Weekend Lordosis



  1. Can we talk about kyphosis?

  2. *googles*


    Final Round C results:

    Congratulations Anastasiya!

  3. Every week we get more and more votes, not sure if there are shenanigans with dead people voting or Russian Hacking. There aren’t any new commenters really, so either we are getting 100 plus votes out of 25-30 commenters or YOU LURKERS ARE LURKING.

  4. From the old poat, Leon

    Occasionally, but I mostly just use heavy cream. The trick to doing it easily I found is to use a really large mug, drop in the butter/oil and pour on just enough coffee to cover it, then hit it with the immersion blender until smooth, then fill the cup. My blender is pretty easy to rinse clean when hot.

    Thanks. I always use heavy cream at home, I have 3-4 cups before going to work. I like adding butter, I don’t really taste the medium-chain triglyceride oil. I have a magic bullet blender and a old-school countertop blender, I just don’t like doing dishes. I guess one of those little hand-held deals would do the jerb.

  5. I have been too lazy to multi-vote.

    Truck didn’t start when wife went to leave for the base this morning, so I get to swap another battery today, or jump the truck and drive it to AutoZone.

  6. The stick blender is useful for soups and sauces, too, so it’s not a single-purpose purchase. I don’t enjoy the mouth feel of MCT either, straight coconut oil is easier. I’ve also discovered that the difference between yummy coffee that kills hunger and diarrhea is a very small amount of MCT oil.

  7. What stick blender do you use? I looked on amazon and after reading a few negative reviews of the obvious choices lost my nerve to buy with one click.

  8. Cusinart Smart Stick, 200W. Mine’s white, which Amazon has for $90, but the red one is $30. Seems racist.

  9. I loves me some Big Boob Bra-cketology.

  10. Huh, the red one was cheapest. In stock mid-January.

    *ponders blendables with anticipation

  11. Femur fixin’ time

  12. It was that girl with the 41″ humongo ass that kept trying to slant the results her way. Apparently Leon’s love of humongo asses wasn’t enough to pull it off.

  13. I didn’t even vote for her. She looks deformed.

  14. TV chef didn’t peel the carrots before putting them in the soup. Gross.

  15. You can get one of those $6 foamers that works pretty well too, Pups.

    It’s really stormy here, first time in months. Not fun for the people here for the National Championship game.

  16. The last battery I bought at AutoZone lasted 11 months.

  17. I’ve also discovered that the difference between yummy coffee that kills hunger and diarrhea is a very small amount of MCT oil.


  18. wakey wakey

  19. Battery store. Hello.

  20. Not fun for the people here for the National Championship game.


  21. Pupster, my bowels are easy to set to sliding mode. Yours are likely more robust.

    The last battery I bought at AutoZone lasted 11 months.

    Noted. Carin’s store is really far, though. I’ll look for other alternatives. Might just go to QuickLane.

  22. We warranty our batteries.

  23. Plus test everything and install for free.

    But whatever. Have fun at “quicklane”.

  24. Hahahaha, pups. Sorry. I was in pain during that game too.

  25. It’s one of those, “no use going outside days” (which are rare here) so I guess I’ll have to work out, clean, laundry and dust the beds.

  26. Comment by mare on January 7, 2017 9:08 am

    You can get one of those $6 foamers that works pretty well too, Pups.

    Your mom’s a $6 foamer…….

  27. Carin, where’s the store? Can someone meet me halfway?

  28. I’m just giving you a hard time, Leon. We have two stores, the one in lincoln park and the other one Brownstown.

  29. I could do Dearborn, but Detroit’s an hour away.

  30. Pupster, my bowels are easy to set to sliding mode. Yours are likely more robust.


    They should have a show like those spartan races only about eating foods to compete for most robust bowels. Call it Iron Ass or whatever.

  31. Someone kick Pepe’s ass. TYIA.

  32. Lincoln Park is 21 minutes, that’s plausible, but I’ll have to jump the truck to get there.

  33. *impatiently waits for an address or even just the name of the shop*

  34. Mare I’ll be in your driveway in about 7 minutes and then we can head to Dunkin’ Donuts, okay?

  35. Found it.

  36. Already found it, because I’m clever ‘n’ shit, but I appreciate the confirmation. Temp has more than doubled since wife tried to start the truck (4 -> 9), so I might just go try to start it again and head over if it catches.

  37. Let me know, I’ll tell Matt to give you VIP pricing/service . he’s at the lincoln park store today.

  38. Fancy.


  39. Guy on the radio last week talking about water conservation. Over the last 30 years the government has screwed up shower heads, faucets, washing machines, dishwashers……..all in the name of water conservation.

    Of all the water used in the US do you know how much it is used in our homes?


    It’s all bullshit.

  40. Truck started after some coaxing. On my way now.

  41. Clint, yes!

  42. what kind of truck? I’ll tell ’em.

  43. White f150 driven by a short bald guy.

  44. Should be there just about 10 to 11.

  45. Pat called matt/Jack (my nephew). Some special battery they have picked out.


  46. I give your mom VIP pricing/service.

  47. Just learned yesterday that a longtime associate, friend, and mentor died Tuesday.

    This man taught me more than my own father.

  48. They should have a show like those spartan races only about eating foods to compete for most robust bowels. Call it Iron Ass or whatever.

    This is fucking brilliant. Iron Ass! Opening round: high fiber cereal and a small glass of olive oil. Later rounds focus more on hot chili peppers and anal endurance. First one to reach for the ice dong loses.

    In other news, I bought some modeling clay for stress reduction. I used to like sculpting. I just whipped out a new gargoyle for Scott in like, half an hour. And it’s awesome. I just have to finish the ears, texture it and paint it.

    I think I could do this a couple times a week during school. It gets my mind off obsessing on stupid stressful shit that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans, and I can actually feel myself dismissing bullshit intrusion thoughts and getting happier.

    I found it. Finally. Maybe now I can stop planning my funeral.

  49. Comment by scott on January 7, 2017 10:05 am

    Of all the water used in the US do you know how much it is used in our homes?


    It’s all bullshit.

    Yep, all designed to give the gov’t. more control over people. Nothing works anymore, washers don’t get clothes clean, detergents don’t work. Maddening.

    Same type of con with the endangered species. They don’t really care about the 3 toed purple lizard, they just use it to gain control over public lands. No drilling, no cattle, no mining…….

  50. Condolences, Hotspur. What a guy. Still reading.

  51. That obit reads like a memoir from a golden age of when people accomplished things that lasted, and high intellectual achievement was prized.


  52. Got the day off work today and was supposed to spend time with my sister but she fagged out because it’s going to snow. I can’t even. Whatever, I always have stuff to do.

    OK. I’m doing the ONT tonight so I have to look up some crap. Talk layler.

  53. I just whipped out a new gargoyle for Scott in like, half an hour. And it’s awesome.

    So, it works? He’s staying away from it?

    No seriously, we need pictures.

  54. Sorry to read about your friend Hotspur. His legacy continues.

  55. Laura, I have posted the Chicken 65 recipe on the recipe blog.
    It can work as a challenge in one of the elimination rounds in the Iron Ass Championship.

  56. Hotspur, I love the Frank Lloyd Wright, Robert Metcalf style 50s modernist architecture.

    If I ever stumble into serious money, I will build a house like that. In US, most houses look exactly like every other house.

    We need more diversity in house design, not in how many types of snowflakes we tolerate in public sphere.

  57. That obit reads like a memoir from a golden age of when people accomplished things that lasted, and high intellectual achievement was prized.


    My thoughts exactly.

    Condolences, Hotspur.

  58. Comment by Car in on January 7, 2017 10:17 am
    what kind of truck? I’ll tell ’em.

    Comment by leoncaruthers on January 7, 2017 10:21 am
    White f150 driven by a short bald guy.

    Maybe a sign would help:


  59. http://tinyurl.com/gmfzcxk

  60. Hi-flow shower head advertised on eBay

    “Shower heads sold in the US must meet federal flow regulations. Most manufactures make their flow restrictors difficult to remove. Not us. Our flow restrictors are easy to remove, and we tell you exactly how to do it.”

    Aqua Elegante it is.

  61. http://tinyurl.com/zuevwbv

  62. Back from Lincoln Park. All is well.

    Bob sounds like a really awesome man to have known, Hotspur.

  63. Ice dong. That’s some funny shit.

    So what’s been going on?

  64. That Hi-flow shower got me thinking.
    Liberals have rampaged through all American institutions for past 50-60 years, establishing total control.

    By the conventional National Review type thinking, it will take at least that much time to halt and reverse it.

    But there is a new approach that -to turn a phrase- Trumps this conventional thinking. Don’t just push them back in their long march. Dynamite the bridges, carpet bomb from above, and nuke them from orbit.

    Trump’s unconventional technique might just be able to short circuit the long march.

    We already are dominating state level Governeoships and houses. We have the Congress and Senate. We just got the Presidency, and soon the Supreme court.

    Next we have to go after the real power:
    1. Media – Trump has defanged them to a large extent. They are down but not out. But increasingly, they are preaching to the choir, and the pews are empty.
    2. Academia – This won’t be easy, but we must try to make progress here. I suggest requiring all State and Fed funded Universities to be co-signers on student loans. If students don’t get a paying job, they repay part of the loan. Also, no cross department subsidization. Engineering and Management departments generally work with private sector (consulting etc) and generate more money than they need. This excess money is used to fund more social science assholes. This must stop. Also, investigate universities for lack of intellectual diversity. If any department has less than 30% right leaning professors, they have to correct. Make universities face consequences for being hostile to males, whites and right leaning employees and students.
    3. Hollywood – these bastards respond to money. Stop Govt funding of copyright enforcement. I suppose FBI’s Los Angeles office does nothing but that. Transfer them all to southern states for border control. Take away all subsidies. Stop Hollywood accounting that allows them to make profits and still show losses on paper, thus paying little tax.
    4. Technology companies – go after them like how Trump is going after car makers. Unless they halt outsourcing (high level as well as manufacturing), tax them to hell. Lean on them to reduce headcount in California and diversify elsewhere within US. Diversity is good, right?
    5. Bureaucracy – open new Federal offices in some of the known shitholes – Gary Indiana, Jackson, Mississippi, Savannah GA, Memphis, Scranton, PA. Transfer bulk of employees from EPA, Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, State dept, FDA, Dept of Ag, Dept of Interior there. Give them a desk, chair, coffee machine and nothing else. Give them new titles that come with no power. Disarm all federal agencies that are not directly into law enforcement and crime fighting. Bar Govt employees from joining a union.

    This is a fucking war. Act like it is war, and Bombs Away…

  65. TLDR – Ignore Tushar. He is in a rant mood today.

  66. I might have driven past Mare today, I was in her neck o the woods.
    Good thing I didn’t end up like Roamy

  67. I’ll take pics as I go, Pups. Still thinking about giving him some wicked lower teeth. Right now he only has one tooth, because it’s funnier that way. But looking at the rest of him, he isn’t a funny fellow and could probably use a row of some wicked teeth on the bottom.

  68. Laura, that sounds cool. I want to take a blacksmithing class after this term. It’s only one Saturday a month for three months, which would be perfect. Also, I need to find a drawing class nearby.

  69. I did some basic blacksmithing in engineering school, but it would be nice to get hands on again. We did not have pneumatic hammers. Old style muscle only. The forearm hurt like a bitch.

  70. Sorry about your friend, Hotspur. Silver Star, wow!

  71. Good rant, Tushar, though since NASA does not get coffee machines, I don’t see why the EPA should.

  72. >>since NASA does not get coffee machines, I don’t see why the EPA should.

    We will have special coffee for them. With laxatives.

  73. EPA can keep the machines, but they can only be fed with water from the Gold King Mine.

  74. This is another example of how private sector does things more effectively. They mostly have coffee available. Whether it is expensive or not differs, but coffee keeps people awake and more productive. The cost of coffee is insignificant compared to the productivity gain.

  75. Leon, if someone were to insist that you add a sweetener to your LCHF chocolate candy, which one would you prefer?

  76. King Tushar is fierce but wise and his world runs with ruthless efficiency.

  77. One co-worker sells coffee for 25 cents a cup or $5 a month. Another co-worker brought in his spare Keurig, bring your own pods (and don’t you dare leave ’em in the machine).
    We don’t get microwave ovens, either. Everyone chipped in $5 to buy one after the last one went kaput.
    Toaster ovens are considered a fire hazard and are not allowed.

  78. Erythritol is what I use in my ice cream and brownies, Tushar. The stuff is sold at my grocery store as Swerve. It does have a slight cooling effect in the mouth, so it’s better in mint flavored things or in ice cream, but the brownies I’ve made have been pretty darned good.

  79. Leon, the Mrs got a packet of Erythritol just last week. She does know a thing or two, then.

  80. This is why I am a Luddite.


  81. someone at Mrs jay’s workplace came in to work with pinkeye, now she has it. I think I need to leave something on their doorstep.

    *where’s that paper bag, I have to poop.

  82. Of all the water used in the US do you know how much it is used in our homes?

    I read that quickly at work as 25% and thought, huh…not too awful. Got home and read through comments again and my eyes bugged out at the 2%. That’s effin’ crazy

  83. I am sure organic farming consumes more water than standard agriculture on a per acre and much more on a per bushel basis. But that is ok, because organic food is a way to establish liberal superiority over the rubes.

  84. That whole “Iron Ass Show” concept had me laughing. The possibilities are endless. Do it like a reality show where we meet the contestants in their regular lives before they’re selected. Video montages of their friends and relatives discussing how the contestant always went for spicy food and won the local hot dog eating contest.

  85. Good rant Tushar.

  86. https://is.gd/6TzBiS

  87. Vast majority of water is used in farming and nuclear power plants.

  88. People are always trying to get rid of cattle, so the land will return to a natural paradise. They don’t realize that here all the water is either comes from my wells, or is in dirt tanks that we built and/or maintain.

  89. Mom?


  90. She seems nice.

  91. I can watch the game on my phone but not my TV,

    This is stupid.

  92. Pepe, have you heard of Allan Savory? He’s been able to prove that properly-managed grazing animals create/build grasslands rather than destroy them.

    Also, archeologically speaking, grasses destroyed the great expanses of forests and ferns that came before them.

  93. Yes, Leon. That system works in some areas, mainly plains areas with more rainfall. We do rotate our cattle and give each pasture a year long rest.

    One of our main problems is juniper encroachment. Thousands of little trees and nothing really kills them. You can poison, but the poison kills everything, even the grass.

  94. We built many of Bob Metcalf’s houses, and did loads of renovations to his older houses.

    I can’t begin to describe the precise nature of his details. Everything lined up. Reveals were carried around openings, and entire rooms. Materials were simple but elegant.

    Initially he didn’t chose me because of me, he chose me because he liked two of my carpenters who had previously worked for a retired builder who built many of his houses.

    He was on the job site every day at 9. No other architect does that. He wanted to make sure the carpenters understood his details.

  95. One of our main problems is juniper encroachment. Thousands of little trees and nothing really kills them. You can poison, but the poison kills everything, even the grass.

    Could you run goats after the cattle to browse down the juniper, maybe? I’ve heard they’ll start on woody stuff rather than grasses, and imagine they’d go right for it if the grass is already low.

    I don’t know a damn thing about farming, just an idea.

  96. Nothing eats juniper/cedar.

  97. My mom made me plant juniper bushes at our old house. And then made me dig them up a few years later.

    God I hate that shit.

  98. Peanut shells make a pretty darn good impression of lizard-like skin in a clay miniature.

  99. Hmm, I can’t even find a mushroom you can set loose on it unless you want to tear it up and ferment it first.


  100. Scrod

  101. A flamethrower will eat juniper.

  102. A flamethrower will eat juniper.

    Doesn’t get the roots. It just grows back.

  103. When life gives you juniper, make gin.

  104. Doesn’t get the roots. It just grows back.

    Same problem with the phragmites. I’ll have to burn them down for at least a few more years or maybe tarp that whole side of the pond for a month or more.

  105. Good gin makes me wonder why anyone made the switch to vodka.

  106. Evening.

  107. A flamethrower will eat juniper, it will also start a wildfire and I’ll get a bill for $300K. :)

  108. just wondering. If we inject some potent poison into the stem of a tree/bush, can we kill it without hurting nearby vegetation?

  109. Howdy, Jew!!! Iron Ass sounds painful.

  110. When we start cloning dinosaurs, maybe one of them will eat juniper.

    Saved by T-Rex!

  111. >>Iron Ass sounds painful.

    It would be a pain in the ass.

  112. HS, he sounds like an amazing guy.

  113. Just as we were leaving ABQ, I found a station that was replaying Kasey Kasem’s Billboard Top 100 Countdown from 1982!! Lost station near Gallup

  114. Leon met my fourth son Brad today.

  115. Matt said they were crazy busy today. He didn’t get but a few words with Leon. Brad is my extra child. He lives here on the weekends. And sometimes during the week. He was an only child, young mom, who is now reliving her misspent youth or something, so he hangs here most time.

  116. last night when I got home from work – I can’t even tell you how many extra children there were in my house.

  117. >>young mom, who is now reliving her misspent youth or something

    Spending it wisely this time, one hopes.

  118. She probably knows Sean.

  119. To the detriment of her child. Good luck with that.

  120. GO LOINS!

  121. They never do, Tushar.

    Carin, lock down your valuables. I’ve seen this movie.

  122. Yeah, lots of dead batteries this morning from the cold I imagine. I barely had a chance to say Hi and Thanks. I met Doug at the front desk. I’m guessing Brad was the taller guy who helped me back the truck out?

  123. Shit goes missing.

    You figure it out a year later. It’s all very depressing.

  124. Doug was at home. Brad did the install. Jack and Tim were there – Jack is my nephew. Tim is just an employee. Mal is the guy who would have been cool to meet. He’s got stories.

    Lauraw – brad’s been living at my house for years and years at this point. The worst he does is use my towels and occasionally leave beer cans in the shower.

    Shower beers are apparently a thing.

  125. And I don’t have many valuables. If they try to take Moose … I mean, how do I lock him down?

  126. The extra kids were mostly people who are here every weekend. Brad. Sean. hannah’s two friends. Erin’s little friends.

  127. I made a low carb chicken ‘fried rice’ yesterday, using grated cauliflower instead of rice. Tasted surprisingly good, and more importantly, gave me the same satisfaction that rice used to do.

  128. OK.


  129. She knows Sean’s penis. She may or may not know Sean.

  130. Hey all. Commenting from my phone here because I finally downloaded the driver update AMD had been pestering me about for months last night. It junked all of my USB ports, so I had to do a system restore. Now I need all the updates since the restore point, which my laptop is downloading slooooowly over our shit DSL connection here at work. Oh, and I’m having a goutcho flare-up. If anyone wants to send me a fake reg, some Diet Dr Pepper, or $20, I would surely appreciate it.

  131. Well, at least you are up to date.

  132. Sean has the goutcho 2? Ouch. I did not know that-Carson’d/

  133. I had gout before it was cool.

  134. https://is.gd/ilagkx

    *imagining Sean with a powdered wig

  135. El Goutcho is currently not in flare up mode. We’ll be going to Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. Pray for Oso!

  136. Getting ready to wear my PJ bottoms to ice machine. People of Laughlin. BTW PoW in Flag is truly upsetting. You should see it in English.

  137. Sean, did I tell you there was a Friends of Bill W. meeting every day on the cruise ship? I finally had to ask who Bill was.

  138. Oso vacations more than MJ moves, but not by much.

  139. Road Trip 1982: Can’t do Belushi/Cocker justice while wearing a seatbelt and singing “Up Where We Belong” and Dos, driver doesn’t like being grabbed during Abracadabra

  140. “I wanna reach out and grab ya”

    No, not a good act-out-while-driving song.

  141. Hispanic version – “I wanna reach out and stab ya”.

  142. Heh. I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’ve heard most of them have meetings. Asking someone if they’re a Friend of Bill is a safe way to ask if they’re in the program. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith were the co-founders.

  143. That racist remark was prompted by nothing but very local Hartford, CT stereotypes in which it seems to be a local belief that Puerto Ricans are big fans of the knife.

    It is also no way corroborated by actual firsthand knowledge, say, by me, of actually seeing people running down my street being chased by Puerto Ricans with knives, or my neighbor actually getting chased down and stabbed by them.

    God, that was just a racist outburst. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with him in my own way.

  144. Lauraw is going to send the flying monkeys after Scott.


  145. Messicans like the stabby stabby. Must be the Moorish influence.

  146. Too bad Machete Aggie doesn’t visit anymore.

  147. https://is.gd/3N7CGL

  148. Lauraw,
    Have you never seen“Romeo and Juliet” “West Side Story”?

  149. I am going to go out on a limb and say this isn’t the Lion’s year.

  150. The question is, if we are not supposed to even use that word, and call it The N Word, how come everyone knows how that word is spelled and pronounced? Who is passing on this knowledge surreptitiously?

  151. The Illuminatti

  152. Which Lion?

  153. The Loins.

  154. go loins

  155. That’s cool, Roamy!

  156. hahahaaaaa!
    i think i shit myself laughing:

  157. Scott made Dan laugh. Dan was surprised that Bearded Angel Guy has the goutcho

  158. Old copies of Blazing Saddles

  159. I would just like to say very clearly that we understand the vast majority of people of Spanish heritage do not use knives as weapons, but just to save lives and perhaps to carve turnips into sculptures of doves.

  160. Comment by Car in on January 7, 2017 7:47 pm
    . Mal is the guy who would have been cool to meet. He’s got stories.
    Do they involve his Firefly class spaceship?

  161. I’m sensing a wee bit of Portugee supremacy over fellow Iberians. Maybe a tad.

  162. “I would just like to say very clearly that we understand the vast majority of people of Spanish heritage do not use knives as weapons, but just to save lives and perhaps to carve turnips into sculptures of doves.”

    plus or minus the inquisition thing i assume…

  163. Now, the Turks, on the other hand, will stab you in the ass at the first opportunity.

  164. No! I wholeheartedly cherish all the diverse peoples who were forcefully subdued and eventually civilized by my Roman ancestors.

  165. I thought it was the muslims who eventually civilized that area.

  166. Everytime the #niggerNavy sinks a battleship, someone yells “WorldStar!”

  167. The Spanish never came to India. The Portuguese controlled a very small part (about 1400 sq miles) and the French even smaller (100 sq miles, maybe). Rest was under British rule.

    But the Portuguese managed to commit far more atrocities than the Brits. In fact, apart from suppressing rebellions, and one major incident (Jalianwala baug massacre), the British rule was largely peaceful.

  168. Loins are getting reffed.

  169. Yes, the Portuguese were brutal colonialists. They were also the ones to bring the institution of slavery to the New World. I don’t really believe that last bit, though. Pretty sure the natives of Middle and South America were already enslaving each other. I mean, Aztecs were slicing and sacrificing other tribe’s kids to their Gods, for heaven’s sakes.

    It was a hard world that we can’t really imagine or understand.

  170. I really don’t understand this. If Muslims or Hispanics consider Trump as their enemy, it is understandable. Not right, but understandable. But why are black people so viciously opposed to him? I don’t recall him making any statements or policy declarations that might be to the detriment of black community.

    I understand that democrats want to incite everyone, including blacks, against Trump, but are there no sane people in the black community who can see through this and question whether Trump is really bad for them?

    I am surprised at the level of delusion here.

  171. Slavery was the norm for about 99% of human history. It was the rise of Christianity that ended slavery in much of the world, and that took about 2000 years.

  172. Slavery was extremely rare in ancient India. It basically came in with muslime invaders.

  173. Nice ONT, LauraW

  174. **sniffs poat**

  175. Looks like my laptop is more or less back to normal. AMD can kiss my pasty white ass.

  176. Were there football matches tonight? Any goals scored?

  177. Let me step out of my shell
    That’s wrapped in sheets of milky winter disorder
    Let me feel the air again, the talk of friends
    The derp of someone my equal

  178. https://is.gd/CsW2Sj

  179. goomomeh.

    linky no worky, Pups

  180. It works for me but is inconsequential.

    Have you cooked any dirt today? Why not?

  181. SHIT!! I forgot all about that dirt in the oven!! LOL, I shut the oven off and let the dirt cool down, but then I never potted those bulbs because my plans fell through for the gift recipients. So the dirt is still sitting there unless scott moved it.

    Guess I’ll do that tonight. Seeing those people Thursday.

  182. It is 8 degrees. Sun is sunny. So, you know, all this snow should melt right away.

    *sets timer*

  183. Hot dirt for breakfast. We haven’t had any snow of consequence since early December, it is packed down into hard crusty ice which hurts The Wonder Dog’s feet. I’m thinking of getting her some boots.


  184. You did a nice ONT last night LW.

  185. Trying to decide whether to pack away the Christmas decorations today or let it slide to next week.

  186. Thanks, hon.

  187. What’s going on? I can’t open that link, either, Pups. Hm.

  188. It was a good ONT. I want the recipe for the cake.

  189. wakey wakey/dog head on foot

  190. LW- open up your browser settings, options, content, advanced options, security settings, quadruped, canine, and uncheck the “block mindless links from Pupster” checkbox.

  191. How’s Moose doing? Has he started looking through your clothing/houseware/makeup catalogues yet?


  192. LOL. he’s fine. I think he was more upset by the whole kennel/then no zelda then the missing balls.

    He’s got oschi to ease the pain. He’s gotten a lot of hugs and attention the last few days.

  193. He’ll probably be a lot less Subaru-averse now.

  194. He’s actually hopped in with no problem the last few times.

  195. Uhm-hmmm.

  196. This would help, too. You should look at some fabric swatches together.


  197. Egads. Is that a car, or the setting for a gay porno?

  198. Having read a bit about the massive, constant, and incredibly widespread practice of bloody human sacrifice of infants, children, and adults by the Aztec, Maya, Olmec, and Toltec peoples… look, I kind of understand where the conquistadors were coming from with that whole genocide and obliterating their culture thing. Not saying it was the only reasonable thing to do, but I get why they went for it.

  199. I missed eggs and toast at home because I had to shoot in to work. I just opted for a mug of eggnog for breakfast. When the eggnog is gone the Christmas season is over. Our tree went to the basement Thursday. We still have two wreathes on the doors but it’s traditional to take them down on Easter.

  200. Plan on making this later today


  201. We had a few inches of snow last night which coated the driveway skating rink enough that Rowan can chase frisbees safely. He is such a nut chasing the frizz that I get worried he’ll tear an ACL on the ice.

  202. Screw it. I am taking the day off.

    Everybody gets pushed one day down the calendar so I can roof rake and watch football.

    Woo hoo!

  203. Egads. Is that a car, or the setting for a gay porno?

    It can’t be both?

  204. I finally found blacksmithing classes in LA, and one of them is nearby. It might be doable in early march once I’m done with this term!

  205. Be careful Alex.


  206. I got an electric snow blower last winter, but there was no snow after that. My driveway is not large enough to warrant a gas powered one.

    Today, I got to use it. Although it is a pain in the ass to use, it still beats shovelling.

  207. I’d rather shovel. Same goes for axe vs chainsaw. Quieter, safer, less maintenance.

  208. Your opinion will change.

  209. Quicker and easier.

  210. https://is.gd/rl0b3v

  211. https://is.gd/oqpuQe

  212. Wow. That guy should be ejected.

  213. Pupster, that last one is a naughty motherhumper.

    Scott, if 5 years of shoveling my 150′ of driver way haven’t changed my mind, I don’t think anything will. I stand a better chance of buying a plow for the truck.

  214. Old people don’t shovel.

  215. shoveling replaces crossfit

  216. Exactly, if I keep shoveling, I won’t get old.

  217. That’s called a heart attack.

  218. I’ve got a solution to you two fellers disagreement. Move to Texas (but not the panhandle) and what to do with your snow is only an issue once every year or two. Of course, depending on what part of TX you move to, you may end up mowing your lawn from late February until after Thanksgiving. There’s give and take in everything we do.

  219. you could move to the desert

  220. NFL ratings can’t be very good this weekend.

  221. What’s “snow?”

  222. I’m built for cold weather, I want nothing to do with the desert nor tropics. I have good leverage for shoveling, too. There are upsides to being short and wide. I won’t get lucky enough to die doing it, either. I’m going to live long enough to forget everyone and everything before my brain finally just quits reminding me to eat or breathe.

  223. Afternoon Hostages. Damn it’s fucking cold. I mean, it was 30 when I left for church this morning and it’s like mid40s now.

    Oh, btw, BEASN, I’m so very glad that your niece is ok. Prayers for her to heal up quickly. (I’m sure she’ll be sore.)

  224. >>Damn it’s fucking cold. I mean, it was 30

    Ha ha ha!

  225. It was pretty warm here today. The high was about 12.

  226. 30 doesn’t even kill the skeeters.

  227. Extreme cold is over until next wknd. 58 right now and high of 75 tomorrow.

  228. Nothing kills Florida skeeters other than the good chemicals the pansy ass enviroweenies always want outlawed.

  229. I really want the Giant to win this. They would have a chance to beat the Cowboys for a third time this year.

    That would be the best.

  230. Not gonna happen.

  231. Giants are playing like their Super Bowl teams. Great attacking defense, receivers catching everything and Eli not screwing up…. so far.

  232. https://is.gd/iUmxf7

  233. Over 200 yards of offense and 6 points to show for it.
    I don’t like it.

  234. Packers have no running game. Rogers is getting pressured every time he drops back to throw. Which is every down except the punts.

  235. ..and they run it for 9 yards

  236. Unbelievable is right.

  237. someone has wiser on health watch, right?

  238. Hopefully, he’s still boycotting.

  239. Heh.

  240. Wiser is boycotting us? :(

  241. Football.

  242. pup wins your mom –

    “Comment by Pupster on January 8, 2017 1:59 pm”

  243. Greetings, people who may watch awards shows this year for the schadenfreude.

  244. Anybody else think Scottw is a little husky?


  245. Wow, officials miss a facemask, then GB makes a bad call to go for it on 4th down.

  246. Well, that was a sudden turn of fortunes

  247. https://is.gd/NmnC1Z

  248. http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/05/tiger-woods-says-donald-trump-crushed-it-when-the-two-golfed-together/

    Trump looks a little like Steve Spurrier in this shot.

  249. Go Gaints!

  250. Gaints.

  251. Steelers v Chiefs next week. I think I need a 4K TV for the bedroom.

  252. Bit of advice – don’t go cheap on the 4K TV. Mine was a low end model, and I can’t always get the color settings to look correct when I switch between sources.

    Also go Stillers!

  253. sous vide ing a pork shoulder … looks like i may have miss cac a lated on the start time….

    early bird get the dinner and some such

  254. Dinner for breakfast

  255. I liked the first quarter better.

  256. My book says you cook pork shoulder for 24-48 hours.

  257. Not one close game all weekend.

    Total score right now is 121-45.

  258. Evening people.

  259. scott i picked up a shoulder for 10 bucks and figured i’d give it a shot…

    i’m keeping the temp around 145-150

    i kinda shot from the hip re: timing
    the guide i’m going from says 12 hrs.(julabo)

    your 24 seems more reasonable.

    i’m in experiment mode now

  260. squirrel

  261. Shouldn’t pork shoulder go to 200?

  262. 12 hours sounds about right.

    24+ hours was for cooking at 130 degrees.

  263. i gotta get a better thermometer

  264. thanks for the info scott

  265. If you want, I can email you the 6-7 usefull pages of this book. It has cook times for everything.

    It hasn’t let us down yet.

  266. james wheres the 200 data from?
    i’m all about not dying from under-cooked stuff – even though i like my steak rare

  267. scott that’d be great!

  268. thegreateg

  269. its a yahoo thing

  270. **gives Jam2 the cold shoulder**

  271. Any of y’all nutbags ever tried using a ceramic knife in the kitchen?
    The dang thing stays sharp, but is fragile and breaks easily.

    Good with easy stuff like tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and such.
    Be careful plunging it into harder stuff like huge raw potatoes, pumpkin, watermelon etc.

  272. Useful, like canceled, I just can’t accept it.

  273. 200 on the smoker Jay, but not sous vide.

    Although I don’t believe sous vide could really improve on the smoker for pork shoulder. It’s already so juicy and succulent just the way it is, plus, smoke.

    Maybe if you smoked it a while first, then put it in the sous vide? I don’t know. We haven’t tried pork shoulder yet.

  274. Recipes for 10 dipping sauces. Some of these seem low carb at first glance.


  275. 200 is the temp I cook pork shoulder to on the smoker.

  276. refresh, Jay, refresh

  277. Did you refresh?

  278. I have that fully refreshed feeling.

  279. Doucheblog.

  280. blerg. work christmas party after a (fake) double.

  281. How many people got pregnant?

  282. shit – i forgot my password to my yahoo account


  283. the bastards forced me to change it and i can’t find the piece of paper i wrote it done on….

  284. We want to live in a dirty old town
    Building it up, tearing us down
    With our derp in the clouds and our feet on the ground
    We want to live dirty old town

  285. MMM in about 15-20

  286. Minus 1 at the airport. Good thing I’m not at the airport!

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