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  1. A: Chipote-lay & Aristote-lay

    B: Chipottel & Aristottel

    A for me

  2. How many holes has Jay corned so far today?

    *round to the nearest baker’s dozen*

  3. This looks like a great fall meal for supper

    Hits all the fall notes without being too complicated

  4. Mornin Homers. Well Done on the meme poat. Cant decide between the shortcut and the Bond one…..

    Wonders what Pepe will be? Is it Granpaw, PawPaw….

  5. Congrats Grandpa Pepe!!! so excited (read jealous)

    wakey wakey

  6. Granpaw, PawPaw….

  7. I’d give that girl cop my donut.

  8. Congrats, Pepe. Hope the little one and his parents are well.

  9. Girl cop is adorable.

    I have to go to the DMV this morning. Pray for Oso.

  10. 2 mins from game day. rece Davis asked to act appropriately


  12. Rece Davis

    Huh, that’s a person’s actual name

  13. Careful when you go to MN Oso

    Chimp out!

  14. RAYCISS!

  15. Husband got a Cardinal’s hockey jersey at the game last night. They only made them in XL.

    Okay, time to frost the baby cupcakes, get dressed, and look at a map. Later mashed taters….!

    p.s. – love the squeaky toy one up yonder

  16. Yup. Squeaky boy is a goodie.

  17. Good morning from south Alabama. Stepmom is off on her vacation, and I’ve heard a new story from Dad this morning.

  18. OSU 7 IU 0

  19. OSU 7 IU 3

  20. there are more people in ames than I’ve ever seen

  21. OSU 14 IU 3

  22. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 14, 2019 8:29 am
    I’d give that girl cop my donut.
    Cream-filled Long John

  23. What time is the game?

  24. OSU 16 IU 3

    (blocked punt for a safety)

  25. OSU 23 IU 3

  26. OSU 30 IU 3

  27. Dat foolsball is frum de debil!

    I found a opening for Firearms Eligibility Analyst with the State Police. Im going for it.

  28. OSU 30 IU 10

    (really nice halfback pass to the endzone)

  29. Going to see IT this afternoon. I will report back.

  30. It Part 2? Paula saw it at the drive in but was so cold she didn’t enjoy it. Ben wants to see it so there may be a chance to go with them for his birthday

  31. Analyst for cops or civilians?

  32. We were just on a guided tour of a P3 Orion at Hickory Regional Airport. They have a lotta nifty boids sitting out here in loan from the National Aviation museum here, if you get a chance, stop by. Nice people here.

  33. OSU 37 IU 10

  34. OSU 44 IU 10

  35. OSU 51 IU 10

  36. We have entered the city limits of Charlotte, NC unopposed.

    *flexes mighty hunchback and roars*

  37. Civilian. Here in the Peoples Republic of Illinois we have what is known as a FOID card (Firearms Owners Identification Card) you must have one as a adult to possess any firearm and buy ammo. And then of course we have the CCL. Its my understanding that what should take no greater than 6 weeks from application is averaging 6 months due to volume of applications. The position is with the State Police Department @ the HQ in Springfield. I figure the position will be viable up until they decide to begin confiscation and at that point I’ll be “in the know”. Knowledge is power eh?

  38. Congratulations Pepe and family on the new addition!

  39. “We have entered the city limits of Charlotte, NC unopposed”

    They’re lettin gawdamn yankees into Charlotte proper?

    Oh Lawds, Whut is this world coming to?

    I keed, I keed. Hope you guys are enjoying the trip and get to experience some real southern culture while there.

    Im off to subvert the minds of impressionable young men…

    All guns are always loaded, Never point your gun at something your not willing to destroy, keep yer finger off the trigger til your sights are on the target. Know your backstop.

  40. Funny story about Charlotte: My parents got married here. They eloped and drove from Hartford to Charlotte because Charlotte was the first Southern city they came to that would allow older teenagers my father’s age to marry without their parents’ permission at that time.

    My dad is Portuguese and my mother is Italian. This was scandalous. They had to run away and defy both of their families. This created a hurtful rift that lasted for years. Marrying outside of your ethnicity was a really big deal. It all seems so retarded now.

  41. Lauraw, Dan’s grandparents. An Irish Catholic married a German Catholic in the 1930s St Louis. Scandal. Had to be married outside of their individual parishes.

  42. Jimbro, really liked the pork chop and cinnamon apples recipe. Dan “That sounds like a recipe even you could do.” I might take Beasn’s idea for the call out Monday. (People are already camping out)

  43. 2nd lightning delay. they are way too careful with these now

  44. You can’t be too careful with lightning.

  45. My dad is Portuguese and my mother is Italian.
    Anyone have high cheek bones?

  46. Finally found the Iowa State game after flipping through the menu of about 20 college games. With the weather delay they’re running it like RedZone and flipping back and forth between games.

  47. I’m not jelly if Mare is on Maui. St Therese is a beautiful church. Too many Californians. No whales.

  48. The very concept of “white” as ethnic identity was invented within living memory, and even that is almost entirely an anglosphere thing.

    Ask a Brit about Slavs and marvel at the racism.

  49. bs. lightning strike within 8 miles delays game by 30. mins. too careful.

  50. 15 minutes. I can get behind. I know people in RL that have been struck by lightning. Blessed to be alive.

  51. Shoot, I know a guy who’s had at least 8 hits or near-misses (mostly near misses) Dude’s electric field, I’m not saying something went weird, but he jump-started a car just by touching the contacts once.

    Real life is bizarre enough I don’t need to embellish a damn thing.

  52. I hate lightning. I’ve been caught up in rough country too many times. Trying to get down a steep, slick trail on a young horse in the rain, and lightning hits so close you can feel it. No fun at all. We lost 6 cows, 2 calves and a bull to one lightning strike. That was expensive.

  53. My dad is Portuguese and my mother is Italian.
    Anyone have high cheek bones?

    Miss Humpy is actually quite beautiful. You just have to catch her on the day after she exfoliates/deflates the hump.

  54. >>>I might take Beasn’s idea for the call out Monday.

    DO IT!

    It doesn’t hurt to play hooky one day. Consider it a mental health day. And we know what Sams/Walmart thinks of their employees. They don’t.

    Btw, went up to Walmart and one of the gals I used to work with told me they just lost another decorator (they can’t ever keep any for very long) and wanted to know if I’d come back. Then she told me they now take cake orders via internet — can’t turn any away. I not only said ‘no’, I said ‘hell no’.

  55. There was no cake left.


  56. Trying to get down a steep, slick trail on a young horse in the rain, and lightning hits so close you can feel it. No fun at all. We lost 6 cows, 2 calves and a bull to one lightning strike.

    Brrr, that is spooky shit.

  57. I was close enough once to have my hair stand on end.

  58. Congratulations on the new grandbaby, Pepe!

  59. Was up at a Wings presentation at Boeing Field(Wings is a pilot thing that helps keep your license current like a Biennial Flight Review). The program was about weather and one of he things they showed was a group of hikers atop a local peak that were all excited about the electrical feeling. They were posed for a picture(film camera) with their hair all standing straight up. The picture was recovered from the camera after they were all found dead from a lightning strike…

  60. Day started off interesting.
    Medic-96 was headed south with lights and siren at 0538, as it passed our south property line there was a loud ‘THUMP’, and they stopped, got out of the truck, looked at the large elk cow that had destroyed the grille of their truck, turned around and went back to the station. The neighbor swept most of the plastic out of the street so folks wouldn’t get flats.
    After it got light, they came back to look at what they had done.
    I called Pierce County Shops(The road people) to see if Graham Fire had called them to take care of the dead elk on the road, NOPE!
    I told them that they would need a front-loader(backhoe) and a truck to pick this up.
    An hour later, I called them back to let them know that a neighbor, with a tractor/loader and chains, had decided they wanted the elk, showed-up with chains and hauled it off.

  61. Waste not want not

  62. Can’t find the final score on the Rolla football game, but they had a prototype Mars rover flip the coin to start the game.

  63. You never know with lightning. We live in a canyon, ridges on either side are several hundred feet high. One time I was looking out the kitchen window and a lightning bolt hit a piñon tree right in the bottom of the canyon. 150 yards from the house, 30 yards from 2 windmill towers, and 40 yards from a bunch of steel pipe corrals. Blew a big strip of bark off the tree.

  64. I’ve had lightning hit within 100 yards in front of my face three times. One time it was more like 20 yards. Nothing like it to encourage your silly butt to go back inside like sane people instead of standing out in a storm like a jackass.

  65. “Dishes everywhere!” ranted Paula.

  66. Up before 6:30 on a Sunday morning. This is sum shit.

    wakey wakey

  67. NPR headline

    “This Rising Star Chef Is Black, Vegan — And Only 11 Years Old”

    At least they had the decency to let him declare his own pronouns and sexual preferences at a later time.

  68. We had a nice dinner with the W’s last night, their table manners are impeccable.

  69. Good morning. Up at 5 when Paula’s alarm went off. Again at 6 for real to tend to the canine’s wants and needs.

  70. … table …


  71. “This Rising Star Chef Is Black, Vegan — And Only 11 Years Old”

    Statistically, he’ll be eating meat by 13.

  72. Honorary Hostages, both the deceased and whoever wrote this obituary.

  73. Best obituary ever.

  74. So much yard work to do. Got one project done already this morning. With help from Stella. She saw i was digging something out and WAS ON IT.

  75. that was great.

  76. Comment by Sean M. on September 15, 2019 3:32 am
    “Dishes everywhere!” ranted Paula.
    Just read this one. Sean must have access to our computer

  77. We lost our reliable bush hog guy. Retired engineer who worked for the state and wanted a little side job to pad the retirement funds. He was so reliable he actually called and told us he wasn’t doing it anymore. Now we have to find a new one. Most of them are sketchy guys doing odd jobs for a living and are hard to get here and do a decent job.

  78. Great obit!

  79. What did he charge, Jimbro? I was considering doing that to cover the cost of buying one.

  80. He was reasonable. About $350 for a 4-5 hour job. Our fields are pretty uneven ground and he cut about 6 or 7 acres.

  81. I did the math on buying a tractor and mower attachment to do it myself but figured it would take about 30+ years to break even with used equipment. If you did other yards it would obviously be a shorter payback.

  82. I’m almost obligated to get a tractor at some point. Fortunately, they can be depreciated as corporate assets.

  83. Real equipment makes your life easier. The big backhoe we bought last year is a game changer. Don’t know how we lived without it. I need to upgrade our ancient, worn out Bobcat. They now make skid steers that are as big a a small bulldozer.

    But, we also need 2 wells drilled, so it will have to wait. The main problem here is whether you will hit water. Water here is very iffy. There is one place near us that has a 150 foot well that produces 300 gallons a minute. A half mile away, people drilled 2 800 foot deep wells and never hit water. It’s crazy. So, we could spend $15K on a dry hole, no fun at all…..

  84. we could spend $15K on a dry hole, no fun at all…..

    There’s a “your mom” joke here, but I’m going to leave it for someone else …

  85. Really enjoyed IT 2 yesterday.

  86. If I had any tractor needs besides bush hogging my fields I’d commit to buying one. I have a subcompact Kubota I bought used for 3 grand and I hardly ever use it.

  87. The term “bush hogging” has some your mom joke potential as well. Where’s xbrad?

  88. Among the proper people the term is brush hog. I’m just not a guy who would ever turn down a chance to use the term “bush” in casual conversation.

  89. Your mom’s dry hole is much more reasonably priced.

  90. Beto: We’re going to seize your guns.
    DNC: Crap. Well, at least it can’t get worse than that.
    Harris: We’re gonna impeach Kavanaugh!
    Biden: I was robbed by a guy named “Corn Pop”.
    DNC: Fuuuuuuuuu…

  91. The secret twist” Corn Pop is T-Bone.

  92. I’m going to need a ruling on this from the H2 Nutritional Council.

  93. I took one of the racetams for a while. Helped me focus, but made me miss exits on the freeway.

  94. Aniracetam, iirc. Amazon stopped carrying it.

  95. Helped me focus, but made me miss exits on the freeway.

  96. Penelope (scrolling Facebook): Who the heck is Shauna van Dweezledorf? Do you know a Shauna van Dweezledorf? Facebook is recommending her as a friend…

    Me: She used to be one of my imaginary friends on the H2

    Penelope: What’s wrong with her? She’s got a huge nose ring….

    Me: ……..

  97. How’s momma and baby doing Papawpepe?

  98. Okay, I guess. They sprung her from the hospital this morning. She’s staying at her parent’s place for a couple of days since #1 Son is guiding a hunt. Penelope said she’s getting around well. She was active during the pregnancy, and she’s only 22 or 23, so she should bounce back quickly.

  99. Saints got screwed again.

  100. Having babies is a young person’s game

  101. Home sweet home.
    We saw the delightful Pupster and the lovely Mrs. Pupster and son last night for dinner. It was awesome and you all suck for missing it.

    During the conversation it was revealed that Pupster has never met Moose. We all cried inconsolably for like, fifteen minutes. My bbq chicken was salted with tears. It’s really very sad.

    Thanks for ruining dinner, Carin.

  102. MNF is Cleveland vs Jets.

    Car in is probably behind that too.

  103. Every talking head says Philadelphia is going to win.

    That means the best bet is Atlanta.

  104. Hillary is probably in charge of sports books.

  105. How did pupster not meet moose?

  106. Funny story from Saturday:

    At the GameDay set, the nephews rigged up a couple flags to wave, so you could spot them. It was a Cyclone Nation flag at the top, and a Danish flag below it. We are from a Danish town in Iowa (even have a Danish Windmill) plus it’s easy to spot.

    While we were there, someone came up to the nephews and wanted to ask them a question. She wanted to know why they were flying the Danish flag. We explained the situation about the town and the easy visibility. Turns out they were with a Danish foreign exchange student. She hadn’t spotted it.

    Her dad was watching Gameday in Denmark, and was wondering why someone had a Danish flag flying. So he called his daughter, who obviously told her dad about Gameday being in Ames. So they sought us out!

    $20 was spent on breakfast after attending Gameday.

  107. Crossfit!

  108. I predict a lot of smack talk in the RFH house during the baseball postseason this year. I am a Braves fan, Mr. RFH is a Yankees fan, and FDIL is a STL fan.

  109. Cool story, Jay.

  110. Nobody’s in a hurry to help that guy. I think they’ve seen his crazy bullshit before.


  112. Leon?

  113. Moose is here for anyone to visit. Just stop by. He’s usually on the porch or under my computer desk. Today he and Stella played a game called “steal each other’s bones”. The game is still going on.

  114. I need to meet Moose and Stella.

    Ugh, I feel icky. We went to a meat-and-three Southern restaurant, and the only thing that was low carb was turnip greens. I loathe turnip greens. Fried chicken, chicken-fried steak, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, dressing and gravy, creamed corn, sweet potato casserole, bread pudding, cornbread, and rolls. Will have to do better tomorrow.

  115. moose is ok, but stella seems kinda sketch.

  116. looky there, bookie scott called it again.

  117. I can’t even already.

  118. Romacita,

    Scott and I have been eating rich meats and carbs and hardly any veg for a solid week. I was on vacay and loved every moment of it, but as soon as I got home I walked out to the garden, tore up some lettuce and chicory and a couple amazing ripe tomatoes and a little red onion and it was like the balm of Gilead for that gross feeling you are describing.

    Today before work I have to pick the green beans and I intend to eat a pile of those too.

  119. The one thing I didn’t really enjoy about the Southern food I ate last week was the cooked greens. I’m used to the way Italians prepare greens and the Southern style doesn’t do it for me. Different strokes.

  120. Materials gathered for MMM. Should have the poat up shortly.

  121. /eats carb loaded chocolate protein waffle

    /nods along

  122. just a lesson you learned. never try anything new. it can only end badly

  123. Shut your whorish flapping jaws, Jay. I’m always trying new stuff, probably more than you.

    So, Scott really enjoyed the jamaican food we tried, and also the jordanian/middle eastern food.

    This means I get to try my hand at making curry, and jerk, and tsatziki, and other fun new things. The potatoes at the Jordanian place were out of this world.

    It’s a little annoying that he won’t try interesting new foods at home, but in a new place (and when a cute hotel employee makes the suggestion), he goes 1000% wholeheartedly experimental.

    But I’ll take it and not look a gift horse in the mouth!!

  124. Hey COALEX, I signed up for a class starting in Jan (analytics, econ, finance/accounting). Lemme know if you want the particulars. Work will probably pay for it if you’re interested.

  125. If you want a decent curry recipe, I can get one to you.

    A friend of mine, Cuban guy, worked at a Thai for years.

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