BBF-Semi Finals IV Pup Picks

Hello, and Welcome to Big Boob Friday- Semi-Finals, Pupster Picks Edition.  These ladies didn’t get the most comments or upvotes, but made impactful first time appearances and have big boobs.  Please vote for your favorite at the end of the thread.


#1 Vicki Li

Your model for today was born in China 0n July 31st, 1993,  currently living in Houston, TX.  She is active online, but only hands out mini snickers at Halloween.  She stands 5’3″, measures 32DDD-26-24, and 105lbs.  Please stop gawking and welcome, Miss Vicki Li aka Vickibaybeee!

Vicki Li

Vicki Li


#2 Audray de Macedo

Your model for today is a 20 year old French woman, model and law student. Please stop cross-fitting and welcome, Miss Audray de Macedo!

Audrey de Macedo


#3 Anastasiya Kvitko

Your subject for today was born in Kaliningrad, Russia on August 3rd, 1995.  She measures 5’9″, 37E-25-41(!).  Please stop oppressing short legged doggies and welcome, Miss Anastasiya Kvitko!

Anastasiya Kvitko

Anastasiya Kvitko


#4 Alex Hanson

Your model for today was born October 24th, 1993 in Stillwater, Minnesota, Canada.  She measures 5’9″, 35-24-35.  Please stop lamenting long enough to welcome, Miss Alex Hanson!

Alex Hanson

Alex Hanson


*the Poles are Closed and Possibly Invaded by Russia*  Final Results:





  1. Ana Kitko FTW !!!!

    Love the lordosis and the pokies

  2. Busy day

    workie workie

  3. Vicki for me.


  4. The term lordosis refers to the normal inward lordotic curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the human spine.[1] The normal outward (convex) curvature in the thoracic and sacral regions is termed kyphosis or kyphotic. The term comes from the Greek lordōsis, from lordos “bent backward”[2]

    Lordosis in the human spine makes it easier for humans to bring the bulk of their mass over the pelvis. This allows for a much more efficient walking gait than that of other primates, whose inflexible spines cause them to resort to an inefficient forward leaning “bent-knee, bent-waist” gait. As such, lordosis in the human spine is considered one of the primary physiological adaptations of the human skeleton that allows for human gait to be as energetically efficient as it is.[3]

    Lordie lordie dat lordosis.

  5. I know I’ll prolly be accused of kissing Pupster’s ballsack, but I find the Minnesotan to be quite fetching. I’m a sucker for a pretty face irregardless of the curvature of her spine.

  6. I voted for Alex because she was so cute. I was torn though, because she’s not old school BBF, fat boobed, gross and ESL.

  7. wakey wakey


    I have noticed this, and I don’t want my little girl growing up not seeing boys and men as heroes or capable. Boys cartoons are nothing but toy commercials and have been since I was a kid, though the Hasbro ones either had a moral lesson or a survival tip at the end. Yes, He-Man taught me good morals, and GI Joe taught me how to tread water and handle a nosebleed.

    Maybe I can re-read The Three Investigators with her.

  9. Heh, been getting calls from “my landlord”. I own this house. Turns out this guy is in area code 516, not 515. 516 is on Long Island, not central Iowa.

    Guess I’m not getting a new oven today, after all.

  10. We got an unsolicited call on my wife’s cell from a realtor asking if we’d want to sell our house.

    She didn’t think quickly enough to say that it’s on the market if the price is right. Tsk. For the right number of $$, you can have the place and everything in it that I can’t fit in both vehicles. Tomorrow.

  11. leon is gunning for VP of Sales

  12. Audray has a certain special je ne sais quoi

  13. How did your resolutions go?

  14. My company has ~12 employees. We don’t have fancy titles other than the founder, who we mostly call ‘El Jefe’.

  15. I got a call from one of Tushar’s countrymen the other day who identified himself as Jason from Des Moines. He told me I needed to turn off my computer right now and then turn it on and go to a certain site for which he gave me the URL.

    I asked him if he was referring to my home computer or my work computer. He said, my home computer. So I had to inform him that I was at work at the moment and my home computer was 70 miles away. I might have thrown in a dozen or so incredulous, “you’ve got to be shitting me”s and a six pack of “are you just fuckin’ with me or is this for real”s during the course of this conversation.

    He finally told me to stick whatever computer was nearby up my ass and hung up. I was proud of him.

  16. Zelda’s “appointment” is at 2:30. Crying all night, screaming all morning and can’t use her back legs anymore.

    Plus, our the furnace guy was just here, and it’s dead (Jim).

    But my life is wonderful and everything is awesome.

  17. I just gave her about every pain pill I could and a few aspirin, since at this point is doesn’t matter.

    She’s still screaming.

  18. Car in, it sounds like the most humane thing to do in this case is what you really, really dread having to do to a pet. I’m no vet but I do stay in a Holiday Inn Express from time to time.

  19. Somebody hacked the cloud and found a picture of me at a New Year’s Eve party back in about ’06 or so and posted at teh HQ. I’m damned glad not to be that heavy these days.

  20. 16F when I walked out the door this morning. You yanks can have your weather back anytime now.

  21. positive temperature numbers? LUXURY!

  22. >>I got a call from one of Tushar’s countrymen the other day

    Those damn dot injuns are trying to out compete the Nigerians on internet hucksterism

  23. 16F!? Luxurious warmth! It was 7 here.

    Carin, I’m very sorry. I just went through this and nothing makes it easy. You may be able to find a farm vet that will make a housecall, at least, so you don’t have to get her in the car. Frozen soil will make the rest very hard, though. I’m headed out to get Max’s ashes later today.

  24. The South Be Like…

  25. The Metallica video on the sidebar at Ace’s is a fucking crime. And I’m laughing my ass off.

  26. Jay, pretty much. **too lazy to find “Milk and bread! Gotta get milk and bread! Milk and breaaaaaaaddddd!!!” video**

    I’m embarrassed that both work and school are closed today in anticipation of snow. No flakes yet.

  27. The guitar solo…oh my God.

  28. Sorry, Carin.

  29. Poor Zelda. Can they shoot a steroid right into the affected area?

  30. Oh Carin, I am so sorry to hear about the puppy (furnace too). If there is anything I can do to help or just confirm what you are hearing, please let me know. I can give my email or phone #. That just sucks.

  31. Is Oso ok? Did she have to kill Dan for food to survive?

  32. Carin, my condolences about Zelda.

  33. Carin, ((((hugs))))). I’m so sorry about Zelda. What hell.

  34. Crying headache.


  35. They gave her a sedative to calm her. DIdn’t work/ touch the pain. That’s how horrible it was.

  36. Carin, (((HUGS))). So sorry.

  37. She wasn’t even one of my more favorite pets, and it was still horrible. She was a sweet girl who loved her family. Didn’t like visitors so much.

    God my head hurts. she was just in so much pain. Poor girl :(

  38. Most likely it was disc damage.

  39. Her nickname was “baby”. Just saying.

  40. Sorry, Carin.

  41. God, so sorry, Carin.

  42. Hannah went with me, but couldn’t stay when they actually did it. Her eyes were red from crying on the way there. She drove me home.

  43. Now is the time when I listen to Tool really loudly.

  44. Poor Zelda, so sorry. At least Moose will give you someone to hug.

  45. Today in history, someone my dad knew:

  46. Inspiring story, Jay. Where did your dad know him from?

  47. Flew in Vietnam with him.

  48. Kelly, the man mentioned in the story (Major Kelly) was the inspiration for Dustoff. He was killed with my dad as the copilot.

  49. So sorry, Carin.

  50. Sorry to hear, Carin.

  51. Sorry to hear that, Carin. Our lab took some medicine and the vet told us it might make her “a little whiny” overnight. It was horrible listening to her cry all night, but fortunately by morning it was over. Can’t imagine going through what you’ve been through.

  52. Damn, Jay!! Your dad survived an ordeal that killed the legend? I’d love to hear the story, but my experience is that those fellows don’t care to relive that time by talking about it.

  53. yea, I’m very tired in addition to being sad.

  54. Dad never said much, other than he was on the bottom side of the helicopter, and had to push him out through the door. He also thought he was hit, since there was blood on his visor. Shot him through the seat, flipped the Huey on it’s side in a rice paddy.

  55. Kvitko or Hanson, Kvitko or Hanson.
    Decisions, decisions…

    Kvitko had the yugest T&A, but Hanson looks prettier.

    I’m going with Hanson.

  56. Oh, Car in, I just saw about Zelda. I am so sorry to hear that.

    That’s one of the toughest things a pet owner ever does. You have my deepest sympathies.


  58. Jesus, Jay, that’s a helluva thing your dad did.

  59. lol Good one, Laura.

  60. Obama dropped 26,171 bombs last year. Just think how many it would have been if he hadn’t gotten that Nobel Peace Prize.

  61. I made the American girl great again.

  62. LOL Jonathan Karl makes Josh Earnest look like the utter toolbox that he is.

  63. The continuing decline of Britain

  64. Alex has a bot of a CZJ thing going on….

    Got my vote

  65. There is this mysterious building on campus that a client of mine wants to buy.

    He wants to start an on campus ministry and use it for the church. It belongs to Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, the first fraternity on Michigan’s campus, which they’ve used since 1878 for their charge meetings.

    I really began to wonder why they would be selling such an important meeting house. So I was in the building today, and noticed all of these photos of prominent people among whom are Gerald Ford, George H. W. and George W. Bush, Dan Quayle, etc. Turns out they were all members. Gerald Ford actually was in this charge.

    Anyway, then I got to thinking, and said to my client, “Well, no wonder they’re selling it. There probably aren’t enough campus republicans to make it worth keeping.”

    We lol’d.

  66. For leon and his “departed friend”

  67. Hmm, shooting in Ft. Lauderdale airport.

    Damn Amish.

  68. I only kill the ones that eat my barn cat’s food. Stay out of the barn and we’re copacetic.

  69. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 6, 2017 2:06 pm
    Hmm, shooting in Ft. Lauderdale airport.
    Damn Amish.

    Lutheran Liberation League.

  70. We need stricter gun control. How much longer are we going to let this go on?

  71. Eh, it was some kind of heretic, of that I’m sure.

    Unless there’s an IRA resurgence, in which case the first bullet excommunicated the attacker anyhow.

  72. So sorry to hear about Zelda, Car in. It’s a small solace, but she’s not in pain anymore. {{{hugs}}}

  73. Very sorry about Zelda, Car In.

  74. Oh, and the great blizzard of ’17 has begun in North Texas – don’t know if we will make it…..

  75. The shooting suspect had a military ID, with the name Esteban Santiago on it, Sen. Ben Nelson told ABC News. It’s unknown if the ID is legitimate.

    Taken from Vox, so…

  76. Of course, news is preempting Rush, so I’m gonna miss Steyn interviewing Nick Searcy at the top of the hour.

  77. Shep is priceless (again) in his coverage. Coaching everyone to CALM DOWN!

  78. Original shooter in custody, still an active shooter out there. Hmmm….

  79. This video is fun to watch. Not just for the way Biden handled it but how Paul Ryan laughed.

  80. When I see Paul Ryan’s exaggerated laughter at that moment, I am reminded of the bizarre VP ‘debate’ performance in which Crazy Uncle Joe just heckled and laughed in Ryan’s face all the way through.

  81. Gah! So sorry to hear about Zelda.

    That part of dog ownership is the worst.

  82. That’s the first time in my adult life I’m proud of Joe Biden.

  83. When my father was a kid, he got a puppy. And then the puppy dies. Father was sad. Grandpa created a rule – no pets in the house. The rule continues after nearly 65 years. Imma break it.

  84. Not trying to be cute but love always includes pain. Seems you can’t have one without the other. It is worth it.

  85. *gives your mom some pain….errr…I mean love.

  86. Sorry about your baby Zelda. She has peace now but it’s so heart breaking for you guys.

    Seven dogs in my life and only had to put one down. She was an old girl with kidney failure. Ex-wife took all 4 of our dogs who must certainly be gone by now. Star and Rowan are looking at me funny as I type this while sniffling.

  87. Audray has a certain special je ne sais quoi

    She has two of them.

  88. I’m very sorry about Zelda, CARin. I remember when you got her.

    On God’s deck:

  89. Awww, man, that’s a cute pic, Pups.

  90. Group hug for Carin!!!

  91. >>Audray has a certain special je ne sais quoi
    >>She has two of them.

    Ha ha ha! You bastard.

  92. Greetings, people who are still writing 2016 on your checks.

  93. Heh. I have been fine with 2017, but I am stuck in December,

  94. When I checked the voting results I discovered two things: my pick has selective appeal (DFL) and you can comment on the poll!

  95. Not trying to be cute but love always includes pain.

    Actually, after a while the whips and nipple clamps start to feel kind of good.

  96. Carin – love you like a brother

  97. for the rest of you fuquars – zip your whore lipz

  98. Evening.

  99. Finally snowing here.

  100. Good thing they cancelled school.

  101. Did I mention Roamy has dreamy dimples?

    *cough* I’m not gay. (No offense Jewstin).

  102. So sorry about the pup, Car in. Having to let them go seems to be the awful price we have to pay for all of the joy they bring us.

  103. >>Did I mention Roamy has dreamy dimples?

    Don’t be a Chad, Mare.

  104. “Don’t be a Chad, Mare.”

    or dimpled

  105. >>pregnant
    >>or dimpled

    And limp.

  106. Tushar, I have no idea what you are talking about!

  107. Wow, those infamous chads in Florida were 16 years ago. I was in US for just over a year at the time.

  108. Mare, at the Tempe Arizona meatup few years back, we were hanging out at the hotel pool, and a commercial pilot named Chad was there, along with another pilot and two air hostesses (or whatever the PC name for those ladies is).

    Chad was drunk like a skunk, and he was coming on to Roamy in the stupidest way possible. It was fun to watch him use his pea brain to try to impress a Rocket Scientist.

  109. Well, I have the pea brain down and I like Roamy (and her family) a lot, so I am like Chad.

  110. “I was in US for just over a year at the time.”

    dimpled it is

  111. Well, I have the pea brain down and I like Roamy (and her family) a lot, so I am like Chad.

    But are you drunk? And I don’t just mean drunk. I mean DRUUUUUUUUNK.

  112. Nope, watching carbs. Those dirty bastards!

  113. My wife made a kickass Indian dish called Chicken 65 the other day. I wonder if you scoundrels would be interested in the recipe. I might post it on the recipes blog.

  114. Liquid carbs aren’t real carbs.

  115. for Tush:

  116. So very sorry about Zelda.

  117. Are you a writer on the recipe blog, Tushar? I’d like to see that recipe.

  118. Chad had two smokin’ hot flight attendants waiting on him, and he was yelling at me about my ugly toenail, my birthmark, and four kinds of vagina.

  119. Ca rin,
    So very sorry. We have taken that ride a few times.
    Makes driving home tough.
    Losing our furry friends is very rough.
    Sorry honey…

  120. Tushar, I vote yes on the recipe.

  121. I thought there was only three kinds.

  122. We live on a Mesa. The Club is by the bosque. Most of the roads to the Club were still snowpacked and icy. It took us over 30 minutes to get to work. Freezer/Cooler truck took 5 hours to drive from Las Vegas, NM. Meat/Produce truck is stuck in Pueblo, CO.

  123. Huh, apparently, I don’t have the keys to the Recipes blog.

  124. Pupster – I remember when you first put that picture up when i got her. I really lost track of time because I could have sworn she was maybe 6 years old.

    Remember when I drove down to St Louis to get her? ? There was someone who wanted to meet up who is no longer here, but I basically drove down to get her and drove home.

    It was almost 8 years ago.

  125. Finished watching “The Night Manager” last night.
    It has everything!
    Corruption(Brit Government/US Government), Collusion, Collaboration, and coercion.
    Special FX are good, character development is great, and the final episode, when you really get to know “who” Dicky is, is enlightening, as you have been led to believe, all along that he is just a ‘business man’ who deals in arms.
    I thought it was well done, but then, I am easily impressed…

  126. Tushar, check your g-thing for your recipe blog invite.

  127. thanks, Layra

  128. Yay! Just published my first recipe at the naked bottom baby chef site.

  129. that means you can do a post here, too, lazy ass

  130. heh. Yes I can. I must have posted about thrice so far.

  131. Danielle’s essay required proofreading.

  132. Hey Leon,

    Do you still drink “bulletproof” coffee or some variant thereof? Mrs. Pupster bought some stuff to make it and decided it was too much to hassle with, I think if I could eliminate the blender it would not go to waste.

  133. Occasionally, but I mostly just use heavy cream. The trick to doing it easily I found is to use a really large mug, drop in the butter/oil and pour on just enough coffee to cover it, then hit it with the immersion blender until smooth, then fill the cup. My blender is pretty easy to rinse clean when hot.

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