Parasites We’ve Known


This charmer is a tapeworm. I’m sure all your moms accused you of having them after her third trip to the grocery store in a week. Here’s an 8 footer!


Here’s the real Wicked Game made popular by this weird film


Anyway, after all the recent bailouts and learning people are making more money sitting on their asses at home I started thinking about parasites. I did a HS science fair project about parasites when I was a junior. It earned me the only F grade I’ve ever had in my life. Get me drunk some time and I’ll tell you all about it. Undaunted, I took a semester course in Parasitology in college. Let me sum up the main take home point: DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT OR DRINK”. I learned the potentially apocryphal story about physicians pulling out guinea worms and the origin of this symbol



Not really a stick


Now for the real parasites







Thor doesn’t like waiting in line at Home Depot





  1. This post is at once fascinating and horrifying.

    Gulp. Thank you, America for having such excellent cleanliness standards (except San Francisco).

  2. wakey wakey

    A friend was so happy about the great blue heron in her backyard, and she took some beautiful pictures. Then she realized the heron was eating all of the goldfish in her decorative pond. Profanity ensue

    Ha ah ha ah

    We have really cool cranes up by me. They nest together in a huge nesting area (the nests are giant and in the top of trees), but then spread out during the day. I have one on my lake every day. Every now and then they get on my dock, but usually they know better. Moose freaks the FUCK out.

  3. Parasite Of The Week might be a thing

  4. So lockdowns are ineffective. Case closed. End them now.

  5. Lola barks are birds and runs around the yard following them as they fly away. My old border collie Daisy was a bit of a birder collie too. The crows used to have fun with her and get her going

  6. are = at

  7. Janet Mills is feeling the pressure and knows lockdown is polling bad for her and Dems. She’s a few nice spring days away from a rebellion. She hinted the state “may accelerate the reopening of businesses” at her news conference yesterday

  8. Janet Mills is feeling the pressure and knows lockdown is polling bad for her and Dems. She’s a few nice spring days away from a rebellion. She hinted the state “may accelerate the reopening of businesses” at her news conference yesterday

  9. How the fcuk did that happen?

  10. It’s funny because yesterday we took a picture of us all working out and one of our old gym mates said it made her sad and she missed us/working out. We told her to COME. she could social distance – but that in the picture we weren’t because (I joked) we’ve basically been quarantining together all along. Sorta true. I don’t see gobs of people.I see THOSE people. Every day.

    Anyway, her response was “I just don’t know who you’ve all been around”.

    Ok. Well, I told you that we’d respect your desire to distance and you just ignored that. Then she said that the distancing thing could be “a very long time”.

    Well, good fucking luck with that. Enjoy your non-living life.

    I didn’t say anything like that, to her, of course. But seriously. I’m sure she’s not seeing her family or grandkids, etc. Go ahead. Live on your knees. I don’t give a shit. Just don’t draw me into your psychosis.

  11. When I say “magic is real, just not recognized as such” this is exactly what I’m talking about. The minds of people like your friend are wrapped in glamours, entranced and unable to break free of it. Fauci and the “Plandemic” implementers have cast a deliberate spell on a credulous and servile public.

  12. jimbro is doing twofer Tuesday wrong

  13. Reasonable people have lost their minds about this Covid bullshit.

    I don’t trust Fauci, Gates or anyone else.

    This nails all of it in a humorous way:

  14. I was JUST watching that Mare.

  15. I was thinking about truth and objective truth yesterday while traveling back from the scotch selling store and it occurred to me that we’ve gotten a bit mixed up with the post modernist bullshit foisted upon us by Foucault.

    There are a lot of people, and I mean a lot, who believe what lives in their minds or what they are told by experts is the truth. They can’t understand that there is one truth, regardless of interpretation, that is separate.

    With regards to the virus thingy, it seems as though we are getting closer to objective truth. What we believed a few days or weeks ago simply isn’t valid anymore and while Karens and Dr Faucis attempt to block us from the objective truth they simply can’t. We’ll get there eventually…but the cost will be incomprehensible.

    Always try to think about the objective truth.

    *hits bong for breakfast; wonders if the gun ranges are open yet

  16. Also re this post: yuckity fuckity this is some gross bullfuck

  17. Are people really not seeing their family? What?

    I can completely understand not seeing a family member in a nursing home/assisted living. They are the ones who should be quarantined. They are vulnerable no matter what cold/virus/flu is going around.

  18. Yes, Mare. People are not seeing their family. It’s actually the “rule” up here in Michigan. You are NOT to see anyone you don’t live with. So if you buy their bullshit, you buy it all.

  19. Possum’s grampy is an enthusiastic MSNBC watcher. He came over to help me with the chicken fencing but wouldn’t hug her while he was here.

    I’m ashamed to call him father.

  20. Speaking of parasites, Mooch described having children as a “concession” that cost her “aspirations and dreams”. Between her and TFG and his “being punished with a baby” schtick, if Sasha and Malia turn out normal, it’ll be a freaking miracle.

    My babies are blessings.

  21. He came over to help me with the chicken fencing but wouldn’t hug her while he was here.

    That’s sad.

  22. I want to go to a Mexican restaurant. I’m going to see if there are any open in the area.

    I really don’t drink anymore*, but there is a rooftop bar (well, several of them in this town) that have spectacular views of the area and sunset. I’m ready to sit at one of them and just enjoy.

    *My drink of choice in the evening is a keto chocolate collagen in hot water. Niiiiiiice.

  23. Harry is failing Megan’s shit testing. He sold all his guns for her.

  24. Always try to think about the objective truth.

    I always look for this. I know the truth is outside of my little echo chamber. But knowing that and looking for it is what sets me apart from those leftist fools who actually majored in philosophy in college. I just worked in a bar.

  25. Speaking of parasites, Mooch described having children as a “concession” that cost her “aspirations and dreams”. Between her and TFG and his “being punished with a baby” schtick, if Sasha and Malia turn out normal, it’ll be a freaking miracle.
    Well, she’s a guy soooooo

  26. The second to newest Longmire book is meh. Bidarte again, in Mexico.

  27. Harry is failing Megan’s shit testing. He sold all his guns for her.
    His Royal Soyness

  28. Her beejers cannot be that good, and no amount of butt stuff is worth that.

  29. Someone in the Chorale I sing in posted a quote from someone who attended a ACDA/NATS/ChorusAmerica/BarberShop Seminar on the COVID-19 virus saying that singing groups would spread the disease because of proximity of people in singing groups and their audiences and there should be no concerts of any kind for 1-2 years.

    She and her husband are pretty lefty Democrats, so I’m not surprised she would post something like this. But to basically close down any organized singing for *2 years* for basically a bad flu season makes me SMH. Churches in Indiana are “allowed” to congregate starting the 10th, but mine is taking a wait-and-see attitude until the end of the month. I would think they would be as bad as a singing group, if not worse,

  30. Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.*

    *unless Karen is scared you guys

  31. Congress hasn’t made any laws for this, silly. It’s just governors using their unlimited authority to keep us safe.

  32. I feel kinda dumb asking this but is what’s happening legal?

    I understand that some governors asked for and received basically dictatorial powers but that doesn’t mean it’s legal at the federal level, which I think trumps state level.

    I also understand that by the time its figured out people will have forgotten about the pandemic and we’ll just be calling it the Trump Slump or something equally stupid.

  33. MI has a law that allows 28 days of “emergency” powers, with any extensions requiring the legislature. The legislature told her to LOLGF, so she’s claiming that an older law (superseded by the one she cited to give her the first 28 days) applies and basically we’re locked down until she says we’re not.

    Thus the lawsuit.

  34. It’s too bad about Harry. I had high hopes that he would marry well like his brother did.

  35. It’s impossible for us to know what goes on inside a public marriage, although tabloids are often in front of these stories, I wonder if Harry selling his gun collection is true.

    If so, he’s a pussy who needs to get his balls back from his wife.

  36. Is there a vag that would make me give up my guns?

    I’d like a sample first.

  37. Perhaps Mila Kunis

  38. But sample first

  39. Andrea Mitchell keeps Allan Greenspan pretty happy.

  40. The guy who bought apparently has gone public. He didn’t know they were Harry’s – was interested regardless. After he bought them, he found out whose they were or something.

  41. Is there a vag that would make me give up my guns?

    A guy who would give up their guns for a vag, isn’t worthy of that vag.

    So it is written.

  42. Comment by Car in on May 7, 2020 10:49 am
    Is there a vag that would make me give up my guns?

    A guy who would give up their guns for a vag, isn’t worthy of that vag.

    So it is written.



    A guy who can’t look straight in a woman’s eyes and say, I love you but I’m never giving up my guns won’t be getting a good woman.

  43. **standing ovation for Kayleigh McEnany**

    WH press secretary was prepared for media bullshit. This is a good sign.

  44. His Royal Soyness

    Maybe Harry is Charles’ kid after all.

  45. Kayleigh doesn’t suffer fools, does she?

  46. Charles is an absolute dumb, wimpy, jackass.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  47. If you think Bill Gates is normal and not sketchy at all…well…okay but you’re wrong.

    <script async src="

  48. *clicks link at bottom


  49. hahahahaha, dumbass!!!

  50. Emergency Warning System tests yesterday and again today.

  51. What was Hairy doing with guns anyway? I thought they were verboten in the UK.

    Hairy appears to be headed down Kapernick Lane. Down for the cause because she told me to. And shit.

  52. Harry is former army, where he supposedly served with distinction, and former royalty, so if he wanted guns, he could get them.

    They aren’t exactly “outlawed” over there, you just have to be connected to have them legally.

  53. Kayleigh doesn’t suffer fools, does she?

    I didn’t watch her conference until just now.

    She burned that fucking place down.

    10/10 WS

  54. hmm, maybe I should watch it

  55. I read the transcript.

  56. I caught the tail end of it right before The Five. Saw the dressing down of the media when she gave them homework.

  57. I always thought she was kind of an airhead when she appeared on Red Eye a long time ago. Whooops!

  58. Two sorry people in my organization just got promoted. I can’t decide if it’s a good thing because now they are no longer directly managing people or a bad precedent that it’s okay to treat people like shit to get ahead. One of them has at least three union grievances filed on her, and she deserved them.

  59. This is the problem when the gov’t can’t fire people.


    If there’s a place where the pushback is gonna get Western then Odessa is probably it. A lot of these folks are just barely tolerating the law on a good day.

  61. I was a rule follower and a police supporter.

    Not anymore. Meaning, I don’t particularly see myself breaking any laws or disrespecting any police officers but I’m going to be cheering those who do during this Covid Bullshit.™

  62. However, I can absolutely see myself in the place of the woman who was arrested and is serving 7 days in jail and getting a $7000 fine.

    I would have done the same thing.

  63. Get down with The Cause™, mare.

    Slavery is freedom.

  64. I owe my ancestors too much to puss out on what they died to build.

  65. Local TV station asked people on Facedouche to report restaurants that weren’t following social distancing. “Mind your own business” was the kindest of the responses, though there was one “they need to be fined!” No narcs. Glad to live here.

  66. The Space Force ad makes me wish I were a fresh graduate. The Navy barely missed me, and mostly because I’m not really a boat guy.

  67. From Pendejo’s link:

    The sheriff has a simple message for the protesters:

    “All these people that are here from wherever you came from, just go home and get yourself a job.”
    Um … that’s sort of what they were protesting dude

  68. “All these people that are here from wherever you came from, just go home and get yourself a job.”

    If someone burns this motherfucker’s house down, I will shed no tears.

  69. Only 44 deaths in michigan yesterday.

  70. Too bad the Fuhrer-In-A-Dress wasn’t one.

  71. She speaketh at 3 today.

  72. Sister and niece are coming to visit later, sister asked if hugging was okay. Told her I’d be more upset if there were no hugging.

  73. She speaketh at 3 today.

    Rotten fruit should be at the ready, but she banned gardening.

  74. A proggie friend was all upset about that case yesterday, Jimbro.

    Charges have been delayed because one of the perps worked with the DA . So they had to go get someone from the outside, and everything is closed.

    Which of course led to the HOW COME BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T GET JUSTICE.

    I tried to talk my friend down, but I don’t know how successful I was. She said THEY DID IT THEY SHOULD BE ROTTING IN JAIL. And I pointed out that the rules of criminal justice exist for everyone; not just the cases you want it to. The guys have to be brought up on charges, then trail, bla bla bal all made worse by the ‘rona (since this is a complicated case). So, no. We don’t just throw them in jail because you KNOW they did it.

    Anyway. Yea.

  75. And they weren’t “hunting him down with guns”. Loaded language is meant to inflame emotion.

    They were looking for him because they thought he had done something. It wasn’t like a couple of good old boys got in a truck aiming to shoot themselves a black boy.

    Were they DUMB? yes. DId they do something stupid (possibly criminal if the law so deems) that resulting in the death of another person? Yes again. Were they racist? Don’t know. Possibly. IF it was a white neighborhood and they’d seen a black young man break into a house … then that is what they based it on.

    meh. I hate *society today.

    *some parts

  76. ALSO this isn’t necessarily so much “Black people can’t get justice” but more of cops cover for their own.

  77. Yeah, I get all that and agree, but if this is a “true story as presented” it’s crazy. Obligatory quotes needed because I’m immediately suspicious of these stories now.

  78. Flaming Skull at the HQ

  79. Also, there would be more narcers if there weren’t any protesters. They would be coming out of the woodwork, because they figure everyone thinks that way. When they are confronted, they are rather timid beings, that are just following along.

    The dangerous ones never raise their heads. They go behind your back, cuz they are true believers.

  80. Trump will appoint him to something.

    Maybe a position where he can supervise the case against his persecutors.

  81. imagine the line of lawyers for that civil suit

  82. Salon owner in TX released too.

  83. Must see TV: Strzok trial

  84. Trump II is gonna be lit.

  85. You know who is a POS? Obama.

    He knew all this and as I read it, he gave the go for spying on Trump and screwing Flynn.

    Obama and Flynn had a dust up before President Trump took office.

    Obama is a spinless, faggot loving, lying, affirmative action, know nothing.

  86. And Michelle Obama is a tranny.

    Prove me wrong.

  87. Watching KBO on ESPN. ⚾️ ESPN guy said “Chinese Taiwan”. FU. It is Taiwan or ROC. GFY you Disney tool of the Chi Coms. 🚁🚁🚁

  88. Dan is wearing chones. He got up to get his lunch in the kitchen. I told him he was “Swinging more than the Mooch dancing on the Ellen Degeneris Show”.

  89. Have any of you seen the video of Comey in front of an audience being interview cocksure and gloating over asking Flynn to come in to be asked a few questions? Comey boasts that he knew a new administration would not have policies in place yet to basically say, “no not at this time.”

    He figured he could “trip him up.”

  90. That shooting video speaks for itself. Unless those two guys knew he had just committed a murder and was on his way to kill someone else, there is no way it’s a good shoot. Question becomes the motives of the two guys and the motives of the DA in the follow through.

    Why did those guys think he was a criminal?
    Why was that guy jogging there? Did he always jog there?
    Was his residence close by?
    Do any of the parties have criminal records?
    Had there been a recent uptick in neighborhood burglaries?
    How much did the covid environment inhibit the DA follow through?

    Harry is very obviously a idiot. Probably a nice guy and all but dumb as a box of rocks.

    Flynn…..praise the lord and pass the ammo. Our turn now


    <script async src=

  92. Prove me wrong.

    You’ve touched her dick then?

  93. I’ve seen it through her dress.

  94. Imagine where it’s been.


  95. I’ll bet Biden has sniffed it.

  96. * whistle. Flag on Play. Abuse of the commentariat.

    The player asks the gathered to imagine crimes against humanity in a manner that is cruel and unusual.

    Player must yell CAULK and is fined one Twitter link comment.

    *whistle. Return to play.

  97. Comment by Pupster on May 7, 2020 5:42 pm
    I’ll bet Biden has sniffed it.


    I had to hold my lady parts while laughing.

  98. CAULK!!

  99. I really like Don Jr. (he’s an incredible outdoorsman too)

    “Damn straight! Now I hope he sues the shit out of those clowns at the FBI who put him through that nonsense for three years setting him up and flagrantly sitting on all of the exculpatory evidence for 3 years.

    I truly hope they don’t get away with this travesty of justice.”

  100. GND is not that political but she lurves her some Don Jr.

    She shows me his tweets or instagram things or whatever.

  101. GND is not that political but she lurves her some Don Jr.

    She shows me his tweets or instagram things or whatever.
    Does she share the dick pics?

  102. Yes.

    I guess Kimberly Guilfoyle like me.

  103. Possum’s grampy is an enthusiastic MSNBC watcher.

    And by coming over he possibly got infected or vice versa…but couldn’t hug his granddaughter. What a dingbat.

  104. What Beasn said. I would squeeze the stuffing out of Possum.

  105. Trump Jr is a pretty awesome follow. Only registered Republican in 2016. Eric was an Indy. Ivanka was a D. Now, all 3 are Republicans.

  106. Speaking of parasites, Mooch described having children as a “concession” that cost her “aspirations and dreams”.

    This just does not compute.

    What effing dreams? To be the lead transvestite singer down in Man Country where Barry plays?
    He should have never bred. Though…not sure those kids are even theirs biologically. I don’t see much resemblance other than the same RestingBitchyFace on the younger one.

  107. My fav is watching TFG age as the investigation continues.

  108. Michelle’s Weenus for VP.

  109. Is GND going to come up for Ragnar fun?

  110. If there was any justice in this world there would have been countless stories in the media detailing Obama’s involvement in all this.

  111. I really don’t like seeing pictures of Fauci and Brix really cozy with Gates. Not good.
    This bodes poorly for policy to be reasonable.

  112. Player must yell CAULK and is fined one Twitter link comment.

  113. mare, and everyone else, except car in who has, seen this? You think Fauci is a crank now? This f*cker has been screwing the pooch for profit since the 80s.

  114. Gates and WHO and *insert various fed health agencies here* look the toads they are too….

  115. “We’re not going back to normal,” Newsom said during Tuesday’s press briefing, as reported by SF Gate. “It’s a new normal with adaptations and modifications, until we get to immunity and a vaccine.”


    Californian’s are all you crunchy granola types actually going to get a special “vaccine?” Are you going to have your children receive one?

    FFS wake up.

  116. Hey, Oregon, where your governor is telling you to stay in until July 6th, you going to get that “vaccine?” Idiots.

  117. If we had a real media, these f*ckers would have been strung up a long time ago. If we had a real media, these f*ckers would have never gotten the positions they are in.

  118. Huh. This thing is still alive? You people are still alive?

  119. No. Tax cuts and net neutrality killed everyone.

  120. Damn. Well at least you avoid healthcare, murder hornets, and state reopenings.

  121. Are the drunken midgets driving yet?

    Why not?

  122. Someone fill me in (SYWM), what did obama have against Flynn?

  123. Flynn knew where the bodies were buried.

  124. Hey Bcoch! Did you see the re-run of the 1995 World Series on Fox Sports last week? I did, which resulted in several days of smack-talk with the Yankees fan in the house.

  125. Swipe to the fourth frame and click on it.

    View this post on Instagram

    Frankenstein loves sunny days. . . And parsley!

    A post shared by Golden Goodness Infinity (@goldengoodnessinfinity) on

  126. That just became my new chill vid. Just a g’pig having lunch, nothing more.

  127. Charlie Crist “appeared” at a rally for Biden. I put appeared in quotes because they had technical difficulties and everything was pixelated.

  128. Beasen,
    Is that scratch on the arm smallpox or TB?
    Pretty damn strange picture…

  129. Found a recipe for Omaha Steaks au gratin potatoes, online.

    I’m about to become very popular with this one guy.

    Goodnight. Promised myself I’d try to get to bed before 1AM as a good habit.

  130. Is it possible to go nuts If you don’t see other people for over six weeks?

    Because I just “lost” an entire day, and don’t know what happened. And I don’t drink or use drugs.

    Seriously – I went to sleep and when I woke up, all that I could remember was that I had a really weird dream. Don’t remember going to bed, don’t remember what I watched on TCM or Amazon, don’t remember working on my needlework (all of which I did, based on the time stamps in my emails and FB posts).

    I slept for over 20 hours.

  131. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Wednesday night, Dad told me that once I go home on Sunday, we probably won’t see each other again. Because he isn’t going to let me or the family back in to see him as long as Coronavirus is out there, and maybe not even after that, because “who knows what germs you might bring into this house?”.

    Oh, and he isn’t going to let me hug him when he drops me off at the airport because “you don’t know if you might have the coronavirus”. After all, I hugged somebody on March 22nd. And haven’t been outside since.


    I might never see you again, but you won’t give me a hug the last time you will see me in person?

    The man isn’t dumb – he helped put mankind on the Moon – but I think he is taking things way out of proportion here.

    I promised my mother that I would take care of Dad after she was gone, but he’s not making it easy for me.

    I’m ready to crumple in a puddle of tears.

  132. Dean’s employer rewarded performance.

  133. TiFW, people grieving do weird things. I’m sorry your dad is being that way, but I’m glad you are going home. I know your family has missed you. (((HUGS)))

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