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  1. Love all of these. Thanks, Pupster! ***skritches behind ears***

  2. Took me a minute to figure out the bear with the bird feeder, though – my brain had a hard time reconciling what my eyes were seeing.

  3. I especially liked the Folsom Prism Blues.

    And that 1961 Buick Flamingo looks like a grown-up version of a Barbie Car.

  4. The Guy Scouts is pretty funny, too.

  5. Saving the baguette one for Mr. RFH. Love the DaveinTexas-looking dog. Good job, Pupster.

  6. By the time I get to the end I can’t remember all my favorites.

    Excellent line up Pups


  8. wakey wakey

  9. Thought for today – you have these young progressives, who really want to be down for the struggle. But they actually weren’t born when actually serious racial injustices occurred. Since the professional activists and politicians use anything to drum up power, they’re more than happy to create an invent, and the young proggies yearning for activism just jump in with both feet.

    When you try to talk them off the ledge, they just scream you down.

  10. The thing that is so frustrating, is they get upset and focus on a single case and ignore the reams and reams of violence that happens EVERY day in the black community.

    One black guy killed in Georgia – OUTRAGE, virtual runs, and reams and reams of posts.

    How many other black people died that same day. Accross the country?

  11. Exactly what Jimbro said.

  12. So Roy Horn died of Covid. And a Tiger attack. And he was 75.

  13. Completely OT, but need an opinion: Paul and I booked a European River cruise, along with two other couples, which is scheduled for this October. We have already paid in full, as well as made airline reservations.

    Should we cancel those plans? Dad thinks we are nuts to go; he is sure that if not Coronavirus, then some other vague plague will be ravaging Europe this fall, and we are going to bring home some deadly disease and kill the rest of our family. And we won’t have the protection of the Constitution, blah, blah, blah…..

    I’m actually more worried about the solvency of the cruise line at this point.

    We were looking forward to this trip – we both turn 60 this year, and our 40th anniversary is also this year. One of the other couples actually put this together; the wife and Paul are retiring this summer, so we all have time now to do this.

  14. Awooo, friends.

    Cold and very windy out today. One of my garden row covers is flapping a lot and Scott thinks it is about to fly off and away. I am unconvinced mainly because I don’t want to go out there to check on it.

  15. One of my (conservative) local friends was banned (by his wife) from political talk on facedouche because their son (who I know sorta) has become a raging liberal. HIS page is filled with wealth distribution bullshit.

    Yea, so … your SON can post all this crazy shit he wants, but your own husband can’t?

    Coddling to these young folks whose heads are filled with mush is part of the problem.

    I can understand NOT talking about it. But I will not be silenced for family peace. Say off my page, don’t comment. There. done. I won’t comment on your page. Easy peasy.

    Kid is such an lefty idiot. Like Hannah but worse.

  16. Hey T, I wouldn’t cancel your trip if it was me, but if there is a trip insurance you can purchase I would do that. I don’t know if the second wave will be such that things will close down again all over, I am hopeful that folks will be a little more jaded about alarmists but who knows, it’s hard to fight on all sides an enemy that you can’t see.

    I get the fear, I do really, but I’m not going to live in it. I’ll wear a mask if they make me or I’ll not go, but I won’t cower in the bunker.

  17. TiFW, I would go. We are crossing our fingers that MO will be opened up enough for the wedding and reception next month. We have another family wedding in August, I have one trip planned in August and a tentative one in late Sept/early Oct. October is enough time for this situation to get unfucked.

  18. Mini Fat Bastard has not been seen for some time. Mr. RFH put out a hav-a-heart trap, no takers. I’m thinking either a hawk or an owl got him.

  19. Little Richard died. 87. A-whomp-bomp-ba-lu-la-a-whomp-bam-boom.

  20. He’s in stealth mode.

    Should have killed it when you had the chance.

  21. day. He was 87. The musician’s son, Danny Penniman, confirmed the pioneer’s death to Rolling Stone, but said the cause of death was unknown.

    Oh come now. We know the cause.

  22. He’s in his bunker and there’s a drawing of your garden on his whiteboard.

  23. If you put your ear to his burrow you’ll hear this

  24. LOL. Was expecting “I’m All Right” from Caddyshack. Haven’t seen a burrow. He was digging around the ramp, but that’s stopped.

  25. … professional activists and politicians use anything to drum up power, they’re more than happy to create an invent, and the young proggies yearning for activism just jump in with both feet.

    Speaking of professional activists

  26. If you decide to go Teresa and do opt for travel insurance I’d read the policy carefully. I can just imagine any generous policies may have been stung by the Covid hysteria and are licking their wounds.

  27. Pretty sure this was linked at AoS and if you haven’t read it yet it’s worth the time

    It’s VDH so it is both long and requires your attention to digest what you’re reading. I forced my monkey mind to quiet down long enough to read it

  28. This was mentioned in the VDH article

    Trump aced his. Think Slow Joe would?

  29. I had to take a timed cog test as part of an interview last year, and I bombed that MFer bigtime. My brain has been going garbage for a couple of years now.

  30. Knowing the content of the tests can help a lot. If you encounter them with a little practice it’s easier to score higher. I got a lifetime deal on luminosity when it first launched and used to use it years ago. Always got better with practice.

  31. Was that a gift? Because it sounds like someone taking a shot.

  32. Hah! No, bought it on my own. I also do crosswords and the occasional easy soduko.

  33. Jay,
    how did your hot peppers turn out? Weren’t you growing reapers and ghost peppers? Have you started any this season?

  34. Husband took this up at the farm, looking over the back field. Had the camera been pointing in the other direction, there would be our pond and the lake, across the road where he caught his limit of crappie. Gonna have a fish fry tomorrow for us mamas.


  35. because their son (who I know sorta) has become a raging liberal. HIS page is filled with wealth distribution bullshit.

    Yeah, that wouldn’t happen in my house. I’d be kicking his ass all over social media. If he can’t get his head straight I’d be telling him his inheritance will go to the Humane Society of MO.

  36. Not to mention kicking my spouse’s patootie all over the house for even suggesting I let that kind of crap go unchallenged.

  37. I wanted to show Mr. B. today’s memes but he was down chatting with his mom. The more minutes he spent down there, the fewer he would be willing to extend to me. Only got to show him half before he reached his word limit.

  38. I can’t love this enough.


  40. Chinese take out tonight! Driving down to the ghetto to pick up. Anyone need anything?

  41. Pork steamed dumplings, thanks. Please don’t dump the special sesame dipping sauce, thinking it’s “just a tub of soy sauce.” *avoids looking at my husband*

  42. *Throws Teeroy a tenner and an expired coupon*

  43. A hit of this and snarfle of that (I’m so white bread, I have no clue what to request from the dealers), a set of spinners, yard flamingo, copper pipe, bag of Stacy’s Pita chips, Skittles, and a pack of cigarillos.

    Mr. B. said I was rayciss.

  44. Kung pao chicken, medium spicy.

  45. Ming’s Garden Special Lo Mein

    Oh wait, that’s what I had. We had Chinese take out too.

  46. I love this youtube channel.

  47. I got the egga roh, the kung Pao chicken n shrimp, steamed pohrk drumming (no p in that word) , house flies lice, and can’t leave out the crab ragoo.



  50. Tucson is still hot. Light duty so far, only fixed one toilet and replaced a ceiling fan.

    My mom is 83. Still doing well mentally and physically, so that’s a blessing. Penelope is ordering Indian food for dinner, so she’s happy.

    Went to Costco this morning. It was packed, they were supposedly limiting numbers, but it was really crowded. Limit of 3 items on meat, no beef at all. No limit on bacon, so we stocked up. Gotta have bacon. I really don’t understand the people who go there and just get one small item.

    I really love it when people stop in the busy entrance and switch their glasses. Stop, start digging in the purse, get glasses case, switch glasses, put glasses case away. It only takes 2 or 3 minutes…….

  51. Pepe, the numbers include off stage areas. We can technically allow 295. Anything over 150 is overwhelming. As long as limits are followed, we can meet the meat demand for a few hours.

  52. Reason 1001 why I am not a manager. Karen 1 wants to know why we are talking to each other. Karen 2 wants to know why all customers aren’t masked. FU Karen

  53. You should be a manager. Have Karen 1 set Karen 2 on fire, then can Karen 1.

  54. There are two dogs in this hilarious cooking video. What kind of dog is the smaller one with a great personality?

  55. sorry, here

  56. We had to go to Sam’s too, Oso. Not crowded, just a few masks. Penelope had to buy #1 grandson something whenever she goes somewhere. “This outfit is just too cute!!!!!”

    Just finished pulling a bunch of grapefruit off the tree in my mom’s yard. No fun at all. She can’t eat it anymore because it reacts with one of her medicines.

    Indian food was good. Spicier than usual.

  57. I remember how good grapefruit tasted the first time after I was off the digitalis. I should get some.

    Lauraw, I only saw one dog?

  58. heh, you suck at cooking.

    He didn’t put hot peppers in any of the hot chocolates. He sucks at hot chocolate.

  59. I had a half-gallon of milk about to go bad, so Mini-me went into a baking frenzy to use it up. Biscuits, cornbread, and Portuguese milk tarts. The tarts are really good.

  60. laura is seeing double, after a long week

  61. vmax, I have tons of hot peppers, so I haven’t grown any in a couple years. leon got some of my seeds, so maybe you’re thinking of him. I think he made some nuclear salsa from it.

  62. speaking of cooking videos, Jim Gaffigan: Let’s get cookin, burgers

  63. Ok, sorry, he has a lot of cooking vids and I linked the wrong one, but it doesn’t matter, it was the right dog. What kind of dog is that? I think I might love him.

  64. thanks Jay

  65. Thanks for the comments on the cruise question! I just hope that they aren’t going to end up doing what Great Britain is starting to do – quarantine in place for 14 days if you come over from another country.

    Kinda defeats the purpose of traveling for business or pleasure.

  66. Oh, and I am going home today! Should be in DFW by 9:30 a.m. CST.

  67. Drunks everywhere remembered Patrick.

  68. My best guess is some kind of terrier or terrier mix. He did look like a happy dog.

  69. – quarantine in place for 14 days if you come over from another country.
    Hell, Janet Mills wants that if you come in from another state!

  70. Happy Mother’s Day to all our Hostage and Lurker mothers!

  71. What kind of dog is that? I think I might love him.

    He has a Border Terrier face, and either a small Airedale or giant Fox Terrier body.

  72. Watching local news rebroadcasting their network’s “debunking” segment on Plandemic is amusing. They’ve lost all credibility

  73. eason 1001 why I am not a manager. Karen 1 wants to know why we are talking to each other. Karen 2 wants to know why all customers aren’t masked. FU Karen

    Some karen ahead of me in line at Aldi gave the cashier an earful about what they should be doing at the store.


  75. Happy Mom’s day erryone.

  76. Long but good, as his videos usually are. Jogger was out for a 20 mile run?? In cargo pants.

  77. I wouldn’t go for a 1 mile run in cargo shorts.

  78. 20 mile drive and 100 meter dash?

  79. I’d been wondering about what he was wearing- because it had LOOKED like cargo shorts and not really running shoes to me.

  80. Public masses resume May 23 in our IN parish. No obligation until August 15.

  81. Good video. I knew that story was bullshit but never had a chance to look into it.

    White guys will be acquitted.
    Beauty supply places will be looted.

    Trump is racist!

  82. The first thing you do before killing a random guy is call the cops. Makes perfect sense.

  83. Excellent video, a lot of information laid out in an organized fashion. I shared it with a few friends. It will replace concerns about the economy, Covid hysteria and Joe Biden’s failing mental health for a news cycle or two.

  84. Wait a minute … more stories will come out about Ahmed Arbery than about Tara Reade!

    Perfect cover for them

  85. Innocent black guy commits crime and attacks armed racist.

    I’ve seen this before.

  86. Joe might be a rapist, but he ain’t no racist.

    Biden 2020

  87. Stefan has edited the video, because he found that his mother lived closer to the event than thought. So, new video is here – leaving out that part:

  88. Huh. I watched the video and now it’s not available. Says its “been made private”. And the world is so fucked up that my first thought is to wonder if it’s being suppressed….

  89. He’s only raped white women.


  90. Glad I watched the video while I could, looks like Youtube already took it down.

  91. Ah, new link with the edited video?

  92. yep


  94. in a restaurant. eating at a table. inside.

  95. So what. I drove by a restaurant today. It was closed. But I went into a grocery store to buy toilet paper … it only took TWO stores before I found a place that allowed me to buy my allotted quantity (1).

  96. Ben started back at Fort Knox today. He was psyched because he got to drive a golf cart around. We drove by to leave his lunch in his car then got coffee at McD’s and drank it at the boat launch for Toddy Pond. On the way back we drove by Crosby’s and the place was packed. It’s a seasonal take out place and their outdoor seating was all closed. So people either eat in their cars or drive elsewhere to eat.

  97. There are certain conditions under which I favor vigilantism, but this Arbery case doesn’t rise to it. The whole confrontation, while legal, was dumb. Let’s agree to disagree. Maybe it wasn’t murder, but it also didn’t have to happen.

  98. in a restaurant. eating at a table. inside.

    I’m jealous. Papa Johns for us.

  99. Language warning

  100. Rocketboy grilled steaks, Mini-me made Pioneer Woman crash potatoes and salad, FDIL made Key lime pie, and everybody cleaned my cars. An excellent Mother’s Day.

  101. I agree with Laura. I thinking that shooting was a big ole pile of stupid by all involved. They could’ve easily kept the guy under surveillance until uniformed LE arrived.

    Although, (if the video has any veracity) it does appear that the victim here was a predator doing predatory things and this shooting benefits society by eliminating a shitbird.

    Saddest of all, the “activists” are going to seize on another ambiguous at best case and attempt to portray it as an example of our entire society being something that it is not.

    No Lebron, no one is hunting black people in the streets. Well, cept maybe other black people. Buts thanks for solidifying my opinion that you’re a fucking idiot.

    You think the two bubba’s would’ve responded differently if it was a white meth head? I doubt it.

  102. oh, I agree it didn’t have to happen. And there were more than a couple of bad decisions made that day. What I completely 100% reject is the black lives matter narrative they’re spinning.

    And TeeRoy is right. If this had been two brothers going after someone they believed caused trouble in their neighborhood, this wouldn’t be news.

  103. I went to Savannah this weekend. We stopped at a couple of gas stations/potty break places along the way.

    Everyone was so normal. Very few were wearing masks and very few g.a.f. about 6 feet distancing. I loved it. Kind of depressing coming home and neighbors are driving with masks on…dipshits.

    Roamy, I noticed a ton of downed trees along the road and within the median. Wow. Your storm a few weeks ago was horrible and was totally eclipsed by covid.

  104. Bonus Mother’s Day fun, I stepped onto our lanai and looked down and saw a beautiful blonde duck (I don’t remember seeing one before) with 5-6 chicks sleeping cuddled together about a foot away from her. Father appeared to be a brown duck about 10 yards away, relaxing in the sun.

  105. We ate in a Mexican restaurant here in Florida when we got home.

    So happy to be sort of, kind of “normal.”

  106. Oh and maybe Roamy can confirm, I saw a headline that said Georgia had the lowest new cases rate in the US. Or crap, was it death rate.

  107. Mask use is nearly 100% around here.

    I was in upstate NY last week, 3 hours away, and it was close to zero.

  108. Mask use here depends where you are. Many places it’s 90%+

  109. Interesting. Of course, it’s not scientific but are lefty areas more mask-wearing and less lefty areas less mask-wearing?

  110. Home again, home again, jiggety jig.

    Had “brunch” at Cracker Barrel – they had so many take-out orders coming out of the kitchen that it would have been faster to call in an order.

    Poor manager was at his wit’s end – they did a soft open on Friday, but he wasn’t prepared for how much traffic they were going to get on Sunday/Mother’s Day.

  111. I am absolutely at the point where I don’t give a shit about COVID with regard to my own health. And I abso-effing-lutely don’t care about someone else getting it. If you are immune-compromised stay home until they they eradicate it. (eye-role).

    That’s just for me. If others are worried they will die from it, I support your choice to stay home just don’t bitch about others being out and about.

  112. The left are the mask wearers. They’re the party of science.

    The nonconformists have become the conformists.

  113. To be fair, the lefty areas had the most covid.

  114. Scott has the best answer for Karens.

  115. 1089 deaths in the entire state of Texas. Around 39,000 COVID cases. Roughly 28,000,000 people.

  116. Navajo Nation and Illegals are least likely to wear masks. Supposedly, the most vulnerable. I could GAF. I don’t fucking care any more. I’m just in it for the yelling at POS MFers that are too Stoopid to GTFO of my face.

  117. Connecticut has had just under 3000 deaths, for 3.6 million people. Still way under the bullshit projection. And we don’t know how many of those are *really* due to C19, because reasons.

  118. 3000 deaths for 3.6 million sounds like a lot. Iowa, with 3.1 million, has 243 deaths

  119. I took the pups for a walk on the mesa this morning, the mesa is about 3 miles long by a mile wide. NREL has a solar array in the middle of the south side and there is a radio building and tower a mile away on the north side. Nothing else, no trees or other buildings, and at the time I could see 2 people other than me, maybe 1/4 mile away and several hundred yards apart, a jogger and a dog walker. The jogger had a bright pink mask on.

    It made me wonder what kind of crazy it takes to think you need a mask when sharing 3 square miles of empty space with 2 people and 4 dogs?

  120. Ground zero is 100 miles away.

    Daily commuters to NYC live in town.

  121. My mom is 90, so I will play along.

  122. I’m playing along too. My mom had dinner by herself today, but a 1 1/2 hour phone call.

  123. Older people… 90 is old…should at minimum consider their general health and decide if
    they should quarantine. I don’t think not visiting your Mom is “playing along.” It is most likely good common sense with any virus/flu.

    I do think about older people who are lonely and miserable and is it worth it? I don’t know. I side toward not letting them be lonely or alone for very long.

  124. I visited. We hugged.

  125. Just got back home from visiting my mom in Tucson. Good visit, she’s doing well *knocks wood*.

  126. Anita & I are ‘older’ (see “Hotspur”), so we’ve got limited summers left together. Are we willing to spend them locked in the fuckin’ house?

    Wallmart is open, but ‘mail-in voting is necessary because COVID!!!
    Why don’t we just fuckin’ vote at Wallmart, since it is safe from the virus?

    Inslee, Fat Ass Pritzker, and Bill fuckin’ Gates are talking about ‘When there’s a vaccine’. What, like the vaccine for MERS, SARS, EBOLA, the fucking flu?
    Yeah, get back to me when you have effective & safe vaccines for all the things…

    Fuck those people. Get busy living, or busy dieing, you choose. Choose wisely…


  128. >>Iowa, with 3.1 million, has 243 deaths

    Probably because your governor isn’t as big a liar as CT’s governor.

  129. *reads reads reads comments after watching Viva le Frie talk to an attorney who knows the ins/outs of how Flynn was screwed by very corrupt ‘law enforcement’…with the parting thought of, if this is what they’re doing to a guy like Flynn, just think what they are doing to regular people on a daily basis and getting away with it.*

    So depressing.

    And it doesn’t help that it’s f*cking cold here again and when I put on a pair of no-show anklets, I go from freezing to BLAST FURNACE. It’s freaking exhausting I want to punch a bish.

  130. Only mistake I see Flynn making was hiring Holder’s law firm. Wtf? Total conflict of interest and he had to know obama, and by extension that f*cker Holder, hated him. They bled him dry (I think the amount was over $3M) and sat on evidence..”Oh, it was a mistake on how we ran the search for documents.” WTF?

    Srsly makes me see red.

  131. Daniel enjoyed repairing phonographs.

  132. Chripy hit on a subject that I think about all the time.

    Think of all the time, events, celebrations, graduations, funerals, vacations that we have missed because the left has decided to push this scam hoping it will force mail-in voting so they can cheat.

    Politics is the fricken devil and the left has made the choice to go all-in with the devilry.

  133. I’m glad Scott saw his Mom. Whew.

  134. On Instagram, there are a few well known (but I wouldn’t call them celebrities) I follow who posted a picture of themselves with their Mom’s at a restaurant for Mother’s day. One particular person lives in Texas. Restaurants are open in Texas.

    Well, a couple of real Karens showed up in the comments and had to start in on how “she should know better” and “making this hell last longer for those of us staying home” etc…

    These couple of bitches showed up at various places in the comments. They couldn’t just leave their stupid opinion and go, they had to infiltrate the whole comment section and be assholes throughout.

    Karens are real and they need their bitchy attitudes shoved down their throats.

  135. Some people just can’t help themselves

  136. Jimbro, from what I’m reading masks have not been proven to be effective. What do you think? Drs wear them, sooooo

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