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Your model for today was born on June 11th, 1999 in Lewisville, Texas.  She stands 5′ 7″ and measures 352536 and 135 lbs.  Please take your shot with Miss Saxon Sharbino.



  1. Who is out there?

  2. Awoo?

  3. Don’t often go for blondes but I’ll make an exception in her case

  4. Early Morning Mare is off traveling somewhere. Venezuela maybe.

  5. Overcast and chilly (47 degrees) here. Supposed to reach the 60’s later. Might have to break out the long pants and put the cargo shorts up for the next few days.

  6. I first heard this story on the local news last night when they said they had shown a picture earlier in the day of the woman and it turned out to be a “minor” (hence … picture gone from their website)

    You can count on The Blaze though! I will say, she does look like a grown woman and not a cast member on “Cuties”.

    Given the ubiquity of home surveillance cameras I will assume almost everyone has one directed at their signs. Probably not the case but it’s what keeps me from putting dog shit in Biden home’s mailboxes

  7. I’m a bit dissapointed to find that neither of her siblings is named Anglo.

    I wonder how young she was when she had to blow her first producer in order to get a job. I hate that I even think that way, but tis the times we live in.

  8. Eh.

  9. Hearing older tales of Hollywood, I’m inclined to believe that it has ever been thus, with some rare exceptions.

  10. Given her name, I’m curious if she’s ever even seen the war hatchet she’s named for.


    Saxons are — to my knowledge — the only historical people named for their willingness to cut a motherfucker. Unless you consider the Bloods to be (1) a people and (b) historical.


    THIS MUST NOT STAND !!!!11!!

  13. I chose option B in case anyone was wondering.

    Turns out my boss was surprised at how things were handled as well.

  14. Option B= Would Smash

  15. Saxon Sharpino

    Sounds like a name from a spy novel

  16. Needs to marry someone named Phye-Allens.

  17. Is this real life?

  18. No.

  19. I’d give her the second best thirty seconds of my life.

    Then I’d cry afterwards until she awkwardly asked my to leave.

  20. Good morning. It’s my day off and I have to work for Scott again. Trying to be brave.

    *chin quivers*

  21. If you still had a houseguest you’d have no extra room for freight and your day would be free.

  22. Hold out for The Admiral’s Feast.

  23. Nah, the freight happens no matter who lives here, but that was a good effort, thanks.

  24. hahaha, is there even a Red Lobster near the W’s? don’t think they will go there.

  25. Red Lobster is racist.

  26. Today I learned that I can buy a deer permit for Michigan through the DNR portal.

    Mask freedom continues.

  27. 23 mile ruck is tomorrow. I may only “ruck” food and water/supplies, because the 3 times I’ve done 10 miles with 20 lbs were hard enough.

  28. Don’t forget lube and condoms……oh you said ruck…..never mind.

  29. Crossbow practice starts either tonight or tomorrow.

  30. I think Possum’s a little too young for that, Leon.

  31. You’re not her real dad!

  32. Speaking of, video capture card comes today, followed by ripping all her Netflix shows followed by an FU cancellation.

  33. why don’t you just torrent them?

  34. Haven’t hunted around for a decent torrent site in a while, might be worth looking and saving some time.

  35. I’ve gone from being anti-piracy to uphold creators’ rights to almost completely pro-piracy thanks the the incessant fuckery of said creators.

    Fucked up, but there it is.

  36. I’ve had netflix since they were still mailing DVDs. I paid for this and my daughter’s watched all of them a dozen times. I could have captured them at any point. I’m not taking this “theft” to Confession.

  37. It isn’t theft.

  38. Zackly. I’ve paid for these.

  39. sooooooooooooooo because people complained about us not wearing masks in 98 degree heat moving ancient Windows XP beasts around all day and monitors and whatnot
    we put on gas masks
    got the notice today that people complained about us wearing the gas masks
    made them uncomfortable

  40. The day demonoid died…a piece of my heart turned black and fell off
    I didn’t get new movies or anything it was more like Mother Earth magazine from the 70s where you could get a lot of survivalist/living off the grid info….that kinda stuff that you really can’t find anywhere else

  41. I miss the Loompanics catalog.

  42. Peej, you triggered them.

  43. apparently I did…………Lord these people
    but, I do work on a high school campus.
    I expected there’d be babies
    but the people that I’m finding out are tattle tales surprises me

  44. I think Possum’s a little too young for that, Leon.

    The trick is not lead her so much.

  45. Best part – is the manager. “What is my name? Store manager. That’s my name”.

  46. I’m starting to agree with BLM. I also hate white people and they should all go away.

    Just THOSE types, if you know what I mean.

  47. The trick is not lead her so much.

    I just left that one lying there. Wasn’t going there.

  48. ok, that CVS video is absolute insanity. Dude handled it well
    that chick has gone into hiding btw, for being a complete and total dumbass

  49. More people should be forced into obscurity for being dumbasses.

  50. *makes room for Jay on the rocket-sled*

    You thought it. Still counts.


  52. My cousin received $107,000 from Soros. Doesn’t know why Soros funded him.

    He doesn’t know why? And your cousin is a DA? If he had any integrity, he’s donate that money to Birthright or the Trump campaign.

  53. Peej, I like your gas mask stunt. Now go one bigger to poke a finger in the eye of the big-assed Karen babies…wear a bubble suit or borrow that unicorn head from leon.

  54. Ooo, so my people (Germanic) were Saxons. Yeah, the feeling of wanting to cut a few bishes is in my blood

  55. Am I the only one who thinks this is weird:

    One furnished bedroom for rent at $500 or entire 900 sq ft 4th floor for $700. It’s huge unused play room with pool table and jukebox.
    MUST LOVE DOGS. I have 3.
    I have a 4000 sq. foot home with 4 floors total to share. Includes all utilities including internet. Each bedroom comes with a TV & Netflix. 2 blocks from Cass Lake Beaches and their beautiful park.
    FEMALES only. Sorry no children or pets.
    My husband stays across the street with his ill father.
    Must have transportation and a job. I won’t be living here Jan-May. So want someone who will take great care of my home while I’m gone.
    Waterford Mi. Ms.
    Month to month lease contract.
    No security deposit required. Only 1st month rent.

  56. Don’t tell any of my crossfit friends, but I don’t really care about the games.

  57. we put on gas masks
    got the notice today that people complained about us wearing the gas masks
    made them uncomfortable
    PJM, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.


    Around 120,000 years ago in what is now northern Saudi Arabia, a small band of homo sapiens stopped to drink and forage at a shallow lake that was also frequented by camels, buffalo and elephants bigger than any species seen today.

  59. Beasn, “He knows why”, he’s just a D🐀 politician. I don’t vote for him. I pissed off his wife when I said I would never vote for him. A Republican cousin hosted a fundraiser for him. Invited us. She thought “He’s family” was a legitimate reason.

  60. TMI dept. I woke up to pee. Dan had left the bed and was sleeping on the couch. MA and Gingy are together again. Sleeping at Dan’s feet. I think that most of the tears were mine.

  61. Yeah, a few are mine now, too :(

  62. 👋🏻 Bro Tim.

  63. Children at a public park on a jungle gym. In masks.

    Just keep them home, you quivering quims.

  64. Hmmm, a Biden 2020 ad came up on Facebook. Didn’t watch it, but read the first 20 comments. Literally every one was mocking him, or calling bullshit on the ad.

  65. The Chris Cuomo poat at the HQ is hilarious.

  66. If Lobliner is calling it as bullshit, it’s bullshit. Why do people even let themselves be photographed like that? The lack of self-awareness is stunning.

  67. Somewhere, Ruth is now dissembling about how she didn’t personally abort anyone.

  68. But, My Lord, I……

  69. My her soul rest in peace.

    Meanwhile, this is going to make the next six weeks… interesting.

  70. PJM, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, fuck’em if they can’t take a joke.

    sooo I went to the union about it first (to see what my rights are, hate the union, but I’m gonna take advantage of it) and turns out, as long as there’s no political slogan
    so then, I went to the principal about because I knew he’d tell it to me straight……he’s a big 2nd amendment fan
    aaaanyhoo, he was like yeah, someone even took a screenshot of your fb post and sent it to me.
    Sooo I only know one person that is friends with me on fb at that school and it was a really awkward situation when she sent me a friend request because I didn’t want to be friends with co-workers, but because she sent it, I didn’t want to be rude.

    I sent to her wall to check out her page she is an extreme lefty ACAB hag, so I unfriended and blocked and am now going through our staff directory blocking everyone like I should have done when I got hired…
    Principal was like “yeah, I don’t care”

  71. I was really hoping she’d hang in there until Thanksgiving, but the skeptic in me says she’s been dead for a while and they timed this to try and save Biden with GOTV.

  72. Meanwhile, this is going to make the next six weeks… interesting.

    hooooooooly crap is it ever

  73. It will be interesting to see if McConnell has the guts to ram someone through. If so, I hope they pick an actual conservative, not a squishy ivy league grad.

  74. Markowski, Collins, and Romney wont allow it.

  75. Romney’s middle name is squish
    Mitt Squish Romney
    name that’s been passed down from generation to generation

  76. no way they can confirm amy coney barrett

  77. Who did she rape?

  78. shes only one letter from ACAB. Burn loot murder would vote for her

  79. Who did she rape?

    She’s a member of a hate group. Roman Catholic Church.

    Kamala Harris says so.

  80. so collins says no vote. does that help or hurt her reelection in maine?

  81. I hope Trump tries to ram this through. Screw the squishes.

  82. McConnell has said that there will be a vote. My guess is that the squishes fall in line. I suspect that ACB will be picked because the left won’t be able to stop themselves from going crazy and attacking her, which will give Murkowski and Collins the cover they need to vote yes.

  83. Did she die of Covid? Small funeral, right?

  84. Can’t have the court voting 4-4 on possible election cases.

  85. Small funeral, right?
    If it’s not bigger and longer than McCain’s there’s going to be riots

  86. I wandered into Academy today in search of ammo. They had nothing I wanted. On the way out of the store I see a woman spraying lysol like a mad woman into the open trunk of her car. She then places her purchased merchandise in the trunk and sprays it down excessively. Then she sprays the underside of the trunk door and slams the lid shut. I look at my wife and mumble, “That bitch be loco”. So we get in the pickup and are pulling out of the parking lot and she’s sitting in the driver’s seat of her car……..smoking a cigarette. Scared of a virus and courting death with a ciggy all at the same time.

  87. You know the “loyal opposition” would nominate a baby killing commie green person of color in 2 heartbeats, but if we do we are nazi fascist religious bigots that stand against precedence. Didn’t we do that with one of our rapist murdering gang banging cannibals already? SO what is the big deal?

  88. Nailed it!

  89. Cries a little


  91. heh Pepe

  92. From the Bee the other day:

    California minimizes penalty for sex with children,
    Wonders why God keeps setting state on fire…

  93. Good grief. Damn fools crying on SCOTUS stairs like Elvis died again.


  95. >>>she’s been dead for a while and they timed this to try and save Biden with GOTV.

    It’s what I was thinking.

  96. I just got a lot of super hot pepper seeds in the mail today. Reapers, Ghosts,Brains and more! Planting some now.

  97. The only thing they have not accused a republican supreme court nominee of is cannibalism and child sacrifice*.
    The latter is rather close to abortion so expect cannibalism.

    *Stolen from Mare

  98. This is utterly wrong. Nominating someone, especially if ACB, is Trump’s best move. It plays well with the GOP, both pro and anti-Trump, since the party is pretty united on the need to control the judiciary. Collins will likely vote to confirm when push comes to shove, because if she didn’t she’d piss off her base. Any hearings will be a circus, with grandstanding, attacks on the nominee, and nuttery in the gallery, which could give Murkowski the cover she needs to change her mind and support the nominee. Let’s go into the November with plenty of footage of the left going insane, while Dem politicians talk openly about how they’re going to try and pack the courts once in power. Putting a conservative judge on SCOTUS would be a win, and people like winners. Finally, it forces Biden to respond with his own nominee, which will either be too left wing for much of the US, or will be to milquetoast for the Dem base.

  99. Ginsberg is dead. Huh, well its a start. I figure we’ve got about 30000 communists to go before we can get this Nation back on track.

    I’m certain God will deliver her deserved judgement.


  100. Dixon expected Reed’s ploy.

  101. *wonders if Reed’s Ploy involves a goat, a midget, and hand sanitizer *

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  103. wakey wakey
    wakey wakey

    (one for yesterday)

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