Hello, welcome to Waffle House, and Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today lives in Las Vegas, NV, born February 4th, 1990, she stands 5’2″, 39D-26-39 and 130 lbs.  Please don’t google her name at work, but may I present  Miss Summer Hart (AKA OUSweetHeart)!




  1. She’s an attractive woman, but bigger than my ’66 Buick.
    Thank yellow underwear pic is NSFW, btw.

    We were supposed to start getting the dirty side of the storm by 2030 hours last night. Almost 12 hours later and not a drop of rain yet…

  2. None of these pics are safe for work unless you work at a YOUR MOM video store.

  3. Cameltoe underwear FTW !!!

  4. Car in at the tough mudder.

    Pretty accurate actually.

    wakey wakey

  5. Daddy issues. Obviously.

  6. Stands gif is marriage material.

  7. Avenatti: When’s the last time you watched porn?

    Tucker: Actually, I’m into humiliation porn. That’s why I watch you on CNN.

    Tell me this is real. Please let it be real.

  8. It’s real and it’s spectacular!

    Bonus: some wit at FOX used the term “Creepy porn lawyer” for the identification scroll at the bottom of the screen.

  9. LOL. too funny.

  10. Today’s model has made me consider retiring from BBF. I’m struggling with the decision to continue or stop. Trying to find post worthy pics and video was a gut check. I need a break I think.

  11. BOOMER!


  12. Today’s model has made me consider retiring from BBF. I’m struggling with the decision to continue or stop. Trying to find post worthy pics and video was a gut check. I need a break I think.

    I absolutely get it. I’ve considered changing Monday posts over to pictures of and short essays about mushrooms.

    Big Bread Friday?

  13. Big Beer Friday, in honor of the Imperial Stout I will be attempting this weekend.

  14. Big building friday?

    Big Book friday?

    Big bitch friday (featuring women behaving horribly?)

  15. Big Brat Friday, so we can have two sausage fests per week.

  16. Big bitch friday (featuring women behaving horribly?)

    This has the potential to turn into rank misogyny. I approve.

  17. Mmm, Big Brat Friday. With it’s friend Sous Vide Saturday!

  18. Big bitch friday (featuring women behaving horribly?)

    This has the potential to turn into rank misogyny. I approve.

    It could turn ugly, but it could also be women going above and beyond. Candice Owens, for example.

  19. Or – this could be fun – it could be ANYTHING but it has to be Big B____ Friday.

    Just has to start with a “B”.

  20. Family Friendly Friday more likely.

  21. I like the Big B* Friday idea. Just has to stay funny or inspiring.

  22. I think she comes pretty close to the Platonic Ideal of BBF models.

    Nice job, Pupster!

  23. Just not Booty. That’d be the same problem.

  24. I like the random “B” subjects idea. And we can take turns and nobody has to be afraid about that.

  25. If I had a decent signal for my phone, I’d post a pic I took yesterday and make it Tree Frog Friday.

  26. I second Lauraw Johnson’s suggestion.

  27. Fine, USB cable it is.

  28. Actually since I’ve seen the little fella on consecutive Thursdays, I’m about ready to call him “Thursday Frog”. (Yes, I’m assuming, fuck off Jamie.)

  29. Since he’s here, it’s probably Pepe, and therefore racist.

  30. Those giant hideous African bullfrogs are surprisingly good fathers. One of them stays behind to watch over the whole tribe’s tadpoles when the rest are moving on from an area that’s drying out, and it’s specifically a father frog that does it.

  31. Of course he also eats one or two from time to time, but hey, a fella gets hungry digging canals and guarding the kids.

  32. The perils of r-selection, Cavil.

  33. Still better fathers than many humans these days…

  34. Statistically, a “bad” father who stays in the home but isn’t very involved in his children’s lives is better than anything short of child abuse or molestation in terms of future criminal behavior for the children as adults. Dad just being there is that important.

  35. So I had a brief episode at work where two of my coworkers were telling me that we need carbs to survive. I’m not as thin as I used to be but these two…um. Both big fatasses. They need to take a look at themselves before arguing dietary science with me. Or anybody.

    “Glucose is brain food!” OK. Your brains are getting so big they’re spilling over as a muffin top.

  36. This hurricane is failing to deliver the death and destruction that the media and politicians so overhyped. What do they move on to next?

  37. Hehe, Nice work, Tucker Carlson crew!

  38. Just read a Boston Herald story about Moochelle booking TD Garden (where the Bruins and Celtics play) for her book tour. JTFC … the whole Garden? I’m sure if ticket sales suck she’ll recruit a few rappers to get asses in the seats.

  39. McCain is gonna get rained on.

    His visitation is still going on, right?

  40. Since we’ve lived in southern canada, every year we have a few toads in the back yard that scramble out of the way when you walk around. This year they are as thick as thieves, last night walking The Wonder Dog there were 10-15 in a small bare patch, in the same area that previous years might have been 1 or 2. I guess it’s a banner year for amphibians. Or a plague. Whatever.

  41. Glucose is brain food, but too much of it is bad.

  42. EM JAY you need to pull the trigger on the MJr poat or I will direct a hurricane in your general direction.

  43. another SFJ (sweet fucking joob)!!!!!! by the friday crew Pup!

  44. Eh, I’m not done yet.

  45. I ate 270g of carbs yesterday. Still same weight/down a little. They’re going to up my food/carbs next week.

    This is becoming a full time job.

    Speaking of muffins, they’ve got these awesome muffin things at my gym, loads of carbs, some protein, little fat. I’ve become addicted to them.

  46. I told them your brain can run on the glucose provided by gluconeogenesis in the liver, and ketone bodies.

  47. I’m not eating for performance.

  48. I only have to eat 160 g of carbs today. Low day. I sorta love low day – my fats go up.

    After my half marathon next month, then I go to ‘fat loss” whatever that is. I’m interpreting it to mean that I’ll be totally loving and used to all the carbs, and then they’re going to take them away so I’ll be sorta miserable.

    I dunno – I may like it. I still have to work to get all the carbs in. But then I resort to under eating – which is why I’ve always carried extra weight, bla bla bla according to them. It’s easy for me to under eat on many days.

    So far, it jives.

  49. “Glucose is brain food!”

    True but…

    I told them your brain can run on the glucose provided by gluconeogenesis in the liver, and ketone bodies.

    Absolute fact. If it weren’t true, we’d never have survived winters nor famines.

  50. I just decided. I’m fasting today.

  51. LOL Tucker had a good time with that Avenatti front hole.

  52. “His visitation is still going on, right?”

    i heard he is still dead, so probably.

  53. I’m not eating for performance.

    I don’t know that this method works for everyone who works out either but it’s hard to separate out compliance. One friend does it and she 1) looks awesome and 2) is kicking ass. Another isn’t losing the weight she wants, but IS kicking ass PR-wise. She hates cardio, aside from HIIT stuff. I told her if she added in some sort of longer endurance, she’d lose weight. Crossfit alone isn’t enough. If she wants to look like crossfit athletes, she needs to work out like one. I told her to hit the rower for 45 min three times a week in addition.

  54. a lawyer
    chasing fame and fortune
    with a prostitute as his prop –

    what’s not to admire

  55. Tucker kills me when he says something dumb but funny, then waits a few seconds, then laughs his ass off.

    I’ve never seen that creepy porn lawyer before. He’s a black hole of dumb. No intelligence escapes the event horizon of his front hole.

  56. Carin, pipe down. Grown ups are talking.

  57. I’m planning a long fast after next Wednesday. 4-5 days.

  58. You too, Leon.

  59. Hopefully I’ll remember I’m fasting when I thoughtlessly open the fridge today before work.

  60. Not a joke.

    In order to get on the main road after leaving the only decent restaurant in my former shithole town, you need to pull a u turn in a stip club parking lot.

    Right before I moved, the sign said that Stormy Daniels was performing there.

    I thought it was a joke of some sort. Turns out it wasn’t.

    Shithole town is a real, honest to god, shithole. It’s depressing beyond belief.

    I thought she’d be getting something from her 15 mins of fame, but apparently the creepy porn lawyer is more of a creepy pimp. I think the first advice I’d expect from a lawyer is STOP STRIPPING.

  61. Carin, pipe down. Grown ups are talking.


    /eats carbs
    /fast while sleeping.

  62. Stripping pays better than piping down, MJ.

  63. Hopefully I’ll remember I’m fasting when I thoughtlessly open the fridge today before work.

    Put a magnet near the handle with a scolding matron on it.

  64. Stripping pays better than piping down, MJ.

    As opposed to downing the pipe, which I’ve heard can be quite lucrative and career-advancing.

  65. Crap, I’m not ready for deer season. Again!

  66. Okay, I’m not late, Oct 1.

    Better get the salt block out and move those broken pear tree branches to a more attractive location.

  67. Big Butt Friday is intriguing to me but I see how that could get out of hand quickly.
    I wouldn’t be opposed to Big Bass Friday, actually.

    BTW – how the hell do you post a pic without going through tinypic? I’ve always been jealous of y’all doing that!

  68. I hotlink or put it in the media folder for the site.

  69. If I knew what hotlink meant, I’d have been doing that since 2009.

  70. Don’t look at me. I just cut and paste the url direct to the pic and it shows up. Easier than the fancy crap I used to try that had less than optimal results before.

  71. That’s hotlinking, Cavil. It’s risky because the other site could theoretically change it to anything.

  72. Baby update scheduled for tomorrow at 8am.

  73. I know you had some trouble starting a wordpress account Chi Chi, but if you can get that done you get free storage of media, and when you upload files to your library it creates a link to the file, then you can use tinyurl or to create a shortened url that will paste without embedding.

  74. YAAAY!

    *calls that guy in accounting and cancels the hurricane to Atlanta flyover*

  75. MJ, did you move again?

  76. Yes. I now live in Atlanta.

  77. It’s an addiction

  78. He migrates.

  79. Yah, he’s our own personal migrant worker. Georgia, eh.

    How much do you get paid to pick a bucket of peaches, MJ?

  80. I’m not moving again in 3-5 years. But I really love it here.

  81. Just make sure you move a LOT during Little Mj’s high school years. Kids love that.

  82. It’s around $1 a peach depending on the size.

    I plan on moving south to pick cigarettes later this fall but will stay in Atlanta.

  83. good fishing in north georgia

  84. It would be neat to live somewhere warm enough to grow my own tobacco. I could probably do it here with a greenhouse, but that seems wasteful.

  85. I recommend moving during grade 4, 7 and 10. You know, for optimal effect.

  86. Connecticut is an important tobacco-growing region.

    *hump swells with pride*

  87. Lots of old tobacco drying barns in the central valley still in use. Scott used to work in one of the old Hartford warehouses that had elevators and large ‘toasting’ cabinets for tobacco. The whole place still smelled wonderful even though they had stopped using it for that many years prior.

  88. Leon, it’s not wasteful. How can you be a proper farmer without a corncob pipe full of tobacco?

  89. How was the Indiana corn crop this year, MJ? Were you just picking, or were you shucking too? I bet that does a number on your hands. Are you teaching MJr how to pee in the fields without being seen?

  90. Or a hobbit, for that matter.

  91. Huh, I’d never have thought it would grow that far north, Laura. No one grows it here at all. Anyone who did likely switched to marijuana already.

  92. This place reeks of fail.

  93. Fortunately the frog was hotlinked from my own WP storage, so little risk on that one.

  94. “Glucose is brain food!” OK. Your brains are getting so big they’re spilling over as a muffin top.


    Lol’d in my bra!

  95. Yes I love how fatasses are dietary experts.

  96. I had a lot fat people tell me I was eating wrong when I had abs.

    I eventually just started laughing right at them.

  97. Remember when they were going to have a hurricane and everyone was going to die?

    Fun times.

  98. This place reeks of fail.


    How is this news?

  99. One guy on Twitter mentioned something about how the media plays up the risk for ratings and he got ripped by people saying, “how dare you suggest people not leave!!”

  100. How is this news?

    I’m just shocked that he can smell it over his own failfunk.

  101. I don’t know if it’s any different from the tobacco grown for cigarettes, Leon. The stuff around here is the “Connecticut shade-grown” wrapper leaf for cigars.

  102. I’ve been putting off some certification testing for systems I use at werk for a while as I’ve been busy with projects. I finally had to reserve the time on my calendar, and today I banged them both out before lunch. Both were classroom training with difficult written exams originally, but they offered refresher re-cert training online which is the option I chose and it was super easy. I’ve cleaned my desk, went out for lunch and got a car wash. I’m out of things to do.

    I am considering going home to sit on my deck and watch the toads cavort.

    My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.

  103. i hopped over to the Cavorting Toads hoedown in ’98

  104. the pad was jumpin’

  105. For years my exposure to CT was driving through it on I-95. After taking a couple of trips through the more rural parts I was pleasantly surprised. Saw a few of those tobacco barns lauraw is talking about. A Connecticut wrapper makes for a smooth, generally mellow cigar.

  106. Damn toad killed it dead.

  107. Shouldn’t have licked it.

  108. Anyone watching Mayans MC on FX?

  109. The JCS has laid out a plan to create a Space Force by 2020. I really want to eventually see squadrons of Delta Clippers and VentureStars flying out every day.


  111. It’s all fake. All of it.

  112. It’s real to me!

  113. Gif Dump.

  114. Gringo Breakfast at Taco Cabana is now “Classico”. Dan is making gringo chili for Frito pie. Smells yummy.

  115. Yeah. Weird.

  116. We were just at the store and didn’t buy sour cream for frito pie. To be fair, we were planning on sour cream for Tater Tot casserole for Sunday NFL.

  117. I had BBQ for dinner, but frito pie sounds good, too.


  119. Frito pie was yummy. Tater tot casserole for Sunday is getting sour cream. With chives

  120. I made clam chowder for the carb eaters and a lazy frittata for me.

  121. Chowdah.

  122. What’s the deal with the NM Observatory and the black helicopters? That’s a weird ass story so far. Maybe some ELINT shit going wrong?

  123. Don’t know, TTroy. I asked one of our solar scientists by email but didn’t get a response. Not a lot of people at work today, though.

  124. I scoped out a chunk of land that I should be able to treasure hunt this weekend. It’s in the really historic part of town, like George Washington slept here historic.

    If nobody sees me it will be perfectly legal.

  125. This town was founded in the 1600’s.

  126. 400 years of pull tabs.

  127. “If nobody sees me it will be perfectly legal.”


  128. “400 years of pull tabs.”

    on sites like that you have to dig it all in order to find the stuff being masked by the new junk.

  129. On the observatory, someone speculated about a problem with the mercury bearing for the telescope pivot. Gallons of mercury.

    Oh and:

  130. Still haven’t found the guy who went missing Wednesday afternoon. They had 3 search and rescue groups, a helicopter with infrared scanner, and 2 separate groups of dogs. Not looking good for the guy.

  131. Yeah, sorry, it’s a recovery operation by now.

  132. Ugh, that’s awful.

  133. Besides throwing my phone in a raging hot dumpster fire how do I get rid of Muslim holidays on my iPhone calendar?

  134. mare-zee-dotes – call tech support:

  135. Sorry to hear that Pepe:(

  136. Yeah. Weird, Part II.

  137. Pepe mentioned initially that he had some health problems. He might have gone missing deliberately which explains the difficulty in finding him. File under: Baseless speculation from some guy on the internet hundreds of miles away.

  138. Dammit Erica! Reply, please!


    Dimly, Edgar remembered pooping.

    double-derp for lateness

  139. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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