, yet she was given literally days to respond with the coop’s required NLRB filings. In her discussions with the NLRB, instead of answering her questions, she was advised to seek legal counsel.

    As soon as you filed your NLRB petition she was inundated with calls (unsolicited) from law firms all over the U.S. to assist with the process. (They see the public notice immediately online.) One even sent her a large package full of tee shirts, bumper stickers, badges, ribbons, etc., proclaiming an anti-union message. It went straight into the bin.

    She was called by a nearby firm (Walled Lake) and she discussed the difficulty of sorting through all of the necessary filings, which if not done properly would subject the coop to NLRB fines. She and Susan met with the law firm to get the paperwork filed, then moved on. End of engagement.

    Ann Sprunger is correct, Lesley did feel publicly vilified. You called her out by name for “union busting” on a petition – wholly unsubstantiated.

    Not once did she, Susan, or the board seek to bust your union. Yet rather than organize the workers around your cause, you took to a public website to call her, Susan, and the board out.

    Then on your Facebook group, another public forum, one of your members accused Lesley of ignoring sexual harassment in the workplace, accused her of ignoring a workplace injury, and several other wholly unsubstantiated slurs.

    And then there is this from a former City Council member: “It’s always surprising that in a community like Ann Arbor, that prides itself as being so progressive, that elected boards would go to these ends to stymie their unionized workforce,” Eaton said, noting his offer of pro-bono counsel was declined. “They had other things in mind.” Article can be seen here:

    What isn’t surprising is that Eaton too is lying. Not only did the board (or management) not try to stymie anything, Eaton never contacted Lesley to offer his (phantom) pro-bono services.

    Did the actions of you, your group, and even a former council member, serve to make the workplace more inclusive, or did they toxify the environment? You ought to know the answer to this. You participated in it.

    Full disclosure: I’m Lesley’s husband. She wouldn’t dream of taking this public. I’m not that charitable.

  63. I’m not seeing anything that looks like you, Hotspur, unless your login there is Whining Crybaby Snowflake.

    And if you’re not him, that dude is welcome to take over Tuesdays.

  64. Wow. They deleted it.


  65. I’m not seeing anything deletable in your response. My guess is that the np folks are in cahoots with the union and your shit is getting to close to their fan.

  66. Please send it to Thayrone, along with the note about MLive deleting the comment as written.

  67. These people are violent, nasty thugs wearing a thin codpiece of legality. Regular folk would be disgusted by the underhanded tactics they use and need to know that’s how these criminals work.

  68. Wow. They deleted it.

    But of course.

    I fucking despise liberals.

  69. Deleted. So surprising.

    Let’s see everyone’s shocked face!

  70. I used to think that the phrase “I laughed so hard I spewed coffee on my keyboard ” was just an exaggeration.

    And then I saw Ace’s before and after photos of Tucker Carlson.

    Thankfully I was able to grab a paper napkin before I barfed out the tea I was drinking

  71. It was a waste of time writing that post. I should know better than to try to reason with children and liberals. BIRM

  72. That would be useful to send to a rival paper, which is what leon is suggesting, isn’t it?

  73. It’s the local conservative talk radio guy whom I know well. Trust me, no one at the coop listens to him.

  74. Thayrone is the owner of WAAM, Jay, and has his head on straight. No, the coop people wouldn’t hear it, but residents of Ann Arbor would. Any small business could fall prey to those assholes.

  75. I’d never heard of Kurt Eichenwald until 2 or 3 days ago. Evidently he’s employed by a magazine or something. He’s completely off his fucking chain these day.

  76. It isn’t a bad idea, Leon, but there’s the real possibility that if Thayrone takes up the story it would only end in hatred being spewed at HotBride, just for the mere mention of her on his program.

    I emailed the reporter asking why she censored me. I won’t hold my breath.

  77. Infuriating. But if Lesley is done, then she’s done. And they don’t deserve any more of her time anyway.

    The only thing she maybe should do is write down everything that happened/ preserve whatever documentation she can about the course of events and her actions. I don’t know if she really needs to, but it just seems prudent.

  78. How long between you mentioning the comment could be found at the link you gave at 12:01 and them deleting it?

    If it was less than an hour then they’re really off the rails…

  79. Be careful driving tonight.

    It’s office Christmas party Friday.

  80. Restaurants were all crowded this afternoon, bars too.

  81. My office brought back Cocktail Fridays after I changed jobs, so I’ve got gin and vermouth in some diet tonic water to round out my week.

  82. I reckon it stayed up maybe an hour tops. I smelled a rat when Pendejo asked me which comment was mine, since I ended it by disclosing that I am Lesley’s husband.


  84. HotSpur, lying people lie because that is what they do. Trust me on that one. Its shitty that it happen to your bride

  85. Greetings, War on Christmas veterans.

  86. Ooo… we combat veterans need badges!


    Fizzled the fuck out.

    6-12 inches predicted (your mom)

    2-3 inches in reality (you’re pathetic)

  88. Big bread.

  89. It rained pretty steadily here for about 17 hours. I’m surprised the streets aren’t littered with corpses.

  90. They got washed into the rivers

  91. Today’s Forecast: Wind, wind, and more wind. I H8 wind. Tomorrow there may be snow.

  92. Our new local reporter: Joy Wang.

  93. Rocketboy let me know that the weather has fucked up his travel plans and that he is staying where he is rather than try to drive on iced roads. Interstate is closed. He is planning an alternate route that doesn’t involve St. Louis. I may have done something right as a parent.

  94. Gonna fucking murder somebody here. The DVR for our security cameras is full, so it lets off a high-pitched beep that you can’t turn off.

  95. Evening.

  96. Sean,
    Is it prugged in?
    Unprug it and see if it stops…

  97. Violence will usually silence beeping things.

    A broomstick would be a good start.

  98. Ha. Just noticed that I have two smoke detector brackets strategically mounted and no smoke detectors.

  99. We had a newslady here named Ellie Pai Hong. Middle name pronounced like pie. Years later we still occasionally say, ‘shut your pie hong.’

  100. I don’t want to risk damaging the stupid thing, Crispy. I found the admin login, but can’t seem to find the setting that will make it shut up.

  101. Had a customer here an hour or so ago whose name was Man D, Han. If only his first and last names were transposed…

  102. Seems like there should be a reset/overwrite command for after the drive is full. Otherwise, you’d have to buy a new one every time the drive was full…

  103. What it basically does, from what I understand, is overwrite a bunch of the older memory. It just won’t fucking shut up about the fact that it’s doing so.

  104. Evening Hostages. The children had better love me and put me in the good home when I get old.

  105. It doesn’t do shit. It’s a blinking light that beeps when the battery runs low.

    Kill it with a 9 iron.

  106. I hesitate to even type this, but it seems to have shut up for the time being.

  107. Michelle Obama, the answer to the question: who is the the most proven talentless, affirmative action, bitter because I’m ugly, do nothing, suck hard on the public teat, lost my law license because I suck as a lawyer, let my teenage daughters watch/intern at a show promoting promiscuity and porn, pathetic turd?

  108. Mare!

  109. Good behavior or did you beat up a guard?

  110. Mare!
    Damned glad to see(read) you…

  111. Blerg

  112. God. Dammit.

  113. “I H8 wind. ”
    i still find it amusing…

  114. Second look at the 9 iron.

  115. I was actually hoping to run into Hotspur at the best new place on Tierre Verde near where Hotspur was staying. As per previous plans I left the next morning at 6:00 am with my dearest friend to ride with her back to Texas (in her new deluxe Lariat F-150. She is a new Texan and takes it seriously).

    Our two day road trip ended in a 7 day whirlwind of window treatment / area rug / new lighting and helping prepare for her “boyfriend’s” (she’s 57 and that sounds stupid) family coming over for an early Christmas dinner. We also shopped for gifts for his family. Got home yesterday and have been going full bore trying to prep for my daughters arrival and gifts (which is no chore, but rather a busy deed).

    Have not been able to catch up here but hope all is well with you good people.

  116. You might want to consider something a little longer, Sean. Maybe a 4 iron? More reach, little more weight. You can get more torque and momentum behind that 4 iron.

  117. Give me the make and model Sean.

  118. eyemax 960H

  119. Ping 4 iron.

  120. Click to access HX-960H-16%20Manual_Rev1.0_20130404_.pdf

    Start at page 16, see if you can get to the start up mode menu page.

    Page 35 if you can get to this page, set all of the “alerts” to off on all the tabs on the right (device, sensor, motion, video loss, events)

    The best I can tell, something is programmed to give a buzzer (alert tone) with an alarm input, motion detection, video loss. That’s the only section I saw with an audible tone.

    You probably will need the remote to get to that menu, maybe a username and passcode.

  121. Or fairway wood.

  122. Thanks, Pups. I have the admin login. All of those tabs were already set to off. I think I just have to let the li’l fella tire himself out.

  123. Watching Ant-Man between the beeping. Entertaining movie. Cool effects. Especially the one where they make Evangeline Lilly look kind of fugly.

  124. Hey Roamy: I’ve got to give a paper at the DEPS2017 conference in February. Micromeatup?

  125. You in Minneapolis pups? I’m supposed to go to Rochester tomorrow. Recommended?

  126. Gazing at people, some hand in hand
    Just what I’m going through they can’t understand
    Some try to derp me, thoughts they cannot defend
    Just what you want to be, you will be in the end

  127. In a cab on the way to the airport. Roads are wet and slick. He’s driving like he’s in the damn Indy 500.

    I may have a heart attack before we get there.

  128. You in Minneapolis pups? I’m supposed to go to Rochester tomorrow. Recommended?

    Bring a coat.

  129. I don’t know Rochester Jay, sorry. You get around Minetonka I’ll buy you some beer cheese soup.

  130. Made it alive.

    I cannot remember a time where I was more scared and I’ve jumped out of an airplane.

    I actually yelled out once as he was accelerating into a car with it’s brakes on.

  131. Safe travels Bud.

    Where you headed?

  132. Punta Cana

  133. Urrgh, I H8 wind too. Bad enough here that it broke 4 or more power poles. Electricity was out from 11:30 yesterday morning until a little after 10:00. No water, no heat, can’t work, fun, fun, fun.

  134. Gesundheit

  135. Oh man, what impressive timing for the Wiserbuds to get outta town!!

    We got a few inches of snow and then later today it’s going to turn to a nasty pissing rain.

  136. 20 degrees and snowing – supposed to switch over to rain.

    this is gonna suck



  139. Yep. Drive to work should be fun. Fortunately I’m going in a little late.

  140. Spaghetti for breakfast.

    We’ve reached our high temperature today already:

    High 4 | Low -25 °F


  141. meatup drinking game idea –

    a must do, fun for the whole family:

  142. and i second ambassador pupsters’ sentiment

  143. There are a lot of people on the roads that shouldn’t be. We encountered one guy with low profile tires who got stuck in the fast lane.

    Stupid hill.

  144. a must do, fun for the whole family:

    Reminds me of teens who cut themselves. Feeling pain is preferable to feeling nothing.

  145. wakey wakey

    We need a small boob saturday post.

  146. I loved ant man.

  147. I can’t recall the last time I had dinner and got drunk with my friends sitting in underwear around the table AND passed a tazer around.

  148. I went to Mare but Mare didn’t come to me. 😦

  149. Chris P – thanks for that up there. Made my day. The comments on that are hilarious.

  150. We need a small boob saturday post.

    I’m in favor.

  151. Working on a Saturday morning after working on Friday night kinda sucks, but this makes me happy:

  152. Lunch today is stuffed Portobello mushrooms, raspberry chutney and English muffins.

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