Gros Seins Vendredi

Hello office twerkers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a 20 year old French woman, model and law student. Please stop cross-fitting and welcome, Miss Audray de Macedo!


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*********NSFW- .5 seconds of nippleage*********



  1. Finally we have a bbf model that you wouldn’t be afraid to let on top. Good job, pupstah.

  2. What is the name of the song in the horsey video? And who is the composer? I know it but can’t quite put my finger on it.

  3. There’s a song?

  4. Canning went… okay. I wasn’t prepared to see that much “water” after the process. I think I’ll only be canning tomatoes as sauce going forward, though. The peeling is too tedious, plus sauce will let me preserve my basil.

  5. Wakey wakey

    ANd I do hate you all. I’m sorry I don’t say it more often.

  6. OH, and I saw my visiting loon just now on the lake. It doesn’t live here. I don’t know where it lives (I wish it were here). It just passes by in the fall and spring.

  7. ……she’s got… lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.

  8. We’re gonna need a bigger bra….

  9. Nice job, Pups.

  10. She has a gorgeous body.

  11. I don’t know WHAT moose ate but he’s got some nasty smell about his mouth region this morning.


  12. Very nice.

    I’d share my bacon sandwich with her.

  13. I wasn’t prepared to see that much “water” after the process.

    Of course, tomatoes are mostly water. No sense in making sauce, just put all the ingredients in the jar with the tomatoes. You’ve already cooked them, you’ll see when you use the tomatoes. They break down very quickly. Just use a little jar of paste to amp up the tomato flavor.

    Sauce takes too long to cook down.

  14. So, security guard pulls a gun on the US swimmers, and demands a bribe. Not much different than their story, but it is different.

    The $10k donation for Feigan to go free? I’m back to my 3rd world country comment.

  15. I mostly don’t want to bother skinning them. I don’t bother when I’m cooking sauces because I’ve diced everything and the pieces are so small.

  16. How do you skin them? If you dunk them in boiling water for 5 seconds, and make a small cut, it falls off.

  17. I was boiling them for like a minute to make the skins split, per the Ball book.

  18. She’s got personality…

  19. Shock them in some ice water after. I cut them before boiling, doesn’t take as long to peel them.

  20. I did the shock in ice water, but the peeling/coring was still messy and sometimes a little burn-y.

  21. Aureola.


  23. You could make sun dried tomatoes, Leon. Too bad sun dried tomatoes taste horribus.

  24. Yeah, no thanks. I’m fine with cooking them prior to preserving.

  25. This BBF is almost as good as my last one.

  26. You could chop them up and put them in a fruit salad.

  27. Trying to figure out what the Hell to do with all these goddamn jalapenos that I thought were a good idea to plant. I made some pickles but I don’t want to pickle all of them.

    Poppers? Stuff them? Cut up and freeze?

  28. Poppers

  29. Poppers. Freeze some. Make chipotles on the egg. Dry them.

    The possibilities are endless. chipotle powder is a fine ingredient in any rub recipe. Just sayin.


  31. Make sure you cook them. They are a little stringy if you don’t.

  32. Let them rot, then throw them at Cankles next time you see her.

  33. I’m referring to the tomatoes.

  34. You could make pepper jelly out of them.

  35. Rotten jalapenos would be more fun.

  36. pepper jelly also makes a good rub base, mixed with mustard.

  37. You could make a big ole bottle of “pepper spray” works good on all sorts of critters..

  38. Hehe, I remember seeing a cooking show on making hot sauce. A guy with a 5 gallon vertical blender full of habeneros and vinegar. Wearing a very heavy duty respirator and face shield.

    I would imagine that is how you would make pepper spray.

  39. Yeah, Meathead recommends cooking these things outdoors when you have a big pot of them going for hot sauce. Apparently you can actually mace yourself if you lean over the pot, too.

  40. It’s gonna be poppers.

  41. You can also mace yourself by grinding up dry ones.

    Don’t ask how I know this.

  42. How do you know this?

  43. By leaning over the coffee grinder when I was done.


  44. Prolly shouldna done that.

  45. At one time I was a LE Pepper Spray instructor. Every other fucking week I would end up “cross contaminated” when pushing students through certification. Then, every 6 months the instructors had to “re-certify” by being intentionally “exposed”. The students only got the spray… the instructors received the foam, which “sticks” to your face.

    Good Times.

  46. You can admit it. You liked being sprayed in the face.

  47. Your mom likes being sprayed in the face.

  48. You can cause yourself a good deal of discomfort by scratching your sack after you’ve cored a couple of dozen jalapeños. It doesn’t really matter that you washed your hands befor and after.

  49. Oh yes. Gloves are important.

  50. MJ wont have to worry about that PG…..he lacks sack.

  51. Hate to hear it. Sack scratching is sublime.

  52. *scratches sack*

  53. Everyone better get back from lunch, or I’m writing you up.

  54. I’m still scratching my sack.

  55. It’s been a weird day, Jay.

  56. This “blog” would have 90% less content without your mom. So would her vagina.

    I don’t know what I’m saying.

  57. A pruritic scrotum kept me busy all morning. Either that or work. Plus a pruritic scrotum.

  58. These peppers are nuts, it’s like playing Russian roulette.


  59. Am I missing something here?

    If I understand the article, MadCow ties with the FoxHarpie, when the FoxHarpie isn’t even on the show. She’s on vacation.

    How is this even fucking relevant?

  60. Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown.

  61. Those ultra LCHF biscuits are excellent!! I made more today with sausage added. Lauraw make some keto biscuits with jaleoenos. Pro tip if your jalapeños are OMFG hot put the toilet paper in the freezer.

  62. Lets see Friday afternoon, August, DC…….I figure the Russians will invade the Ukraine in 5, 4, 3, 2,……..All things considered, I would if I were them.

    interesting times……

  63. Hahahahaha Jesus, Mare.

  64. I was just going to make up a popsicle tray of plain water Ice Dongs, but your idea is useful too, Mare.

    I will try the biscuit recipe. That might be nice for tomato sammiches, too.

  65. pruritic scrotum

    I’m not looking that up, y’all need to keep your ballsacks off my BBFs.

  66. After years of relentless pests killing all my vines, I finally have a decent cucumber crop. So happy! With what I’ve picked today and whatever I pick tomorrow I will probably be able to brine up about a gallon of real garlicky kosher dills.

    Need more pickle jars. And more dill.

  67. Eat a bunch of ice cream. Sure it hurts to begin with, but then sweet sweet relief.

    Plus you get to eat ice cream.

  68. This guy knows your mom.

  69. The left always gets a trophy!

  70. Heh, Obama is going to Louisiana, after Trump and Pence went there.

    The media will laud him as a hero, and it will work.

  71. In about 4 hours, I’ll finish making this and give you something approximating a review.

  72. Cuffy wins tweet of the day.

  73. So very good, Wiser!

    You wrote course instead of courses.

  74. Women’s field hockey.

    Where has this been hiding? All of these girls are beautiful.

  75. Where has this been hiding? All of these girls are beautiful.

    They took their Subarus up to watch Brandi Carlisle at Lillithfair.


  77. Oh, My God. It’s full of boobs.

  78. Pupeh, for the win.

  79. They took their Subarus up to watch Brandi Carlisle at Lillithfair.
    Clearly you have never seen field hockey. They girls are less Leon and more pupster (albeit, minus the huge juggalos).

    Cutie pie faces.

  80. Heh


  81. Shocking

  82. CHUMPO!!

  83. They girls are less Leon and more pupster

    I don’t understand the purpose of these comments.

  84. heh, someone posted the Discretionary spending meme on facedouche. So I posted the politifact article completely dismantling it. Yet since I didn’t read everyone else’s comments, who were also picking it apart, I am not interested in anyone else’s viewpoint, only mine.

    Well, that and the meme is a misleading piece of crap, and even a liberal website thought it was bullshit.

  85. Women’s field hockey.

    I dated a field hockey player. She was the cutest.

    She also told me that field hockey players are vicious bitches.

  86. CHUMPO!

    Where you been? Long haul bus trip?

  87. So very good, Wiser!

    wiserbud hearts mare

    You wrote course instead of courses.

    Yes. Yes I did. (fixt)

  88. I dated a field hockey player. She was the cutest.
    She also told me that field hockey players are vicious bitches.
    Feature, not a bug. Nothing cuter than a cute girl being mean.

  89. Nothing cuter than a cute girl being mean

    Notice I said “dated”, not “married.”

  90. Notice I said “dated”, not “married.”

    We have a month until the show starts again, right?

  91. I suggest a shot series.

  92. Prairie fire?

  93. You know, there are only a few shots that people really order:

    Lemon drop
    3 wise men
    Buttery nipple
    Cement mixer
    Flaming blue Jesus

  94. you need better shots.

    Washington apple
    Apple Pie
    Dead Mexican Goat
    et al…

  95. *slaps Jay with a packet of tartar sauce

  96. Prairie Fire shots were the traditional birthday shots back in med school. It was the best of times that night and it was the worst of times the morning after.

  97. Show starts 9/17.

    I may have found a new personal mixologist though.

  98. (albeit, minus the huge juggalos).

    No ICP fans?

  99. *schedules breast augmentation

    Eh, I always wanted boobs.

  100. Seriously, Hillary is absolutely not well. Why are people holding her up? Why does she need help upstairs? Why the coughing? And she looks like hell. Jimbro, what do all those symptoms add up to?

  101. Scares me her VP has already met with young Soros. Another effing puppet President after Hillary gets to be historic then dies.

  102. No ICP fans?

    Not enough tattoos or pregnancies for them to be ICP fans.

  103. I don’t do drugs anymore.

  104. That’s what they all say. Me neither!

  105. Wait. Is cannabis considered a drug drug?

  106. >>>Eh, I always wanted boobs.

    You may want to get GND’s thoughts on the subject.

    And if she’s cool with it…..


  107. Just gonna throw this out here….

    While I honestly appreciate all of the likes, it’s the shares that bring the scratch…..

    Jus’ sayin’

  108. Venezuelans are eating farm animals.

  109. >>>Venezuelans are eating farm animals.

    Have you ever tasted cheetah jerky?

    Fucking delicious.

    I so envy Venezualians right now…..

  110. Meh, we eat farm animals too.

  111. Oh yeah, the whole “get your asses out to the field for some farm work” is really cool. Nothing at all reminiscent of cambodia..

  112. Hi Mare.

    I just recovered from ScottW’s link to our spendthrift and always accountable armed forces.
    That’s a lot of Hammers and Toilet Seats unaccounted for
    I anticipate an impressive rollout of deathrays and supra-exoskeleton combat fatigues or else I’m going to call shanan’s again.

  113. Guess what I got for my birthday!

  114. Stupid fingers were supposed to type zoo animals.

  115. Haha, I was sarcastic messing with you.

  116. If the leg bag is true along with the unsteady gait and her history of a head injury I’d say something’s wrong with her brain box. There’s obviously something going on more than we’re being told. I don’t buy the only thing out there in her PMH is hypothyroidism. That’s very common and easily correctable with medication. I do believe her handlers realize that the more people see of her the less they like her and think it’s savvy of them to keep her under wraps to conceal it. If Trump continues to focus on her ineptitude he may gain back some of the people he’s turning off with his bombastic nature.

  117. I’m currently reading a book about Mao’s Great Leap Forward in which 45 million starved, froze, or were beaten to death. Venezuela is headed in that direction. Well maybe not the frozen part.

    **read about it on the HQ book thread and it was on kindle

  118. Is the name Maos Great Leap Forward??

  119. Mao’s Great Famine

    by Frank DiKotter

  120. Why can’t the German’s rid themselves of Merkel? Any of you fucknozzles know how their politics works?

  121. German political system is byzantine and nauseating. We talked about it in high school German. They have a parliament like Britain, a president who’s basically a nonentity unless parliament deadlocks, and the chancellor that used to be nobody until Hitler had the title, who’s chosen by the ruling coalition in parliament. There are somewhere between 11 and 17 parties, and the ruling coalition never makes any sense, it’ll be like Christian Social Democrats/Green Worker Party that has 41% between them, with the next largest coalition having 30% of the votes.

  122. Mao’s Great Buttery Leg-Bag

    There’s a shot I havnt had in a long while.

  123. Trump seems to be sticking to the prompter as of late.

  124. Greetings, Homo Sapiens, hominids, and just garden variety homos.

  125. Last few speeches have been really good.

    Rumor has them written by Rudy Giuliani.

  126. Churning.

  127. I read the transcript. I should listen to them at some point.

    God, I hope he wins. For at least a few months I’ll be able to see the president on TV and not want to go hide out in central Alaska.

  128. The coworker I met with in Brazil a few months ago told me Venezuela is a complete shit hole.

    Apparently we pulled out of doing business there because our main customer, Proctor & Gamble pulled out.

    Making and selling diapers was impossible. How does something like making diapers become too complicated and costly due to the graft required?

    They are so damn corrupt they require a bribe to make diapers.

    Diaper graft, FFS.

    That’s the major league of corruption as far as I’m concerned.

  129. Loded Diper

  130. They’d be Olympic gold medal winners in graft and corruption, but they stole the medals and sold them and shifted the profits to a Swiss bank account.

  131. loded diper van

  132. They can’t even make toilet paper, MJ.

    Mexico should invade it and install a drug lord as El Presidente. They’d be better off and the oil would flow again.

  133. I saw Diaper Graft open for The Bloodhound Gang back in ’96.

  134. It will be like that here if Hillary wins.

  135. Neighboring countries are securing their borders to keep Venezuelans from crossing and stealing. Pretty sure diapers became an item that weren’t sold, but rationed. Kind of like what the assholes want to do here. Mandatory free fem hygeine products. Even JEF talked about tampon inequality.

  136. My older bro is part owner of a dehydrated food plant that’s gonna go online in Guatemala later on this year. If ngo’s have to go into Venuzuela and do famine relief they’ll should be ready to deliver. And hopefully bank.

  137. I just saw a Hillary commercial where she says she’s going to produce MILLIONS of jobs.

    I thought Obama had a smoking hot unemployment rate. We don’t need millions of jobs. No, really, we’ve heard for almost 8 fricken years about Obama’s super unemployment rate.

  138. They’ll have us all back to using cloth diapers and washing them out.

  139. Hillary will create jobs by mandating that 20% of all company employees be Human Resources, putting women to work in air-conditioned offices and further crippling American industry.

  140. TFG gets to finish his vacation before going to LA. I still find it suspicious that he decided to go after Wiser’s column was posted. I was enjoying all the photoshops of JEF golfing on pics from LA flood. My fav was him on one of the floating caskets

  141. We tried cloth diapers for about a week and determined that they made great cleaning rags.

  142. I thought Obama had a smoking hot unemployment rate. We don’t need millions of jobs. No, really, we’ve heard for almost 8 fricken years about Obama’s super unemployment rate.

    Yeah, it’s kind of funny how Bernie was hammering that all through the primaries and nobody in the media seemed to notice the disconnect.

    By the way, if Trump was running, you know, an actual campaign and stuff, he might be mentioning this kind of thing. Frequently.

  143. I should probably start stocking up on ammo and magazines just in case Hillary is elected. You never know if there will be another run on that stuff.

  144. Our materials used to get held up at customs in Venezuela all the time. 90 days wasn’t unusual.

    So P&G is trying to make diapers out of our fabric, and were telling them, ‘any day now, swearsies. You’ll have the stuff you need to make your little ducky diapers.’

    And they’re telling us, ‘look, we know it’s not your fault. But even so, we can’t make ducky diapers without a decent supply chain.’

    They bail, which means we bail.

    And here’s the problem: some guy at customs won’t release our shipping containers without a bribe. We keep telling these guys that we don’t have a magic bag of money that we can just dip our gringo hands into that will produce fat stacks of cash. It’s a US based company–there are rules. NAFTA requires a very specific set of documentation that doesn’t allow for, you know, giant Hillary sized bribes.

    So Venezuelans get no diapers because of one guy. But we all know he represents everyone connected to the government. He is the personification of the government–just to make little ducky diapers.

  145. Oh… my… goodness… it is SO GOOD.

  146. All I can think about when I hear her promising more manufacturing jobs is Geoff’s posts at IB about the disconnect between Obama’s promises and reality.

  147. So awful, MJ.

  148. No diapers, No piss.

  149. I should probably start stocking up on ammo and magazines just in case Hillary is elected. You never know if there will be another run on that stuff.

    My only quibble with this statement is that you should be stocking up because she will almost certainly be elected. It’s going to happen. Give up any hope that it won’t happen right now and you’ll be better off when it does.

  150. So awful, MJ.
    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. It was supposed to be an emerging market, but it ended up being a huge bust.

  151. PBC, take 2

  152. Yep, start stocking up yesterday. Be careful though, Jeh might notice you’re prepping and put you on a no-fly list.

  153. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. It was supposed to be an emerging market, but it ended up being a huge bust.

    The problem, you see, is that they didn’t try real socialism.


  154. American fracking pushed down the price of oil too low, so the Saudis were forced to react. Brazil and Venezuela both got boned by the low price of oil. If they both were getting that sweet sweet petrol $$$ everything would be cool. I blame Texas Jew

  155. I have yet to see a Hillary yard sign.

  156. Scott, same here. Quite a few Bernie’s and Jill’s. A few Gary’s. No Trump or Hillary.

  157. I blame Texas Jew

    Blaming the Jew is pretty much what Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Argentina are all doing.


  159. I have yet to see a Hillary yard sign.

    I haven’t seen a single one for either candidate. And where I live–just north of Orange County–is pretty evenly split.


  161. I’m blaming a specific oil industry guy! 😂😂😂😘

  162. Pups FTW!!!

  163. Starting to see Members wearing MAGA gear. I always worry that they’ll get jumped.

  164. I can see Trump signs from my front yard.

  165. That looks great, El Dorado Alex!

    I have no idea what that means.

  166. It’s all Bernie here. A few Granny Dependapatamus.

  167. Scott, vandals were vandalising Mitt supporters here. Cars keyed. Yards churned up by cars. Trump couldn’t even have a rally here without riots. Trump support is whispered and kept on the DL.

  168. MJ heh. Love that. I’ll probs be stealing for Facedouche.

  169. Ocearch tagged a baby great white today. So cute!!! Sharks eyes really aren’t lifeless or like a doll’s eyes. Still love Quint. DJT still HAS doll hands. Circus Peanut Head 2016

  170. 194-203 is quick, probably 30 minutes or less on a 10 lb slab.

    You were probably suckered by the stall.

  171. I don’t know when it fell from the hooks, so I’m not sure what the actual temps were.

  172. “fell from the hooks”

    I always crutch pork, so I have never had to figure out how to prevent that.

    Twine would help.

  173. I had a chicken fall from a hook, fortunately there were others.

    Chicken smoke is delicious.

  174. Lauraw, stuff some jalapenos with cream cheese, wrap with bacon and grill. I bet your braunschweiger cream cheese would work. We chopped up jalapeno, added to cream cheese, stuffed the jalapeno, wrapped it in bacon, hibachi time yummy.

  175. Luckily I don’t think it was on the coals very long. Part of the outside was burned, but very little of the meat beyond the crust.

  176. WTF? How do we lose to Japan in track?

  177. Lucy, I’m home.

  178. Can they even run anymore or do they just giggle and cry?

  179. Lemon drop
    3 wise men
    Buttery nipple
    Cement mixer
    Flaming blue Jesus

    don’t fall for the cement mixer bullshit.

  180. Her kid listens to rap.

  181. Fuck! We got Dqd and Canada got the Bronze. Really? (Waiting for official ruling)

  182. When did shots become mixed drinks anyway? When I was a young man, shots entailed a bottle of liquor and a shot glass or two.

    /onion tied to my belt

  183. I should have never have told you guys that.

    Hostages never forget.

  184. When did shots become mixed drinks anyway?

    Everything went to Hell when John Wayne died. He wouldn’t have put up with this shit.

  185. I was never a shot guy.

    At least pretend there’s social interaction a foot.

  186. Car in’s household.

  187. Love you!

  188. I actually had to deal with the devil’s weed/pot in my house this week. I had to esplain that no one would ever be smoking pot in my house. EVER.

    I do not like it. This is not a debate. It’s just not happening HERE. In my house.

    (it was apparently one of my son’s friends- although I’m not SURE he didn’t try it – the 21 y/o. He knew how mad I was and tried for two days to kiss up about it.)

    IT won’t be a problem now. I was rather clear. His friend snuck out of the house (it’s a female friend who knows I’m already a tad pissed at her over something else).

  189. ^new fodder for scott

  190. it’s a female friend who knows I’m already a tad pissed at her over something else

    Don’t worry, they’re just doing anal for now, so no chance of pregnancy.

  191. LSD is still cool there though, right, C arin?

    I’m asking for a friend.

  192. 1) you guys are horrible
    b) they’re just friends, she’s likes taller guys
    Finally) I think I probably put the fear of god/mom in them over the “pot” episode.

  193. I’m not sure how I feel about it during formative years.

    It seems like a terrible idea. Once you’re stable it’s probably ok, I think. Just in moderation, like everything else.

  194. Not. In. My. House.

    Move out. Grow it. Just not in my house.


  195. If you have all your shit together, then I don’t judge. But if you don’t have your shit together …. ? Open season. Maybe you should put it down and figure shit out.

  196. I can see that.

  197. How was work? How are you?

  198. If you have all your shit together, then I don’t judge. But if you don’t have your shit together …. ? Open season. Maybe you should put it down and figure shit out.

    But they do have it figured out. They smoke weed and knock up waitresses. It’s a good life in their parents’ basement. And mom does their laundry every week.

  199. Work sucked. As always. Hot. Not enough silverware. you know the drill.

  200. See, I do the laundry because they SUCK at laundry. They will not be smoking pot in my basement.

    Matt just bought himself another toy (and ATV). I’m not worried about him. Ian … well, he’s getting there. And not allowing pot in my basement is just keeping him on target.

  201. Don’t worry, they’re just doing anal for now, so no chance of pregnancy.

  202. After the “incident” as I will call it, he was blowing up my phone about fitness stuff and eating and working out. He knew I was disappointed and wanted to make it better.

    Pot is for losers. Unless you already own your own home.

  203. I think I should put that on a bumpersticker. Just so people know.

    Or perhaps some sort of Venn diagram ….

    Number of dishwasher who smoke pot – 100%

    Number of CEO who smoke pot – ?

    I need to work on this.

  204. Our house rule was pot was ok, but only at home. No smoking pot away from home.

  205. Hahahahahahhaha.

    I can sympathize.

  206. Boy1 got his first experience with asshole cow-orkers tonight, one of the other guys tried to trick him into doing his work, then tried to get him to clock out at the wrong time. Boy1 is smart enough not to trust this guy, but really? How fucked up do you have to be to mess with the autistic kid at work? Mrs. Pupster isn’t allowed to drive him to work anymore, she’ll scratch this guy’s eyes out.

  207. Ca rin,
    Here in WA, pot is legal,
    Not for me, as I have a pilot license, a cpl, and an A&P, which are all federal…
    We don’t really get out much.
    When we had to drive to “The City” the other day, I was shocked(shocked, I tell you!) to see giant billboards reading “WEED!” 112th street cannabis, just ahead!!!
    I was like; WTF, O?
    Huge advertising and big stores selling pot here, and folks think that it’s legal,
    Well it is, unless the feds want to pop you for something,
    If they do. you might just as well be dealing heroin, as they are both on the same schedule.
    So it goes…

  208. IIRC, Carin, you grew up in a broken home where pot basically ruled the roost while you were a child.

    Clearly you also were very driven to do a better job at creating a family.

    Since you did the courtesy to your children of being entirely present for them, then they absolutely must live by your edict.

    The nice thing about this sort of thing is that even when they leave your home, and even if they decide to use pot, it will be in conflict with their bedrock values, and less likely to stick. Because of you.

  209. Pups, that is fucked up

  210. *Ca rin comes into boy’s room, finds him listening to Tool and doing Crossfit*


  211. No pot in my house either, Carin. We’re simpatico. Or whatever it was that the cool kids used to say to signal agreement.

  212. My dad started smoking in Nam. My grandfather smoked in the 20s. Pot smoking was just something we did. Meh. Dan has never smoked pot or imbibed in an illegal drug. Ever. We make lots of jokes about the drugs.

  213. I’ve never experienced pot. I was skeered I’d like it too much when I was young. Now that I’m old it don’t really matter if I become a fiend. Maybe next time I’m in Colorado I’ll pick up some brownies.

  214. I had Popo Carpaccio tonight. I have had lots of octopus before but this was surprisingly meaty and not squid like.

  215. I probably could have done it if was interested, but I haven’t ever been. And after college I was in the Army, so no way was I going to risk my career.

  216. I had 1 drag on a roach that was 99.999% paper when I was 12.
    Dan has me beat.

  217. My dad started smoking in Nam. My grandfather smoked in the 20s. Pot smoking was just something we did. Meh. Dan has never smoked pot or imbibed in an illegal drug. Ever. We make lots of jokes about the drugs.

    Messicans at Sam’s Club: “She doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean… why did you marry her?”

    Dan: “I don’t know. All she wants to do is smoke pot and watch sports.”

    Messicans: “You’re our hero…”

  218. Walking the LoDo after a Rockies game. Most pot ever for Dan. I was teasing him about a contact high

  219. O m g, CoAl just summed up 26+ years of marriage. Funny, because it’s true

  220. I don’t get to smoke pot though. Random drug tests at work

  221. I never even heard of polpo carpaccio before! Just looked up some recipes and it looks pretty good. Little too much work, but it’s nice to know that my Nonna’s rubbery polpo didn’t have to be that way. She wasn’t one to have the patience to poach something for over an hour.

  222. Only reason I’m up after midnight right now is because 1) a manager asked me to work an hour later than usual tonight to cover an empty department and I said okay, and in addition 2) my 7-minute commute home from work took me 1+1/2 hours.

    Unfortunately, there was a very terrible accident on the highway tonight and most lanes were closed into one.

    I spent over an hour in my truck, mostly being grateful that I was not in the accident, of course. But this still left plenty of time to be cursing the cocksuckers all illegally passing me on the shoulder (the CockSucker Lane).

    I laughed when I passed them later because somebody else was parked on the shoulder with their flashers on, deliberately blocking them.

    Still cocksuckers, of course. It’s a tribal thing. They answer to it. Or they did when I yelled it, anyway.

  223. Laura,
    I do not know how they prepared it but the slices were paper thin and bigger than a silver dollar. Very very tasty.

    The physical restaurant is next to a Portuguese restaurant that went out of business before I could eat there. I still want to try Portuguese food.

  224. I smoked a shit-ton of weed in college. Acid and ‘shrooms too, for the first couple of years. I quit smoking in 1998, when I graduated and started looking for a job. It wasn’t too tough to quit since I was already a full-blown drunk by then.

  225. I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

  226. I took three hits off a joint shortly after I got out of the Army. Scared the shit out of me.

  227. Color in sky Prussian blue
    Scarlet derp changes hue
    Crimson ball sinks from view

  228. My kids know they would face Wrath of Mom for doing drugs. I had to give up coffee and chocolate when I was pregnant, the hell they are going to pollute their bodies. That and my youngest brother is kind of a poster child for what happens when your decision-making becomes impaired.

  229. My sister too, Roamy.

    Wakey wakey

  230. Also, apparently last weekend, my nephew had to DD my sister around (my sister is over 50) when she went out with an old friend.

    The bong came out. My nephew was …. I mean seriously?

  231. Lauraw, sounds like you could have walked home faster. Ugh.

  232. Those shoulder drivers got their commupance! Great end of story!

  233. Weed is not good for a developing brain. Neither is alcohol. Or most other rec drugs.



  236. Never touched drugs, won’t. Too much to do.

  237. Plus, I’ve got other addictions to worry about already.

  238. That second gif made my morning, pups!

  239. Mouse caught a chicken and pulled out it’s tail feathers. Then lay down in the mud, came in the house and shook everywhere.

    I’m leaving all this for Pat.

  240. I had forgotten that Bobby Jindal was no longer governor of LA, so I thought Obama was punishing him by ignoring Baton Rouge. But, no, LA has a Dem gov, John Bel Edwards. (Kind of amused he kept the Bel to differentiate from the Silky Pony.)

  241. Dog on lap. Sunny outside, though. Time to go stake tomatoes back up and dig out the potato crop.

  242. I grew up in a time, place and with circumstances that let me get the whole “trying weed” thing out of the way before high school. I was disappointed seeing my classmates acting like idiots with it later on. When you’re on a losing football team and your team mates are staying out the night before games smoking weed and drinking yet still playing it makes you wonder why the fuck you care so much. Most of them went to college in VT to take advantage of the, at the time, 18 year old drinking laws.

  243. I’m feeling a white hot rage at Pup Boy 1’s asshole cow orker(s)

    What a douche…

  244. Life in the CockSucker Lane

  245. Holy smokes, I had no idea Jindal wasn’t governor either.

    Poor, LA. It’s their own fault though if they voted for a dem. Idiots.

  246. Roamy ♥ Mrs. Pupster. Totally understand the eye-scratching thing.

  247. If I heard my kid did what those little pricks did to Pup’s boy their ass would be sore for a week and a humiliating face to face apology.

  248. Yeah, so…the kid is getting written up, probably won’t get fired. Valuable life lesson for Boy1, some people are assholes. Boy1 is probably embarrassing him by working circles around him every shift, I know he’s dedicated to doing a good job.

  249. Chicken on the pork butt cooker.

    I am a rebel.

  250. New poat.

  251. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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