Hello problem solvers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Our subject for today is an actress, born December 6th, 1972 in Greenwich, Connecticut. Please give Mare an intervention before you welcome,  Sarah Rafferty!


Thanks to Jimbro for the inspiration.


  1. Love bat shit crazy Reds.

  2. She is one sweet looking woman!

  3. she looks tall.

  4. I immediately move that we discontinue BBF as a weekly feature. It is sexist, massage-o-nistic, and wrong!

    HHD is ok, though.

  5. wakey wakey.

    I think this blog has pretty much ruined the chances for any of us running for office.

    Hey, maybe that’s why Cyn left us? She probably has the power to scrub the archives.

  6. Pat thinks I should leave the cult and join the new cult south of town. I wouldn’t do that w/o talking to them first. Explaining the displeasure of not just me, I’m rather confident. I think part of it is that there is more money in the boot camp stuff in lapeer – because crossfit is too hard. So she’s making the crossfit workouts more bootcampish (although still hard). It’s not what I want.

    The place south of me is more $$, but the guy is very religious and an ex marine. Building your temple is the name of the gym. I know him through facebook and he’s not afraid to let people know his political views. I like that (he’s very conservative).

    He does strongman stuff so he is …. huuuuuuuuuggggge.

  7. Don’t you mean Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggge?

  8. In other news – I ordered a “car ramp” for Moose yesterday. He’s still a complete pain in the ass to get in the car – and I think it’s all teh in/out that has him unhappy. He’s ok IN the car. It’s some 7 foot telescoping ramp. I just want it not to be a stresser to take him places. I’ve NEVER had a dog who had car issues.

    Also, Pat wants another Newfie.

  9. I do mean yuuuuuuuuggggge.

    The complex is really cool too. It’s a new sports complex and his gym is in the back. They took an old boat building ware house and turned into a multisport complex. There’s all sorts of stuff there.

  10. They have “hot yoga” there. Which sounds horrible.

  11. So let me get this straight…

    You load a newfie into a Subaru?

    Heh. Not gay at all.

  12. MJ, is worse than that. We cannot load the newfie into a subaru.

  13. Hmmmm. Need a bigger Subaru.

    There’s a pretty nice cross fit place close to where we’re moving–as long as the deal on the house goes through.

  14. He fits. He won’t go. He’s just not one of those agile dogs who can hop on things. His big @ss is heavy and he’s cautious in jumping.

    Thus – the ramp. We’ve tried steps but he’ll try them once and that’s about it.

  15. Our local zumba studio is about to be rocked because the married couple that own it have a little trouble in paradise which means she’s fucking a guy that cheated on one of Paula’s friends. The firefighter/cop/nurse infidelity rate is staggering.

  16. I can’t follow that story. Who is fucking who?

  17. Must be good tooth drugs.

  18. Just for kicks I checked out Rathergate from 2004.

    Same bullshit, different story. But the Clinton people learned to drop their fake oppo closer to the election, which was smart.

  19. All they need to do is TELL the story and people believe it.

  20. Trump is so dumb that he’ll start bashing Michelle. Then we’ll have 2-5 days of that.

  21. Has Brian Williams claimed he was groped yet?

    ‘We were in a bird three clicks north of the hot zone. Trump leaned over and grabbed my pussy right before we my hard turn to the starboard, raked by the hot glow of tracer fire.’

  22. Married couple own the gym. Both firefighters .
    Paula’s nurse friend got cheated on by a firefighter.
    Woman who was firefighter’s fuck buddy just found out he’s fucking the female firefighter gym owner.

    When I heard the story I needed a few repeats.

    tl/dr: everyone is fucking everything

  23. I’m sure there was a few pussy gropes along the way not to mention fingerbangs

  24. Oh look, dumb ass Geraldo has to walk back yet another statement, this time about Trump

    I HAS TAPES! Yeah, not so much, idiot.

  25. So, it’s a big sex cult?

    Good to know.

  26. There’s no one hot at my gym. But I do like the people as friends/gym buddies.

  27. There are some attractive people at mine. I’m with an older group, too.

  28. No one you’d grab by the Pussy, I hope.

  29. Jerry Rivers keeps his tapes in Al Capone’s Vault.

    May he and all the media die of the syphilis of a thousand rabid tree sloths.

  30. There would be if I was a single guy. Plus they are all pretty nice.

  31. Still lost. Need diagram.

  32. MJ, it’s like my work w/o the babies.

    Does that help?

  33. The U.S.S. Detroit will be docked on the waterfront this weekend – while I’m there (trying) to run the half. I’m definitely going to go over there and visit. I’ll try to take some pictures.

  34. Oh LEON. Tell me when is a good time to deliver books. I have every OTHER sunday off (this is my sunday, but I’m running the half so it’s taken) and tues/thurs off.

  35. You guys suck at entertaining me this morning.

  36. Seriously. suck

  37. I’m almost done with my coffee. Then it will be time to do shit.

  38. So demanding…

  39. So, did I tell you guys about the sucky coach thing? (I still have a bit more coffee). The girls (not erin) all wrote a letter and made a presentation to the AD about NOT wanting that horrible coach back. At the award’s ceremony at the end of the season the coach didn’t even know some of the girl’s names (only the stupid nicknames he came up for them.)

    Apparently they made a very mature argument.

    And the AD said – after a few days – that they are bringing him back.

    The ENTIRE team (except one) said they are refusing to play. The team is going to be freshmen and one senior.

  40. mj – you still racing?

  41. coffee’s gone. no one’s here. GUess I need to go do shit before I go to work.



  42. Pups, I just noticed, Stetson (for men). Hahahhhaa

  43. i got invited to a poker game tonight – i can’t stand card games, but i may go just to harass ppl and have a beer, it’s worth the 20 dollar buy in.

    two of the guys get prickly about losing – especially when ppl like me (non-poker types) play weird hands and generally fuck up their program

  44. If you believe these ugly lesbian women were groped by Trump you’re nuts. Have you seen his wives?? He didn’t fly commercial and these lesbos work for the Clinton Foundation.

  45. Oh, and 20 years have passed and 4 show up on the same day?? F them. Standard Clinton operating procedure. Even John Dickface McCain got the “women on the side” treatment.

  46. Yea, it defies stupidity to believe it. One of the old contestants said she was contacted by one of the networks and asked if Trump touched her in the bad spot. SHe said no, he was awesome, etc. THey’re calling them ALL up. I’m sure they’ll find a few Clinton supporters who are willing to lie or their dear leader.

  47. Jeez. I’m amazed that coach hasn’t had a tragic accident somewhere…

  48. Does that help?
    Got it.

  49. mj – you still racing?
    Heh. I could have been any of those weirdos.

  50. I had a long talk with my bride last night about the election.

    She started out with the position that she could never vote for Trump because of his boorish behavior. (I’m not voting for him, but not for that reason.)

    Anyway, she’s a lot smarter than that, so I patiently walked her through a few scenarios. She only gets her information from either the news, or the echo camber that her lefty friends inhabit.

    To begin with, I pointed out the difference between a guy caught saying stuff, or your husband actually doing it, then attacking the victims.

    She knew nothing about the Clinton Foundation. Nothing about Bill’s million dollar birthday bribe from Qatar. Nothing about the Podesta email dumps. Nothing about the disgruntled FBI employees who got sold out by Comey. Nothing about the “private Bill/Loretta Lynch tarmac conference. Nothing about the immunity deals in exchange for no actionable testimony from Clinton aides. Nothing about the Bengazi walk back after it was originally blamed on an old youtube video. Nothing about how even when Clinton knew it wasn’t the video, she repeated the lie to the victims’ families. Nothing about how the Obama administration (Clinton head of State) created a vacuum in the Middle East that caused the creation of ISIS. On and on and on.

    It took a long time.

    This is what happens to a person who has a very demanding job, and doesn’t have time to pay attention to other sources.

    In the end she understood. I wasn’t trying to convince her to vote for Trump. I was trying to show her what a sinister and evil person Clinton is.

  51. I like redheads.

  52. I think its totally plausible that a group of ugly women all happened to have their stories published on the same day, three weeks before an election after a ‘narrative’ was built and Trump was asked specifically in a debate.

    What I’ve learned from reading the wikileaks dump is that Clinton doesn’t fart without 15 people deciding if it should be silent, wet, or both. To think that this spontaneously happened is fucking crazy.

  53. Did I mention that the coach is black? Perhaps they’re afraid to fire him for being sued.

  54. What do you and your wife talk about Hotspur that she didn’t know any of that?

    Perhaps Pat and I are weird. We talk politics a lot.

  55. Gotta tell ya, kind of having fun grabbing pussy around the house.

  56. You’re disgusting ^

    You’re gonna make Michelle cry again.

  57. Seriously, if Trump goes after her he is too dumb to be president.

  58. Carin, we don’t talk politics much.

    We talk about future plans, vacations, house projects, our jobs, retiring, our kids, your mom… almost never politics.

    We don’t eat dinner together much because of our schedules, but last night we did. She asked if I knew about all of the women coming forward about Trump, and that started the discussion.

    To her credit, she remembered how the same tactic was used on Cain, and how it caused him to immediately fold. Her question was whether I thought Trump would.

  59. And also to her credit, she’s a patient listener. She digests what she hears and reconsiders her position – unlike a lefty who goes “lalalalalalalala…I can’t hear you.”

  60. She was a center lefty politically when we met. Our first date was the day after the 2000 election when the presidency was still up in the air. The night before she had been at a Gore election night event, where the women were all going “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!”

    Any way, after about six weeks of dating, she said, “Geoff, I really like you, but how can two people with such different views have a relationship?”

    I said, “Pick a topic, any topic, and let’s discuss it.”

    After about four topics, we were on the same page every time. The only difference was how we got to that page, and why. I proved to her that mature adults can debate, unlike the childish lefties she was accustomed to palling around with.

  61. Car in, I’m on a shuttle bus to to the airport, but I’ll be home this afternoon and for the foreseeable future, this just happened to be the week I was out of town. Ended up being an okay trip, project lead wants to clone me, which is usually a good sign that someone likes your work.

  62. Also Sarah is two of four reasons to watch Suits. There’s one other regular gal who is pretty cute.

  63. Today’s experiment – salmon brined with pickle juice.

  64. Probably bets the hell out of pickles brined in salmon juice.

  65. Send her my condolences ‘Spur. Heh

    I have to say American Airlines went out of their way to help me today. They went above and beyond any reasonable expectation to change my hurricane cancelled flight and give me a open ticket to a different airport at no additional cost.

  66. Picklepalooza is almost over. I think Laura got about 100 lbs of cucumbers this year. It was a good run.

  67. Carin, evidently, being black changes everything. He might not believe he’s just a bad coach and his color is irrelevant.

  68. Your mom was the star of Picklepalooza.

  69. Comment by leoncaruthers on October 14, 2016 11:10 am

    project lead wants to clone me, which is usually a good sign that someone likes your work.
    Or wants to do unspeakable things to your body…..

  70. Probably wants to grab Leon’s pussy.


  72. People buy that plan?


  73. Hope springs eternal in the minds of NeverTrumpers.

  74. Finally went and got my Fancy picture (the one from one of Chump’s artists) framed.

    picking the matting and frame took a looooong time.

    I didn’t like any of the lady’s suggestions. I had to take it in my own direction.

  75. Hahahah, yeah, our big play is Evan.

  76. I didn’t want to “see” the frame/etc. I want to see the picture. But it has to go along in a manner.

    Shiny silver frame (to match the shiny exterior of the jet stream camper) with yellow and “kale” green matting.

  77. Mare, he is a horrible coach. Basically lectures the girls during practice. One of our trainers (who plays himself on a high level) from the travel team was watching the practice (once they started doing stuff) and laughed.

  78. Flight delayed. Not ideal.

  79. Talking ain’t coaching.

  80. We were going to go hiking but maybe we can zip in your car to get something for you!

  81. ^^^best comment ever^^

  82. Hehe, the latest at AOS: The Smartest Woman in the World is lucky enough to have occasional bouts of Investigation-Onset Alzheimer’s.

  83. I don’t really care about the Trump/Clinton scandals that much but I’d at least like the courtesy to have the Clinton scandals reported on.

    I saw something on Fox that showed CSB, ABC, and NBC devoted 27 minutes to Trump and 58 seconds to Clinton.

    It’s so obvious that it might backfire.

  84. I take it you’ll be tuning in for the 2nd Debate on Saturday Night Live this weekend?

  85. I don’t watch SNL. Is it good?

  86. Was it ever good?

  87. 30 years ago it was funny..

  88. Yeah, back in the days of Eddie Murphy, Dan Ackroyd, Chevy Chase, Dennis Miller.

    Can you imagine them doing Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood now?

  89. Belushi…Gilda Radner

  90. Damn, that was in the 70’s.

  91. Cheeseburger Cheeseburger! Pepsi Pepsi!

    Rosanne Rosanadana – Never mind!

  92. A post on their Facebook page reads, “Fountain of Wine is a welcome, the Fountain of Wine is poetry.” However, they also add that it is not to be used for “drunkards” or “louts.”

    *cancels plane ticket*

    Everyone is always so damn judgey these days.

  93. The H2 Song

  94. Does anyone believe these chicks that have vague 20 year old memories of someone grabbing them in public?

  95. Nothing quite like a week in DC in an election year to make you happy to see Detroit.

  96. I sincerely doubt anyone has groped those women in private. Sober, at least.

  97. I’m guessing they’re counting on volume. Once you hear someone say, ‘can they all be lying?’ we’ll know its just a numbers game.

  98. It’s bullshit, it it isn’t I don’t care.

    We are supposed to ignore the serial rapist and focus on an unwanted kiss 30 years ago.

    They are going to do this every 4 years until it stops working.

  99. Trump should just say, “Pics, or it didn’t happen.”

  100. Hillary Clinton groped me when we were in college together.

  101. Heh, and Leeds’ story starts to unravel, just like Rathergate:

  102. Trump executive makes a video, just because she (yes she) wanted to:

  103. This hag is in Ann Arbor today.

    I thought she was already dead.

  104. heh, she looks just like that White House reporter, I forget her name, that we all just LOOOOOOVE!

  105. helen thomas!

  106. Oh look, Gloria Allred climbed out from under her rock to join in on the Trump bashing:

  107. Any mentions of Bill Cosby yet? That’s the killer blow.

  108. We tried using pickle juice to wet brine salmon.

    OMG! We’ll be saving pickle juice.

  109. Donald Trump once invited Bill Cosby up to his hotel room for a drink.

  110. Brine pickle juice.

  111. I tried to finger a chick named Stephanie back in 77. I had gotten a faulty scouting report on her from two of my buddies who were also trying valiently to hide their status as virgins. I wonder if this will come up when I run for president in 2020.

  112. Is Stephanie willing to come forward?

  113. Sounds like an interesting taste, scott.

  114. This was naturally brined pickle juice, not the vinegar kind.

    Laura’s idea.

    Best salmon ever.

  115. because i will otherwise forget –
    here is my birfday shout out to the October surprises:
    agile dog
    Teresa in Fort Worth

    Happy BD you assortment of louts, layabouts, lummoxes, and lushes

  116. When I run for president, everything you hear about me will be true.

    All of it.

  117. I’m still pissed that Hillary fingered me.

    She smelled of gin and cigarettes. Kind of like a tenement grandmother from the old country.

  118. Thanks, Jam. It’ll be the BIG FIVE OH for me.

  119. Happy Birthday to all our wonderful Hostage October babies.

  120. Is Stephanie willing to come forward?

    She wasn’t too interested back in 77. I haven’t seen nor heard from her si very I visited with her briefly at 10 year reunion in 88. At that time she lived in ABQ NM so I’m guessing she’s a liberal.

  121. Wait a second here….Bill Clinton was President, right? According to the fuck nuggets he was a great President. Bill Clinton is a known womanizer, right? And was found to be womanizing while in office Right? Yet, (according to the fuck nuggets) Bill was a great President.

    So how can Bill be a successful womanizing president, yet Trump is DQ’d ?

    Also, sitting here talking with co-workers today, we all agree its blatantly obvious you cant trust the media anymore. But my concern is, do the LIV’s see it to? I mean its pretty fucking blatant. Its a crying fucking shame that when we speak of the media in the FUCKING USA that we speak in terms of it being a organ of the state… the thought of it blows my mind. The next thought that comes to mind is “how do we correct this”?

    Whats it going to take?

  122. I stopped reading Hot Air.

    Soooo much better.

  123. Last day in my old branch. One manager stayed in her office with the door shut all day, the other didn’t show up until 10 AM then made herself scarce. I kind of thought that 13 years meant a little more than that. New boss didn’t show up but did send four emails about various crap. I dealt with a dog and pony show in the morning and played in the lab all afternoon.

  124. Good day, fluffers and nutters.

  125. Someone posted this link at EHOWA and I had to stop it several times for laughter and because the woman’s voice is, how shall I put this nicely…less than pleasant to listen to. But this is in a very large nutshell what it is like to listen to my co-workers.

    I will give up my ampersand utility to anyone who can make it through in one sitting

    Update on Micah: He is going to make it to 18 and transfer to the world class hospital 1 mile from the house instead of Cedars-Sinai which is 2 hours away, even if he has to go on dialysis to make it. Tired of the people there, tired of the condescension

  126. Glad Micah is going to make it, sorry that Cedars-Sinai is giving you shit.

  127. Thanks Roamy

    There is just this cognitive dissonance when they deal with a single dad. “Where is his mom?” I get asked EVERY FREAKING TIME. I had their legal department actually come to one of meetings and ask to see the divorce decree where I got full custody.

  128. Cedars is a great hospital, but yeah, that’s a long way from Orange County.

  129. Only four in SoCal that do pediatric renal transplant. Cedars, UCLA Children’s, Loma Linda, and Scripps

  130. That shit where they were asking about his mother would have gotten awkward real fast had you been a widower. Which, that situation has to have come up a couple of times in the hospital’s history.

  131. Yeah, but he is a minor, and they do have a spot on the medical history asking about the parent’s marital status. Some decrees do have things about unanimity in medical decisions. But when every tie I come without his mom, you think they might have been able to rent a clue.

  132. I fingered Hillary.

    Then I woke up and puked.

  133. I fingered your mom. We’re both very happy together and I want you to call me dad from now on.

  134. Prayers for you and Micah. Happy Birthday Octobers.

  135. One of the Twitter follows asked WTF was wrong with NBC that they employed both Trump and the Cos and did nothing. Pretty sure Letterman had NBC intern issues. I wonder if Billy Bush is going to go nuclear on Matt Lauer. DFC. LiFB

  136. Bob Dylan got a Nobel.

    I remember back in ’09 when we awarded Nobels for farting and belching.

    And hosefucking.

    Good times.

  137. Did Santos from Colombia get the NPP this year?

  138. *backs away from Oso*

    Chick is incoherent.

  139. Ha! I checked before Wiser could do the Google link. Santos won! He agreed to split Colombia with FARC for peace, and the Colombian people voted NO! Still planning on giving Communist narco terrorists free reign in half of Colombia. He may get a higher death count than King Mierdas.

  140. Trump was drunk one night, and he groped me. Then he forcibly blew me.

    Now granted, we were in high school together at the time, but I remember all of the details.

    He stabbed a kitty, drowned a puppy, and ate a baby.

    I was there.

  141. No way any of that is true. Neither you, the kitty, the puppy, or the baby were hot enough for Trump.

  142. Nuh uh, Sean! It was all filmed by NBC and they sat on everything for 30 years!!!

  143. Hillary made me do butt stuff.

  144. Doesn’t matter who I vote for, living in CA means that HRC will carry the state 60-40 unless she comes out as an Evangelical Christian. SO I wrote in Sweet Meteor of Death


  146. Saw 30 members wearing Cubs gear today. In the Q. 5 Dodgers. We used to be the Dodger farm team. So, wash. 1 dude with a brand new Wahoo ballcap. No BJs yet.

  147. NM = Voter Fraud. Whatever! Local Congresscritter has the Retail Bitch haircut. Her ad is about going from SF to Boston by train with her family. Democrats lie in their ads because stupid and LIVs. She messages her SF roots. Trains to the East always go through the Q. Always. Even the spur for passengers goes to the Q first. Bitch has Santa Fe cred. I despise her Benghazi walkout fucking ass. I will wrote in Satan before I vote for the bitch.

  148. MOTHERFUCKER!!! Fucking NBC is reporting the Obama is planning a cyber strike against russia for…..”interfering in our election”. You know what this is right? This is the defense if Trump wins..”the russians did it”. Not to mention WTF is NBC doing running the story before……its almost like they’re trying to start shit.

  149. Pepe gets to vote for Steve Pearce. Our lone GOP representative since Illegals got to vote

  150. No BJs yet.


  151. And Sean hits it out of the park! 😘⚾️

  152. I have glassware and an ashtray from the 1948 World Series. My dad loved his Indians. My 3 tour VN vet dad was kind of a cry baby. Blah blah blah Jane Fonda. It broke his heart when the Braves beat his Indians and the cameras kept showing the Commie Cunt that was married to Ted Turner at the time.

  153. Yet.

  154. BlueJays!!!! I have a Joe Carter mitt. Low hanging fruit and all that.

  155. Man, if you have Amazon Music, avoid downloading the new player if at all possible. The user interface sucks and it keeps crashing after I play one or two songs form an album.

  156. baseball ruined it

  157. Baseball kills!

  158. Baseball is still being played? Funny, I don’t think anyone told the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Brought to you by Toyota and Budweiser that was what they were supposed to work toward. I mean, having the best player in baseball, you think they would know that they needed to get in on this postseason stuff.

    Of course having the BP pitchers with more velocity than the starters makes winning games hard.

  159. They’ll have Trout pitch next year, Mr. S. That’ll solve everything.

  160. We put “1984” on our Amazon play list. It seems, somehow, appropriate.

    We’re binge-watching “Defiance”.
    Strange science fiction story, post apocalypse where there are many alien species from dead worlds coming to earth to take over the planet.
    They all look human but, some are albino, some gingers with a flat nose, some like gorillas(short haired wookies), some purple-skinned cannibals(Purple people eaters?), some(the doctors) artificial life-forms with lizard skin..
    They all speak English.
    Some with a Jamaican accent.
    Cheap escapist fun…

  161. The Angels are the Reds of the AL. All the talent, none of the wins.

  162. Oso…that is so true!

  163. Careless talk
    Through paper walls
    We can’t stop them
    Only derp at them

  164. Dear JAMES,

    The NFL would like to hear from you. Please indicate whether or not you tuned in to watch the Broncos vs. the Chargers last night.
    Your feedback is important to us and we thank you for your time.

    The NFL
    This mess age was in my inbox. I figured if I clicked either one I’d get taken to a survey so I clicked “yes” because I watched the first quarter or so before I fell asleep. That was it, all or nothing. It took me to a “Thank you” page. I had stuff I wanted to say but they didn’t want to hear it. The mere fact they’re sending out email surveys is hilarious.

  165. I turned the heat on last night. Upstairs is pretty well insulated and not much happened. Downstairs was chilly and the furnace woke up, stretched its legs and starting consuming heating oil ($$$).

  166. I saw the report Troy. Cyber attack on Russia. Broadcast it in advance. That doesn’t seem wise, does it? Almost like a propaganda scam is unfolding before our eyes.

  167. Morning.

  168. wakey wakey

  169. Just woke up. Butthole feels fingered.

    Long blonde hairs on pillow.

  170. Jam, that conjoined twin story was great.

  171. HAHAHAHAH, you turds are disgusting and funny.

  172. None of us can run for office. EVER.

  173. Grey roots, MJ?

  174. mj has ghey roots?

  175. poker night went well –
    the best player left disgusted after buying back in 3 times.

    the salsa was good; the host made it with peppers he grew; it was a little on the hot side. i didn’t realize how much garlic he put in it – this morning is pleasant, my wife told me to go outside.

    holy crap – i won’t have to worry about vampires for a while

  176. I have about 30 more of those absurdly hot peppers. I have to get a propane burner for outside if I want to cook with them again.

  177. “propane burner for outside”

    Best $20 I ever spent.

  178. So, this is what it smells like in here in the morning?


  179. Yeah, I keep thinking of things that it would help for and then forgetting to buy one.

  180. one of my bell pepper plants finally took hold –
    holy moly it’s got a couple dozen little peppers on it. too bad it’ll get the frost treatment soon

  181. As you might expect, the frost treatment killed it.


  183. Cut down most of the phragmites that were left standing. Going to give them a week to dry out, then it’s time for another MPP run.

  184. Gonna work on a new poat, unless anybody else has something up their sleeve.

  185. I managed to only get and break 3 blisters. Got to work harder on that leathery hand thing.

  186. That’s what your abstention from porn has done to you, Leon, left you with soft hands.

  187. I took some photos of our drought today.

    Here is the Colebrook Reservoir

  188. There once was a poat that was new…

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