BBF 2020 Championship Round 3

Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday Championship 2020 Round 3.



Contestant’s names in the headers are links to the original 2020 BBF post with additional pictures.

GIF Links in Pupster posts are best viewed using the HOVER ZOOM plug in, YMMV.



Your model for today was born on June 11th, 1999 in Lewisville, Texas.  She stands 5′ 7″ and measure35 – 25 – 36 and 135 lbs.  Please take your shot with Miss Saxon Sharbino.



Don’t often go for blondes but I’ll make an exception in her case


I’d give her the second best thirty seconds of my life.


Given her name, I’m curious if she’s ever even seen the war hatchet she’s named for.




Your model for today was born on November 30th, 1996 in Chicago, Illinois. She stands 5′ 9″ and measures 32 – 24 – 34 and 125 lbs.  Please meet and greet Miss Madeline Ford.


Kinda sorta interesting looking for a ginger. I’ll give Pupster 🦴 🦴 🦴




10/10 would smash and then beg to smash again




Your model for today was born on January 2nd, 2001 in California, USA.  She stands 5′ 9″ and measure36 – 25 – 36 and 135 lbs.  Please get comfy and introduce yourself to Miss Natalie Hadek.


Yikes! Today’s model has only been “legal” for 6 months. She is Rebecca’s age.


9/10 would smash


If shes legal, shes legal.




Your model for today was born on January 18th, 2000 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  She stands 5′ 4″ and measure39 – 24 – 35 and 127 lbs.  Please make yourself comfortable and greeMiss KendrRowe.



She’s very pretty. Maybe a finalist at the end of the year. Doesn’t look too bright though. So, perfect.


This gal has that “I’d lick a toliet for social media” look to her.


She seems…soft.





  1. Firstest

  2. This woman is going to be doxxed. Hopefully there will be nudes.

  3. Tough round this week. First 2 are pretty women but the last one most satisfies the Platonic ideal of BIG BOOB Friday. I’ll vote later when I can see the widget on my phone or tablet.

  4. Take this in the spirit in which it was meant. I liked them all this week. They were pretty, incredible bodies (except for softie) and MJ would smash them all. Alex would too but he’d be crying afterward.

  5. *shoots post “in the leg”*

    Okay, Social Workers, advance!

  6. One of the Lefty pundits was ready to after her immediately. And his intentions were not good. I said “lefty” so you already knew about his intentions.

  7. Isn’t it cute how Biden thinks in the frenzy of an arrest that cops could stop and aim for the leg and of course miss the femoral artery?

  8. I’m not a fan of Savannah Guthrie. And generally, place name first names portend a stripper life.

  9. hahahahaha, Pups! The Canada link was pretty funny.

  10. Hmm. Not sure about this week. Odd notion the Canuck may take it, seems a pattern.

  11. Shhhh,

    I’ve switched Lauraw’s coffee this morning with a cup of chunky peanut butter.

    Let’s see if she notices.

  12. So I ignored teh stuff last night – did Biden say something really stupid?


    Just a short distance away from my house. It’s a windy road with no streetlights. Through the social network Paula has already learned the kid’s name and that he died in the crash. She knows him because he was the current boyfriend of a psycho girl (probably has Borderline Personality Disorder among others) her oldest boy Ted dated a few years ago. I’m sure I told a few of the stories here as they were happening. Anyway, with a lot of prodding from Paula he was forcibly extracted from her clutches. Before being Ted’s nightmare she was dating a kid who died in a car crash after she pulled the wheel because she was mad at him while the car was traveling at a high rate of speed. C-R-A-Z-Y. Anyway, she wasn’t in the car this time around but for someone who is around 20 years old to have lost 2 boyfriends in MVA’s is, wait for it, crazy.

    20$ worth of condoms on your willie to even be in the same room as this psycho

  14. Biden gave the old “cops need to shoot them in the leg” schtick

  15. plain half and half is pretty darn good in coffee

  16. Biden gave the old “cops need to shoot them in the leg” schtick

    A lifetime of disability payments to keep the whole family voting dem is better than a violent-but-now-dead criminal.

  17. So if the cops just shoot the felons of color in the leg does that mean we get kinder, gentler riots? Can they still shoot white felons center mass?

  18. So, if someone is coming after Biden with a knife or a gun – is his secret service ordered to shoot the perp in the leg?

  19. Between Saxon and Natalie, and Natalie has those annoying drawn on eyeliner. Winner, SAXON!

  20. *likes post, because I can

    *points at mare

  21. *chews on chunky remainder of peanut butter coffee

    That was not “optimal”.

  22. *feels inadequate*

  23. Gabe sure took a beating from Morons on twitter for his latest Trump bashing.

  24. So, if someone is coming after Biden with a knife or a gun – is his secret service ordered to shoot the perp in the leg?

    Only if the perp is black. Every vote counts, y’know.

  25. Heh, Trump fell for a Babylon Bee article

  26. Remember, Biden is leading

    190,256 to 20,670

  27. *still chewing coffee*


  28. She’s already out there Jimbro

  29. *still chewing coffee*


    forget to add the filter?

  30. 20% positive in tests over last 4 days

    *clutches pearls

    54 deaths

    *runs to get my mask

  31. damn, can’t read the article, PJ

  32. Why can’t you J’ames?

  33. blocked, not a subscriber

  34. have an ad blocker, so that’s why, just to clarify

  35. I do too……..mine must not work haha

  36. It’s not a subscription article or paper, weird. I have both Adblocker ultimate and Adblock Plus running and I can see it with no ads
    Here’s a different one

  37. James Woods translates twitter

  38. I caught one of the questions Biden was answering, on an AM station, while I was coming home from store, last night. An answer MJ/GND would be most interested in….

    Question: Something something, how will you ensure my tranny kid and LGBTQXYZs will not be discriminated against.

    Answer: Something something noone should be discriminated against..we’ll just have to reverse the EO…something…*and then off to stories that didn’t happen, land, shortened version*….when I was a kid, my dad loaded me in the car and drove me to a public swimming pool. As I got out of the car, there were two young men hugging/kissing and I looked at my dad and he simply said ‘it’s just love’. So if an 8 or 10 year old boy wants to become a girl, noone should deny them their rights (or something to that effect.). And my son Beau when AG, passed one of the first laws in the country to protect (trannies). Blah blah….etc.

    So Biden was born when….’42? Where in the country in the 1950s, do you think gay people were hugging/kissing openly at public pools in full view of families with children?

  39. Re: FBI sitting on Biden’s hard drive

    Gee, why would they do that and surely Hunter is not that stupid to leave his hard drive somewhere and not pick it up….shorter althouse.

    1. Hunter is a crackhead who was used and shaken down by his dad.

    ii. FBI sat on Weiner’s laptop knowing his wife, close associate of hillary, had put all sorts of gov. business on it.

    c. Hunter is a crackhead.

    6. Have you not been paying attention to what the FBI has been doing to Trump re: Russia Hoax and the continued persecution of Flynn?


    Z. – Is it possible that Hunter Biden, himself, purposefully left the computer there to expose his old man’s corruption, to get back at him for screwing him up and shaking him down?


    Long but I watched the whole video. So frickin’ interesting. I had no idea about this stuff.

  41. I think a crackhead is a crackhead and if he’s anything like my nephew, he can’t remember what he does from one minute to the next and had ZERO recollection of taking the laptops there, which is why he never picked them up

  42. oooh are there bog monsters in that video?
    *pulls out gaming mouse*
    I will kill them

  43. I found a more recent video about cutting turf, they still do it but with a different machine.

  44. Also, I fell in love with those little Dexter cows. I need one. I’ll tell the neighbors it’s a weird dog. Or a ‘therapy cow.’

  45. How dare Joe Biden equate gay men to Ma’ams!

  46. I voted for the ginger. I could do nothing less.

  47. Mr. B says he isn’t believing any of it until it has been verified.

    Um, by whom? The FBI? The NYT? BAHAHAHA

    Timeline – it was dropped off at the guy’s shop somewhere around Sept. of ’19, in a place where the Biden family resides/is well known. It was left there and became the legal property of shop owner. Shop owner looks at it and was ‘o shit, there’s some stuff on here and I don’t want/need anyone coming looking for it’, makes a copy, gives it to a most corrupt FBI, in December of ’19, and who knows what other media outlets.

    Biden was not the candidate in Sept or Dec of ’19, so why would this guy doctor up a computer with that much info and Hunter crack pics? Surely he has a dated receipt of it being dropped off.

  48. Wow, this round is a real nail-biter.

    I voted for Kendra, but aren’t they ALL really winners???

  49. I want a highland cow.

  50. I voted for the ginger.

  51. The best part of Hunter Biden’s email scandal is where he’s bitching to his family about having to pay Pop a kickback on all the free influence money. In my current line of business, this is where the interviewer clicks ‘lack of insight’ from the dropdown list.

  52. Can you imagine how much coke he could buy with ALL of the foreign monies?

  53. *peeks in at althouse*

    She’s bitching about how Guthrie could not pin Trump down on whether he failed to get tested the day of the first debate. He’s ‘annoyingly evasive’…while she says the Biden story is ‘dubious’.

    Why do you think she gives more weight to Trump being evasive as to whether he got tested on that day than say the more serious national security issue of selling our interests out to foreign governments for some sweet sweet crack money?

  54. Sleepy Joe wants his taste.

  55. Althouse is voting for Biden, isn’t she? Just like past years.

  56. Why is it hard to believe that he doesn’t remember? Dr. tells him not to worry, he doesn’t. They test him all the time, probably don’t tell him the results every time.

  57. Enjoying Bewbies

    Unrelated: I hope prosecutions come of this latest Twitter censorship. Also, why the fuck can’t you embed Parlor tweets or view them without logging in? Parlor is not a ‘competitor’ to Twitter until you can use them to replace Twitter. I will NEVER have a Twitter account, but yet I see Twitter posts all day long posted on every outlet available, private and otherwise. A link to any Parlor ‘parlay’ goes to a fucking login page. Fuck them.

  58. There isn’t any WordPress integration with Parler, at the current time.

  59. sorry non-techies, didn’t mean to make your eyes glaze over there.

  60. Jay, pretty sure she was voting for Biden, but yesterday, when the ‘dubious’ Biden story came out, she said she was going to abstain this year. Commenters let her have it, like they usually do. Even the few former, until recently, NeverTrumpers. One has actually surprised me in his reversal. Says he was going to abstain himself until this recent business which seems to have triggered his memory of all the other shit the FBI has sat on to protect their benefactors.

  61. There isn’t any WordPress integration with Parler, at the current time

    You shouldn’t Need one. If you link a Parler parlay and aren’t logged in to Parler can you see it? Maybe Im totally stupid…

  62. The one commenter even reminding her of this story…remember this?

  63. Sorry if that’s considered ‘techie’ but that’s kinda my point. You can link Twitter all day long and as long as the ‘tweet’ isn’t protected you can view without being logged into anything based on their little link (comments here included even if I’m on text only via a satellite phone, there’s a twitter link that appears if you copy a Twitter link. If I Click on, it goes to a F-ing login page. I dont want a f-ing parler account and most people dont either. You have to be logged into Parler to see anything anyone posts on it and that’s why nobody uses it. To call it a competitor to Twitter is stupid. If they cant fix that simple problem, good riddance and they will go the way of the do-do leaving Twitter to remain a monopoly.

  64. > Beasn

    Anyone that reads the news regularly knows Hunter is a crack head. He LOOKS like a crackhead, complete with Colgate smile (one corner of mouth turned up, other turned down, like half his brain is not attenuated.)

    Problem is your average low information voter doesn’t know that thanks to the MSM embargo on such stories. Biden is just a sweet old man to them.

  65. *shoots like button in the face*

  66. I agree with you Hamslice. I have a Parler account but hardly use it. If they want to compete they need to open it up more.

  67. Same with Gab

  68. Yeah, I’m friends with Althouse’s son on FB, but he’s starting to drive me a bit batty

  69. Lauraw, I saved that video for later. My Irish grandmother burned turf. I’m sure she bought it from the turf man lol. Her son put a bathroom in the house in the mid 70’s. She kept her milk in a little spring by the driveway which had no car in it, she walked everywhere.

  70. Don’t know if this is real but if so, holy shit:

    <script async src="

  71. Saw that earlier Mare with a comment “This never ends well for the Jews”

  72. So Mr. B hasn’t heard any of the Ukraine/China stuff before? Poor Mr. B is naive to think that a boy of Hunter’s character wouldn’t do what the pictures show him doing.

  73. Shoots like button in the face
    Was it like a stream 🤤🤤 or a gunshot 💀

    In other news I threw $100 on Predicit for giggles. You know they’re selling shares of Trump Wins for .38 – .40
    For those unfamiliar, deal is you buy in a ‘market’ (this is legalese for them avoiding calling it cambling. It has a $850 cap, so you can’t become a millionaire with it. But they were selling shares of Trump to win electoral college by 100-149 at .09 and 60-99. I’m confident enough to spill $50 on each market. That means,

    Also I think they stop accepting ‘buyers’ when they reach 5,000 participants, dunno if that’s as a whole or market by market. That means 555 shares of each. That means, if Trump wins by either of those margins, I get $555.

    I figure if I lose meh on $100 compared to the job loss and other shit that will come down with Kamala Harris as president.

  74. I really need to read and re-read what I type before I comment, starting to look like a crackhead myself…
    *That means if Trump wins by either margin I get $555 for a $100 investment.

    If I lose it all, well, we have Kamala Harris / Pelosi for president, and $100 will be the least of my worries.

  75. I think you made a fine investment.

  76. > Mare
    Hope you’re right, we’re in a world of hurt if not.

    PS My vote is Ms Ford. Redheads just have it for me IG. Suicided on one already.

  77. This is NOT what I heard or saw ANYWHERE last night

    Biden leads Trump in Debate viewership ratings.

  78. Tight race this week.

  79. Jay, that has been explained. Many, many local stations did not run Trump’s Townhall.

    Mike Galagher was flipping over it this morning. Several people from around the country mentioned their local station did not air it.

  80. mare, did you see the view ratio on my 8:59 post?

  81. >Jay

    Where?? I was not able to see from the video link. That decision should have whoever made it Fired Fired Fired especially on basis of crowd reaction.

  82. Surprise: Majority of Arabs back Trump Middle East peace plan, 79% of Saudis.

    Actual accomplishment that would warrant a Peace Prize. It’s literally in the title, and the accomplishment.

  83. hamslice, was that directed to me? Not sure what?

  84. >Jay
    Sorry was asking about the announcer for the ball game saying no Anthem. That should be a headline in itself if not staged.

  85. I don’t know where it was, just saw the tweet.

  86. False alarm. It was due to technical difficulties. Still cool

    dug into comments on twitter

  87. Am I the only one who gets a little lump in their throat when we sing the anthem? I always think of Dad, his dad, and all the service members that song represents, to me. Felt that way even before dad passed away in 16

  88. While we know that everyone and everything about the Trump debate was designed to make him look good, let’s see what the true patriot Biden had to contend with in his debate:

  89. Last one. She’s kinda sexy chubby

  90. I was thinking about the tranny 8 year old question this morning beasn.

    I reasonable person with courage would not tell a mother their gender confused is believable.

    Vegan cat.

    8 year olds dude.

  91. How the left views the Trump debate:

    Remember folks, Trump backed out of the planned debate and then begged his old network NBC to give him a slot opposite Biden’s Town Hall to try to steal the ratings. He and his team don’t get to whine about Savannah Guthrie being too mean after that.


  93. People are insane, MJ. Your daughter tells you she feels like a boy, you say “what does a boy feel like? Now go back outside and climb some more trees …. you’re a kid … that’s what being a KID feels like”.

  94. pretty sure only boys climb trees. Now put your mask on


  95. I was up a tree half my childhood. It was the greatest thing ever.

  96. ISU’s mascot has a birthday today. Happy birthday, Cy!

  97. so, Car in is trans? That explains the zumba

  98. I guess biology is racist or something.

  99. I’m obviously trans, but identify as a woman. I mean, there aren’t any rules to this anyway.

  100. Is Five Finger Death Punch a bunch of conservatives? Fun video.

    Livin the Dream

  101. they support the military and law enforcement. They’ve always been proudly pro-USA.

  102. Well, this vid crosses off a few more die hard winger boxes.

  103. Yep. Breaking Ben is the same way.

  104. Comment by Car in on October 16, 2020 1:55 pm
    People are insane, MJ. Your daughter tells you she feels like a boy, you say “what does a boy feel like? Now go back outside and climb some more trees …. you’re a kid … that’s what being a KID feels like”.


    This is 100% correct.

  105. Their pro-america stuff may be why so many metal heads *hate* them. they’re not real metal, they’re trash, etc. The “cool kids” always put ’em down.

    They were awesome in concert and work hard to be entertaining. I don’t care what genre you are – you work hard to actually entertain me with the actual instruments and no fake back tracks – I’m going to enjoy it.

  106. >>>>How does Giuliani know that the Biden hard drive is actually Biden’s hard drive, contrary to many on the left saying it’s a hoax

    But…but…still not believable because it hasn’t been verified! How can you take Giuliani’s word that they have an actual email from Biden’s actual lawyer?

  107. and this next song is going out to Hunter Biden:

  108. What is it about everyone’s timing? I just got the email to start my background check paperwork AND an email from USAA saying that they didn’t pick me to move forward in the job interviews.

  109. Seriously?

  110. aww, that sucks

  111. Is it just me or does the “exempt” woman in the FFDP video look like Cindi McCain.

  112. roamy, I like to think that’s intentional

  113. What is a Tier 2 couple?


  115. It is not very often that I am surprised by a political flyer, but what I got in the mail today from The Lincoln Project gave me about half a chubby.

    I think it is supossed to be pro-Biden but now I want to sign up for their vision of *thunder clap* TRUMP’S AMERICA *ominous music*

  116. Hey, I’m in a battleground state! I want one!

  117. Is there a statistic for Shutdown deaths? Coworker lost his mom. She was old. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t go to church. Go to the Senior Center. Visit with her friends. Didn’t understand why family couldn’t get together. Funeral services were pending while waiting for Santa Fe National cemetery to schedule her interment. In the meantime, MLG is limiting gatherings to 5 people.

  118. Getting new tires tomorrow.

    So exciting.

  119. Brand?

  120. Goodyear.Fortitude

    Truck was useless in the snow.

  121. Is there a statistic for Shutdown deaths? Coworker lost his mom. She was old. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t go to church. Go to the Senior Center. Visit with her friends. Didn’t understand why family couldn’t get together. Funeral services were pending while waiting for Santa Fe National cemetery to schedule her interment. In the meantime, MLG is limiting gatherings to 5 people.


    This a million times over. Nailed it, Little Bear.

  122. Somehow through the youtube rabbit hole, I ended up watching a few videos of a 2011 Chinese TV drama, “Empress In The Palace.”

    The production values are incredible. Beautiful costumes, sets, and people

    It is evidently about an Emporer, his main wife the Empress and his many sanctioned concubines.

    I could get hooked on the intrigue.

  123. OFFS it’s “Empresses in the Palace.” Obviously.

  124. I’m addicted to the wuxia (chivalrous swordsman) Chinese TV dramas. Except I have to fast-forward through the sappy parts. In a 40-episode series, the first 10 have about 10% sappiness, the next 10 about 30%, the next about 50%, and the last 10 you’ve got to struggle to find good action scenes.

  125. Okay, read the description and tell me this isn’t interesting. To my knowledge there is no nudity or vulgarity and to be honest, I haven’t watched this clip but it made me laugh considering I said I could get hooked.

  126. Not kidding, Geoff, I’m going to watch whatever wuxia I can find.

  127. HA!, Now I like Geoff’s avatar even more than I already did.

  128. #1 son kept popping trailer tires. A ranch he’s running is a rockpile. We found some “G” rated tires which is a 14 ply rating. They even have steel belts in the sidewalls. Really hoping these last a while.

  129. Someone needs to let Ace know that his site is devoid of all content (except ads) – masthead is still there, as well as the left-hand column, but no posts or right-hand column.

  130. Hmmm, clicked on Ace and it says “Sorry, that page is missing”

  131. I logged into the admin site, but didn’t see anything weird. But the last post listed on the admin site was the Morning Rant.

  132. I haven’t watched this clip
    The title of the clip is:

    “Drunken emperor forced her to have sex with him, she would rather disfigure than surrender to him”

    I’m sure it had a little more pizzazz in the original Chinese

  133. This is a topic off the ONT last night that I opened this morning.

    Despite living in their range I’ve never knowingly seen a Hag Moth. I can double down on positively never seeing the larva form

  134. Ace is back up for me now. Probably just my isp being a bitch.

  135. I must have fixed it!

  136. From a 2016 post:

    I have juvenile and odd tastes, so I have recently been spending too much time reading translations of Chinese light novels, focusing, of course, on the wuxia (chivalrous swordsmen flying through the air and stuff) and xanxia (dao-based magic + plenty of fighting) stories. I was reading a story called The Nine Cauldrons, when I came across this pair of lines (“Internal Arts” means martial arts, of course):

    The Internal Arts were so diverse!

    China’s Internal Arts was magical because the first purpose of this kind of Art was caring for health, not murdering.

    WTH? sez I. I stopped dead, unable to continue for a moment. I mean, after all, what’s the point of this genre if not to kill 50, maybe 60 people?

    Shaken, I continued to the next line…

    After health, there was killing.

    All was right with the world after all.

  137. part

  138. Thanks, Mare. Scott, I’m not a boycott person. I can’t remember why we’re boycotting Goodyear.

  139. Dang.

  140. forklift driver.


  142. LOL, Pupster, those are all good. Showed them to Mr. RFH, who critiqued the fight (she trapped his arm, good move.)

  143. how much does Geoff charge for internet repair

  144. Can’t remember if I said here that I had a whirlwind visit to Dad to help clean out his storage shed, bring back wedding gifts for Rocketboy and DIL. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to stop and see BroTim, but we were towing a trailer, which is hard enough without wandering around Montgomery.

    I convinced Dad to let me buy his Hungarian-made 9 mm rather than him giving it to my deadbeat brother. He can give the money to my brother if he wants, but I’m betting he will buy a new laptop with it.

  145. She trapped his arm and fuckin THROAT PUNCHED HIM to the floor. The chair catch was my favorite.

  146. Don’t know if this has been linked yet. Rudy doesn’t pull punches.

  147. Yay for Roamy

  148. I have hiccups. Ready to go to bed and give Dan the Chingas. I don’t even care what’s for dinner.

  149. Channeling Car in

  150. Great video, Pepe

  151. In this case google has failed me yet again. Dan is either going to be lucky or dead tonight.

  152. The Rudy one.

  153. Both of them

  154. Bernadette Wilson has gumption

    And by gumption I mean a fine set of glutes

  155. Chair catch was my favorite, too.

  156. dammit Braves, don’t fall apart now!

  157. Booooooo

  158. Derek evaded Robert’s patrols.

  159. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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