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Your model for today was born November 18th, 1987 in St. Petersburg, Russia.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 453142 and 154 lbs.  Please collude with Miss Olyria Roy.


  1. Tit-Tanic

  2. She’s no Miley, but I bet she knows how to make a good borscht

  3. Comment by PepeLp on February 26, 2021 12:29 am
    Worth repeating!

  4. I like the exercise she’s doing in her measurement line

    Squats with tiny plates

    Although the weight equivalent of each of her funbags is like carrying an overnight bag so I get it

  5. Brain Police have that swamp rock sound I like, good choice P-Dog

  6. Neither Olyria or Roy sound very Russian

  7. I can’t speak to the effectiveness of this treatment, just putting it out there

    You know that like Vitamin D, melatonin, HCQ+zinc+azithromycin and ivermectin this will never see any publicity

  8. Mornin.

    {IMGUR gif}

  9. We’re going backwards.

  10. Full babushka in five, ten years tops.

  11. Has Eric Swalwell fucked her yet?

  12. Holy shit, she needs a wheelbarrow for those.

  13. 2/10 would smash

  14. MJ has very inclusive standards.

  15. Is it because MJ is a Russophobe or because he’s scared of big titties?

  16. After doing a quick search of her “body of work” I’ve concluded that pupster is pretty damned talented at finding the pics that show a gal’s best features while masking her worst. There’s a few pictures out there where she looks like Earl Campbell. Except with tits.

  17. Man face. In the time of trannies, you may want to double check some things before you smash.

    wakey wakey


    Ok, that’s pretty cool.

  19. Secret message: Your mom likes Martian dick

  20. heh, looks like NASA engineers have a hobby: hide secret messages that internet weaponized autism can try and find

  21. so we’re bombing Syria again. Now maybe Liz Cheney will shut up about us being white supremicists.

    Yeah reight.

  22. *gives ok symbol

  23. *lights tiki torch

  24. *pours out some Aunt Jemima

  25. *gets to work

  26. *on time

  27. Jimbro, thanks for the lysine link. There was mention of it helping with shingles, too. My stepmom got the shingles vaccine and got shingles anyway, and it was very painful.

  28. *shows my work

    *as usual, unlike everyone else in this office

  29. Did anyone say WHY we’re bombing Syria? Did they attack us or send a few million invaders across a border or something?

  30. Democrats: The Party of War, Poverty, Oppression, and Slavery.

  31. They said if I voted for Trump we’d have military actions for irrational reasons…and they were right!

  32. heh, true timbro!

  33. “At [so-called quote-uquote] ‘President’ Biden’s direction, U.S. military forces earlier this evening conducted airstrikes against infrastructure utilized by Iranian-backed militant groups in eastern Syria. These strikes were authorized in response to recent attacks against American and Coalition personnel in Iraq, and to ongoing threats to those personnel,” the Department of Defense announced Thursday night.”

  34. Is a tiki tot h racist?

  35. TORCH

    I hate autocorrect !

  36. yeah, that was from Charlottesville

  37. tiki thot?

  38. heh, that sounds like trouble I don’t want to get into

  39. Holy smokes … reddit TikTokThots is a thing

  40. and it’s what Jay said, trouble you don’t want to get into

  41. *scrubs internet history

  42. White supremacists* supposedly carried tiki torches at the Charlottesville Massacre*.

    *not really a thing

  43. just as big a thing as an insurrection at the capitol, so THERE!

  44. Armed insurrection, Jay. One guy broke a window with a helmet.

    Because MAGA people wear helmets to marches.

  45. dems thwarted for once

    Pelosi is a little grouchy, but passing a min wage hike in that? Surprised mcconnell didn’t try and help ram it through

  46. did you read that a DSM guy is facing charges for being armed at the capitol? He was carrying a fucking knife.

  47. Thomas Sowell spends a couple of pages explaining the minimum wage in Basic Economics. Every member of congress should have to read this at least once, and then be beaten with the book until they agree.

    It’s 0. It’s always 0. Government is just deciding what work won’t be done for money.

  48. I’ve literally got a knife on me whenever I’m dressed.

    Because I’m a man.

  49. Leon, I literally just said that on facedouche. That we should all take it upon ourselves to mail a member of congress a copy of THAT book.

  50. increases the work for illegal immigrants, since they will work for $15 an hour or less, and Chamber Of Commerce wants all the cheap labor it can get, and the GOP too.

  51. Sorry, what work won’t be done for legal money.

    And it’s not just illegals. I’ll do farm work for cash if the price is right and the weather’s nice.

  52. Gotta think the automation vendors are all in, too. They’ll make bank.

  53. bolshaya bewbs

  54. Anything over a DD is wasted.

    Today’s “model” is cursed.

  55. Please note the time frame. how long it took for arrests to be made. Because this is often how it happens. I was reading a story yesterday about the running who was killed a year ago – and one of the complaints they make is HOW long it took for the men to be arrested. Yawn. Justice takes time.

  56. they are saying there is evidence of a half dozen being involved, yet only 2 are being charged.


  57. Similar to the Central Park rape story.

  58. This article made the rounds a few days ago and I’m just catching up to it

    Definitely agree with his thoughts in the article.

    It’s time to ramp up the monkey wrench gangs and start printing phony ballots prefilled with a straight conservative ticket. When the number of votes exceeds the voting age population by 2X they may wonder what’s going on. But only if the Dem loses.

  59. No worries, those thugs will be given a light sentence because BLACKSMENSAREPICKEDON and later will be given millions if dollars and an apology.

  60. Jimbro, that won’t work if those who do the counting aren’t changed too. Otherwise all ballots not democrat get tossed.


  62. I really hate this spellcheck crap. When I catch the fucker changing my words and go to correct it, my original word pops up immediately. Wtf?

  63. I had wondered about the minimum wage thingies passing because that would require the new flood of illegals to get it too (yes I know too many get paid under the table) and Nancy may still make it happen on another bill because their constituents are mainly the criminal element.

  64. What does this mean?


    Sir Pupsalot deserves an extra crunchy bull pizzle and a gold crown for this beauty.
    If she doesn’t make it to the finals then this is definitely rigged.

  66. Today’s model has a definite Boris and Natasha look. RAYCISS!

  67. And also Fuck Off MJ.

  68. We should abbreviate that to FOMJ.

  69. Really amazing how they hid the steel cables in her bra straps.

  70. What does this mean?

    M1 tracks the number of dollars in circulation as currency.

    It got bigger last year. More dollars are chasing goods and services. If there are suddenly a lot more goods and services, prices of the ones you already utilize should stay essentially constant. If the amount of goods and services has stayed more-or-less constant, then you can expect their prices — in dollar terms — to increase by a commensurate amount.

  71. If we don’t have massive inflation, well, why wouldn’t we have massive inflation?

  72. This made me literally lol :
    “Renowned author Dan Brown gazed admiringly at the pulchritudinous brunette’s blonde tresses, flowing from her head like a stream but made from hair instead of water and without any fish in. “

  73. Haha! I copied the same line from that Carin

  74. There are forces that can keep inflation in check even if M increases a lot. Saving money in accounts or mattresses reduces its velocity to 0, so it’s almost the same as a reduction in M. This does happen, but is very unlikely in an inflationary regime. Saving by buying debt instruments (stocks, bonds, etc) slows the velocity but doesn’t make it 0. Buying basically anything else, even just a haircut or a “massage” and the velocity either stays the same (if you were going to buy it anyhow) or goes up (if you’re only spending it because it was “free money!”), unless that thing is an entirely new product or service that came into existence at roughly the same time as the money, and it doesn’t represent a substitute or replacement for some other good.

    Either way, if V is constant or increasing while M is increasing, there will be inflation. If supply is somehow also being simultaneously restricted, there will be a lot of inflation. $10/gal gas isn’t far off.

  75. Years ago my friend used to visit Sanibel Island in Florida and the resort they stayed at was a favorite of Renowned Author Dan Brown and he played tennis with him a few times

  76. At the death of the Roman Empire (hundreds of years after the death of the Roman Republic) one of the death knells was that taxes had to be paid in gold (debased gold, at that, after years of profligacy) but the soldiers were now being paid in iron.

    When your soldiers can’t pay their taxes in the same money you paid them to sally forth, they tend to just keep sallying and not come back.

    Then they become Englishmen and drink tea.

  77. The original English are now known as “Welsh” or “Breton” after being forced out by both Romans and Saxons, iirc.

  78. heh, one of my favs:

    The critics said his writing was clumsy, ungrammatical, repetitive and repetitive.

  79. Dan Brown is a shitty writer.

    Have you read Angels and Demons? Or whatever the “prequel” is to his most famous book. My God, it’s unreadable.

  80. HA! High fives Jay.

  81. I may have read The DaVinci Code way back when it came out. Maybe not. Definitely none of the others.

  82. I found Car in’s and mare’s gym

  83. I read The DaVinci Code. It’s not as utterly shitty as Angels and Demons (sheeeesh, I’m not even sure of the name of the book).

  84. I like that guy at the gym, Jay.

    But does #3 mean she wishes someone like him would touch her or is that his 3rd response???

  85. that’s his third response. I’m sure Karen is too offended by that point.

  86. Okay, I don’t get it.

  87. I hear Buyden is visiting Texas today. He had to wait for it to warm up

  88. 3 republicans join the dems in voting FOR the Equality Act, the one allowing men to participate in women’s sports.

  89. The lawyers that firebombed a cop car in NYC are offered a plea deal.

    No link to Hot Air, even though I mistakenly clicked it.

  90. As part of the plea deal they will be offered positions at Columbia University.

  91. As I read about that plea deal I wondered if the same courtesy would be extended to any of the Trump supporters who got jammed up in the events of January 6th.

  92. chances are slim, says magic 8 ball

  93. I like that guy at carjn and mare’s gym.
    Made me LOL in my beasaroos.

  94. If you’re not right with God, get right.

    America has a lot to answer for and we deserve all the smiting we are going to get.

  95. >>>>>3 republicans join the dems in voting FOR the Equality Act,

    Who were they? The usual shitbirds?

  96. Reps. John Katko (R-NY), Tom Reed (R-NY), and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA)

  97. America democrat party has a lot to answer for …


  98. Went to my Aunt Grace’s funeral today. She’s the last of my parents’ generation.

    They were a fun happy family to grow up in.

  99. I hope she had a nice send-off, Hotspur.

  100. Never heard of them. They must be trannies or someone in their family is.

  101. BEasnssnsnsns, explain to me comment number three from Gym guy. I don’t get it.

  102. So many thoughts …

    -I’m all for striking back at state backed actors who aim their fire at American troops. Doesn’t matter who the CIC is. But according the the new rules we need to label Asterisk as a warmonger who kills women and children at wedding parties.

    -Tiger Woods is going to kick ass in the Paralympic golf competitions if he loses either one of his legs

    -I hope Trump’s tax returns are a big nothing burger and the clamoring for them makes the libs look like fools. Not that we’ll ever hear about it.

    -Kim Jong-un is looking at China and Iran and wondering when he’s getting his ass kissed and balls washed

    -Biden releasing the intel that the Saudi prince okayed the Khashoggi assassination is the beginning of his efforts to scuttle the Abraham Peace Accords

    -Biden DOJ is throwing the CT HS girls under the bus by withdrawing from their lawsuit

    -The so called threat about the SOTU speech is more of the same bullshit we’ve been hearing all along

    -Can’t wait for Trump at CPAC. Acosta was there either yesterday or today, I’m sure in an attempt to get b-roll footage of crazed conservatives.

    We need a better election cheating system

  103. My comment was to Jay….not hotspur’s family.
    My MIL is 92 today. She is the last of the oldsters in her family.

  104. It was a good funeral. It was nice seeing my cousins. There will be some kind of wake after the covid horsecrap is over. We always have a great time together.

  105. Mare, the fat fuck possible lesbo Karen really wants him, a real man,, to touch her. A finishing touch to really piss her off.

  106. If you’re not right with God, get right.

    I’ve stopped trying.

  107. Second mini einkorn loaf came out much better. The crust especially is delicious.

  108. What is this einkorn you speak of?

  109. It’s the closest living relative to pre-Borlaug wheat that remains available, Mare.

  110. What is this pre-Borlaug wheat you speak of?

  111. OK, now what? Is this some sort of artisanal flavor dealio with einkorn, or should I now fear that modern wheat has some secret evil attribute that will cause us all to melt down and merge into one great big amorphous entity in some kind of End of Evangelion style fuckery? Can I just have some fucking bread over here without worrying ADM and Bill Gates are trying to turn me into a mutant? Because, DAMMIT…

  112. I just want SOME FUCKING TOAST

    With goddamn PEANUT BUTTER


  113. Norman Borlaug was the “Green Revolution” guy. Most of that “feed the world” stuff came from the introduction of synthetic fertilizer made from petroleum-industry castoffs, but he also ushered in modern dwarf wheat. That wheat was “developed” by exposing wheat to radiation to induce mutation and then saving the best of them. That’s how we went from wheat being 6-7′ tall at harvest to being 3′ tall, and being harvest-able 7 times a year instead of 2. The dwarf wheat had higher protein, too! What a bonus!

    What protein, you ask? Gluten.

    Anyhow, heritage breed wheat is basically extinct at this point aside from a few cultivars, of which einkorn is one of the best known and — I’m told — hardiest.

  114. /reads leon’s post

    /scratches head


    still want my PB toast tho

  115. Look it up yourself if you don’t believe me. My parents still think this is conspiracy-theory bullshit, but these were legit, documented efforts with US gov involvement. Cheered as a scientific breakthrough at the time.

    Look up “atomic tomatoes” too. Some people are still keeping a few of those breeds alive.

  116. Just not sure if this qualifies as “good”, “bad”, or “who gives a rat’s ass”, I guess.

    I am clearly Not Good At This.

  117. I don’t doubt it’s true, pretty sure I’ve encountered the tale of Borlaug’s deeds in the past, I know how this stuff is done. I’m just not entirely clear where this is on the Concern and Outrage Hierarchy.

  118. Leon on the back 40

  119. From last night’s thread.
    Thanks PG
    To answer Therm’s question, yes they accepted my offer, and I close next week.

  120. Borlaug was and is a hero, I don’t dispute that. This is one of those “unintended consequences” things that he didn’t live long enough to see coming. Celiac disease has exploded since dwarf wheat came on the scene, but most people have longer, healthier, better-fed lives than they did prior. And it’s out there now, it’s the dominant wheat, so you just have to deal with that reality as best you can if you have trouble with it.

    Plenty of people have trouble with all manner of nightshades, and that’s nothing humanity did, it’s more that the nightshade plants really are trying to poison/kill us and not everyone is robust against that.

  121. Oh man how I wish I had a back 40…

  122. Cut Norm some slack, Leon, he was staring down the barrel of a massive famine.

  123. OK, sorry, should have refreshed.

  124. I do, Laura, he didn’t know, and I’m not sure what he did would even be “wrong” in an alternate moral calculus where he did know.

    The right course now is to keep the heritage breeds alive and make sure people know about them. Same thing as the people with intolerance of A1 milk who have to seek out A2 or non-cow milk.

  125. The irony comes when you encounter the IFLS(S) crowd who are super-gung-ho-pro-GMO but livid about “invasive species”.

    Cognitive dissonance really should hurt more.

  126. Jimbro, sorry about your Aunt. We’re still locked down. Lost a Tio to cancer, and two aunts from that Generation to/with COVID.

  127. Actually, I’m glad Sobek and Geoff are here. I miss the rivalry.

  128. Oso, my Aunt Carolyn is still around, same as Hotspur’s Aunt Grace — the last of the generation.

  129. IB is still a thing?

  130. I still have my Aunt Patsy. My mom gave her all of my dads guns when he had his stroke. She lives 5 houses down from my mom.

  131. I’m watching COVID survivors wearing masks. Getting the vaccine. Mask guy had the COVID. Took the vaccine. He demands that he gets the associate test. Every week. With those of us that haven’t tested positive.

  132. They will follow orders and get the vaccine in order to stop the spread and protect themselves, then they will follow orders to continue to isolate, wear a mask, because there is still ‘risk,’ and they will never, ever, ask the question, “why the FUCK did I get the vaccine, then?” Just trust and do what you are told. I swear, it is all my strength to avoid from baaa-aaaing like a sheep right in their stupid fucking faces.

  133. Crap, I really hope I didn’t kill my son’s fish today.

    We’re getting the floor in his room re-done. My job this morning was to move the fish tank out of the room. First thing, I cleaned the water because it was really dirty. Then I scooped the two fish out into temporary storage, drained the tank, and moved it. The fish didn’t look happy where they were, so I filled the tank and put them back in until it was time to move back in the room. Both fish looked pretty lethargic, but I don’t know anything about fish, and thought they’d be fine for a few hours. I left to run some errands, and Mrs. S calls and says the fish are upside down. It looks like I put them in too warm water plus (I’m guessing) the trauma of the move.

    They’re both still breathing, but still upside down. I got the water aerated and the temperature to the right range. If they die, it will crush my kid.

  134. Crate company I use has about 30 employees, zero masks.

    I love going there.

  135. Sobek, I hope so as well. Making your post about me. When we lived on Taiwan. Taiwanese govt would hold rolling blackouts. Rolling blackouts would kill our fish. We only had a 25 gallon tank.

  136. He’s a comedian I think

  137. According to the internet, I’m supposed to feed peas to my kid’s goldfish. Boiled, shelled peas. It’s that how nature works?

    Oso, that really bites. I didn’t realize Taiwan was the kind of place with rolling blackouts. How long did they last?

  138. Whoa Nelly! BB’s

  139. Thermal shock is a pretty easy way to kill freshwater tropicals, but they might recover.

  140. Did you try turning the tank upside down?

  141. Scott, I did not try that. I also didn’t try gluing all of my furniture to the ceiling, or buying my kid two much, much smaller new fish and pretending the old ones just went on a diet.

    The boiled pea thing didn’t work. At this point all I can do is wait and hope.

  142. Try jiggling the handle.

  143. We all went out to eat at the Southwest hipster douchebag restaurant tonight, first time as a family in a long time. The place was was full so we opted for covered patio seating with the promise of a propane heater. Turns out they were out of propane so we froze our asses off and ate quesadillas.

  144. Please name the Southwest hipster douchebag eatery, Pups.

  145. Depending on how much you know about freshwater fish, this may be enlightening or insulting. Was the replacemnt water from the tap and properly treated with the clorine neutralizing drops, or did you keep some of the original tank water?

  146. Chipotle?
    Texas Roadhouse?
    I like them all.

  147. What Will said.

  148. Will, I don’t know squat about fish.

    One of them has passed on to the great aquarium in the sky, and kiddo is heartbroken.

  149. I bought a thermometer on the way home, and in my rush to get it open I sliced the crap out of my finger. It’s been a bit of a day.

  150. The Secret Life of Juanita Moody:

    A long, but interesting tale of an interesting and exceptional woman, of whom you’ve never heard…

  151. Sorry about the fish, sobek. Lessons learned. You now know a little more about fish for future moves, and your son now knows to educate others about the care of said critters.

    I knew about the water thing only because my daughter fishsat her friend’s fish for like a month. She didn’t give us much instruction, so we looked it up, terrified we’d kill ’em.

  152. My cousin killed his aquarium when we were about 10 yo because he decided they deserved a bottle of Orange Crush. Even I wasn’t that stupid.

  153. Does SARS-2 Covid-19 even exist?

    Show me the Virus!

  154. I wonder if einkorn wheat is tolerated by people who are gluten sensitive?

    All I know is that I ate gluten while staying at my dad’s house, ‘cuz small town, and I STILL have sores that haven’t healed 9 months later.

    I have the type of gluten sensitivity that expresses itself on the skin (Dermatitis Herpetiformis); not so much in the digestive tract.

  155. All I know is that my fat ass can eat almost anything and still thrive.

  156. I went to a birthday party when I was 5 or 6. The party favor was a goldfish in a plastic bag. When they came to pick up the kids, the moms were not happy. They knew the fish would die and upset all the kids. I wondered later if the birthday mom was clueless, or just trolling them.

  157. We kept goldfish in our stock tanks when I was a kid to control the moss. It never occurred to me to care whether they lived or died. They weren’t particularly edible.

  158. I made a fish soup/chowder for supper. Recipe came out of the monthly Missouri Conservationist magazine. It was pretty good. I’ll have to put it over in the H2 recipes for you FPOS (I mean that in a nice way.) Maybe tomorrow.

  159. I used cod, not goldfish.

  160. Here’s the thing: this particular kid, he’s so aggravatingly like i was at that age that he’s clearly the personification of Divine Punishment. Wonderful, sweet and incredibly creative, but so scatter-brained and so happy to just watch TV for twelve hours a day or start seven arts and crafts projects without finishing one or cleaning up the last mess. He’s me. I’m not exaggerating.

    So when he said he wanted a fish tank, we were like look buddy, that’s not a good idea. A fish is a lot of work and a lot of responsibility. We said he could get a fish if he kept his room clean for a month or two (I don’t remember), because we figured that would literally never happen. Well lo and behold, for the first time in his life, he kept his room clean.

    So we got him two goldfish, and sure, he could have kept the water cleaner, but he really did rise to the occasion and he took good care of his fish. It was a very pleasant surprise. He had them about a year. We went away on a two week vacation and had to get a pet sitter. Mrs. S and I found out a day before our drive back that both fish died.

    Some time goes by, and we get him another fish, and then another after that. Once again, he does a surprisingly good job of taking care of them. He’s way more educated than I am. He has them about a year, until dad screws up and now one of them is dead, and the other might not make it to tomorrow. I feel absolutely terrible about this. I never thought he would have the wherewithal to take care of fish, but he’s done a great job, and all the fish he lost were because of other people. He was bawling his eyes out tonight. Such a sensitive little guy.

  161. I finally had a chance to listen to all the music posted yesterday. Pendejo’s link to Cross Canadian Ragweed was a two-fer, because I love their song “Alabama”, and the duet was with Wade Bowen who sang “Day of the Dead”, another of my favorites. Nice!

  162. Dinosaur eggs remain pricey.

  163. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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