BBF 2018 Semi Finals – Round 1

Hello, and welcome to The 2018 Big Boob Friday Semi Finals, Round 1.

Katyuska Moonfox

Your model for today is a cosplayer from Brisbane, AU.  5’4″ , 36-24-37 and 117 lbs. I suspect her real name is not Katyuska Moonfox, but I do not judge, I only accommodate.

Kylie Page

Your model for today was born February 11th, 1997 in Claremore, Oklahoma.  She stands 5’4″ and measures 34G-25-35 and 134 lbs.  Please Marco and say Pollo to Miss Kylie Page (AKA Bonnie Kinz).

Chloe Morgane

Your model for today was born April 14, 1975 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  36D-26-36,  5’5″ and 123lbs.  Grab me a Moosehead , adjust your screen brightness and say bonjour to Miss Chloe Morgane aka Camille Crimson.

Carolina Neto

Today’s model did not have an good agent, competent legal representation. or readily available nakies which probably was an automatic disqualifier for the cheaters who elevated these over this, this, aaaand this in last year’s championship round.

She has the best name, the best smile, and wholesome good looks that should, in a world with any justice, make her the queen of the universe.

Please welcome back the imaginary girlfriend Colorado Alex wishes he was always talking about, Miss Carolina Neto!




  1. The musical selection is a video of a smoking hot Polish chick, Ada, who does covers of metal songs.

  2. Dia de las Tatas

  3. Sipping coffee before (hopefully) a short work day. Will ponder my voting later on. That’s “ponder”, not “pound out” you sick fukks.

  4. As I was lifting my lighter up in the air while watching Ada on the guitar I couldn’t help but notice she had those silly ear gauges in her lobes. That’s a trend I’m thankfully seeing less of recently. I shudder to think what the next basic white body modification might be.


  6. wakey wakey

  7. Four model links. Thank you, Pupster.

  8. That time again, eh?

    Apropos to whatever, as of last night my family finally knows about my depression follies. Took me long enough.

  9. One day we need to have a competition among all the yearly winners for the one to be crowned Tits Supreme.

  10. Today’s WOD looks fun. Partner wod. I may drag my ass to a morning workout.

    I’m just voting on (in the BBF) on whatever name I like best.

    Cavil – what was the reaction?

  11. Ms. Neto is cute, but I voted for Chloe because ginger.

  12. Heh, Shoe0nHead is pretty funny. From the sidebar: The P*ssy Church (yes, this is real)

    Shoe0nHead is where you go when the low hanging fruit is on the ground rotting. Heh.

  13. I voted for Chloe. It’s nice to see her without a sausage in her mouth.

    And I don’t mean bratwurst.

  14. I voted for Chloe. It’s nice to see her without a sausage in her mouth.

    And I don’t mean bratwurst.

    How about a cucumber? No, I mean a literal cucumber, from her garden. (SFW)

  15. The only saving grace was that I was pretty sure it was always the same sausage. I still shouldn’t have seen her doing it, but at least it wasn’t a bunch of random dudes.

  16. There are a few like that out there; they only “perform” with their husbands. It’s basically a couple of exhibitionists making money off what they would have done in the past for free.

  17. Positive and supportive. (It probably helps I told my bro in NY, apparently about half his friends are in therapy!) Really, I knew all along I had no real reason to worry, but…well, the D kinda bollocks up logical thinking, after all.

  18. Huh. Can’t see the poll widget. What’s up with that…

  19. Shoe0nHead is where you go when the low hanging fruit is on the ground rotting. Heh.

    I can’t watch her videos for more than a couple of minutes. Too annoying. She’s cute, but the way she speaks gets on my nerves, the pacing of her videos is to choppy, and I don’t think she adds much to the conversation.

  20. I had to permit 2 scripts from Polldaddy, Cavil, and the second was sequentially called by the first, so it took two permit steps.

  21. Why was None Of The Above not a poll choice?

  22. More realistic than the first one. Nazis actually went to Antarctica.

    I like to entertain the idea that there might be some Iceland-style geothermal oasis down there that the globablists are hiding from the world at large, where they plan to ride out the eventual zombie plague they plan to unleash on the rest of us when they’re ready.

    Hollow Earth, though, that’s just silly.

  23. “Republican Bob Stefanowski Pulls Slightly Ahead In Latest Poll Of Governor’s Race”

    Fake polls are getting honest.

  24. Seriously, you can’t go to the antarctic interior without jumping through some serious hoops. They let tourists stand on the glacial shelf and look at penguins and then get them back on the boat and gone. If your boat isn’t on the list, they’ll sink you.

  25. hahahahaha… Clint is a curmudgeon like Hotspur and me.

  26. Leon, that’s because they don’t want anyone accidentally disturbing the crypts of the Ancient Ones that lie beneath the city deep in Antarctica.

  27. *plays the creepy music from The Thing

    (the 80’s one, not the new one)

  28. Supposedly we’ve the entire continent down to like 3′ resolution so we can watch the “ongoing loss of ice due to climate change”.

    They scrubbed out the pyramids, of course.

  29. Anyone who promises to permanently ban the buzzed driving ad (“What do you think you’re doing, Kevin?”) and the ad where the guy breaks his hand for drugs has my vote.

  30. First pic is almost “take home to meet Mom” cute.

    I just read from where i left off last night. “Untrained Chickens” would make a great band name.

  31. Seriously? The only one who may be appropriately dressed to meet me is that last one.

  32. Electric Silkies

  33. I honestly don’t know what’s scarier, Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House again or Mad Maxine in charge of Finance. Holy shit.

  34. The last one is barely dressed and looks barely twenty.
    I feel llie I need to go to confession just for looking at the pic. I hate being old…

  35. Seriously? The only one who may be appropriately dressed to meet me is that last one.


    The last one with the boobs hanging out and the shorts so short it looks like she has a front butt?

    I’d tell my son to find a smarter skank. Smart skanks dress like they are meeting the Pope when they meet Momma.

  36. Vostok anomaly.

  37. The last one with the boobs hanging out and the shorts so short it looks like she has a front butt?

    The first picture of the last gal. Should have been more ‘pacific’.

  38. They will spend years talking about the scandalous tax returns and how Trump does *shock* business that is all very businessy.

  39. I’m watching the Obama rally on Fox (on mute), and I think Bill Nelson’s face has frozen. Ease up on the botox, dude. Or he’s all Weekend at Bernie’s and it’s a rictus grin.

  40. Yes, that pic of Carolina is caaaauuuute.

  41. Someone at Ace’s said Barry got heckled and he said something ignorant back. hahahahah what a worm.

  42. I do not miss that man one bit.

  43. My new favorite politician’s nickname, courtesy of happy at the mothership.

    Beatoff O’Dork

    Lieawatha still a close second.

  44. Carolina is running away with Round 1, I will leave the poll up until the next round.

    We had a Project Manager, a Sales Engineer, and a Division Manager quit this week, lost a PM last week and fired a Business Development Lead the week before that. I may have to move my schedule up.

  45. If they offer you a severance package as the company collapses and “reorganizes” TAKE IT.

  46. I hope to be reorganized in the next year and a half. Its my dream to get 12 months of severance.

  47. I early voted today. Beto didn’t get my vote. I guess that gets me kicked out of the cool kids club.

  48. Great joob pup!!

  49. Why are carn and mare hatin’ up on teh tatas!

  50. That CT poll is interesting Scott –
    NY will never follow. Too many welfare recipients and dumbasses.

  51. Large intersection on that Venn diagram of course

  52. Shut yer gob, Jam. I voted for Carolina.

  53. So you DO like tatas then.
    We have a lot in common.

  54. The Designer they laid off a month ago got 2 weeks pay for every year of service, plus 100% payout on his unused PTO, so he walked with 12 weeks in his pocket. I had forgotten about him. Last I heard he was still looking.

    There is no way they’d pay me to leave. I’m going to walk out with a couple of pens and a handshake.

  55. So you DO like tatas then.
    We have a lot in common.


    Heck yeah. I have some.

  56. Sounds like you accumulated insufficient blackmail material.

    Confession time, only once did I ever have a job where I felt the need for a “In Case Of Retaliation” file. The joint went under before I could manage a graceful exit. Not even my fault…

  57. Jam, a 4th grader in Rochester emailed me questions about space materials.

  58. I guess I don’t need my “In Case of Retaliation” file any more, now that 10 years have elapsed.

  59. Liberal student loses her shit (and apparently her pants). I’d say FSU is off the list, but one of the comments is that she was identified and charged with assault.

  60. From Bezos blog,
    Headline of the week:

  61. Errybody likes tatas.

  62. I has maple candies. I has a happy.

  63. I am hoping everyone has candy on clearance sales tomorrow. I never do Halloweeny. Houses are too far apart and too far off the street for the kids to bother. Plus, all the old ladies that I ive on my block are cheap bitches.
    I have no candy here at home – the closest I can come is maple syrup for my sausage biscuits dinner.


  65. roamy – was the student from a city school? or suburb…
    a rochester city kid asking about material science is an oddball.

    it’s nice to hear tho.

    rochester used to have tons of engineers and scientists but with Eastman Kodak and
    Xerox just about dead there’s not much left except RIT

  66. I have never been to Rochester on a sunny day.
    0 for 5.

  67. huhn – i’m not sure how many times i’ve seen the sun there either….

  68. Lake effect snow clouds up their winters.


  70. Jam, Catholic school, Lego robotics team. Not sure what Legos have to do with space, but they were good questions.

  71. I fed the trebuchet team tonight – cioppino and raspberry cream cheese danishes (Pillsbury recipe, uses crescent rolls for the dough, easy peasy).

  72. I believe in Legos.

  73. I believe in space.

  74. Pro tip : never admit to witnessing a crime. Especially an assault.
    You will find yourself in court next week fercryingoutloud.

  75. A mouse moved into our condo, while we were in Kauai. We’ll be conducting an inch by inch search for access. Last time we were in Oahu, a black widow moved in upstairs. I H8 vermin.

  76. ShredChi I no longer call 911. I don’t GAS about anything

  77. Bleh.

  78. Bleh. I raise your Bleh with a Meh

  79. After tango a group of us went salsa dancing, and I realized that I’m old. Trying to dance in a crowded hipster bar sucks, so I came home. I’ll stick with the dive bar instead from now on.

  80. Did everybody respond promptly?

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