Hello Bros, Hoes, Joes, and Roamy, welcome to Big Boob Friday.

I skipped to 1 minute 24 seconds to avoid the intro movie garbage…or you know you could just ignore this NSFW song. Whatever.



I couldn’t figure out how to work these in and I’m old and tired.

Bebe Pepe

Bebe Sox

Bebe Uniball

Your model for today is British, so she’s got some fucked up teeth, acts slutty and has big boobs, naturally. She’s an actress who’s been on British TV soaps since she was 10 years old and is a bit of a chameleon with her hair color, which I like. She’s been gif-ed here a lot but never featured until now. Born August 7th, 1990 in Bury, Greater Manchester, UK, she stands 5′ 3″ and 125 lbs, 37DD-25-36, please get off my back long enough to welcome Helen Flanagan!



hf 1





hf 2


  1. The “Bebe Pepe” link/gif is the most fantastic thing I’ve seen in years, go click it again.

  2. Morning.

  3. Totes a chameleon. I skipped to the boobs before gifs and thought it was an ensemble entry today. After careful study I realized my error. Second to last picture demanded my attention the mostest.

    Viva Helen Flanagan!

    Viva P-Dog!

    Viva Viva!

  4. She’s no Helen Mirren.


  6. Wakey wakey boobs

  7. I bet she makes a really good PB+J.

  8. Yesterday my dentist confirmed a cracked filling and tooth in my rear most molar which explains the cold sensitivity I’ve had for about a month. Gotta schedule a visit to get that repaired. At the same time he’s going to pull my upper wisdom teeth (I have no lower wisdom teeth). From all the dramatic stories about wisdom teeth extractions I’ve heard I was wondering how involved this would be. He told me it would be done in an hour and ibuprofen and or Tylenol would handle the pain.


  9. I don’t think the English have invented PB & J. She probably spreads baked beans on toast.

  10. Hope you are feeling better, TiFW.

  11. Can’t tell you, Jimbro, I had 8 teeth including wisdom teeth cut out at the same time. 4 days of Tylenol 3.

  12. I had three done at the same time and I was fine. Everyone has a difference pain tolerance bla bla bla.

    I can’t take really strong pain things – they make me nauseous.

    I used gas so was awake too.

  13. Great job, Pups!

  14. I’ll ask him for some Toradol 10 mg tablets. Those work pretty well for most pain and got me through a kidney stone about 10 years ago.

  15. She has pretty features.

  16. If by features you mean titties I’d like to motorboat then yes, she has nice features.

  17. Yes, Jimbro that is exactly what I meant.

  18. I wonder what she’s cooking in that last shot?

  19. Excellent BBF Pups. LOL’d at several of the gifs. I take back almost everything I said about you.

    Jimbro, the worst part IMO is the sound. Crunchy.

    Morning all.

  20. Hmm, I’ll bring headphones and listen to that cats fucking in the closet music Carin enjoys.

    Time to work….

  21. If Crazy Cat Lady would leave for work, I would take a nap. Fuck my life.

  22. Don’t believe the headphone thing will work since the crunchy sound will be emanating from inside your skull.

  23. With the gas I could hear the crunchy but didn’t give a shit.

  24. But I highly recommend QOTSA aka Cats Fucking In a Closet as music to distract you. Go with their first album.

  25. HBD Jewstin!

  26. Wow. That’s just with three guys making all that awesome noise. There are usually another 2 (or 3) guys on stage with them.

  27. We had the most beautiful sunrise today but now it’s overcast. boo.

  28. This is what I hear

  29. Boehner to resign from Congress at the end of October.

  30. Pupster gets it done.

  31. If Boner resigns, the new Speaker probably won’t be orange. I think that’s a step in the right direction.

  32. Boehner is a weepy POS.

    Good riddance.

    But you can bet your mother’s condom stash that if he “resigns” his ilk are working behind the scenes to foist some new dem light douche as his replacement.

  33. Happy birthday, Jewstin.

  34. Somebody has some shit on the weeping cheeto that he can’t face down.

    Probably caught him sucking off little boys.

  35. Happy birthday, Jewstin.

  36. Jew, a very happy birthday to you!!

  37. heh heh heh.

    exploding dog actually made me jump.

  38. HB, Jewstin!

    Who wants to bet that Boehner is resigning so he can switch parties and become Joe Biden’s running mate in 2016?

  39. Looks like Helen can make a mean sammich too

  40. Happy birthday, Jewstin!

  41. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m getting a mechanical penis, because mid-life crisis, something, something. I found a 1977 Chevy Nova. Somebody put a monster V-8 in the thing and I just have to do some body work to make it pretty.

  42. The kid down the street had a Nova about that vintage when I was in high school. It wasn’t antique obviously. One day a group of kids turned it sideways between two parked cars. His reaction was amusing.

  43. My birthday wish for you Jewstin is immunity to such pranks

  44. Happy Birthday, Jew!
    Get Well Soon, TiF!
    Hello Nice Bewbs, Pup!

  45. Looks like you guys may be stuck babysitting me for a few days – I’m going to be in here for 3-5 days, and the choice of channels available to watch is less than thrilling.

    And I have surgery in my future. Oh, joy…

    When did all of the hospital staff get so young? I swear, these kids are my kids’ age!

  46. TIFW, you mentioned an abscess. Not trying to get too personal but what is actually happening?

  47. Happy Birthday, Jewstin.


    Good job, Pups.

  48. Good thing xbradtc shaved his balls for this.

  49. Happy birthday Jewstin and congrats on the mechanical penis.

    I think.

  50. Hospitals suck.

  51. So Boner will resign the end of October.

    F*cker was about to get tossed. From what I’ve been hearing, they about had the votes to do it.

  52. I kinda cheated and just used Nair this time, Mare.

    You should feel how smooth they are.

  53. Maybe the Pope made him feel guilty for aiding and abetting the demon in the WH.

  54. As @DanMcLauglin tweeted, we don’t need a Speaker that fights every time, but one that plans to win when he does fight.

  55. You will be right as rain in no time TiFW. I’ll try to amuse you with piggie stories.

  56. From all the dramatic stories about wisdom teeth extractions I’ve heard I was wondering how involved this would be.

    So long as their roots aren’t messy, they should pop right out.

    All four of my wisdom’s roots were fused. I did one side one week and the other side, the following week. Took 20 minutes to numb up, another several seconds to pop ’em out. It was a bit achy overnight, but I didn’t need any pain meds.

  57. You should feel how smooth they are.


    *fires up chain saw*

    What did you say xbradtc, I can’t hear you.

  58. Mare, I have an abscess in a Diverticular pocket in the sigmoid section of my colon. I had it flare up for the first time last year; it was hoped that would be the only incident. Unfortunately, it came back bigger and better, so here we are.

    They’re going to drain the abscess later today, then keep me in here a few more days to make sure everything is OK.

    Then they will wait a few weeks to give the colon time to “rest” before going in and removing the section of bowel that is giving me all this trouble.

    Should be pretty straightforward – since I’ve lost so much weight in the past year, my surgical “risk factor” has gone down significantly.

  59. JEWSTIN!

  60. Prayers for healing, TiFW.

  61. Well, congrats on the weight loss putting you in a better position surgically. On the other hand, shoot, hospitals, surgery, abscesses …..booooooooooo.

  62. Teresa, that sucks. You kinda wish they can just take out the business now and be done with it.

  63. Awww, Jewstin, you’re so sweet! I’m not too worried about everything; the worst part about being in the hospital when you’re not direly ill is the sheer boredom.

    Mr. TiFW has promised to entertain me until I throw him out :-)

  64. As @DanMcLauglin tweeted, we don’t need a Speaker that fights every time, but one that plans to win when he does fight.

    Has Boehner ever tried to fight, at all?

  65. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone – they mean a lot! {{{hugs}}}

    (And if Cyn wants to send me a hunky cabana boy to help me pass the time, I promise not to break him….)

  66. I think he got into a slap fight in 2nd grade.

    Sally McPherson kicked his ass.

  67. Teresa, how much weight have you lost (asks a person focusing on the least important part of your situation)?

  68. Sally always could kick whimpering ass.

  69. Mare, I’ve lost 60 pounds in the past year; I’m down 85 from my highest weight. I’ve lost most of this year’s weight since March, when I went off of Prednisone.

    I’m thrilled with the weight loss (kinda weird buying smaller clothes), but now I look like a Shar-pei puppy!

  70. Well done, Teresa.

  71. Benjy Sarlin @BenjySarlin
    Wow Trump is getting booed BIG TIME for dumping on Marco Rubio as “clown”
    AG retweeted Benjy Sarlin

  72. Trump’s schtick is getting old. He should be dumping on the the dems.
    Makes me more pissed that Walker and Perry are gone.

  73. Walker and Perry got out too soon. I know, I know, money, money money.

  74. That’s a bummer Teresa, good that they caught it early though.

  75. Prayers up, TiFW. How’s the WiFi at the hospital?

  76. Walker and Perry got out too soon. I know, I know, money, money money.

    Or got in too soon.

  77. So, I was excused from jury duty, which was to be the first week of September. Notice said I’ll be hearing from them again in six months.

    Guess what came in the mail today?

  78. Happy B’Day to Jewstin and the Tushar twins!

    Good luck, TiFW!

  79. Outstanding work today, Pup!

    I’m driving by. Be Back in a bit.

  80. Chumpo is driving the short bus.

  81. Is that your mom’s nickname, short bus?

  82. *moves Jay to Kill First*

  83. Worky worky

  84. Owners car is at the back door so I’ll sit in my car a bit.

  85. Back from the draining procedure, sent me back with a snazzy bulb drain apparatus.

    Now we wait to see how long it takes to finish clearing this sucker out…

  86. Hehehehashasahkla!

    shut up.

  87. Not you TiF.

    You just keep on draining.

  88. Will do, Chumpo.

  89. I’m thinking a garden hose and a shop vac would make quick work of that.

  90. *hope everything is going ok, while I crack jokes

  91. Bailed early on the department picnic. I should change clothes and go harvest mustard seeds.

    Crap, n/m, I need to print a bunch of stuff.

  92. I need to print a bunch of booze into my glass.

  93. Owners car is at the back door

    worst euphemism ever.

  94. Ah, the weekend.

    Wha happened all week long? I was in a full week of HR brainwashing.

  95. I realized that if I’d just taken FMLA leave after the baby was born and not told my old job I was quitting I just go back next week like nothing had happened.

    That was my week.

  96. I realized that if I’d just taken FMLA leave after the baby was born and not told my old job I was quitting I just go back next week like nothing had happened.

    Aaaaaah, but then, you would have always been wondering…. “what if…”

  97. No, I could have started at Ford and worked there the entire time, then decided which one I liked more.

  98. Thats like a classic Costanza.

  99. I know, right? Heck, I could have put in 8-10 hours a week at the old job and collected a 25% paycheck even.

  100. Leon, either you or your wife might think about taking a 3 year sabaticle. If it was you you could focus on farming and continue your education in your feild. Once baby is pushing 4 years old its a different ballgame.

  101. I turned to Fox for The Five but got SHEP!!! live broadcasting THE POPE!!!

    Honest to dog, that man needs to chill out.

  102. Chumpo, we’re considering that.

  103. leon, are you going back to your old jerb?

    MJ, what jerb have you decided on?

    I can’t keep up.

  104. This blog needs a diesel mechanic.

  105. Of course you will probably get pregnant again during that time in which case the sabbatical gets extended, rinse, repeat.

  106. Any good college football games tonight?

  107. Happy Birthday, Jewstin.

    I got you one of these:

  108. Here’s your diesel mechanic:

  109. I got you one of these:



  110. And now, a message from the Massachusetts Tourism Board

  111. leon, are you going back to your old jerb?

    No. I just heard that they didn’t get the giant contract they were expecting so they likely have no way of hiring anyone at this point. I might have been able to hold on if I’d stayed, but I can’t see them wanting me back at this point.

    Potential future bossman is in the PNW signing contracts and expanding his business. I believe there’ll be an offer when we can finally talk, but that will likely wait until he’s in Detroit.

  112. All right. I’m going to Diving class. Well I’m going to read Mad magazine while my daughter dives. Anyway, happy Biday, Squirrel. All you all stay out of the deep end unless you’ve been drinking.

    somebody find DiT and tell I’m he’s a slacker.

    TiFis counting on us to be funny this wknd so, calling all cars.

    Audi O’s

  113. That”s the nearest, Pups.

  114. I’m making savory sausage pastries to freeze for lunches. In case you were wondering, gruyere is fabulously expensive. That shit had better taste good.

  115. Bestest. Stoopid autocorrect.


  117. ^Just in case anyone was wondering what I want for my birthday.

  118. Happy birthday, Jewstin!

  119. Just in case anyone was wondering what I want for my birthday.

    What, boltcutters?

    Also, I need that wardrobe piece built. Going to need it someday.

  120. My truck started to run like crap when the tailpipe fell off.

    That makes no sense at all, but pipe was almost 8 feet long.

    Could something require higher back pressure to operate properly?
    Turbo? Engine gas recirculation valve?

  121. Screw it. I’ll just replace it.

  122. You probably got some computer dealio that’s trying to save the planet by regulating emissions.

  123. The VW thing has been a hot topic at work this week.

  124. The courtesy clerk at the grocery store was a chick with a 5 o’clock shadow or a dude. I’m not sure.

  125. Bacreasure. Yes

  126. The people that discovered the VW thing were idiots for going public with it. VW would have paid billions for their silence.

  127. I met a young lady this week who works at a hotel as a caterer, who does not remove her facial hair. She had pretty impressive goatee for a chick. I passed on the buffet.

  128. The courtesy clerk at the grocery store was a chick with a 5 o’clock shadow or a dude. I’m not sure.

    I saw one like that yesterday. If it wasn’t a dude, she needed a bra.

  129. Greetings, spicy blumpkins.

  130. I actually sang that to “Hello Country bumpkin”

  131. HBD Jewstin!

  132. Thinkin’ positive thoughts for you TiFW

  133. nice tits Pup!

  134. “Could something require higher back pressure to operate properly?
    Turbo? Engine gas recirculation valve?”

    might have an exhaust back pressure sensor…

    if it does it will mess up fuel delivery

    it’s been a while since i’ve screwed around with CI engines – and most of those were for heavy equipment, so enviro crap wasn’t really an issue

  135. Your mom has an exhaust back pressure sensor.

  136. i picked up a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey…

    haven’t had a bourbon in quite a while.

    it’s from a little village in the Hudson Valley (NYS) that i used to work in – so i was kinda intrigued.

    just cracked it open –

    indians are circling

  137. she did mention you were a little windy

  138. Keep yer head down, Jam. They do not take prisoners.

  139. H2, IB

  140. jajaja

  141. Jay, this may be relative to your interests:

  142. Awwwww. I almost feel bad for IB. Almost.


  144. Hahahaghagaghadshjahjka\

    Fiereah!!! Oh, I’m laughing now!!!

    I hate you fagZ.

    I gotta go to din now, Smell ya later.

  145. Birdie and Bogey were Celena’s Boxers. They were trained to keep treats on their snouts until they were given the “Command”. Gingy would Prairie Dog…steal their treats…and hide under furniture.

  146. I stoled that, Puppeh.

  147. i think i saw this guy –

  148. XBrad acknowledges his failure as a father:

  149. Paulitics,
    I had tears. That was very good…

  150. Thanks. Copy and save the article A masterpiece.

  151. Did anybody catch anybody else eating a jar of pomade like it was a pudding cup today?

  152. Crazy Cat Lady has pomade in the bathroom cabinet. I haven’t seen him eat it.


  153. All right, you miscreants – I’m back to my old self; thanks for the laughs and the kind thoughts. You guys are the bestest!

    Mr. TiFW brought me some needlework prep that I had planned on working on while at a family reunion this weekend. So while I’m confined to temporary quarters for the next few days, I will at least have something to keep me busy.

    Love you all bunches and bunches –

  154. Once again, TiFW would rather do needlework than hang out with us.

  155. Who wouldn’t?

  156. Scotw,

  157. It’s the only reason why Sean is here.

    He has no needlework.

  158. I could do some, scott, but I’ve seen the needle and the damage done. Oh, the damage done.

  159. It happens, I know how to knit sock hats. Now would be a good time to get some needles and yarn.

  160. Thanks to the ONT, I learned the weather chicks name: Yanet Garcia. I make fun of Dan for watching. He doesn’t speak Spanish.

  161. El hotto alwayso. I want some Autumn weather.

  162. Every junky like a setting sun….

  163. She needs no translation, Oso.

  164. It’s weird for Wyoming. Where is the snow?

  165. Our night time temps are only in the 60s. Leaves aren’t turning. Still having to shave!

  166. bourbon update:

  167. Holy crap – intravenous Benadryl is WAAAAAAY more potent than OTC tablets!

    I feel really, really mellow (and I do not like it one bit….)

  168. Benadryl is a super sedative to me. IV benadryl would put me in a coma.

  169. This young guy comes up and tells me he tossed a club out on the range. I tell him, “If you know exactly where it is, I’ll tell everyone to stop hitting balls for two minutes so you can grab it.” He sez okay, and I make the announcement over the PA.

    I watch out the window to see if he’s running out on the grass and instead see him wandering slowly up the stairs. Meanwhile, all the golfers are standing around and waiting. I go upstairs and tell him to get a move on, and he starts slooooooowly ambling along.

    RUN. They’re all waiting for you.”

    “Oh, uh okay. What time do you close?”

    Never mind that, run out there and get your club.”

    “Durrrrrrrrrr. You want twenty dollars?”

    “Yes. When you get back.”

  170. The real TiF.

  171. “You want $20?”

    *SeanM Wayback Machine Inc.”

  172. Sorry to hear you’re ailing, TiF.

    Happy Birthday, Jew — who is Crazy Cat Lady? Roommate?

  173. I was tuning in the derp on the late night dial
    Doing anything my radio advised
    With every one of those late night stations
    Playing songs bringing tears to my eyes

  174. Good morning, you layabouts. Am I the only one up yet?

  175. oy!

  176. Today I am making Merlot Ragu and baked artichoke cheese and spinach pasta.

  177. what kind of birfday cake did you have Jewstin?

  178. Took forever to clean up but it was worth it:

  179. today i’m making concrete forms for a retaining wall, with 2 by 8’s, steel pins, and elbow grease (and probably a little blood)

  180. bourbon update –

    Hudson Baby Bourbon: long on promise, short on delivery. It’s ok; but there are plenty of better bourbons out there at half the price.

  181. wakey wakey

  182. Been up since 4:30, allergies are trying to kill me. Company will be here in two hours.

  183. Can’t get good babka in Bangor

  184. Hopefully the company will bring you a babka Roamy

  185. Company? On a saturday morning?


  187. It’s the trebuchet team. They’ll be here most of the day, so I’m planning on chicken stew for lunch.

  188. I don’t know what I’m talking about . there was company here when I woke up. The usual crew of 19/20 y/o dudes. I think one is now officially a member of our family – he’s here every weekend.

  189. My company is still sleeping. Late night watching movies.

  190. Hmmmm.

    Sounds like a good set up for a pron movie.

  191. Carin, you haven’t seen any masked lunatics wielding butcher knives yet?

  192. Not yet. But I do have a story from last night.

  193. As the Blind Fish turns:

    OK so there is this weird couple who are semi-regulars. I HATE them. Young- probably upper 30s. They have one kid in college but then twins that are 2 or 3 or something. did I mention I hate them?

    Of course I can’t be rude to them because … whatever.

    But they come and sit at the bar. And sit. And drink. It’s unbelievable how long they can sit there? I mean … UNBELIEVABLE. We are always just amazed. Yeterday they showed up at 12:3- or so and they closed the bar.

    who does that? ?????? I mean – obviously the drinking is an issue – but this is something worse. I mean you can drink anywhere right? What is it that has them go to a restaurant/bar and spend THAT much time.

    It’s weird?

    So last night my manager’s husband was sitting at the bar and talking to them. I don’t like “doug” either. He’s a dick. Weird as well. He’s talking whatever – and he’s up for a party and late night drinking all the time so he ends up inviting this couple back to his house for a bonefire.

    Sherri (my manager) finds out and tells us and we just start DYING laughing.

    You see … this couple are swingers. Doug didn’t know – lol. Anyway I told Sheri I wouldn’t go home. SHe was so pissed at her husband -but honestly he’s just a big dick and is always doing stupid /assholish stuff.

    So I wonder how her night turned out?

  194. Time to drop the truck off and walk back home.

  195. Ick.

  196. Done.

  197. So…they sit at the bar trying to pick up drunk or like minded swinging partners. Interesting strategy. Sounds like Doug got a different type of bonfire than he was expecting.

  198. Also you spelled it bonefire which is awesome given the circumstances.

  199. I recommend against bonefires.

    Chicken feed ran out at the wrong time of week, so I’m getting them some grower feed this morning to fatten them up a bit.

  200. Yea I saw the typo and decided to let it stay. Seemed appropriate.

  201. Is that a bonefire in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  202. Looks like Germany just got about 196% more rapier.

    What was Merkel thinking?

  203. Comment by MJ on September 26, 2015 9:32 am


    I’m with MJ.

    I kind of dicked around this morning and now it’s almost the afternoon.

    Any good football games today?

  204. I was hoping that the bastion for the arian race would not pollute it’s borders with the worst possible non-arians ever. HUGE mistake.

  205. This is bullshit. Assimilate or get out:

    At Pocking, another well-kept Bavarian town, the headmaster of the grammar school wrote to parents telling them not to let their daughters wear skimpy clothing. This was to avoid ‘misunderstandings’ with 200 migrants who were put up in the school’s gymnasium over the summer, before being moved on this month.
    The letter to parents said the migrants were ‘mainly Muslim, and speak Arabic. They have their own culture. Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be warn… revealing tops or blouses, short skirts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings.’

  206. “German authorities are not ‘going public’ about crimes involving migrants because they don’t want to ‘give legitimacy’ to critics of mass migration”

    Same as here.

    This kinda stuff makes Trump look good.

  207. The kardashian’s (to include the Jenner’s) are a plague upon the world. Horrible, horrible people.

  208. I think we have all witnessed the death of civilization. Despair is a sin, and I”m guilty. Let. It. Burn.

  209. How do you know that they’re swingers? They could just be drunks.

  210. I think one is now officially a member of our family – he’s here every weekend.

    Sounds like he either a) has no place to go, or b) has a thing for your daughter. Not joking about that second part.

  211. He could have a thing for Car in.

  212. Or Carin’s husband.

  213. He may have a thing for chickens

  214. Not that I need anymore sites that time suck for hours but this one is pretty cool:

  215. Or goji berries.

  216. Mare, I avoid tv-tropes because I’m afraid I will starve to death if I go down that rabbit hole.

  217. You fuckers are funny.

  218. Eric Cantor can eat a bowl of dicks.

    Not linking the New York Slimes and that shithead’s “Oh, the tea party’s so mean, Boehner is wooooooonnnnnderful, best leader evah!”

  219. Chicken stew is ready, table is set, waiting for the trebuchet crew to take a break.

  220. I think we need trebuchet pics/vid.

  221. Hey, Eric Cantor, you were ousted for a good reason.


  222. Left, H2 women, right, H2 men:

  223. Chumpo shares his skills with the H2 diving team:

  224. Aryan is the race thing, Mare. Arian is an early heresy of the Church that denied the divinity of Christ, instead purporting him to be an incarnate angel or the like, but not an equal part of the triune God.

    The more you knowtm

  225. Typical H2 pet:

  226. WTFs turn is it to kill Leon?

  227. * And I knew, KNEW someone would correct that…

    Leon here is your prize:

  228. Typical H2 pet:


  229. Speaking of pets, Mama Pooh is pregnant again. Who wants a kitten?

  230. Mare, it’s okay that you didn’t know. No need to mask it with hostility.

  231. Trebuchet team is making repairs and adjustments, not sure there’s any shooting today. Mr. RFH is at ~40% with the newly healed collarbone and is not taking chances. Cool friend from church is helping out with the heavy lifting.

  232. Chicken stew was a hit, as was the pumpkin pie Mini-me made with a volunteer pumpkin from the shooting range. First time we didn’t get 2 cups of pumpkin mash from a pumpkin, but it was still tasty.


    Big meal ready for company in 30 minutes max, will get better as it simmers. It would, of course, be better with fresh veggies.

  234. New stew is served:

  235. Mare, it’s okay that you didn’t know. No need to mask it with hostility.


    Heh, my laziness got the better of me, I knew I should have looked it up. You know I love you, Leon. You’re my go to guy for any information.

    Actually, thanks for the Aryan clarification.

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