Not MJr Pictures

So yeah, I believed MJ would follow through when I asked for baby pictures.













  1. This is bullshit.

  2. Bullshit of Bullshit, all things are Bullshit.


  4. *snorgles the sweet lil’ puppeh*

    Really Carin, Pay still has the Christmas tree up? People have been talking.

  5. I’m going to shift my eating window to the morning rather than the evening and see what happens.

  6. Mine is still up.

  7. My neighbor/landlord strung (strang?) lights along the whole roofline of both our sides of the duplex, that shit ain’t coming until April. She just stopped turning them on this week.

  8. Strunged?

  9. The pipe that connects my dryer to the outside vent fell down and I haven’t had a chance to reattach it. Dryer lint is piling up in the crawlspace until we get a thaw. Oh well.

  10. Strunged?

    Strang. Or “ran”.

  11. Strung it is, then. I were failed by 4th grade grammar recollectin’.

  12. If you looked at that same chart in Spanish, every conjugation would be an entirely different word.

    If you looked at it in German, every sentence would be different.

  13. Oldie but goodie.

    “I cried tears of blissful joy when Russell Crowe threw himself off a bridge at the end because it meant he’d finally stop singing.”

  14. Should show “ignoring your mom’s buldge since 2009.”

  15. Add Baltimore to that list.

  16. 250 deadlift. That just happened.

  17. Well done!

  18. Wow! Nice, Carin!

  19. I’m sure this girl is going to age like milk if she’s not careful, but she’s pretty cute right now.

  20. Congrats, Carin!


    Hay Zeus.

  22. 250 deadlift. That just happened.

  23. Whose turn is it to gently scratch my balls?

  24. you can almost deadlift me, Car in!


  26. That, “Do not dumb here” sign is the greatest sign ever made.

    Also, xbradtc, it’s Chi’s Turn.

  27. The dark lord needs some belly scritches and ear rubs. And maybe a walkie later.

  28. Congrats, Car in. I haven’t been to the gym all week due to the road between here and Santa Barbara being closed.

  29. ???

  30. More people on Hawaii receiving these alerts. Hope it’s a sick joke.

  31. Sous vide chuck roast started. 130º for 29 hours.

  32. Fuck Hawaii. Should have never let those welfare fucks in the union.

  33. Oh it’s my turn?

  34. I’m sure this girl is going to age like milk if she’s not careful, but she’s pretty cute right now.

    She’s very charming. Occasionally, not often, but occasionally I wish I was still young enough to make poor decisions again.

  35. I think this has turned into a sinus infection now. Not clear mucus anymore.

    Probably should use that antibiotic prescription now, right?

  36. No power for the last half hour. No power means no cable means no playoff game. They all make fun of my Old Man Radio … let’s see who’s laughing when I’m listening to the game with my headphones on!

    Dear God, I hope the power is back on by then.

  37. Which one did they give you Jay?

  38. Is it accompanied by the worst headache you’ve ever felt? That’s my experience with a sinus infection. Not. Fun. At. All.
    As a kid, my BIL had to have surgery when he got a bad one. (Do they remove sinuses?)

  39. He gave me a scrip for a Z-pack. Told me to take it if I wanted, would be wasting money since everything was clear. Today I have a sinus headache, and mucus isn’t clear anymore. Just like my last sinus infection.

    Never filled the scrip.


  41. Paula is sacked out on the couch and I got the wood stove going for her. She drove down to Boston with her friend who picked her daughter up. (The Norway trip to meet a guy … apparently she survived). The flight from Newark to Logan was delayed several times and she finally got home here at 3 AM. She was up at 6 with me when I let Star and Rowan out for a pee. She lasted a good 5 or 6 hours then crashed.

  42. Aren’t Z-packs in the realm of generics now? (Honestly don’t know). If they’re generic I’d just fill the damn thing to leave in a cabinet for when you need it sometime.

  43. Yeah, I think they are generic now. Only $4 at Wal mart, 5 pills, take 2 first day, 1 each day after, bla bla. Should have just got it when I got the cough medicine.

  44. Twitter ruined my day, but it did give me this (click through to see the photos):

    Frickin’ hilarious.

  45. Laura,
    The only thing that would make that better is if she retouched the dogs too.

  46. Ha ha ha ha haaa! I want one of these photo sets for my family. It would be great to have pics like that framed on the mantle.

  47. Oh, definitely!
    And then you just stand there beaming with pride when visitors see it and stare at it in horror. “Isn’t it lovely?”

  48. Jimbro, did you tell Paula about my 250 deadlift? Yes, I know I’m very proud, and that’s a sin … bla bla bla

  49. Workout done, (deadlifts, strict press, back squat, 30 min hard run, 100 pushups). House clean. Quick shopping run and then my kids should start arriving.

    SUCK IT.

  50. Comment by Hotspur on January 13, 2018 1:35 pm
    Fuck Hawaii. Should have never let those welfare fucks in the union.


    This, sadly, is true. Most locals goals are to get a government job.

    Except for the military bases, Hawaii is a liberal, welfare state.

  51. I’m watching The Magicians, since a friend recommended it. The first few episodes were rough, but the first season gets pretty good by the end. The second season started out fine, but is going downhill. Workout in an hour, and then I drive down to LA for open forge night.

  52. open forge night

    Worst euphemism ever.

  53. Worst euphemism ever.

    I’m banging your mom like a cheap Chinese anvil.

  54. Keith Jackson died. One of the voices of sports. Whoa Nellie.


  56. Detroit ^^


  58. New merchandise idea for Animosity International

  59. lol cuntmuffin

  60. I like it. I’ll present it to the BoDs at our next meeting.

  61. Superb

    Cuntmuffin is a schizophrenic insult word

    The city version of twatwaffle

  62. Cuntmuffins are Oprah’s favorite snack.

  63. I heard she liked to cook up some airbiscuits.

  64. Nothing wrong with a little cropdusting in the elevator.

  65. Elliot is the master of the airbiscuit

  66. Nothing wrong with a little cropdusting in the elevator.

    Do you realize how many deviled eggs I’ve had since last night?

  67. Iggles are looking pretty good.

  68. I don’t really watch much political stuff, ’cause I just get pissed off. I’ve been enjoying the way theconservativetreehouse has been dissecting the Steele dossier and the FBI/DOJ involvement.

    They did an transcript of one of Trump’s campagin speeches. Amazing how he lays out the situation. Worth a read.



  71. Dorkus’s flatus left scorch marks on my soul.

  72. Iggle’s is the name of a sub shop out here in VA Beach. They’re straight outta Philly. Really awesome cheesesteaks. I may have to go get one tomorrow…

  73. Greetings, people who totally didn’t hack the missile launch warning system or anything.


  75. That was a very entertaining game. MCPO probably lost about 5 lbs.

  76. Mare!

  77. Pupster…WTF did I just watch? That bear animation was so weak!!!

  78. Hawaii is NM with an ocean. Pineapple Messicans.


  80. We’re a refugee city. Thanks Catholic Charities. Today, I saw an African woman riding an amigo while talking on her smart phone. No visible reason for her to be on an Amigo. She was speeding.

  81. Do you mean, like, an Isuzu? Or she was riding her friend? Please clarify.

  82. We have a bucket of ribs for $19.98 at the Club. Jack Daniels. All we have to do is reheat. Don’t judge!!! I didn’t know Dan used a Kona chile sauce on the ribs. Was really pleased with the spicy heat. His boss asked me how they were. Me: surprisingly not too sweet and spicy. Fast forward to tonight…Dan:I’m making the rest of the ribs, but I’m out of the Kona sauce. Should I add sriracha? OSO: That wasn’t the JD sauce? Dan: No. Too sweet. I added the Kona. OSO: Oops! I told MA that the sauce wasn’t too sweet. $20. Hope she didn’t buy on my recommendation

  83. Electric carts that you find at most retailers. Fancy ones are Rascals or Hover rounds. Wal-Mart brand is Amigo. 500# limit. 150# in the basket

  84. Illegals/refugees think of them as a ride. You should see all the kids clinging to the Amigo

  85. I see said the blind man.
    Don’t get much of that around here. Of course, our illegals mostly stay in the shadows.

  86. Our illegals wouldn’t recognize a shadow if it bit them in the ass. Our refugees are more educated than our Messican hillbillies. If the Natives didn’t have casinos, they’d still be the low man on the totem pole. SWIDT?

  87. Thoughts I just had:

    “There are too many young people here.”

    “My legs hurt.”

    “I can’t wait until Tuesday when I can get a haircut.”


  88. As long as the haircut is a Pete Rose, fist bump Sean

  89. Hijab family going through the Club. Daughter kept floating the ISIS signal. Toddler. I flipped her the bird. 🖕🏻Heh. 🦅

  90. Watching Wonder Woman for the first time. Gal Gadot is quite striking, isn’t she?

  91. You’re not really old until you stop caring and just cut it yourself. I spent $10 on a pair of clippers five or six years ago and never looked back.

  92. I used to buzz my own hair. Still have the clippers. But I really enjoy going to the barber shop.

    See? That’s something an old person would say.

  93. G’night guys

  94. Actually I kinda miss the barber shop myself. But Dad died in 2000, then Smitty the barber died shortly after. I did the “salon closest to work” thing for years, then just gave in to being cheap.

  95. G’night oso.
    It’s time for me to watch this movie on the OTA Christian channel anyway. (They can be hokey with so-so acting, but usually nice, decent stories)

  96. still buzz my own hair. Cuz I have a boring haircut, and I’m a cheap ass.

  97. Ya know how much money you save if you stop buying razors and Mach III cartridges? Frigging amazing, man.

  98. Ya, but my beard looks like crap. It’s worth it, for the human race.

  99. Dude, pushing 2½ years since I even trimmed mine. I basically look like I’m homeless.

  100. I didn’t mean to lose control and take it out on you
    But there are things
    I can’t explain
    Like havin’ dreams come true
    While all the world
    Is derp and cold
    Look at me and you

  101. I wonder if dumb phones got the Hawaii alert.

    Mr. RFH gets freeze warnings and severe weather warnings on his smart phone. I don’t.

  102. You’re not really old until you stop caring and just cut it yourself. I spent $10 on a pair of clippers five or six years ago and never looked back.

    Razors are even cheaper. I keep clippers around in case I let it go too long. I have nothing but praise for the actors that made it okay to be white and shave your head without it automatically marking you as a Nazi like it did when I was a kid.

  103. Speaking of which, I should shave it this morning.

  104. Survived a night of drinking with my kids.

  105. I wonder how many people in Hawaii found God yesterday?

    Part of me wants to giggle and another part is thinking “that’s some fucked up shit right there”.

  106. Apparently I lot of people took to social media when they thought they only had a few moments left to live. So I’m guessing no, TT.

  107. Did the Norks pull that so no one will respond to the real thing?

    That’s what I’d do.

  108. I just accidentally opened a ‘javascript scratchpad’ on my computer. Terrifying.
    I closed it immediately.

    All kinds of secrets lurking inside this thing.

    *looks askance at PC*

  109. You’ve seen The Code, Laura, you can’t go back now. Nyarlothotep crawls within ye.

  110. No! I’ll dig it out with a rusty spoon if I have to!!

    In other news, there are no Australian animals that don’t suck.

  111. Comment by Car in on January 14, 2018 8:30 am
    Survived a night of drinking with my kids.

    Did any of them bring that wine cooler shit into your house?

    Did Pay make the jello shots in the shape of unicorns and dinosaurs?

  112. Buenos Dias shitholedumpers.

  113. No sleep last night. Today should be interesting.

    In other news, the 101 is still closed indefinitely, which means I get to keep working from home. It would be nice, except that my work laptop has all the files that I need.

  114. If Beasn is around, do you still have the link to those shoulder exercises? I meant to bookmark it but didn’t and I’d love to give it a try.

  115. Apparently Trump made some gov’t worker push the wrong button.

    Trump is apparently also responsible for soured milk, sunspots, and the heartbreak of psoriasis.


  117. Rocketboy’s girlfriend had never had split pea soup that wasn’t from a can.

    Prepper websites have been inundated with Hawaii folks. Have a plan, be prepared.

  118. In other news, there are no Australian animals that don’t suck.

    Educate yourself, ugly american.

  119. Vampire Jerboas.

  120. GAAHH! Freakish. Hit it with a shoe!

  121. Arsonist raptors? Wow – Australia really did get screwed on the whole “just ship all the criminals there” thing.
    But, I have to admit that is a beautiful creature.

  122. Fine!!!!

    If I can figure out how to post from my phone, I will.

  123. New post

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