Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your model for today was born November 24th, 1988 in Prague, Czech Republic. She stands 5′10″ and measures 34-27-38 and 112 lbs. Please get your mind right and say hi to Miss Connie Carter!




  1. She has a lot of potential but someone from the ACME School of Model Poses needs to rethink their 101 class.

  2. I think she’s more of a “Tits out, look over your shoulder, arch your back, ass in the air” kind of model

  3. She seemed truly mystified during the discussion of spaghetti in the first video

  4. Also known as Anna, Conie, Connie, Connie Lior, Conny, Conny Carter, Josephine, Mary Grey, Muriel, Roselyne A, Roxanne, Anna Kolářová

    Huh, why would a woman need to change her name so often?

  5. I know why.

  6. Oso, one of our biggest industries is tourism so we probably go through more styrofoam containers than our aging Caucasian demographics would otherwise suggest. The reality of this is, as it is everywhere else, is virtue signaling. We currently have a Dem governor and legislature who are in payback mode after 8 years of Paul LePage. Southern Maine from the Massachusetts border to the capital Augusta is full of red diaper babies and they think Nancy Pelosi ought to step aside for AOC. Northern Maine is a lonely conservative outpost in NE.

  7. In your kindness, if you would pray/think kind thoughts/send positive energy, Mini-me’s board of review for her American Heritage Girls Stars and Stripes award is today. This is like the Boy Scout Eagle rank, and she has worked very hard to get here. She turns 18 later this month, so she’s finishing in the nick of time.

  8. On it, Roamy. Hardly anyone more deserving.

  9. wakey wakey

  10. She looks kinda cute with clothes on. The rest, not so much.

  11. My Eagle Scout award was done with similar timing. I have faith she will get there.

  12. Fingers crossed for Mini-me……Mini-you??? ;)

  13. Same here, Jimbro. My Eagle Court of Honor was held less than a week before my 18th Birthday. My dad gave me a little kick in the ass about four months prior to get me re-started.

  14. I think this hide looks pretty good. Y’all are being harsh this morning.

  15. Excellent job, Pups!! 👏👊

  16. 1988? So she’s only 31?

    Hotspur is going to think you crossed a line.

  17. I only mentioned her poses. Everything else is about BBF standards although she doesn’t weigh enough to be a true H2 BBF.

  18. Hotspur is going to think you crossed a line.



  19. H2 BBF


    I’m starting to sound like Oso.

  20. I bet MJ would smash. If he could reach.

  21. Somebody get MJ a step stool.

  22. In the last pic, it looks like somebody just asked her what 12×12 is.

  23. Not big brain Friday.

  24. Well, since Maine banned styrofoam, you’ll never get a BBops there. Sorry jimbro, no good burgers for you!

  25. Prayers up for Mini-Roamy.

    Also, 5’10” and 112? Riiiiiiiiiight.

  26. Hoo boy, definitely has the look Florida. And the woman in front has my exact expression when I see stuff like that.

  27. In your kindness, if you would pray/think kind thoughts/send positive energy, Mini-me’s board of review for her American Heritage Girls Stars and Stripes award is today. This is like the Boy Scout Eagle rank, and she has worked very hard to get here. She turns 18 later this month, so she’s finishing in the nick of time.

    This close to 18, she’ll have an advantage in height and weight when facing all challengers in the Circle of Fire.

  28. Comment by Jay in Ames on May 3, 2019 9:09 am
    …calls mare. Will you pick me up a…

    The future ex-Mrs. Colorado Alex.


    According to my unscientific poll asking every woman I see, Beto reminds them of the worst boyfriend they ever had: self-involved, convinced of his own charm, chronically late if he shows up at all, worth a meal or two but definitely not marriage material. When he should be home with the kids or taking out the trash, he’s jamming with his garage band or skateboarding at Whataburger. He’s “in and out of a funk” which requires long and meaningful runs to clear his head. Every thought he has is transcendent, worthy of being narrated, videotaped, and blogged. He is always out finding himself. At age 46, the man asking to run the country is currently lost.

  30. Lady in front is the distaff version of my avatar here.

  31. Okay, now this is a chick I can really get behind.

  32. If I got behind her I’d be at eye level with her thong.

  33. If I got behind her I’d be at eye level with her thong.

    I fail to see the problem here.

  34. I never said it was a problem.

  35. They aren’t going to like where this leads

  36. It’s interesting how defensive liberals are for the facedouche banning. It’s not troubling at all.

    I find most of the comparisons to be poor. This is not the same as Fox News failing to interview Farrakkhan. This is fox news deleting comments made by farrakkhan in their online comment sections.

  37. That hack Nadler said “there will be a reckoning”. What this stupid motherfucker doesn’t understand is that the “reckoning” that’s coming isn’t something his dishonorable ass is going to survive.

  38. Plus, Fox News is much more likely to give the other side a voice. It’s one of the reasons the network is successful.

  39. People refuse to go on fox, mostly. Not the other way around.

  40. A single bakery refusing to bake a custom cake for a gay couple due
    to the former’s opposition to the beliefs of the latter: unacceptable.

    A multinational corporation refusing to provide basic services to a right-winger due to the former’s opposition to the beliefs of the latter: acceptable.

    And the more you deny the right the ability to participate in society, the more you remove from the right any loyalty to your society or the people in it, and encourage an eventual revolution.

  41. That’s spot on.

  42. Poor little poat, barely had a chance to enjoy life before it died.

  43. This post has teh AIDS.

  44. Its the get ready for town rummage sale weekend and then right behind it is throw all the shit you didnt unload at the rummage sale in a pile and the town will pick up day the weekend after next. Either way, I intend to retake my garage and my storage shed. This also beats paying for a dumpster. I believe that every family should get a dumpster every five years and throw a bunch of accumulated shit away.

    Also, MOTHERS DAY is the 12th. So you know what that means. Best get yo shit together and come up with some good stuff or it’ll be your ass for at least a month……I learned that the hard way…

    True story…..Mothers Day rolled around… Better Half: You didnt get me anything for mothers day? Me: You’re not my Mom, I told the kids to make you some shit. And that’s when the fight started…….But what happens when Fathers Day rolls around? Nothing. That’s what happens, or I receive the chinzyiest shit ever, and Im forced to pay for and cook the food for “my” BBQ. Im telling ya life isnt fair…..

  45. I’d rather grill than not, personally.

    I’ll send Mom a card, probably take the boys with me to get cards for Mrs. Pupster too.

    I’m super unmotivated today, low energy.

  46. You’re doing it wrong. I get a nice card and no demands on my time on Father’s Day. Of course, I usually spend it mowing, but that’s my choice.

  47. Sigh. I try not to think about Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day anymore.

  48. Microdosing=daydrinking

  49. Lovely weather lately. Unusually warm, like a month early warm. I should try to enjoy it for now.

  50. We had snow on April 28. Rain rain rain since then.

  51. Short Boeing.

  52. We’ve been unnaturally cool the last few weeks. Mostly due to clouds and shit. It only got into the 80s a couple of days in April.

  53. Only interested party in my Comstock land says that the county told him he couldn’t get a building permit without building a pond and basically building a mountain to build on.

    We’ll see if I end up losing my shirt on this or my pants and socks too.

  54. I sure hope you keep your pants.

  55. You’ll always have your cargo shorts

  56. This close to 18, she’ll have an advantage in height and weight when facing all challengers in the Circle of Fire.

    Plus the krav lessons.

  57. Got quite a bit of my yahd mowed. Pretty much had rain for the past week, poor little doggy was playing brave jungle explorer in it, didn’t have enough clearance to deposit a proper shit. This was unacceptable to Prince Hercules Goodpuppy who showed his disatisfaction by leaving a Tootsie roll on the living room carpet. After I mowed and allowed him to inspect, he thanked me for my efforts by allowing me to feed him.

    I need some decent weather this weekend, some sunshine would be nice.


    Looking good, Mare.

  59. Haaa ha ha haa! Sounds like our old dogs trying desperately/ unsuccessfully to get their squat on in tall snow.

  60. Old school BBF heifer for your consideration

  61. When will GOT end? I don’t want to buy the subscription until the month before.

  62. My husband just kilt a rabbit for me that has been terrorizing the garden.

  63. No he didn’t!! He no kill trapped it and relocated it to a wild rabbit reserve where it will live it’s natural life enhancing our eco system which is consistent with our communities values……

  64. What’s for supper?

  65. I finally got the knack for raising a decent amount of spinach and mache after years of experiment and failure. Would have really been discouraging if after getting some good starts going, Mr. Bunnypants ate them all in the seedling stage.

  66. Houseguest: Did he…? Just…? Did the rabbit die…?

    Me: *concerned look* Nuh-uh. Noooo. *HUGE 10,000 WATT LYING SMILE*

    Houseguest: Shit LIAR! *makes little devil-horns at me*

  67. He was relocated.

  68. What’s for supper?

    If you’re a coyote in my yard, rabbit.

  69. Has Ruth Bader Ginsburg been seen lately? Or have people quit paying attention? *wonders if there’s a reverse countdown clock somewhere*

  70. Mini-me passed the board of review! Good thing she asked an extra person to be on the board, because the priest wasn’t able to be there. I don’t think I could take the stress of rescheduling.

    Now her application gets reviewed by the national HQ, so we’ll hear from them in two weeks or so.

  71. Goal for Car in

  72. Great news, Roamie!

  73. I’ll find out who they are and send threatening letters to them on her behalf, Romacita bonita. I understand this is how things get done, at the national level.

  74. Skills

  75. Thanks, Jimbro. I was stereotyping Maine. I didn’t realize the McCain Sisters weren’t outliers.

  76. Yay for mini Roamy. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  77. Congrats to Mini Me

  78. Gratz to Mini-Roamy!

  79. I’m doing cake order follow up for the next two weeks. Pray for Oso.
    OSO: Do you want us to write Congratulations? Member: Like I said. Oso: Are you going with congrad or do you want us to write Congrat? Member: Are you making fun of me? I want a manager

  80. Oso: Do you need the accents? Member: What accents? Oso: The accents for Feliz Cumpleanos. Member: I need to talk to a manager.

  81. Bitch can’t spell in two languages. Will probably get a free cake tomorrow. Frees up her SNAP for more free shit.

  82. We wanted to see the Yankees at PHX. Dan didn’t want to drive. Yankees are more injured than last year. Cheaper to fly into LA than PHX. Flew in for an Angels game, 5 hrs into Disneyland was a FUCK no. Home again. I don’t know if y’all have ever seen a Mommie &Me exercise

  83. Dennis enjoyed Rousseau’s philosophy.

  84. Jean-Jacque was the COCK of the walk.

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