Flipping Floppy Frisbees For Fur-Bearing Friends

Oops, misjudged that one


Come for the overpriced beer, stay for the dogs


If Jay was reincarnated as a dog


Sup bitchez?


Can’t you take a hint?


Why yes, I think about flying often


Thursday’s post brought to you by custom disc golf frisbees




  1. Cat woke me up this morning with a hairball hacking sound. Trying to go back to sleep….

  2. wakey wakey.

    Many of these gifs made me giggle like a little girl.

    I heart dogs

    (mine don’t chase things – oschi WILL, but it’s not a big thing for her)

  3. I bet they’ll chase hamburgers.

  4. But they wont bring them back.

  5. They probably would chase those. i could try to see how fast I could get Moose to go …

  6. If Jay was reincarnated as a dog

  7. Elliot will chase things, he’s just so uncoordinated that he can’t catch anything. Even food. It hits his face, and drops to the floor.

  8. We tried to get Star to fetch anything (ball, frisbee, stick) to no avail. Now anytime she barks at Rowan over some canine quarrel Paula reminds her she’d be a solo dog if she had only played fetch. Rowan fetches frisbees, tennis balls and sticks. He’s a big baby about going near the water so we can’t do the old ball off the dock trick.

  9. They both chase the hose like idiots, biting at the water like rabid animals. Then after being exhausted and laying down for 15-20 minutes they have to pee like a racehorse

  10. What does a liberal do when his ship is sinking?

    Drills another hole to let the water out.

  11. Why do liberal navy ships have portholes in the bottom?

    To see the rest of the liberal navy.

  12. Want to buy a liberal rifle?

    Never fired, only dropped once.

  13. MMine do that with the hose too. They love it. They are insane.

  14. My daughters dog does tennis balls. He could probably beat Serena.


  16. Just ordered a three pack of floppy frisbees for The Wonder Dog, she tears them up on the return trips by shaking them vigorously side to side to make sure they are dead.


  17. Heh, there’s a big argument on 9/11 conspiracy theories on a group in Facebook. It’s hilarious. Bunch of conservatives watch way too much MSDNC.

  18. You mom prefers rigid ones.

  19. playing fetch with a bulldog:

  20. bulldogs are not the most motivated dogs.
    sometimes they’ll waddle over to something you throw and slobber on it.
    they will fetch a hamburger as scott suggests – they bring it back as a turd tho

  21. Floyd’s Balls

  22. *sigh*

    Cow orker is cute, geeky, and lifts weights regularly. She wants a house with a basement so she can put in a squat rack. Too bad she’s married. To a “writer” (read househusband).

  23. Do you know of Post Malone?

  24. East Coasters, be careful!

  25. Comfort Inn is now pet friendly!

  26. Did y’all hear about the Golden Retriever that got his entire left side cut off?

    He’s all right now.

  27. https://is.gd/KNbhMN

  28. whoops, sorry, didn’t know it would embed. I fix…

  29. Seems to be karaoke day at the mothership today.

  30. Multiple GIF’s fuck up my machines. Its either my old ass machine(s) (including my brand new shitty tab) or my connection or whatever…..

  31. Love the cattle dog gifs! Sometimes I miss having one. But then I remember, give myself a little shake, and treasure my time not spent doing doggy care things.

  32. /lays on Moose
    /whispers in his ear “I don’t mind doing doggy care things but could you please at least shit in the woods?”

  33. It was our time to get a dog when we got Star. The boys were a little bit older and able to help out with their care. Not that they do without some prompting but they’re good sports about it for the most part. They had been begging for one for years. We got Star through the ACD rescue, she’s a southern belle living in Maine. Rowan is Maine born and bred and he is just the apple of Paula’s eye.

  34. Yeah, I get it. But after almost 20 years of continuous dog ownership, and the associated heartbreaks (three of them :( ), it’s time for a good long break. Plus, the money.

    Maybe someday, when puppylove gets the better of me again. We’ll see.

  35. She had no idea what a cattle dog was before I pushed for one. I’m a big fan of herding dogs and have had border collies, an ACD and an Australian Shepherd in the past. They’re definitely critters that need activity to be happy and forestall domestic destruction. Not the most obedient dogs out there…

  36. I want a dog, but time, money, and living space conspire against me. One day…

  37. My ex took all 4 dogs when we got divorced. I offered to take any number of them from 1 to 4 but apparently she wanted them all. I was just happy to see her finally go so I didn’t fight that battle. As a result I didn’t experience the loss of them by natural causes so that insulated me a bit. Still remember the awful feeling of putting our childhood dog down at 17 years when she had renal failure. My mom kept her going with Lasix and prednisone for a year and called me to come home from med school to make that last trip to the Vet.

  38. I’ve continuously had my own dog since I was 20 or so (first one when I was in college). So, 30 years of constant dog ownership. Before that, we always had a family dog. It helps that it’s “easy” for us (someone is always home, we have lots of land, etc).

  39. No more indoor pets.


  41. The MSM wants a Hurricane Katrina,

    They’ll settle for Hurricane Maria

  42. No more indoor petscats.

  43. For Laura (and probably Leon).

  44. Free Bud Light!

  45. I haven’t had a pet in a very long time, including gerbils (family bred them for a time back in the ’70s). I’m long out of practice looking after animals, though I admit, if I thought I could afford it and my situation was more stable I’d probably get a critter of some sort. Prolly a cat since I’d be off to work a good bit of the day, or two of something likely for that reason.

  46. Fish. I had fish for a while. Too much trouble, won’t do again.

    Angelfish are beautiful, though.

  47. For Laura (and probably Leon).


  48. If I watched that in reverse I’d need a cigarette.

  49. Apparently these dressing videos are a genre on Youtube.

  50. I get to watch a nurse dress for work several times a week. Things are a bit different nowadays.

  51. this is like xbrad hanging around outside Cyn’s window, isn’t it?


  53. BREAKING NEWS: Feinstein uncovers something Kavanaugh did in high school, protects anonymous source, reports to FBI

    They are getting their investigation! All hail Diane Feinstein!

  54. Ryan Saavedra
    ‏Verified account @RealSaavedra

    NYT reports Feinstein’s letter on Kavanaugh is about possible sexual misconduct between Judge Kavanaugh and a woman when they were both in high school.

    Kavanaugh went to Georgetown Preparatory for high school, an all-boys school.

  55. Lee Doren
    ‏ @LDoren
    2h2 hours ago

    Maybe Brett Kavanaugh drank 6 drinks, drove drunk, crashed his car, almost killed someone, tried to flee the scene of an accident, and his Daddy the judge made sure he didn’t serve time.

    Oh, sorry. That was Beto O’Rourke.

  56. The general theory seems to be that they’re going to accuse him of a Mann act violation.

  57. For a month. Just for mentioning Alex Jones. That and he was organizing a march on D.C. in October.


    When my sister showed up at the funeral home, she brought up her fear of this next election. Mostly to do with how long time county prosecuting atty – a democrat – lost to a racist activist who has never tried a case, in the primary. It’s done and over since there is no GOP running for the spot. Crime is already up in the county. Naturally turned into talking politics. And how media censorship in full swing to manipulate those elections.
    So when I came across that story ^^ on the infowars site, I tried emailing it to her. Charter would not let it go through. Said it was spam and blocked it. I was able to send it via the above link.
    ‘They’ really really are doing their damnedest to disappear Alex Jones….and are in hyperdrive to do the same to any opponent. F*cking commies.

  58. David Burge
    ‏ @iowahawkblog

    David Burge Retweeted San Francisco Chronicle

    let me guess, it happened at the big Enchantment Under the Sea dance

  59. “Feinstein uncovers…”, probably from the same anonymous source resisting in the White House.

  60. David Burge
    ‏ @iowahawkblog
    10m10 minutes ago

    FBI investigators currently searching for an ’82 DeLorean and some plutonium #1point21Gigawatts

  61. What is so aggravating about stuff like this….is that the republicans have their heads up their asses instead of beating the drum like the demorats would if a GOP senator’s driver was a Chinese spy.


    “The General Services Administration (GSA) in Puerto Rico took possession of the supplies in April and began distributing the water in May, Bahamonde said. Documents show about 20,000 pallets of water were handed over to the GSA. The agency stopped distributing the water after two complaints from municipalities about its unusual taste and smell.”

  63. Well, that story says that FEMA moved the water, because it was paying $300 k a day to store it. There is SO much BS on this.

  64. Why am I not surprised? They would stop delivering water because of smell.

    They will do ANYTHING to blame this on the US Govt, especially Trump.

  65. I can believe $300k a day to store. They probably were given permission to sign contracts without going through the normal bidding process, and expected to only hold onto the water a few weeks at most before it was distributed out.

    The fundamental problem is that FEMA can only do its job if you have local governments that are competent. If they are incompetent, corrupt, or simply not there, you start to run into problems.

  66. New revenue stream for wiser at the record store: Carrot Clarinet

  67. I’m at a music store right now with Ben for his guitar lesson. No carrot clarinet seen. It’s got great potential!

  68. https://is.gd/2wckC4

  69. New Mosquito Magnet is here!

  70. I was going to have the old one fixed, but I changed my mind after checking out the new one. They made some major improvements,

  71. How do they keep saying it’s 50/50 that the GOP loses the house? With this economy?

    Then again, I didn’t see Romney losing either.

  72. They made some major improvements,

    Laser turret?

  73. Now with sultry female mosquito pheromones

  74. I’ve got 3 days of no Mom here next week, my parents are going to watch Possum during the day and my dad watches more MSNBC than a healthy human should (aka any).

    Please keep us in your prayers.

  75. Leon, use the parental controls to block the channel.

  76. For Carin. Trying to remember if Leon has chickens again.


  77. Homo Alone – story of xBrad.

  78. Love the chicken shaming.

  79. NYT reports Feinstein’s letter on Kavanaugh is about possible sexual misconduct between Judge Kavanaugh and a woman when they were both in high school.

    Bahaaa haaa haaa –

    They seriously want to start that?

  80. Diane Feinstein exposed her ankles when she was high school.

  81. The whoore.

  82. They’ve never named a hurricane after me. Fuckers.

  83. She’s going over to their house, Roamy, I just worry that she’ll hear and absorb the lies on a subconscious level.

  84. *Possum comes home with her nose pierced, her hair dyed half-pink, half-neon green, and a sleeve of tattoos on her arm*

    “Daddy, daddy, I learned to fight the patriarchy!”

  85. They’ve never named a hurricane after me. Fuckers.

    They’ve never had a hurricane that small, with a hole that big, which left enough women unfulfilled.

  86. I tried watching CNN tonight.

    Holy crap.

    It’s way worse than I thought.

  87. Car in at the tough mudder.


  88. Scott, I have relatives who watch that shit and believe every word. I asked one, “What color is the sky in your world?”

  89. The Sex and the City lesbian lost the primary. I bet it was that nasty bagel that turned the tide.

  90. Penelope is stressed out. Her friend ‘s husband went out for his daily walk at 1:00 yesterday and hasn’t been seen since. They live out in the boondocks. He’s 77, and has some health issues. Lots of volunteers out there today, even had a helicopter for a while.

  91. This is kinda weird.
    The truth is out there.
    Oso, this is your neck of the woods.


  92. ChrisP, that is weird. Gonna ask around tomorrow.

  93. Avenatti: When’s the last time you watched porn?

    Tucker: Actually, I’m into humiliation porn. That’s why I watch you on CNN.


  94. That NM observatory story is weird. I read a linked story on Drudge and thought, hmm, I’ll need to see where this goes. Then I loaded several 30 round magazines.

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