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  1. Mornin.

    {IMGUR Video}

  2. Good morning, it’s a beautiful day

    Let me first to say Fuck off MJ

  3. FOMJ

  4. what j’brony said.

  5. *sends tartar sauce to Sobek*

    I won a goldfish at a county fair when I was about 8 years old, kept it alive for 3 or 4 years. My family went on a cross country trip for 2 weeks and the friend who was fish sitting let it die. I wasn’t like heartbroken but I was disappointed that my friend couldn’t handle shaking a few flakes into a bowl every day or so.

  6. Arnold Pharma

    “Soy Chorizo”

    Snapple Possum Jeans

    My favorites are coalescing around the theme of clever word play

  7. We had tropical fish as a kid. The store was in the basement of a triple decker house and, looking back at it, kind of skeevy. The shopkeepers were probably more normal than I realize. There was a religious goods store called Prospect Hill that was run out of a guy’s house too. Probably the result of lax zoning laws back before society became obsessed with shit like that.

  8. My little brother Kevin had several goldfish over the years. He kept his goldfish bowl on a dresser at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Easy access to the bathroom for cleaning the bowl or flushing the fish. I have a picture somewhere in the archives of him looking sad as he holds a goldfish over the toilet bowl for a burial at sea.

  9. Wakey wakey FOMJ

  10. Jerry’s Tropical Fish. I was doing the dishes and playing the tropical fish story over in my head and came up with the name. So of course I searched for it and it is no longer there. No internet presence at all so probably gone for ages. I vaguely remember the building (it had a vague turquoise/aqua/green color to it) from my drives back to the highway during med school and residency but my parents sold the house in ’96 and I haven’t gone that way since.

  11. We switched our lobster tank to a fish tank at work. My friend Jennie is in charge of the project. She has a bunch of fish at home. they are freshwater fish. She put a few cheaper fish in the tank to see if the water was right (getting all the salt out of the tank is apparently the issue). Then she’s moving up to fancier ones.

  12. #homeless lobsters

  13. I’m sure you’re all as relieved as I am that Lady GaGa’s French Bulldogs have been returned unharmed.

    The report that the FBI was tracking down the dognappers because (as speculated by Ace) white nationalist’s were angry that GaGa sang at Uncle Joe’s inauguration tells me a lot about the state our country is in today. Never mind the suspects were two black men. Probably high yella.

  14. Our office had a huge freshwater tank in the waiting room that was combined with another partial wall to make a separate waiting room for parents and kids. The little kids loved the fish. Maintenance must have been too expensive because it’s been gone for a few years. At first the put plants on the counter but even those have been replaced by absolutely nothing. Sad

  15. Wait, are you letting your guests choose a fish for their dinner? Like an Asian Wet Market?

    Great, we’re all gonna die from Lapeer Lungrot!

  16. I had a 50 gallon tank in my bedroom when I was a single person living in an apartment, I didn’t really take care of it well but it was enjoyable. It was a pretty good line for the girls…”you want to see my aquarium? It’s right upstairs.” I had some pretty big fish in there, one cichlid would only come out in the dark and would fight all the other fish, he was a dick.

  17. I don’t understand snapple possum jeans one.

  18. Atlanta directions are true. Same for Huntsville except Taco Bell.


  20. see also

  21. I love the “never get in a fight with someone over 35”

    Also, Ted Cruz should have said that exactly.

  22. That song was a fun Les Mills Pump workout song.

  23. Pups, these memes always make my Saturday Morning.

    Hats off to you.

  24. Mine too.

  25. same, especially when I’m proud that I got the joke

  26. The Flo Rida song has been co-opted for a Kroger’s ad here.

  27. We’ve had a 55 gallon since we moved in to this house back in 2013. Zebra Danios are great starter fish, able to tolerate pure treated tap water and eventually prime the tank for other species. Five of the original six little bastards are still kicking around in there. Number 6 only died because it got spooked and whacked itself on the glass hard enough to cause fatal damage.

  28. Why was the FBI looking for gaga’s dogs/nippers and not the local authorities?


  30. Dan Bongino at CPAC


  32. Okay music buffs, what about Erik Satie – Gymnopédies?

    Relaxing masterpieces or insipid drivel?

  33. After seeing the crap that Cartoon Network is pulling now (kid with they/them pronouns), I just bought some Veggie Tales DVDs for future grandkids. Probably should get some other normal children’s programming while I’m at it, before it’s all declared racist and transphobic.

  34. Thanks for the Bongino link. I’ve been enjoying his show on Rumble. It’s a little over an hour and he squeezes in a lot of talking in that time.

  35. You’re welcome, Jimbro. After I posted it, I thought I probably should have found the same video on Rumble, Youtube will probably delete it.

  36. Some musical and creative talent in this family.

  37. Try to find some old school Transformers, He-Man, and GI Joe, too. In case of grandsons.

  38. I’ve had a pretty productive day so far.

  39. Wiserbuds are coming over tonight, imminently. I’ve got my feet up. When they get here I’m gonna ask them to clean my house. Can’t believe they let it get this bad. This is some bullshit.

    *eats a bon-bon*

  40. {IMGUR Video}

  41. Fine batch of memes. Frankly I’d be pleased to go full-time dog at this stage.

  42. I’m in FB jail again. 3 days. I said Blanco Basura

  43. I set up Jennifer’s membership at Sam’s. The Ma’am took place at the GameStop next to the Target I worked at for over 17 years.

  44. I thought it was OK to slam on white people on facebook? Oh wait…you accused someone of being white? Yah you can’t do that.

  45. I called Hunter Biden Blanco Basura. A friend got tagged for calling him White Trash. I guess FB censors hablo.

  46. You know who else is blanco basura? Clintons.

  47. Si, si, Beasns. News story tonight. NM doesn’t have a law against necrophilia. Supremes tossed back a case where a Clovis guy had sex with a corpse. Legislature will be taking up a bill against having sex with a corpse. It’s NM. Probably have to include no sex with animal corpses.

  48. Started the day with a double funeral. Kiddo composed the funeral music.

    Dinner tonight was Tuscan white bean and fennel soup. That was an interesting mix of flavors.

  49. Hunter Biden es Blanco basura, de verdad.

  50. Y ahora estoy leendo un poquito de Shakespeare, cerca de mi chimenea.

  51. Comprende, brah

  52. Dinner tonight was Skyline Chili.

  53. Wiser caught something with the cracker meme that most of you probably missed.

    The Kennedy cracker is missing a corner, and the Lincoln cracker has a hole in it.

  54. Did Wisermeany make Margs for the Cabal?

  55. No. That’s at his house.

    We don’t do fancy drinks here.

  56. I noticed Kennedy, didn’t notice Lincoln.

    Did you notice that one of the letters, viewed from the top down, is different from the rest? Because it’s a sans serif font.

  57. Despicable educators run Princeton.

  58. sans serif font

    Are serif fonts a form of pants? Because that would be Clinton’s cracker. I saw the broken cracker and the white dot and when I tried counting them I just said phuk it and scrolled on.

  59. Only 60 comments, people must be off cleaning their fish tanks this weekend

  60. I’m wondering how TiFW is doing post-deep freeze. I know they had a burst pipe and that sucks donkey balls. Texas has receded from the news cycle and I’m left to wonder how the recovery is proceeding.

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