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Your model for today was born in Russia on August 22nd, 1998.  She stands 5′ 5″ and measures 36K2638 and a bunch of pounds.  Please trick or treat  Miss Vivian Blush AKA Katyshka!





  1. Huge funbags but a rather dull-witted look…PERFECT!

  2. Rosetta would be proud, pups.

    Condolences for Nessie, dogs just don’t live long enough.

  3. Fulsome Funbag Friday

  4. Alex linked a frightening article and this term was in one of the picture descriptions; “polyfidelitous closed quad”. Adding another layer to the relationship status of “Complicated”.

  5. Sounds like Oso had fun at the Vikings game last night. I thought they played in a dome there? Going from the desert to MN has to be a shock to the system.

  6. Her husband’s job must be holding them up.

  7. What a huge pig. I love her.

    4/10 would smash

  8. Some good gravitational distortion there.

  9. *awards pup eleventy-7 of these*

  10. JAM! Stop being a stranger. Or Strange, whatever.

  11. 4/10 would smash.


  12. wakey wakey

  13. This was quite possibly the whitest crowd I’ve ever attended a sporting event with that wasn’t A or AA ball. I was the POC on the bus to the stadium.

    Welcome to the upper midwest, where scandis roam free, unencumbered of the bigotry of the south. And the sun.

  14. You left out the part where she weighs 115 lbs.

  15. Casting a movie set in the midwest accurately would be too racist for modern hollywood. That’s why they are busy filling Minneapolis with Somalis and Dearborn and Hamtramck with Yemenis.

  16. Lol

  17. .@IlhanMN: “It is a moral stain on our country that we have half a million or more people facing homelessness … In few weeks, we are going to introduce our Homes For All legislation, which will, hopefully, guarantee a home for everyone.”


    Leon’s comment on Somali IQ hits home and hits hard.

  18. Lack of housing is NOT why people are homeless.

    This is a distraction and an excuse to shove people into hives.

  19. They must be eating a lot better in Mother Russia now than back in the Lenin days.

  20. Hard to believe sometimes Prince hailed from the Twin Cities. Life’s funny that way.

  21. I’ve thought about this a bit and I really, REALLY dislike Ilhan. There are other female politicians that are losers, lame, dumb, and bitchy but there is something personal and visceral about my dislike for this woman.

    There is a disingenuousness about her that bothers me even more than Hillary. There is something truly creepy about her. I think this bitch is evil.

  22. Lack of housing is NOT why people are homeless.


    Of course.

    Having just spent a bit of time in California, the homelessness due to mental illness and drug overuse is pretty obvious. We never should have shut down mental institutions and released all the freaks. They should have been overhauled and rethought.

    People in a 1st world country should not be allowed to shit on sidewalks, shoot up in public or park their shit in a cart in the middle of a sidewalk.

    Sorry, you’re nuts and can’t take care of yourself, you get put in a place where you get washed, meds and meals.

    Yes, it is to warehouse them away from normals. WTF should we be forced to witness the grossness and ruin our standard of living because others effed up their lives? True mental patients get a pass but still need to be cared for off of our streets.

    Like to know the cost that has gone into studying “homelessness” opening shelters, cleaning their garbage and waste vs keeping them locked up until the Thorazine kicks in.

  23. Let’s not overlook that a lot of them aren’t organically mentally ill, but are drug addicts.

  24. And really, isn’t it more humane for let’s say, a 70-year-old street woman to be protected, given meals, washed and given appropriate meds than letting her rot in the street?

  25. Carin, I think I said that, did I cock up what I was trying to say?

  26. Sorry, you’re nuts and can’t take care of yourself


    Those are drug addicts and so many I saw were obviously people who literally blew their minds with drugs. They have that burnout look about them. Lots of them are youngish.

  27. Urrgh, 16 degrees this morning.

  28. Here, in Florida, you see a lot of 50, 60, 70-year-old alcoholic burnouts. You can just tell the life of hard living.

    I’m sure many have had tough childhoods, abusive spouses and just garbage luck. I always give a little prayer when I see these people. (Which makes for a rich and extended prayer life.)

    Florida is a place of transients, hence, the Florida Man. People with low impulse control fueled by alcohol…doing stupid stuff. They had garbage lives where they lived before but, hey, let’s live in Florida where at least it’s sunny!

  29. I did a search for closed mental institutions state by state and the only one that came up was MA. MA was my original thought because I’ve trained and worked in 2 of the closed ones and am also aware of the other ones that have closed by reading Boston Herald articles over the years.

    Unless you grew up in MA or worked there the locations of these places won’t mean much but the sheer number that have closed is staggering. I’m sure there’s a comprehensive state list out there somewhere.

  30. This should solve all the angst over the name of the Washington Redskins:

  31. What do you think?

    I was in a Target parking lot, getting out of my car when a woman approached me (scares the crap out of me and makes me mad that I was totally unaware of my surroundings which is unusual but, hey, it’s Target in a decent area) and asks for a couple of dollars for food.

    I say no, (because I actually didn’t have any cash) but I probably wouldn’t have anyway. She was a rather large woman wearing slippers a tank top and yoga pants. Not necessarily relevant just giving you a picture.

    I just returned something so I was back out to the parking lot in 5 minutes where she approached me again. Hmmmmm.

    She approached a few as a watched and no one gave her money.

    I wonder what’s going on? If she was a mother (or not) let’s say couldn’t she go to a church and ask for help to sign up with the state for EBD cards or whatever?

    Also, Oh look $20!!!!!


    D.C. Redskins. Brilliant.

  33. Here, in Florida, you see a lot of 50, 60, 70-year-old alcoholic burnouts. You can just tell the life of hard living.
    It’s really hard to explain until you see it.

    Florida is packed with people that look…damaged.

  34. California is the same way. Nice places attract people whose lifestyles lead to occasionally sleeping on sidewalks or passed out in the gutter.

  35. I know there were abuses, people walking around naked, women patients sexually abused, restraints that were on forever. etc..

    I still believe we need places to house people permanently out of touch with reality, those who need help temporarily to get back in touch, and drug burnouts.

  36. The government destroyed every other institution short of itself that could do that work, and I don’t trust them to do it.

  37. I know there were abuses …
    I agree and that’s part of the reason why so many of them were closed. I think they overestimated the efficacy of modern psych drugs which were a revolution compared with earlier treatments but hardly the panacea that was imagined.

    I also think it would be much harder in this day and age for those abuses to be repeated. Harder, not impossible. This is a difficult population and working with them requires a lot of suppressing your normal reactions to a lot of stuff (as I’m sure Laura could tell us all). Having a citizen’s review panel monitoring conditions would be useful as well.

  38. We could publicly support the truly needy if we wanted to. Instead we support people that don’t need shit.

    The amount of tax breaks and giveaways aimed at lifestyles of the upper middle class is totally insane.

  39. Holy shit, do you think Joe Biden would take Tulsi Gabbard as a VP choice?

    That would not be good because people are stupid.

  40. The amount of tax breaks and giveaways aimed at lifestyles of the upper middle class is totally insane.

    Gotta have a reason to vote democrat!

  41. She’s a walking solar eclipse…

  42. The amount of tax breaks and giveaways aimed at lifestyles of the upper middle class is totally insane.

    I’ve mentioned this, but the Rich Dad, Poor Dad guide to taxes details this pretty elaborately just from the taxes perspective. If you know the rules and can structure your affairs correctly, taxes can drop to almost nothing on even a fairly substantial income. It’s a non-trivial amount of complexity to “own” almost nothing and “earn” almost nothing, but entirely possible.

    And if you “own” almost nothing and “earn” almost nothing, I have to believe that getting your EBT and SNAP and whatnot would be pretty trivial if you wanted to go that route.

  43. She’s a walking solar eclipse…

    That’s no moon…

  44. I should apply for a grant to study soil remediation in southwest Michigan from GMO corn and soybeans and RoundUp to a viable pasture of native grasses and legumes.

    As an impoverished African-American farmer in a majority-white area I’m sure to get some cash.

  45. “Florida is packed with people that look…damaged.”


    Ever been to Las Vegas? It’s depressing.

  46. I was in Vegas earlier this year for a funeral. The casino we were staying at was… sad. Lots of people sitting around punching buttons on the video gambling systems, and everything just seemed dingy.

  47. I was in the casino in Detroit on Saturday night. Yes, lots of depressing people. It’s a magnet for them. But if you looks hard (and I did) you can see people just having fun with it. It’s really how you tell the addicts from the normies.

  48. Testing…

  49. Gabbard is the Democrat Palin.

  50. Normies are only a few events away from being addicts.

  51. The real addicts play bar keno.

  52. Testing?

  53. WordPress hates me today.

  54. Comment by Brother Cavil on October 25, 2019 11:38 am
    Gabbard is the Democrat Palin.

    It’s true that I want to smear her in peanut butter and honey.


  56. Yeah, the back and forth between Tulsi and TheBitch seemed a little too staged for me. ‘Oh look…a moderate who will temper the worst of the party’.

  57. Normies are only a few events away from being addicts.

    Eh, I disagree. I hate casinos. I played a dollar, and was bored even by that. I’m a people watcher, though. I’d probably be bored/irritated to go with people who really wanted to play. Going to a casino – three times in my entire life, and once I was underage – is just something different.

    I hate that they don’t have windows. Like big warehouses to trap you. I can only be in one for so long.

    I went to Vegas with a group of women, and our “gambling” consisted of carrying a roll of nickles and just picking random machines to put them in as we walked through.

  58. Keno players are, by and large, addicts.

  59. In South St. Louis, there was a state mental institution, formerly known at The Lunatic Asylum, on Arsenal St. – that would let the inmates out on daypasses. I worked a couple of summers at the Jack-in-the-Box on the corner of Chippewa and Kingshighway where one or two of those inmates would get off the bus and dance/chant – with homemade headdresses. They’d get extremely agitated if they saw you looking at them and would flip us the bird. We were told not to let them in. Had to call the police to remove one from the restroom, one time.
    During my junior year of high school, I was chosen to attend an honors art program at some magnet school, a few times a week. The school was a block off Arsenal. Living in the city, one had to keep their heads on a swivel, ESPECIALLY the farther up you traveled. As soon as I got off the bus, I’d run to the school and after, I’d time it to where I’d run back with minutes to spare. Yes, quite a few times, I’d get ‘propositioned’ with body parts.

  60. quite a few times, I’d get ‘propositioned’ with body parts

    Like this?

  61. What I want to know is…..Who the fuck is this Ilhan person to tell me or anyone else what is moral or not? STFU Silly Bint and say hi to your boyfriend that is married to another women. And you want to tell me what’s immoral? She’s more of a moral stain than the homeless situation…..

    I want to see legislation introduced that prescribes automatic removal from office and forfeiture of all benefits from office holders caught fucking somebody else’s spouse while in office. From the President on down…..

  62. 150 years: From Lunatic Asylum to St. Louis Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center

  63. Jimbro, yes. They’d be behind a tree, slowly pull up in a car, or riding by on a bike kind of thing ‘Hey…hey….look at this’, which I’d never do.

  64. We’ve got a casino down by the river….lots of seniors playing away their SS checks and welfare whores betting away your tax dollars. I’ve only been there once, so I’m going by what regulars tell me.

  65. I want to see legislation introduced that prescribes automatic removal from office and forfeiture of all benefits from office holders caught fucking somebody else’s spouse while in office. From the President on down…..

    Only possible in a moral country, and secular humanism has shown that it cannot maintain such a thing.

  66. In a country where such laws could be passed, such laws would not be required.

  67. Huh, I cannot disagree with anything TeeRoy said.

  68. Well, my incredibly, sweet Mother loved to go to the casino (we would take her and hang out with her) and play the quarter slot machines. She ALWAYS came home with money usually more than she left with. I think she loved the stimulation of the lights and sounds, the people watching and of course the good fun of winning. I think we’d take her once or twice a month.

    I guess it’s hard for people to understand there is a place between teetotaler and addict. I’m that way with slot machines, food, alcohol and exercise. Can stop whenever I want. Can start whenever I want, don’t go overboard, don’t ruin my life.

  69. *time to start hoarding cattle *

  70. On the other hand, I think I have that horrible addiction wherein you cannot put down your phone/computer/tablet because you’re constantly looking at instagram.

    Eeeeeesh. I’m addicted there for sure. Can’t get enough kittens, keto before and afters, conservative memes and home improvement.

  71. Paula goes with her friends a couple of times a year and spends $40-50 before saying “I’m out”. Then they hit the dessert bar for some high calorie treat before calling it a night. I’ve never been there. I’m sure being seen there would be scandalous for me.

  72. It’s fun to play the games at the casino. I like playing blackjack, slots, etc. It’s no different than going out to eat, although theres a chance you’ll win some money.

  73. My gambling consists of buying a Powerball ticket a few times a year and some scratch tickets near my birthday and Christmas.

  74. I’m too good at math and too bad at reading poker players to want to gamble in the slightest. My dopamine-reward system got highjacked by other behavioral addictions.

  75. Oh, shoot, forgot I buy one fantasy 5 ticket on Fridays when I can remember. Forgot today.

    I buy them for exactly what they are named for. For $1 I enjoy thinking about what I could do with the money.

  76. It’s fun to play the games at the casino. I like playing blackjack, slots, etc. It’s no different than going out to eat, although theres a chance you’ll win some money.


    Agree, Jay.

  77. I could see the appeal of playing card games or games where you’re with a group of people, but not slot machines.

  78. I enjoy when people give me their cart at Aldis and don’t want my quarter. I don’t always give it to the next person if there is no person there to hand it off to. I condemn myself.

  79. beasn is a monster

  80. *time to start hoarding cattle *

    Silkie bantams and newfie pups are good trades for a young bride.

  81. Jay, my MIL is worse. She gets pure giddy when someone gives her a cart. (since I’m faster, I usually go get a cart while she’s getting out of the car but sometimes she snags one from someone parked next to us and gets a big ol’ grin on her face).

  82. Pai-gow poker is a pretty fun, low pressure table game, if you can find a 5 or 10 dollar table. You play against the dealer like blackjack, and it is more like dominos than poker. That’s what I play in Vegas, usually the dealer is fun and helps you with your cards, and you don’t have to put a lot of cash in play to drink for free.

  83. I think the human condition dictates that anything that makes you “feel good” can be practiced on rare occasions and in moderation. A couple of drinks can make you feel good. Burning a hour in a social setting with bright lights etc playing .25 slots can be fun. Fucking the neighbors wife cause he didnt return your sander every couple of years ……..wait…..I went too far…..

    PS. It wasn’t his wife…it was his daughter…… HE STOLE MY SANDER DAMMIT!!

    I keed I keed

    Humans will always take shit too far….its our biggest flaw

  84. usually the dealer is fun and helps you with your cards

    Used to find a $3 blackjack table (those were the days) and tell the dealer, “I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just here to have fun.” The dealer would raise an eyebrow, but after a few hands they realized that, if anything, I had exaggerated my competence. So then they’d help, and I’d tip, and we’d all have a good time.

  85. This looks fun. Dry fire training with laser bullets.

  86. Most blackjack dealers will help out. Some are nicer than others. It’s the other people at the table that can be assholes about it.


  88. So my son wants to purchase a new car, he found one he likes, and we went to dealer yesterday (a hour away) and started the process. Kid goes out and get his own financing from our bank (check in hand) for for tax, tags, delivery plus list price minus 800 dollars. He pursued financing this way based on advice from the Dealers Finance guy who couldn’t get a decent rate at the dealership. He put money down on the vehicle yesterday (a pittance) before he left. Calls the salesman today and says “I got check in hand minus 800 right now.” Salesman hems and haws, Kid says “I’ll be up there tomorrow when you open first thing.” Car listed for 16800. Kid didnt even attempt to negotiate down before starting the paperwork.

    So I get to drive a hour north tomorrow morning bright and early and Im a bit perturbed that a supposed “large volume” dealership is fucking with this kid over 800 dollars on a 17K car. I have rarely dealt with large dealerships. Am I wrong to be perturbed?

  89. I thought jet cars would be here before laser bullets

  90. Tee Roy, sometimes you have to get up to walk away, before they bite. Sometimes you actually have to walk away, no matter how good the car is.

  91. This salesman was the one who introduced the whole “we’re a volume dealer driven model so we’re able to keep costs down because volume.” Seeing as this is the second dealer we’ve been to where the salesman has introduced that concept I figure its a bullshit sales tactic. In the past, this being the end of the month was something that was considered to be benefit for the customer as the monthly numbers were a factor. Of course my challenge is that I don’t have much experience in this realm. Im not looking to screw anyone I’m just shooting for a equitable outcome….

  92. I’ve bought 2 vehicles from big dealers. The first one was in St. Louis and my Jeep Wrangler was on its last legs. The dealers were pure assholes but I needed a vehicle so I just swallowed my pride and bought a Pathfinder that I owned for 10 years before selling it to my office manager’s daughter for a buck. That was soon after my purchase of my current Tacoma from a dealer who was a decent guy. He didn’t try to upsell me on anything and I’ve had it for 12 years. I plan on driving it until it goes no more.

  93. The girl who bought my Pathfinder drove it for another 5 or 6 years

  94. Every dealer every salesman every time will try and fuck you out of every deal. You have to do your research, pick your car, pick your price and start below your price with your offer. If you have a trade in they will offer nothing. Their price is sticker. It’s stupid, it’s childish, but it is what it is.

    End of the month, end of the model year still empowers you to deal, but they’ll act like you are being unreasonable with a fair offer, and you have to walk away sometimes.

    When I bought my Lincoln I had a trade in, and they offered me 1/8 of it’s value and nothing off the sticker price. It was insulting but I played their game and asked twice the value of my trade and 10K below sticker. 3 rounds of this and we had a fair price but the whole time it was just painful and prickly.

    The 2nd round I had the salesman pretty worked up..”I can sell this car at this price ALL DAY!” I looked around the empty showroom and empty lot and said “Not today you can’t. Not to me.”

  95. No, you’re right to be perturbed, TeeRoy. Like Pups said, they want to screw you if they can.

    My husband has had good luck sending out emails to dealerships saying I want this model, this year, with these features, for this price (always a good deal but never crazy) Someone always gets back and says, okay, I’ll do it. Once we had to drive 2 hours each way to Miami but it was worth it. Of course, you have to do your research first.

  96. For some reason, he didn’t do it last time he bought a car and it turned out to be a two-day ordeal. He was kind of wiped out.

    As you no doubt will have no trouble believing, if I go to the dealership with him I will absolutely look at a guy and say, “If you say you have to talk to your manager I’m leaving” and I will. I’m pretty hostile at the start. My husband prefers I stay home…HA!

  97. no negotiating gets done without a manager Mare, Do you think sales persons have a choice?

  98. I plan on using car gurus for my next purchase.

  99. I am sure I did not get the best deal on my last car, but it was what I wanted and I could afford it.
    I asked for the best price they could give me, they knocked $1k off (it had $1k in dealer add on stuff so they were asking sticker) I countered with $1k under that and settled after talking to the manager and walking out the door for $500 under modified sticker. I was probably robbed but have a nice car that I lurve

  100. Been checking out Enterprise car sales as well. Everything they sell is only a year or two old.

  101. Has anyone seen Xbad lately? He seems to have vanished.

  102. I drool on car gurus used car web site Scott but have not used them.

  103. I killed it early

  104. It’s just resting

  105. XBrad sighting on twitter today = POL

  106. heh

  107. Its a loaded 2016 Charger RT with a V6 AWD they are saying its worth 21K they had it listed as 16.8. At this stage he’s offering 16 with basically check in hand made out to them from the bank. This will be a short and sweet conversation. Either take this and Ill be back in a couple of yrs for the Mrs. (he will be married by then) and then again in a couple of more yrs when he needs a “family” car and looking to get out of the sporty style. Or give me my money back, see you never again and I tell my social media circle about my experience over 800 dollars.

    My next question is who is the decision maker at the dealership? The Finance Mngr or the Salesman?

  108. TRoy,
    I used to buy used cars so I dealt exclusively with the UCM. I am sure there is a equivalent with new cars.
    I am a Mopar guy, mother Mopar changes stuff frequently, so I might be lost. R/T means Hemi V8. The awd has been exclusively V6 because of HP issues. Not that a 300 ish hp V6 is anything to sneeze at. I seriously considered one, but unfortunately (for me) drove a 485 hp 392 hemi and could not go back to the 375 hp hemi I wanted

  109. How many miles are on it?

  110. Car gurus is a good site, I feel like they are kind of in league with dealerships but they do play them against each other so it is good research. Find the car you want that just got marked down, that shows they are willing to deal.

  111. carsdirect used to guarantee you would pay dealer cost plus $50.

  112. Vman, they head to the manager REALLY quickly. If I want to look. Let me look.


  114. I probably overpay for vehicles, but I don’t lose any sleep over it.

    Each $1000 of haggling will net you about 50 cents a day (plus interest) over a 5 year period.

    I am not about to go to war over a few dollars a day.

  115. Ok, I need to correct myself. This is a 2015 SXT AWD (Rally Package) with 81K blue. its listed on carguru’s in El Paso, IL.

  116. Scott I was the same way one the last car we purchased. It was brand new off the show room floor and all I could think of was it was going to lose 10K the second I drove off.


    I think about gratitude a lot these days. But there’s always more calibrating to be done.

  118. I want to be reasonable. Im a capitalist, believe in a fair price for a fair product an all that happy shite….my perspective on money is a bit skewed from witnessing the wealthy ….on one hand 800 aint shit, on the other hand it is to a 20 yr old who’s gathered all he can so he’s reaaaaal close. The question remains is this close close enough and should I have a attitude if it isnt….protective daddy and all that….not that its relevant but he is a really good kid…no usual major kid fuck ups, lives pretty clean and stable, goes to work every day… all daddies just want him to be happy

  119. I guess my real frustration is if this was three months ago I would’ve just given him the money. The unemployed thing has eaten my reserves..which is why its a good thing I went to the new job this morning for a mini orientation / meet and greet my co-workers. Monday is ride along and I hope to be back up and running by first Monday in Nov. But that’d dependent on the state licensing board, which is scary in and of itself….never can tell what those fuckers will do….

  120. Thighs, braids, and no tats for Leon

  121. As you know, I live in North Korea. We call it Iowa, but it’s Flyover Country, Jesusland, The Great Unwashed, yannow. We can’t even contemplate what real life in the big city is like. We just don’t know what we’re missing, so we pretend we’re happy.

    But seriously, I’m grateful I’m from this country. No where else would I have what i have here. I can’t imagine what life would be like for those North Korean people. I’m glad they get to experience something better now.

  122. Haha, in the buffalo wing episode, they are drinking Jarritos.

  123. The last time I thought about trading vehicles the salesman tells me that the mechanic needs to drive my trade in a little to see what they’re getting. At that time it was a 9 year old Tahoe Z71 with 120k on it, no dents, no faded paint, interior in good shape. Salesman and I are sitting around dealership pleasantly shooting the bull when mechanic summons salesman for a quick chat. He comes back in and says he can give me $3500. I stood up and started for the door and he says, “hang on a minute let me see if I can get you a little more”. I’m very rarely rude to anyone but I was so damned insulted that I replied, “Fuck you!! You can stick that $3500 up your ass. You know goddamn good and well that Tahoe is worth 8k. Y’all are fuckin thieves and I’m out”. So today Im driving a 14 year old Tahoe Z71 with 245k miles and holes in both front seats. I’d take $3500 for it now.

  124. TeeRoy, go with your kid and go with the conversation you laid out a few comments above. My husband did the same for our son with his first new car….said he saw something similar elsewhere for something like 1500 less…it’s his first new car, he just got his first real jerb out of state, and had saved up to pay cash for it. Turns out the husband was mistaken on the price but they gave the son a good deal because new jerb/paying cash, salesman remembered being young, etc.

    I wish my husband had more of a backbone when we bought my car in ’08. Salesman was an asshole from the word ‘go’ and wore the husband down even though, while he was out of the room, we agreed that if he continued to be an asshole, we were going to walk. For example, he gave us the 3rd degree and attempted guilt trip over a painted stripe we absolutely did not want put on the car …’well, why? Is is a taste thing….a cost thing (think it was over 500 bucks)?’ How about it’s none of your business thing…..’you know, our guys are union and something something about work hours something’…Um, I don’t care. I don’t want the stripe on my car. He could tell by my tone, he was pissing me off.
    Anyhoo, after two and half hours of mostly sitting there, I had to leave to pick up one of the kids for something and left the husband there to finish up. It was understood, we were going to pay *insert amount here*, salesman was writing up the paperwork. Husband comes home with an extended warranty that had already been discussed we would NOT do which added another grand or so. WTF? He said, “I just wanted to get out of there.” And my response was, “You should have told them to back the hell off or you were walking right out of there, straight down to the other dealership.”

    Never used that warranty and when the car was 8 years old we got a notice that something was messed up to do with some oil flap thingie and that they would only replace the part if we meet the criteria of not exceeding 50k miles or 8 years. F*ckers.

  125. A very pricey part.

  126. Dropping eggs? Rarely positive.

  127. Finally got a chance to listen to the song and follow all the links. Nice dobro and fiddle.

  128. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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