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Your model for today was born on November 30th, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 322434 and 125 lbs.  Please meet and greet Miss Madeline Ford.




  1. Cute!

  2. Finely freckled funbags

  3. I was waiting for a store to open in town and decided to wait by the river. Lots of dog walkers there. As I was getting ready to leave the curly haired version of this girl walked by walking a little terrier. I did not stare but her presence was noted.

  4. Omaha Steak Potatoes Au Gratin

    Omaha Steak Potatoes Au Gratin

    Omaha Steak Potatoes Au Gratin

    I’ve developed a strange hankering for this despite never knowingly eating any

  5. Potato + all the fats = magic potato

  6. Your mom loves a magic potato

  7. Chrispy, as always thank you for the links. Tucker did a great job.

    Teresa, you were physically and emotionally exhausted. Your mind needed the shut down and sleep. ((((hugs))))) Caring for older people we love can be so difficult.

    I think the picture of our model in the mauve bathing suit is beautiful.

  8. Kinda sorta interesting looking for a ginger. I’ll give Pupster 🦴 🦴 🦴 🦴

  9. If anyone cares

    It’s going to be a roller coaster for NE this year

  10. *scrolls through pictures again wondering what mauve is*

    All I’m saying is, based on her appearance, I’d be asking for her ID
    at the checkout counter if she was buying booze

  11. I like her body in that picture…particularly.

  12. 10/10 would smash and then beg to smash again

  13. My dad gave me Omaha steaks for Christmas one year. I got weekly ads from them for the next two years. I still get ads from them every now and then, but wow, can’t imagine what their advertising budget must be.

  14. We’re driving up to see our daughter and spread some Covid to some bitch faced Karens. No mask, no gloves, just spreading it around, being selfish and racist.

  15. Is GND going to come up for Ragnar fun?
    Just me. But if you want someone that can actually run you should ask her. She’s running 8 min miles these days.

  16. wakey wakey from the lockdown state

  17. Wow, she sounds too good for our team. But if you guys can swing it, it would be fun if she came too.

  18. I’m going to the grocery store in a few mins. Pray for me.

  19. Wow, she sounds too good for our team. But if you guys can swing it, it would be fun if she came too.
    I agree, it would be awesome but I doubt it’ll work out.

  20. I am so pissed today, I am going to temporarily suspend my policy of being nice on the internet.

    Wait, what?

  21. Trump is scrambling brains and I love it.

    The Left is now BIG FANS of the FBI and railroading. They also don’t seem to comprehend that people often plead guilty to crimes in order to stop the pain.

    And now the Right is starting to question law enforcement in general, which is healthy.

    Yeah Bid Daddy Two Scoops!

  22. people often plead guilty to crimes in order to stop the pain.


    Or take the hit when they son and daughter in law are being threatened.

    At the time one of his grandchildren had just been born.

  23. Check your email, T.

  24. Just if you can swing it MJ, I promise her a good time. First we have to have a revolution in Michigan and get rid of our governor so my ENTIRE LIFE DOESN’T”T GET CANCELLED.

    I mean, she’s going to miss you being literally miserable. So worth it.

  25. Watching videos about that shooting. Lots of opinions. His legacy will be “pawn in the media during an election year”. Were it not for Covid this would have been bigger news before now.

  26. Too long video but lays out the case pretty even handedly

  27. I can drive an 8 min mile

  28. I’m assured those doctors that aren’t in favor of shutdowns are not following the science. They are propping up Trumps plan to stop paying unemployment, because he hates poor people.

  29. Holy fuck. Just got an Amber Alert notification for a four-MONTH-old who was in a vehicle stolen at gunpoint.

    Just, fuck the world.

  30. Bro – the car was stolen, the kid was in the car. Dude didn’t want the kid, he wanted the car and was stupid.

    Usually in these cases they drop the kid off somewhere, or abandon the car. No carjacker wants to get a child kidnapping charge.

  31. Time for the eye doctor. Going to Mrs. Jay’s doc. She was talking with them, and let it slip that I used to have really good eyes, better than 20/20. They said we are the worst, because we’re so used to really good vision that we are hard to diagnose.

  32. For Mare:

    While manufacturing and other industries continue to ramp up, private citizens are still barred from visiting with people who do not live in their homes. The order does not ease any restrictions on public or private gatherings among people who live in separate housing units.

    Michigan is fucked. Her 6 point plan doesn’t reopen restaurants w/o restrictions that make it impossible until there is a cure. No sporting events, no mass gatherings. Until a cure.

  33. Time for Tigers/Lions/Pistons owners to start leaning on Queen Bitch.

  34. Or, you know, for lightning to strike her.

  35. Michigan is fucked. Her 6 point plan doesn’t reopen restaurants w/o restrictions that make it impossible until there is a cure. No sporting events, no mass gatherings. Until a cure.


    If it wasn’t for our Dear Hostage Friends who live and work in Michigan, I’d like to see MI crash and burn hard. BUT, and this is a big BUTT, no bailout of any kind. None.


  36. That owner of Jimmy’s Bar also had long term kidney disease. And his son had COVID and gave it to Dad.

    Dude, if your Dad is 89 and has kidney disease, STAY THE F*** AWAY FROM HIM. So he doesn’t get sick and die.

  37. Real estate places are open though. This chick is in la la land though:

    What a great first day back in real estate! Looking like it’s going to be a great housing market!
    If your looking to buy or sell get with me for all your commerical and residential need

    b ahhaa haaa haaa …. should I tell her? naw. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

  38. teresa … I do have an alternative view. 89 years old with kidney disease … his time was already pretty limited. Is it worth it to spend 6 months or so of your limited time in isolation, or do you risk it so your time is QUALITY.
    This idea seems to be lost on hordes and hordes of people.

    one of our gym goers appears content to stay home (stay safe) until there is zero threat. Does she not realize she’s decided she’s ok living on her knees?

    she has grandkids. She is super active. Travels. skiis golfs. Shit, she’s more active normally than me .

    But now she’s going to hid in her house for a few years. hopefully her grandkids will remember who she is.

  39. If I’m past 81 and still know people’s names, I want visitors.

    Gotta die of something.

  40. Is it worth it to spend 6 months or so of your limited time in isolation, or do you risk it so your time is QUALITY.
    This idea seems to be lost on hordes and hordes of people.


    This is how I think.

    My sister who is a young 65 year old in good health is mad 2 months (and probably more because she lives in WA) was stolen from her.

  41. Imma start smoking at 80.

  42. The older you are (at least for me) the more this stupid dicking around
    matters. I don’t have one foot in the grave but I’m wise enough to know I want to enjoy the life I have.

    I’m NOT getting Covid and if I do I’m not dying from it. How do you know you may ask, well, a brief look at the stats, people I trust and my common sense tells me.

  43. Serious question/comment…do these experts who say this may go on for two years and we need to quarantine everyone really think that’s a plan?

    I don’t care if this was 3 times as deadly, that’s insane.

  44. I got a work email 2 days ago and I’m still trying to think how I’ll deal with it. It said, with summer coming and people taking vacations, the medical center wanted to remind people that if they travel out of state they need to quarantine for 2 weeks before returning to work.

    Well, fuck me. Do I not leave the state or do I just lie because it’s an absurd policy?

  45. Serious question/comment…do these experts who say this may go on for two years and we need to quarantine everyone really think that’s a plan?
    Some of them are weirdos that don’t understand the real world but the others just seem to be political actors trying to push the overton window so that staying locked down until after the election seems like a reasonable compromise.

    My 2 cents.

  46. Well, fuck me. Do I not leave the state or do I just lie because it’s an absurd policy?
    We’re still trying to figure out if you can pee at work.

  47. Yes, BUT his son HAD coronavirus. Don’t know if he was showing symptoms or not.

  48. Today’s model seems inordinately proud of her soullessness in the various linked gifs.

    Not complaining.

  49. Carin, your gym friend sounds like my Dad.

    He has already told me that we might not see each other in person again because he is afraid of catching something that I might carry to him if I go back to Texas.

    Have fun being lonely, then.

  50. I like redheads. (much to HotBride’s chagrin)

  51. My sister and mother are self isolating together at my mom’s house. Mom with cancer, stopped treatment, on hospice status but other than fatigue, doing okay. My sister has Chrohn’s Disease, is on immunosuppressants for it and has always been a little bit of a hypochondriac. At some point I’ll be visiting. Honestly, I have no idea how much time my mom has left. Could be a year, could be more or much less, no way of knowing. Stupid to not visit and equally stupid to self quarantine at home because I crossed a state border.

  52. Wow, she sounds too good for our team. But if you guys can swing it, it would be fun if she came too.

    Evidently you didn’t get the memo. She hates us.

  53. That’s a no brainer, Jimbro. You lie. Eff them.

  54. Well, fuck me. Do I not leave the state or do I just lie because it’s an absurd policy?


    We’re still trying to figure out if you can pee at work.

    Doesn’t everyone bring a bottle to pee in so they can save it for the compost heap?

  55. I’ve been thinking about Jimbro’s comment from a few weeks back.

    We’ll look back on this in a few years and it’ll be viewed as the biggest own goal of all time.

  56. That was the title of an article I read the other day. “The Biggest Mistake Ever Made”. I think that’s too kind. I think there was a malign intent to do great harm. No mistake, deliberate and foul sorcery.

  57. Male Karen = Brad

  58. malign intent // No mistake, deliberate
    I don’t think, at the outset, it was supposed to go this way. I do think Trump was faced with a “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t” decision and chose the path he thought he’d face the least criticism for in an election year. Things went off the rails soon after and they continue to spin out of control.

  59. Just found out Shitler is divorced.

    Are you shocked? I’m shocked.

  60. who? Schiff?

  61. What’s wrong with being divorced?

  62. I agree with Jimbro. It wasn’t dreamed up like this at the beginning. That’s why everyone was against Trump closing off from China, they were still playing politics. After it got real, everyone jumped in on it, and it carried too far. Now we’re back to playing politics again.

  63. Now we’re back to playing politics again.

    Like this, Morning Joe says:

    The Trump Depression

  64. After it got real,

    It never got real. It’s been bullshit and made up numbers from the start.

  65. It was aways P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S.

  66. Even Nate Silver sees it

  67. Ponder for one moment whether things would have been any different for a President Romney, or a President Jeb, or a President Rubio, and any other (R) you want to name.

    Yes, maybe the Kristols and Brookses of the world wouldn’t have the DNC’s cock up their ass and the media’s dick in their mouths, but the media treatment of the President would have been the same.

    We need a fucking divorce.

  68. What’s wrong with being divorced?

    Nothing on its face, but the poor bastard who married Gretchen got out and she hasn’t snookered anyone else yet.

    And the rest of us are stuck with her.

  69. Someone on this telecon is fostering puppies, so every time they unmute, I hear yipping and whining. It’s adorable.

  70. I still believe that Trump has handled this exceedingly well. I think the decisions made in the beginning were reasonable based on the information we had at that time.

    I think the situation as first presented was authentic, it’s just that humans (doing what they always do) decided to manipulate the situation to achieve other goals. It is the human condition.

    There is no divorce possible. This will only end when one of the two parties dies.

  71. Jimbro, go on vacation wherever the hell you want. It is none of your employer’s business. They can GFT. They are supposedly health professionals so most of them know this is mostly bullshit.

    Write it off as them covering their asses.

  72. Teresa, regarding your dad, is he perhaps one foot in dementia which would exacerbate his already overly fussy ways? Does he have a support system where he is to check on him, or have you thought about moving him near you?

  73. I do think it’s CYA on their part

  74. Local radio guy had on an ER doc talking about the b.s. overreaction. He was saying even N95 masks do not 100% keep the virus out.

    Next caller was an old retired nurse. He was saying that if you dive into the information/data of the Spanish flu…those people who were being treated outdoors (because the number of people who had it was staggering) did a lot better than those being treated inside hospitals. The humidity outdoors acts as a filter for these viruses. The fresh air also dilutes the potency somewhat.

    Which reminds me of back when I was in elementary school. Each classroom had a wall of windows which were even open during the winter months because the radiators got too hot. We had no A/C. Also, some of our teachers had us wipe down our desks with soapy water, at the end of each day. We rarely got sick.
    Fast forward to when my kids were hermetically sealed in their classrooms. They got sick more often than we ever did.

  75. Few years back I read that those hospitals who pipe in fresh air, have fewer hospital acquired rates of infections.

  76. My buddy works at the ‘Harvard of the midwest’. They have furloughed a shit ton of staff. She has been working from home for 2 months. Since she is considered essential, she is being called back to campus in June. They will not officially open until August. They are very leftwing, so do the political math.

  77. Howdy Hostages.

    From last night’s comments……

    Scott: the Drunken Midgets are not yet driving, but they’re getting closer. Youngest turned 10 in early April and Eldest turned 13 two weeks ago.

    Roamy: I DID! I don’t get Fox Sports SE with my cable package, but a friend was kind enough to loan me her login so I could watch via the mobile app. She is a true friend seeing as how she’s a lifelong Indians fan.

  78. I’ve been self-isolating for two months, but the first half of that was medical requirement, and the rest is just what depressives tend to do anyway (and besides, if everything’s closed, what’s the point?)

    At least I’ve been getting paid, so it’s not a complete loss.

  79. I am torn, but at least things are looking up. There still isn’t much work here in Denver, but I am supposed to be getting an offer for a position in Florida (Port St Lucie) and I also am supposed to have an interview for a position in Austin Tx. I love the weather here but heat and humidity here I come!

  80. Beasn, all of Dad’s siblings experienced some form of dementia at some point late in life – sister had Lewy body dementia – I will need to look into that some more. That is his biggest fear, quite frankly; he is very smart, and the loss of that would be devastating for him.

    Mom was the one with the support system here; Dad doesn’t suffer fools, and in his opinion, everyone else is a fool. He doesn’t have many friends.

    He doesn’t want to leave his home, and frankly, I don’t want to uproot him unless it becomes absolutely necessary. I will be checking in on him every day, and there are a few people here who are willing to help out if needed.

  81. I’m seeing scuttlebutt that the tip of the Mitten and da Yoo Pee are basically ignoring the Cuntvernor, much as they ignored prohibition.


    Except Mackinaw/Mackinac can’t get away with it at all, and Petosky is probably going to have to cancel their big annual festival.

  82. If Dad does start to show signs of dementia, he WILL be coming to Texas, though.

    Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but we’ve already discussed that with him, and he is okay with that. He knows that a person needs an advocate in that situation.

  83. My mom’s older sister had Lewy body. She went downhill quick with it.

  84. I read that those hospitals who pipe in fresh air, have fewer hospital acquired rates of infections.

    I am happy that my building is a old drafty WW2 relic and not one of the shiny new airtight LEEDS-certified boxes. Not the least of which, I have my own office instead of being in a cubefarm.

  85. My mom’s oldest sister passed away last week, in a nursing home. My cousin has filed a complaint with the state regarding her ‘care’ there. Two weeks before her death, she was taken to hospital where they found her to be dehydrated, constipated, and unresponsive due to being over sedated. The hospital was WTF nursing home? The hospital got her hydrated, her bowels moving, and cut her meds in half. She was responsive and felt so much better when she was sent back to the nursing home (me – HUGE RED FLAG ON THE FIELD WTF)
    My cousin wanted her put on hospice (probably because they’d be able to visit to keep an eye on her?) but the nursing home doctor said it wasn’t necessary and no, you cannot visit her while lockdown. She was dead one week later. They notified my cousin that she wasn’t doing well and by the time she got there, she found out her mom had been dead for hours, shoved in a back room, and had scratches on her face.

    I wonder how many of their patients they have been sedating so they can ignore them and with the lockdown/isolation, what a wonderful time to pull that kind of crap.

    Cousin has ordered an autopsy.

  86. 34 tonight, for the low. Glad I didn’t move the plants out when it hit 80

  87. that’s horrible, beasn. I’m glad my relatives have been in a nice nursing home, with people who care. Small town, it’s where everyone should be.

  88. And who’s this bcoch guy with all the bullwhips?

  89. Yeah, this nursing home does not have the greatest reputation….thus, why her kids should have been visiting her regularly – which the home has made impossible because chingchong….or working with hospital to keep her while they quickly find her another place. She should have never been sent back.

  90. The nursing home my dad was in was a 10 minute drive from my mom’s house. She was there daily and did a lot of his care. The staff was appreciative. He needed oral medication for agitation but not that much. It was a fine line between sleeping all the time and yelling at people. Glad he passed when he did. This would have been a burden for my mom and us if we couldn’t visit him near the end

  91. Jay, we’re due for 2-5 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow

  92. One my favorite yootoob channels is a farm in NH. He’s trying like heck to get his greenhouse built while his temps swing between snow and 70s.

  93. AT&T upgraded my internet service today, and set up a new modem/router.

    When I get home I’m going to change the network name to CIA Surveillance Van 1337, and the password to DonaldJTrump2020!

    If I have any liberal friends left when this bullshit pandemic ends, and they come over, Ima laugh my ass off when they have to type in the password to access my internet.


  94. We were FBI Surveillance Van for several years, and had a big white van in the driveway.

  95. My kids names ours “Pretty fly for a wifi” a long time ago, but it has since been updated.

  96. your mom is due for 2-5 inches too

  97. One of our neighbors was MAGA 2016. He is renting his Condo to losers. We H8 his renters.

  98. Jim, I am also glad that Mom passed when she did – they had just started shutting the state down. She passed the next night.

  99. Just moved chickens into a bigger space. Put the guineas with the bigger chicks, so have to watch and make sure they all play nice. The guineas are the youngest, but I had to chicks a tad older in with them so they’d have someone to watch out for ’em when I eventually put them all together.

  100. TiFW, virtual hugs and sincere Prayers. Singing some Garth right now. Unanswered Prayers in hindsight, seem to make sense. We are so glad that my in-laws aren’t living through this. We miss them.

  101. We were FBI Surveillance Van for several years, and had a big white van in the driveway.

    That’s where I got the idea. LOL

  102. Were visiting my mom in Tucson. 101 degrees when we got in yesterday.

    Tried to go to Costco, but there were 80 people in line waiting to enter the store. Went to Wal-Mart. Waited 5 minutes to enter. Half the people wearing masks, most with their nose uncovered. Penelope kept going the wrong way down the aisles. I pointed that out just to mess with her. She reversed the cart, still going the wrong way, but in reverse. #science

    Went to Lowes. No wait.

  103. 🤣🤣🤣 Pepe. The Navajo Nation is under lockdown. People going into Gallup. The Gallup Exodus is uncontrollable. We were told today that we can’t come into the Club through the exit. The entrance is controlled. No way to keep away from the fucking browsers. I H8 people

  104. One of my (younger) co-workers emailed me “Happy Mother’s Day, Work-Mom”. LOL

  105. That’s a lovely compliment, Roamy!

  106. Beasn, that sound horrible. With all the experience I had with my dad in the hospital and nursing homes and step down units … etc, I really learned about the importance being an advocate for care. If the patient cannot it’s pretty necessary to have someone there. I’m sure there are some hospitals that are on the ball … but there are a lot that just have things that fall through the cracks.

    I mentioned it before, but my friends brought Rob home as soon as it looked like those places were going to be shuttered from visitors. Even if they are getting the proper physical care – going without loved ones for that long just isn’t good for anyone.

  107. Roamy, that is lovely.

  108. When Carin needs to choke a bitch.

  109. But if you want someone that can actually run you should ask her. She’s running 8 min miles these days.

  110. beasn, my condolences. You just described why I would have borne any burden to keep dad out of a home, which day never arrived, thank God. (Some things I still have no trouble thanking Him for.)

    I remember back in the day (2012?) folks were trying to study levels of support for the Osurper as reflected by wireless network names. Some odd conclusions were drawn, at least until folks pointed out that no, all those instances of “GOBAMA” did not indicate unexpected strength in the Deep South…

  111. One of our neighbors has a wifi of “FBIVAN001”. Someone else is “DeathStar”.

  112. Ted Cruz called Joe Scarborough a panty throwing teenage girl.

    *chef’s kiss*

  113. My mom is watching a Jeopardy rerun of the all time greats. I’m feeling pretty stupid……

  114. Good night people of the corn

  115. lol, pupster.

    Honestly, I should just accept that EVERY FUCKING THING is going to be cancelled up here. Concerts. The Ragnars. My marathon. It’s going to take a miracle for things to continue. I’m honestly depressed enough, I don’t know how I’m going to deal with the hit.

    Ugh. The Ragnar with MJ would be such a fucking blast. I mean, it would be horrible, but …

    Pat admitted that he has a man-crush on MJ from his pithy H2 comments and even HE’s looking forward to the Ragnar.

    IF it goes through, he’d better work on his A-Game humor. Pat has high expectation.

  116. You will be able to run if you wear a mask.

  117. And stay 6 feet away from all other runners.

  118. I watched that MJ in Lapeer thing 3 times and could have kept watching more but I was getting the side eye

  119. Satanic clown orgy.

    Also a good name for Hotspur’s wifi.

  120. I thought that guy looked familiar.

  121. Now you got me binge watching those.

  122. Don’t watch Squirrely Dan’s Relationship


    Omaha Steaks Au Gratin Potatoes?

    Not very au gratin

  124. Jay, too late.

    Roy of Siegfried and Roy died.

  125. probably during binge watching Tiger King

  126. So everything the media was calling a right wing conspiracy theory, is turning out to be true.

    Guys. Imagine if Trump had to pardon Obama. Oh, man.


    Tucker gets pretty harsh here, and he’s absolutely right. Schiff is a sociopath and should be killed at the first opportunity…

  128. Dude. Killed? How about, lose his job. No James Hodgekinson talk at this blog please, or however his accursed name is spelled.

  129. I do hope he loses his job, but I don’t think he will. Cali is a weird place, and has sooo many libs.

  130. Tucker made a good point a lot of this crap started when the Republicans has control in both houses. They could have put an end to it, but many went along. McConnell, Graham and a bunch of others in both houses. Granted I not a fan of Schiff, Pelosi or the others, but too many Republicans went along with the crap. A lot of them retired the last two cycles, but there are a lot of them still dug in like ticks.

  131. A lot of that was spent proving that even republicans could be anti-trump. A lot of us went along with it, because he wasn’t our first choice. Paul Ryan, I’m looking at you. This behavior cost the GOP the House.

  132. Demurely, Erica removed petticoats.

  133. It’s a winter fucking wonderland out there

  134. Weird seeing snow falling on a lawn that was cut 2 days ago

  135. Hmm, fresh memes to be had.

    Buh bye BBF

  136. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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