These make me happy

Do you get it now?

This one also makes me happy…do you want a real penguin, or a pet penguin?
and now for the weird…this song is catchy


  1. Ah, zoochosis, I haven’t watched that video in years. They had a couple of good ones.


  3. “Where’s Hunter?”

    Thanks to the efforts of the Left Wing attempting to snuff that fire out he’s front and center in everyone’s minds today. All the Biden Apologists are going to have to spend time DEBUNKING that story AGAIN lolz instead of actively denying Joe has dementia

  4. It was only in the credits I learned they were dancing sheep. Could of sworn they were dancing bunnies. Either way, thanks for leaving that image in my head


    Some of you smarties may be able to make more sense out of this than I can. It was linked in a PJMedia story describing how young voters are not voting at even their historically lower numbers

  6. I can concur that with many of the young people I know.

  7. wakey wakey

  8. Democrats are voting early (and probably often)

  9. Dem response to Hunter biden: DON JR STOLE MONEY FROM CHILDREN WITH CANCER.

  10. Uhhhhhhh, whut?

    Wait, let me guess, he got funding to some cancer pork barrel project moved?

  11. *Sets up Caruthers Foundation after cousin Leroy is elected to Congress*
    *Starts charity named “Cash for Kids With Cancer” under Caruthers Umbrella*
    *Pays chief executives at Caruthers Foundation hefty fees for “philanthropist and donor development” efforts out of donations to charity*
    *donates enough juuuuuuuust enough $$ to local hospital to get a room named for foundation where a box of second-hand toys is available to kids with cancer or measles or whatever*
    *gets caught in scam by a decent human being*
    *calls press conference*


  12. Watching a replay of last night’s Catholic Answers.

    Fr Paul Scalia is nearly the spitting image of his dad.

  13. I appreciate that they didn’t invoke Anthony when introducing him. He’s an accomplished man in his own right, and in his 60s.

    Megan McCain will talk about John every few sentences until the day she dies, because her biggest accomplishment was and is being his brat.

  14. Comment by Pupster on October 15, 2020 6:06 am


    Funniest thing I’ve seen all week. LOL

  15. No, I still don’t get it. Maybe at 68 I’m too old to understand.

  16. Your mistake is thinking that there’s something to get.

  17. There is no get.

    There is no not get.

    There is only Zuul.

  18. Sean Davis tweet:

    By falsely claiming the records were hacked, rather than the legal property of the repair shop following payment default by Hunter Biden, Twitter is itself deliberately spreading false information to justify its illegal election interference.

    Oh my god. This guy… he’s hapless, utter shit at everything he ever does.

  19. Joe Biden is thoroughly corrupt and so is his family. Jill included.

  20. So is Beau, and he’s dead.

  21. Agree.

  22. Megan McCain will talk about John every few sentences until the day she dies, because her biggest accomplishment was and is being his brat.

    I dunno, she’s pretty good at eating

  23. Funniest thing I’ve seen all week. LOL

    If only he’d said

  24. That sounds like a fat joke, PJ. I’m offended.

    Another decade loss goal broken! Woo hoo!

  25. hey pro-life bigots, this is why you’re wrong!

  26. What will ACB become today?

    a) white supremacist
    b) sex predator
    c) homophobe
    d) all of the above

  27. If true, today’s allegations will be serious enough to launch an investigation.

  28. I’d like to give her a private investigation.

  29. thats what they are hoping for, anything to delay.

    Like 2016 when they had to have Hillary win, a Supreme Court seat is at stake for them. Last time it was replacing Scalia, now it’s replacing RGB.

  30. I’m not so sure that they’ll try the last minute smear on ACB. It would backfire completely. The Kavanaugh shitshow managed to unite most conservatives into one very pissed off group, and trying it again this close to the election would probably be even worse. If there really are Republicans who are on the fence about reelecting Trump, I can’t think of a better way to piss them off and get them to pull the lever for him.

  31. hey pro-life bigots, this is why you’re wrong!

    This is why safe and legal infanticide should be available until the 12th trimester.

  32. Reposting from last night because I think it’s fricken funny.

  33. There are really only two paths you can take after a divorce. You either fall apart, or get your shit together.

  34. Sometimes, you get your shit together and then start banging a hot chick who’s older than your stepmom, but Don Jr is really an outlier in that regard.

  35. What an odd article, Jay. She says abortions are allowed due to fetal abnormality, I would think a tumor that size would count. And far better to have a c-section and a 20-minute life, than the chance of uterine perforation and getting dismembered.

    I’d like to see President Trump ban that kind of research so there’s not a market for baby parts.

  36. My mind’s all over the place this morning, but I think you know what I mean. If not, pat me on the head, and get me another cup of coffee, please.

  37. 20 minutes is plenty of time for baptism. I’d want that, if there could be nothing else.

  38. Only to be expected from folks who only see lives in terms of what they get out of them (money, votes, power, etc.)

    20 minutes may not be much, but to lift a line, the child would have gotten what everybody gets – a lifetime.

    This is why I don’t think much on the subject. I get to raging about enough things these days.

  39. That sounds like a fat joke, PJ. I’m offended.

    Another decade loss goal broken! Woo hoo!

    It totally was…I’ve lost 80lbs (AFTER my tummy tuck, so no one thinks the tummy tuck was why I lost weight) so I’m slinging those fat jokes like the butter I love

    Congrats on the weightloss!! You’re seriously kicking ass!

  40. Jay was kicking ass before he was even kicking ass.

  41. my SIL, trying to reconcile her former lib beliefs with what she has experienced in my family. Her mom is a roaring lib, but we have got SIL to turn to the Dark Side, starting with Bush.

    Not mrs Jay’s sis, my bros wife. I didn’t even comment on the FB link.

    When mom’s life is in danger, even the catholic church allows intervention, doesn’t it? My cousin celebrates her daughter’s birthday every year, born and died. Big catholic family there.

  42. Jay has kicked more ass than he even knew that he had.

  43. I wonder if there are any qualifiers on the NY abortion law, that only allow the practice for cases like this. I have a feeling there aren’t, and that’s why everyone is against it.

    I would not vote against a law allowing procedures like this to continue. But there has to be a qualifier. This can’t be for all births.

  44. I’m trying to find the sarcasm and insults in the kicking ass comments, can’t.

    Ok, they are compliments. Thanks!

  45. Jay, Catholic teaching on the matter comes down to something I’ve heard called “the principle of dual effect” where the “effect” you’re actually seeking is protecting the life of the woman, but this will have the effect of killing her unborn baby. It’s a really, really serious edge case in modern medicine that this is a real circumstance, but in that unlikely event, a procedure (like, say, chemotherapy) that can save the woman’s life but is likely to harm her baby is permissible.

    It’s worth noting that the Church also teaches that suicide is a grave sin, but if the woman in this same circumstance foregoes the treatment that could save her that her baby might have a better chance, that is also permissible, even laudatory.

  46. The Church does recognize a difference between suicide (generally a selfish act) and self-sacrifice (a selfless act). Martyrdom is in a similar situation, IIRC.

  47. Whenever a pro-abortion want to “testify” they always bring up some 1 in a million experience where no one would disagree. it’s just stupid.

  48. I came here to kick ass and eat 800 grams of fiber and I’m still eating celery sticks

  49. I voted today at the town office. We have ranked choice voting so I had to vote for 4 other candidates before Biden/Harris. Four candidates for senator and 3 for house rep. Oddly there were no ballot questions this year. There’s usually a few spending bills and liberal dreams for ballot initiatives

  50. I’m with Roamy.

  51. I’m with your mom.

  52. 2020/me/2020

  53. A total non sequitur, but Shackleton Crater on the moon is so large, the program manager showed it with a map of DC superimposed, and it wasn’t much smaller than the 495 ring.

    All your mom’s boyfriends might fit, but only because it’s 13,000+ feet deep.

  54. I love seeing that kid get knocked on his ass.

  55. Man, I would love it if someone could prove that.

  56. And still, people got Covid. Wierd: “At least two other cases have been linked to Biden campaign events. Earlier this week it was reported that two confirmed cases of COVID-19 were traced to a Biden campaign event in Minnesota. Biden’s campaign events are notorious for being minimally attended with multiple social-distancing protocols, including strict enforcement of mask-wearing. “

  57. But it’s just Trump being careless, and denying science.

  58. I’m just shocked that the lawn circles didn’t work.

  59. I wonder how all those Never- Trumper/ Biden voters feel today.

  60. What I find strange is the hilariously small number of people who don’t even clap who “attend” Joe Biden’s “rallies.”

    Most of those attending are the media.

    Then he proceeds to say at least 2-3 dementia caused crazy, then takes off his mask and coughs, then calls it a day.

    But he’s up 17 Nationally.

    Yeah, and your Mom doesn’t like fleet week.

  61. Biden’s getting set to die right on schedule.

  62. Also, it’s funny how masks don’t help. At all.

  63. whats the best non-evil sweetener, for coffee?

  64. Nothing, J’ames. Drink it black.

  65. bleh, plays hell with my stomach

  66. Black coffee is sweet enough

  67. oh well

  68. Sugar is not evil if you need it but I don’t think it will take the acid away. Every now and then I’ll order a Dunkin coffee regular with cream and sugar and because I’m used to black coffee it’s like a treat in my mind.

  69. I’m not buying the OBL story the way it’s been told publicly.

  70. I use a little milk to take the acid edge off, and it just tastes a little better with a little sweetener. i used up the rest of my homemade stuff, and was going to use something different.

    I’ll just stick with a little milk.

  71. Jay, use heavy whipping cream. Fewest carbs. Also, at many stores now, I’ve seen them in Target, they are called Nut Pods and they are flavored or plain. They can also be “frothed.”

    A bit of pure, organic stevia is a good sweetener choice. They have flavored stevia drops too. Walmart, Trader Joes for sure.

  72. Comment by Jimbro on October 15, 2020 3:26 pm
    I’m not buying the OBL story the way it’s been told publicly.


    I’ve never believed it. It was a PR scam. And now on Twitter, there is kind of a war between this O’Neill guy and some other SEALS who are gently trying to say, he’s full of shit. The real shooter wouldn’t be telling anyone.

  73. And Obama can kiss my ass with the whole “we gave OBL a burial at sea in accordance with Islamic laws that were applicable.” Shoot the effing body full of holes and piss on it.


  74. I had no idea that Klobuchar was such a dunce. Yikes.

  75. What did you expect, shes a democrat.

  76. One aspect of the OBL story I can’t figure out is who or who isn’t alive that was involved. I cannot seem to get a straight answer (no surprise) via the internet to include, google, twitter, parler, youtube or Instagram.

  77. Full disclosure (who gives a shit?): I believe lots of conspiracies now. Why? Those in power have zero shame lying to our faces and profiting from our lack of knowledge.

    Never forget, we were supposed to believe that Benghazi happened due to a video riling up the natives.

    That bitch, Hillary, stood in front of the caskets of dead men’s families and lied through her effing teeth to smooth over her political life.

    Who does that? And Bill asking people to send money for Haiti straight to their foundation (I’ve seen the video). Who does that?

    Oh, and Jeffrey Epstein. That whole clusterf*ck has CIA mismanagement written all over it.

    Tip of the iceberg.

  78. All I wanted was a little sugar in my coffee, jeez!

  79. Jay, try stirring some chunky peanut butter into your coffee.

  80. Pour some sugar on me.

  81. Lauraw is just saying that to see if you’ll do it.


  82. I’m at Famous Dave’s, but no pig hats.

  83. Jay, stevia. Use stevia. I SAID USE STEVIA!!!

  84. I love Romacita’s halloween house video from yesterday’s poat. The singing punkins made me laugh every time.

  85. J’ames, I don’t drink coffee, but I like Stevia in the Raw as a sweetener. Better than agave. I miss Jimbro’s Thorsdays, but I enjoy seeing what Peej is willing to subject us to. Mesa used to 💩post, too. My CoWs find it weird that an old lady like me is current with all the memes and viral videos.

  86. I’ve seen the videos of people putting butter and peanut butter in their coffee. Comments usually start out “Ew” and then the adapters start commenting about how much they love their coffee now

  87. Peanut butter will protect you from acidity. Maybe. Carin is an enemy of the scientific method. Shunnn! Shunnn-nuh!

  88. yeah, leon started in with the butter in the coffee. Not believing that sorcery either

  89. hahahahahahaha, I did not see Roamy’s Halloween house. Excellent. I love it when people go to level 11.

  90. It may protect you from the acidity, but it is also going to straight up RUIN the coffee.

    J’ames, have you tried Folgers in your cup? I haerd that it’s the best part of waking up.

  91. Don’t let Lauraw experiment on you J’ames.

  92. Well man, you can’t go wrong with a little coconut cream. Unlike dairy cream, it has a little natural sweetness to it, and you can’t store medium-chain fatty acids as fat.

  93. Cut your Folger’s Crystals with crack cocaine. Then you’ll be winning like Hunter Biden.


  95. Meh. If you like your coffee to taste like coconut.

    J’ames you should try filtering your coffee through your covid mask.

  96. Ridiculous. *Everybody* wants me to experiment on them. That’s how Leon got that totally bitchin’ third eye on the nape of his neck. And I do this for free.

  97. Stevia in coffee if you need it. I mostly use heavy cream.

  98. Stevia Nicks makes my travel team in terms of singing. Outside of that she needs to stfu.

  99. I drink Bigelow Spiced Chai with heavy cream.

  100. I like the crack cocaine idea. Or stevia. Just use some stevia.

  101. I think J’ames should switch to decaf.

  102. J’Ames, just put some cooled coffee in your neti pot and irrigate your face holes with it. Don’t forget a pinch of cayenne.

  103. The peanut butter coffee dogma lives loudly in you Lauraw

  104. Honestly I never heard of putting peanut butter in coffee before. I just thought it sounded funny. “Chunky peanut butter” is a naturally funny term, like ‘banana,’ ‘cattywampus,’ and ‘your Mom’s merkin is a bearskin rug.’

  105. Just for that, I’m going to attempt to froth some sun butter into my coffee tomorrow.

  106. I frothed some nut butter into your moms.

  107. Moist is a funny word. You should work that i more often.

    You think we could make “moistly” a thing?

  108. Moist is a funny word. You should work that i more often.

    You think we could make “moistly” a thing?

  109. Crevice is a gross word.

  110. Especially when applied to your mom.

    Hoo boy.

  111. Jay, I use heavy cream in my coffee. It makes it taste sweet to me.

    Mrs. Pupster uses this:

    and half and half, she likes french vanilla.

  112. Mrs. Pupster drives a leased 2018 Dodge Charger, the lease is up next year but the warranty expired a few weeks ago. The door panels have all popped off the window edge, there was a problem with Charger, Challenger and Chrysler 300’s in the foam they used in the door panels. After a few years it absorbs enough moisture to swell up and pop off away from the window. She LOVES the car but was pretty mad about the foam thing, to the point of wanting a new car and turning in her beloved Charger. Today we got almost to the point of no return but could not close the deal, she fucking loves that car. so we will buy it out and fix the doors ourselves.

    I found $20 under the passenger seat but I’m sure it’s fine.

  113. I applied heavy cream to your mom’s crevice.

  114. I love french vanilla, but Imma gonna try heavy cream.

  115. That isn’t a recall issue, or free fix, pupster?

  116. It’s a warranty fix, but they replace the panels with the same shit foam in them. You buy a new Charger, Challenger or 300 same same. A lot of folks have posted about it, Dodge is aware but haven’t fixed it yet, in our case it was 3 years and 7 days and they all popped off in the same week. (3 year-36K warranty. Fuckers,)

  117. Also butter in everything makes it more delicious, coffee included.

  118. That sounds like leon has poisoned you with his sorcery.

  119. I applied heavy cream to your mom’s crevice.

    Who hasn’t? Makes everything more moist.

  120. Moist is worse than crevice. WTF is up with dressage?

  121. is really good if you want something sweet, Jay. Cut the Swerve to 1/2 to 1/3 cup, though. You can skip the church and just freeze it in an ice cube tray, then drop one in your hot coffee mug before you pour.

  122. Also butter in everything makes it more delicious, coffee included.
    That sounds like leon has poisoned you with his sorcery

    It’s not sorcery, it’s science-uh.

    And if you add a little mct oil, you have a drink that helps you stay sated for a few hours and not into the delicious carbs. Not sure, but the last part might be sorcery. Delicious, yummy sorcery. And moist.

  123. I poured over CT’s Covid date. Here are the mortality rates

    80+ .40
    70-79 .21
    60-69 .075
    50-59 .02
    40-49 .0072
    30-39 .0023
    20-29 .00043
    10-19 .00027

    2% in my age group sounds bad, but it is the least healthy 2%.
    I am pretty certain I don’t fall into that category.

  124. Gov Wuhan is going back to lockdown BS. Fucking election interference

  125. Its 2% who catch it bad enough to know they have it/get a test. Also, it’s interesting to look at infection rates and compare them to death rates. Overwhelmingly, the younger folks are the ones catching it.

  126. Biden has a Covid plan since March.

    Two questions: Why didn’t he mention it and does it involve doubling up on masks?

  127. Probably involves doubling up on your mom’s moist crevice.

  128. Did I tell you guys my mom called me the other day to inform me that one of the LAST conversations my sister had with her (I probably did) was in regards to my ugly political talk on facebook and could she please ask me to stop.

    Sooo … what do you think my mom has posted the last few days? Nothing but super ugly memes about ACB.

    The mind wobbles.

  129. Car in, I get texts from my mom after Morons savage her TDS BS on FB. My Catholic *cough* familia are posting pro abortion 💩 on FB. I ignore them.

  130. Its the hypocrisy that bugs me.

    Of course, her posts aren’t ugly because they’re true. @@

  131. Democrats dominated early voting. It’s the medias job now to shut down the country with Covid fears.

    IT’S SPIKING !!!1111!1111

  132. the least healthy 2%.
    If you have Type O blood you’re less likely to have a bad course even if you get the Chyna-virus

  133. My town has about 3000 registered voters and close to 900 have already voted

  134. Type O and Vitamin D. Zinc.

  135. CBS news touched the Biden laptop story.

    They compared it to wiki-leaks in 2016. It’s all unverified, and leaked by a gossip magazine. They interviewed a FBI agent who thought it looked like classic a disinformation campaign perpetrated by Russia.

  136. Scott, yesterday the message was Giuliani is a drunk and everyone fears for his health. His daughter is all over Vanity Fair promoting Biden/Harris. Son works for the 45. Andrew. The fat kid from the 2000s.

  137. ” They interviewed a FBI agent who thought it looked like classic a disinformation campaign perpetrated by Russia.”


    Well, to be fair, the FBI has only had the info for a year, and it’s not a priority like a NASCAR noose.

  138. Phone-post above swapped “church” where I typed “churn”.

    Don’t skip church.

  139. It’s pretty amazing how much info the FBI has buried in the last few years.

  140. FBI missed every single big story in 10 years, but hey Aunt Becky.

  141. They are all in on it. Everybody has dirt on everyone else.

  142. The dumbest people in Washington are millionaires, even that guy who was afraid of Guam tipping over.

  143. Scott is correct. My DA cousin is pissing me off.

  144. Trump is being constantly interrupted and contested with everything he says. I turned to The Joe Show and a. no interruptions and b. low energy. Ben asked me to put Trump back on because Joe was making him fall asleep.

  145. Trump had mostly Dems and “independents” asking questions. I call bullshit on the “Republican” woman who voted for Hillary and is leaning Biden.

    Joe Show is definitely softball questions and low energy.

  146. Also, Joe gets lots of breaks.

  147. I was glad Trump mentioned Tim Scott’s law enforcement bill.

  148. Every now and then I worry about my general health. Then I go looking for traditional recipes as a reference for something I want to make, and realize people routinely use one whole cup of sugar (or more) in a pie meant for six people.

  149. Bret Baier saying how detailed Biden was. No questions on emails, and avoided answering court packing.

    Lovely pictures of Slow Joe with 2 masks.

  150. one pie? well yeah, 1 cup of sugar could be low end, for some styles.

  151. you could just substitute chunky peanut butter

  152. true
    it woudn’t be as sweet but at least it would be funny

  153. Off to bed, sweat hogs. Please report your covid test results here, as soon as you can stop giggling.

  154. The pecan pie I make at Christmas has a cup of sugar *and* a cup of corn syrup.

  155. Way to go, California. You can poop on the sidewalk for free, but not wearing a mask will cost you $100.

  156. I was born a CITIZEN of the USA. I’m afraid I’ll die a subject of Queen Alexandria. But at least I’ll die.

  157. Peej worthy from the ONT

  158. Dental expenditures ruined Patrick.

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