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  1. You’ve outdone yourself with this one.

    Memes as far as the eye can see!


    Apparently it’s real.

  3. Got a pillow and wedge cushion out of storage to build up my sleeping position. Slept better last night than I have since I took up residence with my hosts. Huzzah!

  4. Probably for the best, Roamy, since I’m on pre-arranged transit for the time being! Makes spur of the moment meetups a little difficult.

  5. wakey wakey

  6. Did not even think of the wedge option. I remember advice for CHF of putting a couple of bricks or pavers under the upper bed posts to raise the whole bed. Your hosts are probably happier with the wedge though.

  7. Who else is giving out Reese’s Thicc Dumb Butts for Halloween?

  8. Nippy here this morning in the tree.

  9. I heard the spiders are jumpy.

  10. Lots of shooting at daybreak. Duck season must have opened up.


  12. The wedge is an element (still lots of pillows piled) but a key structural element to make it work. Back is still sore but it took seven hours instead of three, which is a big win.

  13. Inconvenience store.
    Chocolate sandwich biscuits.

    I went with the possible outliers.

  14. I went with your mom.

  15. What’s the latest tally for Round #3?

  16. I got some yard work and I absolutely have to get my handheld comms configured and tested. Contemplating a nap, its gray and windy and cool.

    Nap wins.

  17. Around the far turn Hot Ginger has the lead.

  18. Round 4 is ready for next week, I just made a pitcher of peach tea, I’m going to go sit in the sun and hydrate, 61 and sunny in The Queen City, even though Trump denies science (that was the hook in the youtube ad I just had to watch.)

  19. Meta Meme added.

  20. I deny science as a religion, which it clearly is for many people. Most of whom are blithering idiots who think adherence imputes them with borrowed intelligence as a foul mockery of sanctifying grace.

    Looking at you, NDT.

  21. Is that Hunter Biden, Alex?

    Because I’d have to like the guy, just a tiny bit, if he actually did it.

  22. That’s Hunter.

  23. TIL snorting cocaine off a hooker’s ass is not just a catchphrase at AoS and H2.

  24. Hunter Biden is living the AoSHQ Lifestyle

  25. Ho

  26. The Borgias were good, upright folks, I see now. At least by comparison.

  27. Radio for your lady-o and the treehouse made me lol. Will send the Houston one to co-workers. Count Count is now on the dad joke list. Good job, Pupster!

  28. Good thing for early voting. Biden voters can’t take it back.

  29. The only trees on my 10 acres big enough to hold a treehouse are made of wood you can’t build with in the first place, so it’s sort of an insult.

    “You’re trash, this is what a good tree can do. If you’re lucky I won’t have you cut down and burnt to ash before you die of old age.”

  30. Osita would not like being here. I have made soup for supper the last three days, and I made chili for lunch today.

  31. Is chili soup? I thought it was more of a messican/tessican stew.

  32. I’m thinking of making potato and mushroom soup for a late lunch.

  33. Are baked beans soup?

    *updates dinner menu*

  34. Supposedly the snorting coke off a hooker’s ass pic has been debunked.

    Cue all the Lefties to claim all the photos have been faked.


  36. I made split pea soup this afternoon.

  37. Supposedly the snorting coke off a hooker’s ass pic has been debunked.

    That’s actually Jill Biden’s ass.

  38. Supposedly the snorting coke off a hooker’s ass pic has been debunked.

    It’s actually a 12 year old boy’s ass.

  39. Supposedly the snorting coke off a hooker’s ass pic has been debunked.

    No, it’s a live hooker.

  40. Supposedly the snorting coke off a hooker’s ass pic has been debunked.

    It’s actually his niece.


  42. Supposedly the snorting coke off a hooker’s ass pic has been debunked.

    It’s actually adderall.

  43. Supposedly the snorting coke off a hooker’s ass pic has been debunked.

    Fake, but accurate.

  44. It’s actually Beau, Hunter took the picture.

  45. It’s actually Hillary.

  46. This poat and Vince Foster have much in common.

  47. And Jeffrey Epstein.

  48. Heh

  49. Watching the Trump Show from MI. Losing voters in OH 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Yard work done. Tonight’s entertainment….yer mom.

  51. Andy made a soup/stew. Roamy is killing me with the soup/chili. Dan made green chile stew. He is planning on making cornbread. I see Navy bean soup or a 13 bean soup in my future.


  53. Huge fight on ESPN tonight.

    Liberals haven’t ruined MMA yet.

  54. love 13 bean soup with sausage

  55. Why not 14?

  56. My bad. Tonight is boxing.

  57. Scott, pretty sure I watched that with my dad.

  58. I don’t know how he managed to stay in character.

  59. Buddy Hackett

  60. My understanding was Foster Brooks didn’t drink. Dean Martin was sober in his later years as well.

  61. Dan was sleeping so deeply last night, he wasn’t aware I was sleep walking. I ended up on the couch. No falls. No bruises. I have no idea how I ended up there. No sleep eating, so I guess there’s that

  62. You should sleep cook.

  63. 🤪🤪🤪🤪 I don’t even wake cook.

  64. I pour milk and water better asleep than awake.

  65. I like to turn on faucets when I sleep walk.

  66. I still have bruises that I can’t explain. I ripped a hole in my new Baby Yoda shirt. Sleep shit is weird.

  67. Scott, do the water police increase your bill?


  69. Oso: Why do I have bruises on my wrists and ass?
    Dan: I don’t wanna talk about it…


  71. Why does Georgia always fall apart playing Alabama?

  72. CoAl: those bruises are the ones we can account for. Grip bruises on Oso. Neck sites.

  73. We did chicken fajitas tonight. Pretty good, except that they put 1.5pounds of chicken with 0.5 pounds of peppers and onions.
    WTF were they thinking, if they were thinking? This is bullshit. I cooked half pound of the chicken and bagged it to put on tomorrows pizza.
    TWIP is very good tonight…

  74. Those are good ones chrisp. I’m sous vide country ribs to grill tomorrow

  75. Dover’s estuary remains polluted.

  76. I’m starting to think we may need to turn the heat on before Halloween. We’ve had enough cool, cloudy days that the residual warmth in the house from warmer sunny days has left. Taking the AC out of our bedroom window a few days ago bought a little time but it’s chilly despite wearing my flannel union suit

  77. Turned the downstairs thermostats to 65 and I can hear the furnace stirring to life.

  78. Coyotes were howling by the river this morning. Always interesting to see our domesticated dogs’ reaction to that.

    Head and ears up, on alert and staring at some point off in the distance.

  79. I always have to wonder what wolves think of, say, teacup chihuahuas. Do they even recognize them as related? Do they just shake their heads and wonder what the fuck happened to them?

    Of course chihuahuas are the canine equivalent of soy-addled antifa, so YMMV.


    Interesting movie trailer. I’d watch it if it was on but we don’t have hulu currently. There’s a whole lot I ‘sort of know’ about black culture but don’t really fully understand.

  81. I think a wolf looks at a chihuahua as a meal

  82. *snack*

  83. My ex wife and I were walking our rescue dog Daisy off leash in a local park in a Denver suburb (Bear Creek Lake Park for any Coloradans) early one spring morning. At some point a bunch of coyotes started howling and the dog, being a dog, decided to investigate. She ran about 50 yards to a wooded area and we could see 3 coyotes looking out. I’m sure there were more we couldn’t see but we started shouting and waving our arms until our damn dog got the message to rejoin the right pack instead of become a meal.


  85. “I think a wolf looks at a chihuahua as a meal”

    Tater tot.

  86. lots of coyotes by me. My dogs think its their job to protect the house at night.

  87. ” Facebook’s Lead Executive on Election Policy Was Vice-President Joe Biden’s Advisor to Ukraine…”

  88. I would never consider destroying a server farm or its power supply. That would be a bad thing. Idiots and protests. The time for “protesting” has passed.


  89. Happy birthday, TiFW!


    “The subpoena for Hunter’s hard drive was signed by an FBI agent who has been described in the press as a specialist in crimes involving child pornography.”

    Sooner or later (hopefully sooner, like before Election Day), this whole web of pervs gets exposed. Comet pizza and all that.

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