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Your model for today was born July 22nd, 1991 in Moscow, Russia.  She stands 5‘ 6″ and measures 362034 and 112 lbs.  Please get cleaned up for Miss Yana Yatskovskaya AKA Яна Яцковская .




  1. She seems nice.

  2. Spooky Boobs for Friday the 13th

  3. I clicked on a link to a story on the site “Big League Politics” and got a banner asking to whitelist them for ads. Since it was an easy one click button requiring no effort on my part and my browser deletes that stuff when it’s closed I said sure. After clicking the OK button the entire top quarter of the screen filled with a banner ad of:


    Then a link to “WATCH IT NOW”.

    Apparently if you try to fuck a living goat it can turn deadly. It’s like an Internet IQ Test with stupid people clicking on that shit.

  4. She’s going to end up in the end-of-the-year boob-off for the 4th photo alone.

  5. Did Julian Castro sign an endorsement deal with Castrol oil? Because his hair looks due for a 5,000 mile oil change.

  6. I couldn’t watch much of the debate because I’m not drinking until after my run thing.

    wakey wakey

    What I did watch made me looney.

  7. Those fuckers are completely bonkers! The energy it took to conceal these beliefs all these years must have been a drain. The next debate should be MOABed for the good of the country.

  8. 10/10 would smash

  9. Here’s my debate recap:

    Healthcare: They were good
    Everything else: HOLY FUCK THAT’S CRAZY.

  10. Beto is actually saying that the government is going to take your guns.

    Remember when that was totally crazy?

  11. Some moron proposed paying teachers more than doctors.

    I thought that was pretty cool. 300K for working 9 months? Not bad.

  12. If the government comes for the guns, we’re at Declaration Times all over again.

  13. What the education system really needs are people who are only in it for the money.

  14. With no economy, and all government, we’ll all be HR workers and teachers. So they’re just thinking ahead.

  15. It’s the Zimbabwe model: lets pay everyone a million dollars!

  16. Pretty sure there are teachers who make more than doctors already.

    Salman Kahn, for example.

  17. That’s not teaching he’s paid for, it’s the delivery mechanism. So, IT is the money vehicle in that case.

  18. I could get behind this one.

  19. Is this the chick that Trump hired to piss on a hotel bed or something?

  20. Well, she IS russian.


  22. Hahahahaha: BangBros porn site bids $10M on naming rights for Miami stadium

    The Miami Heat, playing in BangBros Arena!

  23. BangBros Arena is hosting MILF night!

  24. eh, don’t really believe this quite yet:

    Texas will fall, though. It’s the dems main goal, since California and New York are fully dem.

  25. If the Rust Belt flip that Trump pulled in ’16 could be counted on, that’d be less scary, but Michigan already lost the governor and passed a bunch of fraud-enabling ballot initiatives.

  26. The thing about the Evergreen college stuff – THAT is where the rest of “them” are heading. People are examining the environment which lead up to it and attempting to understand the factors that lead to the lunacy, but EVERYWHERE ELSE they just continue on their merry way. Listening to the people on that stage last night at the debate was really not that different from listening to the various snippets from the youtube vids on Evergreen.

  27. Except that Biden started talking gibberish at multiple points.

    I’m really surprised it isn’t more of a story. He’s not all there.

  28. What are you talking about MJ? There was plenty of gibberish sprinkled in the Evergreen stuff.

  29. Texas is only a whisper away from turning blue, if it hasn’t already.

    It gave us two cunts named Bush.

  30. RIP Eddie Money. 1 ticket to Paradise left.

  31. Biden played the part of the trans disabled black he/she. Just blurting out random things at inappropriate times.

  32. Eye doc appointment this am. 20/15 vision. And can read w/o readers.

  33. I’m practically bionic.

  34. Heh, Eddie Money GEICO Commercial

    Forgot about this one.

  35. Now you just need night vision.

  36. /nods

  37. I didn’t watch the debate last night.

    Did Kamala Harris suck a dick right on the stage?

  38. No, but her voice had that tone of superiority that comes from sucking a lot of dick.

  39. Biden played the part of the trans disabled black he/she. Just blurting out random things at inappropriate times.

    /grabs mic from car in

  40. *grabs mic from Jay

    The Democrats are in tough shape.

  41. A full 50% of the candidates on stage have slurped a wiener.

    Perhaps more, but certainly 50%.

  42. /grabs mic from MJ


    Statistically, at least 35% of you people are white supremacists.

  43. LOL

    slurped a weiner

    This place still has it.

  44. I wouldn’t say supremacist, but I do have issues with anyone who wants people who look like me killed because they look like me.

    Oh, wait, that’s what passes for white supremacy these days. So, sure.

  45. Biden wanted to suck a disk so bad even his dentures were getting out of the way.

  46. Gumjob.

  47. *goes to lunch

    *leaves record player on

    /just like Biden

  48. Clean out the colleges of Progressive Communists and the problem will be solved. Until that happens its just wash, rinse, and repeat.

    In the 1970’s the Cambodian Communists murdered 4 MILLION people starting the moment they took power. Remember when it was “crazy talk” about taking your guns? I suppose now its the same for speculating what they will do if these shitbirds ever gain power….

    But what do I know….Im just a radical.

  49. re: TX turning blue

    How many GOP’rs are retiring in TX? Rush had speculated on why that was happening….perhaps blackmail with a dose of fear of being Kavanaugh’d, perhaps TDS – f*cking constituents over due to hate of Orange Man (like Paul Ryan). Some lady from TX called in and said the ones retiring were on a list a state RINO rep had targeted/threatened.
    So yeah, hotspur the GOPe/Uniparty/globalist cunts must do what they do best.

  50. If Biden gets the nomination Trump is going to run ads about Joe being a broken record

    “Taxes, taxes, taxes …”

    etc, etc, etc

  51. *getting high anxiety again because plenty of people like my parents eat democrat shit right up*

    Remember the freaky little troll guy who ran for preznit against Bush. Had a much younger, attractive redhead for a wife? He believed in alien – like from other planets – visitation to Earth and that we were keeping some of their carcasses on ice in some government vault.
    My mom really really wanted him to win.

  52. Broken phonograph.

  53. Why is she wasting alcohol like that? Use the mixer or limes instead.

  54. Remember the freaky little troll guy who ran for preznit against Bush. Had a much younger, attractive redhead for a wife? He believed in alien – like from other planets – visitation to Earth and that we were keeping some of their carcasses on ice in some government vault.

    I remember him. His wife looked like an elven maiden in need of rescue .

  55. Not to mention, I was telling husband about how much voter fraud was discovered out in CA as the DMV was being audited. Something like 100k in one county, alone (if I heard that right…some CA radio personality on her weekly call to Ghorka’s show.)

    Husband be like, “I don’t believe voter fraud is as bad as people are trying to make it out to be.”
    The fu?

  56. That 100k being ineligible people registered to vote.

  57. Dennis Kucinich.

  58. Wayne county, MI, had several precincts with 105% turnout.

  59. I just thought up a conspiracy theory: The government has altered vaping juice to induce illness in vapers in order to get support for a ban.

    Prove me wrong tinfoil hat wearers!

  60. I have a better one:

    Big Tobacco has already lost the domestic market to smoking bans and decades of anti-smoking propaganda. They are petrified that the vaping thing will catch on overseas and eliminate that market too, so they are playing up every vaping-related bad thing they can find to kill the industry, and lobbying congress to help them.

  61. Okay, off to weave in ends to daughter’s blanket…wrap some shower gifts, and possibly make some lemon bars for tomorrow’s bridal shower.

    I’d link up the French bakery I ordered a cake from but it nearly makes my computer shit the bed. La Bonne Bouchee. I ordered a strawberry mousseline cake. Looks like this, but we’re getting a 1/4 sheet and instead of almonds pressed into the sides, it will be dark chocolate shavings. The mousse between layers has cut strawberries.

    I have no clue what it tastes like but my husband says it’s very good. Someone brought that cake into his jerb for another coworker’s birthday. Since daughter loves fruit, it may be perfect for the event.

  62. >>>>Wayne county, MI, had several precincts with 105% turnout.

    Same with quite a few precincts in OH and PA.

  63. Voter fraud, and illegals voting. They can vote in local elections, but they are at the same time, aren’t they? There’s NO WAY they could vote, uh huh.

  64. The RV lots are filling up already in Ames for the game tomorrow. Lots aren’t supposed to open until 5:30

  65. How are they doing so far this year? Are they predicted to be contenders?

  66. 3rd in the big 12. Won their first game, underwhelming against an in-state FCS school (read: smaller). But that school was where Kurt Warner went, so they have history, and they are good.

    Should be a barn burner.

  67. Is mare back? And where has she been?

  68. Check out the backdrop of Gameday tomorrow. That is the new section of stadium that closes in the southeast corner, making it a horseshoe. Now we have the #3 capacity in the Big 12. It’s really cool on the outside, and nice on the inside too.

  69. mare sneaks in at night, like the boogeyman

  70. This is the corner, hope you can see it (Facebook link)

  71. Or even at a quarter past one in the afternoon, she’s sneaky like that.

  72. *turns up record player

    *eyes explode

  73. I’ve been around, just a different time zone so odd hours. Hawaii for about six weeks. Heading home on Sunday. Have another trip in October to see the husband’s family and celebrate my daughter’s wedding with them.

    I surfed yesterday and by surf I mean fall a lot, laugh a lot, crouch low on a board and look like an uncoordinated dumbass, and hang with turtles.

    I’ve been snorkeling like a mofo. Taking a snorkel boat trip to Lanai tomorrow morning…5 hour tour…hey, like Gilligan”s Isle. Hope I return, but I’ll die happy.

  74. This episode is good/bad.

  75. Almost time!

  76. I liked those videos better, Car in.

  77. Wow, Part 3.

    The other videos had a LOT more information, but you had to coalesce it yourself. The Nayna stuff is better done. But of course, I watch it after KNOWING all the other stuff provided in the other one.

  78. Benjamin talking about the size of the campus, and the bit about the black student recounting the events and him editing in reality ….

    Why does the black radical teacher have a dog? I’m going to assume it’s a comfort animal.

  79. Welp, husband said he’s going stand up surfing and I’m going to try the regular again. Wish me luck!!

  80. I’ll tune in tomorrow to see College Game Day. Hopefully they show Iowans playing cornhole in the parking lot.

  81. I started watching one of those Evergreen videos yesterday when I remembered my friend’s brother went there. Josh is about 6 foot 8 inches tall, long red hair and smoked weed like it was his oxygen. He’s grown up a little and finally got married and has a couple of kids. I missed seeing him at the recent wedding I wasn’t able to attend. Haven’t seen him in over 15 years.

  82. How many ways have the Iowans found to corn hole?

  83. If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, go to 22 min mark.

  84. Of part three – here you go.

  85. you will see:
    1) Cornhole
    2) Corn
    3) Tractors
    4) Combines

  86. My goddaughter is in Hawaii for her honeymoon.

    I was just made aware some people think daughter’s shower is at the church and not the hall, which is a few miles down the road. WTF are they telling me the day before the event when I’ve been kept in the dark about the whole thing? Why isn’t the one responsible made aware so she can take care of it?
    *don’t need the aggravation*

  87. Biden wanted to suck a disk so bad even his dentures were getting out of the way
    Hahahahhahahaha. Poor ol Joe.

  88. Time to play that bridal shower drinking game, “Give the mother of the bride-to-be another glass of wine!”

  89. oh nice…..just got a letter that our water will be shut off if because payment is past due. Um…our water/sewer is an automatic payment thingie. Wtf?
    I’m beginning to think I’m not going to be able to make lemon bars for tomorrow’s shower.

  90. Meanwhile out here in Freedom Land I’ll be providing a course of instruction to 5-6 young men in the basic handling and firing of America’s Rifle 15 tomorrow afternoon. Im going to build my own Civil Defense Force.

    Can I get a HOOYAH? Or if you prefer, a SAT CONG ?

  91. How about a Boom-shakalakalaka?

  92. Been toying with the idea of taking one of the carbine classes at Mast here in Houston. That’ll be sure to get me on a list.

  93. Oh…You want a Boom-Shakalakaka? How bout a …

    Where have you Men been?


    What kinda Training?


    You mean to tell me you men completed your training on your own??


    It definitely not one of my fav Bill Murray movies or anything.

    PS. Just got my first nibble on the resume. You think I should be allowed to service and collect monies from roulette machines located in taverns all across my locale?

    PPS. Will…..DO IT.

  94. Its called “Bags” here not Corn hole. Got the boards and bags out in the shed.

  95. All the fuddy duddies call it bags here, too. I call it cornhole just to make everyone uncomfortable.

    In honor of Hotspur

  96. Hoping I can gently coerce Mrs. Peel into buying me a class or two for Christmas and/or birthday. I’ve dropped hints and links already.

  97. I have only ever heard it called a “Beanbag Toss” around these here parts…

  98. Instagram feed of a girl that fits Leon’s area of interest…

  99. #1 son’s wife has been in labor since last night. Baby should be here soon. Really hoping there are no issues, like horns, or a tail, or 666 anywhere……

    Fingers crossed.

  100. Cornhole here. Lots of local breweries/restaurants have cornhole and volleyball spaces. The bags have corn and not beans. On base, they had sand filled bags. I forget what it was called. Same game. Different locations.

  101. Prayers, Pepe. September babies are the best!

  102. GRANDPA Le Pew!

    What a blessing, I’m excited for you man.

  103. Excellent news Pepe!

    Boy? Girl?

    Hostage Naming Contest!

  104. Baby here, so far, so good…….

  105. “Give the mother of the bride-to-be another glass of wine!”

    I don’t do wine. At the wedding it’s going to be something a lot harder — Your whore mouths? Shut them.

    Too much drama today. No lemon bars…will make brownies instead and eat two in honor of the new Pepelina.

  106. Oh wait…what the heck kind of baby is it? Boy or girl?

  107. Pepe, it is required you post a picture of you holding your new grandbaby. It’s in the rule book.

  108. I need to run an errand or three. There better be stats by the time I get back, Mister!!

  109. Do not get in the way of women headed toward the new baby. Scary.

  110. Boy. She had to have a c-section. Everyone is doing well, I think.

  111. Don’t gender the baby. They’ll decide on their own.

  112. We don’t do that shit here, Hotspur.

  113. Take the pressure off and name it Leslie or Brook.

  114. But look how MJ turned out.

  115. Pat

  116. Ragnar or Maximus…

    Excellent News. Best Wishes for all.

  117. Magdalena baby boy. ❤️❤️❤️

  118. We’re getting our MN trip tied down. Hardest ticket to get is MN hockey. MN Duluth is playing the Goldie’s. Tickets don’t release until next week.

  119. Baby is named McCoy. I’ll try to figure out how to get pics here later.

  120. The real McCoy.

  121. Tea Party days redux. I have my Trump tickets. Unfortunately, Dan and I work. Workers always get screwed by GOPers.

  122. Oh YAY! Big congratulations, Pepe!!

    I made fudge marble cupcakes and shall eat six in his honor. (They are minis.)

  123. Hey Jay, my husband went to the game tonight. His buddy had tickets. Food and booze flow in $364 seats.


  124. Oso, call in sick. Say you cooked and you both have the shits, as a result.

  125. Congrats Pepe!

  126. Can I send someone pics to post in the proof of life or our yoot tabs? I don’t even have the our your password.

  127. “Our yoot ” freaking autocorrect.

  128. Grats Pepe & family!

  129. Pepe!!! Wonderful news!! Congratulations and prayers for everyone’s health!!

  130. Delightful events! Really pleasing!

  131. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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