It’s Only Thursday Dammit!

Not sure why but this week is dragging on for me. Time slowing down is a good thing in certain instances like if you’re the W.’s who are on vacation. Any time I take a vacation time seems to speed up. Weird thing that, isn’t it? Here’s some blah blah filler crap. The jury is still out on the upside of the New England Patriots hiring accused rapist Antonio Brown at this point. Man, that guy’s life is a roller coaster. I know the Dem party line is #believeeverywoman* (* unless she’s a conservative woman attacking a progressive politician or celebrity) but I question the timing. Like CBF who sat on her Kavanaugh accusations until just the right time this civil suit was filed at just the right time. Almost like some lawyers knew the time was right to get some money.










Those weren’t palindromes, those were pareidolia

Have a Happy Thursday



  1. Are we not pure? “No sir!” Panama’s moody Noriega brags. “It is garbage!” Irony dooms a man; a prisoner up to new era.

  2. wakey wakey

  3. An awful lot of palindromes seem to take place in Panama

  4. I can’t even with your palindromes.

    And seriously … shouldn’t the word representing it be a palindrome as well? Seems sort of weak.

  5. This is my favorite part:

    I remember being in my 20s and taking some university pals to an Indian restaurant. These friends had all been taught from a young age that it was bad manners to eat with your hands, and they were very hesitant about it. They would start to use their forks to eat, dipping edges of naan clumsily into the gravies. I lost my patience at what I felt was a mediocre experience, and I showed them how to tear a piece of naan, scoop up some food and deliver it to their mouths. Every single time, you could see delight wash over their faces once they were brave enough to just dive in and go for it

    Makes me want to go find a brownish person right now who can teach me how to eat with my hands. I’d like that sort of joy.

  6. Because her friends had never eaten pizza or fried chicken or anything else with their hands, apparently.

  7. You mean… people eat that stuff w/o a knife and fork?

    I’m gobsmacked.

  8. what is really tough is eating pita bread with hummus. But I’m not a savage, so knife and fork it is!

  9. those are foods in flyover jesusland

  10. i like eating complimentary chips and salsa with a fork too

  11. I had a co-worker who ate hot dogs with a fork and knife. Most anal-retentive person I’ve ever met.

  12. Politicians are forever getting caught looking stupid with eating typically hand held foods with cutlery OR opening wide to shove a phallic symbol in their mouth

  13. Corndogs are for closers.

  14. Everything is racist. Which of course means nothing is racist.

  15. *irons hood, picks out matching white loafers

  16. I can’t join the Klan, I don’t want to be a democrat.

    I also can’t stand corndogs. Or hot dogs really, anymore.

  17. Every now and then a bite of a good hot dog with all the fixens hits the spot.

  18. We had frankfurters with my homemade baked beans this weekend. Perfect combo.

  19. No processed meat byproducts in a cellulose wrapper, boiled in an aromatic liquid?

  20. Of course jimbro doesn’t have hot dogs. He has Frankfurters™. Brought in from Ireland, probably.

  21. All the above minus the cellulose wrapper

  22. Brats or GTFO.

  23. Bangor made weenies!

    They do mail order in case you feel the need to sample a red weenie

  24. red weenie = Danish hot dogs.

  25. Brats are just rough ground hot dogs

  26. Heh, ep 9 was entertaining. To be honest, that guy needs an editor.

  27. Brats are just rough ground hot dogs

    With adult seasoning, as opposed to the bland saltiness of hot dogs. Which are spiced to appeal to toddlers.

  28. I had a real Chicago dog a few weeks ago in, er, Chicago.

    God I miss that.

  29. Miss the winter, though?

  30. Where are you now, Belize?

  31. Without salt, lips and snouts are bland.

  32. Heh, ep 9 was entertaining. To be honest, that guy needs an editor.
    Yeah, that could have been a great documentary in the right hands. Instead it was a weird jumble of great content and then a few minutes of a cat chasing a duck. WTF.

    Maybe he’ll get a foot in the door, but I doubt it.

  33. The story about the event CAIR got cancelled in Michigan is terrifying but not surprising.

    You’d figure we’d have a “Martin Luther notices that the Muslim hordes have reached the gates of Vienna and reconsiders the value of Crusading” moment, but aw shucks, that’d be racist.

  34. The great state of GA. However, I’m considering joining the great state of FL again just to vote there in 2020.

  35. from comments in ep 10:

    “So they literally unfolded a cardboard box, wrote on it with a pencil, ran out of space, and didn’t even bother to retry. That shit was good enough to be the center-piece of their protest. But oppression is why they’re failures. Yep, got it.”

  36. Yea, does ramble, but it’s sort of interesting what he includes. All the stuff that was going on on campus prior. Set’s teh tone for how far left/proggie EVERYONE was on campus.

  37. The staff basically taught that Trump and supporters were fascist and how triggered everyone was by his election.

  38. What’s the deal with the fem/man in the wheelchair.

  39. The whole thing can be edited down to something really good.

  40. Which is maybe what he’s hoping for?

  41. There’s a lot that was missed too. Some of those students ended up roaming the campus with weapons as ‘police’ when they effectively took over.

    And I was hoping for a better end to the story. It just sort of ended. Are there more than 11 episodes?

  42. Which is maybe what he’s hoping for?
    Brett Boyles (?) was on Brett Weinstein’s podcast recently and he didn’t really impress. Plus calling out black racists isn’t a thing most people would touch.

  43. Episode 10 … where the leftest interrupt a building dedication. man.

  44. Wow. Just wow.

  45. I like that you can see them reaching for more at almost every point.

    I need to be fed…if I’m not fed, I want a refund…my friends need a refund…and the cook needs to be fired…right now.

    It all unfolds in real time. They get a little something then keep asking for more and more and more and more.

    When the administration actually draws a line and says no, the students accept it. But they so rarely say no. How could they not realize this?

  46. White supremacists on campus? Because … yea … that’s where I imagine you would find them. On THAT campus.

  47. I also think the definition of racism that some of the teachers and students are using is a classic conspiracy theory.

    You can’t see it but it’s there. No proof is needed. In fact, absence of proof underscores that it actually exists. Declarations to the contrary are also proof.

  48. MJ, someone coined the term “Kafkatrapping” for that. “You’re guilty, and any protestations of your innocence are only further proof of your guilt.”

  49. White supremacists on campus? Because … yea … that’s where I imagine you would find them. On THAT campus.
    A lot of the teachers seemed to think they were racists simply because they were white. That was just sad and totally poisoned the well.

    But it’s a post modernist place, and logic, reason, or objective truth aren’t valued. Lived truth, whatever the Mare that means, is all that matters.

  50. MJ, someone coined the term “Kafkatrapping” for that. “You’re guilty, and any protestations of your innocence are only further proof of your guilt.”
    I like that. I hope I remember it.

  51. I like when they tried to “protect” the veteran working in kitchen. You could almost hear his eyes rolling in the background.

  52. I wonder if there is silverware in The Greenery? (oooops too racist)

  53. I recall seeing the story about the students patrolling the campus back when it occurred. The pics showed dykes & fairy’s with baseball bats etc.

    Right now the next Bernie Goetz is out there and is probably more practiced than the original. Inevitably they will one day fuck around with the wrong person and get lit up. And I hope its all on vid when it does.

    Cris Angel show was entertaining. I wouldnt call it great but it was entertaining. Apparently he’s a Christian as he made multiple references to being blessed and asking for blessings for the attendees. He even made the sign of the cross before a illusion. He also did some speaking about 9/11 saying he was a New Yorker and how much it effected him. Asked for prayer and recognition of the first responders past and present. Overall B+

  54. Episode 11 Benjamin really sorts of frames his argument. Which, I got a hint at earlier, but he could have made it stronger early on.

  55. They never did cover the students patrolling with weapons. That would have made all the comments about hiding their mace make more sense.

  56. Racism exists because of whiteness.

  57. Beer brats uber alles.

  58. Them defining racism makes me want to go on a 57 state killing spree. We really could use Rosetta’s comment on this series.

  59. When Van Jones is the voice of reason, you’re seriously off track.

    –Shit Jefferson said, vol. 2, chapter 3

  60. When Jeh Johnson is giving a reality check, you may be off the rails.

  61. I suspect that the next Bernie Goetz won’t be caught on video, or caught at all. He’ll probably use tools, though, so as not to cause a “conversation” about guns.

  62. Three professors from the university wrote an op ed for Huffpoo about how it was all an overblown misunderstanding, and the students had a point, and racism! please come to Evergreen!

  63. One of them was probably that beta president.

  64. If those kids would have been educated in an environment where they were taught more classically, some of them would have succeeded. Some are actually pretty bright.

    But at Evergreen they are all doomed to failure. Or Congress.

  65. The president was sooooo cringy.

    My favorite part of the whole thing was (not seen) when the students forced the faculty and some students to stay in the Library. Basically took them hostage.

    The president asked one of the leaders if he could pee. He was told to hold it and his own teachers laughed at him. The president held it.

    That’s a whole new level of beta.

  66. This is a better series on Evergreen.

  67. That’s a whole new level of beta.

    Omega males are a thing.

  68. Great. More to watch.

    /mails MJ a dead chicken

  69. That beta president probably makes my entire retirement savings every freakin year. I need a beta job.

  70. Comments are fun:

    jamada d
    jamada d
    7 months ago (edited)
    In Russia wasn’t that bad, we didn’t have to get on board of an imaginary boat.

    But the management level had to praise Communism & our leaders.

  71. Weinstein, though. Man. We need more liberals like him.

  72. That beta president probably makes my entire retirement savings every freakin year. I need a beta job.

    This is why I’m going into HR.

  73. And I was hoping for a better end to the story. It just sort of ended. Are there more than 11 episodes?

    I think he’s uploading them as he makes them.

  74. that was my take too, Car in. Work in Progress.

  75. /mails MJ a dead chicken
    *adds dead chicken to the ‘to be sorted’ pile

  76. Asking permission onto the canoe by offering their apology for their whiteness … was so cringy.

  77. 305K, Jay. That’s not bad.

  78. I think he’s uploading them as he makes them.
    Oh. I thought it was over.

  79. The last one was just uploaded on the 9th.

  80. 305K, Jay. That’s not bad.

    I could retire about 6 years earlier.

  81. What is your retirement age goal?

  82. My current plan has the farm paid for outright in about 9 more years, so 52-ish for me. After the land is paid for and the pasture is established, “work” is optional. I’ve got a lot of side work between now and then with fencing and infrastructure, but more time than I really need. I estimate we could stop buying* food in 5 years, maybe 6 if I’m slacking.

    *We’d be trading/bartering for some things, or selling product to buy others we don’t produce.

  83. [i]305K, Jay. That’s not bad.

    I could retire about 6 years earlier.[/i]

    I could probably save up enough to retire on comfortably in 8 years. And it would be an early retirement. Mumblegrumble.

  84. I’ve got… *thinks*… *counts on fingers*… 6 different retirement accounts that really need to be consolidated/updated to match the plan.

    401k is a scam. I want to Roth all the things.

  85. What’s a 401K? is that a mattress? I have this mattress filled with coins, and it’s full.

    I have to get another 401K.

  86. Actually, that’s not true. What I really want to do is buy assets — in the Kiyasakian sense — with the money. Even Roth is still a Wall Street scam.

  87. A chicken tractor is an asset. An “investment” is just a gamble, really.

  88. Why is 401k a scam? I’m not questioning your premise, rather I’m truly interested in your reasoning.

  89. You’re all a bunch of fudge packers.

  90. That film professor needs to be fired.

  91. Comment by leoncaruthers on September 12, 2019 12:01 pm
    A chicken tractor is an asset. An “investment” is just a gamble, really.

    I operate on the definition that an investment is when you buy an asset on the base of an expected future cash flow. A speculation is when you buy an asset based on a change in the price of that asset.

    Most of Wall Street is speculation. Wild speculation.

  92. A 401k is pre-tax, right? That’s the carrot. But the asset classes are nearly all traded shares and bonds. That’s the first problem, it’s a jobs program for Wall street. The second problem is what I believe its real intent is, and that’s to smooth out the revenue stream for DC. Withdrawals from your 401k are limited on how much and how often, and you pay taxes on them forever. Die before you finish withdrawing, and your assets are all easily found by taxing entities who want a cut, plus you paying taxes ’til the day you die, by design. Tying up all your money in a 401k prevents you from passing them on in the form of any hard (and hard-to-tax) assets, like a family business, a family farm, or precious metals/jewels.

  93. Most of Wall Street is speculation. Wild speculation.

    Exactly right. I knew senior colleagues trapped in jobs because the dems crashed the market to get 0 elected. Damned if that’ll be me.

  94. Many bad policies are based on the need to keep the stock market growing, since boomers are all counting on it for their retirements.

  95. My pension is a defined contribution plan with ten percent taken out of my paycheck and the state matching that, which is basically the only reason that I’m willing to stick around this job. However, I’d much rather have that in cash, and be able to use it to buy a couple of rental properties for the long term.

  96. These people self identify as leftists (left wing educators) yet they are lumped in with the wingers. This is a really important argument.

  97. Watched a good documentary on Finnish saunas correlation to longevity. They apparently function as an exercise mimetic and have a very strong association with reduction in all-cause mortality. Causal mechanisms are proposed based on the response to extreme heat, and they supposedly corrected in the studies for ethnicity and socio-economic status.

    I may have to build one here. Asset.

  98. Scratch that, investment.

  99. A sauna has long been on my list of things to build once I have some land somewhere.

  100. It was also 45 minutes of Dr Rhonda Patrick talking about getting really hot and sweaty. That helped.

  101. Build a sauna and fill a large wooden tub next to it with ice and water. Heat, dunk, repeat.

  102. There are other studies about that that I’m hoping she does other videos on. Hopefully bikini-clad.

  103. If you get stuck in a jerb because the market crashes you’re either super super super unlucky or you need the help of a professional.

    Its not like you cash everything out on retirement day. If you have 1M in the market at 10000 and it crashes to 6000 you’d have to have funds that perfectly match the Dow to be super fucked. That close to retirement you should be in cash, mostly safe shit, and some stock.

    If you have that much risk near retirement, oh man, you did it wrong. Really, really wrong.

    That being said, I live with an investment chick so I’m obviously biased.

  104. If you have that much risk near retirement, oh man, you did it wrong. Really, really wrong.

    That being said, I live with an investment chick so I’m obviously biased.

    A lot of people are doing/did just that. The Boomers didn’t save enough early on, preferring to spend their money, and so are forced to chase higher returns long after they should have shifted to safer investments.

  105. It wasn’t so much that they were suddenly broke, it was that they were now very likely to outlive their money.

  106. I just need to get to the point where the infrastructure (that I only have so long to build before my body likely won’t manage it) that I use to make food will last until the next caretaker is ready to dig holes for posts.

  107. or bodies

  108. Bodies are easier. I should be able to do those a lot longer than posts.

  109. Just finished fighting with my resume all morning. I hate writing my resume.

    Nephew has a ballgame at 18:00. Should be peak HOT about that time. Not going to be a comfortable event at all but as a family unit we must represent, that, and the kid is pretty good athlete. Three days ago I had on light thermals and was in high 40 degree weather in the AM. Today its baggie cargo shorts and XL T-shirt and it just flat out hot outside. The “real feel” is 101.

  110. If you have that much risk near retirement, oh man, you did it wrong. Really, really wrong.

    I had a neighbor about 20 years ago who retired from Enron in his late fifties and was planning on living off of the proceeds of about $2m in Enron stock he’d accumulated along the way. It turned into $0 one day and he had to unretire as a jailer for the sheriff’s department for the next dozen or so years. It was very sad.

  111. I know of someone that took a hit like that. They talked a bit about it (their grandparents) during business class.

  112. ESPN Gameday is in Ames this weekend. Just sayin.

  113. Life has a funny way of derailing the best-laid plans. Not everyone creates back-up plans for back-up plans; perhaps in a slightly better world they wouldn’t have to. So it goes.

  114. You don’t need back up plans six layers deep, but you do need to make sure that you’re not in so precarious a position that one bad event ruins everything. Generally this means not spending beyond your means, setting aside money for a rainy day, making long term plans to reduce your expenses as you grow older and eventually retire, and ensuring that your investments aren’t all reliant on one asset class.

  115. One of my college roommates thought I wouldn’t eat with her, because she was Black. I wouldn’t eat with her, because she ate with her hands, gobbled her food, and smacked her lips. Another friend taught her how to use a knife and fork. Roomie grew up on sammiches and hot dogs in the Bronx. Pizza. My Grammo liked th3 fact Dan ate like a Mexican. No cutlery, made Scoops out of tortilla.

  116. Democratic debate tonight!

    Go Splodey Eyes!

  117. That’s why some people couldn’t eat at lunch counters in the fifties. Nothing to do with skin color.

  118. The Democratic debates are the political equivalent of bum fights.

  119. Biden’s debate prep team now includes an ophthalmologist

  120. Did Yang autofellate at the debate yet? I’m pretty sure that’s his “never been done” stunt.

    That or a 1-term promise.

  121. Comment by Brother Cavil on September 12, 2019 4:28 pm
    The Democratic debates are the political equivalent of bum fights.


    So hilariously true.

  122. I agree Mare.

    BC. You knocked that one out of the park. Well Done Suh

  123. Dream for tonight

    Biden – “I am leading.”
    Anyone – “Did you say leading or bleeding?”

  124. All of the pundits are saying it’s not about ideas or details. It’s how they look and make their voters feel.

    Nothing could be more accurate about Democrats.

  125. This is going be better than a Tool concert.

  126. Spanish speaking moderator fake-journo spoke a bunch of Spanish at the start of the proceedings, then explained to the crowd that he was talking to his fellow Latinos and reassuring them that this was their country too.

    Me: Why? Can’t they fucking understand English?

  127. Environmental injustice is the best.

  128. No. Most of the immigrants are 80-90 IQ, monolingual, and unvaccinated. Perfect permanent underclass for our “elites” to lord over after they’ve eliminated the yeomanry.

  129. That’s what they think, but gays and brown people won’t get them a win.

  130. Beto just called the most popular weapons in the USA, weapons of war that must be confiscated.

    Good luck with that.

  131. Second look at Buttigieg/Booker?

  132. You forgot trannies. Gays + trannies + brown people + white guilt + ballot fraud is the DNC victory formula.

  133. Nobody is winning this dumpster fire.

    If I had to pick a winner it would be Buttplug.

    * Hotspur cheers *

  134. I had a weird week. I had to fly down to Austin to see my youngest bro get a law enforcement award from the governor.

  135. Now watching Cowboys and Aliens and I like it.

  136. Austin?

    I will never leave this country.

  137. In my defense, I have been drinking.

  138. WTF is advising Beto that Americans will turn in their (my) M-4?

  139. Cowboys and Aliens is a good movie.

  140. Honestly this is 100x better than the debates with 20 Democrats.

    They’re sooooo much better tonight.

    They apparently love Bush (except Buttigieg) and McCain. That’s hilarious.

    And Biden melted down.

    And Harris just sucked a dick.

    Ok, that last one wasn’t true. Maybe.

  141. You know what would fix the Dept of Ed? Give bags of money to people, so they have no stress.

    /Yang Crowdsurfs

  142. At some point she will.

  143. do you know Warren was a public schoolteacher?

  144. wealth tax! say goodbye to your 401k’s people!

  145. Did they take Biden in the back, give him his binky?

  146. My boy Buttigieg just said we should pay teachers more than doctors.

    My boy.

    That just got him a HUGE donation from the teachers union.

  147. black children can only have black teachers now. so much segregation

  148. we have a child poverty rate?

  149. Is trump live tweeting?

  150. Biden is toast.

  151. $30 an hour for teachers! Feel the Bern! No student debt!

  152. Now we’re gonna heal slavery

  153. What the hell is Biden talking about?

  154. Ok. Seriously, I feel bad for Biden.

  155. Won’t matter, idiots will support him.

  156. I didn’t realize we still had black schools. Wow.

  157. I think he’s done.

  158. Wow, Trump is taking money away from schools, using DeVos. This is horrible. I hope we have more investigations.

  159. Heh, even the dems get protesters! what are they squawking about?

  160. So a wannabe politician says he wants to confiscate my personal property…

    My response, Go ahead Bitches. I double dog dare you


  161. Warren is very animated. It’s off putting.

  162. Have you seen her drink a beer? Woo Hoo!

  163. I was at a woodturning class tonight so I missed the beginning of this shitshow. We really need to send Hillary! and Obama thanking them for this clusterfuck. Obama cared only about himself, not about strengthening the party, while Hillary expected to waltz in to the Oval office and install her lackeys in key DNC positions. Instead, the party was gutted at all levels, and the only ones left are the old guard in deep blue states, and the radicals.

  164. Jorge Ramos was there? That asshole.

  165. Did anyone here get $1000 a month from Andrew Yang?

  166. Are those idiots still at it?

  167. Holy Crap! You people are still here?!!

  168. We’ve got nothing better to do on a Thursday night since your mom retired.

  169. Cody Booker has the crazy eyes. Really crazy eyes. And, nope, not gay at all. Hoo boy.

  170. Eff u autocorrect.



    They are all so effing phoney.

  172. Danny’s equanimity reassured Paul.

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