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Your model for today was born October 9th, 1992 in Stockton, California. She stands 5′ -5″ and measures 322433 and 105 lbs. Please check the freezer for Miss Juli Annee aka Julianne Kissinger / Julianne / Juli Anne / Juli Annee / Juli.anne / Julianne K. / Julianne Klaren / Julianne Saltzman.




    (Imgur video)


    (Imgur video with sound)

  3. Plastic surgeon didn’t do great work on her nose job. Lips and boobs came out nice though.

  4. 2/10 would smash

  5. Thank ye kindly for the model gif. Hubba hubba.

    Today’s BBF looks kinda fake. She seems nice, though.

    Today’s MeTV cartoons included the Wile E. Coyote one with the catapult, which is one of my favorites.

  6. Wakey wakey.

    This woman is in desperate need of a good bra.

  7. My internet is still down despite the young man telling me it was probably temporary and would fix itself and me telling him I did not think so but him disagreeing.

    More phone calls need to be made and I am not happy.

  8. I’m seeing stories about Olympic competition and that’s when I realized it was actually happening now. I can’t imagine the network that paid big bucks for the privilege of broadcasting them is all that happy now. I’m sure Brandon will help with a bailout though.

  9. Was the young man in the US or did he speak with a British-Indian accent?

  10. He actually did not sound foreign

  11. Opening ceremony is apparently happening now, but I’m sure they’ll try to broadcast it at us tonight

  12. I love speaking to Dave/Rajeesh. Shit cracks me up every time. Makes me raff

  13. Nice tits Pup!!

  14. When a young woman has as many aliases as she does it’s prudent to check for your wallet after she’s been in your presence.

  15. More often than not, Rajeesh is more understandable than Tyrone. I’ve had mixed results with both US-based and foreign call centers so it’s hard for me to pan them outright.

  16. I’ve seen a zero cents stamp with Biden’s blank face on it recently and found a pack of 50 on eBay yesterday. Time to start changing up the “I Did That” stickers to keep it fresh.

    They’re not showing up in most image searches which annoys me since I wanted to switch my avatard to one of them. Here’s an Etsy version retailing for about 10x what I paid for mine

  17. Haaahaaa. Zero cents.
    We gotta keep up the mocking of the old demented criminal.
    Humor will guide the way.

  18. The tattoo on her shoulder tells me she lost a kid. My cousin has one of her son’s hand where he managed to touch her breast before he passed away. Congenital heart defect.

  19. Some good news for today – lib friend got red-pilled over the cocaine dogs. The sandflea torture could have been a one-off, but more useless abuse of dogs finally triggered a response.

  20. I see she’s an In and Out fan

  21. In and out of what?

  22. The burger is from In and Out.

    Clean it up in here, MJr is reading now.

  23. If MJr is reading this shit, he’s doomed.

  24. 6 bolts and 5 nuts? There has to be a nut joke in there somewhere.

  25. J’brony someone took a dump in your in box.

  26. Jay, I’m amazed your governor gave up the emergency powers. Kudos.

  27. Wow, they really tried to break him in jail. Fucking pigs.

  28. She’s been really good, a lot better than I expected. Doesn’t get a lot of press, but Iowa is a lot more open than Texas, and opened sooner than Florida. Only the big cities are fighting her.

    It will be a close election, but I hope she’ll get another term. The dems are out for her. But GOP has solid majorities, and got bigger ones in the last election.

    Now to get rid of our RINO senators. Regret Joni “War with Ukraine” Ernst.

  29. In case you missed this from JJ’s links yesterday:

    He’s a menace to public health and has been for 4 decades. Enough is enough.

  30. She has a lovely body *cough* man-made *cough* but she looks like she would be a really expensive divorce.

  31. If you like your condiments you can keep your condiments.

    If you don’t like them, kill the server

  32. I don’t understand how Fauci is tied up with AIDS.

  33. Read the article. He was already a bureaucrat controlling funding at that point, and he decided (1) what causes AIDS (in opposition to others who argued that his assertion wasn’t backed by evidence) and (2) how government funding would be used to treat AIDS (AZT and a snipe hunt for a vaccine) and then he (3) ran anyone who disagreed with him out of government-funded research and (4) falsely predicted a global pandemic of AIDS in the general pop, and that we should stop shaking hands or hugging to be safe.

  34. Why this puta got so many names? Is she on the 10 most wanted list or is she witness protection? Or does she have a different name for each club she dances in? Gotta be sumpn.

    She qualifies for this particular segment of H2 but other than the pendulous jugs, I don’t find anything else about her interesting.

  35. Gallo was the source on the HIV->AIDS theory of the disease, and he had a LOT of critics at the time who all subsequently lost funding or changed research topics to stay employed.

    AIDS is real, don’t misunderstand me, but as I understand it there’s never been rock-solid proof that the retrovirus named HIV causes it, or a full explanation of the mechanism by which it does so if that’s the case. This was one of those older “doesn’t fit the narrative” censorship pushes that worked so well because there was no way around the journals at the time.

  36. Comment by MJ on February 4, 2022 11:00 am
    I don’t understand how Fauci is tied up with AIDS.


    MJ, he’s the jackass who made all the early AIDS policy and funding choices. He’s been a quack forever.

  37. He’s the reason we spent 20+ years and billions of $$ tilting at windmills looking for a vaccine for it, too, can’t forget that.

    Cheap therapeutics were available and could have been tried, but the money went to vaxx research. What’s the reason HIV went from death sentence to chronic condition? Cheap therapeutics.

    It’s a prequel to the plandemic.

  38. My in-laws had a neighbor who wrote a paper that HIV didn’t cause AIDS, and I’m sorry to say I thought he was a nutter at the time. I remember skimming the paper but not a lot of details (I don’t do biology). He was probably right.

  39. That paper may be in a box in the basement. I’m still doing my decluttering.

  40. Like germ theory vs terrain. I’ve changed my mind.

    I think health is your biggest weapon for any advancing enemy.

  41. I read a lot of Duesberg’s work back in the early aughts. He made a very convincing case. First and foremost that “AIDS” looks completely different depending on the continent where it’s diagnosed.

    He asserted that AIDS in the west was mostly immunocompromise from the simple fact of gay sex (because semen itself is an immunosuppressant) coupled with heavy drug use. It presents with a completely different set of markers than AIDS in Africa, which mostly looks like malaria.

  42. Magic Johnson’s amazing longevity fits Duesberg’s assertion completely. He was getting tested along with everyone else at the time who fooled around a little (fun fact, it was a PCR test then too, with high ct because AIDS!). Was he doing IV drugs? No. Was he on the down low? Don’t think so.

    So, HIV+, but no AIDS.

  43. What a fucking coincidence.

    Y’know, now that we’ve done a global forced human trial.

  44. That’ll be in the kid cocktail within a few years, and your doc will refuse to see a kid that won’t get it.

    Also it’s perfectly normal for 8yos to have heart attacks and strokes.

  45. Now that I remembered his name, I might be able to find that paper.

  46. Wonder if the usual booksellers still have his book.

  47. One of the things that drives me crazy about my brain is that I’ll remember the first name and stall on the second. Or worse, I’ll remember what letter it starts with but can’t come up with the whole word. You couldn’t store that in the same brain cell? You couldn’t put them in adjoining brain cells? No, my brain is apparently a hard drive in desperate need of defragging.

  48. Well weird. It wasn’t the weather. Internet is down until Tuesday at least. I can’t wait to shit can satellite internet

  49. When GoNetSpeed showed up to our house, the neighbor lady went wild. Screaming out of her window, OMG ARE YOU GUYS WORKING HERE ON OUR STREET NOW!!! WOOHOO!!! It was funny. Everybody was signing up.

  50. We had satellite internet at camp for the first 4 or 5 years and it was a massive pain in the ass. The first year we had it our neighbor asked for the password and Paula gave it to her to be neighborly. Bitch used all our data up and it slowed to a crawl. It still sucked after we changed the password. Slowly but surely our phone plans went to unlimited data and we dumped the satellite. Their huge dish is still on the side of the house.

  51. Wretched rainy day here today. Feels like a Saturday. Temp is supposed to plummet and make it icy, too. Scott cancelled work but then he decided to go in for a few little tasks. I’m home.
    Marinating a pork roast and have housework to do.

    You know what? It’s a great day for a nap. L8R H8RS

  52. My flight this morning was cancelled because it connected through Dallas. They put me on standby to Phoenix, and I got the very last seat. Woo! And although I was standby out of Phoenix, when I got here they booked me and I have a seat. Woo again! I’m crushing it today.

  53. Is Dallas having weather issues?

  54. The first year we had it our neighbor asked for the password and Paula gave it to her to be neighborly. Bitch used all our data up and it slowed to a crawl.


    Hoo boy, that whole deal is crazy.

  55. I think so, I got the impression that they cancelled a whole bunch of flights through there. But I didn’t ask.

  56. “Neighbor asked for the password…”

    I’m stuck here. Is this weird? Because I think this is weird. Did she pay for half of your bill?

  57. Snowmageddon here. Paula got hoodwinked into an 11-11 today when they asked if she’d switch a Thursday for a Friday. After she said yes she got the “By the way, it’s 11-11 not your 9-9”.

    he later found out it was because the travel nurse didn’t want to drive in the storm. The guy is driving from Bangor which is literally 11 miles from where we are. She didn’t feel bad about being an hour late because her usual drive took twice as long after her Crossfit WOD. The gym is in Bangor where the guy would have been driving from if he had worked today.

  58. Whine:

    ^^^hahahahahah^^^^ That has Hotspur written all over it.

  59. I can’t imagine asking a neighbor for a password, unless maybe it’s an emergency and I only use it once ever. Total douche move.

    I’m 20% into GR. This is a very slow read.

  60. I’m hearing the U.S. bobsled team named their sled “Biden” because nothing has ever taken America downhill faster. Don’t know if this is true, most U.S. olympians lately have been liberal nut jobs.

  61. It is weird. She is a weird lady. I remember when Paula told me she shared it and I was angry. Mainly because of security and not knowing who the fuck the neighbor would share it with. Paula is older and more experienced after all these years of nursing and I think it would go down differently now than it did then.

    It’s the only downside to living at camp. She is a complete wacko. Her home is about 5 miles away from camp on the main road and we drive by it on our way to camp. We’re happy when we drive by and see her car there. She decorates her yard at home and camp with bric a brac and thinks it’s stylish. Think “fake flowers in an old toilet” kind of style. She is loud, obnoxious and a total nosebag who is always asking about your business.

    Her husband died several years ago and her camp has fallen into disrepair and is uninhabitable. As a result she’s had a camper on her lot since we’ve owned our camp. She finally got a boyfriend about 3 years ago and last year they finally tore the old camp down. To gain access to the site they had to move the camper onto the path of the shared boat ramp and it’s now closer to our lot. The only consolation is that any rebuilds have to be done within a certain time frame or you lose your right to rebuild so close to the lake. That means the camper will hopefully be gone soon.

  62. that has to be a rumor, no way the Olympic committee would let them do that. I’ve seen the memes, and they are glorious

  63. she seems nice

  64. That’s some shit.

  65. The lots are small but the location is why we bought it. The front porch is no more than 15 feet from the water’s edge. Pushaw Lake is not spring fed so has the reputation for being “dirty”. Spring fed lakes have cleaner water but they’ll also shrink your testicles to the size of marbles if you ever go in the water above your ankles. Our camp is located between the inlet stream and the outlet stream so there’s a good flow of water in our neck of the woods.

    Way down at the southern portion where it’s more developed the water is definitely more stagnant. They have cable internet though so I suppose they’re happy with that.

  66. Though my favorite thing that I’ve read today has to do with ISS life extension to 2030 and how the seals are the life-limiting item, the leak rate is what it is, and there’s not much we can do about it. Someone suggested we send up some Flex-Seal or Fix-a-Flat.


    “Keep fuckin’ that chicken” needs to make a comeback.

  68. HONK

  69. Tough crowd for our BBF model today.
    The bobsled name came from the Babylon Bee.

  70. Don’t know if this is true, most U.S. olympians lately have been liberal nut jobs.

    Is it because they like chicks with dicks?

  71. I like the comments about how the left is upset that the workers have seized the means of production or that they’ve united

  72. Michael Penishead found guilty of motorboating Stormy Daniels.

  73. Or sumpin’ like that.

  74. everybody motorboated Stormy

  75. It’s probably the closest you can get to banging her without catching something.

  76. probably still can, just gotta go to one of her shows and pay your dollar

  77. Does that mean Creepy Porn Lawyer™ can’t run for President again?

  78. Start around 11 minutes or so. Amazing. Attack the soft spot…the public official’s bonds.

  79. Late to the BBF today. That girl’s head is tiny. Must be how she only weighs 105 lbs.

  80. Oh, pushaw.

    I did a quick search to make sure I was spelling the word correctly and using it in the manner I remember the phrase, as in “oh stop being silly” which is actually pishah. I did not know that Mare’s Governors’ press secretary’s name is Christina Pushaw.

    Take a gander at a the search results for Pushaw:

  81. Pshaw.

  82. Yes sorry pshah.

  83. That is interesting, Laura. When I started, I had to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, so I would guess there’s a surety bond on me somewhere.


    (Imgur video)

  85. Notaries have to make the same oath, but in my state bonding is voluntary.

  86. So apparently Ace is trying to bring back ‘Jive Turkey’ as a g-rated epithet. I think the last time I heard it was either in the late 70s as a child, or a more recent rerun of Good Times.

  87. …or is that the point?

  88. Being Castro’s illegitimate son, and knowing it, explains Trudeau’s love of wearing ethnic costumes. “I’m not who you think I am,” etc.

  89. I didn’t really believe it until I compared pics of Pierre Trudeau with his “son,” lol, and there is zero resemblance. But Fidel is a lock.

  90. So apparently Ace is trying to bring back ‘Jive Turkey’ as a g-rated epithet.

    Seems like a good time to list Blaxploitation parody movies in order of goodness:

    Black Dynamite (in a walkaway)
    Undercover Brother
    I’m Gonna Git You Sucka
    Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

    The last one hasn’t aged all that well, and is more a parody of “black teens in the hood” movies.

  91. TIL that “condescension” has two meanings. From Merriam-Webster:

    1 : patronizing attitude or behavior
    2 : voluntary descent from one’s rank or dignity in relations with an inferior

    In this book I’m reading about St. Joseph, there’s repeated mention of God’s condescensions, which made me do a head tilt. Definition #2 makes a lot more sense and was apparently the original definition.

  92. “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” is a cinematic masterpiece that I was introduced to sometime in med school or residency by a friend. I think I might have a copy of it kicking around somewhere in the archives.

  93. I had heard that Trudeau was Castro’s son but thought it was an allusion to his policies or something like that and didn’t focus on it. He is literally his son.

    Let’s Go Brandeau!

  94. It’s not blaxploitation, but I have been told I need to see “Friday”.

  95. It’s Latin. “Con” is “to go along with”. The older definition is truer to that meaning. The entire ministry of Christ is a condescension in the best sense of the word.

  96. Friday is great. Chris Tucker seems so natural in his role that it’s amazing to hear that he’s very Christian and refuses to swear or take any roles with bad images anymore.

  97. Don’t be a Menace to South Central When You’re Drinking Your Juice in the Hood wasn’t terrible either.

    Okay, it was terrible, but that was the point. Keenan was trying to show black people how rotten their culture had become, or at least that was my takeaway.

  98. I liked Undercover Brother. Unfamiliar with Black Dynamite.

  99. The Last Dragon is wonderful, if you haven’t seen it.

  100. “Say Sho ‘Nuff is the master! Say it!”

  101. Unfamiliar with Black Dynamite.

    It’s the smartest, and for my money the funniest, of the lot. Humor on many levels and so many quotable lines.

  102. For Laura, this guy was the first person I heard of growing year round in Maine which I used to think was impossible. With the right set up and crops it’s doable


  104. Jimbro, I’ve got his books, including the manuscript for that same talk. Coleman has been a NE gardening legend for years and years. I used to watch him on TV when I was a kid.

  105. Pretty sure we knew this, but just in case.

  106. Look, I don’t know shit, but anyone trying to besmirch the nicest protesters ever is a MF asshole lying piece of shit.

  107. I’m referring to the Canadian protestors. They are too nice.

  108. vitamin d, too fat, elderly, yep

  109. Devilish enticements ruined Phil.

  110. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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