Sāturni diēs


  1. Worthy of a repost:

    Comment by roamingfirehydrant on September 26, 2015 2:58 pm


    Big meal ready for company in 30 minutes max, will get better as it simmers. It would, of course, be better with fresh veggies.

  2. Mare, it’s okay that you didn’t know. No need to mask it with hostility.
    Heh, my laziness got the better of me, I knew I should have looked it up. You know I love you, Leon. You’re my go to guy for any information.

    Actually, thanks for the Aryan clarification.

  3. Darn it, there goes my attempt to get you all spun up.

  4. MJ, I recall that you’re getting married soon.

    A warning.

  5. Headed to 4:00pm Mass. Wherein my husband and I will be some of the youngest attendees. Old parish although there is a school.

  6. We need some updates people. Cyn: How are you feeling? Contacts? TiFW: How are you doing? Feeling? Jew: How was your birthday? Cake? Lippy: Why do you only drop in at night? We miss you! Scott: How’s the van? Leon: Lil possum and Benny pictures!!! XB: Still the Black Widow capitol? Lauraw: Have you started shopping for the cute scrubs?

  7. Mare, have you found a new house yet?

  8. Tush: What is the correct form of address when wishing your sons happy birthday: Anchor Babies or Tushar Twins?

  9. I have possum pictures to upload at some point, but I am rapidly entering nap/doze mode.

  10. Take your nap. I’m patient.

  11. Hey!!!!

  12. I can’t remember if you ever updated us on Wiserson and softball Sunday.

  13. Birthday was quite good. I will make a rhubarb cake tomorrow. Today I am making Merlot Ragu and Baked Chicken and Artichoke Florentine.

  14. I’m ok, that’s fine, no reason to check on me.

  15. Mmm, rhubarb cake sounds good.

  16. Mrs. Jay doesn’t care for artichokes, or wine, so jewstin’s chicken is out. But roamy’s sounds good too.

  17. I love me some rhubarb.

  18. Just had a pretzel dog. Take that, fancy eaters!

  19. I spend my weekends cooking up monster pots of food and freezing meals for the work week because I don’t have the energy to cook and clean.

    Crazy Cat Lady,Creepy Mooch, and Black Beggar love it. Everything that doesn’t go in the freezer is fair game. They eat like kings for a couple of days.

  20. I haven’t seen a BW in a week or so, so success!

  21. Tomorrow I am making barley stuffed peppers and savory cheese puff pastries.

  22. J’ames, I stalk you on FB.

  23. XB, Assets Protection warned all smokers to check benches, walls, and planters for BWs before sitting down to smoke. No one bitten…yet. Inundated.

  24. Jay, I poated peporoni pizza wrapped jalopeno poppers the other night.

    Go make me some.

  25. There is an army of black widows at work. I am not good about wearing gloves. One day I will get bitten.

  26. We have more BWs this year than Hoppers.

  27. I must have missed that, cuz that’s something I would try pupster.

  28. Merlot Ragu is fantastic. That goes on the recipe page. I think I will make Roamy’s chicken stew next week.

  29. I was on a Mormon prepper blog for a while, and this kind of stuff along with the anti-Catholicism made me give up on it.

    I should have trolled them and asked if Julie Rowe was a romance author.

  30. A very strange church bought the Mexican church down the street. They recruit aggressively. I went to a bible study because the youngster was very earnest. Apparently God has a wife, Jesus was resurrected in 1942, and one does not go to Sunday service. You’re supposed to shelter in place and avoid Armageddon on Sunday.

  31. Damn, that does sound good.

  32. Heh, nice one! Interesting idea, wrapping pizza around a jalepeno.

  33. Yep, this is something I can do:


  34. http://is.gd/QebTcZ

  35. A very strange church bought the Mexican church down the street. They recruit aggressively. I went to a bible study because the youngster was very earnest. Apparently God has a wife, Jesus was resurrected in 1942, and one does not go to Sunday service. You’re supposed to shelter in place and avoid Armageddon on Sunday.
    Damn, that does sound good.

  36. I shelter in place on Sunday.

  37. Migrants in the Netherlands are complaining. The internet is slow and nobody is giving them money for cigarettes.

  38. Who do I complain to?

  39. Not surprising. Wait for the “the internet is a human right!” crowd to join in.


  40. Btw, I’m mad that no one is giving me slutty cheerleaders and booze.

  41. >>>Btw, I’m mad that no one is giving me slutty cheerleaders and booze.<<<

    Have you looked behind the dead hookers?

  42. Sweet dice-rollin’ Jesus it’s hot today.

  43. Slutty cheerleaders lead to painful urinating.

  44. Starting the poppers:

  45. Did anybody else try in vain to find the derp in that last comment?

  46. Ready for the oven:


  47. Sean’s last comment, I mean.

  48. Sean usually only derps after midnight.

  49. I bought a 1977 Chevy Nova Cabriolet. Can’t talk. Squeeing in pants.

  50. HotBride is at IKEA. Guess how I will spend a few hours tomorrow.

  51. Interesting how three Texas teams are better than the enormous Longhorn school.

  52. Sweet ride Jewstin. What color?

  53. * tucks napkin into shirt collar*

  54. Guess how I will spend a few hours tomorrow

    Eating sausage?


  55. If only, Jimbroh.

  56. The thing needs some body work. It’s eggplant purple with a white vynil half-top. But it has a monster V-8 with shiny new Edelbrook manifolds and 4-barrell carb.

  57. I bet it’s good in the snow.

  58. Post a pic, Squirrel.

  59. Oh, I dispatched another chippy to the verge today. That’s six.

  60. Jew, I’m trying to cut down on my barrel carbs. But thanks.

  61. HotBride is at IKEA. Guess how I will spend a few hours tomorrow

    Relaxing in your back yard with a frosty beer and no cares in the world and no work?

  62. Somebody was on a mission. The nuts and bolts in the engine compartment are all anodized purple and the upholstery in the rear seat is a hideous purple shag.

  63. I will take some photos. I have my own mission. I’m going to make it pretty.

  64. My Edlebrook manifolds look better since I’ve been doing tons of planks.

  65. CoAx, the living room lacks bookcases. Can’t have that.

  66. Why not make bookcases from scratch?

  67. “Anodized purple” Well I guess you can describe a man’s private area that way. Whatever.

  68. Did anybody else try in vain to find the derp in that last comment?

    It was implied.

  69. That last was supposed to be a joke, BTW.

  70. Maybe not shag. more like velour, but still hideous.

  71. I did in my last house, but IKEA’s prices are unbeatable. I can’t buy the fucking material for what they charge. And then I’d have to stain and varnish them.

    I should quit complaining.

  72. Plus, it’s what hipsters do.

  73. I’m planning to make a couple of bookshelves and cabinets for my current place. But I haven’t had a garage or workspace in almost five years, so it’s more about having the ability to work with my hands again.

  74. Also, I was thinking of picking up a record player and some vinyl records because it would be a nice touch for the living room…

    oh fuck me. Just kill me now.

  75. I was on a Mormon prepper blog for a while, and this kind of stuff along with the anti-Catholicism made me give up on it

    Yeah, I’ve dropped a few homesteading/prepping youtube channels over that.

    Mormons may be nice people, but their theology is utter nonsense.

  76. I should clarify. Mormon theology essentially requires one holding to it to be a conspiracy theorist. Once you’ve bought one conspiracy, you’re in the market for more.

    Also, I was thinking of picking up a record player and some vinyl records because it would be a nice touch for the living room…

    On the plus side, you’re only a few more lost pieces of your soul away from a girlfriend with incredibly ugly glasses.

  77. Is this close, Jew? http://is.gd/aJKJD7

  78. Also, I was thinking of picking up a record player and some vinyl records because it would be a nice touch for the living room…

    You should call wiser. He’ll hook you up.

  79. 45 mins later:


  80. I also have to retro-fit the Eggplant. My test drive:


    Me: That was the brake. Where’s the clutch?

    Lady: It’s an automatic. There is no clutch. Great now it died. Start it again.

    Me: One click is reverse? I think we’re in reverse.

    Lady: You’re in the dirt pile. Get out of the dirt pile.

    Me: That was the brake again. Where is the clutch?

    Lady: Have you ever driven an automatic?!

  81. I have a well-paying job, muscle, and prospects. If I start up playing the mandolin again, and continue the art classes, then I might have a shot.

  82. That is almost exactly right Scoot.

  83. I have a well-paying job, muscle, and prospects.

    This is why women aren’t interested.

    You should get a facial tattoo and a drug habit.

  84. Chicks dig face jewelry.

  85. Made these with poblanos and jalapenos. The poblanos are too bland for me, but they taste good without being really spicy.

    The jalapenos still aren’t very hot (to me), but they add an additional kick that is awesome. I’ll use all jalapenos next time.

    I used store sauce, and store dough, but these are good. They will kick ass with homemade sauce and dough. And some additional spice.

    You’ll like it, pupster (puts some in his dish).

  86. I’ve been tempted to get a small tattoo somewhere inconspicuous and ascribe a bullshit meaningto to it just because apparently it’s what women around here want.

  87. Tattoos are for pussies. If I go in for body modification, I’m getting a brand.

  88. Impregnate a white trash chick, Colex. Daytime talk shows have demonstrated time and again that it’s a solid strategy for attracting additional women.*

    *Terms and conditions apply. Additional women may be fat and/or fugly. Potential side effects include STDs and appearing on Maury.

  89. Sean is THE Sean, of Sean’s Penis (in)fame?

  90. I knew a guy who burned stuff into his skin, he was cray cray for realz. He was into taekwando, and got the T and K done before they locked him up in the looney bin. He was going for TKD with 2 inch high letters from the hardware store and a blowtorch. Did an Omega sign on the other forearm after he got out.

  91. Somebody was on a mission. The nuts and bolts in the engine compartment are all anodized purple and the upholstery in the rear seat is a hideous purple shag.

    Boy, is Superfly gonna be PISSED when hears you have his ride.

  92. Ok, so I’ve decided…

    Carefully groomed facial hair
    tribal tattoo
    Tap-out or Ed Hardy t-shirt under a flannel shirt
    I’ll do crossfit and yoga and talk about how I want to start going vegan at some point, because I want to “eat clean” when go pro as a cage fighter.
    I train at a gym that you’ve probably never heard of.

  93. #winning

  94. Tap-out or Ed Hardy t-shirt under a flannel shirt

    Played. The. Fuck. Out.

    Go with RVCA or Live Fit (LVFT). Or just v-necks made of shitty, flimsy material. The deeper the v on the shirt, the better.

  95. UnderArmor is the way to go here.

  96. Can we still say “Sausagefest”?

  97. Hi everyone. I have been busy lately. I hope everyone is their same old moldy self.

    I see ChrisP and Oso and likely a few others have wished my kids on their b’day. Thanks!
    They are 8 year old. I have known some of you at least 2 years before that. Almost one fourth of my life.

  98. cute ring girl on UFC fight night. Gotta see 2 huge old white guys that look like farmers fight tonight.


    I mean, yayy. Yay. Your children are so big now. They are maturing beautifully, as they should.

    Even though I remember when they were born, their natural development as children has no relationship with my own aging process.

    *finishes speaking, chokes on teardrops*

    *crawls into a deep musty cave to die*

  100. I know a guy with a beard, trendy fashion, etc. Went to yoga class, tats, gauges. Wimmen were always throwing themselves at him. Super nice guy. He’s currently engaged to a really pretty girl with a large trust fund…….

  101. Like, a different deep, musty cave?

  102. No Sean, same one. But this time, to DIE. I mean it this time, for real. I’m pretty bummed.

  103. Steven Crowder takes on menstruating Jesus with fake tits at a Feminist Festival . It runs a bit long.


  104. Yoga is a sex cult.

  105. http://is.gd/x14cgV

  106. As a single guy, the sex cult aspect worked well for him.

  107. Oh, and happy birfday, anchor babies. Someday when you’re older, I’ll tell you a funny story about your dad and gravity.

  108. Holy shit. 8 years?! How did I get old? I want a do-over.

  109. Did anybody try to think of a way to injure themselves seriously enough to avoid going out to karaoke night with anybody else but not seriously enough to leave themselves permanently maimed today?

  110. Pupster, why you gotta go and trigger me like that?

  111. As a single guy, the sex cult aspect worked well for him.

    Single men invented it, so that’s not surprising.

    Pretty sure they invented yoga pants, too.

  112. Holy crap, I gotta go to bed.

  113. The man who invented yoga pants should have a national holiday in his honor. He should also be burned at the stake, based on some of the girls that I’ve seen wearing them.

  114. Girls? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a few heifers wearing yoga pants.

  115. Can we also burn whoever invented “joggers”?

  116. Oso, you work for Wal-Mart. I think it’s against store rules to shop while wearing appropriate clothing.

  117. My PoW clothes have nothing on my dog walking clothes. I don’t think Gingy wanted to go outside with me today.

  118. This past Summer, I wanted to lead a vendetta against Daisy Dukes. I had DiT worthy corneal burns.

  119. Haha, a buddy of mine works as a manager for Wal-Mart. Had a heifer on a scooter the other day in with her daughter. Daughter was 16-17 and wearing cutoffs that were cut so high her ass was spilling out of the bottom.

  120. ^^^^^^^^

  121. The Amigos have a 500# limit. 125# in basket. Do the fucking math!!! It is so disgusting.

  122. Hola, everyone!

    Slept most of the morning because I had a reaction to the IV antibiotics last night and didn’t get any more.

    Finally got some oral ABs this afternoon, and perked right up.

    Mr. TiFW brought Rebecca by for a visit; she doesn’t like hospitals, but she did just fine today. I sent him home so that he could watch the A&M game on our big screen TV.

    See y’all tomorrow!

  123. Hola and sayonara, TiFW!

  124. ugh, hope you get to go home soon, TiFW.

  125. Feel better soon, TiFW!

  126. Good luck TiFW

    I caught my limit on Redfish, and Speckled Trout today, throw in a few croakers, sand trout, and black drum and it was a very good, but tiring day.

    I realized that not only am I saltwater snob. I am a offshore snob. Thinking about my past the only reason I fished inshore was because it was too rough to go out of the bay.

  127. Sounds like fun, vmax. Haven’t been salt water fishing, but I’ve been out salmon fishing on Lake Michigan. It was fun!

  128. Wow, spinning kick to the head, and this guy comes from behind for the win.

  129. main event, farmer battle!

  130. Lippy: Why do you only drop in at night? We miss you!

    I miss you too. I start the day reading the news to see what’s happening in the world and get caught up reading other stories, doing other things and all of a sudden it’s night. Just like now.

    What’s new with you?

  131. farmer battle was unimpressive, darn.

  132. Hi birthday buddy, good to see you.

  133. You too, J’ames!

  134. And with her step
    I move my feet
    And with her hand
    I feel my derp
    And with her need
    I find I’m saved
    And with her dreams
    I’m laid

  135. Likely fucking story.

  136. No other insomniacs?

  137. I was awake from 430 to 530, but I eventually got back to sleep. Now I get one cup of coffee then:

    1) pack gym bag
    2) feed horses
    3) change from boots to shoes
    4) go to gym
    5) go to church for RCIA
    6) home to eat breakfast
    7) outside to harvest mustard, onions, and whatever peppers remain in the garden
    8) if any light remains, pull cattails until Blood Moon

  138. simoniacs

  139. neophiliacs

  140. celeriacs

  141. morning coffee:

  142. I like brains.

  143. Is jam trying to find names for leon’s future kids?

  144. Morning.

  145. We have names ready. None of them are these.

  146. Steve?

  147. Yesterday morning, I was helping 4 year old Zachary (surrounded by his parents and grandparents) with a little project. I asked the kid’s name. He didn’t tell me. So the mom urged, “Tell her your name,” and the kid said “Steve!” Mom said, “What? No, your name is Zack!” and the parents and grandparents laughed their asses off, shaking their heads. Where do kids come up with this stuff?

    At the end of the transaction I said, “Ok, bye Steve!” More laughter.

  148. I’ve known too many Steves, so no.

    Waiting for the feedbag to be empty so I can leave.

  149. You can’t have too many Steves. But, popular name, yes.

  150. Wakey wakey

  151. Day off. Gardening running soccer laundry

  152. Moar chicken feed needed

  153. Moar coffee first.

  154. I didn’t get around to telling my manager that I want Monday mornings off so looks like another week of overtime. Blech

  155. Not many Steve’s anymore.

  156. Haircut, football viewing, the blackening of the chicken, pack for trip to Cali.

  157. There are a lot of Ryan’s in MN. 3 guys at work including the owner, neighbor (tenant) and house next door owner (same house). Is it Nordic?

  158. Shelter in place!

  159. Today there will be burgers infused with leeks and duxelles.

  160. sounds good Scott.
    There is coffee in my hand now, and a grocery run in my future.

  161. What the heck happened to Oregon? Too much coffee and weed?

  162. Replace sink faucet and food disposal grinder today. I’ll be lucky to survive it. Massive amounts of profanity will accompany this task. Afterwards, I might mow the motherfucking lawn but probably not.

    Just typing that shit made me feel all energetic like Leon or Carin.

  163. Nike U will be coach hunting in about two months. Whoever can manage to keep enough players healthy to win 8 or 9 games between now and then will get their opportunity to become a millionaire.

  164. SSS
    Dump run
    Drop kid off at driver’s ed
    Baked Beans
    Blood Moon

    I’m at the final 4 on the list. Dealing with the insane demands of a young Red Heeler in between all those. Both the lawn and my hair require cutting but I’m feeling rebellious so they’ll wait a while.

  165. We had 4 kids over last night and only two were ours. Older kid has a friend who Paula knows from his playing days at the local high school. He’s graduated and working and is assessed to be a positive influence for the older boy who needs all the help in that department we can muster. Younger kid was her friend’s son who has somehow become the target for his brother’s psychotic acts. (Long story there. I’ll sum it up as we do his laundry when he stays here since his “clean clothes” stink).

  166. “Replace sink faucet”

    I did that a couple years ago, such a pain in the butt.

    If you don’t own a basin wrench, it’s well worth the investment.

  167. I’m the worst dog parent EVER! Gingy got too close to the edge of the arroyo and rolled. Just a sand arroyo. Lippy, I’m on dog schedule. Dan is out of town.

  168. Today I cook and clean. And I need to shave. My beard makes my face hurt.

  169. I finally watched American Sniper last night, I read the book soon after it came out. The closing credits where they rolled footage from his funeral was hard to watch. Good movie overall.

  170. I thought it was good too, Jimbro.

  171. Mini-me’s last softball game (if it doesn’t rain)
    American Heritage Girl meeting
    Call my dad
    Clean oven
    Suggest Rose Byrne to XBrad for Load HEAT http://tinyurl.com/osscltr
    Skype with Rocketboy

  172. Hooray sweater weather!

  173. I really liked her in Spy.

  174. 30 years ago today was hurricane Gloria.

  175. http://imgur.com/gallery/vQKX1pM

  176. She’s cute, Roamy, but everyone will bitch that she’s too skinny.

    Drink Coffee,
    Clean kitchen,
    Do Laundry,
    Make a pot roast
    Fly Flight Simulator X.

  177. http://imgur.com/gallery/z5g7XWi

  178. Walk to the store for breakfast
    Work for about five hours
    Young Catholic Adults dinner
    Work on homework
    Clean out garbage can so it doesn’t stink.

  179. Ate oatmeal.
    Doing laundry.
    Finish ‘Jeremy Poldark’. (book 3)

    Employ hitman to kill wiley voles. We put two traps under each bucket. Two traps were sprung, peanut butter licked off, no voles.

  180. Wow, Pups. Stuff like bored schoolboy freaks me out.

  181. but IKEA’s prices are unbeatable. I can’t buy the fucking material for what they charge. And then I’d have to stain and varnish them.

    Went to IKEA last year, with son, looking for bookshelves. He didn’t want faux wood. What looked like real wood was wayyy expensive.

    A couple of months later, he came home, and we took him to a naked furniture store and picked out a discounted shelf (had a small flaw) for a reasonable price. I did the finish work for him and it was his Christmas present.

  182. Am I the only one who didn’t catch on to the move?


  183. Insty linked to the new blog/name.

  184. Everything takes longer on Sunday. Why is that?

  185. Yesterday, while we were doing yard work, Anita started itching, a lot, around the sting-sites from a week ago.
    We went inside and looked.
    There was a 4″ ring of raised welts around each of the stings on her back and neck, after a week!
    She did a bunch of web-searching and it looks like this is a sign that the next-time she gets stung, it’s going to be very bad.
    How reassuring…

  186. did you get an epi pen?

  187. We got a scrip for an Epi-Pen, but don’t have it, yet…

  188. I think it was here that I read Epi-pens are stupid expensive.

  189. ACA hitting you in the bank acct $$$$. Used to be $100-125. $75 at WalMart.

  190. It’s going to be $350 – $400, depending on which pharmacy.
    They expire in a year…

  191. Ho-lee-crap. I was/am getting screwed by the ACA too. FU Obama and a double FU to Gruber. PRICK.

  192. Hauled 2 loads of calves to the stockyard.

    Football, then hauling some hay.

  193. Is this 3-D printed cast that uses ultra sound real or am I being punked? Because that is incredibly cool.

  194. Wow, Pups. Stuff like bored schoolboy freaks me out.

    Me too. I’d take care of that pole for the rest of my life.

  195. H2, IB


  196. http://www.twincities.com/localnews/ci_28879733/black-lives-matter-plans-disrupt-twin-cities-marathon

    “Black Marathon will disrupt, Black Marathon will bring awareness, Black Marathon will bring us closer to ending white supremacy and the institutions that enable it,”

    If you look at the picture from the article of the “protesters”, it looks like a bunch of white hipster douche-bags. Blocking light rail effects more minorities than anyone else, geniuses.

  197. Somebody here needs this


  198. Rapist down.

    Dog killer up.

  199. I liked the cat:


  200. BLM is starting to make me question if maybe BLDMVM, and I can’t be the only one. I worry about myself.

  201. BLM should be HSPM. Hipster Social Positioning Matters.

  202. After reading both of your comments (twice those damn abbreviations) I agree with both.

  203. Mare, where did you see that 3D cast brace? Ultrasound is a real therapy for non-unions of fractures.Insurance usually requires evidence of no meaningful progress toward fracture healing for 90 days before using a bone stimulator.

  204. I saw it on Imgur but it’s a photo from a UK daily mail article.

  205. Read this and puke (sorry Oso):

    Yeah, he’s a real martyr. He just wants to be known as “a good man.” Doesn’t want to put the “institution” through that. Did anyone ask him what effing hills he WAS willing to die on? F off.

    What has he done? And get a load of that assholeish poster of “the gang of seven.”

    Spare me, dick.

  206. Looks legit. If it’s a nonunion of a fracture all the swelling has come and gone and it just needs immobilization by the cast brace and the ultrasound stimulation. Probably more comfortable since it allows air flow plus it looks cool.

  207. This makes me enraged:

    “I expect that I might have a little more cooperation from some around town to try to get as much finished as possible. I don’t want to leave my successor a dirty barn. So I want to clean the barn up a little bit before the next person gets there,” he said.

    Cleaning the barn was getting your “yoga” ass out of there. F off.

  208. Jimbro, that is amazing. 3-D printing applications are just getting started I think.

  209. Why are they so afraid of making TFG veto stuff? I’d want him vetoing stuff every day. Here’s a budget. VETO. Here’s defund PP. VETO. Here’s deporting criminal illegals. VETO. Put TFG and every D-rat in Congress on record. No more coy cloture votes. Leave them hanging. LiBern!

  210. WTF do they mean by ‘white supremacy’? Do they want everyone to live in a ghetto or be more like Africa…mud huts for everyone?

  211. Amen, Oso.

  212. This arrived in the mail for Paula:


    Feel the BERN!

  213. Beasn, yes. Mud huts. No AC. Equitable distribution of assets and water. Watermelon Pope thinks we should give up our AC. He may not be red inside. Not sure what color a Peronista is inside.

  214. I think Boehner thinks he’s a great guy. When actually he’s just a guy, getting a big paycheck, golfing, goofing/drinking with his friends (across the aisle) taking the path of least resistance, doing none of the things we asked (via our votes) him to do.

    Being a politician should be hard because you’re fighting all the time. Don’t like it? Get out, just don’t wait 25 years and millions of $ in paychecks later to do it.

    Public servant my ass. It’s a cushy friggen job.

  215. BLM?

  216. Black Lives Matter (or not).

  217. I just got notified that I’m receiving a $400 award from my company. Yay, I guess.

    Boehner’s problem is that he’s in love with the institution. The idea of fighting dirty is abhorrent because it’s so unseemly.

    I don’t expect Boehner to get every conservative want through Congress. I do expect him to put up a fight. Declaring that there will never be a government shutdown, no matter what, was a capitulation before the fight had even started.

    Ultimately I think it comes down to an inability to fight the media war. As long as they’re allowed to attack Republicans and support Democrats with impunity, then we’re going to be at a disadvantage. Boehner wasn’t willing to attack the media and wouldn’t make the effort to ensure that the GOP in Congress knew how to handle the media war, so he has to go.

  218. Stahp making sense, CoAlex. Not a single Weeping Cheeto in your comment. 400$ is pretty cool.

  219. The idea of fighting dirty is abhorrent because it’s so unseemly.


    Hence the reason he’s a loser.

  220. Plus, he’s an alcoholic, and if he isn’t he plays one on TV. I think that has to do with his weepiness.

  221. I still want a candidate that says FYNQ. Cruz kind of does it, but he uses big words and concepts and LIVs miss it. LIVs think Colbert schooled him on SSM. Don’t understand the 10th A argument he made.

  222. Maybe Anita might wanna stay indoors a bit.3

  223. There was a time when I worried about a nuclear device detonating in D.C. Then I realized those people are like cockroaches. They will survive the blast.

  224. I doubt a CA Republican is going to be any better.

  225. CA Republican=NE Republican. (New England/NorthEast) How did you guys stay so normal living in the Deep Blue?

  226. The one thing Boehner WILL fight for is a screwing of the conservative base in the ass. I gar-en-damn-t-u that he’s been in tons of meetings with his allies working the numbers to get some new dem light douche as speaker.

  227. I was hoping someone got a “message” but really based on the Cantor interview, Boehner’s interview and others, it’s seems as thought they still continue to see conservatives as extremists and they want to marginalize them.

  228. Oso, it’s a nice place to live. It used to be expensive but worth it, now it’s just stupid.

    In 2 years we can leave. It will be up to Laura’s job search.

  229. This kid is going places…possibly congress:


  230. Scott where do you want to live?

  231. How about this for a law?

    All future Muslim immigrants have to live in Hawaii.

  232. Scott, works for me. Any district that voted overwhelmingly for TFG has to take all Muslim refugees.

  233. Getting really tired of GOPers trying to sell me on Rubio. Tea Party candidate. Gets to DC. Immediately hangs with Schumer, Durbin, Miss Lindsey, and Juan. FU Rubio.

  234. I don’t really care, Mare.

    We might stay, it will depend on the job market.

    If we move it will be to a red state.

    My only requirements are
    – ranch style home
    – near a major market
    – workshop with loading dock

    She has family in San Antonio, so that will get a close look.

  235. San Antonio is great. Have not heard a negative word about it my 5 years in Texas.

  236. Wasn’t Rubio also behind the Corker bill that gave us the Iran deal?

  237. Yep.

  238. Even if we stay in CT we have to move. They getting ready to start a major highway project that will divert a shitload of traffic through our town for a year or more.

  239. Shovel ready jobs?

  240. Scott, I bet you’d be surprised to know I have a 1st cousin in SA.

  241. Shocked.

  242. Won’t you join me on the new post?


  243. She and her husband just had an outdoor kitchen installed. Outdoor fireplace and dance area. TX is still too hot for me. I couldn’t imagine spending that much time outside.

  244. I had to go to the store and a very friendly Persian truck driver struck up a conversation. I think I helped him buy some heroin. I hope that is what he wanted., because if he was after a real horse I gave him the worst directions ever.

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