Hello basket cases and basket faces, welcome to the first installment of:

Got Totally Robbed in 2017 for Big Boob Friday Championships-

Contestant #1 who I am totally reposting from last year.

Today’s model did not have an good agent, competent legal representation. or readily available nakies which probably was an automatic disqualifier for the cheaters who elevated these over this, this, aaaand this in last year’s championship round.

She has the best name, the best smile, and wholesome good looks that should, in a world with any justice, make her the queen of the universe.

Please welcome back the imaginary girlfriend Colorado Alex wishes he was always talking about, Miss Carolina Neto!



***From September 8th, 2017***


Hello  spooners and herders, welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a college student from Portugal, some light internet stalking reveals little statistical information, I can confirm the absence of the typical porchy pornstar mustache and prehensile tail. Please stretch your calves and welcome, Miss Carolina Neto!




  1. She is a repeater.

  2. They version of Dazed and Confused is really good too.

    wakey wakey.

    School canceled, but I woke up at 6 anyway.

  3. I dig Iberian chics.

  4. I went to bed at 8 hoping to be up early and get work started. Nope, 615.

  5. Pouring rain and in the 40’s here. Hopefully the snow has a major melt. I’ve already written the driveway off as a glacial ice sheet until March.

  6. One beneficial thing about insomnia in the internet age is that you can look at lots of stupid shit while you’re not sleeping. Occasionally you run across some stupid shit that is funny.

    Saw a surveillance video on YouTube where this black kid in a hoody tries to hold up what appears to be a mom and pop convenience store. He pulls a pistol and starts hollering to open the register. The two Hispanic women who are working there calmly walk out the front door and lock him in. After multiple failed attempts to break out of the plexiglass, he stops struggling and says, “fuck bro, I’m going to jail”. I giggled like a retard.

  7. Sounds like it was a question of when, not if.

  8. We had a complete melt of the snow up here (lake is still frozen) by two days of 50+ weather. I woke up and it was 38 and raining, and now its … 32 and the ground is already covered with snow.

  9. It’s pretty much a white out. How the f does this happen?

    weather, Is there nothing it cannot do?

  10. BOOBS!!!

  11. No snow here, only rain. We get our freeze tonight.

  12. Good morning!

    Supposed to rain for two days here. I haven’t verified that by looking at the everchanging forecast yet.

    Why even bother giving us a forecast stretching out for days when it changes every few hours anyway?


  13. “Fuck Oprah! ”

    now there’s an adventure

  14. bette ballblouse was ultimately the only one qualified for BBF beast 2017…

  15. just sayin’

  16. the late entries for her most likely were in someones car trunk

  17. I’m going to need someone to venture out and check the roads for me.

  18. Texts from son this morning:

    “MOM, roads are bad, school is cancelled”

    “Mom, WHEN can you go pick up my girlfriend and bring her here?”

    umn … these things do not compute.

  19. Whose turn is it to wet jam2 and stick him to a freezing metal pole?

  20. Ha ha ha ha! Yes Carin, you must risk life and limb so he can make out. I don’t think this is asking too much.

  21. The future of mankind depends on you!

  22. THe boy has NEEDS. You wouldn’t understand.

  23. and pick up a pizza on the way back.

  24. I don’t even want to go outside, let alone get in my car and drive somewhere.

  25. I think we should start buying tickets for everyone SO OFFENDED by Trumps (supposed, second hand reported) shithole comment to one of these countries of their choice. Three weeks vacation.

    Report back.

  26. Crazy weird weather out there. 68° right now. Solid rain starting soon with steadily dropping temps until it bottoms out at 30° by this time tomorrow.
    We were just in the teens and low twenties a few days ago – damn you AL Gore!

  27. Haiti is a treeless shithole because it chose to be, no one to blame but the populace.

    Sleet now.

  28. day 2 1/2 of working from home because of coughing

  29. See how long you can keep that up.

  30. That’s what your mom said.

  31. Great boobs lured me back..

  32. I wish, but I do miss my multiple monitors at the office.

  33. ** looks around blog…..

    This place is a shithole!

    Im loving this shit. The meme’s write themselves

    If your country has survived on billions of dollars in foreign aid for the past 20 years and still needs “assistance”, You might Be a shithole.

    If you need to hire “security” to make it from the airport to your hotel, you might be visiting a shithole.

  34. I keep putting off extra monitors for mine here at home. With the money saved on gas I’m sure I could afford them, but now it’d just be that much more to move. We’ll see what happens after my current service contract ends. If the new one doesn’t give me a laptop, I’ll need another monitor for sure.

  35. Snow. Carin’s cold weather finally got here.

  36. We’ve already got a lot of snow. It’s pretty miserable outside.

  37. FYI, for anyone looking for a production version of a Pepe knife: I saw them on a site called Massdrop for a price of about $42 + shipping. It’s called a CKRT Cuatro. I was scrolling through the site and recognized the geometry. Classic Pepe knife at an affordable price and one you can use without worry!

  38. CKRT, CRKT … close enough

  39. Kalamazoo County could take a while to get the appeal board together, and payment to extend our rate lock is lost money no matter what, so we’re going to close on the construction loan next Friday and just trust that something will make the board happy.

  40. God’s either going to see us through this, or we’re going to be out closing costs. His will be done.

  41. Pretty knife

  42. Went to look at CRKT and was blocked by my organization due to the website’s classification. New year, new rules I guess.

  43. here ya go pup

  44. looked for ordering info & a number of places are out of stock

    i ordered from blade hq

  45. all rite e then –
    gotta go get ready for funeral weekend –

    the moms of 2 of my friends passed away this week. friday through monday – some travel required

    hoo boy

    this aging thing…….. hhhhhhhhhhh

  46. Thanks guys. Chi’s link got me to the picture, but direct to the page is no bueno.

    It’s not you, it’s me my wienie IT guys.

  47. I thought Pepe made straight blades, not folders. Huh. I guess I should pay more attention.

  48. I’ve never seen Pepe’s knives,but I’m curious every time y’all bring them up.
    I’d love to have a fixed blade tanto to carry on my ankle.

  49. I think we should start buying tickets for everyone SO OFFENDED by Trumps (supposed, second hand reported) shithole comment to one of these countries of their choice. Three weeks vacation.

    Wouldn’t work. These assholes vacation in Cuba and other shithole countries all the time. They are cheap asses who go where their limited American dollars stretch further than your mom’s coochie during fleet week. They either stay at nice resorts away from the slums, or they stay in crappy little hotels and rave about the “authenticity” of the places.

  50. Sympathies, Jam. If it helps, I spent birthday 27 attending the funeral of a friend’s mom who’d died after taking a full bottle of muscle relaxers. With the woman I was in the process of divorcing, no less.

  51. “something will make the board happy.”

  52. Ms. Neato is awesome. I’m so lucky she’s my girlfriend. She’s gonna come down from Canada to visit me over the summer. Or I’m going to go up there. I don’t know which yet, I haven’t spoken to her about it.

    You guys want to see the new edition of the Monster Manual that I just bought?

  53. ” their limited American dollars stretch further than your mom’s coochie during fleet week. ”


    Nice one.

  54. The Nigella picture above makes me feel funny. I love wimmins in dresses like that. All she needs is a wide-brimmed hat and I’d take her on a picnic and read her poetry.

  55. The knives are just being released now. We are actually trying to carry them on our website, but it’s taking a while to get ordering set up up with CRKT.

    Pretty exciting. We’ve been working on this for 2 1/2 years. We have two models coming out now, and hopefully another in June (maybe next Fall). Hoping they will sell well, so CRKT will be interested in future projects.

    I have friends who have done well, with factory designs, and others who haven’t. We’ll see.

  56. Hello, TexasJew, welcome back. How ya doin’?

  57. You guys want to see the new edition of the Monster Manual that I just bought?

    Heck no. 5th Ed is shit. SJWs run WotC now.

  58. In the next edition being a transsexual fairykin will give you the ability to use “Absolute Moral Authority” once per encounter, and your starting equipment includes a job offer with Google.

  59. In an encounter with transexual fairykin, if they aren’t the monster to be subdued, yerdoinitrong.


  61. outdone by Megaton McCain? that’s gotta sting.

  62. Comment by Colorado Alex In Exile on January 12, 2018 12:43 pm

    I guess it’s my age, but that’s so fucking full of stupid that I couldn’t even find a reason to smile. There IS supposed to be a grain of humor in there somewhere, right?

  63. outdone by Megaton McCain? that’s gotta sting.

    I know, really?

    Rocketboy’s girlfriend said she has had more home-cooked meals since she’s been here (supper yesterday, lunch today) than she did at home for the entire Christmas break (one supper). I find that ineffably sad, but I’m one of those people who show love with food.

  64. I’m one of those people who show love with food.

  65. LOL, Pendajo. I knew I should have put a SYWM after that.

  66. Okay, it was supposed to be a fasting day, but I’ve got a headache rather than hunger. Going to have to have a meal or two.

  67. Broth is helping.

  68. There IS supposed to be a grain of humor in there somewhere, right?

    I find it funny. The geek circles that I’ve run in over the years have been filled with people like that. And since we were talking about trannies and D&D, it was the first thing that jumped to mind.

  69. ocketboy’s girlfriend said she has had more home-cooked meals since she’s been here (supper yesterday, lunch today) than she did at home for the entire Christmas break (one supper). I find that ineffably sad, but I’m one of those people who show love with food.

    Matt and his girlfriend cook a lot, and I gave Hannah’s boyfriend a copy of America’s test kitchen and he’s been going crazy cooking for her.

  70. Dick Durbin’s mouth is a shithole.

  71. She wasn’t counting meals she made for herself, she was counting meals her mother cooked. Neither parent cooks, apparently.

    I have the America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution Volume 2 (the quick prep one). Most of them are too short for workdays but are great for having dinner ready when we get home from church. The better ones are 4-hour cooks, not 10 hours.

  72. Is the Test Kitchen cookbooks pretty good? I’m going to get Lidia’s Italian cookbook. I like her stuff.

  73. I love America’s Test Kitchen. Too cheap to join, but I get second-hand mag issues through family, and emails from them.

  74. When my kids come home, they want nothing but homecooked meals and mama to pamper them. First thing out of beasnson’s mouth, when he walks in the door is, ‘what’s for dinner?’

    This past ‘holiday’, due to my shoulder, I made them help me.

  75. It was either Cook’s Country or Test Kitchen, they say go to our website for the recipe and when you go, they want $$ before they cough it up.

  76. So, I’ll sit with a paper and pad while watching and use shorthand to write it all down.

  77. Dick Durbin snacks on bags of dicks.

  78. Yeah, they both do that beasn, but they are really good. The cookbooks are really good.

    I get the magazine at home to have reading material to go with National Geographic in the throne room. Awesome recipes.

  79. ATK and Cook’s Country just isn’t the same without Chris Kimball. He got shafted on that deal when they pushed him out.
    He’s got his own thing going now but I believe it’s a similar pay-to-play business model. I think it’s called Milk Street?

  80. Yeah, I liked Chris Kimball too. That bow tie.

  81. He’s no Alton Brown, but he IS one of the cooler nerds on cooking shows.

  82. Alton is the best. Also a very personable person.

  83. Kenji Lopez Alt used to work for America’s Test Kitchen as a recipe tester, and he has a lot of that sort of awesome recipes over at The Food Lab on Serious Eats website. I would search for recipes here:

    And I think he’s also a contributor on

    I’ve also found a lot of technique tips by searching youtube for America’s Test Kitchen’s page.

  84. And Beasn, if you sign up for emails at ATK/ Cooks’ Country, they will spam your inbox with free recipes.

  85. I bought a bunch of Good Eats seasons with my free gift card from Visa Card Perks. Reliving the golden years.

  86. I made the sun butter bread loaf. I’ll let you know.

  87. I have way too many eggs, so I’m going to make a bunch of deviled eggs tonight. I need to experiment with different fillings – certainly some with bacon, some with roasted garlic & parmesan?, I bet ATK has some decent ideas.

  88. I used to read the Cooks Illustrated magazine at my sister’s house every once in a while. Excellent quality at a price. I’ve noticed the same thing when searching for recipes with the pay to read thing. Nope. There are so many recipe sites nowadays that there’s almost too much information out there to make a decision on which technique to use. I think I’d get it if I was retired and had the time to actually read the whole thing rather than just one or two recipes.

  89. I am a deviled egg fanatic. Too lazy to make them but first in line to eat too many. Several years ago I hosted a Christmas party at my house and bought a shit ton of food from Sam’s Club. Nurses all asked what they could bring. In a moment of brilliance I told several that we were having a deviled egg contest. I was eating eggs for days.

  90. Isn’t Good Eats coming back?

  91. AB has been silent on YouTube for 6 months. I’ve heard nothing.

  92. You know who is coming back?

    Stormy Daniels.

  93. Chi, some hot mustard or horseradish in deviled eggs is a wonderful thing. Also a little pinch of crushed celery seed. Very little, they go a long way.

  94. My cheat for something almost as good as deviled eggs without all the work is to make really tender hb eggs, cut them in half and put a tasty dressing on them.

  95. In a moment of brilliance I told several that we were having a deviled egg contest.

    I did this once 30 years ago. I was hanging at a bar with a few buddies eating free buffet food and pounding beers. I casually said “these deviled eggs are OK, but my Mom makes the BEST.”
    That turned into “no, MY mom does!” all around. So we all called our Moms and had ‘egged’ them into a contest that weekend. We probably had five dozen deviled eggs – believe me, there were no winners…

  96. The cookbook I use the most is the Better Homes and Gardens I received as a new bride. I should scan the ones I use the most because it is literally falling apart. Second most-used cookbook is a Betty Crocker International cookbook, and that one did fall apart. It’s hole-punched and in a binder.

    **waits for Hotspur to say “I hole-punched your mom.” **

  97. The horseradish sounds awesome. Maybe with extra scallions in those?
    And I love celery seed. I may have used all mine up making bloody Mary’s, though.

  98. Jimbro,
    Ya know that Stormy denies this completely, right?

    (Scroll down for her letter)


  100. Of course, the denial is in the non disclosure agreement!

  101. After The Ballad of Billy Zipper, I’m pleased if our guys are faithful to their wives but it’s not a dealbreaker anymore.

  102. It only matters on one side, of course.

  103. Our *politicians* I mean. Our guys still have to be faithful. Because redrum.

  104. I have a hard time believing Trump would screw a skanky pornstar shortly after marrying Melania. But, yeah – ever since JFK & Clinton, I couldn’t care less.

  105. That’s between him, Melania, and God.

    I would keep an adulterer as a friend, but I didn’t vote for a friend.

  106. I have a hard time believing Trump would screw a skanky pornstar shortly after marrying Melania.

    It’s rarely just about banging a hot piece of trim. It’s about the ego factor, or some weird personal connection, or what have you.

    My general opinion is that screwing around is a failure of self-discipline, and that’s a sign of larger problems: either unhappiness with your life, self-control issues, or weakness to manipulation by others.

    Trump requires a challenge to be happy, I think. Hence, the challenge of being President is enough to keep him on track.

  107. He’s a white supremecist too. Hates gays.

    I don’t think you can do business as a racist, and he’s the only one that was pro gay marriage from the beginning.

    But I digress…

  108. wouldn’t keep, that is.

  109. My general opinion is that screwing around is a failure of self-discipline, and that’s a sign of larger problems: either unhappiness with your life, self-control issues, or weakness to manipulation by others.

    I think for a lot of ‘taken’ men it’s a matter of opportunity. If women are basically throwing the mish at you wherever you go, it’s whole different world of temptation than the average guy who had to hustle and struggle just to get a phone number.

  110. Sun bread is pretty tasty.

  111. I agree that the temptation is greater, which is part of why I think once a politician is caught cheating they should be replaced: it’s a sign that your willpower has reached it’s limit.

  112. Yeah, if you can get caught, you’re slipping.

  113. Our governor admitted to cheating on his wife a few years ago. It came out before he ran for office.

    Now, a couple of days ago, after the State of the State address, where he gave all sorts of good news and plans for the future of MO, the disgruntled ex-husband of the woman, with the help of local news station put out a report that he had tied her up naked to exercise equipment , in a basement, took her picture, and threatened to blackmail her if she spoke of ‘them’.

    The media had that info prior to him running for office (which btw, his democrat opponent was reportedly schtupping his mistress, down the block but St. Louis media ignored that story), but none of them reported on it because it was from one source and no corroborating evidence. Even the leftwing rags around here wouldn’t touch and are now saying…’um, probably shouldn’t be running with info leaked by a disgruntled spouse..’

    The timing of the release of this is rather suspicious. And now St. Louis prosecutor says she will look into it. If this is the new prosecutor I think it is, she is about as competent as that broad in Baltimore who charged six cops to make a name for herself.

  114. I remember that. I was wondering if it was the same woman. This is the ex SEAL right?

  115. Greetings, people who likely didn’t need to retire to the fainting couch because the president said a bad word.

  116. Did he actually say “Shithole”, or is this just something made up like the gorilla channel? I got the impression someone said someone told them Trump said a bad word. Much like a tattle tale in Kindergarten.

  117. Dick Durbin wouldn’t lie.

  118. He said it in a meeting.

  119. Those comments could really affect the US if all those countries decide to stop giving us aid.

  120. He probably said it. Either way, who really cares? If true, it was an inelegant thing said by an old man who doesn’t have much of a filter.

    Of all the things one could ding Donald Trump for doing, this ranks pretty fucking low.

  121. Jay..yes. Greitens.

  122. Fuck elegance.

    We had 8 years of that and we were halfway to shithole.

  123. Trump should come out and say, “Yeah, I said it. Now everyone email Crooked Hillary and ask her what happened to the billions of dollars donated to fix the shithole their corrupt government created.”

  124. I’m with Scott. I’m tired of these slimy weasels oily words. Did you hear Durbin out there accusing Trump of racism for mentioning the words ‘chain migration’, as it reminds blacks of the chains used to bring them over.

    WTF is with Durbin, Schumer, Pelosi, and Reid. All cut from the same nasty cloth of fucks. I start twitching when I hear any of their voices and want to throatpunch a bish.

  125. Go bing that soundclip to feel my pain.

  126. *punches poat in the poot*

  127. Hi Beasns!

  128. I saw Nasty Cloth of Fucks open for Dead Can Dance back in ’91.

  129. At least Trump doesn’t fantasize about slipping Hillary a Bill Cosby Pill.

  130. Nobody fantasizes about that.

  131. CNN would do her in a second.

  132. Beasn for President!

  133. If the Bill Cosby Pill didn’t kill the thread, it certainly knocked it the fuck out.

  134. Local news is on full court press about how Trump made ‘vulgar remarks about African nations.’

    But they aren’t paraphrasing or even asterisk-quoting what he actually is alleged to have said. I believe they’re assuming that people will use their imaginations and think he said something worse than what he actually did (allegedly).

    There is a hysterical and outraged tone to these broadcasts, on normally even-keeled local stations.

    They are losing their goddamned minds.

  135. I stand corrected, Chi.

    And now, I’m gonna go find out which part of the brain you have to stab to forget that you’ve seen things.

  136. Go for the pons

  137. I like the pons

    rhymes with mons

  138. We’re not paying for that ugly Obama “library”, are we?

  139. Isn’t a mons basically a fupa?

  140. Mons


  141. Not all monses are FUPA’s

  142. Anybody seen pictures of Haiti?
    I have, from our church missionaries.
    It’s a shithole…

  143. Nearly 20 years ago I took care of a girl from Haiti brought here by missionaries. She had untreated clubfeet and at 8 years old was walking on the sides of her feet.

    This is an example of untreated clubfeet

    I had to do talectomies to realign the feet She looked good when I was happy with the healing at 3 months then she went back to Haiti. About 4 or 5 years ago the missionaries caught up with her at a clinic and took a picture. She’s a beautiful kid, smiling in the clinic, standing barefoot and her feet are plantigrade. The picture is on my bulletin board and it helps me get through some tough days.

  144. talectomies or astragalectomy?

  145. That’s pretty damned cool, Jimbro.
    Is it safe to assume you did this kind of stuff pro bono?

    My first real girlfriend bacame a commercial pilot. She wound occasionally – rarely, but occasionally – co-pilot flights where they took kids to various doctors around the country for needed surgeries. Miracle Flight? Or something like that? It was always donated planes, fuel, time, etc. Cool stuff.

  146. I went with the talectomies. Only Latin surgeons work on the astragalus.

  147. I think those are Angel Flights

    Totally pro bono on my part. I’ve done a few over 20 years. My personal belief is that the kids are better off getting care in their own countries but when that isn’t available I’m the next best option. The hard part is getting the hospital on board and the government.

    Haitian girl untreated clubfeet
    Guatemalan girl with a congenital hip dislocation
    Russian boy with untreated clubfeet

    The last one pissed me off. The kid lived in an orphanage, had mild cerebral palsy and the clubfeet. Host family who wanted to US adopt him was two gay dudes who did all the leg work, got me to fix the feet and then the adoption was refused because two dads. Back to Mother Russia when I said he was healed enough.

  148. Angel Flight. That was it, thanks. And Thank You for being a cool mofo and doing that kind of thing – makes me remember that people aren’t so bad after all.

  149. Good old Jimbro, amputating feet for fun and profit, and then looking like a saint for doing one little pro bono case every decade or so.

  150. My NP who works directly with me is trying to get a Kenyan guy in his early 20’s over here. His hand was burned by some thugs of some sort and now looks like a mitten with a thumb. Her MiL knows the missionaries trying to get him here She’s trying to get Plastic Surgery to do skin grafts and divide the. fingers. Hospital administrators agreed but. there has been a change in personnel so the hoops must be jumped through again.

  151. The local news does stories on them which I reluctantly agree to doing for hospital publicity. I hate hearing myself speak and the whole camera adding 10 pounds thing? Try 20!

  152. Easy – just don’t carry a camera when you do the interview. No more +10lbs!

  153. Big camera

  154. The test kitchen cookbook is PHENOMENAL. Seriously, you can just throw all your other cookbooks out. And every new edition just adds recipes. It is really good. Everyone needs to buy it right now.

  155. You’re doing God’s work, Jimb. But could you maybe do a little less of it? You’re making the rest of us look bad.

  156. I’ve read that Trump actually said “Cess pool” countries, but Dick D IL misunderstood. Trump was pissed that they brought him a shit bill that is worse than what we’ve seen before from the d-bags in the Senate.

  157. You leapt from crumbling bridges watching cityscapes turn to derp
    Filming helicopters crashing in the ocean from way above
    Got the music in you baby,
    Tell me why
    Got the music in you baby,
    Tell me why
    You’ve been locked in here forever & you just can’t say goodbye

  158. The wind and rain are rippin’ loud out there.

  159. Still coming down hard here. It sounds liquid now but I’m watching local weather and freezing rain and the deep freeze will return.

  160. Reads Carin’s comment. Throws out cookbooks. Orders Test Kitchen Cookbook. Starves to death while waiting by the mailbox.

    This one?

  161. Yep, temp here is supposed to plummet from 60 to 30 in hours, lol. Fun!

    That looks like a great deal on the cookbook, holy cow. Their recipes always work. I made a mac and cheese from one of their small recipe collections and it was perfect. Houseguest: “This tastes like a hug.”

  162. Single digit temps again by evening. Unreal. We just lost all of our snow overnight. It’s amazing to see it all vanish so swiftly. Scott pointed a flashlight at a snowbank last night and we could see it simply rolling away as fog. The humidity level in this house is off the hook. Gonna need to fire up the pellet stove and dry it out a bit.

  163. Partway through this piece from the ONT at Mothership:

    It’s pretty interesting.

  164. Yeah, I just looked at the WU forecast. Only a few hours of freezing rain predicted today but by this time tomorrow morning it’ll be minus 9 (!!!)

  165. My BIL was a podiatrist before Obamacare, and he was in some program like Doctors without Borders. He and other doctors spent two weeks in Guatemala, doing surgeries for 14-16 hours a day. Lots of clubfeet and cleft palates. They wasted a day because some worthless piece of shit at the airport demanded a bribe to let them have their shipment of equipment and medicines.

  166. Yikes! Negative single digits beats positive single digits. You win the Misery Contest. Here’s your prize.

    *hands over a knitted ball cozy*

    It’s oversized, so you can stuff extra mittens in there too.

  167. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I killed an hour or so looking at Google street view in random parts of South America? I just wanted to see if I could pull up any neighborhood where there were no bars on the windows.

    Nope. Not one. Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, nice neighborhood, poor neighborhood, didn’t matter.

    It’s the culture.

  168. knitted ball cozy, oversi….

    Hey, wait just a minute!

    That’s a grape warmer!

  169. That’s a common complaint Roamy. One of my colleagues went somewhere in Africa for a 2 week mission. He brought his schoolteacher wife and one of their teen kids. He did a grand rounds presentation for us and it was interesting. For some reason misery always seems to end up settling in these nations. The whole dirt roads with people shitting in the gutters, bars on the windows and occasional electricity never seems to get better.

    Eternal Shithole Cesspools

  170. Mornin.

  171. IIRC cleft palates are almost always a prenatal nutrition problem or poisoning problem combined with a genetic predisposition. Same for clubfoot? I see a high correlation of both to just simple poverty, so I’d have to guess so, but I don’t know.

  172. Finding genetic markers for conditions is tough. So far there’s weak evidence of a familial trend toward clubfoot. Simple and easily correctable clubfoot due to intrauterine crowding (more common in the firstborn) are fun to treat. Everyone is happy. True clubfoot is a little harder to deal with. It’s a $20 story but the current method of treatment blows away what we used to do. If you’re super interested look up Ponseti Method. I met him at a conference before he died.

  173. I’ve seen the “Average IQ by Nation” chart bandied about, and it seems to correlate really well with shitholes, but it’s only part of the story. IQ is a decent measure of G, or general intelligence, which is partly environmental but has a very strong genetic component.

    There isn’t a good measure – and thus no surveys of – executive function, i.e. the ability to follow a plan, even if you didn’t come up with it. EF is to a much larger extent trainable, but like any training, you have to know you need it to acquire it. I’d posit that generations of foreign aid and weapons flooding into a region basically annihilates any impetus to learn EF, and results in shitholery almost without fail. Lack of EF is why the train systems and plumbing that well-meaning foreigners leave behind in African shitholes immediately fall apart when they leave. It’s why the breadbasket of Africa had to import food after Mugabe ran out/murdered the white farmers. Good culture teaches EF, bad culture destroys it.

  174. I don’t know if they’re basically the same, just redesigned?

  175. Yesterday it was 58 in the am, and by last night is was not just cold, but FUCKING cold. We got rain then 5 inches of snow. Driving home from work the roads were still horrible.

    it’s 7 right now.

  176. Of course, while Europe was creating a Mozart and Rembrandt (name off 50 other great historical figures in the last 100 years), Africa had … who? They did … what?

    I think that says something too. People may not want to talk about that though.

  177. The “White” correlation to higher EF and higher IQ isn’t specific to whites at all, it’s specific to ice. If you live in a place where the weather will fucking kill you 4+ months of the year, if you don’t prepare for it and develop a “help your neighbor” attitude, your tribe dies and you have no descendents. Your culture will teach EF, and a lot of the dumber members of the tribe don’t live to have offspring. Inuit, northern Asians, and Europeans all have this common, and not coincidentally tend to have the highest IQs when tested. Ashkenazi Jews also tend to test high, but that likely has more to do with surviving a lot of pogroms just by outsmarting their attackers, or knowing when to run.

    That whole comment is racist, and does nothing whatsoever to explain Aristotle or Ptolemy or Augustine of Hippo.

  178. 100 years was supposed to be 1000. But it could easily be 3000

  179. Looking at ATK books I saw a “Cooking For Two” version that I added to my cart. It may be perfect for us. As I’ve said many times before, the kids don’t eat the adult food around here and we get tired of leftovers after a couple of go-arounds. Yeah, I could freeze more but I’m not that organized. Needs more research but a definite maybe at this point.

  180. But, but MUSLIMS INVENTED MATH !!!!1!!

    (so sick of that story)

  181. A Persian accountant invented the notation “0” to show that no money was owed.

  182. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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